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Darkhorn Body/Tail Restringing Guide!

Ok guys! So I know Cuarto has restringing notes on her website, but I found the format kind of hard to read, and wanted to make some notes for people. As mentioned in my review, Theodore arrived really loose (to me) and I wasn’t keen on the jewelry elastic being used. The only thing I’m not going to detail, are the legs, but I do draw out on my string guide below how you should expect the string to feed. Cuarto has much better pics of that on her website, and I just don’t have a small enough tool to get into those front legs right now. 

I do NOT recommend Darkhorn for first time restringers. He’s tricky, a bit specific and fragile, and overall, I’d suggest restringing a humanoid once or twice before trying to do him, or getting someone with some experience to give you a hand.  

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Tutorial: Making Attack on Titan 3d Maneuver Gear

Hey all, just thought I’d make a quick tutorial on how I made my 3d Maneuver gear for my AoT cosplay. These will be mostly photos but hopefully it should get you started! This is all made of mostly cheap materials so easy on the budget.
***Note: I unfortunately don’t have any photos for the swords but I’ll explain a little anyway***

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Steroline AU fic: Memories of an amnesiac (2/5)

A/N: I think you guys were already thinking that this part was never going to be updated right? I know, it’s been a while, but for personal reasons (yes, they were more than one, suffice to say that september wasn’t really my month) I needed some away time, but it definitely didn’t affect my love for steroline, and here I am, back to our amazing fandom. For those who need to remember I’ll put the link right below of the first part, and I really hope you enjoy the second part, and that this fic had made you wait worth it. Enjoy!
BTW: I don’t remember the song I heard on loop to write this fic (this fic was written for a while…) but I will recommend “Glowing Mouth” from Milagres.

Part I

Chapter 6 - When she’s coming back?

Without his journals these few days in the hospital would follow the same dull routine. It was nothing important, just a set of old notebooks that should had been abandoned inside a box in a wardrobe, and it become the brightest spot in his entire week. Everywhere he went he brought one, as the other patients in the orthopedic ward started to call him the hard cover man, always found out with a hard cover book glue to his hands.

“I see that you liked the journals,” Lexi says, entering the hospital room.

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anonymous asked:

So, I just finished watching the first 3 star wars movies (traditional order) FOR THE FIRST TIME and I have two thoughts. 1: DAMN LEIA AND HAN ARE SO FUCKING OTP and 2: damn I am very sad that these movies are old and Harrison Ford doesn't look like that anymore. Anyway, I was wondering, what are your top 10 or so Leia + Han moments?


it’s embarrassing because I have pretty much whole script to each of these scenes memorized so just ignore me if I start listing them off ok

  1. The first kiss OF COURSE. you like me because I’m a scoundrel, there aren’t enough scoundrels in your life, I happen to like nice men I’M NICE MEN
  2. that first fight in empire strikes back (BECAUSE OF THE WAY YOU FEEL ABOUT ME - YOU’RE IMAGINING THINGS) gets my heart fluttering every time, before I die just play that one scene on loop above my death bed this is all I ask
  3. The classic moment do I need to even specify and that harrison ford made this shit up himself will always be astounding to me BUT I also love the reverse where han says I love you in return of the jedi, I honestly might love that part more because it’s just so sweet
  4. I really love their first hug in the trash compactor from a new hope, it’s such a small thing but I love this first sign of affection, especially considering how much they bicker during that first movie - our friend is quite a mercenary, I wonder if he really cares about anything or anyone. !!!!! (and then couple this with han’s convo with luke - what do you think, a princess and a guy like me? - and you have basically all my fav parts of this film). this is a bunch of moments in one but w/e just count this as all the good bits of leia and han in a new hope (wonderful girl! either I’m going to kill her or I’m beginning to like her)
  5. leia taking care of han in empire after he’s been tortured <333333
  6. that fight scene in empire, can you tell which movie is my favorite, when leia spite kisses her brother, I don’t know where you get your delusions laser brain 
  8. han cuddling with leia AND an ewok around the campfire

Alright, so here goes.  
-wire (I have no clue how much, just enough for the basic outline of the things)
-a hot glue gun
-hot glue sticks
-scale-like fabric, or basically whatever color you want in the in-between areas
-some sort of fabric for the backing behind the wire frame
-fabric paint (whatever color you want for the weirdy skin-colored parts

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To: femmerosa
From: rosepetalrevolution

This fic is the first part of my gift to my dear Santee and friend, femmerosa! I’m lucky enough to know this lovely lady, and so I may have deviated just a tiny bit from her requested prompts, but I have a feeling that she’ll enjoy the pairings and characters I’ve included here all the same :) Love ya, Rosa! Happy holidays!

Michelle’s Ex-Boyfriends!? The Scariest Monster Yet!? Showdown at Crown Café!

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