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This is my first time asking a tumblr artist and I'm suprisingly kind of nervous. I'm a fan of your art and I just wanted to ask when exactly did you start drawing? (Hope this isn't too bothersome since you probably get asked this all the time)

Hey there! No need to be nervous or worry about bugging me, I’m a dweeb and thrilled that anyone would want to ask me stuff. I’ve been drawing for fun since I was a little kid, I just wasn’t very good for most of that time, haha. I’ve been taking drawing seriously for about 6 years, and really started improving/pushing myself with digital illustration 2 years ago. That said, I feel my work has improved more in the last 6 months than in the last 6 years!


Each year I’m forced to shake off wind-beaten

leaves, so scorched by caustic sunbeams, as though

that simple act could hold equivalence with


worn roots breaking free from frigid dirt and

seeking fresh, soothing soil, surrounded by

strangers that make up a novel forest


of new beginnings: better friends;

gentler climates; richer lands in which

to know regrowth and start again, but


the needed strength just never comes to

help me get away

hello❗❗many of my mutuals left tumblr and my dash is kinda boring so,, can you please rb it so i could check your blog out and maybe follow ❗❗

(There’s one rule: you must love Louis ☺)

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Hello!! I was wondering about how you percieve gallirei, or rather, the way you ship gallirei. Do you consider it a possibility in canon? Do you think their interactions in canon can be interpreted romantically? Or you just ship it because you want to, without need for basing it canon-wise? I'm just curious of your toughts and perception on this, since you and Alina are the core of the gallirei shippers here on Tumblr.

Hi anon! Hope you’re doing well. Thanks for the interesting question! I appreciate you asking all this because I find fandom interpretations fascinating - even been joking recently about starting up some scientific research on why/how people ship. It’s high time I put all these thoughts in order and address some of the specifics about Gallirei. Also, it’s my first time being this enthusiastic about a (fairly) rare-pair so I’m always itching to talk about gallirei. Fair warning, long post ahead.

To start with, I should talk about the way I enjoy shipping and fandom. Personally, for me to ship something, a pairing needs to hit a few requirements.

  1. Some sort of interaction in canon, whether it’s friendship, rivalry, enemies, lovers, etc - there needs to be some pre-existing relationship to build upon.
  2. An interest in how their personalities react to each other, and what deepening or changing their relationship would do to either of them.
  3. Involvement of my favorite characters (hah). Seriously though, for me to really get into a ship, I have to be attached to the characters. I believe this is true for most people. I also find that shipping results in me more deeply analyzing a character, and often coming to love them as well (hi Porco)
  4. The abillity to HAVE FUN WITH IT - a shocker I’m sure. Shipping can ratchet up a series/fandom from merely satisfying to incredibly enjoyable.

So, all this said, I don’t think something being ‘confirmed canon’ is necessary to like a ship. I can enjoy canon ships as much as the next person. Yes, there is a level of excitement and pride when the creator makes your OTP legit. But it’s not necessary for me to get into a ship.

Canon moments certainly do add to my enjoyment, as I’ll explain with gallirei further down, because every scene gives more insight to how the characters interact with each other in different situations. These interactions don’t necessarily need to be romantic, or even perceived as romantic, as long as it reveals or develops another facet of the relationship.

Applied to a ship like Gallirei, you have two characters who share a mix of very complicated emotions between them. While they both hold a lot of resentment, hate, and guilt towards one another, their interactions are also characterized by grief, sympathy, and remorse. Their shared past and bonds as warriors tie them together inextricably, and they seem to be circling each other waiting for the other to break.

Reiner is guarding Marcel’s secret from Porco, protecting him from the truth he feels will hurt the other man. He continues to protect Porco during Zeke’s meeting by interrupting him before Porco could implicate himself while under surveillance. And even though Porco puts up a hard, grumpy exterior, throwing sarcasm around and trying to guilt Reiner, he has this underlying magnetism to Reiner that he can’t shake… And it startles him that even with the treatment he gives Reiner, he finds himself shielded when it counts.

I find the theme of protection between the two of them interesting. They supposedly hate each other, but also trust each other with their lives at varying levels of assurance.

While their canon interactions can’t really be construed as romantic, there is evidence of these emotions building between them, and of their changing perceptions of each other. Porco is realizing that Reiner isn’t the weakling who left long ago for Paradis, and also that there’s something else rather than ‘vague selection standards’ that prevented him from getting the Armor in the first place. And Reiner understands Porco more deeply than he wants to, knows his grief all too well after losing Bertolt and failing his mission. The tragedy of their circumstances is a defining characteristic of their relationship and hits just right on the angst-meter. And each new manga interaction adds another layer to their relationship, even if it’s just a few panels like in chapter 98.

Finally, this is where it gets a little wish fulfill-y. I want there to be someone around who understands what Reiner has been going through. Someone who realizes just how bad of a state he is in, that knows how hopeless he feels as a ‘weapon of Marley,’ suffering with PTSD and depression and suicidal ideation. Literally struggling to make it through each day. A person that gives him something different, something that makes him feel alive, even if just for fleeting moments. Porco is in a place to do just that - while also developing his character into something more as well. IMO, there’s so much potential for these two that’s worth exploring. Whether they use each other as an unhealthy coping mechanism, or find the ability to take their relationship in a more supportive direction, I want to see it.

So…. that’s it! Hopefully my long-winded response is enough to fulfill your curiosity, while not boring you to tears. If you have any other gallirei specific questions or just want to discuss the ship, I’d love to talk. Send an ask or a message! And look forward to more art in the future. Thanks for reading.

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lmao you once put "13x01. When he and Dean are preparing Cas for burial/burning and softly watching Dean, letting him take the lead." on a "sam knows" wishlist. Nice try dabb but you were hereby exposed with your secret spoiler tumblr!

You just reminded me I wrote that months ago lmao…

I wish I had a better system to find my old spec posts I’ve been wanting to find my “jack isn’t inherently evil and cas is like his dad” posts from May but I’m useless at tumblr!!!

But yeah I mean… I love Dabb, love him so much.

I wish I was him! I’d honestly be his intern at this point. I’d even give him his coffee in my “morning sunshine” mug ;)

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Im so glad someone else appreciates idw rodimus as much as i do god fuckin bless this giant robot

( Melly’s Mod Notes: I am happy to see more and more people like and appreciate Rodimus!! Love this sports car of poor life choices.

I’m pleased as punch to get this message from you anon since I managed to stumble upon a lot of people who like him on Tumblr in the last few months so, at long last, I am a happy Bee. The amount of time and effort I had to put in to defend my boi at times-!

I wanted an excuse to post this picture up (again) too. Thank you anon. )

i just saw the most

physically repulsing series of tumblr posts on a tumblr blog i’ve ever seen in my life and i feel the intense need to shed my skin like a reptile and rip my eyeballs out of my head

Patreon *hides*

Right so… after talking about it with some people, I have opened a Patreon!.. Now before you grab your torches and pitchforks, this is a purely optional thing. Most if not all content posted on Patreon will be posted to Tumblr as well. You can go to Patreon if you wish to help support me and my works here on Tumblr. Again, it’s entirely optional and up to you if you wish to support. 

Also! I’ll be uploading some of the requests I have finished in the coming days, I’ve just needed a few days to get things straight.

idk how many of u are younger than me but like… seriously… if you’re like a freshman/sophomore, PLEASE try to limit the time you spend on tumblr like i spent most of my freshman year on here and yeah i met some friends but like it kinda fucked me up and i got lucky and went to japan and just stopped using tumblr for a year but i feel like once you get sucked in it can be hard to get out esp if you don’t have friends irl and idk i just feel like… esp at the age…. prolonged exposure to this stupid site only really hurts you

… just my onion though and i regret using tumblr as a crutch like esp freshman year i was moderately popular on here so i didn’t feel the need to make friends irl and uhhh looking back that was fucking stupid

okay I’m generally a low key private-ish person on tumblr i like to think but I just made the decision to quit my job because I’m spread too thin and about to break down already taking six classes at college and it’s a really huge deal for me and im shaking apart and about to cry so!!! if anyone has any words of encouragement and or similar stories of taking leaps of faith and it working out now would be the right time to send them to me so I can maybe get myself back together!! I really need the reassurance thank you have a nice day

Hey friends! Just a friendly reminder and request: please do not repost my artwork on your tumblr blog. Feel free to reblog it instead.

If you are interested in featuring my art on another website, ask me, and if you arrange to credit me and link back to my blog, I’ll probably say yes!

I am a poor freelance musician with a disabled husband, and the tiny amount of extra money I make selling my art on Redbubble really does help us pay our bills. So I really need my art to stay connected to me. Thanks kids.

okay so, i don’t really make a habit out of sharing every part of myself and my life here on my blog(s). mostly bc i have amazing friends that will listen to me outside of tumblr / i have people i can turn to when i need it. i try really hard to never make or dump my problems onto anyone else. it’s just not who i am / not something i’ve ever been comfortable with because i hate the thought of being a burden or even remotely worrying someone. some of you know this already, some of you don’t. for a while ( since september ) my family and i were in jeopardy of losing our house.

it’s kind of a long story, but the short of it was that the uncle of mine that we were living with passed away unexpectedly a few years back, and my dad never took care of things re: the title on the house / the mortgage. so in september we received a letter that our house was going to be foreclosed on / put up for sale come november. with a fire literally lit under his ass, my dad worked at getting a lawyer to help us get everything settled and we got the title of the house under his name, instead of his brothers. the problem then was with the mortgage company. basically we had to pay the rest of the mortgage off in full. that plan was for my dad to borrow that money from his brother-in-law. that was worked out, until said brother-in-law started to dick as around. it looked a hell of a lot like he wasn’t going to help us. ( which … is understandable bc the amount of money was a yikes amount. ) my mom managed to find an inheritance act that the mortgage company okay’d! instead we would just have to pay what we were behind, and then continue to make monthly payments. that amount was significantly smaller compared to what the mortgage would be in full. and after some convincing …….. my dad’s brother-in-law is going ahead and loaning my dad the money.

so me and my family get to keep our house and we no longer have the weight / stress over our heads of whether or not we were gonna be homeless. and i feel like i can breathe.

i just wanted to share the good news with everyone. : ) thanks 4 ur time.

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Hey there :) im not sure if you already had this ask but can you rec tumblr users that write little larry drabbles just here on tumblr? I just really need some soft larry :/ ty ❤️

Heya love ! I’m sorry, I don’t have a name for you, but you can already check on my ficlet tag to see what I reblogged and start with these authors ?

Also dear authors, if you have some drabbles/ficlets whatever you’re calling them, reply to this post with a link to your tag ? Thanks :) (Ill try to update this post later with your answers !)

Update :



This blog isn’t dead but I haven’t been switching over here basically this entire month because I’m preoccupied with Inktober and spending time over on my main blog (http://kf-tea.tumblr.com/) and switching accounts is just that extra cherry on top of exhausting

if you need to catch my attention, hit me up there!

I’m normally quietish on weekdays but here’s info as to why am generally internet/computer quiet, which I hope will fix soon. Had a lovely migraine yesterday (possibly courtesy of Ophelia’s air pressure) and its effects are still hurting me so I can’t stay long on computers, which has been great for me doing a full day of typing work ahahaha >.> so generally no Tumblr and especially no Guild Wars right now for me even though I was super looking forward to the Halloween stuff that started today :c Be back when I can so I can answer my inbox stuffs and get more things done. Just need to stop having things wrong with my body I s2g *grumble*