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Im the one from pixiv (if you are too stupid to see the name is exactly the same), and yes, i didnt need a fans who are rude and cannot be tell off when they asked by the original artist to take your post down.

You know what. You just using my art to get notes yourself when you can easily just reblog it from me.

I think what you said is the opposite, its better you save them to yourself on your pc or phone than spread it without permission. You should know that theres the term and rules in tumblr regarding this too

You are blocked. I wish i know who you are from pixiv so i can block you there too @chixy-ana

Hey Guys

So I’m gonna be away for a bit, I wont bore you with the details but I have some real world issues that need my attention and I feel tumblr, and several others sites are distracting me.

But dont worry, i’m not leaving forever. Just for a bit. Like three weeks, maybe a month. It sounds like a bit, but time flies after awhile. 

I also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for following me so far. I meant to do a bigger thing for getting 500 followers, but the those issues I was talking about kinda got in the way of that. And its also the reason why a few of projects I’ve been meaning to work on (Lincpool and Ask L3) Have been stagnant for a bit. And honestly I shouldn’t have tackled them when I had bigger problems to deal with. Though I always had time to take requests (To those who I still owe requests too, don’t worry, I’ll get those done when I get back just PM to remind me.) and talking to you guys have gotten me through some of these tough times and I don’t feel like I can ever really truly repay you all for that.

I’ll probably miss some stuff, but I’ll probably catch up when I get back. You folks just keep on truckin’ and drawin’ and writin’ and Memein’ and whatever the hell else your doin’ on here. And I’ll be happy what did while I was gone.

Until then. 

They wanted to be the one to save me,
they wanted the tragic love story,
they wanted to feel needed,

I just wanted to be loved.

—  Tragic//kayla

Ok it’s almost 5AM and I was just having one last look at tumblr before going to bed and, first, thank you for all the reblogs and likes on the new comic!

… but that said, I do need to bring up once again the issue of adding needless comments on art reblogs.

I am truly profoundly grateful when people say that my work feels accurate to the characters, but please please PLEASE don’t use my drawings to then slander other creative works for not being accurate! We are all just having fun here, and post-canon accuracy is still nothing but personal speculation! I would really prefer if my work wasn’t being reblogged with a comment criticizing other artists‘ work attached to it, because it does not reflect anything I stand for as an artist and as the creator of that work. I just wanna draw mushy josuyasu, not put down other artists for doing what they love doing themselves.

I hope no one takes this personally, but rather reflects on the matter and at least tries to understand where I’m coming from.

Thank you for reading and good night! ♥

with you i’ve learned that i don’t have to degrade myself so that you can shine.

i’ve learned that i don’t have to hold back when it comes to my passions and interests just because you don’t enjoy them as much as i do.

i’ve learned that i don’t have to be quiet and nice for you to love me. with you i can be loud, crazy, wild and even angry when i need to.

you have shown me what good love is.

and good love makes you blossom.

good love won’t ever make you wilt.


e.s. // a good love.

Sometimes you don’t even notice that your partner is suppressing you. But let me tell you, love is supposed to bring out the best in you and make you become the best person you can be. It won’t ever try to steal your light or turn you into something less.

Sunday things y'all don't really care about.

I may be absent for a few days. I’ll still post about karate and maybe pics but as to keeping up with my dash, probably not going to happen.

Something happened today at church and I’m not even sure I should talk about it. Something was said today that was basically an arrow through my heart. I’m just not sure I can go where they are going. These people have been my family for two decades. Two thirds of my life has been with them. But the waters they tread, are not ones I am willing to cross. I have some soul searching to do. To that end, I need to spend some time reading, studying, researching. It’s a lot to consider, walking away from what has pretty much been my life for all of my adult life. I need time to wrap my head around things.

Know that I love you, Tumblr-fam.


An open letter from me to the boys;

Dear BTS,

I am but a mere fan, someone who you do not know and someone who does not know you personally up close. My congratulatory’s in twitter and all my social media sites are drowning in the millions of congratulations of different people from armys all over the world to big celebrities who you watched and admired behind the screen back then. I may not be rich enough to see you performing live right in front of me nor will I ever be famous enough for you guys to know my name for I am but a mere tumblr user who writes fanfiction to improve her writing skills and imagination.

But despite all those things I’ve listed above, despite how heartbreaking and how sad the bitter reality is, even if you will never ever see this because this will just get buried under the other posts here in tumblr, I want to express my gratitude and say thank you.

Thank you for helping me out when I needed someone to lean on because I was too shy to approach anyone for help, thank you for cheering me up with songs I may never understand, thank you for showing me that despite how harsh the world is, you guys were able to pull through and go big with everyone there in big smiles.

I may never end up as the girl/guy who will steal your eye in the crowd/the street or the girl/guy you’ll see at the end of the aisle one day in a beautiful dress or tux.

But being here, being just your fan is actually more than enough.Seeing you smile behind my phone at youtube/vlive/ tv is more than enough.

So Min Yoongi, Kim Seokjin,Kim Taehyung,Kim Namjoon,Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, and Jeon Jungkook if you ever think that you owe us anything, you guys don’t because its us, your fans who owe you guys for being there and providing us with music to ease the pain and help us enjoy our youth more.

Lastly I’d like to congratulate you again on winning the Billboard awards, boys.Your blood, sweat, and tears definately paid off.Here’s to more award shows and breaking more norms in the music world.

Truly yours,
An army

P.S. ruining the moment with a ‘all the pictures used are not mine’

Onision is not blacklisted by YouTube.

This has been irritating me a lot lately, so I’m going to make a post about this and try to get the frustration out of my system. Apologies for this rant. YouTube does not have Onision blacklisted. The proof is the fact that he’s on a heavy downward slope on all the social media platforms he uses. Not JUST YouTube. (There are charts showing this but I’m on mobile..) So.. if he’s dropped on Facebook, twitter and even tumblr… what then? Did YouTube walk up to these platforms as well and go “PSSSSST! HEY! you know what would be great? If we just alllllll conspired against Onision!” No. They didn’t. Because that’s NOT HOW THIS WORKS. If it was JUST YouTube then maaaaybe I could see how people are falling for this bullshit. But it’s not. He’s losing fans across all platforms. Is any other youtuber experiencing a decrease in ALL the social media they use? If so, it’s not a damn conspiracy against them. It’s because they freaking suck and they know it. Old onion man is aware of this and knows DAMN WELL YouTube is not specifically targeting him but it’s so much easier to convince 12 year olds that it’s not his bad content ruining him it’s the big nasty meanies at YouTube! And I find it hilarious that he really thinks he can intimidate YouTube with his little hoard of obsessive fans tweeting at them… like…? 😂 there’s a million guys out here just like you Greg. You could be replaced oh so easily (and really, you already have been). YouTube never needed you, YouTube never hired you. You never worked for YouTube. You worked for yourself. I could go make a channel right this second and start uploading vids but that does not mean I was hired by YouTube. In fact, if I were you, I’d probably shut the hell up already seeing as how they have let you basically show the world pornographic images of teenagers without the consent of their parents/parental guardians WHILE MAKING MONEY OFF OF THEM and that’s.. yeah I’m pretty damn sure that’s illegal still. Because to be honest I get the itch to compile all those videos and screen caps from your forums before you “accidentally” deleted everything, make it into a nice little presentation and submit it to my local news station on a daily basis. And booooy let me tell you.. my town would EAT THAT SHIT UP. Parents are quick to get angry when they see grown men making money off of images of what could possibly be their teenage daughters. In their bra and panties with your name in eyeliner or maker across their thighs and stomachs no less! Oh yeah. That would go over SO WELL. (And if you’re a fan of his and disagree with me, please, I implore you to show those videos of his “body positivity” to your parents or an adult you trust and see what their reaction is. Ask them how they would feel if you submitted a photo of yourself similar to the ones in his videos.) Honestly Greg, I suggest shutting up now. Get the hell off the internet before this really explodes in your face. But then again, I’d enjoy watching you get your karma. So do what you will. I’ll be here eating my popcorn.

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hello! this is tealoaf. for many reasons, i will be deleting this tumblr very soon and starting afresh. in the last few years i have filled this one with misery and just don’t want to to do that anymore – i can’t. i won’t let this be a place to whine. it needs to be a happy thing for me.

i’ll be re-using my ‘tealoaf’ url, if there is anyone who would like to follow me there (no pressure of course, but you’d be very welcome).

thank you!


It’s still me! But journeybacktostrong, while still relevant and while it will always be a part of me, needed a wee bit of an upgrade.

Funny enough, I just ordered a bracelet from MyIntent Project that says “Find Your Fire” on it so that I could look at it every day and be reminded of why I am doing what I’m doing (be it in running, in school, etc). It’s going to serve as a reminder to me that passion is everything. Having that fire, that drive, to chase your dreams and your goals is everything. 

Now my Tumblr can join that party…along with my newly made fitness/running/recovery Instagram! The username is _findyourfire for those of you who want to follow that, fyi.


Starting tomorrow I’m gonna take a mental health break from tumblr for a while. I don’t know when I’ll get back per say, but I just need to put some distance between myself and stuff that is only causing me anxiety. Maybe I’ll come back when DA4 is a thing?

Anywho if you want to keep track of what I’m up to there’s always my instagram (on there as aeternapancake as well) that you can follow. It’s listed as private tho. There’s also my deviantart page (atisha-revas.deviantart.com) where I might post some more finished pieces (if I get time to make them). 

And of course there’s Discord if you want to chat (you’ll have to IM me on instagram or on here before I actually leave tonight if you want that) and we’re mutuals.

I hope all the best for all of you and maybe when I come back I’ll have gotten myself put back together in some sort of way that functions decently well XD

Best regards and wishes,


Guys invading my privacy and asking for my private accounts is not okay. People need to understand i have a life off of tumblr and you have to respect the fact i wanna have a private life and if other blogs take selfies of themselves or post videos of themselves good for them but i’m not like them! Can you please respect my privacy? Some of you already found me on snapchat so can you please just stop?

So i have a music player on my blog that plays a tons of Disney ducks related songs…

but one of my friend said the page is hard to load and that because of the player that i put.

Now, i wanna ask you guys who open tumblr using laptop.. Try to open my blog and tell me if it loads or no? Is it making your laptop lag?? i need to know

If it is, then I’m going to delete the music player out of my blog.. so for anyone who want to check out my blog are comfortable whenever they want. :3 thx~

anonymous asked:

I need some photo dimension help? :( how do you size them so nice?

hmm well tbh i hate tumblr dimensions cos i always think mine either look too blurry or too sharp lol but i usually resize my pics to 1200px wide

even if im using a white ‘frame’ i’ll resize the pic to 1000px wide then change the canvas to 1200px wide. if ur gonna use the white ‘frame’ things then i’d suggest just trying out different sizes to see which u like best (:

seabeastblogsandjazz  asked:

Wait what is an rss feed? Cus ive looked it up but i dont really understand it??

It’s a way of getting alerts when new content is posted on a url! You need an extension for a RSS reader but it’s really nice for, say, independent webcomics. Not all sites have an RSS feed, but a lot of webcomics do. I’m finding that most tumblr comics have some form of RSS feed, so whenever I’m out for a few hours I don’t have to spend as much time scrolling through my entire dash to find content for you peeps, which is super helpful! This short little comic explains it as well

Hopefully this helps clarify it to you a bit. I just learned about it a few hours ago myself so I’m still working on educating myself on it, but it’s definitely a useful tool for managing updates from various sources over multiple domains!

Incase I Offend Anyone...

This is in regards to my Avatar image & my Header. Just as an FYI I randomly found the pictures here on tumblr or on google & I just really liked them. I found them to be really beautiful. It isn’t my intent to upset anyone by any means. I just honestly loved them. I also never claimed them to be my own, just needed something for my layout while I try to navigated my way around Tumblr. The start of this blog alone was just a so track & catalog what I want to download in my game. For me it’s basically one big shopping cart. Again I’m sincerely sorry if anyone is upset.