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#watchfuturama meme [7/10 scenes]: Fry and Leela’s first (actual) kiss

“Then I am the most important person in the universe.”

One Piece ワンピース [Thriller Bark Saga] : Shichibukai Bartholomew “Tyrant” Kuma vs Roronoa “Pirate Hunter” Zoro 

“Just stay back, all of you!! He challenged ME didn’t you hear?! I’ve accepted the challenge I don’t need help. So don’t humiliate me by butting in! When disaster looms, you’ve got to step up or shove off. Making excuses isn’t going to change anything. If I die here…then I wasn’t worth much to begin with!!”

This is my favorite moment in One Piece. When Kuma came to annihilate all witnesses to Gecko Moria’s defeat and challenged Zoro, the hype! Just the fact that they just defeated a Shichibukai and it took all they had and then another one shows up and Zoro stands his ground even though he’s clearly outclassed was like, “wow, what a badass”. But of course, what sealed the deal for me was when Zoro threw down his swords and offered his head, the head of the future “Worlds Greatest Swordsman”, in exchange for Luffy & his crewmates’ lives and then took in all of Luffy’s battle damage. Magnifique. Truly, Oda molded the perfect right hand for the future Pirate King!

♪ : Mozart - Lacrimosa


GRIMM | 5.03

I’d never seen a Grimm before.


“I don’t wanna fight you, Alex. Please don’t make me. Cuz if… we do… who’s gonna fly the ship?”

“What happened to you?”

The Expanse 2x08, for @silver-89

Something I never noticed about this scene until I watched the gif is that Nat saves both Steve’s and Sam’s lives right here. She pulls Steve’s head back just in time for a bullet to hit the headrest where he just was, and while doing so, she also pushes Sam’s head out of the way for the same reason. If it weren’t for Natasha in this scene, The Winter Soldier would have killed both Captain America and the Falcon.

This scene alone is one of the many reasons why Black Widow is deeply needed by the Avengers, and not just in it for sex appeal.

So. I’ve been quite obsessed with Yuri!!!on Ice lately, and my blog is not even about yoi, but i really need to post this.
Maybe i’m overanalizing this scene, but hear me out.
I want you guys to look closely at Victor’s right arm.
At the end of this sequence, he is skating backwards. And his body follows him.
Everything but his right arm.
It just stay there, it doesn’t move as the rest of the body. And what does that mean?
In what situation does a body do that?
When you’re pulling someone towards you.
Plus, we can say that he’s looking at somethig (someone?) right in front of him. (and that little smile he makes? 💗)
I would like to add too that in a promo like eight months ago, you can also see Yuuri in an ice rink with the same lighting, skating. Idk guys, but to me it seems like something that would explode in our faces for having it but not noticing.
So yes, I firmly believe that he will skate “Stay close to me” with Yuuri, maybe in Hasetsu. We’ll see.
Again, maybe I’m overanalizing. But I wanted to share because I’m so hopeful for this to finally happen.
(is my grammar ok? hope it’s ok. I’m just a poor foreign fanboy with so much to share)

EDIT: I just fixed something. This scene was actually in ep 1. In the promo what you can see is Yuuri dancing, but not Victor. Still, they seem related because of the lighting and the perform they are making.

Ta-da!! Here it is! I finally finished it! :’D I know I already made a comic for this scene but my brain decided it would be a good idea to animate it because I need more practice. And like I said, it’s nothing special at all; just your normal hugging and talking it out. 

But here you go @scribefindegil!! I know there was absolutely no need for me to do this, but it’s just in my nature to do stuff like this. Hope ya like! :D My fave part would definitely be the shine on the glitter. There are mistakes and things don’t look good. Hopefully the dialogue is readable. Lot of trial and error with this one.

(Also, stupid me forgot to put a watermark or my tumblr page on it so if you see it anywhere else without credit, do tell me.)

Interviewer: “We always see with this character, there’s a little bit of this dark underbelly pulling him towards Hannibal and towards what Hannibal represents.”

Hugh: *places his hand on his belly where Will would have the scar Hannibal gave him*

Can we talk about the fact that Hugh did that? That he places his hand where Hannibal left a scar on Will and where Hannibal clung to Will’s shirt in the final scene of The Wrath of the Lamb? Like, Hugh hears ‘belly’ and ‘Hannibal’ and ‘pulling towards’ and he reacts with that gesture. Let’s talk about that gesture because look at the way he does it with that caress and how he makes a little grabbing motion and how he bounces his leg. 

Someone? Anyone? I just, I really, really need us to talk about this ok?? 

Don’t think I need to explain why I love this Marvey scene.

we need to talk about the look on emma’s face when she is “woken up” and gets her real memories back. when i watched this scene, i couldnt help but notice the pained look on her face when regina woke her up. it didn’t hit me until just know the reason why her reaction wasn’t happier and more positive than this reaction. 

before being woken up, she was living the “perfect” life with her parents and with her son. she was a princess and was living a life of ease and wealth and without much pain (with the exception of the death of neal). but when emma is woken up, she is reminded of the the loneliness and hurt from her childhood as an orphan. she is reminded of her current situation and her foreboding death. and as great as it was that regina woke emma up, it kinda breaks my heart that emma’s storybrooke reality is so much worse than her wish realm reality. 

(gif cred @regina-mills)

One thing that I really want non-survivors to understand about emotional abuse is that so many conversations within an abusive relationship have an underlying script that you’re forced to follow. 

You’ve been punished in the past for not following it, and over time you learn all your lines. You know when they say one thing, you’re expected to say the next, and it becomes an endless performance, something routine. The abuser sets the scene, lets you know what act you’re playing, and then you just say all your lines the way they want to get through it. 

For example, when my abuser would threaten suicide, I was supposed to tell him that I loved him, that he was a good person, that it would be my fault if he killed himself, that I’d never forgive myself, that I needed him, that I would never leave him. Those were my lines. If I said them, he would stop acting dangerous, and I would be able to sleep. At first, the emotions were there, but after a couple years, he didn’t even care if I had no emotion in my voice, just as long as I said the lines like I was supposed to. 

I have records of conversations with my abuser where he would tell me he was going to rape me, and I would respond with “I will like it” and it disgusts and nauseates and scares me to think about. Those were my lines. 

I have records of conversations with my abuser where he would tell me that he was hurting me, that it was a pattern, that I would be better off without him, and I would respond by saying that it was my fault, they were isolated incidences, that I wouldn’t leave him. Those were my lines. 

So when you hear someone was abused, and you start doubting it because you’ve heard them say that they enjoyed certain things with their abuser that they now are telling you was traumatic– just remember that it was probably scripted. And they are probably exhausted. 


I think these were two most important scenes in 5.07. Honestly, I don’t understand why these aren’t being talked about more, these scenes show so much emotion and show true sides of these characters with absolutely no words. Mickey comes home drunk after seeing the absolute mess Ian is. Seeing Ian like that made him feel guilty, because he couldn’t fix him. Finding himself alone, he falls to the floor and clings onto the only thing that is familiar to him, Ian. Even if it’s just his Army vest, Mickey just needs something.

All of this and Ian is pacing in is dorm, even the psych ward patients are looking at him like he is insane. He is so lost with all of this, being in an unfamiliar place, his home and family gone, afraid he is turning into Monica.. It shows so much innocence in both characters, it shows how vulnerable they are when their walls that they thought were made of bone and steel are taken away. And when they are taken away from each other. {gif credit}

the thing that gets me most about raven in this scene is that she is very silent in her sadness when she sees Finn’s body burn. it’s so different from her emotional breakdown just an episode ago, where she watched him get killed by Clarke, leaving her feelings all raw and exposed to the world, screaming them at the top of her lungs in front of everyone, breaking into pieces, needing to be held.

but here? here we have an emotional rundown that is deep in the sense that she opens up in this very silent way. and it’s so hard-hitting because it’s very true to her nature. raven can be very silent in her pain too. she is not all loud and aggression. she’s got a very big heart, and the way she caves here is just so devastating: how she stands tall, how she closes her eyes and keeps them closed, how her tears fall freely over her cheek, how her lip twitches upwards because this wound hurts, and then her swallow because its real.

the hardest goodbye.

and to know that this is only the beginning of her trauma is just gut-wrenching.

This is by far my favourite bellarke scene because you just see how much he loves her, how much he missed her and longed for her. You see how happy he is to finally see her again. There’s like this shot of pure hapiness and nearly hysteria in his eyes, like he just found a treasure, his treasure.


I don’t know why but everytime I see this scene my heart aches because this is so beautiful and powerful and he needs no words to make people understand how much he loves her, how much he’s happy to have found her back. It’s all in his eyes.

I feel like this scene beats all the hugs scenes that happened and will happen and all the cute speeches they told each other, all the “together”s and “you’re forgiven”s.

This is undeniable love and hapiness in one man’s eyes, and let’s not talk about how Bob played it and delivered it so well or  I’ll write a fucking novel.

And just like that, I suddenly have 60 followers. What. Didn’t I, like, just have 40?

Things You Didn’t Know You Needed, 4/?????: Saito dancing in Hijikata’s “Beautiful Drunkards”. I know for a fact someone else has giffed this before, but this scene is always worth revisiting.