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Now I just need to hope I’m right about Kuron getting his vlog next week too :,) and for my next prediction id like for Shiro to be safe and loved and live happily ever after with Keith thank you,,

Can I just say thanks for all the lovely messages I’ve had, and sorry if I don’t respond but I feel like my blog has been flooded with nonsense today HA!

Seriously, you’re all so lovely and supportive.

I won’t be acknowledging anymore of that anons messages because, honestly? I’m pregnant (literally with-child like the ‘old lady’ I am) and just done with that shit, and don’t need it or care right now.

Back to my regularly scheduled shitposting, art sharing and writing. Thanks for sticking around. I’m 10 followers away from 1,000 and that blows my tiny mind ❤️

emergency update: help me escape!

i absolutely have to get away from home for at least a little bit. i’ll be staying with my boyfriend but i need money for transportation and other necessities.

my blog is being watched so i can’t give too many details but i really need cash right now for a plane ticket, medical bills, and food. i’m also in debt from replacing my computer (which was a necessity bc i live off of what little money i make online).

i’m schizophrenic, usually bedridden with chronic pain, and so i’m unable to get a job, which means i have no income. i can do art commissions and tarot readings for you or you can just donate to me via paypal at breathof.freshass@yahoo.com. please please please send me anything you can spare, even if it’s a dollar. i desperately need the help.

masterpost of shawn

so ya girl is shook because shawn is too beautiful for my liking. here we go, hold on to ya panties for some of these okaaaay

tell me


does he

think he


like i just


okay this kills me

and this oH MY GOD


this legit looks like him staring into my soul thinking “ i know the shit u write about me i see u

oh my god this suit was an early christmas present

i love my mans

the passion he sings with gives me tingly feelings wow

dear god 

i love this bitch okay

something about his eyes in this makes me moist

i really love shawn

okay GOODNIGHT bc i need fucking holy water after this shit here 

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So I've read all your Supercorp stuf on ao3 and if you were going to recommend other fics to read what would you recommend?

okey dokey kiddos buckle up. this list includes fics im currently subscribed to and desperately awaiting an update on and fics i have finished but loved. i did a literal rec bc i wasn’t totally sure what you wanted. if i forgot to mention you or your fic i still love you im just poorly organised pls forgive me.

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Warmth and Comfort

A little something I wrote based on @shir-oh-no‘s post about Lance napping on top of Shiro. And I decided to make him sick bc I’m a ho

Word Count: 564

Extra Notes: College au, set in December, just after finals end

Lance is a good napper. Everyone who knows Lance knows that. He can lay down for thirty to forty five minutes to recharge, no problem. He can just close his eyes and pass out in seconds. He can nap in complete silence just as soundly as he can nap with Hunk, Pidge and Keith playing video games and yelling at each other. Lance can nap like nobody’s business.

But only when he’s laying on top of Shiro.

Now, it wasn’t always like this.

Before he met Shiro, he didn’t need anything to help him nap, he didn’t need anything or anyone specific to help him fall asleep, he could just nap with no problem. Even when he did meet Shiro, he didn’t need to be laying on him in some way to nap (even though he did very much prefer to be).

And then Shiro got into a car accident.

Ever since then, Lance doesn’t nap if he’s not with Shiro. Because no matter how much anyone says it to him, if Lance hadn’t been taking a nap that day, Shiro wouldn’t have gotten hurt. So now, Lance doesn’t nap, let alone really sleep without Shiro.

So when Lance got back to his apartment after finishing his last final of the semester and saw Shiro laying on the couch watching TV, his head pounding and his muscles aching, Lance saw no better opportunity to take a quick nap. He kicked off his shoes, shrugged off his snow dusted backpack and coat, and made his way over to the couch. Shiro opened his arms to his boyfriend without missing a beat, and Lance all but collapsed into his warm embrace.

“How’d it go?” Shiro asked, toying with Lance’s hair, still damp from melted snow from outside.

“Mmmh.” Lance grunted, not wanting to aggravate the growing soreness in his throat. “Tired.” He stated simply.

“I can tell.” Shiro chuckled. He began combing through Lance’s hair. “Do you maybe wanna take off this sweater before you pass out?” Shiro asked. “You’re warm.”

Lance grunted again, shaking his head and burying it further into Shiro’s chest. “Cold.”

“Are you getting sick?” Shiro asked, brushing his hair away from his forehead to feel it. The heat settling underneath his skin was enough of an answer. Shiro pulled the soft fleece throw blanket on the back of the couch over Lance and himself, smiling when Lance sighed as he was wrapped in the extra warmth.

“How’s your nose?” Lance asked, his voice rougher than usual. Shiro chuckled, reaching up to brush the large scar across the bridge of his nose.

“Better, better.. It’s almost starting to feel normal again.” Lance nodded into Shiro’s chest. Lance sniffled, and Shiro giggled. “It’s doing better than yours, apparently.” Lance smiled.

“Stupid snow..” Lance mumbled, just about ready to pass out. “Making me all sick ‘n stuff..” Shiro let out a small laugh.

“We’ll get a read on that fever when you wake up, yeah?” Shiro suggested. “Get you some tea and keep you nice and warm. How’s that sound?”

“Mm..” Lance agreed. “You’re good at that… Keep'n me warm…” Shiro smiled, leaning down and kissing Lance right on top of his head.

“Just get some sleep, alright?” Lance hummed happily, his breathing falling into the steady rhythm of sleep. Shiro hugged Lance close to him, and Lance hugged back. They’d deal with his fever later. Right now? All Lance needed was Shiro’s warmth and comfort.

This is something that is really hard for me to post. I’ve been a skinny girl for most of my teen years. I never really worked out back then or payed too much attention to what I was eating, I just tried to eat generally healthy. & I was very skinny. I still had body insecurities, but I never really saw myself getting “fat”.

Around the time I graduated I started to put on a little bit of weight. This is what I look like currently. My biggest insecurity is definitely my tummy and just my mid section. I always worked really hard to be confident in my body, even when I was skinny. I got to a place where I could genuinely love my body and everything about myself. & to lose that confidence when I gained weight just shook me. I had worked so hard to falter as soon as I gained weight.

I’ve spent the last couple months trying to hide my body, but clothes that make me “look good” and conceal my tummy. I’ve gotten rude comments from family members and friends about my weight gain. Because apparently gaining some weight is the worst thing you can do ever. I started working out because I felt so insecure. I wasn’t doing it for the right reasons.

I can’t say that I’m completely confident with my body yet but I decided now is the time the start that journey. My mental health is just important as my physical health. I want to be the body positive person that I constantly preach to people. I talk about fat positivity all the time but I don’t follow anything that I say in my everyday life. So I want that to change right here and now. I want to feel beautiful again. I know this is a sappy emotional ass caption but I’ve really been struggling with this for months and I wanted to share it with everyone on my blog and just be honest and raw about it. No, I don’t feel totally okay with myself yet but I’m going to try. And the first step for me is to wear a crop top and post a selfie for 8000 people to see on tbecause fuck it. You don’t need to have a flat stomach to wear a crop top!

lil reminder

I think I really need to say this, please guys don’t take this blog or my comics too seriously. I think I don’t really realize this but this blog is pretty big right now. Recently I felt like some people expect me to take care of it like it’s my job or something, and I really really don’t like this. I want to have fun and just laugh with everyone but it’s getting really difficult. 

I don’t know when Kpop began to be this serious. 1 or 2 years ago it was fun to be in the Kpop fandom, now everything is so serious. I’m just a girl enjoying music who likes to draw comics and to make people laugh a bit, that’s all. I really don’t see myself as someone important and I don’t take all of this so seriously. Remember that everything that I draw is for fun and I have NO bad intentions. Remember that I’m in college and that I can’t answer to everyone. I really want to, but I can’t. But trust me, I’m really trying my best.

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I have to ask, what is "Crucifix Nail Nipples"? (That was so weird to type, and I hope my phone doesn't remember that.)

Oh, sweet summer child…Crucifix Nail Nipples is my famous (infamous?) viral post about a particularly bad vampire erotica story that came across my desk back in the days of 2012. I typed the memory up on a whim for tumblr sometime last year? (how has it only been a year) and my life went insane over night.

I had to fucking contact my old employer and be like “hey remember me, yea that’s right the glitter desk…so remember that really bad vampire story from 2012? haha yea..ha ha…well anyways…small heads up, some insane stalker people from the internet might come asking for the manuscript. I told them it was deleted but you know what people online are like, okay-great-talking-to-you-need-to-do-it-again-some-time-bye” *click*

And thus was the end of my editing career with reputable editing houses. I’m just kidding that ship sailed a long time ago with my health problems.

If you type it into google it actually auto fills it now. And my blog is the top result. That’s right, I’m a google suggestion now. My parents would be so proud. If I ever talked to them.

Anyway, here you go. Enjoy the last few moments of your innocence.


It’s really bad.

Also yea, trigger warning for slut shaming, violent sex, dick biting vampires and crazed window rapist hobos. I wish to Christ I was kidding.


I’ve been feeling this coming for a while now, and the last week just solidified it. There’s too much negativity and too much entitlement for me to be on Tumblr right now. Between the anon hate and the discourse on the relationship between fic writers and fic readers, as well as the general divisions of the fandom, I just can’t anymore.

I will still have porn gif drabble day on September 4th. I will still continue my Sweet Emotions Challenge. I will write the two September challenge fics I signed up to write.

But that’s it.

For the month of September, I will not be posting new fics and I will probably not be on very often. This blog gives me a weird energy right now, so I am giving it a rest. I’ll be back in October.

I love y'all.

In the meantime, you can find me at @spncovenverse .

Need more Supernatural blogs

I know I’m not exactly active lately, but a lot of things are happening in my life right now.

I was away a lot, so many blogs I follow are not that active anymore or they changed topics.

So… I need more Supernatural blogs to follow ❤

Reblog this if:

-your blog is mostly Spn

-you ship something or not

-you make edits/or just reblog them

-you are a kind person

-your blog is Spn positive/hatefree

-you are active

Also, I might start a funnycasfamily thing, because I just hit 17k followers, but that’s another story for when I’ll have more time to take care of it.

For now, just reblog this and I’ll check your blog 💋

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Hey there buddy!!! Long time no see am I right toshi ;) I was thinking of starting a blog here so we could hang out more often!! I might come to you for help however. Isn’t that ironic. The teacher being the one taught!!! See ya soon!!- Nana Shimura

If that’s really you please come hang out with me! I just have so much I want to thank you for and I really need you right now plus…


Warning: flashing image below!

Chapter Three of a Fatal_Error has Occurred will start in a few weeks!

Taking a break before starting this past chapter made a HUGE difference in how quickly, efficiently, and stress-free creating updates was for me because I spent time writing a script, sketching updates ahead of time, and getting organized. So that’s how I’m going to approach this upcoming chapter as well :) This’ll also give me a chance to just draw and derp around and have a bit of fun with the asks, which I’ve missed doing :D

Also, we’ve finally reached the point in the story that I can start introducing some other story elements that I’d like to explore, like the File Not Found comic. And I think ya’ll will be interested to see what I have in mind as well ;) But this requires some pretty careful planning, and I want to make sure I get it right, and at the level of quality I hold myself to. So look out for announcements about this in the weeks to come~

Along with all of this (and on a more personal note) I’ve got a LOT of things going on in my life right now, both blog/comic related and not, and I just need some time to take care of things right now so that I can keep working on my art in the future the way that I want to :) It’s nothing bad, I promise, but as a seasoned procrastinator it’s just important that I take some things seriously and handle my potato business like the potato I am.

Anywhoo! As for the main comic, ya’ll will know when I’m ready to get things started once I post the Chapter Three cover :3 I thank ya’ll in advance for your patience! <3

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THANK YOU THANK YOU for opening requests again I love your blog!!! Would you mind doing headcanons for the RFA+Saeran with a smol MC? I just need some fluff right now so thank you 😍😍😍😘😘

so I’m on day 4 of V’s route and low key, it’s making my sleep habits worse, but its also making me rethink how I write saeran, so his next few requests are gonna be wild. Also I reached 707 followers today ^^

-he was so happy to be with someone smaller than him
-and even adored how small you were
-just loved being the one who had to get things for you off higher shelves
-would often tease you for being smaller than him
-but he just really loves holding you and having you fit perfectly underneath him
-super protective of you and will fight anyone who makes fun of your height

-when he first met you, he didn’t even realize you were there until he looked down
-and he got so flustered, thought you couldn’t get any cuter
-yet here you are, perfect hugging size for him to just rest his head on top of yours
-and god did he love giving you piggyback rides
-he also loved making you feel really tall by having you up on his shoulders
-and whenever he gets bored, he’ll just have you sit on his back while he does push-ups
-or lift you as if he were lifting weights
-high key adores your height

-seeing how small you were compared to her honestly made her a blushing mess whenever she looked at you
-she just thought you were so adorable
-and she would always let you know that she thought that
-admired how perfectly you fit with her when cuddling
-and when anyone mistakes you for her younger sister, she was ready to throw hands
-always ready to use her judo skills to protect you

-with him being the tallest in the RFA, he completely towered over you
-and he loved it
-he loves picking you up whenever you hug him
-and melts whenever you tiptoe to try and kiss him
-and when you two are out in public, he never lets you leave his side so you can’t get lost
-and even has bodyguards to ensure the safety of his tiny one
-if you do get lost, however, he can easily find you since he towers over pretty much anyone
-just perfect height difference tbh
-100% can and will carry you whenever you want

-when he met you, it was so hard for him to be upset with you when you were so small and precious, but also found it more reason to protect you from him
-when he did soften up, he let you know how adorable he thought you were
-and would absolutely be the type of person to grab something for you and hold it high, only to watch you jump on him and struggle
-even put stuff on higher shelves on purpose just to watch you climb things
-he found it all too adorable though
-he also loved giving you piggyback rides and calling you his backpack when he did this
-and absolutely loves randomly picking you up and spinning you when caught off guard

-was surprised to see how small you were in person
-he almost thought he had kidnapped a child at first, until he found out your age
-eventually, when he started falling for you, he found your height adorable
-wanted to keep you all too himself because he was sure others would think the same
-later in the relationship, he got comfortable enough to tease you about your height while simultaneously calling you adorable
-will sometimes use you as his elbow rest without realizing it
-but apologize about it afterwards
-he just thinks your the perfect height for him, especially while hugging you

Attic notes, post-bomb blast:

Hi, everyone. Yeesh.

We’ve been through it, huh? I’ve missed you. I think we’ve all missed each other.

Despite the difficulty we’ve had these past few months—and despite my sudden and untimely disappearance (sorry… where tf did the time go?)—the Johnlock conspirators remain the most dedicated, passionate, interesting, smart, diverse, and brave group of individuals I have ever encountered, and never would have encountered without the power of the internet. We live in a terrible, horrifying, dystopian future, but it is also beautiful, because we have the technology to connect to each other and come together to share, think, and create… like this.

When wondering how the Sherlock fandom could lead me to such a perfect storm of people who understood how I related the world, it wasn’t difficult to figure out why. Sherlock is a story of an intelligent, isolated outcast whose heart wants to help individuals out of compassion for their lives, despite his social ineptitude. He is a character with his own sense of justice, a disregard for public opinion, and a love for his work that protects him from the vulnerability of opening up to others. We are, after all, what we eat. And the message that unites everyone in TJLC is not that Johnlock was going to happen in series four, but that love is the center of the story. Love will conquer all.

And they do mean ALL.

At the BFI & Radio Times Television Festival on April 9th, Mark Gatiss said of the fourth series, “The only heretical thing is modernizing it, the rest we try to go along with the stories.”

We all know how they really feel about these stories. So what is he talking about?

The closet.

Series four is inconsistent, confusing, jarring, illogical, contradictory, genre-reliant, chock full of lies, and timeline-fucked because so is canon. To create an entirely faithful adaptation, Watson’s unreliable frame narration, which serves to obfuscate his relationship with Holmes, (and as Moff often brings up in regards to HLV, to protect the liberty of a guilty party) must be faithfully adapted, too. In doing so, Sherlock itself becomes a thesis on the true nature of canon that, let’s face it, currently doesn’t exist outside of our oft-ignored echo chamber. And our compulsory-hetero society is such that Mark and Moff have the opportunity to play out the exact same social masquerade ACD played all over again, but finally, finally, with a groundbreaking rug pull that ensures Sherlock Holmes goes down in history as a gay icon, always has been always will be, make no mistake.

As much as Sherlock is a love story about a kiss that will leave all others behind, its supervillain-sized obstacles represent the supersized figures that have stood against the homosexuality of Sherlock Holmes for over a century: CAM (Mass media and surveillance), Mary (heteronormativity), Mycroft (The British Government), Moriarty (Cultural anxieties that gay love is dark/salacious/perverse). M, The Black Lotus, and The Spider signify the different ways in which they interconnect… and there’s much more to say on this subject. But let’s get some of the water out of this living room.

We were wrong. That’s it! We were wrong. I have issues with how series four was handled, and am infuriated by some of the choices that have been made. But in the end, part of the reason why the devastation was so devastating was that we weren’t prepared to be wrong. Not even wrong about the conspiracy! Just about January! This show takes too! Fucking! Long! To air!

Come to think of it, that probably should have been one of our central tenets:

  1. They lie.
  2. The show is gay.
  3. Sherlock has been imprisoned for 100 fucking years and this has been planned for 7 so shut the fuck up because all hope and suffering are relative when you simply surrender to the relentless march of time and the cruel indifference of the universe.

Series four was way, way, lower caliber than what we’re used to from the show we love. But our reading of the narrative still makes sense. I don’t care what anybody says—it does! It makes perfect sense! It makes better sense than the mess casual viewers just swallow like warm paste—like so much other television these days! TJLC is a community full of active viewers, who are able to really see what’s happening on screen, what it means, and pick it apart. We’re attuned to picking up these messages and are practiced at it. Though we definitely honed our skills with our elephant glasses, the ability to look at media with a critical eye and understand what is being said to us is more important than ever in the digital age.

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*i tip my large brimmed cowboy hat at you* howdy

so i’m in between jobs right now, and i’ve got $1.52 in my bank account atm. it’s been about 3 months since i was fired for something that wasn’t my fault. anyway i’m not in a super super big rush, but i have a hormone supply that’ll last me about two months. i will get a job before then definitely, but whether or not i’ll have the money in time to buy the hormones is another story. They take a couple of weeks to get here, and i have to pay out of pocket for them because i live in ohio and it’s super a pain in the ass to find someone who will give me a script for them. anyway i need just 200$ and that’s it, which probably seems like a lot, i know it does to me right now but like i said i’ve got two or so months left of hormones so it’s a bit easier

anyway my venmo is @Gwynn-Squiglet if you wanna transfer me anything there (idk if it works like paypal where it’s more expensive to donate under a dollar or not so probably 1$ is the minimum)

i’ll update my blog with a donation link to my paypal and this post also later, i haven’t been able to get to my computer yet today

but anyway that’s my shit please don’t feel obligated but if you’re thinking i buying a drink or something with that extra 3$ lying around it would mean a ton to me to give me even half of it

bye i love you


goodbye for now, my lovelies 

Many of you already know that on Thursday my oldest dog, Mikey, suddenly collapsed and began gasping for breath. I rushed him to our vet but unfortunately there was nothing they could do for him. It was simply the end of a long and full life…

I first met Mikey when he was 7 years old; he was underweight, physically scarred and completely petrified of strangers. He’d been badly mistreat his entire life, that was until my parents adopted him. Since then he’s spent 8 wonderful years with us, during which he beat cancer twice, overcame the majority of his physiological issues, and most importantly made us so incredibly happy. All dogs are special, but Mikey was something else; he was genuinely his own little person, and no matter how badly he’d been treat in the past… he was always so affectionate and so happy. He was and will always be, my bestfriend. 

I miss him very much. 

His passing has greatly affected me. I’ve barely left the house and even the smallest reminder of him makes me well up. I’ve been in a very fragile and emotional state, and as a result I’m taking a step back from this blog. I adore this community and everything it stands for, but there are people out there who haven’t always been kind to me, and in my current state of mind… It isn’t healthy for me to be here right now. 

I don’t know when I’ll be back. It might be a few days, it might be a few weeks. But I just need a break, some time to deal. I’ll still be here checking up on you all, probably answering some non-anon asks and old wcifs. I hope you understand. 

I also want to thank everyone that sent me asks and messages asking about Mikey and his well being, I just wish I could’ve brought happier news, for us all. 

Sandy, signing off.