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I wanna post “before and after” pics in the #gainingweightiscool tag, but I know my motivation is to get validation for how sick I was, and I don’t need that in my Healthy Life™.
Instead, I’ll just say this:
Gaining weight is cool when it’s necessary for your body. Gaining weight is cool when your body is changing. Gaining weight is cool when it brings the light back into your eyes. Gaining weight is cool when it brings you back to life. Gaining weight is cool when it comes with renewed passion for life. Gaining weight is cool when it brings you back to the things that really matter. Gaining weight is cool because, for me, it means a second (or a third) chance at being the Real Me.
Gaining weight does not have to mean just going to the gym and making muscle gains. Gaining weight can mean restoring fat to your body because that’s what it desperately needs. Gaining weight can mean gaining a pudgy (and cute!) tummy. Gaining weight can mean thighs that touch and bigger boobs and arms. Gaining weight can mean letting go of what you perceive to be the “ideal” body.
Gaining weight can be scary. And necessary. And worth it.


Pairing: Anthony Ramos x reader

Words: 322

Warnings: angst

Request: Requested by anonymous: please do 136 with Anthony! (Angsty maybe?) thank you

Prompt: 136. “I think we need to talk.” 

You walked off stage, heading towards your dressing room. A hand grabbed your shoulder, gently turning you around. When you saw Anthony, a grin spread across your face.

“Hey what’s-” His solemn expression cut you off.

“I think we need to talk.” You felt your heart plummet as his words, wordlessly letting him bring you into his dressing room to talk.

“What do you want to talk about?” Your voice was shaking as he calmly shut the dressing room door.

“It’s not working out, Y/N.” He sighed, avoiding eye contact.

“What do you mean?” You questioned, but as you stepped towards him you saw him move back.

“It’s just not working, ok?” His gaze was fixed on the ground, and you felt tears sting your eyes.

“We can make it work…” You breathed, reaching out towards him. He moved back once more, before pushing past you, leaving the dressing room. Tears flowed freely down your face as you dared not move. When the door to the dressing room finally slammed shut, you collapsed onto the floor in tears.

A few minutes passed by before you stood once more, leaving the dressing room to find Lin.

“Hey, Y/N are you ok?” Lin wondered, as you approached him.

“I have to go home early, I’m sorry.” You responded, holding back choked sobs.

“Yeah, should I tell Anthony?” He started to leave before you stopped him.

“No, don’t. I just have to leave, ok?” He nodded, watching you walk into your dressing room to change into your street clothes.

As you moved through the building, your heart stopped. Anthony stood, laughing in a conversation with Jasmine just down the hall.

Tears filled your eyes once more as you raced from the building,

NCT reacting when you ask them for a towel while showering

*caution: naughty guys

TaeyongYou asked for it! Coooooming babe…*he licks his lips while he starts to take off his clothes to join you*

Taeil: *takes in a deep breath* Ok baby, just let me know if you need help to wash your back…*his thoughts are getting hotter*

Ten: Did he hear that clearly? You want him to handle you a towel…*nervous, he doesn’t know what to do* Ok baby, I’m going to close my eyes…But he smiles as he enters and sees you completely naked in front of him…oups…sneaky liar!

Doyoung: Let me join you first and I’ll bring you a towel! If not, you come over naked and take it for yourself…*savage and naughty DY knows how to blackmail you*

Kun: Are you sure honey?? Ok…just give me a second….*takes a glimpse of you naked behind the curtains, while he places the towel on the sink* I’ll be in your room when you’re done… *he starts to make a plan to seduce you*

Jaehyun: I’m coming right now baby! *finally he can take advantage of you all naked…and wet!*

Win Win: Which one,  sweety? You have so many colored towels…*he looks confused looking inside the drawer* You couldn’t wait to freeze so you made your way towards him all naked and wet…Ohh that was unexpected! he quickly covers your body…I’ll save this for later, ok?! smiling mischievously

Johnny: *forgets the towel, grabs the camera* So here it starts, Johnny’s body evaluation! * enters the bathroom* Come out baby! You scold him so hard, even if he asks for forgiveness…and while you try to run after him, you slip and fall…on him of course…well that was unexpected…

Yuta: He leaves the towel and takes a moment to blow you a finger kiss and gives you a slap on the buttSorry honey, my hand slipped for a moment! *he gets out giggling, quickly, before you could react*

Hansol: Here! Next time take it for yourself ok? * he feels somehow annoyed you disturbed him watching his movie* But when you ask him to join you while you push the curtains, he drops down the towel at the view of your body full of foam…well that was to make him feel..less stressed, because you are better than that movie for sure


I’m putting effort into not being overtly negative here, but remember in the previous post tags I mentioned that Pretty Hair Detective knows just how to steal a moment? This is another of those times. Now the race is his idea and not Tomoyo’s, as was the natural assumption, and now I’m side-eyeing him all over again. 



I can just imagine this conversation unfolding and it’s beautiful. 

“But how do we know they’ll want to win the race that badly?” Piffle Tomoyo asks. 

And Nihon Tomoyo just starts to laugh. 

WHICH, on a side note, brings us back to a very important piece of character development in that Kurogane’s incessant need to be the best was part of the Piffle plan from the start AND YET HE THREW IT ALL AWAY TO SAVE SAKURA IN AN INSTANT. 

I am so proud of him.

Jumping on the Badwagon

OK: So possible take on the PLAGG situation in the #Sidekick!Adrien AU by @geek-fashionista

This was just my thoughts based on what I have read so far:

As stated the Chat ring was broken/destroyed several generations ago, and Ladybug has been going solo since.

Gabriel has been gathering all things Miraculous for the past X-many years in the effort to bring his wife back- however he needs BOTH the Ladybug earrings and the Chat Ring to get the godlike powers to accomplish said feat. Fortunately he is not one to back down from a challenge.

As per the show he becomes Hawkmoth in order to flush out Ladybug.

Meanwhile he also tracks down the dormant/destroyed ring from the descendants of the last Chat. (Seeing how he managed to get his hands on the book AND the Butterfly miraculous I figure that would be an average Tuesday for him)

He begins trying to find a way to restore/reactivate the ring

As all of this is happening Adrien with his L337 hacking skills begins working on his AI program PLAGG in his quest to become the new Chat Noir and assist Ladybug.

Unbeknownst to either Agreste (due to their stunning lack of communication) on one particular night they are both working to accomplish the same task- Awakening PLAGG, one via magic, the other via technology. Gabriel manages to “fix” the ring itself but believes that his most recent attempt is unsuccessful as it remains dormant and without the power of the kwami that it is meant to control. Meanwhile Adrien is having the worst night ever as his attempt to test his new AI program backfired, and in a case of excessively terrible luck his computer gets fried.

Adrien is beginning to think that maybe this project is beyond him, but is amazed to see that when he goes to salvage whatever information he can off of his old hard drive onto the new computer that his  PLAGG program code is still intact.

Not only that, but it’s actually working. He has the perfect AI program to help him move onto the next stage of operation Chat Noir.

No one suspects that the true essence of Plagg, albeit in a very weakened state, has been revived and trapped in Adrien’s program.

Gabriel starts noticing a change in the miraculous but ultimately discovers that if he wants to get the ring back to its true form he has to allow his son to continue his vigilante habits until Plagg is strong enough to be fully revived and rebonded to the powers of the miraculous.


Sex is my blind spot

I can write it but I have no idea if it’s sexy because when I’m proofreading it I’m just checking to see if it’s grammatically and uh, anatomically correct.

I need a grammar beta reader and a sex beta reader, lmao.

But yeah back to what I was saying.

Sex is unusual for me because I don’t tend to write it in my original stories unless it has a function.

And if it has a function, it doesn’t need to be detailed, just mentioned, implied, or stated.

But for me, emotion always has a function, and sex has a lot of emotional elements that I’m interested in.

Which brings me to my problem.

I’m still wondering if I should…

Ok I have sexual moments in gay dystopian camping.

That’s a given.

It’s significant.

I wanted to explore cultural conditioning and how human sexual behavior is not in-born, it’s developed by culture.

But I don’t know if I need to have anything explicit.

I don’t think I do, but I came upon one of my more…“fun” moments and it’s do or die now.

This is the tipping moment.

If I say penis it’s over.

I’ve fallen full tilt into porrrrrn.

Lmao, not really but it feels that way.

What to do.

Maybe I can say “member.”

It’s a little less explicit.

I definitely don’t want to say cock.

That’s porn terminology.

Connotative porn.

Not denotative.

What to do.

Demisexuality has damned me because I really see sex as two things, gross slapping, and an emotional connection with another person that still includes gross slapping.

My interests beyond that are off kilter.

We’re going down today, my friends.

Ok but like after Young Justice ends we barely get any acknowledgment of the team’s existence. It’s implied in Geoff Johns’ Teen Titans but it’s stretching it at best. Some crazy stuff happened in the YJ comics and, darn it, I want those ridiculous but heartfelt times, remembered.

I want people to be talking to Red Robin and suddenly, someone brings up YJ and Tim just goes catatonic. He’s standing there as all his past frustrations come back, he’s having war flashbacks of trying to control that mess of a team. Someone save this boy.

Even when they leave the Team, the Titans still maintain good, strong relationships with Cissie and Greta. They help Greta adjust to being a real, living girl and keep Cissie up to date with what’s going on in the hero community. I feel like Tim and Cassie especially would make the effort to keep in contact.

Kon’s outfit and behavior in YJ is never forgotten. Ever. It’s brought up as blackmail constantly. As new members join the Titans, they must go through the initiation of watching videos of Superboy in his jacket with his horrendous slang and ridiculous behavior just so no one will ever take him serious. Conner is so annoyed, it was the 90’s he was 6 months old, let it go.

Remember Slobo? That was so weird? Why does nobody mention how frigging weird that whole thing was?? He gets a special memorial in Titans Tower. No one other than the YJ members know who he is and anyone who asks is brushed off. It was just another weird aspect of YJ they love and accept. You just had to be there.

The Titans initially receive a lot of media backlash due to their behavior on Young Justice and they weren’t exactly trusted. The JLA and other members have to come forward and prove that the kids have matured now, they aren’t going to cause the end of the world anymore. Look, we even gave Superboy a real shirt.

Bart misses YJ the most, yes, he’s Kid Flash now but he loved being Impulse and he loved the crazy wackiness of the Team. It was the first place that ever really felt like home for him. Most of the time YJ is brought up, it’s Bart who mentions it. “Remember that time YJ did…” and the whole Team groans but joins in on the memories. Non-YJ Titans are rolling their eyes as the old-timers go into their crazy old Team. But YJ was something special, something that only a Young Justice member would understand.

Ok but can we talk about the fact that I writers had no need to bring Mickey back if he was gonna be gone of good.

If the writers were planning on getting rid of the Mickey character they could have just left it at Mickey going to prison. When Ian and Svetlana go to see Mick in prison, its fro Yevgeny, which makes sense. After that we find out that Lana and Mickey weren’t really married and that should have been the end of the Mickey character.

But no. The writers bring him back. The writers make him get back into Ian’s mind (not that he hasn’t left). Ian has to go through the emotional process of realizing that he doesn’t want to have to run for the rest of his life.

However, from the time Mickey crosses border to the season finale, Ian is not focused on now and Trevor and being an EMT. He seems distracted.

As much as I love Mickey and the fact that I want him to stay and how much I’m trying to get my hopes up, it seems as though something is going to happen and Mickey is going to come back.

  • someone: hey you've been staring at that wall for 10 minutes are you ok
  • what i say: oh sorry i'm just really tired :)
  • what i mean: the relationship between iwaizumi hajime and oikawa tooru is integral to the plot of haikyuu!!. oikawa, who is falsely confident and the definition of Fake-It-Till-You -Make-It behaviour-wise away from his hard work in volleyball, is easily carried away by his own insecurities and dislikes. iwaizumi, however, is his rock, his Manic Pixie Dream Boy, the person who'll bring his head back down to the ground to where it needs to be.
I just realised something.... We have so much power

Ok Phandom… Listen up!

I just discovered that we have a lot of power when it comes to the phandom and it’s both a good and bad thing!

I first didnt care since all i know about is the 7 Second challenge thing and we only infiltrate other small and big youtubers but i just now realised its more than that.

First sighting… Adrian Howell! You managed to bring that kid out of every social media site and probably came back with a different identity.

Next, Tumblr hashtags… We took over the 50 Shades of Hashtag, Minecraft hashtag, sims 4, Muse and countless others that i couldn’t remember! We even made AmazingPhil trending A LOT since 2014!!!

Now… We have infiltrated the Pewdiepie youtube channel with his recent video?! Not only that… We are also using our power to take down Nickelodeon for them not crediting Phil for the 7 second challenge?!!!

This is scaring me you guys cuz we just started small to infiltrating a MASSIVE TV NETWORK and its surprising the amount of power we have. We are pissing Pewdiepie off due to our dan and phil questions!!!

We need to now think on the amount of power we have and use it for our advantage rather than an act of hate!

This has been a PSA for the phandom (i think)… So nice talking to you

re: my last post anyway man wtf do u ever like. think of. ur friends and u just… :) bc that’s me wtf… IDK I’M JUST REAL HAPPY … that i got to bring this blog back? because it’s given me an opportunity to talk to all the people that i’ve only ever been silent mutuals with? idk maybe it’s just because i feel like i’m more in my element because the hellhole that is indie oc rp will always be my #home and blah blah blah i’m just feeling the warm and fuzzies real hard rn but look listen ok if you ever fuckin need anything if u wanna talk or call or plot or whatever just hit me up okay i mean i’m not claiming to be the best at giving advice but i’ll like… link you to stupid memes or something ok … whenever i’m here i just !!! get so overwhelmed !!! with the need to give off good vibes and HOO BOY I JUST. i’m super touched and blessed and grateful for all the beautiful people that are a part of my life now thanks to this stupid oc? this community? and idk i just want !! hope !! wish !! that everyone .. will at some point get to feel the same way dfgfdbhdf 

OK, so just pan that unit over there to light that stand. Bring it to 50 so I can see it. Great, now back to 35 before he turns back around.
—  The LD engaging in the time honored tradition of trying to give the musicians enough stand light while not compromising the design.
Remember? (Bucky X Reader)

Tag list:

A/N: lolololol ok i need to chill with the angst

“Would you just talk to me?” You shouted at Bucky as he stormed past you to grab his clothes out of the drawer and angrily pull a shirt over his head.

“I would if you’d act like a normal fucking person,” he snapped back, sliding past you to the kitchen.

“Excuse me?!” You shouted, following him. “I’m not the one who shuts down everytime I bring us up!” You accused and he eyed you for a moment before gathering his keys.

“I’m not doing this with you today,” he muttered and you snorted, crossing your arms.

“Do what? Talk? Heaven forbid we actually talk, right, Bucky?” You sneered as he ignored you, opening the front door.

“You’re a fucking coward.” You whispered, your frustration bubbling over in the form of tears as he paused in the doorway, glancing at you over his shoulder blankly.

“I’ll meet you at the party. Don’t wait up,” and with that the door clicked shut behind him.

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Pieced Me Back Together (Finale Part of Forgetting Him )

Originally posted by prowrestlingnow

A/N: Finale part! Ok, totally off topic, but I just noticed how Dean has some pretty good eyebrows in the GIF above! That sounds weird, is it weird? Yeah it’s weird! Anyway! I’m hate to bring this to an end! But I don’t want to bring any drama into this story! I think Y/N needs a happy ending! 

Pairings: Dean X Reader

Warnings: Swearing

You and Dean were laying in your bed, your head was reseting on his chest and he held you tightly against him.

“I know how hard that must have been for you….and I’m sorry you had to do it” Dean said.

You shook your head. “It wasn’t hard, because it was all the angry I had build up because of him, he needed to know the truth. He needed to know that I let him go, and that he needs to do the same. I’m not waiting around anymore. I found someone that I think I can be very happy with. That I’m already happy with. You pieced me back together, Dean. You took all the broken pieces that Roman left and one by one, put them back together.” You said.

“I love you, Y/N. I know we’ve only been dating for a little bit of time…..but love you.”

You closed your eyes and snuggled close to Dean, whispering. “I love you too, Dean.”

Originally posted by xoxo-saramichele

You woke up snuggled up against Dean. He was laying on his side with one of his arms under the pillow and the other one wrapped tightly around your waist. You were laying on your side, your face was in his chest, one of your arms was under you and the other was laying on Dean’s hip. 

You looked up at Dean’s sleeping face and smiled. He looked so adorable while he slept, his hair was all in his face and his lips were parted. 

You had no plans on moving anytime soon. You wanted to stay in his arms for as long as you could. 


You had laid there next to him for about another hour before gently getting out of bed. You looked back down at him and giggled at his sleeping face. 

You reached over on the nightstand and picked up your phone and snapped a few photos of him sleeping.

You continued to giggle as you set one of the pictures of him sleeping as your phone background. 

You quietly left the bedroom and went downstairs to the kitchen to start cooking breakfast. 

Originally posted by uhmillyuhmilly

You had the radio on in the kitchen as you were cooking, swinging your hips and bobbing your head to the music. 

You heard a deep, raspy laughing come from behind you. You turned around and seen Dean standing there with sleep still fresh in his eyes and a sleepy smiled on his face, wearing only his boxer briefs.

You blushed and quickly turned back around to continued cooking. You felt Dean wrap his arms around you from behind, his hard, bare chest was against your back, his chin was reseting on your shoulder.

“You look cute when you’re blushing” Dean said.

“Shut up…” You mumbled. Dean stared laughing. 

“On come on. You know that you’re cute!” Dean said. You didn’t say anything, just continued to cook.

“You better say that your cute, or else!” Dean growled in your ear.

“Or else what?” You said, smiling.

“Or else, I’ll tickle you until you say it” You stood there, not moving. The thing was you weren’t blushing because he saw you dancing, it was because he was only in his underwear. His body being completely show off to you. He definitely had a nice body, and you weren’t afraid to admit that.

“Ok, fine have to your way!” Dean said, before he started to tickle your sides.

“Ahaha-Dean! Please!” You yelled, trying to moving away from him.


Dean didn’t stop, he pulled you away from he stove and pushed you against the counter.


Dean stopped and gave you a sexy smirk. “Well I guess since you were begging, I’ll stop”

Dean smiled at you and tucked so hair behind your ear. “You really are beautiful, Y/N” 

You blushed again and looked away, smiling. Dean put his hand under your chin and made you look up at him.

Dean leaned down and pressed his lips to yours. His kiss was sweet and gently,  he wrapped his arms around your waist and you wrapped your arms around his neck, bring him closer.

When you pulled away to breathe, Dean reseted his forehead against yours, gently nudging your nose with his.

You smiled and peck his lips. “I think I burnt the pancakes….” 

Dean smiled and whispered. “Who cares…”

“How about I take care of the burnt pancakes and then we can just head back upstairs….Just me and you…..and maybe later we can order in?” Dean asked.

You smiled and nodded your head. Dean pulled away fully and then slapped your ass, saying. “Get your ass upstairs, I’ll be there in a minute” 

You gave him one more smile before, quickly going upstairs. 

Dean smiled and shook his head, watching you run up the stairs. Dean threw the pan of burnt pancakes in the sink, turn off the stove and run up the stairs. A smiled never leaving his face.

Thank you all for reading this! It means the world to me! And also thank you guys for the sweet messages about the story! :D

Why I think Killian should've stayed dead

Ok before I get into this I just wanna say that I fucking love killian and I cried when he “died” he was my favorite male character on the show. Well him and Robin(rip).

Ok so I think the writers are really fucking cruel for doing this whole setup, but it was the perfect plot arc for swanqueen to happen, and then they had to bring back Killian and fuck with Regina like that??? And fucking poor little Roland?? Like what’s gonna happen to him when he grows up and learns what happened? I don’t know I just think it would’ve been better if they made swanqueen happen for the plot, and also not to mention the show needs more gay like, Ruby and Dorothy was a good start but Swanqueen just makes sense you know?? Ok thanks for reading the worst CER in history buh bye

The virginity matter

I don’t really know what to think about virgin boipussies. On one hand, penetrating a hole that has never been fucked, tiny and tight is a celebration for a hungry-for-holes cock. On the other hand, it is just a low quality fuck. The inexperienced boy, always pushing you back, trying to get away, making you wait it’s too much sometimes.

But, as it happens, during the summer a lot of boys loose their ass-virginity, and my cock has its share of them.

I was supposed to meet this 19 yo guy on Monday night. Just before we met he sends a text to ask me if it’s OK for a buddy to join. Almost 2 years younger than him, sweet, but manly looking in the picture he sent. I was horny and not in the mood for try-outs so I said no, mentioning the reason in the reply. He wrote back bringing arguments like ‘he’s shy’, ‘he really needs to try’, ‘he’s been practicing with dildos’ and, if it doesn’t go I can always continue fucking him. And this is the argument that won over the case.

Now, remembering the night’s events, I’m glad that I had them both…over. His buddy is extremely hot, with a incredible sweet hole. He was clumsy and scared in the beginning, and kisses and a BJ didn’t helped. He wasn’t even semi-erect. Everything changed, though, when my tongue found his hole and started caressing it. He got rock-hard, started moaning and giving it in. Sure, he screamed when I finally cracked his hole open, and he pushed me back from time to time, but he was really enjoying a cock thrusting his insides. He remained hard until I was ready to come and started to jerk him, as I wanted him to cum while fucking him. I was at my violent-fuck speed when I came, filling his boipussy. Before, they went (his friend probably angry that he hadn’t had so much fun), he wanted to save my number.

What do they say? You always remember your first?