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Elsewhere University Clubs Website and Podcast

(Sending this here because it’ll be more visible.)

I’ve a number of messages about the podcast and website for Elsewhere U., and I would like to say that we’re working on it! It’s going to take some time, but if anyone would like to contact us about the project, could you please go to https://elsewhere-university-clubs.tumblr.com? That way we can keep track of everyone involved, and manage our resources better.

What we need:
- More clubs! We have 17 potential spots open just for this purpose! Any club you can think of that would appropriate for such a unique college can be sent in, and it’ll be reviewed before getting put up on the site. (Note: Treat it like an actual club, with members and leaders and such. A club has no use if it has nobody in it!)
- A logo! I’d normally try my hand at making one, but this is a large project, and it feels fitting to have it be open to everyone. Also, I’m kinda creatively-exhausted from working on the website for four days straight (and if anyone thinks they can design a better website, by all means, send in a code). So, have fun designing!
- Lorekeepers! People who would be willing to sort through and keep record of all the things that are considered “canon” by the creator charminglyantiquated, aka Sam. This is to just keep a general idea of the style of the University, it is in no way meant to restrict any creativity.
- Musical artists! We’ve already got one person volunteering to help with sound, but if the podcast really takes off, we’ll need more than that. Send in those songs and random inhuman sounds to contribute to the radio!
- Stories! Tidbits of events that pepper the radio broadcast in the form of rumors, or perhaps full columns on the happenings at the school submitted to a not-yet-created news club. Getting in examples of student life is one of the top priorities in this project, because it’s what sparked the idea for all of this in the first place!
- Art! It’s not very wise to take pictures of the Gentry, but drawings are welcome- who knows, perhaps a Gentry Identification club might spawn from it. Also, a labelled campus map would be above and beyond, if anyone wanted to try their hand at it.

I’m sure I’m forgetting a few things, but this is a good enough place to start as any.

you guys i’m hyperventilating. go direct some of the enthusiasm their way, this is the coolest thing

I wish I could rewrite real life stories to ease hearts that are dear to me (and my own). But maybe life will prove to be just as a work of fiction – lots of angst but moments of true happiness waiting down the line. Life is still writing itself and we are lucky to watch it unfold. Be that anger, sadness, joy, love, loss, fear, jealousy, mourning – only possible because we are here. We live and breathe. We care. And that is the real blessing.

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I don't understand why people are hesitant to post the pic? People need closure, why not just rip the bandaid off and let us see the final nail? After everything, we deserve some closure.

And the Bride and Groom, who’s wedding it was, they deserve respect and privacy. It’s not all about us. It’s not all about Sam. He attended a PRIVATE wedding as an invited guest. We have no reason to demand photos from a private event. I would be furious if I was the Bride and my photos were all over tumblr due to one of my guests.

i let go.
i finally walked away,
i still constantly think about you.
i think about how we were, 
remember all of our memories.
it makes me miss you,
miss what we once had.
i don’t want to miss you anymore.
i don’t want to be the one who still cares too much,
the one who still cares more than the other.
why can’t you just leave me alone?
why can’t you be left in the past like i want?
- l.a.l || let me have my peace.

My Box of Promise

I just had a dream I need to share with you and no one else.
I was on an elephant, a giant elephant.
Her name was Periazade.
We marched uphill and into evening 
I sat, saddled by her neck.
She began to close her eyes and as they shut, so did mine 

I saw into her mind 
I felt her loves, unclouded by reason’s whir.
Her tusks alchemized to frankincense and flared a calm perfume.
I dissolved into the scent
I knew my weakness and her might, there,
with smoke cleansing my lungs 

I knew she did not know her name.
She did not think in words, but in terms of effect:
an itch meant scratch and thirst meant drink.
Yet she did not flail and she did not sip.
I knew this in synchronicity.

On and up the hill…  
In time, I surrendered to the meld.
 As we neared the top of the mountain
I checked behind me, and of course
my box of promise was belted to my prayer mat. 

 All potential was linked to God’s designs in my box of promise. 
No doubt or fear attacked me.
I felt unchanged by time,
like treasures dormant with their dead, 
my soul immortal on this ride.
I slept inside my sleep
and still Periazade walked.
She glowed like a sunbathed Arabian child.
The Africa of her ear heard her own trumpeting
which woke me back to this dream.

My awakening, my anxiety, and my ghosts 
all inner channeling was chased away by her loudness
and made me wonder… 
Could I be the one to find you?

And then you appeared as the mountain narrowed
and the roads met at a fork 
You appeared on foot.
You’d carried yourself, all worn and sober 
all this way unaided. 

Forgetting many things behind, we called upon the future us. 
We united beside the exhausted elephant who collapsed beside our reunion.
She died because her purpose was completed.
She brought me up to you 

We set a huge fire with dry grey pine logs
and left her ashes to the wind 
My half a heart, it yearned so much for yours
as it broke at the loss of my friend.
And so you held me close.

You took hold of my box of promise
as we treaded further, on foot now,
so close to the plateau
which became a silhouette against the pity of the stars. 

My sad half a heart relaxed.
Your half was the purpose to my mellow. 
You brought me walking.
I could not see without you.
The exhausting trial was blurred tantric waves 
Sounds and sights besieged us, wore us down into the sky.
Into our furious rise and fall to the numb exhilaration of the future,
of the peak and death.

Our bodies’ wear soothed our souls as we echoed through time
like the hardships on the road of a holy pilgrimage,
the chanting and the dust 
on the bluest, bluest mountain 

At the plateau we buried my box of promise like a seed
And then the dawn, the sun and our daughter sprung forth

When I awoke, I wrote to you.


//recent events kind of sapped my want to rp, at least in here. Some may already know, but I’ll just say it here: it’s a mix of RL, dissatisfaction with my rp skill as well as being jaded towards tumblr.

I’m putting the blog on semi-hiatus, and from now on this blog will be selective, because trying to remain open to rp for more people causes more trouble than it is worth. I’ve also removed asks temporarily, as well as replies and messages for people I don’t follow. I will ocasionally reply to pending threads but for the time being I’m just a lurker. I need time to think.

If you’re dissatisfied with these changes, go ahead and unfollow me- I promise I don’t judge. I know.

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OK so... Fake dating au where either James or Thomas are being pestered by their family to get with someone so when they travel to see their family (let's say Thomas was being pestered) T just turns to J like "we need to fake date please save me" and J agrees and when they are spending the night they are sleeping in the same bed and they just look at each other like "shit I love you"


You know what really bothers me???

The fact that there are people lurking around on Tumblr just waiting for the opportunity to hate on someone. Seriously…I’m bored half of the day myself, but I’m not so bored as to send anons and rip someone’s life apart. It breaks my heart to see my friends feel like they need to delete their work or to delete their blog because of these people.

To the hate anons (I know you see this), go find a job or volunteer somewhere. Actually, I’d like to see you write a really good piece of fiction, or draw some fanart. I dare you to do something productive. You idiots don’t know how hard we work on things, so stop the hate and go do something good. Get off of Tumblr.

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omg in all my years on tumblr this may be without a doubt my favourite ask forever.

Tumblr hiatus

I need a bit of a break from things
Gonna try to bring my emotions back seeing as I’ve been feeling damn near nothing for awhile
So I just wanna break from tumblr
I’ll come back in do time and message some people and go back to my regular posting
So until then later!!!
Those whom I message and have been messaging please known I’ll message you once Im back!!! Please take care of yourselves okay!!!
(Tags have stuff too)

This little cutie makes me smile. Reason why I posted this is because lately I have been struggling with feeling positive. So any little thing that makes me smile, even for a second, I have been seeking out. I have met some really wonderful, supportive, just plain awesome people on Tumblr and I couldn’t be any more thankful for this. Most of you make me smile daily but I don’t always get to tell you thanks. So Thank You!! :)

I almost feel like I need to change my user name because I am not making much progress Lol but when I really think about it, I will keep it. I’m making a lifestyle change, it’s not going to be perfect, I may go months without losing but that shouldn’t change my goals.

Anyway, HELLO NEW FOLLOWERS! and I LOVE YOU OLD FOLLOWERS! Thanks for checking out my silly blog.

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I have decided to take a round and tell my favourite people why I love them - congrates you made the cut. Steph you are one of my first tumblr friends and they only one I have really hung on too from when I started writing. That is getting close to two years now and I can honestly say tumblr wouldn't be the same without you. I know you always have my back. You make me laugh. You listen when I need you too and you never judge. You are the person I love to fake hate the most. Never change <3

J/K. You know I hate/love you too. And I’m horrendously bad with feelings and words and all that stuff so I’m just gonna leave it there. 

Anonymously Tell Me What You Think About Me or not if you’re Karina. 

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Hey I'm new at makeup and I am very good at it I always go to my bf house and using her makeup. But I don't have makeup only mascara and lipsticks that they are not good. Anyways I want to start buying and I want you to suggest me brands high end and drugstore.












i’ll be cleaning my dash by going on an unfollowing spree today. most people i unfollow will be those that have not interacted with me ic or bothered talking to me ooc. I know that most people on tumblr are really shy,  but if I unfollow you and you still wanted to speak or roleplay with me, i’m gonna need you to speak up and IM me. there doesn’t have to be any specific plot or idea given to make me stay, we can figure that stuff out later. just send me a message saying something like; you unfollowed me, but i was still wanting to interact sometime. or if you want you can just send ‘don’t you let go.’ if that is easier. sometimes sending a scripted response can be easier for people.


im not obsessed with haikyuu i swear. im not. tagged by ya boi @hemmicknicky

and also tagged by the cute @pjpedream for the 10 songs/10 mutuals ~

  1. mashi mashi - nico touches the walls
  2. no. 1 party anthem - arctic monkeys
  3. despacito - luis fonsi ft daddy yankee
  4. jailhouse rock - elvis presley
  5. don’t threaten me with a good time - panic! at the disco
  6. playing with fire - blackpink
  7. wow - btob
  8. roll deep - hyuna
  9. cruel - foxes
  10. la devotee - panic! at the disco

wow my music taste is all over the place lmfaoo and i just aa i don’t know who to tag!! let’s see who tumblr recommends … @gansaey @damnwilds @victorvalc @biancadiangelo @herxnstairs (it’s not 10 but shh) yall know how it goes no need to do it if you dont want to!♥

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hi!! I'm the 17 and confused anon and I just really needed to talk to someone about whatever you call all ''''this''''. ive been questioning my sexuality for a while now and funny enough i think it actually all started w clexa when i realized i was more passionate about that ship than normal lol... And since then ive gradually felt more and more like i might be into girls?? esp when i see happy wlw couples/ships (like sanvers!) and think about how i want that to be me one day...I think i'm (1/2)

Hi sweetheart – I think tumblr ate the second part of your ask because I can’t find it! But darling, it is totally okay to realize things about yourself through media. That is precisely why representation is sooooo important: how are we supposed to know that we’re real if we don’t see ourselves anywhere? You’re not alone, and you are real, and you are perfect, and you are very, very loved, darling <3 <3 <3