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COME ON GURL! That's true! You drawn really good~!!

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Golly gravy o-o

I mean… it’s just I’ve not seen any improvement within my own art for a few years now. While this might be just me - that’s just how I see my art. 

And for me - I’m a perfectionist. And someday I really want to perfect my style. At least to a point where I can make things other than humans or humanoid creatures. Cause while I’m okay in that, I can’t draw backgrounds, objects, variety of body types, animals, mythical animals, just - a lot of stuff. So I hope to focus on some of that more plus when I start making some smaller comics! 

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okay so my grandparents had to put down one of their dogs today, and i loved that pupper with all of my heart. so in other words i am emotionally wrecked™ and really need some comfort and extreme fluff fics and have scoured the blog for some, can you give me some pointers or anything you've read lately? i just need to get something else on my mind :^/ thank you guys in advance n i love y'all 💕

Oh my gosh I’m sorry that sounds like an emotionally exhausting day. I hope these fics help you out

It’s No Coincidence by IsabellaJack

The kids immediately scream, “Trick-or-Treat” before they see who opens the door.

The strange resident looks between the two kids, then at the adults, and his eyes widen in horror.

“It’s October already?”

Okay, Bucky thinks. This guy is probably high.

Let In the Sun by PR Zed (przed) 

The thing was, even in the middle of a war, things weren’t always a raging shitstorm. The Howlies weren’t always on the frontlines or, worse, behind them. They didn’t always have Hydra attacking them with weapons straight out of a Buck Rogers serial. There weren’t always Nazi panzer divisions threatening to flank their position.

There were calm days, restful days. There were days like this…

Two golden days in the long friendship of Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers.

Love and Cherish by wearing_tearing 

“This is the best idea.” Steve grins, lap overrun by eager wiggly puppies, hands busy trying to pet all six of them at the same time.

“They tend to happen every once in a while,” Bucky teases, quickly getting distracted by a wet tongue lapping at his cheek and a cold nose trying to burrow under his shirt.

Welcome to Oblivious, Population: Two by leveragehunters (Monkeygreen)

Steve is a wedding photographer in need of an assistant. Bucky is unemployed and in need of a job. Sam and Natasha, in what turns out to be a successful attempt to solve both problems, arrange an introduction.

In a moment of frustrated brilliance, Bucky sets Steve on the path to incredible popularity and the two of them–and their relationship–on the path to complete obliviousness.

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Patty is a precious little puppy and we need to protect her at all costs. Like when she was telling Kurt and Jane about the bug she looked like she wanted to cry and that she blamed herself and I just wanted to reach through my screen and hug her and give her cookies and chocolate milk and tell her that everything would be okay because she deserves the world and if anyone hurts her I might have to hurt them. Just curious, Do you ever think they'll reveal Patterson's name? If so, when?



And yes, I do believe at some point they will tell her what her first names (yes plural because she has two apparently) are!

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I shared with you my husband's embarrassing line ("careful, this [tea] is almost as hot as you"). Today my best friend joins the list of "overly sweet things Victor would say to fluster/amuse Yuuri". We got tea and I needed sugar and she said she was tempted to go "here you go, sugar for my Sugar" and I just choked. Not laughed. Choked. We were drawing and she helpen me with a post-canon YOI comic and it was a great day even if I'm physically unwell. I hope you're having a good day, too!

AKSLDJFSADFAFDS VICTOR TOTALLY WOULD SAY THAT. It’d be so cringe though that even he would wince and be like…. Okay…. I don’t think I’ll use that one again. Yuuri groans too but he really finds it super cute and then they throw food at each other and make a mess

Aww too bad you’re unwell but the comic sounds cool ;o ;o ;o I hope you have an awesome day!


Just a heads-up, I won’t be here, I don’t know for how long, but for obvious reasons. And if anyone actually care, don’t worry, I am fine, I just don’t feel like being here, people are welcome to poke me on Skype or Discord, but I might not answer because I don’t feel well.

Thank you for anyone who is being polite, respectful and overall nice to me, because sometimes I feel like I am just getting shitted on, even though I try to be there for anyone who needs it. I might just be going down a hill which is a little too steep, but it will probably be okay in a couple of days, real life is stressful and Tumblr is no better.

I will answer stuff, but will put it in my queue when I do, so even if things pop up, I might not be here.

Take care all and have fun.

Message to fic-writers, tag accordingly!

Listen, I don’t want to be the person who complains in the comment section of your fic, so please PLEASE tag your biphobic!Alec shit, okay? I don’t care if he’s canonically biphobic in the books, it’s still a disgusting thing and needs to be tagged.

Also: If you write for the books (with blue eyes-kink, biphobia, clizzy hating eachother, Simon being a cheating asshole etc) , then that’s completely fine but DO NOT TAG IT AS THE SHOW. I never tag my fics as being based off of the books, because they are not and the two are seriously two completely different things! I get that you want more people to see your fic, but just don’t!

Okay, that’s it. That’s all I had for you today!


Adalen: “How are you feeling?”

Sevella: “Oh, uhm…..fine.”

Adalen: “You know, Sev, you don’t have to keep things from me. It’s okay. And honestly, I want to talk to you about the baby and I’ve been feeling left out a little lately because you haven’t. And I understand why, so I just wanted you to know that it wasn’t necessary. I’m so happy for you and I wanted you to know that.”

Sevella: *smiles* “That’s really great to hear. And I’m sorry, I thought I was protecting you.”

Adalen: “I know you did. But you don’t need to. I just want to hear about the baby. I heard Brennan say you both picked a name!”

Sevella: “Yes, we did!”

Adalen and Sevella continued to talk together about the baby. Sevella told her all about picking a name and how active he was, while Adalen did her best to give advice and support. Yes, she missed her own son and lamented his loss, but that didn’t dampen her happiness for Sevella and Brennan. She was over the moon that they were having a child together, they would be great parents. ♥

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When you will get your glasses?


Okay here’s the thing: I went to the doctor on saturday, and they said that I had astigmatism ( Astigmatism is an imperfection in the curvature of your cornea ) but that, oddly enough, I could still see fine :D but just to make sure that I’m not actually forcing my sight, I have to get checked more in deep on april/may again. Still, they said that for now, I don’t need glasses, but depending on what the results say, I might (or not) have to use glasses <3

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hey im 16 and I've known i was bi for 2 years now and I've always been proud of it but these days i feel really bad about it and i don't know why? Basically i wonder if I'm attracted to boys just because of heteronormativity and that im actually a lesbian, but maybe im thinking this way because it would be simpler to just make a choice and be a lesbian but that's internalized biphobia probably... sorry about ranting i just need some positivity and validation right now asdgsdgf

Okay bud. Here’s the thing. You’re only 16. You don’t know everything yet and you aren’t supposed to. These are the years of your life for learning and growing and figuring things out. You will get there ok? Just be patient with yourself. You’re loved. Glad to have you as a follower.

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i'm always here for you if you need me, okay? ♡ please stay safe, and you can talk to me if you ever need anything. ♡

Ehh I’m pretty bad at talking about things with people/ talking to people in general but thank you darling!!!! ♡ I’m just a lil sad whenever I visit my mom honestly ahah. I’m okay ♡ I’ll be going back to my house in 30 minutes or so thankfully

Rules: List 5 fandom facts about yourself and then tag 5 people.

I was tagged by @jeeno2 and also in something similar by @venusmelody (thanks gals!). Okay, fandom facts, let’s see how 100% nerd I can get:

1. I used to write fic way back in the day and then took a massive hiatus. Like, years and years long. And then I was suddenly hit by the overwhelming need to do it again and just dove the hell back in. (If anyone’s taken a break, or has never written anything before, and is nervous about trying it, seriously: dive on in.)

2. My very first fandom was probably Digimon. If you don’t know anything about the Digimon fandom, let me tell you that with the possible ships were numerous and the ship wars were intense. (If any of y’all have strong Digimon opinions I’d love to hear them because I know all of one person who has strong Digimon opinions.)

3. With every show/movie/book I’ve really loved, I’ve spent at least some time thinking about who everyone’s perfect pokemon partner would be.

4. I went through a period where I was mildly embarrassed to tell people Ron Weasley is my favorite Harry Potter character because I thought he was everyone’s favorite character so it was so obvious and cliché for me to like him. Then I learned that apparently lots of people really dislike Ron Weasley (what) and now I wail about how much I love him to anyone who will listen.

5. The trailer for The Force Awakens still to this day makes me cry. Without fail. Every time. Tears streaming down my cheeks. I honestly don’t even know why. It’s just a lot.

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one day i’ll write up something about how illyana still holds anger at emma and doesn’t wholly trust her and probably never will, nor will she ever truly forgive her for the things she did to her, kitty and the rest of the new mutants all those years ago.

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What's the most annoying thing your roommate has done lol

well well well where do i start, i’m just going to make a general list and bold the most annoying

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First, when I moved in I was there for a solid four hours unpacking before she came out and said hello

she didn’t bring anything moving in so about 90% of the stuff is mine. 

For the first two weeks she would play her awful ass R&B music all the fucking time until like 2am until I told her she needed to stop. 

She also then thought it was okay to have her friends over washing their hair in our bathroom sink at 2am the night before I had a midterm and I’m trying to study in my room. She then still wouldn't kick them out after I told them I was going to bed. Also her friends are just as annoying as her and they all talk like drunk white girls 24/7

She is incredibly loud at night and for the longest time she would let her door slam. Oh did I mention she stays up ALL night. (I mean it I actually don’t know when she sleeps anymore because she’s up at 5am every night but up most of the time when i’m home. ) So this would happen all night. One time she was doing this shit and it woke me up and then I was so overtired I went to my midterm with 0 sleep. Pretty sure that’s why I failed it too because I was so messed up and tired that day. 

I’ve talked to her now on FIVE separate times like as a serious thing on all these this stuff like, not making yourself food at 5am or making popcorn at 3am. Or letting your door slam, also quite hours which she still fails to follow. But yet she still finds something new to do, so now at night I just yell at her from my room and tell her to shut up. Also her friends will knock at our door at 11am after St. Patty’s day when I’m hung af for a solid 5mins. ALSO SHE IS JUST SUPER LOUD i have never met a person so loud and inconsiderate. Also this bitch took my brownie and also once finished off my milk and stuck it back in the fridge empty. Also SHE BROKE MY POT LID AND LEFT THE GLASS ALL OVER THE FLOOR AND LEFT IT FOR ME TO PICK UP. 

I know you asked for the most annoying thing and the simple answer is her i have more but i’m tired and hate her. 

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Please help me. I feel like I'm losing myself. I'm drowning in my thoughts. My depression is slowly killing me.

The first thing I want to tell you is that you’re not alone in this. It may seem like you are alone right now because that is what depression does. It makes you think that you are alone, helpless and worthless when it’s completely the opposite. There is hope, even if it doesn’t seem that way right now, this feeling won’t last forever and when all this is over, I’ll still be here and so will you. What may also help you is to take pride in your small victories, because small victories lead to bigger ones. You got out of bed? Well, that’s it! Congrats! It may seem childish but trust me it works!;) The one thing you essentially need to know is that you’re not crazy or weak, you’re just going through some tough times and that’s okay. But like I said, things will get better but you just don’t know when exactly - you don’t have control on time! Another thing you need to know is that some days you’ll just feel like life isn’t worth living anymore, but just keep in mind that tomorrow is a new day with new possibilities. You may want to think about what activity might help you restore your balance because one day you will feel better but in the meantime, a stroll through the park might make your mind feel clearer. It is also important that if you maintain your state of discomfort to a point which makes it barely bearable, please seek medical assistance so that someone can provide you with the right tools to help you feel better. You can do this!

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okay honestly that anon was disgusting. how can you not comprehend that people have their own interpretations of characters and that there are times when writers write things that are messy, cliche as it is, no ones perfect. you don't need to get all defensive about your character anon, all people have flaws and if you refuse to see that, well that just shows what kind of an ignorant person you are i guess, good on you. alisha, you're a fabulous writer and they don't deserve you ❤️

Aww, you’re too kind to me <3

But yeah, most of the reason I’m so critical about these “types” is that people aren’t really making their own interpretation of the characters, they’re just falling into whatever other people do, which is kind of sad when certain characters are stripped of their personalities or reduced to a single trait/gag. None of them are inherently bad, especially if its just happening in a one-shot, but when it becomes their entire character in a multi-chap fic…

Like, I think stripper!Gray is funny. I’ve included that in several fics. Erza having a sweet tooth? Perfectly fine! Happy being dyed blue because of something weird happening? I’m game for that! I’ve written that in fics! I enjoy reading it, as illogical as it is!

But I don’t like when Gray is just the stripper. Or Juvia is just in love with Gray. Or Lucy is just the new girl that makes the bad boy fall in love.

Thursday. Thankfully this week has gone rather quickly. I got my hair done last night and it looked so pretty with all the curls.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the skills to recreate that so everyone else will never see it. 😝 everyone else will see hair that I blew dry last night and then slept on. That’s it. One of these days I might grow up and buy real hair styling tools.

Work has been okay. Eating has been just okay. This last weekend, I found myself slipping into old habits again. I had a few off plan things and told myself I “earned” or “deserved” them after all of the house stuff. That is not true and it’s a horrible way to look at food (at least for me!) so I need to fix that.

29 days until Hawaii. I’m getting really excited to just do nothing. My travels companions have all said the same so instead of planning like crazy - our only plan is to hike Diamond Head. The rest of our time is wide open. For the first time in a long time, I’m 100% okay with no plan. If we sit on the beach for 4 days, I’m happy.


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something i need in to6

Rowan is my mate.
and my carranam.
and he is the King of Terrasen.
not consort, not husband,
Rowan is the King of Terrasen.
my equal in every way;
he would wear my crown,
sit on a throne beside mine.
my king.