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not a request but a concept i need someone to roll with: party!dad steve entering a new relation & the kids’ shenanigans trying to make it all happen


  • okay FIRSTLY the quickest way to get big ass heart eyes from steve is to be okay with the kids because yeah he calls em “dickheads” and “little shits” but he LOVES HIS KIDS
  • so when this new girl he’s lowkey rlly into not only likes the kids but is really really good with them he’s like OH MY GOD
  • i feel like it would involve a lot of drives from school to the arcade when he drops off the kids
    • and they kids are all piled in the backseat and dustin is complaining because “I CALLED SHOTGUN” but you were already sitting shotgun with steve with the windows down
    • and he’s playfully telling em all to “CUT THE SHIT OKAY” like he does but meanwhile you’re laughing along with the kids and talking about video games and ghostbusters and wants to do max’s hair sometime
    • and he just adores that someone else thinks these kids are as fuckin cool as he does
  • and the kids become obsessed with it, because it’s like some The Parent Trap shit where they know you belong together and THEY’RE GONNA MAKE IT HAPPEN
    • max probably spends a lot of time with you asking girl advice and lowkey prodding at things you likes and how much you likes steve so she can relay it to dustin, who will have her and lucas and mike set up some really damn cheesy picnic date for you because that’s what they’ve seen in movies so “it has to work”
    • and lets be honest, it probably took a LONG TIME to win over dustin
      • to dustin, steve is his, his friend, his brother. dustin is an only child with one parent in his life, and he’s grumpy and worried that steve getting another girlfriend will push him out of the picture, and that he won’t have steve anymore
      • so he probably spends a lot of time being jealous and evasive with you, which probably results in you trying even harder to win the kid over

        “i have some extra quarters if you want em for the arcade?”
        “are you trying to buy me off????”
        “is it working?”

      • but he’d give in because he wants his Big Brother to be happy
      • so when you and steve actually finally get together (and honestly, it erupts in a cheer from the entire party), dustin starts to jokingly call you “mom”
      • you don’t totally hate it :)


Okay, I’m gonna point this out because this is making me really peeved

Look, you can hate Negan all you want. I don’t care if you do or don’t. Let’s just start pointing things out with the comics: Negan HATES rapists. He would kill HIS OWN MEN if he knew they were/did rape someone. So, you trying to say he’s a rapist need to check that out.

Okay but I Need U was such a turning point in so many ways, but definitely for content creators in the fandom. There is such a clear difference things like theories, fanfiction, fanart even from before that era and after it, and it started such an outpouring of creative content that just hasn’t stopped since then, and we’ve gotten so many amazing creations from it!

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Hey Ashley I need you to take a moment to think about Keith being embarrassed to ask for affection from Hunk in public so one time he just walks up and taps his cheek and Hunk looks confused for a second but then Keith does it again and Hunk just lights up and kisses him and the cheek and Keith gets all blushy and it becomes their Thing any time either of them wants a kiss (the first time Keith tapped his lips Hunk died)

hey kit? HOW DARE U?! the lil blushy, holy shit.

but also:

  • they’re both super low-key dudes. they know how they feel about each other, everyone that’s important to them knows, too. so they’re not big on pda, but they are big on subtle affection. so when they’re out in public, they do little things, like brush the backs of their hands together, or just barely bump shoulders when they walk past each other. keith does this thing where he’ll just barely drag the tips of his fingers across hunk’s neck when he walks by and hunk is sitting down, and it always makes hunk stutter in the middle of his sentences.
  • hunk’s pet names are super casual! instead of the usual babe or baby or what have you, he’ll address keith by skills he loves. “hey, flightmaster, can you hand me that?” “how are you today, desert tamer?” “how’s my favorite face puncher doing?” 
  • conversely, keith straight up calls hunk every pet name ever, but he just drops it super casual like. “hey, babe, can you grab a head of lettuce for me?” “that’s my baby!” “how are you feeling, sweetheart?” 
  • it’s super hilarious to everyone else but them, because it’s totally normal and makes sense in their heads.
  • hunk does this thing where he’ll just go ahead and fix things for keith nonchalantly if he’s busy. one time, keith was helping pidge put a bookshelf together, and hunk strolled in the room like, “oh, hey, your shoe’s untied, lemme get that.” so he’s just on the floor tying keith’s shoe while keith is trying to figure out which end of the allen wrench would make more sense to use on this damn-ass screw, and everyone else is just not. moving. while they’re not even acknowledging what’s going on.

i love low-key affectionate heith!!!!!

okay when I first watched the show I remember seeing the scene with the camera and just being so shocked like….. This is a main character? Are we supposed to like him or not? Because that was so weird and disgusting. And then so many people brush it off as “Oh he’s never had friends so he doesn’t know any better” like…. Okay…. But let me just say you don’t need friends to have fricken morals and even still Jonathan knew what he did was wrong, he felt guilty and when the girl (I’m having a brain fart on her name) saw him developing the pictures he immediately took them down /because he knew it wasn’t something he should have done/ and I’m not sure or not but like did he ever even apologize? If I remember correctly he did one of those “well I’m sorry but"s and basically tried to tell Nancy to completely brush it off, she should just forgive him despite the fact he just did something creepy and illegal and just overall perverted. And like okay that one scene where she says how she was starting to think he wasn’t a pretentious creep and then he flips around and goes at her saying how he thought "she wasn’t like every other girl” and like honestly? The completely ignores who Nancy is and pushes her into his own version of her he made up in his mind, how can you ship her with someone who does that??? And also that whole “not like other girls” thing is so completely misogynistic and just every single thing about that scene reminds of those creepy dudebros who feel entitled to everything and have major victim complexes. Like literally everything about Jonathan just gives me Bad Vibes and like I feel like the show never acknowledges the bad things he does, they just kinda push it off as “well he helped fight the demogorgon so really he’s a good guy” like okay but that doesn’t disregard what else he’s done. He had no real character development or redemption, it was all just swept under the carpet

okay but like hear me out. i need a kastle scene in the near future where they just got out of a near death situation or they’re just being emotional (like always), and frank reaches out to karen, then pulls back, then puts his hand on her cheek, searches her eyes for something and when he thinks he found it, chokes out her name like in the waterside scene. just her name. and she puts her hand over his and whispers back ‘i know’. and they do the forehead touch thing™. or hug. because their relationship can’t be described in words, but in gestures and feelings.

So earlier today my choir’s old soprano section leader (Valerie) came to visit and sing with us. She got to meet Jessica (current soprano section leader) and they got on great. 

I like to compare section leaders to Disney princesses for some reason. I listened to Jessica and Valerie and came to a very quick conclusion after comparing their voices. Then I told them to their faces.

“Valerie, you’re totally Ariel.”

“Jessica, you’re totally Aurora.”

Valerie thought it was funny– she said she missed how weird I am (”weird” as a compliment!) but asked if I was okay because I wasn’t making comments and saying my usual random silly things. I said I wasn’t feeling well but not from sickness and she was just “oh, yeah, mine sucked too.” Btw I swear Val is almost a dead ringer for Billie Piper, but with blue eyes and more platinum colored hair.

Jessica needed me to repeat myself because people were being so loud, but she was amused too. She laughed and said, “Well I wouldn’t mind taking a nap and singing about it!” and flashed her very big smile at me. She even looks kind of like Aurora, except she has big brown eyes. All of her facial features seem big to me, but in a pretty way.

So I had a nice day in choir and I tried to be my usual self.

I REALLY hope these horrible thoughts and feelings go away when my hormones even back out. I’ll know for sure it’s PMDD if this happens again next month (it has to happen two consecutive months in a row)…and I hope and pray it will be weeks before or after Christmas so I don’t feel like garbage walking. This is hell.

Why does my behavior always tank in November / December? It has happened all my life, I can be happy and then suddenly in November through December I just fall apart in some form or another. This time it just happens to be hormonal. Just wtf self, honestly! >.<;


Hello! Even if my regular commisions are still open at this moment, I figured it was time to make another post about this! I’m currently in need of money as I’m saving for something special, possibly for the future or to plan things for trips. It would be greatly appreciated if you commisioned me or just reblogged this post to spread the message <3

I am willing to take icon commisions for €5 (single) and €8 (matching/double) of a character of your choice. I accept any fandoms, OCs, pretty much anything humanoid you can think of. 

The things I WON’T draw are as following:
- NSFW (implied and lewd-ish is okay, as long as it isn’t strictly NSFW)
- Animals (humanoid/gijinka versions are up for discussing if the character is furry or an animal!)
- Morally wrong ships (pedophilia, incest, etc.)

Rules and ways to contact me can be found on my other commision post! 
The best way to contact me is to PM me on this tumblr account! 

Reblogs and boosts are very appreciated! <3

Art examples can be found in the “#aoki’s art” tag on this blog, but here are previews of what the icons would look like as well of some of my art: (under the cut):

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Padfootagain Goes To Middle-Earth !

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Here it is! I’ve finally managed to create my second blog for everything that deals with Tolkien! I’ll use it to post and reblog things about this universe, but also to post a very long fanfiction I’m writing!

So, if you are interested to follow me there, here is my blog : Padfootagaininmiddleearth

Okay, for now there’s not much on it, but the blog will be active on a daily basis, and I’ll post the first chapter for my fic in the coming hours!  (Just need the time to proofread one last time).

And don’t worry, it doesn’t mean I’ll be less active on my main blog that I love so much, so no fears!

Hope to find some of you there too!

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I'm practically begging you now. Please, please don't do this to yourself. I know how you feel; it's a bad habit to break. My first two years of senior school were the worst of my life so far, and they still affect me to this day. But I'm trying to get over it. I take councelling to help me deal with my problems. I know it's hard but I can get over it. And so can you. Hiding was the best thing I could do, but it was also the worst. Just promise me you'll try and be a little more open okay?

i guess

i hate myself for being like this. yet another thing to add to the never-ending list of things i need to get better at and hate myself for.

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my mom noticed that there was something wrong with me. she got me the help and i was diagnosed with depression with anxiety and a small eating disorder. (which surprised me because i'm fat) but since i haven't been to therapy since last year and haven't been on the pills since april she doesn't think i have it anymore. she said she wished i could go and enjoy things without worrying about it before. and i'm like i wish i could to. just is my depression gone or is she wrong?

The thing is that depression doesnt really just disappear like that. Thats not how that works really. Theres some cases where you can be okay and not have to take meds anymore because you know how to handle it and maintain it by yourself, but its still there. So just bc you dont take meds or go to therapy doesnt mean you dont have it. I think you should get help again if you need it. Also id like to say that a persons body shape does not define whether or not you have an eating disorder. People can still have a higher weight and have an eating disorder, which is just as valid as those who are underweight.

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How do I stop pretending to like boys to fit in?

I know it’s gonna sound silly but… Just do. 

I know it’s tough to come out, but you don’t have to pretend to like men to stay in the closet. Just stop talking about men. It’s okay. It will not automatically out you.

Just start listening to yourself, and avoid lying. You don’t need to tell everyone you’re gay, just don’t talk about boys anymore. Focus on other things, try to fit in in other ways, talk about hobbies, talk about life. 

Boys are not central to you, being straight doesn’t make you “cool”. Being you is what makes you cool. So whenever all the girls are gossiping about crushes, you don’t need to participate. If they ask, just say you’re not interested in anyone right now, that you have school in mind. 

I hope you’ll be okay, take care!

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I think ableism is a bit different from other forms of discrimination.

Very often pro equality arguments in other areas revolve around the idea that okay we might be different in terms of gender/race/sexuality, but we can do the same things as you and we have similar needs.

But with disability and chronic illness it’s a different story. Unlike other forms of discrimination we don’t just have to fight society, we have to fight our own bodies and minds.

We can’t do the same things, we don’t have the same needs.

Some of us can’t work. Some of us can’t do the housework. Some of us can’t wipe our own asses.

But we are still deserving of respect.

It’s really interesting to me that what is arguably Lance’s greatest strength is also his biggest source of insecurity. 

Like, this boy is so adaptable. You can throw him into space, into a war, into a new lion, and he’ll essentially shrug his shoulders and slot himself into place. What makes the kid a powerhouse is that you can put him in any circumstance and he’ll find out where he fits and pretty much be able to hold his own there. He can integrate himself into basically any group dynamic (see: rebel mermaids, Hunk + Lance + BoM, and Team Voltron after Shiro). What Lance brings to the table is an ability to do what’s needed, to fill roles that need filling, and to mesh with anyone. 

But, for someone who values standing out, that would be seen as a negative trait. Lance wants to carve out his own place in the group– it’s why he’s so attached to the idea of being the “sharpshooter” (though, that does appear to be a niche of his!!). To him, it seems like everyone else around him has this “thing” that makes them special and unique– and, since he doesn’t (or, at least, he thinks other people don’t think he does) he feels sort of average and unskilled by comparison. 

The creators have said before that Lance’s character is about “providing what’s needed at the time” and like. Exactly. His “thing” is that he can essentially take on any “thing” you need him to and do it at least decently. That’s what makes him unique, and I can’t wait to see him realize it.

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