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It is bittersweet that I present to you my last ever theory for Pretty Little Liars. I apologise in advance for the insane length, but this is covering all those frustrating loose ends across the entire series. I hope you can make it to the end so we can discuss. My only fear for this theory is that it is too daring and gutsy; it would re-define the show we thought we knew. Are the writers willing to ‘go there’ in just 10 episodes? I don’t know! Regardless if this is all right, partially right, or so damn wrong, I hope you have as much fun reading this as I did putting this together the past two months! For the last time before the show ends… I hope you enjoy!

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Five Times Spencer Reid Got Relationship Advice, and the One Time He Didn’t Need It (Spencer Reid x Reader)

Request done for @redrookrising who wanted “an imagine about Spencer going around to different members of the BAU, asking them how to ask the reader out” Unbeta’d! Hopefully you guys enjoy it! 

“Rossi, can I ask you something?” Spencer said leaning on the doorway of Rossi’s office.

“Come in. Sit.” Rossi said, putting the files down.

“So, you know Y/N, the new girl in IA? The one Kevin brought over last week?”

“Ah, yes. She’s a pretty one.” Dave said, recalling with a smile.

“I know it’s frowned upon by the bureau, but I thought since you didn’t say anything when Garcia and Kevin were together that I’d ask you if you had any advice as to how I should ask her out.”

“You come to me in a time of need,” Rossi said jovially. “Just be yourself. But if it helps, in my time, I’ve learned that women like to be treated. A little wine and dine never hurt. Or if you want to really seal the deal…”

“I do.” Spencer said, surely. He couldn’t stop thinking about Y/N.

“Then take her to the city of love.” He clocked Spencer’s taken aback look, “Kid, I’m telling you, just grab a couple of plane tickets and take her to Paris. Works every time. No one does romance like the French.” Rossi reasoned. Spencer shouldn’t have expected anything less, Dave was known for extravagance. Spencer knew that it wouldn’t work, not that Y/N wasn’t worth it. Flashy just didn’t fit her style.

“I’ll consider it,” Spencer lied. “Thanks, Rossi.”

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Hey Spencer, darling!

Hey Spencer, darling!


Anon said : Idk if your doing requests but I was wondering if you could do something with spencer Reid where your British so you’d have an English accent and your accent turns him on loads so the team kinda tease him about it because he blushes when you speak and he’s always hiding his lower half bcs of your voice but in the end you admit that you also find his voice incredibly sexy (maybe throw in some smut if you’re up to it ?) thank you doll I’m seriously In love with your writing you’re pure talent ❤❤❤

Relationship: Spencer Reid X Reader

Rating : Mature (Please do not read if you are under-aged)

WARNINGS ! : Explicit sexual content.

CopyRight: I do not own Spencer Reid , Criminal Minds nor any of the other characters mentioned in this story.  No copyright infringement is intended.

Author’s Notes : Ok so the reader (that’s you) has a british accent. I wanted to write what she says like that (can you even write british?) but it was kind of weird so I’ll leave it up to you guys to imagine an accent when the reader speaks. Enjoy!

Maybe this transfer wasn’t going to be so bad. You think to yourself stepping inside the BAU building. Sure, it was against your wishes and you did leave a life behind. You’re not going to lie to yourself, you were reluctant and against it ….at first. But a month has passed and you can’t help to notice you’ve already grown fond of your new team.

They were different from all your previous ones, they were like a family. You are the new member, and you love it. All the attention, all the questions, being part of their special bond. Everybody seems to have accepted you, even like you, you might dare to think.

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Happy WEEK FIVE of Hannah’s Sunday Reading List! Such a lovely week of reading as usual… once again, I love that I continue to find more and more blogs with such beautiful writing!! I actually went out of my way this week to look for writing as well… I hope you don’t mind! Doing this is so much fun for me… and I’m glad to see that you guys are enjoying it too!! 

****Don’t forget to tag me in your fics!!! If I tagged you in this list this week, please make sure to continue tagging me in your future posts!!!****

Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

Sunday by @reidoneshots (Spencer Reid x Reader)
First of all, what a fitting title lol! I thought this would be a great way to start us off :-) I’m sure you’ve heard this… but I am a sucker for Spencer as a father!! My weakness! This was so beautifully fluffy - from start to finish, it flowed beautifully and had me hooked the whole time. Loved it!

Curves and Edges by @reidbyers (Spencer Reid x Reader)
I am SHOOK!! This is honestly one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read… and that’s the truth. The rawness of this is what got me. All of it is so real and relatable, and not only is the idea great, but the writing is too. You’ve got a real talent, my friend - I can’t wait to see what you have coming up next. :-)

Chopsticks by @criminal-minds-fanfiction (Spencer Reid x Reader)
Finally, Urnayme has found something that Spencer doesn’t immediately excel at!! One of my favorite things about your writing is that you always fit a little bit of “you” in there. The “Hi Spencer. I’m very well thanks. Nah, you’re not at all intruding, come right on in” sounds like something you would say… :-) your writing is always a favorite, Cher!

Frenemies (1, 2, 3) by @axstheticminds (Spencer Reid x Reader)
Mari!!! This!!! is!!! AMAZING!!! (Sorry, I’m just really excited about this). I need the next part. I need it!! Okay so I really loved the art museum scene - “ I wasn’t very good at ever understanding art” he said embarrassed, “You always were.” *high pitch squeal* That was such a Spencer thing to say. Your writing makes me so happy ugh this is going to be another amazing series, girl!

Payback’s a Bitch by @dontshootmespence (Spencer Reid x Reader)
Oh, Nicole… this was hot!! The whole time I as thinking, “Aww, poor Spencer,” but at the same time I was like, “Yes!!! KEEP TEASING!” I think you captured perfectly how squirmish and whiny Spencer would get in this sort of situation. Your writing blows me away every time!

Smile by @spencerreidsmiles (Spencer Reid x Reader)
This was p e r f e c t. I reread it like, 100 times because it made me smile so much. What started off a little angsty ended nice and sweet - just how I like it! I could see this turning into a huge series… just sayin’ ;-) This is a totally original idea, and I’m so glad that it was written by you! I honestly can’t stress enough how great of a writer I think you are.

I’m Pregnant… And I Have Feelings for You by @marvelfanlife (Spencer Reid x Reader)
Ahhhhh! So cute! Of course Spencer would reciprocate his feelings for the reader. I love this fluffy piece so so much :) I love the conflict (obviously the pregnancy is one) of the secrets kept from each other. Friends with benefits having feelings for one another is such a complicated thing to write, and I think you were spot on! Can’t wait to see what you write next. :-)

Supermarket Flowers by @zugzwangxo (Spencer Reid)
Congratulations Lee, you have made me cry with this one! This song just makes me emotional in general, but paired with your beautiful writing was a perfect storm. I also liked how you briefly mentioned Spencer’s struggle with his faith. This is such a huge possibility as to what could happen in the show… Okay, I could honestly go on and on about story, but I will just end it with a: Great job, Lee. I will be rereading this many in the future.

Seven Years Later Part 2 by @axstheticminds (Spencer Reid x Reader)
I’ve been so excited for this next part, and you definitely delivered!! I love this whole idea for this fic. So original… you’ve got me hooked! But is this it?? Was that the last part?? YOU CAN’T LEAVE ME HANGING LIKE THAT. It takes a lot of talent to get people hooked like the way you’ve hooked me… Mari, you always amaze me with your great writing and great ideas!!

Today Was a Fairytale by @original-criminal-fanfics (Spencer Reid x Reader)
Jasey, you always have the best fluff pieces. Whenever my sweet tooth is aching, I come to your blog and sift through your masterlist :-) This was another great one! You portrayed Spencer perfectly - I’m sure he would be the perfect gentleman during a night out. Lovely as always!!

Blanket Stealing by @dontshootmespence (Spencer Reid x Platonic Reader)
I am loving this dynamic between Spencer and the reader!! I think it would be awesome if Spencer had someone like that in his life. There was such a carefree feel to him in this story and I loved that. The bickering made me giggle :-) I’ve never read anything like this before, but I can already tell you that I’m obsessed with it!!

I’m All Yours by @speedreiding (Spencer Reid x Reader)
Jealousy isn’t a side of Spencer we get to see often - I think you portrayed it perfectly! The reader reassuring him, and the smut… I can’t believe this was your first time writing smut!! It was wonderful! So gentle and sweet; it was perfect for a first time sex experience! I really liked how you created a back story and your own touch to the requested prompt. This was an awesome read!

Way Better than Bumble by @a-bau-tiful-mind (Spencer Reid x Reader)
This caught my eye when I was scrolling through Tumblr and I couldn’t stop reading it once I started! This trope is always such a good one, and I like how you made it your own. The way the reader and Spencer hit it off totally made me squeal. I really love your writing style!! I hope to read more soon :-) (Also, the title is wayy cute!)

Becoming Real by @dontshootmespence (Spencer Reid x Luke Alvez)
I THINK YOU BROKE ME!!! Daddy Spencer… Reidvez… in one fic?! You’ve killed me forsure. In the best possible way, of course! I live for this ship. And once again, you’ve proven that you can write anything and everything! The way you wrote their relationship is exactly the way I had it in my head… now, just need it to be canon… ;-)

Supposed to Be by @bookofreid (Spencer Reid x Reader)
I’m just… wow… I have no words. okay wait because i actually do have words This whole thing was just… out of this world. Your flow, word choice, everything was spot on. I loved how it started off with only descriptions, no names. Just a nameless man and woman, simply being described. I’m not sure what else to say other than WOW. I admire you and your writing!!!


YAY we are back! Tonight’s episode was alright but had an amazing director. I really hope episodes keep building up from here till the end.

1. Caleb Rivers hasn’t been on my screen for three weeks now, if someone could return him home to Hanna, that would be awesome.

2. “Do you two want to be left alone?” I ship the game and Mona. Everyone deserves someone to look at them the way Mona does with that game board.

3. Mary Drake needs to get her butt back to Rosewood to finish up her long drawn out story line. Also give us the dirt on Peter “cant keep it in his pants” Hastings, my guess is Peter is actually the father of Emison’s baby.

4. Peter actually fathered all of us.

5. Speaking of one of the worst story lines that they are trying to make romantic, Alison is keeping the baby.

6. AND Alison kind of came out to PAIGE?

7. OH AND PAIGE, just because you knocked and a door is unlocked doesn’t mean you can just welcome yourself in. Creep.

8. Paige looking over Alison was the creepiest part of this episode.

9. But I got to give it to her, she saw the terrible story line the writers were going with and left the show.

10. Hanna imagines her babies with Caleb, no big deal.

11. Spencer and Wren were fighting? I know people are going to use this as a Spencer has a twin clue and I’m upset because I really don’t want a twin. It would almost be as bad as when Sydney tried to be AD for 10 seconds and failed. By the way Sydney is probably dead by now, terrible acting job she did.

12. Wren was back, literally shook Ezra’s hand and was gone.

13. Speaking of the asshole, Ezra was being really weird tonight?

14. I’m thinking Nicole is code for something AD related because Ezra isn’t just a normal guy, he is a stalker and freak who creeps on teenage girls for a “book”.

15. By the way was Ezra wearing an earpiece?

16. Aria was amazing calling him on his shit. Honestly Ezra is blaming everyone but himself. Aria deserves a lot better…

17. Aria also need to stop helping AD, SHE IS LITERALLY TELLING AD EVERYTHING?

18. “Are you Lucas?” You think AD is going to be like “Heck yeah I’m Lucas, you got me!”

19. NO

20. ALSO Hanna imagines her babies with Caleb, SHE THINKS THEY WILL MAKE CUTE BABIES! But its no big deal.

21. The Facetime calls with AD being Aria were so disturbing?

22. AD is one needy person though, imagine being one of his/her helpers.

23. You never miss one of AD’s calls, as Aria misses like 20 calls.

24. AD didn’t really think it through picking Aria to be a helper, if she see’s Ezra, that’s all she will focus on.

25. “Lucas’s Loft is probably bugged” YOU THINK?

26. “Lucas is a nice guy” the more you know Hanna, the more you know.

27. I think the writers are going down the Lucas killed Charlotte path which at least will prove his shady “nice guy” act was all fake.

28. But I’m not giving up on the Lucas is AD train.

29. Lucas also sold the factory and crushed my poor Hanna.  To make matters worse she still has to play the game aka Monas new interest.

30. Mona is too good for this show.

31. OH MY GOD and the comic book! Lucas was part of or in the dollhouse! 100%!

32. Hanna and Emily dramatically narrating the comic book. If it ever gets made into a movie I think Hanna and Emily should get a role.

33. Mona is going to die this season. I can feel it.

34. Spencer used Rollins (he has like 12 different names I don’t know if there is one I’m supposed to call him by officially?) card that night when she bought drinks and signed for them. Didn’t we all think that though?

35. She also told Marco she was burying a body. Smooth move Spencer.

36. Marco followed Spencer to the lost woods, then waited in his car for 58 minutes. Don’t tell him it was an hour, because it was exactly 58 minutes.

37. Marco is one smart detective, I got to give him that. We have never seen someone ACTUALLY solve something in Rosewood.

38. Speaking of solving things do the cops even care about who killed Charlotte?

39. Caleb is out of town with Toby because he just lost his wife. But now watch Toby come back and be 3000% okay and just start dating Spencer. WE ALL KNOW ITS COMING.



42. The promo for 7x16 show Lucas getting his shady ass caught. BUT remember not to believe half the stuff he says, cause he is a LIAR.

43. He also tells Hanna the reason she was tortured. WHAT A LOVELY GUY…



Ezra Fitz- just an all around terrible human and is sketchy, but whats new.

Spencer’s twin- PLEASE NO. PLEASEEEEE no twins.

Lucas “Why wont Hanna love me? Is it because I watch her sleep?”- Just another fake person on the show and is going to get called out on it.

Wren- I honestly don’t think he is AD, I just love him<3

Aria and Ezra- Really weird conversations tonight.

Till next week! BYEEE


Written by: spencerreidsmiles

Happy early Valentine’s Day! This is a Reid x Reader fic that has a self-conscious reader where Spencer makes her feel beautiful. 

Trigger Warnings: Insecurity and low self esteem

Send requests, feedback, and asks!


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7x11 Play Time Thoughts (REWATCH)

I’m rewatching Playtime to uncover some clues that I may have missed and something Hanna said stuck out to me. When the girls are talking about Jenna and Noel having a connection to Charlotte and Archer, Hanna says that connected doesn’t equals a motive. So, what If we are finally getting a non-family related twist. What if this quote means that the person isn’t actually avenging Charlotte or is connected to her in anyway? Hanna has a point, if AD was someone who has connections to Charlotte it could be any of the liars. Could even be Ali

- I know Hanna got kidnapped by AD but she’s way more salty than usual. And i don’t know wether to rule this out or not. But in the intro for the episode, Hanna does the ‘Shh’ Does this mean anything at all? Aria looks really guilty but then side eyes Spencer??? And Alison sides eyes Hanna?? So, I don’t know what to make of this.

- Is that Mary Drakes house Spencer is at when she’s looking through the letter box? There’s a lot of mail there that looks as if it has been there for weeks. So, how long has it been since Spencer got released and Mary vanished? Where is Mary? Why is there a bell? I’m so confused.

- Ezra returns just as Aria tries to leave. That’s really suspicious to me. I want Aria to tell Ezra that she saw him on TV with Nicole.

- Caleb and Hanna talking about Jenna, and Hanna thinking that Jenna is AD and then Caleb is all ‘let me worry about Jenna’ and it cuts to Paige. Is this scene being shown after to foreshadow that maybe Jenna isn’t the one they need to worry about.. Paige is. Why would they bring back Paige just to spark a fire in Alison? To show us that Ali is the same person

- How do we know for sure that Alison is actually pregnant? We haven’t seen a test result, we weren’t shown her doctors appointment. Are we seriously expected to take her word for it? I’ve never trusted Alison.

- “Of all the things that happen in this time, those two get taken out by a deer.” *Sips tea* I’m still speculating Ezra, I mean he was out of town because of Nicole, Yes, but whose to say he didn’t cause this accident? Or for someone else to cause it. The Bethany twin theory works here too as Bethany would probably want Toby out of the way. We were never shown the accident. We never saw a deer CAUSE the accident

- Why are they making a point of sending Aria the text and having her make an entrance into Spencer’s barn? Is this relevant? They could have just cut to a scene of the girls in Spencer’s barn or had one of the others walk in? Why Aria specifically.

- Secret Passageway??? To where? Is this meant to represent how Mona snuck out of Radley??? Also, Who do we know that would have the ability and technology to create the game board? Caleb and Lucas. They made a point of telling us that Lucas designs apps and we have seen Caleb’s technical skills. Combining those two characters would make this game board. How does it motion sense whose playing?

- So the game is called 'Liars Lament’ and Lament stands for grief or sorrow. This could refer to avenging of Charlotte’s death OR making the liars take on tasks that reference something that connects to them emotionally and then they are rewarded for it. So Spencer’s task was to visit Toby. Why would it be to visit Toby? Perhaps Spencer feels guilty for the accident with Yvonne in a comma when she kissed Toby (Even though, it seems like her possibly twin kissed Toby) and she was rewarded with a letter from Mary dated back in the Radley days.

- @badassmona pointed out where each outfit the figurines are wearing are from. So, I took a little look at the episodes and I found some interesting things;

Spencer - 5x24 - This is the episode where Hanna and Alison are both in jail and it’s the day of Alison’s trial. Alison gets sentenced to being guilty for murder in the first degree. At the end of this episode, Charlotte is playing with a toy bus that resembles one of those prisoner truck things.. and she takes out a brunette figurine. Did this represent Mona? Or Spencer? Is this supposed to make us suspect Spencer?

Hanna - Hanna is dressed the most elaborate and her outfit wasn’t exactly matching to an outfit she’s worn on the show so I don’t really know how to evaluate it. Whoever, this person is sees Hanna as a fashion forward individual

Aria - 1x11; So Hanna is in hospital and Ezra shows Aria the 'I see you’ message on the back of his car. The episode before, Aria has an A Like moment where she slowly pulls down her hood. It seemed like a mini reveal.

Ali - Alison is obviously wearing her yellow top. The iconic yellow top that she was buried alive in, the final outfit she was known to be in. We all somewhat know what happened that night through Charlotte. However that is one person’s experience.

Emily - Emily is wearing her sharks swim team attire and this is the episode where she discuses swimming abilities and skills with Sydney. This is also the episode, Alison texts Emily and sings it A by accident then changes it. Why would Alison subconsciously type A at the end? This episode had a lot to do with Paige..

Now that I’ve analysed the episodes, I think I know the possible route for the game. Each liar will have to perform a task that correlates with someone close to them / failure to do so could result in that person being harmed. For example, 1x11 had details of Aria being with Ezra and Noel finding out about it, Her task could be Ezra related, Her reward possibly Nicole related, and if she fails, Ezra could find out about something idk. Emily’s episode had a lot of Paige, What if she’s forced to do something that involves choosing Alison or Paige? What if it results in Alison’s death? Hanna is dressing Katherine Daly for a career boost and her game piece features fashion-elements.. AD could ruin that so badly. Spencer’s was related to Toby because of her love for him. I don’t have much more to say I’m tired lmao

- “So continue with Plan A.” When Hanna and Aria are talking about Nicole and Hanna tells Aria to CONTINUE WITH PLAN A. Is this foreshadowing Aria?

- Alison is so salty over Paige. Why is she so intimidated? Alison was the one that bullied Paige

- Why is nobody asking Who shot Spencer? The only people present were Mary and Jenna. So does that mean? Mary shot Spencer? But why?

- I really don’t want Katherine Daly to be Bethany. I just don’t like it.




- Why does Alison have to attack Paige? Paige is literally doing her job and Alison just makes things shitty? Why. Why is she forever victimising herself and Why is she being the old Alison. Is this been shown to let us know that Ali hasn’t changed?

- Maybe not the rest of the world. But this is ROSEWOOD. LITERALLY LMAO

- Why is Spencer so easily whipping off her cast???

- Okay so the letter from Mary says that Spencer was made through hate and so that Jesica and Peter are aware of a mistake they made on s daily basis? I know that Mary pretended to be Jesica so with Spencer living next door to her, She’d be able regret the affair that she also had with Peter. Also, How did AD get this letter? Must be working with Mary

- Paige is right about Alison. Emily will make excuses and it is demeaning. Alison always victimises herself.

- and again Hanna is very defensive and salty. Questioning wether the letter is real.

- PLEASE LET THAT CUP, THE TEA AND THE SCRUBS BE A REFERENCE TO WREN. ALSO, Jenna at the end, Does her Braille spell out End game or The actual identity of the person and their reason? Why would she just smile and say End game? I’m confused

The reading list is back!!! Welcome to week 8 my friends! Since I took such a long hiatus and there was no way I could possibly catch up with all of the stories I missed, I narrowed it down to just the stories posted within the last 10ish days. There are so many incredible writers on this list, so please make sure to send them a little love!! xx

Also, I have made one small adjustment to this list. From now on, I will only review one fic per person on this list. I think it’ll be easier that way, plus I don’t want it to seem like I have favorites :)

Don’t forget to tag me in your fics, guys!! It makes my life a whole lot easier :-)

Here are the fics I read this week:

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Not a bad episode, since Caleb wasn’t there my main reason to watch kind of disappeared. I feel like 7x14 was a fan theory I read somewhere lol. So here are my thoughts on the episode, spoilers ahead.

1. Ill start with something that really shocked me (no not Lucas yet…) but the fact they made Emily and Paige kiss. I get they want to satisfy all shippers but honestly how many people like them.

2. The baby is Emily’s, SHOCKER, Said no one on Tumblr ever. There are a million different ways to bring a ship together, THIS isn’t one.

3. Now its making me second guess Emison because its seems like Emily would only be staying with Ali because of the baby. Kind of sucks they need to bring in this kind of drama instead of just letting ships be together.

4. I feel terrible for Emily and Alison what a sick way to be brought together…

5. Have I mentioned yet that I miss Caleb, hope he having a nice recovery wherever he is.

6. I’m not even going to talk about Ezra because he should have been in jail like 7 seasons ago. BOTH Aria and Nicole deserve better then him.

7. If Ezra isn’t AD, in jail, or dead by the end of the show I’m gonna be mad. NOW I’m done talking about Ezra.

8. I KNEW Mary killed Jessica. They couldn’t reveal Mary as the killer at the time because we didn’t know about her. BUT YOU KNOW WHO DID KNOW ABOUT MARY?

9. Ted

10. Oh how I missed Hanna’s dad, oh wait he isn’t Hanna’s dad, even though PLL’s twitter account thinks he is.

11. Ashley and Ted aren’t together anymore? JUST LET THE MARIN GIRLS BE HAPPY!

12. NOOOOO Ashley slept with Jason (EWWW but hey, not incest) that’s why they broke up? OR was it because Hanna was in jail at the time… Okay Ted, I get it, I would leave that mess too.

13. I knew the second they walked up to that house it was going to be Ted and Mary was with him. OH AND Ted is Charlottes Dad, I mean why not at this point just make it Peter. No one would question it because he cant keep it in his pants.

14. No Ted, Hanna is no longer engaged but will be again very soon…


16. Friends with Charlotte for awhile and went to a camp for troubled boys? AD is avenging Charlotte’s death AND WHO WAS FRIENDS WITH CHARLOTTE? LUCAS.

17. I feel so bad for Hanna though, another friend she trusted is AD, working for AD or hiding something from her and having different motives.

18. Can Caleb come back next episode to hug her at least?

19. Maybe Lucas liked Hanna because she reminded him of Charlotte? It will forever bug me that Alison was compared to Cece and Hanna was compared to Alison, yet no one compared Hanna and Charlotte. God I hope they aren’t related besides being almost step sisters.

20. Lucas’s girlfriend in season 5 is Charlotte IM CALLING IT!

21. AD FaceTiming, trying to be all modern and shit.

22. Namaste bitch girl is back for the most anticlimactic reveal yet

23. “Im AD” Yeah and Im AD too. Seriously WHO IS DRIVING THE CAR?

24. Aria is going dark behind the girls back. HEY at least she is making progress on an episode that includes Ezra. Imagine that, Aria can still do stuff when he is around.

25. But now because Aria is playing “on the winning team” Hanna has to go play again. Poor girl cant catch a break.

26. OH and have I mentioned Hanna should leave Lucas apartment because he is creepy and probably watches her sleep…

27. Cute Spencer and Hanna scenes glad they didn’t let the worst written love triangle get between them.

28. And Spencer slept with Marco because she felt bad for Toby? Okay. Why not.



30. Mona is way too excited about the game,at least someone will be there for Hanna during her second turn. Since someone, not saying names (Caleb), wont be there AGAIN.

31. Maybe Caleb isn’t in the next episode because he is planning his proposal.

32. And someone is going to jail *crosses fingers its not Hanna. I would prefer a non jail themed wedding. BUT ILL TAKE ANYTHING.

33. And Marco is just now thinking the girls are involved. Rosewood only hires the best police.


Lucas- no point in hiding it anymore, you’re involved. BUT JUST HOW MUCH?

Ezra- Honestly did nothing this episode, I just hate him.

Alison- Had some weird moments tonight. Not saying she is AD, just acting funny. Ill let her off because of the whole baby thing.

See you guys in two weeks (boo)

Namaste bitch.

Ashes Like Snow

Spencer Reid

Ashes falling like snow
As the wind blows the last breathes upon the breeze

Spencer looked at his wife sitting there on the small bench and staring at the new pile of soil that had recently been filled in. Jennifer was sat next to her, holding her hand and rubbing it softly.

He needed to get her home but he didn’t know the words to say to her to get her leave. He didn’t want to leave either, but there was no use staying here. It wouldn’t change anything.

His other colleagues were surrounding him, the last to leave. He knew they’d stay with him until the very end if he asked them to. They’d been there for him since that first morning he’d called into work, he couldn’t come in, something had happened. They’d been devastated for him and for themselves.

They’d loved her too, even though they’d barely had a chance to get to know her.

Ashes falling like snow
All the people you’ll never know that you brought to their knees

Spencer blamed himself and she blamed herself despite the fact that all of the medical professionals, all of their friends, and family had told them that was nothing that either of them could have done. In recent years the percentage of SIDS related deaths had decreased but it was still something that happened.

Just no one ever thought it would happen to them.

He replayed the memories of that morning over and over in his head. The baby hadn’t woken since her 2am feed and his wife had gone in to check on her, letting out a panicked call for Spencer which sent him running. The next few hours were a blur, a blur of doctors and tears, and her falling to her knees when they tried to take the lifeless body from her arms to take to the morgue.

Ten weeks. That was all they’d had. Nine months of waiting for their daughter to be born and they’d only gotten ten weeks with her. They’d had a daughter and now… they didn’t.

Won’t you meet me in the morning?
You left without any warning
Ooo-ooo Oh-Oh
I don’t know where to put you now

She sniffed and wiped away another tear looking over to where Spencer was stood with their colleagues, his black coat flapping in the breeze. JJ was the only one that she’d allowed to sit with her. Because JJ knew at least some of the pain she was going through, the others didn’t. Even Spencer only knew part of her pain.

She was angry at everyone and no one all at the same time. It had taken three weeks before they’d been able to lower the tiny casket into the ground. An investigation had to be carried out with SIDS to rule out any foul play. Police officers and family liaison agents asking them question after question. Even their standing as FBI agents didn’t help, they had to go through the same rigmarole as any other family who had lost a child in this horrendous way.

People floating on down
A strange dance from the towers in the sky
People floating on down
Fire so hot at their backs; better to hit the ground

Lost a child.

What an odd way to put it, she now thought. She hadn’t lost anyone. She knew exactly where her perfectly formed ten week old daughter was. She was in the ground, in a tiny white coffin that looked barely big enough to hold a teddy bear let alone a child filled with all the love, hopes and adoration that she and Spencer had filled her with.

She’d been their angel, their perfect plan.

What happened now? What was she meant to do?

Won’t you meet me in the morning?
You left without any warning
Ooo-ooo Oh-Oh
I don’t know where to put you now

JJ stood from her seat next to her swapping with Spencer who had walked over.

“I’ll wait by the cars for you,” their blonde friend, her Godmother, murmured to them before walking away slowly.

“Sweetie… We should go. It’s getting late.”

She shook her head. Go where? Her daughter was here. At least in the hospital morgue she’d been surrounded by people day and night. Here, she was alone.

“Baby, it’s cold.”

“You go. I’m staying,” she told him, seeing a tear roll down his cheek.

“You can’t. You can’t stay here, you need to come home.”

“I can’t leave her Spencer. She’s… She’s so little and she’s out here all alone. Please don’t make me leave her.” Her voice cracked and more tears fell, stinging her skin which was already chapped and raw from the amount of tears she’d already shed but hadn’t wiped away.

Come back, won’t you come back, won’t you come back
To me
Come back, won’t you come back
To me

Spencer wrapped his arms around his wife, rubbing her back to try to warm her. He was hurting terribly, but he knew that inside she was hurting in a different way. She’d carried the child for nine months, she had that extra bond that at first Spencer had been jealous of. Now though…

It pained him to admit it but now he was glad that he wasn’t her. He felt so much heartache already, but it wasn’t the same as the pain she was experiencing.

Ashes that once were bone
Where do we go from here?
Ashes that once were bone
I’m slipping from my faith
I’m falling with my fear

She clung to him with a ferocity he normally only felt from her when they were making love. Clutching at his coat, she buried her head into his neck whispering over and over “I can’t leave her”.

He looked at the fresh soil wondering how long it would take for it to look like the other graves? How long would it take until it didn’t stick out? How long would it take for this gaping wound in his head and heart to heal?

Probably never, he thought.

What happened now? What was he meant to do?

Won’t you meet me in the morning?
You left without any warning
Ooo-ooo Oh-Oh
I don’t know where to put you now

They sat together crying for a while longer, their colleagues getting into their cars but still not leaving. They wouldn’t leave until he told them to. They didn’t budge when it started to snow, the snowflakes falling quickly and settling on the cold winter ground.

His brushed them off his wife’s shoulders, shaking them out of his hair as he realised that the fresh soil was being quickly covered so that it blended in with the rest of the ground.

“Sweetie… ”

She moved away from his chest, only now realising that it was snowing.

“How will we know where she is. We don’t have a stone yet?” she whispered, her voice stricken.

“We’ll always know. Always. You know where she is and I know where she is. She’s not in the ground, that’s just her body. But her soul will surround us, forever. It’s here,” he touched his chest and then hers, and then for the first time in three weeks he saw the tiniest glimpse of a smile on her lips.

“Can we come back tomorrow?”

“We’ll come back everyday.”

She stood and slipped her hand into his. She was tired and it was cold. And Spencer was right, he always was. They couldn’t do anything here. They couldn’t do anything, anywhere. Not really.

They just had to figure out what happened now. What they were meant to do.

Ashes like snow
Where did you go-oh?

Fox the Fox (Part 3)

Prompt: Reader starts her job at the BAU, but her young associate and her have a chemistry they can’t deny; but will the fates let them be together?

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Warnings: language

Word Count: 1976

Note: First whack at a dedicated Criminal Minds fic. A huge thanks to my beta @like-a-bag-of-potatoes I couldn’t have done this without her. Thank you all for reading!!

Song:  You are in Love - Taylor Swift 


Two weeks had gone by since you started at the BAU. The team was still great and you had solved several cases in that time. The paperwork was the worst part. Finding the scum of the Earth was the highlight. Well, that and having Spencer as a friend. Gideon had put you two together on a lot of cases, pairing you up because he said you worked well together. You had to agree with him. Spencer kept up with you and your thought pattern, and same for him.

Most of the time you found yourselves having lunch together, him volleying random information at you. Half of it you knew, the other half, you soaked up. The dance sessions continued, but in all honesty, he didn’t need them. After two days of it, he had it down. Tonight would be the seventh dance class with him. You were very fond of him as well. Admittedly, you kept having to remind yourself he’s a coworker and ignore the way it felt when you looked into his eyes, the way his hands felt on your skin, your back, the way you were excited to just see him coming into work, eagerly looking forward to your time at lunch or the dance sessions. All of these things would suggest a mutual crush, but was it really? You knew Spencer’s was. His physiological changes were apparent enough, but were you perhaps just happy to have someone to relate to, to be friends with? You hadn’t made any friends in your time while training. As good as you were at your job, your own feelings were sometimes a mystery.

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Criminal Minds AU Episode 8: Profiler, Profiled

-Episode Guide-

Previously On…

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Part 5

Allyson made her way back towards the interrogation room, hoping that her absence hadn’t been noted (although she supposed she could use Spencer’s phone call as an excuse), but realized that she’d been caught as she rounded the corner and saw Hotch standing in the hallway, looking through the glass at Morgan.

Allyson hesitated slightly, wondering if she was going to be reprimanded for leaving after Hotch had asked her to stay and observe. However, as her superior caught sight of her, standing frozen in the middle of the hallway, she was surprised to see his expression soften.

“Needed a break, Agent Reid?”

Allyson opened her mouth, about to mention that her brother had called (which wasn’t a complete lie), but stopped when she realized how stupid it was to be anything but completely honest with Hotch. “I’m sorry, sir,” she apologized. “It’s just…watching one of our own be interrogated like this…”

Hotch nodded. “I understand. Believe me, I hate having to grill him like this. But he’s hiding something. And unless we find out what that something is, we’re not going to get anywhere with this case.”

As much as she hated to admit it, Allyson knew he was right. She didn’t like to think what this awful secret could be that Morgan didn’t want to tell any of them, but she also hated the thought of him spending time in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

“Well, there is some good news,” Allyson added, figuring they could all use a little pick-me-up right about now. “My brother called. He said Morgan’s family backs up the story about what happened with Rodney. They said Gordinsky’s been after him ever since.”

“What do you think?” Hotch asked.

Allyson shrugged. “I definitely think he’s doing everything he can to fit this profile to Morgan.” She felt her stomach drop unpleasantly as she added, “And as much as I hate to admit it, there are parts of it that do fit him. But even still, Gordinsky’s stretching. It’s clear he is not a huge fan of Morgan.”

“Well, until we can give him another suspect, he’s going to keep stretching,” Hotch replied. “And until Morgan tells us what he’s hiding, we aren’t going to find one.”

“JJ has Garcia digging right now,” Allyson said, feeling another unpleasant twinge as she realized how hard this was for Garcia to go delving into her best friend’s past like this. “Spence also said that Prentiss is going away to the local Youth Center. Apparently Morgan spent a lot of time there as a kid, and he likes to visit every time he comes home.”

“That’s a good idea,” Hotch said. “Damien Walters frequented that Youth Center. It’s possible someone there might know something.”

Allyson glanced back into the interrogation room, and her heart sank as she saw Morgan hunched over the table, his head in his hands. She just wanted this whole thing to be over. But for that to happen, they needed Morgan to be honest with him. She understood the whole need to keep secrets (better than most people), but if her talk with Hotch nearly a year ago about what had happened with Marcus Rooney had proven anything, it was that sometimes even the darkest of secrets had to come to light.

“Hotch, why don’t you let me talk to him?” Allyson suggested. “It’ll be a new approach on the whole thing. We have a close relationship.” She paused slightly and added, “Plus, I know a thing or two about keeping secrets.”

Hotch looked for a moment like he, too, was remembering that day in his office when she had sat across from him and spilled about the worst moment of her life. He knew how had it had been for her to make herself that vulnerable, but he also knew that it was therapeutic in a way to finally come clean to someone who wasn’t her brother. In fact, if she had never become pregnant and subsequently lost her child, it’s possible even he would have never known about what had happened to her. The thought of keeping that secret for so long…

“All right,” Hotch said. “See what you can do.”

“Thank you, sir,” Allyson began, but Hotch stopped her briefly.

“I need you to remember though, Ally. He is your friend and he is our colleague, but right now, he is technically a suspect. And if he won’t give up this information, you might have to treat him like one.”

Allyson hated to see the pain in his eyes when he said this, but she realized that he was exactly right. She nodded to show she understood, took a deep breath, and made her way into the room.

Morgan looked up, no doubt expecting to see Hotch or Gordinsky again, and Allyson saw his eyes widen and then soften slightly as he looked at her.


“Hey,” she said with a small smile as she sat down opposite him. “Thought you might need a break from all the drilling you’ve been getting.”

Morgan sighed and rubbed his tired eyes. “Ally, this is ridiculous. You know I didn’t do this, right?”

Allyson thought for a moment about what Hotch said, but she pushed it out of her mind as she shook her head. “Of course I know that. We all know that. We just want to help you. But in order to do that, we need you to help us.”

“That’s what I’ve been trying to do!” Morgan exclaimed. “But Gordinsky is so convinced I did it that he won’t even listen to me!”

Allyson bit her bottom lip and closed her eyes briefly before throwing the file on the table. “That’s probably because of this,” she said. “It’s a profile Gideon drew up for him a couple months ago.” She took a deep breath. “Gordinsky said this profile is what led him to you.”

Morgan’s eyes widened slightly as he pulled the profile towards himself, quickly scanning the pages. “Gideon profiled me?”

“Not you exactly,” Allyson said hurriedly. “And trust me, there are definite pieces of it that don’t fit you at all. The others agree with me that Gordinsky is trying to pin this on you. We’re doing everything we can to make sure that doesn’t happen.” She swallowed past the lump that had reformed in her throat, choosing her next words carefully. “Morgan, I need you to be honest with me.”

“Honest about what?” Morgan said, but the tone of his voice suggested that he knew exactly what she was talking about.

“Listen to me,” Allyson began. “If you’re hiding something, you need to trust us. Trust us enough to tell us about it.”

Morgan shook his head. “Ally, it’s not about trust. It’s about privacy. Keeping something to myself. Why is that so hard for people to understand?”

It took Allyson a moment to answer as she realized that those were very similar to statements she had made every time Spencer had asked her why she hadn’t told Hotch about her past. “Believe me when I say I know a thing or two about wanting to keep things buried,” she said. “But this is your life we’re talking about, Morgan. What could be so bad that you’d be willing to risk everything?”

The silence that followed stretched for what seemed like hours. Allyson had about a million scenarios going through her head about the contents of this secret, each one more horrifying and devastating than the last. Who was he trying to protect? What didn’t he want them to know?

Finally, Morgan stood up, his back to Allyson, his voice low. “Ally, I’m only saying this because I love and respect you. But I need you to drop this. Please.”

The corners of Allyson’s eyes began to sting, but she blinked away the tears before they had a chance to fall. She got to her feet as well, and for a brief moment, she thought about telling him everything. Even if he couldn’t relate, even if the nature of his secret was nothing like hers (or, God forbid, worse than hers), maybe being open and honest with him would make him realize that keeping this bottled up wasn’t good for anyone. She needed him to realize that he was not alone.

Before Allyson could say anything, however, the interrogation room opened again, and they both turned to see Hotch entering. Allyson wondered for a moment if she had said something wrong or if Hotch thought she wasn’t being direct enough in her quest to get answers from him.

“Carl Buford,” Hotch said.

Allyson knew that name as the man who ran the Youth Center. The man who had taken Morgan in under his wing after his father’s death. From what Spencer had told her, he had a huge impact on Morgan’s life. He owed him everything.

However, the look on Morgan’s face when Hotch said that name suggested that none of what her brother had said was true. Instead of feeling happy at hearing the name of the man who, from the sounds of it, had helped turn his life around, Allyson saw Morgan’s entire demeanor change almost instantly. His body became tense, his hands gripping the edges of the chair so tightly that his knuckles were burning white. His skin visibly paled and his eyes widened just slightly.

“What did you just say?” Morgan asked. Even his tone was different. No longer strong and certain. It now sounded small and meek. Almost like a child’s.

“Carl Buford,” Hotch said again. “The man who runs the Youth Center.”

Morgan straightened up and folded his arms, but Allyson could see that his hands were still shaking. “Yeah. What about him?”

“Why don’t you tell me?” Hotch asked. “He’s the reason your criminal record got expunged. Wrote a letter of recommendation for you. Pleaded your case very heavily.”

“That’s right,” Morgan said, his voice fighting to stay steady. “I played football for him for years. He got me into college. So what?”

“He runs the local Youth Center,” Hotch continued. “The one you visit every time you come home.”


“Makes sense that you would stop by there. Pay your respects to the man who gave you everything.”


“Yet, Buford is saying that it’s been years since he last spoke to you.”

“That’s enough, Hotch!”

“Seems odd to me that you’ll take time to go visit the Center, but not to talk to the man who helped turn your life around. Kept you out of prison. Got you into college.”

Morgan slammed his hands down so hard that Allyson jumped nearly a foot in the air. There was a fire in his dark eyes as he stood toe to toe with Hotch, looking angrier than Allyson had ever seen him before. “I’m warning you, Hotch,” he said in a low voice. “Back. Off.”

Allyson didn’t need to be told twice, but Hotch looked for a moment like he wasn’t going to listen. Allyson put a hand on her superior’s arm, but it was unneeded as he turned around and exited the room. Allyson looked back at Morgan to see that he still looked angry, his breathing heavy, his hands curled into fists. He turned his back on her again, and she took that as her cue to exit the room as well.

She and Hotch made their way back into the lobby where JJ was speaking with Gordinsky, who had just finished bidding good-bye to two people who were leaving the precinct. The woman was Damien Walters’ mother. Allyson recognized her from the file. The older man with her was unfamiliar. He looked too old to be Damien’s father.

“Thanks again, Carl,” Gordinsky said, shaking the man’s hand before heading over to the agents.

“Carl?” Allyson asked. “Was that Carl Buford?”

JJ nodded. “He came with Mrs. Walters to help her through the interview process. He knew Damien really well.”

“Morgan too,” Hotch said, and Allyson could almost picture his brain working on what had just happened in the interrogation room.

“What did he say about Morgan?” Allyson asked, also trying to make sense of what had just happened.

“Said Morgan was one of the finest young men he’d ever known,” JJ said. “He’s shocked that the police would even think of charging him with a crime like this,” she added, shooting Gordinsky a very nasty look.

“But he also said that he feels bad about expunging his record in light of what’s happened,” Gordinsky said, returning her angry look with a satisfied smirk. “I can’t tell you how many times Carl’s come through for me, ever since I started here. He knows the kids in this neighborhood more than anyone I know.”

As he said that, Allyson’s mind suddenly flashed to the profile. “He knows a lot about the kids in the neighborhood,” she echoed. “Spends a lot of time with them. They trust him. He doesn’t appear intimidating to them.”

Gordinksy realized what she was trying to do, and his smirk was instantly replaced with a frown. “Hey, don’t go trying to pin this on Carl just so you can try to save your boy in there!”

Allyson shrugged. “I mean, I’m just applying pieces of the profile where I see them. That’s all you’ve been doing, isn’t it?”

Gordinsky frowned at her, but she saw JJ catch her eye and wink at her, satisfied. At that moment, the door to the office opened, announcing the return of Prentiss, Reid, and Dennison. Gordinsky, thankfully, left the group to go and discuss things with Dennison. The two appeared to be heading back towards the interrogation room to check on Morgan. Prentiss and Reid came to join their group.

“What did you guys find out?” Hotch asked.

“Well, I stopped by the Youth Center,” Prentiss explained. “Spoke with one of the boys there. James. He was a good friend of Damien’s. Said he’s been trying to get a hold of Derek all day to talk to him about what happened.”

“He didn’t know about the arrest?” JJ asked.

Prentiss shook her head. “He was just as shocked as the rest of us. Said that Derek always comes by to talk with him and the other boys. He’s given a couple of them his personal number and told them to call if they ever need to talk.”

“Did you ask him anything about Carl Buford?” Allyson asked, unable to get Morgan’s anger out of her head.

“Yeah, but he didn’t say much,” Prentiss replied. “Said Carl runs the place. Coaches football. He’s trying to get kids off the street.”

“Something doesn’t add up,” Hotch said. “From the sounds of it, Morgan owes his life to Buford. Why would he react the way he did ab—”

But he was cut off as Detective Dennison suddenly came running down the hallway. “What? We just cut him loose?”

Hotch and Allyson exchanged a brief glance before they hurried down the hall and peeked into the interrogation room to see the door opened and room vacant.

Morgan was gone.

Ah. Vices and Virtues. The record right after the split. Spite and lust. Brendon giving writing a record a try for the first time. Why not use Ryan’s first album as a guideline. The album Ryan did on cheating exes and life experiences. I might go a little NSFW on this analysis because, well, gay sex.

It’s said, “If you don’t let it out
You’re gonna let it eat you away.”
- I’m going to give two possible interpretations of this because fuck, why not. Now from my previous song analysis's I explored how Brendon didn’t think Ryan loved him. This relates to that. He just wants Ryan to come out and say how he feels. Why they had to give everything up, why Ryan cared so much about staying humble when fame could give them everything they want. Second meaning, and don’t freak out or anything, but cum. Yeah, basically this could be about getting a blowjob, having cum in your mouth and deciding to spit or swallow (in the case of this song it’s Ryan giving a blowjob)
I’d rather be a cannibal, baby- Brendon is thinking Ryan would rather let his heart stay shut and risk his feelings eating him alive. Or it could be about swallowing (yes okay, this second meaning isn’t all deep, but we also have to remember it’s Brendon. That man can be quite the fuckboy)
Animals like me don’t talk anyway- Ryan is shy as hell. He would have a really hard time talking about something like this, especially if he himself was conflicted on how Bren really felt. He wouldn’t want to chance Brendon using this information and not actually feeling the same way back
Feel like an ambulance- Brendon is comparing himself to the saviour of Ryan. Which when I did When The Day Met The Night, we see that Ryan himself states Brendon as his saviour. Which leads me to believe that maybe Brendon was also trying to figure out the secrets of Ryan’s lyrics as well, unless Ryan actually wrote this song for Brendon and told him so
Chaser of faith- The way Ryan made Brendon feel was different than anything he had felt. He put himself on the line and just had faith that Ryan felt the same
Pray I could replace her- Both Brendon and Ryan use a woman and a man in their songs, as things would be obvious if they used a man and a man. Brendon was just trying to get over Ryan and replace him. But there is no way to get over the person you feel so close with. So here we see a non religious man praying because of the desperate situation he found himself in
Forget the way her tears taste- Remembering how you hurt someone you care for is a terrible pit in your stomach and a bitter flavour in your mouth. Brendon is trying to forget everything that happened and all the pain that came out in the end. He doesn’t want to remember seeing Ryan cry, but most importantly, he doesn’t want to remember seeing Ryan walk out the door for the last time
Put another ex on the calendar- This is a reference to Ryan (and Jon) leaving. They all were very close and Bren has said in an interview that while writing this song they realized it became more about losing their band members than losing a girl friend. I’m going to assume Spencer pointed that out and Brendon went along because he knew himself it was about Ryan, and debating this fact with Spencer would rise suspicision. 
Summer’s on its deathbed- This could be a reference to the fact that the band that once was simple and started in Summerlin, has died. No longer is it friends making music and having fun, it is a serious career and there is no going back to what once was. 
There is simply nothing worse
Than knowing how it ends
- Blantantly obvious. Knowing what happened and all the emotions that come with it is terrible. It’s hard not knowing why a relationship ended, but knowing everything is worse
And I meant everything I said that night- As I’ve said in my other Ryden theories, I believe there was an ultimatum between fame and friendship and Brendon went with fame. But I also think he tried to convince Ryan to stay with him through the fame. That he would die without having Ryan there with him, but Ryan lost trust in Bren already
I will come back to life- As I said, he’d die without Ryan by his side
But only for you- And no one will bring back his spark other than Ryan
The world may call it a second chance- Brendon left the band at one time early on to try and pursue cosmetology, but everyone let him come back after he decided to stay
But when I came back it was more of a relapse- He was addicted to the fame and needed to on the winning side (these are a few lines of him reminiscing, once again trying to piece together the story)
Anticipation’s on the other line- Brendon, at this point, still thinks Ryan will come back to the band and get over everything. He thinks their love was true and doesn’t realize how much he actually hurt Ryan by letting him go 
And obsession called while you were out- Brendon is obsessing over everything that happened. He is trying to decipher how Ryan felt, if he still feels that way, why things went the way they did; his life has been consumed by figuring out if there was something there
Asleep in the hive- The tour bus was like their home and they were constantly working, hence they were worker bees and slept in their hive
I guess all the buzzing got to me- Once again comparing himself to a bee, but also his fans. As I’ve said, he adores fame and let it get the best of him, choosing it over friendship, and Ryan
Well, I’m still alive- He thought he’d die without Ryan, but somehow has managed to stay on his feet
At night your body is a symphony
And I’m conducting
- Gay sex. Aha, but no. Gay sex. But if you want a deeper meaning that might tie this whole verse together (because honestly the lyrics go everywhere here), he just referenced that fame got to him and even though Ryan left, he stayed on his feet. Ryan was the one who grounded the band and directed the directions they were going. But now Brendon gets to do whatever he wants. So this could be an analogy for the band. The band is the body, and success is the symphony. And now he is the conductor for where everything goes

Writing Prompt #9: Aching Heart

Hi! This prompt was requested by the talented @cherrywhisp, #9: “It doesn’t matter, I’m not leaving you!” (Reid x Reader). It turned out slightly angsty, I think. I hope you all enjoy it! :)

Warning: Season eight spoilers ahead.

The team had gathered at Rossi’s house for yet another family dinner. You were chatting, drinking and having a grand old time, when Spencer heard you say something to a giggling Garcia, as you helped her make her way to the bathroom, that triggered a certain memory to come back to the forefront of his mind.

“It doesn’t matter, I’m not leaving you!”

That sentence… a sentence containing fewer than ten words had been ingrained in his brain, just like pretty much everything else that he read or heard. A sentence he “forgot” the moment it was uttered because he was not in his right state of mind. Back then, he had chosen to dismiss whatever it was that was brewing behind your beautiful misty eyes that day because he was heartbroken.

Dr Reid had selfishly accepted your help in one of his most vulnerable moments. He had just lost the love of his life, and all of his co-workers had come to his door and called him so many times, he had learnt to live with those sounds as if they were normal, background noises. Except for when you came knocking on his door. He remembered it clearly…

He had been lying around on the couch, still clad in his house-robe, scruff on his face and hair dishevelled, contemplating and revisiting that fateful moment, when he recognised your soft knocking. Just like everyone else on the team, you had insisted and given up several times before. But that time, instead of staying silent, you decided to speak.

‘Spencer, I know you’re in there,’ it was the first time you had called him by his first name. You had been with the team for just over a year and had only really bonded with Morgan, thanks to your love for sports, but you got along with everyone just fine. ‘I know because yesterday there were four baskets from Garcia in front of your door and now there are none.’

I grabbed three… that old lady stole another one again, he thought as he made no attempt to move from his spot on the couch.

‘Spencer… I cannot say that I know what you’re going through because I don’t. My only experiences in this department were two jackasses dumping me when I was back in college and that made me close myself off from the world… just like you’re doing right now. The only reason why I got out of that funk was thanks to a certain talk a few FBI agents gave at one of my psychology classes towards the end of my final year… You and Morgan made this job sound thrilling, especially you.’

He moved his head and stared at the door as if it were alien. What? He remembered all of his talks, and he knew which one you were referring to. It was the standard talk FBI agents had to give at different universities so as to pick as many potential candidates’ interest as possible. He had recognised you the second you had walked into the bullpen the morning you joined the team, even if your hair was not covering half of your face anymore. He hadn’t said anything at the time so as not to freak you out or make you feel uncomfortable, but then… the moment to say something was gone.

‘You probably don’t even know what I’m talking about… or maybe you do. Your brain surprises me every time you open your mouth to share some of that immense knowledge you have stored in there. Anyway, I tried to join the Academy the moment I finished my very last exam. I didn’t even have my diploma and had to return afterwards when I actually had everything I needed.

‘Morgan may seem like he’s all muscles at first but, once you get to know him, you realise he’s much more than that. You, on the other hand, looked like an average, and please forgive me for saying this, well, nerd. I could relate to you. You made me feel like I could do something with my life that day… that something was actually worth my efforts. My life had been so dull, especially after my failures in the romance department.’

Spencer sat on the couch, listening to your words with rapt attention. It felt weird to know that he had something to do with your wanting to join the Bureau and successfully making your way up to the BAU.

‘I’m sorry I’m rambling. What I’m trying to say here is that… you should take your time and grieve. But you cannot let this moment define you. You will be able to move forwards. As cliché as it may sound, I have to say it because it’s true: all you need is time. It’s not like it’s ever going to stop hurting or…,’ you took in a shaky breath, refusing to let any tears fall,’ you’ll ever stop loving her, but I’m sure that, if you let me and the team help, you’ll be able to get through this.’

It was silent for quite some time after your little speech. You hoped that your infatuation with the agent was not as obvious in your words as it sounded to your own ears. It was true, though, what you said. The way his eyes had shone as he explained, albeit intricately, what they did on a daily basis had inspired you to pursue this now hectic lifestyle. Despite your parents’ constant complaints about your safety, you didn’t regret your decision. This job finally gave your life some purpose.

You were dabbing at your eyes when you heard Spencer’s apartment door unlock, and then, standing in front of you, was the man who had made your heart race so many years ago.


‘Spencer…,’ you trailed off, having said everything you wanted to already.

He just stepped out of the way and allowed you to come into the mess that used to be his living room and gestured for you to sit on the couch. You complied, and he flopped down next to you, leaving a gap between your bodies. You turned your body so that you were facing him. You wanted to grab his hand and embrace him but you knew of his aversion to touch. He surprised you by mimicking your sitting position.



His voice sounded raspy, probably due to the many days that he’d gone refusing to speak to anyone. He cleared his throat and gave it another try as he kept his eyes on his hands and fiddled with the ends of his robe. He was trying so hard not to break down in front of you.

‘(Y/N)… I-I just don’t know what to do anymore. It’s m-my fault that all of this happened to her and-’

‘Spencer, this was not your fault,’ your voice was stern, yet wobbly. You swallowed once, twice, but were unable to continue.

He looked up and saw you getting emotional as well, and the sight made his heart shatter all over again… for everything that you and the team had done to help find her, for him, for Maeve, and all the what-ifs that he’d never be able to have.

You grabbed his hand and tried to move closer to him in an attempt to hug him, but he moved backwards and let go of your hand, which caused your heart to sink.

‘You don’t want to come near me, (Y/N). I-I haven’t showered in a few days and have been sleeping in the same clothes for a whi-’

‘It doesn’t matter, I’m not leaving you! Spencer, do you honestly think I care about that? I’m your friend. I’m begging you, please, let me help!’

He very hesitantly allowed you to move him closer to you, until his head was pretty much on your lap and you started running your fingers through his hair in what you hoped was a soothing manner.

‘My hair must be full of knots,’ he managed to croak out as you felt a few tears starting to fall on your trousers.

‘It’s okay. You can shower later while I prepare dinner, okay?’ you spoke softly.

He just nodded and proceeded to soak the material covering your thighs.

Morgan calling him to help him clear the table brought him out of his reverie. He had apologised profusely after that afternoon and you had dismissed each and every one of his apologies. Remembering it made him blush slightly… but not because of the sounds he made as he cried on your lap, but at how soft and comforting your ministrations had been, or how diligently you checked up on him, even after he had officially returned to work.

Now, after three years since he lost Maeve and as he shared a cab with you back to your apartment, he realised that he somehow made peace with the events that had trespassed that day.

The taxi reached your home, and you hugged Spencer before you exited the car and waved at him with a bright smile as you got to the glass door of your apartment building. That was the moment he heard something that made him blush even more:


You had not only fixed and glued his broken heart together again, but you had apparently also warmed your way into it. He smiled as the taxi took him home.

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Any Other Day

A/N: This is an anon request. It’s actually a combination of two. One just asked for a Male Reader x Spencer, Male Reader x Derek or Male Reader x Hotch and the other asked for a Male reader who is part of the team and is afraid to tell the team he’s gay, but when he does, Spencer is glad because he wanted to ask him out for coffee. So, I decided to combine them both, rather than do two separate ones. Hopefully, you like my male reader/Spencer just as much as female reader/Spencer, because I have quite a few other male reader/Spencer requests :) Enjoy!

P.S. I decided to have this take place when Kate was with the team, because she’s awesome. :D



Coming out wasn’t as easy as some people made it out to be. 

Especially when your extremely-conservative parents didn’t even know,

…and you worked for the federal government.

You wanted to come out; you were ready. At least when it came to your friends and co-workers. Your parents would have to wait until another time…possibly when you were on your death bed - and maybe not even then.

As you got up that morning, having made the decision to work it into a conversation somehow, you found yourself sweating uncontrollably. Why were you so nervous? Granted, the members of your team were all straight, as far as you knew, but you had worked on cases involving LGBT individuals on numerous occasions over the past five years and your friends were all understanding and loving - it didn’t matter who the victim was, everyone deserved your help.

So why were you standing in the middle of your room sweating your balls off? Because these would be the first people to ever know the whole you - the true you.

“Please let me get this out smoothly and quickly,” you said to no one in particular, walking over to your closet to figure out what to wear for the day. Blankly, you stood there, just staring, wondering what the fuck you were going to wear. Why did you care? You never really cared what you wore. Just threw something on and went to work. This was seriously messing with your head.

Normally, you would’ve gone with a pair of dark wash jeans and a clean, plain t-shirt, wanting to dress it down; you wanted to be comfortable while you were kicking down doors, but on special occasions you’d pull out a pair of suit pants, a work shirt and possibly a tie and blazer. Apparently, that’s what you were gravitating toward today. Was it a special day? You had high hopes. 

In your ideal world, today would be the day. You’d say it casually in conversation. No one would make a big deal out of it and everything would continue on that way it had been for the past five years.

After putting on a pair of gray suit pants, dark green shirt and matching gray blazer, you grabbed your go-bag, which you’d repacked recently, and walked toward your apartment door. Taking a deep breath, you started down the stairs, forcing yourself to act as if it was any other day.


You’d barely had time to think about anything the entire day. As you walked into the BAU, you were immediately accosted by Garcia, who turned you right around to head to the plane. You had a case and were urgently needed in Devils Lake, North Dakota. Two girls had gone missing and been mutilated within two days and the local police department was working totally out of their league. Things like this didn’t happen in Devils Lake, despite its name. 

With coffees in hand, you all made your way onto the jet, discussed victimology and once there, went straight to police station. It was only at 11 PM, when you’d had no more leads and desperately needed sleep that everyone piled into an SUV and made haste for the hotel, determined to get some sleep before all hell undoubtedly broke loose the next day.

Everyone was half asleep, but the case was a brutal one, so you all attempted to talk about something that wasn’t related to work. Now was probably your chance. Everyone was nearly asleep. Maybe they wouldn’t even notice.

“I miss my boys,” JJ said, head lolling to the side and hitting the car window. “I haven’t had enough time to spend with them lately.”

You hadn’t had someone to go home to in quite some time. Your last relationship did not end well. “Will, Henry and Michael know you love them JJ. You’re their hero.”

“I know,” she said, a small smile masking her tired features, “but I still feel guilty.”

You understood - you really did. “I get it. But Will is amazingly understanding. You’re so lucky to have someone to go home to that understands the stresses of the job.”

“You don’t?” Spencer asked, having nearly fallen asleep on your shoulder. This was your chance.

God, he was cute when he was sleeping. You didn’t want to admit that you’d been crushing on the resident genius since you started.

“No, I haven’t had anyone to go home to since my last relationship ended before I started working here.” At the end of the sentence, his voice started to shake, but he steadied himself. “Dillon and I ended on bad terms and I haven’t had a relationship since. A date or two here of there, but nothing serious.”

“I didn’t know you were gay,” you heard Derek say from the back seat.

Just play it off. It’s really nothing. “Just never really thought to bring it up since I haven’t had a relationship in so long.”

“Well,” Kate muttered, practically comatose in the front seat, “The next guy you date will have to pass the BAU test. He’ll treat you right or I’ll use one of my three guns on him.”

“Seconded,” Hotch said.

“You have three guns on you?” you asked incredulously, glad that it was out in the open and no one seemed to give a shit. Everyone was still sleeping and talking and if you didn’t know better, you’d say Spencer had nuzzled even further into your shoulder.

“At almost all times,” she said proudly. 

“You’re nuts,” you said, letting your head fall back into the seat. “God, I’m tired.”

Rossi looked out the window, where the hotel finally came into view. “Beds are close. Thank god.”


As you walked into the hotel, a Holiday Inn Express, each member of the team grabbed their room keys and headed to their crappy hotel beds, thankful for the opportunity to sleep.

The ding of the elevator sounded and the door opened, allowing you and Spencer to exit alone; everyone else was on the second floor. Almost, zombie-like you both dragged your go-bags toward the room, taking the keys out and inserting them into their respective locks.

“Goodnight, Y/N,” Spencer mumbled, putting his go-bag over his shoulder. “Oh, Y/N?”

“Yea, what’s up?”

“Would you want to go for coffee sometime? Like…a date?” he asked sleepily.

Apparently, not all of your co-workers were straight. “Yea,” you replied, a contented smile gracing your face, “that’d be great.”

“Cool, I’ll meet you at the coffee maker downstairs in the morning,” he chuckled.

You pushed your own room door open and turned to him. “What, you’re not even going to take me out for our first date?”

Criminal Minds: Dr. Spencer Reid [INTP]

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Spencer is a highly intelligent young man who wants things to make sense in a logical manner. Not only is he interested in what happened when someone is murdered, but he wants to know why the person did what they did and all their motivations. He always knows what to do, how everything works and what they’re used for. He’s knowledgeable about anything science or math related and notices when things aren’t rational. He makes his decisions based on his personal logic for the good of others. While not rigid like a stereotypical Ti dominant, he is always analyzing everything and uses facts to argue his case. He’s not always aware of how others are feeling or what’s socially acceptable. 

Extroverted intuition (Ne): Spencer always has more than one way to look at a situation and sees possibilities everywhere. He’s more about the general idea of something than the smaller details and tends to ramble on. He’s quirky and loves to share all his interests with others, like Doctor Who, and is very quick at predicting outcomes which are usually accurate. 

Introverted Sensing (Si): Reid knows a lot of details and facts about things he’s learned about in the past. He sometimes compares old cases to new ones and uses knowledge from them to help him solve current ones.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): He wants to help people and feels bad for them, but it’s obvious he clearly doesn’t know what to say or do to comfort them. He wants to be accepted by society and isn’t primarily about being an individual. He needs others words of encouragement and support to help reassure him of his anxieties and concerns.

Just a little side note: I know people don’t generally put these when submitting but I just wanted to say that contrary to what a lot of people seem to think, Reid does not have dominant Fi. He’s not internally emotional. The reason why it may look like it though is because he is played by INFP actor, Matthew Gray Gubler, who admits to putting his own personality and character into Reid sometimes.


Hi so I read your imagine Boob Job and I can relate.  I was wondering if you could do something similar but the reader actually goes through with the surgery and is afraid people won’t like her afterwards, and Spencer tells her that’s not true and maybe some smut and fluff?

I can most certainly do this!  Here is your smutty one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

Groaning as you roll out of bed, you slump off to the bathroom as you slowly peel your bedroom shirt away, revealing the massive bruising cascading around on your chest.

When the doctor told you that you would be in for some pain, you expected it to be manageable.

But when a 2 hour outpatient surgery had turned into a 6 hour rush-to-the-hospital fiasco, you knew you would have to place a call in to your boss, Hotch, and have your leave extended for a while.

Which meant admitting to the team why you had taken time off in the first place.

You had explained to the doctor the entire situation, trying to convince him as to why you didn’t want to call anyone you knew when you finally came out of your anesthesia.  You explained that you were estranged from your family, and embarrassed to tell your work colleagues about the surgery, citing that your colleagues, David and Morgan, had a tendency linger their gazes and make snide jokes about your “curves.”

You knew they meant no harm, in the back of your mind.  After all, a bra size of a 40 GG is hard to miss.

But it’s also hard on your back, neck, shoulders, and spine.

You complained a lot to Penelope, being the only girl on the team who even remotely understood where you were coming from, but she still didn’t struggle with some of the things you did, like the bruising on your shoulders from where your bra straps were being pulled to their limits.

Or the random pulling of back muscles that would make it hard to take deep breaths until the twitching settled down.

Or the three sports bras you had to wear in order to keep your chest semi-steady whenever you did decide to workout.

Breathing hard through the pain as you attempt to raise your arms, you begin to get nervous.

The doctor said you would have limited movement until the stitches healed and the bruising and swelling went down from the trauma of the surgery, having to remove both fat and tissue, but you were going on day four of not being able to so much as bathe yourself.

Feeling the tears sting the back of your eyes, your fingers reach for your cell phone as you scroll to Hotch’s number, hitting the dial button and putting the call on speakerphone.

“This is Hotch,” he answers.

“H-hey, Aaron,” you stammer.

You only called the team by their first names if you really needed something.


Then, you heard it.

The tell-tale click of the speakerphone being engaged on the other end.

“Y/N, are you alright?”


Wincing in pain as you feel your lip trembling, your eyes dart around for your pain medication bottle.

“Talk to me,” Hotch urges.

“I uh…I need an extension on my…my leave,” you huff, tears threatening to pour down your face.

“For how long?”

“Uh…possibly another week.  Maybe-…maybe two?” you grunt, trying desperately to get the pill bottle open.

“With that kind of extension, I’m gonna need to jot down a reason on the paperwork.”


Finally getting the pill bottle open, you look in and find just one more hydrocodone left.

And the tears began to flow with ease.

“Is she crying?” someone whispers.

“Y/N…if you don’t talk to me I’m coming over,” Hotch says sternly.

“Complications with surgery,” you breathe.

“Come again?” he asks.

“The reason for the extension.  Complications with surgery.”

And again…silence.

“Aaron, please…” you whisper, your chest heaving painfully with your sobs as you wince, bringing your arm around to steady your swinging breasts as your tears begin to fall onto your phone.

“Extension granted,” he says.

“Thank you,” you pant.



“We need you to know that we love you,” Hotch says, “which is why I haven’t told you until now that Spencer darted out of this office about 7 minutes ago.”

Closing your eyes as you try to regulate your breathing, you nod your head as you swallow hard.

“Ok.  Ok…yeah.  Al-…alright.”

“Call us if you need anything,” Hotch says, his tone changing from authority to worry.

“I-…I will,” you breathe, hanging up the phone call just as you hear a knock at your door.


Sitting in the bathtub as Spencer slowly pours soothing hot water over your shoulders, your skin puckers at the sensation as his eyes drift all around your chest, not ogling at the new shape and slope of your breasts, but casting worried glances about the bruising.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” he asks lowly.

“Because I knew the jokes that would fly from David and Derek, and I just wasn’t up for them anymore.”

Slowly rubbing the soapy washrag in circles along your back, you feel your pain medication beginning to take hold as you dip your head forward.

“I uh…I called your doctor, and he’s phoning in a prescription for one more refill of your pain medication, and he’s making a house-call after he gets off of work to come over and make sure nothing that’s happening is serious.”

But all you could do was nod your head slowly.

Feeling a prickling sensation in your nipples, you furrow your brow and open your eyes, smiling broadly when you look down and see your puckered bulbs protruding from your chest.

“Look…” you lull, lobbing your head back at Spencer as he catches your head in his hands.

“Nipples,” you giggle.

Watching him blush furiously, your nipples hardening as his eyes lock onto them, you snicker as you rear your head back up.

“Means blood flow’s goooooood,” you lull, giving him a lazy thumbs up as he chuckles lowly.

“Yes.  And that’s a good thing, given your complications.”

“Mmmmmmhm,” you hum.

“Alright.  All clean.  Let’s get you out of this bath and dried off.”

Feeling him slip his arms under yours, you rise to your feet as he helps your naked body step out of the bath, your feet slipping as he catches you, stumbling into the wall as your ass crashes into his pelvis.

“Whoops!” you say, trying to stand up as he helps you from behind.

“Clumsy meeeeee,” you drag out.

“Here,” he says, beginning to pat you down with a towel, “lets go get you in some clothes.”

“But I like being naked,” you whine.

But all Spencer could do was smile and shake his head.

And swallow hard to try and keep the fire in his stomach at bay.

“Well, then lets at least drape a robe around your shoulders,” he says, sitting you on the edge of your bed as he walks away and sifts through your closet, pulling out the first robe he sees.

“Or you could just be naked with me,” you state, wiggling your eyebrows as Spencer stops in his tracks.

You were too far gone to notice the uptick in his breathing, or the way his shoulders were starting to heave.

“Even if I wanted to be naked with you, you are in no position to deal with what comes after,” Spencer remarks, his back still to you as your eyes widen.

“You…you wanna be naked with me?”

Ignoring your question, he turns around and starts back to you, draping the silky robe over your shoulders, trying desperately not to let his eyes wander as he helps you slide the limited mobility of your arms into the sleeves.

“Spencer,” you say, strengthening your voice as you grab his wrist.

“Yes?” he asks, his fiery eyes connecting with yours.

“You didn’t answer my question.”

Watching his Adam’s apple bob as his eyes flicker to your lips, you release the grip on his hand as you slowly bring it up, cupping his cheek as you lean your lips into his forehead.

“I can’t actually have sex yet…” you trail off, whispering against his skin as you hear him sigh.

“…but there are other things that don’t require bouncing…” you lull.

“But you’re in pain,” he croaks, “…and on drugs.”

“Drugs for the pain.  Doesn’t mean I’m not in control of my choices.”

And that’s all of the reassurance he needed.

Guiding you to the bed as your back connects with the comforter, you feel his hands slowly cascade down your skin, your stomach jumping from every light touch as his mouth trail slowly behind, his warm, wet lips dragging a trail down your heated skin as your mouth releases a series of contented and wanting sighs.

“I don’t like seeing you in pain,” he whimpers lightly, kissing around your belly button as his hands slowly drag down your legs.

“I wish you would’ve called me sooner,” he whispers, his tears dripping on your skin as you feel your own lip quivering.

“I was embarrassed,” you breathe, your stomach jumping with each flicker of his tongue.

“Please…oh…please forgive me…” you beg.

Writhing underneath him as his fingertips dance along your inner thigh, Spencer sucks the skin around your right hip bone into his mouth, making you buck and squirm as he marks his territory, his hands flying up to your gauze-wrapped chest…not trying to feel, but trying, instead, to steady while you gyrated with pleasure and fire underneath him.

“Let me stay,” he breathes against your skin, his eyes flickering up to you, taking in your closed eyes and your flushed, bruised chest, “let me take care of you.”

Nodding quickly as your hands find his, you feel your own tears trickle down the sides of your face, pooling in your ears as his tongue lightly drags up your folds.

Oh god, how you wanted him.

“Yes,” you say, barely above a whisper.

“Yes, what?” he teases, his hot breath causing your glistening folds to twitch.

“Yes to…to everything,” you whimper, bucking your hips lightly.

“As you wish,” he says, dipping his tongue low into you as you let out a guttural groan, his hands releasing your breasts as he laces his fingers with yours, squeezing your hands before allowing them to trail across your smooth, delicate skin.

Feeling his arms wrap under your thighs, his hands caress over your hip bones, causing you to dig your hands into the sheets as his fingertips slowly reach down and part your folds, unhooding your clit as he kisses the top of it lightly.

“Perfect,” Spencer whispers, placing another kiss on it before sucking it into his mouth, your back arching as a moan escapes your lips.

“Ooooh, god,” you breathe.

Feeling his tongue flatten out against you, your hips begin to roll, his face slowly burying itself within you as he flicks and sucks your clit.  You felt your legs beginning to get restless, your hips moving side to side and back and forth, guiding Spencer’s tongue as he flattens out on you again and again and again, raking his texture over your sensitive skin as your shoulders arch away from the bed, your pants becoming audible, rhythmic moans.


Your sounds drive him on, a hand uncoiling from your leg as you feel his long, slender finger slowly enter you, without warning, as your legs prop your heels up onto his shoulders.  Feeling him push forward, your knees coming towards your chest as the tip of his tongue teases the top of your clit, that infamous burning sensation begins wafting over your entire pelvis as he slips another finger in, slowly beckoning against your walls, teasing your orgasm out of you as stars begin exploding in your vision.

“Please, please, please, please,” you chant breathlessly, your head swimming as your eyes begin to roll into the back of your head.

“Cum for me,” Spencer hums, sucking your clit into his mouth one last time as he crooks his fingers, rubbing your g-spot with his tips as your jaw begins to unhinge.

“Oh-…oh…yes…yes…oh, god…it’s…Spence-uuuuh…”

And just like that, your body was thrown over the edge, your walls pulsating around his fingers as your glistening juices coat his lips, your legs growing taut as your hips and torso thrust and gyrate with your body-rocking orgasm.

Heaving as you feel your legs slowly being guided back to the mattress, you lob your head over to the side as Spencer’s smiling face slowly comes into view, his lips dipping over to yours as you kiss his deeply, licking yourself off of his lips before raking your teeth along his bottom lip.

“Gimme a sec and it’ll be your turn,” you pant, smiling lazily at Spencer as your eyes begin to droop.

“There’s plenty of time for that,” he says kindly, brushing some hair out of your face as he kisses the tip of your nose, “right now?  You need rest.”

“But after that…” you trail off, lobbing your hand over to him as he takes it within his, sliding off to your side and kissing your knuckles.

“Only if you feel like it,” he muses against your skin.

“Always,” you whisper, feeling his lips connect with yours once more before his body curls up to yours in bed.

“Get some rest,” he whispers against your ear, making the hairs on your arm stand on end as you nuzzle against his cheek.

“Only if you stay,” you muse, feeling sleep take over as your breathing begins to even out.

“As long as you want,” Spencer says, smoothing his thumb over the apple of your cheek before bending in to kiss your forehead.

CeCe Drake & Her Lies

Lately I have been thinking a lot about CeCe Drake. WHO IS SHE? 

  • Is she Charles DiLaurentis? Alison’s brother/sister?
  • Is she Charlotte Drake? Mary’s daughter?
  • Is she Bethany Young? A Radley patient 
  • Or is there another connection we don’t know about yet?

I believe she was never a patient at Radley, she is not related to the DiLaurentis family, and she has been working for Uber A since the beginning.

I decided to analyze everything we have seen and learned about CeCe throughout the series.

*All pictures from Google, Credit to owners*

In “The Kahn Game”, we see CeCe for the first time at the Brew. We learn a few main things about her:

  • She has a striking resemblance to Ali (personality and looks)
  • Tells Aria & Spencer that Ali talked about them all the time, but the 4 girls have never heard of her
  • She was a student at UPenn but was kicked out
  • She used to date Jason DiLaurentis (who she broke up with the day after Alison went missing) Wait what? She dated her brother/first cousin? No way. CeCe is not related to the DiLaurentis’.
  • She owns a boutique. How is that possible?
  • She spent the summer in Cape May with Alison before she disappeared.

Emily shows CeCe a photo from Ali’s diary of the two of them in Cape May, hoping she will know who Beach Hottie is. CeCe claims not to know. (I think BH is Darren Wilden). 

We later find out MELISSA took the following picture of Widen, Ali and CeCe (notice Wilden and Ali seem to be hugging one another). One of my burning questions has always been- How the hell did CeCe become friends with all these people if she spent her life in Radley and only got out privileges to go to classes at UPenn?

Alison tells CeCe that her period is 2 weeks late. Like a million other theorists out there, I believe it is definitely possible that Ali had sex with Wilden or maybe even Ezra.

In “Crash and Burn, Girl!”, Nigel Wright admits to Toby and Caleb that he was paid by CeCe to set up a private flight to the lodge on the night of the fire. Now tell me something, How does a girl who has lived in a mental institution all her life afford to pay for a PRIVATE PLANE? She doesn’t, shes working for someone. I think the girls were supposed to die that night, but Ali showed up and pulled them out.

Hanna tells Wilden that they know he was in Cape May the summer Alison went missing. She sees Wilden forcing CeCe in his car. Does Wilden think CeCe told people about him possibly getting Alison pregnant or that he was in Cape May with them? He later threatens Ashley Marin to not let Hanna tell anyone about Cape May. Ashley panics and hits Wilden with her car. Later, she and Hanna go back to find him, but he is gone. In “A is for A-l-i-v-e” the girls see the corpse of Wilden under the sheet. He was shot multiple times. But how do we know this wasn’t just a mask? That corpse could be anyone.

In “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t”, the liars think CeCe murdered Wilden. Why would CeCe murder him? Did Wilden know something about CeCe’s true identity that would blow up the A Game? Was CeCe instructed to kill him by Uber A? It was later revealed that CeCe made huge money deposits before Wilden died. Someone paid her for killing him…

Spencer and Aria are chasing the two Red Coats, and CeCe is revealed as one of them. She falls and looks dead, but then her hand twitches and she disappears. Someone got her out of there really fast..it had to be UBER A. 

In “I’m Your Puppet”, we see that Dr Wren Kingston authorized CeCe with a visitors pass to Radley. UM WHAT??? If CeCe was a patient at Radley, wouldn’t all the doctors there recognize her? How could she come in with a visitors pass? Why would she NEED a visitors pass if she was a patient there?This makes no sense at all and really makes me think that CeCe was never institutionalized there. 

CeCe wanted to get into Radley to talk to Mona. I firmly believe that CeCe and Mona were working for Uber A and it was in the plan for Mona to take the fall as A. CeCe probably needed to get a message to Mona from Uber A. Later, Mona claims that she did see CeCe in Radley, but she doesn’t remember what they talked about due to the medications she was on. YEAH RIGHT. 

The flashback of Jessica yelling at Ali about the prank her and CeCe played is also a huge clue.

Jessica gets a call from Radley saying that her daughter checked in. But when Jessica gets there it is CeCe dressed as Ali.  “It’s not my daughter sitting in Radley, it’s CeCe Drake.“ Charlotte/CeCe was a patient there at that time. Are we really expected to believe that the staff at Radley seriously do not recognize their own patients??

I think that line specifically- “It’s not my daughter sitting in Radley, it’s CeCe Drake.” is a huge clue that CeCe is NOT Jessica’s daughter. CeCe wears Ali’s clothes and has been known to take on Ali’s personality. Obviously CeCe is deranged and very jealous of Ali, but we still do not know why. In my opinion it’s NOT because she is her sister/cousin who was institutionalized all her life. There is certainly another reason.

According to CeCe’s story, Jessica was on the board at Radley to supposedly protect and look over CeCe. CeCe later claimed that Jessica paid for her transgender surgery, and took care of her and hid it all from Kenneth. But Jessica HATED that Ali and CeCe were friends. She didn’t like her. If she really was her child, she would have recognized her and wanted her and Ali to be close. It doesn’t seem like the loving mother/daughter relationship to me that CeCe later describes.

In “She’s Come Undone”, it was revealed that CeCe witnessed a fight between Spencer and Alison on the night of Ali’s disappearance and that Jessica paid CeCe to be quiet about it. Why would Jessica have to PAY OFF her “daughter” to not talk about it, when they supposedly have this great relationship? Something is very fishy here. 

In “The Mirror Has Three Faces,” Aria talks to CeCe’s old roommate. She reveals that Alison got CeCe kicked out of college after she pushed a girl down the steps at a frat party. She lived in an apartment/had a roommate/went to frat parties after being in Radley her whole life? Shady. She only had out privileges to go to classes, she couldn’t possibly live outside of Radley. 

There seems to be a whole lot of stories about a person being blamed for something someone else did.

  1. CeCe claims that Ali pushed a girl down the stairs at a frat party and CeCe got expelled from UPenn because of it.
  2. Charles/Charlotte put Ali in a bathtub to help her relax and got sent to Radley because her parents thought she was trying to kill Ali.
  3. CeCe claims Bethany pushed Marion off the roof but CeCe got blamed for it and diagnosed with “intermittent explosive disorder” and put on meds.
  4. Mary Drake claims that Jessica neglected a child (Teddy Carver) while babysitting and Mary was blamed for his death and sent to Radley.

All of these stories cannot be true. I think there is one true story and everyone else bends it into their own convenient lie.

During the season four finale “A is for Answers”, CeCe is arrested by Detective Holbrook and questioned about Wilden’s murder. She confesses to knowing who murdered Bethany Young, (who has been identified as the girl buried in Alison’s grave) that it is the same person who Ali is afraid of, and that Alison is still alive. ((Side note: I DO NOT think Bethany Young is the girl in the grave. See my other theories for an in-depth analysis on this topic))

This episode is also where the girls finally sit down with Ali and hear her side of the story. She claims she gets hit in the head with a rock, Jessica think she is dead and buries her, asking someone “What did you do?” From the way Jessica seemed to feel about CeCe, there is no way she would cover up her child’s death to protect her.

Grumwald pulled Ali out, brought her to the hospital, and afterwards Mona picked up Ali and brought her to the Lost Woods Motel under the name Vivian Darkbloom, who we know as Ali’s alter ego. 

At this time, Ezra believes that Jessica is A. They chase a hooded figure-who turns out to be Shauna- and Ezra gets shot in the chase. THIS WAS ALL PLANNED. It made Ezra look like an innocent boyfriend trying to catch A and protect the girls. Ezra is Uber A. ((See my theory, Pretty Little Masked Clues))

We see someone dragging a dead Jessica across the ground and burying her. I believe CeCe killed her because she knew too much.

In the first episode of Season 5, “EscApe From New York”, we find out that CeCe has escaped jail and Ezra is in the hospital. Ali brings the girls to Fitzgerald Theater, where Ezra once brought Ali when they were ‘dating’. Coincidence? NO. I hope Ezra’s A :-)

CeCe finds Ali at the theater and asks for her help. If CeCe was always being helped by Uber A before why would she need Ali’s help to get out of the country all of a sudden? Maybe because Uber A (EZRA) was hospitalized for gun shot wounds and couldn’t help her….

They meet Noel at a diner and they give her Ali’s fake passport under the name Vivian Darkbloom. 

Ali comes back to the theater and tells Emily that CeCe was being paid by EZRA for information and then claims that she asked her to dress up as Red Coat only to distract “A”. No. This is not true. Why would Ezra PAY A MENTAL PATIENT for information on the girls for a book? 

CeCe has to be Big A & Red Coat, and Ezra is Uber A. 

Ali tells Emily that CeCe killed Wilden. Although Wilden was a corrupt cop, he got to close to the truth about the real Uber A and needed to be silenced. CeCe flees to London. 

The fact that her destination is London of course makes me think of the one and only WREN KINGSTON, who I hope is tied up in all of this as well.<3

Shauna comes in with a gun to kill Ali but Aria hits her over the head, killing her. I think this attack was a side plot of the group of people that hated Ali for treating them so badly- Paige, Jenna, Mona, Lucas etc. I don’t think it has anything to do with the main A story line.

Fast forward to the episode, “Taking This One To The Grave.” Mona is nowhere to be found but the amount of blood found in her house suggests that she is dead. As we all know, Mona was never actually murdered, just kidnapped and put into the Dollhouse. I think she staged the entire thing with the help of Uber A and maybe even Big A (CeCe). We know she was saving her blood. 

I think it is important to note that the whole episode before Mona’s ‘death’ was spent with her trying to get the girls trust and trying to convince the girls that Ali is A. 

We then see Mona’s body in the trunk of a car, but I think it was a mask on a doll (similar to Hanna in the bell-tower). 

We know that Ali eventually gets arrested and put in Jail for Mona’s murder. If we believe CeCe’s story, CeCe kidnapped Mona, faked her murder and put her in the dollhouse. If CeCe loved Alison so much WHY ON EARTH would she get her put in prison on a MURDER charge???? I do not believe the bullshit about Ali being safe in prison- because she wasn’t. If CeCe is the real A behind everything then why didn’t she just help Ali run away and stay away once and for all? Instead she continuously tortured her. 

In “How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas”, CeCe shows up at the Christmas Dance to comfort Ali. Hanna is in Ali’s attic reading a letter that Ali wrote to Bethany (Ali later claims this letter is fake). Suddenly, ‘A’ shows up in the attic and knocks out Hanna and sneaks out the open window. This could NOT have been CeCe. She was with Ali at the time!!! I personally think it was a member of the A team or Uber A himself. 

In “Welcome to the Dollhouse,” Mona wakes up and there is a present for her, addressed to Alison. She opens the box and finds a gas mask inside with a card that says “Because you’re my favorite. -A”

If CeCe was A why on earth would she want to save Mona out of everyone? Ali HATED Mona and vise versa. If CeCe loved Ali so much why would she save Mona- her enemy? CeCe didnt really think Mona was Ali, since she later tries to break Ali out of prison. NONE OF IT MAKES SENSE. 

Spencer sees Charles written in blocks.

They are asked to organize a “Phantom of the opera” prom from 7 years ago that Ian and Melissa attended. Which reminds me of the Fitzgerald theater and A loving the arts…

Mona is crowned as “Prom Queen Alison DiLaurentis”.

A steps around the mannequins.


If she struggled all her life wanting to be a woman WHY THE HELL WOULD SHE DRESS UP IN A TUXEDO AS A MAN AT THE PROM AND WANT HER SISTER/COUSIN ALISON AS HER DATE/THE PROM QUEEN? This just does NOT make sense. Why didn’t she just kidnap Ali and put her in the Dollhouse? What the heck is all of this?? What does it mean? We DON’T KNOW. There is a hugeeee chunk of the story still missing. This is a MAN. This is NOT CeCe. This is Uber A.

The vault is full of all of A’’s things. CeCe claims she is Charles, the transgender child of Jessica and Kenneth, and Ali’s sister. NO WAY. 

3′s have reoccurred in the story line a lot. Notice the 3 different colored hand prints in the frame. 

A is NOT represented in this 4 person mannequin family.

I think A is the twin brother of the little boy (Jason) and the baby is Alison. Notice that in the hand-print frame, there are 5 blue and 5 red hand-prints? And then only 3 green.. 

In the video Spencer watches, the boys have blue and red shoelaces and the baby is wrapped in a greenish yellow blanket. 

The Cherished Memories picture frame also makes me feel like A is upset he was never a part of any of that. It seems like Ali was born and he somehow blames her for him getting exiled from the family. And that’s why he has been torturing her and her friends for so many years. I also think this frame was put in ARIA’S bedroom, because Ezra is Uber A and he wants her to see that this is his family.

There are apples in the background. Apples are known to symbolize many things, but they are mostly associated with temptation. Eve is told she can eat any fruit in Paradise, except for the fruit on one tree. She is so tempted that she eats the forbidden fruit and man is damned for eternity. This makes me think that Alison did something really really bad, and it ruined A’s life. Remember Adam never ate the fruit…It was all Eve’s fault… Apples are also associated with TEACHERS. 

When A and Spencer come face-to-face, I always found it interesting that there were books in the background, and who do we know that owns a bookstore and loves to write??? EZRA.

Anyway, why didn’t A do anything to Spencer? If this was CeCe wouldn’t she have lashed out or tried to hurt Spencer?? 

Fast forward to “Game Over Charles,” where CeCe is ‘revealed’ as A. 

I believe that her and Uber A had a set plan in place in case CeCe was ever caught. He instructed her take the fall for everything, and to make up a story that would get her sympathy.

She tells Ali she is her transgender sister Charlotte-born Charles DiLaurentis. She claims she became A because she loves Ali so much (WTF?). She tells the bathtub story, and claims her parents put her in Radley because of the incident. 

I believe Uber A instructed CeCe to tell this story. It is not true. THIS IS NOT THE REASON THAT A TORTURED THE 4 LIARS AND ALISON FOR YEARS OVER. Not a chance. And we are expected to just believe her when she says, “I did this all because I loved you.” Come onnnnnnn. How were the girls so gullible? That really made me angry at the show. 

She then tells the story about her and Bethany Young on the roof of Radley. Bethany pushes Marion off the roof and blames CeCe. This leads to her being wrongly diagnosed with “intermittent explosive disorder.”

CeCe is medicated for a few years and then is let out for a ‘funeral.” Mrs. D and CeCe make a fake grave for ‘Charles’ at Aunt Carol’s house, and Mrs D helps her transition into Charlotte. She then brings her back to Radley. 

With Jessica being on the board, she got CeCe out-privileges to take classes at UPenn. Lets stop here for a second. According to CeCe, her and Jessica were so close. So how do you explain the years of CeCe and Ali’s friendship where Mrs. D hated her?…

She claims one day at school she made up a bomb threat to get out of classes and goes to Rosewood to take a yearbook picture, where she meets Jason.

She then starts DATING HIM.  And tries to play it off like they didn’t do anything sexual, “Why do you think he was so mad all the time? He was so frustrated.”

GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!! This cannot be true. It is too disgusting. There is no way this show can have an incest story line. CeCe says this because Uber A instructed CeCe to do everything she could to make the girls believe her lie, that she is Charles. 


Ali says that she cannot believe their mother would be okay with it, and CeCe claims Jessica didn’t know. “All this time you’ve been pretending to go to school, while you were running around Rosewood with my children?” Mrs. D says. COME ON. That means Mrs D didn’t know that Ali’s best friend and Jason’s girlfriend was her DAUGHTER CeCe??????

There are WAY TOO MANY plot holes and things that don’t make sense. Maybe I am just being optimistic, but the writers of this show know how obsessed the PLL fandom is. We analyze everything. There is no way they would give us an A reveal with this many plot holes. I think they did this so later when we find out who CeCe and Uber A really are, it will be that more jaw-dropping. 

CeCe then claims that Bethany pretended to be Charlotte and used her out-privileges to sneak out of Radley. 

So lets get this straight… The staff at Radley:

  • Called Jessica and told her that Alison is at Radley, and didn’t realize it was CeCe (their LONGTIME patient) sitting there in Alison’s clothes.
  • Let CeCe go in and out of Radley as a GUEST to visit Mona
  • Didn’t realize it was Bethany using CeCe’s out-privileges

CeCe was never in Radley, and didn’t have the relationship she claimed with Jessica because she is NOT CHARLES. It just doesn’t make any logical sense at ALL. 

CeCe supposedly sneaks out of Radley THAT NIGHT and hits- who she thinks is- Bethany in the head with a rock, but it was actually Ali. Of course its totally logical that 3 girls were wearing the exact same clothes (eye roll). Jessica sees it happen and starts burying Ali and covering it up for CeCe.

The girls then discover how CeCe was able to afford being A. “CeCe’s the real Wolf of Wall Street,” Mona says, looking through a stock portfolio. “She never made a bad investment.” REALLY???? SO WHY DID SHE NEED TO LIVE UNDER THE DILAURENTIS BASEMENT, WHY DID SHE NEED TO ASK ALI AND NOEL FOR MONEY AND A PASSPORT? These forms were FAKE.

Continuing her story, CeCe claims she met Mona in Radley, learned everything about the girls, and stole the game from her. 

Now she says  that Mona helped her escape out of Radley and that’s the first time she met the girls at the Brew. But wasn’t CeCe going in as a GUEST to see Mona???? REALLY? 

Wait a second CeCe, get your story straight, did you have out-privileges or did Mona help you get out? AND HOW DID YOU OWN A BOUTIQUE??? You sneak out of Radley for the FIRST TIME and have a clothing store in Rosewood? NONE of this is true. It is so full of potholes it is ridiculous. Mona has always been evil. She took the fall for Uber A and got put in Radley. CeCe would go into Radley to talk to Mona and work on the A Game. CeCe was never in Radley. Thats why she needed a guest pass.

CeCe claims she became A because she hated the girls because they were happy Ali was gone.

Really CeCe, really? That’s why you tortured them to that extent? REALLY??

Give me a BREAK. 

CeCe says that she started the fire at the Lodge that night because she knew Ali would show up to save them if she was alive. She then says that Red Coat is Sara Harvey. ((I believe that the character we know as Sara Harvey is 1 million percent the real Charles/Charlotte DiLaurentis who actually did spend her life in Radley.)) 

Ali then asks the question on everyone’s mind. “If you really cared about me, why did you keep playing the game?”

CeCe claims she knew it was time to end the Game when Shauna was killed, so she left the country but missed the game so much she came back to play more. 

No. No. No. No.

Ezra (Uber A) was hospitalized for gun shot wounds at the time and the Game needed to stop while it’s leader recovered. 

Ali wants to know why CeCe attacked her in the living room. She says she was scared to lose Ali. Um what? So you tried to strangle her? Yeah that makes sense.

CeCe says, “I know you won’t believe me, but I love all of my dolls. That’s why you’re still alive. I would never let anything… really bad happen to them.”


She says she sent Sara Harvey as Black Veil to Wilden’s funeral to make sure that he was really dead because apparently Wilden knew Ali was alive. CeCe killed him to protect Ali.  

CeCe says that before she flees to Paris, she goes to say goodbye to Jessica, but finds her dead in the grass. She says, “Mom was the only person who ever really loved me.”  No…because from everything we have seen it seems like Jessica hated CeCe and didn’t want her near her children because she was a bad influence. CECE IS NOT A DILARENTIS. 

CeCe was instructed to kill Jessica because she knew something Uber A didn’t want her to know.

The girls escape the Carissimi Group lair, Emily slaps Sara and they chase CeCe to the roof. Game over.

Can we just talk for a second how POORLY MADE this episode was. It was all over the place, and to me just seemed put together so last minute and was so ridiculous. Was that the writers trying to show us that it doesn’t make logical sense because its not true? 

Now it’s five years later. 

Ali is a teacher at Rosewood High and writing, Mrs. Rollins on the board. Aria says, “He’s coming for you.” 

Who is HE????

The REAL Uber A of course.

I feel like this poster says it ALL.

CeCe is Red Coat

Ezra is Uber A 

Sara Harvey (Charles) is Black Veil 

Ezra IS THE LEADER and always has been.

CeCe’s story was a LIE, it was all to cover-up for the REAL Uber A. 

Imagine being best friends with Spencer and having a secret crush on him.

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[requested by @myrabbitholetoneverland]

Author’s note: There will be a second part to this imagine. And there were many tears writing this, since I watched the ‘Zugzwang’ episode again. 

Warnings: There might be some tears as you read it. 

It had been 43, 800 hours since you had met Spencer Reid. You had joined the BAU when you were 22, just as Spencer had. You instantly became friends when you found out you shared a love for some of the same things. The same kind of books, Doctor Who, coffee, getting lost in the library or in book stores and you liked his rambling about different things he knew about. At first, you shared everything with him. He became your best friend as soon as you started confiding in him about your past. About your family, all your ‘failed’ relationships and your insecurities. He was always sweet with you and listened to all your problems.

Eventually you had this lingering feeling that you felt more than a friendship with him, but never really pursued it further. All you and Spencer had ever shared was one drunken kiss. He had asked you about it the following day, but you dismissed it as nothing. He didn’t inquire further about it and you didn’t either. But now, after weeks of thinking about your feelings and constant nagging from Penelope, you felt like you were ready to tell Spencer that maybe you did want something more.

One night, you were on the way back from a case and you were sitting across from JJ. She was sleeping peacefully and you figured that maybe if everyone was sleeping, it was a good time to talk to Spencer. You got up to grab some coffee and realized that Derek was still awake.

You were grabbing some coffee as you heard Spencer’s voice. “Morgan, she’s amazing. We’ve been talking every Sunday and I really think I’m falling for this girl.”

“Are you sure pretty boy?” Derek asked softly. “I mean, I’ve never seen you like this. Must be real.”

“I.. I think it is,” Spencer said and smiled wide. “I mean I’ve only known her for a while but she’s really smart and you know how much I love intelligence.”

“That you do,” you said as you sat down next to Derek. You gave Spencer a small smile and he poked your knee. You sipped your coffee as he spoke of this mystery woman. It hurt to hear him talk about someone else but he was your best friend and you wanted him to be happy.


The time went by and as you expected, Spencer was getting serious about this mystery girl. He was finally going to meet her and you tried to be excited for him, but you were still hurt. For weeks you had been trying to tell yourself (and Penelope) that you were fine with Spencer dating someone else. He seemed genuinely happy. He had also recently told you that she wanted to meet and he was very nervous about it. You and Blake encouraged him to go for it and he decided that he would.

Later, you found out that Spencer never got to meet the girl as they had planned, because of her stalker. He had told you all about it and how he thought someone at the restaurant they were supposed to meet at, looked suspicious. He was very sad about it and came to you that night.

“It’s alright Spence,” you said, handing him a cup of tea and sitting next to him on the couch. “I bet there will be other times for you to meet her. You were just trying keep her safe.”

“I know.. But I really wanted to meet her. She’s .. she’s the most amazing girl.” He sipped his tea and smiled at you. You forced a smile and nodded, not really knowing what to say.

You started to think of all the moments you had with him, before this girl entered the picture. Playing pranks on each other and on Derek. Coffee runs for the team, staying up late talking about random things, when you shared a room during a case. When Emily decided to leave and you knew how disappointed Spencer was, since he thought he had lost her once. And besides JJ, you were the only other person who got through losing her the first time with him. Even though, later everyone found out the truth about her death. Dancing at Will and JJ’s wedding. That had been your absolute favorite memory. You had been shy to dance at all, but Spencer made you feel so comfortable and you danced all night. With Hotch, with Rossi, with Derek, but mostly with him. And by that time, you had known your friendship was evolving slowly. You did want something more with Spencer.

But now, someone else had come and snatched him right up, before you realized how much you adored the messy hair genius.

“It’s alright, Spence. There will be other times.” You put your hand on his knee and he smiled at you. He nodded and he put his head on your shoulder.

Weeks went by and then you got a call from Spencer. He was freaking out and you tried to calm him down and make him speak slower. Apparently he had listened to a message on a phone booth and he believed that Maeve had been kidnapped by her stalker. You rushed to the BAU as everyone else gathered too. He revealed all the details of the relationship and with every detail that he said about her, it felt like you were being stabbed. You knew you couldn’t focus on yourself now and your feelings. You had to help Spencer find her. His girlfriend.

He went on trying to think of things to add so everyone could know more about her. He couldn’t do it alone, so you and Blake went through memories with him of things they had talked about. He told you that he had told her the story of when he was 12 and he had a crush on a girl. You had heard this story when you also told him that you had a hard time in high school. Seemed like she could relate as well. He said all the silly puns she had made but his favorite had been the one about the Penrose triangle. “Every Penrose triangle has its thorns,” he said softly and you smiled. You knew why he liked it too. You knew he had tried to make one when he was eight. And you had talked for hours after about why it would never work. You felt a little jealous because you had heard all this stories and all these personal things from him way before she came into the picture. This should have been you he felt this way towards. But now, it was too late.

After some time, after gathering more information, Penelope found her. She found who this mystery woman was. When Spencer refused to see her picture, you knew it was very real for him. He really loved this girl. And you felt like crying.

“Hey, you okay?” JJ asked, as you were getting your vest on. You knew who had taken Maeve and now, you were on your way to rescue her. You nodded and wiped your eyes. “You look extremely sad.”

“I just.. I feel awful that this is happening to Spence,” you said softly.

“I know. But we’re the only ones who can do this. We gotta help him.” She smiled at you and you gave her a small smile.

Everything happened so fast and before you knew it, Spencer had gone inside the building where Diane had Maeve. He had planned to distract Diane and tell her he loved her. You tried to convince him, along with Hotch that it wasn’t a good idea. After a few minutes, you heard a gun shot and ran inside. You were the first one in the room, pointing your gun directly at Diane.

“Stay back! Stay back! Stay back! Stay back, stay back!” Spencer shouted at everyone.

You saw Spencer had been shot in the arm and your anger grew. You wanted to shoot her right there and then for hurting him. Diane had Maeve at gun point and you looked at Spencer. He was desperate at this point and you felt sorry.

“Diane, Diane, there’s still a way out of this,” Spencer said carefully.

“You never wanted me. Never! You lied!” Diane shouted angrily.

“I didn’t. Diane, I offered you a deal, and you can still take it. Me for her. Let me take her place.” Spencer seemed serious and you shook your head, wanting to lunge at him. What was he doing?

“You would do that?” Diane asked, crying.


“You would kill yourself for her?”

“Yes.“ Spencer was stepping closer to them now and you tensed up.

“Thomas Merton,” Maeve said softly. You knew exactly what she meant.

“Who’s Thomas Merton?” Diane asked, confused.

“He knows. He knows.” Maeve was tearing up now too.

“Who’s Thomas Merton? Who is he?” Diane seemed to be getting angrier by the second.

“He’s the one thing you can never take from us,” Maeve said.

“No.” Diane raised the gun higher and you held your breath.

“Wait!” Spencer shouted and you gasped as everything happened at once. Diane shot herself and Maeve in the process and both of their bodies fell to the floor at the same time. Tears fell down your cheeks, seeing Spencer falling to his knees and sobbing. You stared at Maeve and Diane and their pool of blood. Slowly you reached Spencer and put a hand on his shoulder. He kept sobbing and you leaned down and pulled him towards you. He leaned his head on your shoulder and kept sobbing.

After what seemed like a long time, Spencer finally moved and went to get his arm checked. You were next to him every single moment after that. You knew he needed you and the team now more than ever. 

PLL Season 5 Finale Analysis, Clues, and Theories

After watching “Welcome to the Dollhouse” 5 times I finally feel ready to talk about it. Doesn`t mean that I`m any less confused than I was before, but I`ve nit-picked the entire episode scene by scene, so this is as much as will understand until 6A premieres and we get some more clues and information. So, here we go…


One of the things I missed when I was watching the episode on TV was ‘A`s’ schedule. ‘What`s that” you ask? Well, when I watched the episode again, on my laptop, I noticed that in the scene where Spencer wakes up in her fake bedroom, there is a whiteboard on the wall. On the whiteboard is a schedule that -A has left, so they`d know what to expect. Here is a screenshot of it —>

MONDAY - Meet and Greet, Tea Time 

TUESDAY - Assign Prom Committee



Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are left blank for a reason, but I`ll get to that later…So 5x25 gives us 4 days worth of stuff. Let`s analyze what goes down…


The girls are being transported to jail. Someone has spread a rumor that Ali and the girls are planning something big in jail. Aria says this - 

This jumped out at me because Marlene tweeted a picture of Aria and her pig toy ‘Pigtunia’ and said that it was going to re-appear at some point in the show. That pig was in the barn when Ali disappeared, Aria took it to Iceland, and then brought it back to Rosewood. It`s seen a lot and I think that there is a bigger meaning behind it…

Then -A takes control of the van and kidnaps the girls. 


The girl wake up in their rooms, only that they`re replicas of their rooms. Does -A shop at “IKEA”? One of the many questions we didn`t get an answer to in 5x25…The scene with Aria in her room caught my attention, specifically, the photo -A decided to put in her room.

My theory is that the mannequins we see in the photo, and later in the secret vault, represent Charles` family. From the rest of the episode I gather that Spencer is the one most likely to be related to Charles, so why put a photo of his family in Aria`s room and not Spencer`s? 

Moving on…

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