i just needed to draw this for some reason idk

“So what do you say, amiga?”

Can you say ‘unnecessary sexual tension’?

Sombra’s confronting Widowmaker for some reason idk you can fill in the gaps. All you need to know is that Widowmaker is #not in the mood right now and Sombra is in way over her head. Also, don’t let their position fool you. Widowmaker’s in complete control of the situation. You don’t get as far as she has without learning some tricks.

Just girlfriends being gross.

*casually decides to do one of these things for practice* 

Send me a character from a show (assuming I’ve seen it) with a palette and I’ll draw ‘em. 

I’m stopping at 10 requests for the time being as a heads up, so first come first serve

Color palette credit to Torddkin.tumblr.com (won’t let me tag for some reason??)


Hey guys im in a situation here. I recently had to quit my job for personal reasons and im in need in some money so i can help pay rent. So im open for commissions.

Im pretty lenient when it comes to the subject just not nsfw or something overly complicated!

I only accept paypal so if you are interested please email me at andyisavel@gmail.com

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In the end of second season, Makoto and Haru decided to attend Tokyo University together. And because they’re such dorks, they ended up being lost around the campus on their first day because they are so helpless with reading the map. They forgot the place they were at, they keep on getting intimate with each other whenever they go to the wrong place to the point students have been noticing and branded them as That Idiotic Married Couple Who Can’t Find Their First Class. HA! Well I needed to do this to heal my aching heart after yesterday’s episode so yeah just sharing some idiotic makoharus TAT

anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm not trying to ask a "stupid question". I was just asking a simple question about why you draw characters a certain way. You don't need to be rude about it.

I’m sorry anon, it’s been a messy week for me and I guess i lashed out under the pressure,,

but uh I guess I just do it cause it’s important to have diversity, and maybe making them poc can add to the characters depth, and I think it’s just fun to reinterpret a character.

Again i’m sorry if I made you feel bad anon, I was being rude, I know you meant no harm.

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so i finally decided to do some digital art of Sabo (i usually only draw him in my sketchbook) and i forgot how hard lineart is, and i just finally got it right. honestly i have never been more satisfied. (idk why i felt the need to share this, it just felt really important for some reason).

ahaha i feel you, that’s why i almost never do lineart anymore rip.  i just clean up my sketches.  i’m glad you were able to get it to a point where you were satisfied with it though!!  that can be a difficult place to reach c’: and ty for sharing!!  i’m always glad to hear from y’all, especially if it has anything to do with sabo.  if u ever wanna show me your sabo arts i’d be more than happy to see them!!

Tonight on The Adventures of Young Indy and Marion:

Decidedly-scruffy-and-exasperated-grad-student!Indy and annoying-but-also-inexplicably-cute-and-alluring-teenager!Marion. You know; chillin’.

I really honestly don’t know why I’m suddenly on such an Indiana Jones kick forgive me.
(Also how do you draw Harrison Ford I give up)

soulsans-deactivated20170128  asked:

can u do a step by step on how to draw us sans and papy and the cute little face too? i want to know how to pleas.... i wanna learn more art styles :3 i jest love drawing so much

alright. lets do this shit

so first. you just plan out what you want to draw. like screw looking at skelly anatomy. we’re too lazy for dat.

k so after you draw this…”thing”.. you start doing the lining. i use this pen setting. fav pen. 100 100

k so after you do the thing. just start  to outline papy becuz idk., i always start with him first for no reason.

then you give him a face becuz he’;s not slender man.

then draw the smol

oh. if you want dem guide lines then you do dis

draw the sansy face. 

then draw the pap

ohshit. wrong one. 

after they’re ready to m,ingle. we go bak to the drawin. so you drwa the sansy face adn the papoorus’s neck 

then fcu karound wit hthe bosy

then you coloru theik whole thignk in

and play osu for 4 hours.

omg. im way too tired for this

OKAY. what you should learn from this is DONT DRAW LIKE ME! 

everybody’s unique in their own way which is the reason why we all have different style. their intention is to influence/motivate your style as you continue your journey of becoming a great artist. well practically you’re already one since YOU HAVE’NT GIVEN UP ON DRAWING YET! THAT’S PRO SHIT RIGHT THERE! 

Drawing is much more exciting when you’re trying to improve your style constantly rather than trying to imitate others. This way, when you look back at your old drawings, you’ll feel a little bit proud since you’ve improved/changed overtime. phase. you’re going through a phase harry.

(in my case, it makes me wonder why i kept on drawing)

I already check out some of your artwork and i dont think you need a step by step tutorial. your art is already amazing itself, there’s no need for you to start over. step by step tutorials isn’t that necessary when you already know the structure of that object/character. I wasn’t planning on replying to this ask because there’s no wrong way to draw US sans and papy. idk just experiment. 

the reason why i responded to this ask is because i just wanted to use that “instruction unclear meme” 

dont expect actual tutorials from this blog.

L U C Y  H E A R T F I L I A 

For my double-double; @tweekay again. I just realised this was the perfect luck wishing thingy like she has our signature peace out. i hope they have the best airplane food or something babe. 

Just a quick colouring I did for some reason look i just need a lil’ something something to throw in bc i’m drawing juvias like 24/7 okay 

@neato-ft, @acnomogia

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Art prompt please: Finn in Stormtrooper gear and semi-Pregnant Jedi Rey hugging/kissing him and she has tears running down her face. And for some reason he's struggling to shoot her. (maybe he's reconditioned or something and she went on a mission to bring him back so now he's conflicted. Idk I just need drama right now plz satisfy my needs) "Come back to me, Finn..."

goddamn you guys have ZERO CHILL when it comes to the pain train

thank goodness Finn is hella strong in the Force so no amount of brainwashing/reconditioning him can hold him for long… be strong, Rey

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(send me a 💧 and a character’s name and I’ll draw a picture of them crying - Tumblr prompts are currently full but I’m still accepting prompts from patrons on my Patreon!)

matsuhinas replied to your post “matsuhinas replied to your post “matsuhinas replied to your post…”

the ed is nice and the op is great too. the whole soundtrack is beautiful. (also everyone loves them, they’re the otp of the fandom and we should provide content)

the op fits so well to the whole show i love it too!! and yesss the soundtrack really is i hope they give out a release date for it soon i totally need to buy it!! also i totally need to know the whole lyrics of the song that akechi always plays (that’s true they’re just so cute i want to provide more content too but for some reason i just can’t get namikoshi to…look like namikoshi idk i realized that i colored his hair wrongly so maybe that’s that but i also have a feeling that my usual drawings don’t rly look like him but yeah i’ll just keep trying until i figure out what i’m doing wrong and wow okay this turned out to be art complaint aha sorry) (but honesty i get so oo happy every time i see sth new for them!!) 

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With animated movies not being cultural documentaries I always thought it perfectly reasonable that the setting had to be simplified in some way as not to distract from the story. Also there is just so much animation can do. They tend to choose aspects of representation that are familiar/recognizable to the audience and need no further explanation even if people are not familiar with the culture (be it Scotland or China or idk). Where to draw the line between simplification and ignorance?

Insensitivity. Blatantly not doing research, relying on trite stereotype. Laziness. Not trying. Not putting forth the minimum effort required to provide respectful, positive representation.

No one is asking for people to move mountains. I don’t need the hieroglyphics of every tomb in Egypt to be 100% accurate to real life… but they damn sure better be based on actual hieroglyphics. How about this, more importantly: how about actual BROWN AND BLACK PEOPLE inhabiting Egypt. Not olive-skinned. Not fair. Black and brown.

There are ways to create easily recognizable yet reproducible facsimiles of real life people, places, and things.

Can you tell me who the above character is supposed to be? How can you tell? Could you also make a guess at her racial background?

External image

(art by hyamaei)

How about this one?

External image

This one?

External image

(art by herringbones)

One more…?

Do you see what I’m getting at?

The task is no harder than the person undertaking it makes it. If Disney can produce all these films of default, vaguely European Princesses (which, nothing says PoC can’t live in those worlds but bigots), making visual shorthand of art movements and real life locations, why can’t they put a little effort forward towards doing similar things with PoC in settings which are at least respectful homages to their original cultures?


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Have you ever had to deal with negative anon asks? (Probably not cause your such a BRIGHT person so I can't imagine anyone would have a reason to dislike you--) But if you did, how would be the best way to cope with it? I've seen some of my friends getting attacked because they stopped drawing for a certain fandom or sometimes just 'you drew them (OC!!)wrongly, their nose is supposed to be smaller -insert rage-'. My opinion is, don't like it? Ignore. But it seems some people think differently :/

I don’t get many rude messages fortunately…. YEAH IDK why but sometimes people just feel the need to tell someone when they don’t like something (sometimes v rudely). I guess sometimes people dont get that their words could be hurtful? I think most people aren’t intentionally rude so I believe in being patient. IT SUCKS THOUGH BC negative messages can affect you a lot?? There are times when I read one not so nice tag on my art I’ll be thinking of that tag for the rest of the day and not any of the nice ones
I think sometimes you just have to remember that these people aren’t entitled to your time. SO WHAT if this one bit of your art wasn’t to their satisfaction? You’re not drawing this for them, you’re drawing it for you!! When your art gets an audience, it’s really easy to slip into thinking that you should be drawing for your them, drawing what they want to see. But I think at the end of the day, your blog and your art is for YOU. There are going to be people who like your art for what it is, and there are going to be people who like your art only because it’s for a certain fandom. You can’t really do anything about that, so you know, just KEEP DOING YOUR OWN THING. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from being on the internet, it’s that you honestly cannot please everyone. You just have to try to let it go, and remind yourself that that person probably isn’t going to bed upset bc they sent you a rude msg, so why should you??  I HOPE YOUR FRIENDS ARE DOING BETTER ANON AND THAT NO ANONS ARE BOTHERING THEM ANYMORE