i just needed this gifset okay

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Hey, Jess! Have you seen a gifset of the moment where Alex turns towards Maggie when Kara is saying she agrees with J'onn, like asking Maggie for support, and Maggie stands up, backing her. I loved that moment so much!


okay but really, i love that moment because maggie just knows the look on alex’s face. She needs her. Alex looks at her like, “PLEASE HELP ME” because she is so frustrated that Kara isn’t siding with her. Alex just needs somebody on her side and Maggie sees that. Just like their conversation at the bar. She knows alex needs that emotional support from her gf.

Maggie was perfectly content with this being between alex and kara until alex gave her that look. It could be back up emotional support or backing her in the situation. Either way, her body is naturally drawn to alex out of concern as soon as alex looks at her. But she still tries to close herself out of the situation by crossing her arms, looking at the floor, and keeping her distance. You can tell she wants to respect their conversation while still being that emotional support to alex.

UGH i love maggie sawyer.

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Okay but like.. jeon staring at jimin is a regular thing and he always catches himself, but when jimin's talking it's like he has an excuse to stare, cos obviously when someone's talking u look at him rite? But the way he stares is just... like he doesn't even take his eyes off of him for a sec and it's so much different from the others if u compare it. Also i exactly kno what jeon is doing cos i do it too lol and i kno how obvious it is lmao

okay but…this is not how you stare at just anyone…

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all i need is this gifset. i’ve never seen someone look at someone else with this much love in their eyes. it hurts my heart 

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why jeon why

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i love the way he catches himself too

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what exactly is he trying to accomplish here? bore holes to the side of jimins face? commit every single detail to memory? 

im sorry but jungkook is in love with jimin and my heart hurts seeing ll that love in his eyes bless him


# okay let’s talk about this scene # how she was feeling insecure for that brief moment # then her bf mike noticed and gave her validation # BOOM # just like that # without any moment of hesitance # and that’s all she needed # you could see the small smile on her face in the last gif # guys i’m dying # i’m literally dying # this is not healthy for me to experience this feeling # I will drown with this ship

OUAT Recaps by Someone Not Watching the Show (6x11)

I decided to do this–recap the show based on what I learn from flailing on tumblr and the gifsets I see–as a fun, light-hearted thing, nothing more. I will probably eventually watch (okay, so I’m currently caught up), and I’m curious to see how much I can infer just from being a spectator. Please keep in mind this is just supposed to be a bit of silly fun and is in no way intended to cause any harm, eye-rolling or harm from eye-rolling.Without further ado, everything that happened this episode, based on gifs, screencaps, and opinions!

Tougher than the Rest (6x11)

1. TINY HOMELESS BABY EMMA. (I can’t watch this and need time to prepare myself.)

2. Even smol Emma has a beanie??

3. Henry is shit at tracking.

4. Emma choosing her own name *wipes away tears*

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#an adorable deadpool #super soft #super giggly #just wants to shoot darts out of his mouth

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Since that fake-crying-ed gifset I kind of want to see ed effing LOSE IT in front of Oswald like SOBBING the reason could be anything honestly (he's come so CLOSE) but Oz is so openly expressive it would be kind of great for Ed to just break down somehow and Oz to be like "ed??" and then "NO NO OH MY GOSH ED ITS OKAY" and he would hug the heck out of that bean idk I just want ittt

I need Edward Nygma to cry this season. Do it Ed. Do it. 

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That gifset where Robert tells Aaron he needs Aaron to be a good man so that he can make Robert a better man is so gross. Of course you'd reblog it.

okay i didn’t notice i had this until now so i could just ignore it, but i won’t

that is not what robert was saying in that scene and i’m sick of seeing this around just for the sake of making robert look bad, because he’s actually trying to be supportive in that scene, seriously. 

he says, and i quote, “andy said that you make me a better man, and he was right. you can’t do that if you’re not a good man yourself. and you are, you’re so good.”

that isn’t “i need you to be a good man so you can make me a better man”

he’s saying, “i’m a good man because you’re a good man and you’ve made me that way by being that way.”

basically, he’s not telling aaron he needs to get better so he can continue to make robert a better man

he’s telling aaron that he’s already done that, because he’s a good man, and only a good man could do that. ergo, aaron is already a good man. 

…. i honestly don’t know why you go looking for things to get angry at robert about. in this instance, he’s being supportive. please acknowledge that.

HunHan Valentine’s day post

Another long post.

Sorry for the spam. Actually no, fuck that, I post what I want.

Happy Valentine’s day and shit…

@hunhan-never-dies you owe me

When bae is callin’

Smexy times…Chin fetish

When bae be playin’

Kiss! kiss! kiss! kiss!

You guys are holding hands— okay I need a time out.


I’m crying.

….Tongues. I….have nothing to say.

When you hear bae’s name


Nope. Just feels.

#boyfriend goalz


Happy Valentine’s day…again…and shit.


Debra Morgan and her Glock 22, which she lovingly named Alice, after ‘Alice Stebbins Wells,’ the first female police officer in the United States.

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ok but can we talk aboutthat gifset with quakerider and hello? i am not ok urgh i need robbie back for good

Ah, yes, by the wonderful @youandmeunthinkable. Her edits and gifsets are the best!

You are right. I am not okay as well! ;w; So many good Quakerider moments in that gifset it just hits you in the feels! </3

I’m tired of Robbie being alone on the “other side!” I really hope they bring Robbie back in season 5, at least as a recurring character! (I think AoS has proven that Robbie doesn’t need to become full Ghost Rider to be badass, you know for budget reasons.)