i just needed to let off some steam

Sickness Sentence Starters

“The doctor said to get plenty of bed rest.”
“Did you take your medicine?”
“You’re burning up!”
“Do you want me to get you another blanket?”
“If you’re not better by tomorrow, we’re going to the hospital.”
“You’ve been sniffling for ten minutes. Just blow your nose!”
“Let me feel your forehead.”
“You just need to sleep this off.”
“You can’t go out like this!”
“Come on, you need to eat.”
“Do you want me to make you some chicken soup?”
“Maybe some steam will clear you up.”
“Don’t worry, I’ll clean it up.”
“I don’t think it’s allergies.”
“Did you eat something weird?”

Tattoo Kisses

Title: Tattoo Kisses

Paring: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,909

Warning: Smut and swearing

A/N: I have six tattoos with plans for more and I feel like Dean would appreciate them. Hope you like it! Feedback is welcome and appreciated! Let me know if you want to be tagged in anything! Stay awesome everyone <3

You needed a drink, bad. This week had sucked at work, you didn’t sleep well at all the past couple nights, and you just really needed to blow off some steam. There was a little bar, O’Rileys, that had great food so you figured you’d hide out there for a few hours before heading home for the night.

“Hey Y/N,” Joe called from behind the bar as you walked in. “It’s been a while, where ya been? Not cheating on me I hope?” He shot you a wink. Joe was in his sixties and had taken over the bar from his dad. He definitely fit the bill of the wise old bartender that took care of his patrons.

“Joe you know you’re the only man in my life,” you grabbed your usual seat, “I’m gonna need the best sandwich you can make, a beer, and a shot of something strong.”

“That bad of a week huh?”

You smiled weakly, “oh yeah.”

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‘Ready,’ Rings, and Other Things

A/N: Ta-daaaa. This is technically a birthday fic- technically. It’s only kinda-sorta birthday-ish, because this also doubles as my thank for for 300 followers!!! I’m super late, and I’m well past 300, but still- I appreciate each and every single one of you! 

I hope that this fic suffices, and makes up for my lack of activity. Surely, I will be more consistent with my updating/uploading! I promise! <3 Please enjoy. 

Summary: It’s Hiccup’s birthday, an announcement was made, and Astrid’s… Astrid’s short temper/impulsive tendencies came into play.

 Astrid just needed to be away; she needed to let off some steam.


Three Gronkle Iron training dummies were placed in a triangle, with a short distance between each one of them, while various old weapons, many of them rusty or battered, were strewn about the forest clearing.

A gentle breeze drifted through the otherwise stiff air, and Astrid pushed her sweat-dampened bangs out of her eyes as she discarded another chipped, single-headed axe across the clearing. She didn’t bother to waste time on wiping away the beads of sweat sliding down her forehead and neck, however. The Hofferson circled the perimeter of the invisible triangle, searching the grass and dirt for a suitable new weapon to practice with.

A long blade was selected from among several others. Astrid weighed it in her hand, switched it a couple of times, before practicing a single basic swing on the open air before her.

Within moments, her placid expression was one of furious determination, brow lowered in unparalleled concentration, and she was charging at one of the training dummies.

The sword was swung in a wide, sideways arc. It connected, caused a shuddering clang, and Astrid swung again. And again. And again. Blow after blow was delivered to the three dummies, with Astrid leaping and rolling and slipping between them in a fluid manner. Each strike was charged with bursts of controlled emotion, only making it feel more natural.

It was good to be in her original element- good to not have to think about anything but the weapon in her hands and her target.

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why can’t i just make a venting post where people actually understand what i’m getting at, why do my negative opinions come across as pretentious just because i get a moderate amount of attention i both can’t control and didn’t ask for in the first place?

i’m not some celebrity on a huge platform, this is still a personal blog. i’m still just a little person leading my own stressful life and sometimes i need to let off some steam about the tiny things so the bigger things become more manageable. i’m not ungrateful for the attention i’m getting but i was given it, i didn’t demand it, and i don’t think it’s right that i’m expected to have no emotions aside from positivity just because a lot of people have decided they’re going to look.

i’m a real person. sometimes i just want to talk.

1. Delete negative vibes from your life. Whether it be people, or just bad memories. You don’t need them anymore.

2. Open the curtains and crack open a window. I loved the darkness until I realized how depressing and lonely it really was.

3. Drink some tea. I know it may taste terrible at first, but just know your body will love you for it.

4. Put one of your favourite playlists on shuffle and dance. There’s no better feeling then letting off steam to your favourite songs.

5. Delete those old messages you can’t stop rereading. I promise they’ll be easier to forget once you do.

6. Go out for a walk, look at the scenery, and breathe fresh air. Detox your lungs and open up your mind.

7. Treat yourself. Once in a while you deserve to buy yourself something you really want. Whether it be a new camera or just some ice cream. Indulge.

8. Be kind to your body. Look up healthy recipes, take hot showers, and drink lots of water. Make it a routine.

9. Stop depending on other people to make you feel better. Spend time trying to get to know yourself better and that way if someone leaves you won’t want to crawl back to them.

10. It gets better. You’ll heal. Everything will be okay.

—  10 ways I became a happier person.
Good narrative reasons for why Lucifer is still inside Castiel

Since we now know Lucifer can do shit to help in the fight against the darkness, here are the reasons I’ve compiled for Lucifer to still be possessing Castiel:

1.) When in the war room with the rest of the group, Dean will say something incredibly romantic (as per usual) about Castiel, and Lucifer wont let it go with a knowing look like Sam or God would do. Something like:

    “Yeah, that’s all well and good Chuck, but I’ve still heard buttkiss on how we are going to get Cas back or why the hell Lucifer is still inside him!” 

Dean glares at Lucifer. 

   “Well, this is awkward.” Lucifer retorts, leaning back in his chair and feigning embarrassment.

   Dean practically growls at the devil and Sam takes a step towards his brother.

   “Dean, relax.  We need to concentrate on-”

  “Oh no,” Lucifer interrupts. “It’s okay Sam. Dean’s just letting off some steam. He’s been so testy ever since his boyfriend went away.”

Dean blinks a few times forcefully, but doesn’t say anything in response. Sam takes another wary step forward. Lucifer smirks.

“Now he’s got Amara trying to stake her claim…” Lucifer sighs like he is genuinely broken up about the situation. “…Poor Dean just wants his knight and shining armor to come back to him.”

 Dean grits his teeth, his breath coming faster now.

“Say what you want, dick.” Dean says, arms crossed as he steps closer to the table. “But do it in a different body.”

   “Oh but what would be the fun in that?” Lucifer replies, smiling innocently. “It’s so much more fun in here. I’ve got Castiel and his soap operas to entertain me,  and I’ve got you making moon eyes at me when you forget for a millisecond who is really inside this vessel.”

“Not a vessel.” Dean snarls. “Castiel. An angel. Your brother. My-”

Dean cuts himself off, but Lucfer’s eyebrows raise comically.

“Your what, Dean? Your best buddy? Your brother? Your completely platonic bropal friend?”

Dean’s cheeks redden and his lips curl in anger, but he says nothing

“No.” Lucifer chides. “That’s not quite right, is it?”

The room grows quiet. All eyes are on Dean, but he keeps his eyes on Lucifer, not backing down even when his eyes swim with tears.

 It feels like an eternity before Sam clears his throat and breaks the silence.

“Well, uh, we should probably get back to the plan.”

Dean doesn’t say another word.


2.) None. There is absolutely no other good narrative reason for Lucifer to still be in Castiel’s body.


ACTUALLY- there could be another good reason. They want Dean to be the one to get Cas to cast out Lucifer, and there obviously wasn’t time for a heart to heart this episode. If this is the case, I will forgive Lucifer still remaining inside Cas until then. 

Okay I just I have had alot of bottled up emotions so I’m gunna rant, please don’t read this if you want to have a blast but it’ll be a lot of me whining like a bitch,

So I meant there is alot of good happening in my life right now, my sister is getting married and I’ll be wearing a tux, I’m getting a chest binder, and I’ll be going into a trans youth support group hopefully, but I don’t know why over all the good the bad is what is present the most. I really wanna do stuff, go places, make friends be active but we don’t have the money, some times ts hard to eat because I have to think that the kids eat first and that I shouldn’t eat, and on top of that I feel like i shouldn’t eat because I’m fat. My self confidence has plumbed, I never like what I look like, who I am my personality, everywthing. I hate myself, I genuinely do.

Though I have amazing friends and people who love and support me, it all winds down to my family, it seems as though all of them hate me. like I am the outcast, I basically am, and that no one could give to fucks about me, about what I want.
“No, KYLEE, you are a female, it’s just a phase”
“No KYLEE, you can’t go out with your friends because of bad grades or you have to watch the kids” I want to do things, I wanna be me but it’s so hard, I try everyday to look at myself and say
“You are a guy, an amazing guy” but all I can think is
“You are a female and you always will be because if you transition when you are older no one will like you and you’ll be shunned”
I don’t know what to do and it hurts, all of it hurts.

People are school like to make fun of my because I asked about gender aren’t sexuality in health, I askedasked things that would aply to myself an red I got laughed at for trying to be educated. I was laughed at at called names cause I don’t so the pledge of allegence, I just want them to accept me and respect who I am.

I don’t know.

Isn’t it funny how when people are sad or angry and they need someone to talk at I’m all ears, but heaven forbid I show any emotion other than happiness and gratitude at anyone, because I’ve been put on this earth to serve you, and having any opinion or relaying any other emotion makes me sassy and a bitch

Whoops sorry don’t worry next time I’ll be just like you want me to.

Please, don’t leave

Okay, so this was a prompt that I saw and just kind of thought it fit for Jeleanor. Hope you guys enjoy.

She paced around her room, pretending not to know the state it was in. Her “art project” from earlier stood out like crazy, but she didn’t feel any regret for completing the action. She’d needed to let off some steam after everything that had happened in the eight hours leading up to it.

Her father had called for a referendum to abolish the monarchy; the only thing she had known. Then, he had gone outside the palace walls and gotten stabbed; that one sent her for a loop. She was in complete and utter shock. This wasn’t supposed to happen; it wasn’t in her plans. Her father was right; she needed to grow up and become the person she knew she could be; the little, innocent girl she used to be.

The white double doors of her bedroom opened and closed quietly. But, she wasn’t paying attention; she didn’t really care who had walked in to be quite honest. Her father was practically dying and she didn’t know what to do; her body was going into panic. When she turned around to pace the other direction, she saw him. The man that she had been looking for since early this morning, the man who her mother had stolen from her, the man who had slept with her mother, the Queen of England. But, that didn’t matter now. He just stood there, staring at her like she was absolutely crazy.

“What!? What the hell are you staring at?” Eleanor snapped, her words leaving a bitter taste in her mouth. Again, he just stood there in complete silence, staring at her and watching her walk around her coffee table. “Jasper! Why are you here!?” she was yelling now, she couldn’t control her emotions; they were scattered all over the place.

“I…I heard about what happened…with your dad.” He stood against the door, almost as if he was scared to walk any further.

“No shit, Jasper, everyone knows. Some just know more details than others,” She sat on the bed, fiddling with her hands. She felt the tears forming in her eyes and wished she could do a line of cocaine, make her feelings go away and drown everything out. But, she promised herself that she would stay sober tonight, for her father’s sake.

“He’ll survive, you know. He’s going to make it.” Jasper took a step forward, waiting for Eleanor’s reaction. She lifted her head with tears streaming down her cheeks, her green eyes brighter than he’d ever seen before. It was like a punch in the stomach to see her like this. He wanted to wrap her up and make everything go away.

“How would you know?” She climbed up towards the top of her bed, leaning her back against the headboard and clutching her knees to her chest.

“I don’t.”

“Then don’t say it! Don’t get my hopes up when you don’t know what’ll happen!” The tears were coming faster now, running down the apple of her cheeks and dropping onto the comforter. She wanted to throw something, wanted to take her pent-up anger out on whatever she saw next. At this moment, it happened to be Jasper.

“What do you need?” He walked towards her bed, resting his hands on the soft comforter at the end of the bed.

“You.” She wanted to say, but she knew she couldn’t. He wasn’t her bodyguard anymore, she couldn’t have him. Instead, she simply shrugged and rested her head on her knees. He nodded and started towards the door.

“Please, don’t leave…” her surprisingly meek voice almost echoed throughout the room, causing him to stop. “Will you stay a while? Please?” He had never heard her this vulnerable before, it scared him to death. But, he still turned around, taking off his jacket and laying it over the couch’s armrest. Eleanor climbed out of bed and turned back the comforter and sheet. She looked at the clock sitting on her nightstand. It read: 1:23 a.m. Her body felt heavy, she was mentally and physically exhausted.

Once she had stripped down to her undergarments, she climbed back into her king-sized bed. Jasper soon climbed in along with her, laying so that he was gazing into her bright green eyes. He felt the need to touch her, hold her, anything he could do to make her feel a little bit better. For a moment, they just stared into each other’s eyes.

That’s when she noticed it. His eyes. They weren’t hard and dark as they usually were; they were surprisingly soft, loving almost. That’s when she knew that he’d cared; when she knew he didn’t just want sex with the Princess.

“Come here, Princess.” He didn’t think she’d go into his arms, but she did anyways. She didn’t know why she cuddled into him. She didn’t know if it was just because of her emotional instability, or because of her growing liking for Jasper. His radiating heat sent a tingling, calming sensation throughout Eleanor’s body. Before, she knew it; she’d fallen asleep in Jasper’s arms, forgetting about all that had happened that day for just a few moments.