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Sansa Stark does not deserve your hatred

In my last year of school we had to write a character analysis and I decided to write about Sansa Stark. My teacher (who was only a couple of years older than me) was a huge asoiaf fan and he got really excited about it, but I remember him frowning and saying in a perplexed voice, “How can Sansa Stark be your favourite character?”

I looked at him with the same confusion mirrored in my own eyes and replied: “Because she is strong.” That was the first time I realised how hated Sansa was and it really infuriated me and so I decided to show him in my essay why she is my favourite character and honestly I think he got it because I did end up getting a good grade.

The analyse focused on book Sansa but this will focus on show Sansa,and it will probably be a bit of a read.

This here is the very moment I began to like Sansa. This is where she looses her innocence and where her character growth begins. This is when she goes from being a child to a young woman. This is where she wants to kill her Prince Charming and she would have if the Hound had not stopped her. This is also a part many viewers seem to overlook, deciding to still view Sansa as a stupid little girl and that is the problem with those who dislike Sansa, they refuse to acknowledge her growth.

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GoT Afterthoughts 7x04 The Spoils Of War (Jonsa Edition) SPOILERS

Ugh …so much drama with the leaking of this episode. It was extremely hard to keep myself unspoiled, but I managed (mostly). I know a lot of you have been waiting for this recap, so let’s get down to business …..

Wow. This episode felt so rushed! For the life of me, I will never understand D&D’s logic for cutting this season and the next short, for all the content they need to cram into them.

So, with that being said, we start this weeks episode off in High Garden (or is it Highgarden?). The Lannister and Tarly soldiers have cleaned out High Garden’s riches and food supply and have a caravan headed back to Kings Landing. Jamie gives Bronn his big bag of gold because “a Lannister always pays his debts” but Bronn still wants his castle. lol After poking fun at Jamie’s sour mood despite their victory, Bronn goes with Lord Tarly and Dickon to assist in getting the rest of the harvest. Winter is here, and food is needed.

Side note: I love Bronn. Jamie and Tyrion should totally adopt him when this is all over.

Back in Kings Landing, Cersei is again meeting with the Iron Bank dude, who’s happy to continue supporting her ventures, as long as they get their money. She assures him his gold is on the way.

We head to Winterfell (yay!) where LF is busy being fucking creepy, as usual. He gives Bran the dagger that the cutthroat tried to use to assassinate him in the first season. He proceeds to blow smoke up Bran’s ass about how he will always protect Cat’s children and blah blah blah, sweet Jesus Petyr, we are tired of hearing the same lame shit come out of your mouth! (at least, I am). He tells Bran it’s the dagger that essentially started the war of the 5 Kings and that in a way, it made him what he is today.

Some very interesting things I gleaned from this scene:

  • When Bran asks him if he knows who it belonged to -I believe this was a rhetorical question. I think Bran knows exactly who it belonged to.  
  • LF is shook when he says the word chaos and Bran claps back with “chaos is a ladder.” Mmhmm.  
  • That is the weapon LF will die by. Without a doubt. (and it’s sweet poetic justice).
  • “I’m not Lord Stark” -another reminder that Sansa is the heir to Winterfell, as Bran will probably slip further into his 3ER role until that’s all he is and Bran no longer exists.  

Meera interrupts. She wants to go home and see her family before the Others come. Meera is hurt by how cold and distant Bran is after all she sacrificed for him, and Bran confirms what I said last week -he’s NOT Bran anymore. The more he hones his powers, the more the parts of him that are Bran will disappear -which is why he’s so void of emotions. It’s not trauma (although he’s been through and seen some pretty traumatic shit), it’s just the part of him that was Bran is literally dying as the 3ER takes over.

And Arya is home!!!!! Omg omg omg!!!

What is it with poor Arya and gate guards keeping her out? Okay, just seeing Arya’s face as she glances around Winterfell and looks at the banner -it made me so emotional, my husband laughed at me. He’s a dick, what can I say?

The guards let Sansa know about the girl at the gate, and how she’s gone now, and once Sansa hears who the girl asked for, she knows it’s really Arya and exactly where to find her. She heads to the crypts and there’s Arya in front of Ned’s statue.

This was a beautiful reunion! I know it wasn’t nearly as emotional as Sansa and Jon’s -and frankly, I don’t think any of them are going to be, and I believe that’s intentional, but for the Stark sisters -it suited them, and who they are, and who they’ve become. There’s no hate or animosity here …they even tease each other a bit, and it’s just so lovely and ashgdhjxugyfkcufyskfjcjcaa I AM SO EMOTIONAL!!!!! And we got not just one hug, but two!!! TWO!!!! I said before that D&D had better make this reunion worth while, and for me, they delivered. I love how Arya said that their stories aren’t over yet.

A few things that stood out to me in this scene:

  • Arya telling Sansa that being Lady Stark suited her. I’m not sure this is foreshadowing or just Arya giving her sister some kudos. Either way, it warmed my heart.  
  • Sansa bringing up Jon, and not only how excited he was about her reunion, but how thrilled he’ll be to see Arya too -this served two purposes: Sansa again, bringing up Jon at a time she feels vulnerable/safe, and at the same time validating Arya and how important she is to Jon.  
  • Arya mentions her kill list, and Sansa thinks she’s joking.  

Sansa tells Arya that Bran is home too, and we head out into the Godswood. No matter how unemotional Bran is, it’s beautiful to see my Starklings all together in one place again! ❤️ My heart literally grew three times its size!

After a brief hug, Bran tells Arya that he saw her at the crossroads and that he thought she’d go to Kings Landing. Sansa offers that Bran has visions now, and Bran says that Cersei is on her list of names. The look on Sansa’s face puzzled me for a minute -because she looks a bit worried, but then she kind of smirks a bit when she asks Arya who else is on her list. Now, I think that the writers want us to think that Sansa suspects she *might* be on that list, but I’m telling you now that’s utter bullshit. Lady Stark has taken over her new role in every aspect and that includes mothering her two younger siblings. I believe her look comes more from a parental place of worrying, and I bet the next few episodes will prove me right -ahem, did I not call the whole Bran is no longer Bran thing last week? Thank you.

As Bran pulls out the dagger and gives it to Arya, this only further confirms my feelings. Immediately, Sansa is suspicious. Why? Because she knows LF better than anyone, and she knows he doesn’t do anything that won’t benefit himself. I suspect she is both worried for her siblings, and thinks LF is trying to sway Bran into taking the Lordship so that he can ask for Sansa’s hand in marriage while Jon’s away. It’s the only thing that makes sense to me in regards to LF visiting Bran earlier in the episode. I also think this is all more fodder for fake ass Starkbowl too -to confuse the viewers.

Some things that stood out in this scene:

  • Bran gives the dagger to Arya. Arya is going to be the one who kills LF -Bran knows, he’s seen it, and that’s why he gives the dagger to her.  
  • My heart -when he says it’s wasted on a cripple and Sansa looks down sadly.  

Okay, our Starklings are headed back within Winterfell, and OMG my heart is exploding! And Brienne’s heart, too! Podrick tells her she kept her vow to Catelyn and she should be proud, and you can tell that she’s not used to being complimented. As usual, LF is creeping in the shadows like the human embodiment of a bloodsucking tick.

Another side note: Podrick is also a precious dewdrop! Put him in the same category with Davos.

Now we’re at Dragonstone ..dun dun dunnn. Sigh, well come on, let’s get it over with. We start this scene with Missandei insinuating that GW kissed the kitty and Jon interrupts them from below to bring Dany into a cave. Well, how clever. *eyeroll* I mean, you seriously have to laugh at that.

Jon wants to show Dany the dragon glass before they begin mining it, and it is quite lovely. Jon tells her he wants to show her something else, and the two of them head farther into the cave alone. Cramped quarters, and Dany seems winded from the walk up, because she’s literally panting. Wtf??

Maybe the airs really thin?

Jon explains that the hieroglyphics on the walls are from the Children of the forest, and Dany seems awed to be standing in the same place. She passes the torch by some stick figures resembling the Children and the first men, and Jon narrates how they fought together against the common enemy, as her torch falls on the drawings of the WW’s.

Ummm …….. no?

I mean, I’m pretty sure the Children made them to kill the first men originally, right? But Jon doesn’t know that, and he needs Dany on his side, so go ahead and improvise Jonny baby. 😉

Now, I’m assuming that this scene was meant to be romantic because of the sudden romantic music playing in the background and the open stares between them in the soft torchlight. Kit’s doing that soft half puppy/half fuck me stare, as Dany sashays slowly towards him.

“I will fight for you. I will fight for the north. When you bend the knee.”

Annnnnnd there goes Jon’s erection. If he had one … hahahahah! He tells her again that he can’t, and then Dany drops the BIGGEST hypocrite bomb EVER - “aren’t his people more important than his pride?” Really? No seriously, REALLY? Who’s prideful here? Someone get that girl a mirror because she has some serious soul searching to do!

But here’s the thing -I went into this scene expecting to be beat over the head with romance tropes and vibes (according to what I’ve seen you all post over the last few days) and I truly didn’t see/feel it. It’s not that I didn’t want to … I was really actually trying to, but I felt more like they were once again trying to show us a juxtaposition on who these two people really are.

They emerge from the cave and Tyrion and Varys have good and bad news -they’ve got Casterly Rock …but not really. Naturally, Dany is pissed. She demands that Jon and Davos remain while she has her tantrum. She implies that Tyrion is working against her, then gazing ominously out to sea at her Dragons says she’s going to fly them to the Red Keep. When Tyrion advises her against it, she asks Jon’s opinion. He doesn’t want to be involved but she insists.

Jon gives her really good advice, actually. He tells her to BE DIFFERENT. He tells her to be what her people think she is, and not just more of the same shit they’re used to. He tells her not to use her Dragons.

Now we’re back to Winterfell and Brienne is training Podrick again. Where’s Brienne’s cheerleader, Tormund? I half expected him to pop out from behind a wagon with heart eyes. lol  Arya wants to train with Brienne -she obviously admires her, and I ship them -my new brotp. 😍

They quick shoot up to Sansa and LF on the battlements and the grain is brought up again. Food is a big theme in this episode, as it’s mentioned in the beginning with Jamie, Dany also mentions feeding her army during her tantrum, and now Sansa, too.

She stops in mid sentence to watch what’s unfolding below with Arya and Brienne. She gets a worried look and side eyes LF when Arya mentions Brienne swore to serve both of Cat’s daughters (again, more writers bait to instill fake mistrust between the sisters -it’s more likely that Sansa mistrusts LF and what’s currently motivating him).

This fight scene is AMAZING! Two strong, beautiful women -individually talented in their own ways …this is the shit I live for!!! Arya looks and moves strikingly like Jon (before he took on Ned’s persona) -(wo)man bun and all!

Again, Sansa with her odd looks, and her side-eyeing of LF …they are laying it on thick.

Also, Gendry better watch out -Podrick’s got some serious heart eyes for Arya.

We head back to Dragonstone, and Davos and Jon are strolling the grounds (aren’t you supposed to be mining, mofo???). Again, I’m going to break away from everyone on the romance vibes here -I think that Davos is being facetious. When he asks Jon what he thinks of Dany, he never tells us what he feels, and when Jon says “she has a good heart”, Davis replies with “yeah, I’ve noticed you’ve been staring at her good heart”, implying that Jon’s been looking at her tits. Where’s the romance in that? That’s not love -that’s physical attraction. Let’s not mix the two just yet.

Jon immediately rebuffs Davos with -“There’s no time for that” the convo switches gears to the NK and how many men they’ve got up north. And then Davos jumps back to “good hearts” deliberately and LOUDLY, as they approach Missandei. This seems odd to me … I’ve already speculated that Jon may go undercover lover on Dany as he did to Ygritte, and many have disagreed with me -but I kind of feel like that might be what they are setting up here …

Missandei greets them “Ser Davos, Lord Snow” -and immediately Davos puts the brakes on that shit, “it’s King Snow, or is it King Jon?” (I love Davos).  We go over the concept of bastard, which leads to how Missandei got to be an advisor to Dany. And here again, I feel is another play on words to show how distrustful of Dany both Jon and Davos are (yet managed to fool everyone into thinking it’s ringing romance bells and trying to convince Jon how precious the D is) -Davos reminds her that she’s still “serving” Dany (reminiscent of what the Masters in Meereen said to GW) as to which Missandei replies that she does it freely. Jon is skeptical (and really, so am I) and asks if she wanted to leave and sail home to Narth tomorrow …? Missandei is insistent that Dany would drop her on a boat and wish her good fortune.

Jon (still skeptical): “you believe that?”  

Ohhh, he struck a nerve. Missandei very passionately declares “she knows it” and says that all who followed her (Dany) from Essos followed her because they believe in Dany and chose her as queen (ya know, except for those who didn’t). Davos says “would you forgive me if I switch sides?” And again, I can’t help thinking  how deliberate that line is -Davos is smart and he’s a good talker (as shown throughout the entire series), and I really feel like he’s playing them. I could be wrong, but my gut is really just telling me that something is off here.

Ahhh, and the scene I’ve been waiting for that conveniently comes after all this fake Dany romance BS -a Greyjoy ship is spotted just off the coast! Props to both my boys here, because they played up the tension and emotional angst nicely. Jon moves forward slowly, and then Theon too.

T: Sansa ….she alright?

The minute her name is on Theon’s lips, Jon’s chest begins to heave and he lunges forward and grabs Theon by the front of his shirt, vehemently stating that “what you did for her is the only reason I’m not killing you.”  

WOOT WOOT the murder kitten strikes again! Kit is sooooo good with these emotional facial scenes, my God! Do any of you really doubt this ship????

Jon is fucking in love with Sansa -it is so clearly evident that when he realizes his Starkcest is showing, he abruptly releases Theon, and shoves him away -just in time to zoom in on Davos, and guys -HE KNOWS! DAVOS KNOWS!!!

He (Davos) cleverly shifts the subject to Theon’s fleet and Yara. Euron’s got her. Theon asks where Dany is and they inform him she’s not there.

We jump back over to Jamie and his troops. They are finishing gathering up the harvest (food again) and Lord Tarly suggests flogging any slackers. Jamie is against this -the writers emphasizing yet again that he’s a good man/leader -which is emphasized FURTHER when he chats with Dickon about his feelings on his first battle. Dickon admits it was hard killing people he literally grew up with, and Jamie shows empathy -“they didn’t deserve to die, but Lady Olenna decided to support the Targaryen girl, so here we are”. Jamie may have been a great warrior, but he despises killing innocents, and in essence, that’s what a lot of these soldiers are -men forced to fight for the ones who rule them, with really no say in the matter. The scene with Arya and the Lannister soldier boys makes so much more sense now.

A side note: Bronn literally laughed out loud at Dickon’s name! lmao

Bronn and Jamie hear hoofbeats, the Dothraki army is coming, and sure enough, Dany’s leading them on Drogon. Now, I’ve seen people’s thoughts on this scene floating around Tumblr for days (TAG YOUR SPOILERS lol), but I was NOT prepared for how visually horrifying it truly was.

Another very important side note: the Khaleesi theme song that’s usually played for most of Dany’s inspiring scenes, has been given a VERY ominous twist. Go back and listen. It’s an important detail that many of you might have missed. 😉

The Lannister army scrambles to make a barrier of shields and Dany literally blows them away, ordering Drogon to dracarys the shit out of them. The Dothraki break through, and while they’re keeping the soldiers busy, Dany rides Drogon up the wagon line, literally torching all the wagons filled with food! WTF??

They have the giant crossbow with them, and Jamie tells Bronn he has to wield it, because you need two hands. Probably thinking that he doesn’t get paid well enough for this bullshit, Bronn races for the weapon, but a Dothraki develops a hard-on for him and gives chase through the burning camp. Bronn loses his horse and his gold, but makes it to the weapon.  Finally riding himself of his Dothraki admirer, he searches the smoke filled sky for Drogon, as Tyrion looks down at the carnage from an overlooking cliff. He has what I perceive to be a regretfully sad/shocked face, as equally sad music plays in the background. The Dothraki warrior beside him comments that “his people can’t fight”.

They zoom in on Jamie watching the soldiers around him burning to death, and then Drogon reappears and is headed straight for him. He yells for his men to take cover, as Bronn releases an arrow and just barely misses the dragon. He reloads, as Dany zeroes in on him, ordering dracarys as Bronn lets the next arrow fly and it hits Drogon under the wing, I think? Drogon is injured, but recovers just in time to stop in front of the weapon and bathe him in fire, as Bronn dives out of harms way.

Drogon lands and smashes the weapon with his tail, and Dany dismounts to pull the spear from him. Jamie sees an opportunity to take Dany out, and like a gallant knight, races towards her, while Tyrion watches from the cliff, pleading for him not to do it. NOT because he cares about Dany -no, his fear is all for his brother here, I’m sure of it.

Unfortunately, Dani and Drogon see him before he gets close enough, and dracarys again -but Bronn leaps out and knocks Jamie off his horse and they both fall into the water and sink below the surface.

The episode ends with Jamie in heavy armor, sinking like a rock to the bottom of the lake.

No guys, Jamie is not dead. Bronn isn’t wearing heavy armor and Bronn will save him. I promise. Jamie’s story isn’t over yet -he’s got a very important role to play in the coming battle ….

A few things to point out that should have been glaringly obvious:

  • Dany didn’t take Jon’s advice. If any of you have any doubts on dark!dany, you can toss them out the window -this episode was in NO WAY intent upon bathing her in a good light.
  • Tyrion is going to jump sides really soon -and probably Varys, too.  
  • Dany just burned most -if not ALL of the harvest, and now we understand the emphasis on food this episode, and the parallel of Sansa who, ya know -actually gives a fuck about feeding her people.  

I have more thoughts on this episode that I’ll share tomorrow, but I know you’ve all been waiting for this a long time. What can I say? I’m thorough, I’m sorry! Thanks for tuning in, and I’ll see you next week with more GoT Afterthoughts.


Starksgiving in the north

It was a bizarre Holiday in the North when the crippled son in the polyamory relationship actually started to look like their mother’s favorite because next to the rest of them, Bran sitting in Meera’s lap while holding Jojen’s hand didn’t even register in Catelyn’s ‘outrageous’ scale.
That’s how awkward Thanksgiving was.

To put it simply, family was family and guest right was a Northern tradition, so everyone the elder Starks considered part of their clan had taken the excuse of Thanksgiving Guest right to introduce their significant others to Ned and Catelyn, mainly because it was the one night nobody could murder anybody else at the dinner table.

So far there were two Lannisters, a Targaryen, one Frey, a wildling and the lovechild of Robert Baratheon….
On a scale of one to ten, Gendry, unsurprisingly, was winning the popularity contest.
“They like you!” Arya smiled proudly squeezing Gendry’s bicep “I knew mom and dad would love you, but it’s nice to have it confirmed, I won’t need to threaten anybody with bodily harm now”

“Your dad offered me a job closer to Winterfell do you think I should take it?” Gendry looked as happy as Arya, in this rag tag group of people it was nice to know he was considered the lesser of all evils “I mean fleabottom gave me my roots but you know me, where you go I go”

“Winterfell? With Jory and dad’s goons patrolling 24/7” Arya snorted “I would rather move to King’s Landing, maybe take up that internship Illirio offered me, no need for you to bend to my dad’s orders”

“Aww does this mean you’re my girlfriend now?” Gendry grinned earning himself a swat in the head from Arya

“Shut up Gendry” Arya snorted then she looked at the imp sitting on her left “Hanging in there professor Tyrion?”

“Absolutely” Tyrion nodded to Arya before turning to his right “Your father looks like he’s on the verge of having a stroke” Tyrion whispered to Sansa from his seat next to her “please tell me he doesn’t have heart problems”  
“After today he might develop some” Sansa replied in the same hush tone “but didn’t worry, he’ll adore you once he gets to know you”

“Before or after your mother murders me?”

Sansa actually paused to think about it “just don’t leave my side for the rest of the night and she won’t have a chance to get you alone”

Tyrion replied something that sounded vaguely like “Thank seven your aunt Lysa isn’t here”

Across from them Danny sent Tyrion a Targaryen glare “If we get out of here alive Jon, I swear I will burn you for talking me into this” Danny hissed picking her fork up “Your aunt is glaring daggers at me and Tyrion was supposed to bail me out, instead I find out he’s here too”

“She glares daggers at everyone, don’t take it personally, my uncle seems to like you” Jon tried to reason with the love of his life “Also you’re not the only one who’s wondering what’s up with Tyrion and Sansa, I’m feeling so betrayed”

“Your uncle just asked me if unionizing the Unsullied was my idea!” Danny grumbled squeezing Jon’s hand angrily “What Masters.ltd was doing with them was slavery, of course unionizing them was the least I could do”

“At least mom hasn’t brought up your exes yet” Robb advised passing the sliced boar to Jon and the peas to Danny “she did with us”

“Yes, I know I’m not a successful Surgeon in Afghanistan but Mrs Stark signing Talisa praises as soon as she saw me was the worst” a jaded Roslin agreed sending Danny a sympathetic look “Thanksgiving with Roose and Walda would have been less painful… even accounting for Ramsey”

“Relax, Aunt Catelyn is just mad that Robb dumped Talisa and stole Roslin from uncle Edmure” Jon snorted refilling Danny’s glass “nothing some ass kissing from Robb won’t cure”

“Wait really you dated his uncle?” Danny perked up with a new appreciation for her boyfriend’s family

“He’s a hot Uncle” Sansa, Arya and Bran chimed in from across the table

“Who’s a hot Uncle?” Catelyn snapped momentarily diverted away from her conversation with Sam and Gilly.
“Uncle Benjen” Robb and Jon replied at the same time sounding eerily like the younger wolves.
Pacified Catelyn muttered a 'cant argue with that’ and turned back to discussing Sam’s plans to legally recognize Gilly’s son as his.
“When in doubt, blame it on the lone ranger” Tyrion raised his cup to Jon, On Danny’s quizzical look he rolled his eyes “You haven’t met Benjen ok, he’s like a male Lyanna Stark, all northern attraction with none of Ned’s calories”

“I would do him” Meera agreed

“Who wouldn’t” Tyrion muttered before Sansa kicked his chair under the table “I mean…” Tyrion coughed “No Sansa I don’t envy Bran or his luck with dating two people of the same family”

“And you better stay that way” Sansa ordered with mock seriousness
From his seat next to their mother little Rickonn took a picture of Tyrion’s puppy face and sent it to Arya with the caption “#totallyWhipped” which made Gendry snicker when he saw it
“It’s all right we all know some Lannisters have weird family proclivities…” Robb side eyed Jamie who was blissfully pretending to not be hearing the conversation while feeding Brienne some cake and looking at her like if she was his personal Azor Ahai  "How in the world did THAT  one get tangled up with the Queen Bitch? Twincest aside, your brother is a big softie"

Tyrion sighed, well at least he hadn’t been the one to say it “Honestly his therapist said he has deeply rooted masochist tendencies that makes him feel attracted to blond women who can’t wait to beat him up” he clarified after a brief hesitation “apparently it’s some subconscious mommy issues”

The whole table went “Ohhh” and a few “I knew it” were directed to Jamie, who now was trying and failing to get a blushing Brienne to hold his hand above the table and in plain view of the Stark matriarch
“I can’t even watch” Tyrion shook his head “have you ever seen a Lannister more besotted?”

“I have” Danny snorts raising a mocking eyebrow at him making Sansa blush.
Next to Brienne, Jamie discreetly rolled his eyes “Wench this is the first time someone has ever roped me into a party just to make Tyrion look good in comparison” he whispered eying Catelyn Stark, who was per usual sniffing disappointedly whenever she looked at him “usually it’s the other way around”
“If I had known that was the plan” Brienne said back “I wouldn’t have asked you to come, I expected this type of subterfuge from Arya, but SANSA?” The Amazon glared at Jamie “Your brother is a terrible influence on her”

“Hey, don’t start blaming Tyrion, I’ll have you know that before this, my brother never, ever, crossed that line with a student and he’s had prettier girls than Sansa try to get into his pants” Jamie returned Brienne’s glare “Your saintly princess probably seduced Tyrion with Stark magic, using the direwolf superpowers that made Raegar screw the country for Lyanna”

“Heard that” Jon muttered rolling his eyes as he always did whenever anybody implied that his mother had been some kind of super seductress “Still don’t believe it”

Brienne ignored Jon and was about to retort something when Ned Stark cleared his throat and decided to put the subject of her conversation in the hotspot.
“So Tyrion, what are your intentions towards my daughter?”

Every single sound in the table died  and Sansa’s grip on the imp’s hand tightened when all eyes swung to Tyrion and her.
But Tyrion pretended that he wasn’t totally intimidated by Ned (being a Lannister had it’s uses when it came to faking bravado) “My intentions are only to make her happy, Sansa is the most wonderful person I’ve ever met”

“Yes she is and as such she should be treated with care and respect don’t you think?” Ned agreed narrowing his eyes
“The highest respect” Tyrion resisted the urge to pull the collar of his shirt, did Sansa’s dad know about the times he slept over at her condo? Did Catelyn?
“Tell me about your job? I heard your profession doesn’t pay as much as it used to in this recession” Ned continued lazily, serving himself more turkey.
Somebody (Roslin) started to cough what appeared to be a very large bone while trying to hide her laughter, Robb sympathetically patted her back under the glaring eyes of his mother while secretly hiding his own smile.

“Which is why I’m planning on retiring from KL.U after this semester and giving my full attention to my position in Targaryen Corporations, we really think that we can do some good in Westeros now that Higharden Grain and Dorne Weaponry are offering Daenerys their sponsorship” Tyrion tried directing the conversation into a topic he was good with.
Sansa and Danny gave Tyrion a look that said 'really?’ to which the imp nodded “That sounds great let me know when we can propose a partnership between the Wildling foundations, Tormund would love to hear from you” Jon like always was one step ahead but his aunt and uncle were like dogs with a bone
“No talking business at the table Jon” Catelyn chided sweetly passing the pumpkin bread
Ned wasn’t deterred “Speaking from experience a job that earns that kind of gold that requires the average man to spend a lot of time away from their loved ones, what did you say you were planning to do about that again?”

Was there no winning with this man? First he implied Tyrion didn’t make enough money to support Sansa, then he was spending too much time caring about money? “Targaryen Corporations is a big operation Mr Stark, I assure you that delegating is not hard when you work with a team like ours” he raised his glass to Danny “That one there is the best judge of character I know”

“What can I say, I want the best results so I hire the best people” Daenerys agreed
“But Sansa is still young, I don’t suppose you can keep up with the pace of a university student all the time can you Tyrion?” Catelyn commented smiling at her daughter indulgently “She still has so much of life to explore”

“On the contrary I think Sansa is one of the few young people I know who is clear about who she wants to be and where she wants her future to go” Tyrion felt the need to clarify in Sansa’s behalf “I’m just lucky enough to be part of that journey”

“And I’m lucky enough to have someone smart and witty to share it with” Sansa said warmly not even bothering to hide how happy his words made her.
And then because Tyrion was a little shit under pressure he thought up the first diversion tactic he could think of before the Starks could grill him more and threw Jamie under the bus “BRIENNE, JAMIE IS PLANNING TO PROPOSE” he burst out which effectively cut off Ned and Catelyn train of thought
“He’s what!?” Brienne and (unsurprisingly) Catelyn Stark gasped at the same time

Seeing that Tyrion’s tactic was working Sansa hurried up to add “Lannister gold with a sapphire… I’ve seen him practice his speech a couple of times when I pick up Tyrion from Jamie’s penthouse”

“You pair of cunts! I was planning to make it special” Jamie groaned “you just ruined my life”

“Relax Kingslayer, She’s going to say yes, it’s not like Brienne is not totally in love with you or something” Arya snorted then reconsidered when Brienne suddenly went red and Jamie’s sad face turned into a gleeful smile “oh shit you didn’t know”
“No he didn’t! Hell "I” didn’t even know until two weeks ago, thank you Arya" Brienne muttered blushing furiously and then because she’d reached her breaking point she took a page out of the Lannister book and turned to Tyrion “Sansa has a a secret collection of Ewok plushies that she keeps in her bedroom because they all remind her of you”
Tyrion choked on his wine “wait what? Sansa is that why you said it was okay if I didn’t shave?”

“Nooo, I swear, ok well, maybe a little” Sansa reminded herself why sharing a condo with Brienne and Arya was the worst idea ever when things like this happened, so out of embarrassment she turned to her sister’s boyfriend “Gendry, that Thor shirt you love so much and you haven’t found for weeks? You didn’t really lose it, Arya stole it from Tobho Mott and uses it to sleep all the time, so saying Bri loves Jamie is like pot meeting kettle”

Gendry’s face went from quizzical to lovesick in five seconds flat “Aw, Arry you do like to see me shirtless, I knew that’s why all my shirts started disappearing”

“I don’t! And that was private Sansa!” Arya snapped defensively, looking for her own target ( hopefully someone who didn’t have dirt on her) and finding it in Robb who really had no business laughing the way he was “Roslin, old Walder didn’t have a flat tire on my dad’s last name day, he was just to embarrassed to show up with a black eye after Robb punched him bloody for calling you a useless ho”

“Maester Tam told me father had to go to the hospital for internal bleeding, I can’t believe it was you” Roslin groaned bringing her hands to her face “that explains why Fat Walda is the only one who will talk to me these days”
“He deserved it and I don’t regret it” Robb pouted unapologetically “besides it’s nothing compared to what Jon did to Daario Naharis last week, at least I didn’t humiliate someone on national TV out of pure unadultered jealousy” and That’s when Robb heard Danny break her wine glass
“You said it was a friendly duel on TV Jon, you said that it was all for charity! I knew it was a dick measuring contest goddamit, I should have said no when Daario goaded you into it” Daenerys said mortified, looking apologetically at Ned and Catelyn “I told him it was wrong to use his longsword”

Jon who 'just came out to have fun and was now feeling so attacked’ really didn’t know how Thanksgiving had gotten so out of hand but he knew who’s fault it was so he glared at Tyrion “Sansa, Tyrion writes sappy songs about you all the time and plays it in his place when you’re not around, it’s really sappy, terribly tooth rotting music that would hurt a self respecting male’s ears…In case you’re wondering why I don’t crash at his place anymore”

Sansa’s face lit up “Tyrion you sing?…”

“No way, no, I’m not doing it”

Meanwhile Ned and Catelyn exchanged tired glances as the bickering continued "Where did I go wrong in raising them?” Catelyn muttered taking a sip of wine
“Let them be Cat, this is the most entertaining family get together we’ve had in ages” Ned chuckled thanking the seven for his wonderful family.
Yes this was what Thanksgiving was all about, family, honesty and a lot of love…even if his kids were one mashed potato away from a food fight, Ned wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

An: HAPPY THANKSGIVING people that celebrate it, a note about Robb, normally I ship MargaeryxRobb, but Marg is the Type of wife that would make a good political ally while Roslin would actually be more comfortable backing Robb in the middle of a family squabble, because she’s a Frey and really compared to her family everyone is super normal.  So yay for Roslin! If you ship her and Robb, please tell me what’s their ship name.

anonymous asked:

Grrm made a point of declaring that fair-skin, Auburn hair and blue eyes are a Tully trait. And then say that all the Stark children inherited the Tully traits from Cat, with the exception of Arya. Since I've seen the illustrations of icesalamander (I did not know I needed until I see it) I can not stop thinking that House Stark has more Inuit references than Slavs. (or at least I have this as a headcanon) [1/3]

My questions are, do you think the Starks are poc, or at least Ned maybe? As far as I can remember, Ned, Jon or Arya are not referred to as having fair skin. And do you have any thoughts or headcanon about some traits Jon inherited from Targaryen? Not so much related to fire, but something of the sort, the pouting of Rhaenyra, or perhaps something of Queen Mariah or Dyanna, or I do not know, the curls of Rhaella? Or Egg’s easy tan? [2/3]

I really love your writing, both, meta and fics. And I’m really interested in your opinions. And I have to confess that I read your work to train my English. So, thank you very much for the effort be, with metas, fics or answering questions. [3/3]

Hello, and thank you for the kind words!

As far as race in ASOIAF goes, it can’t really be said that “this group is this real-life race/ethnicity”. There are certainly real life influences for a lot of these races and cultures in ASOIAF (i.e. Yi Ti is influenced by Chinese culture, Dorne is influenced by MENASA culture, the Summer Islanders are black, etc) and what makes a person a “person of color” in Westeros has more to do with geography and Rhoynish/Essosi influence. Best example I can think of are the Dornish, who despite descending from the Andals and the First Men like the rest of Westeros, owe a lot of their ethnic and racial makeup as well as culture to the Rhoynar, something no other people in Westeros can claim. This intermarriage with the Rhoynar is part of why dark- and olive-skinned Dornishmen exist today– so there is an aspect of colorism that also serves to other the Dornish.

It is worth noting that the Andals, who make up much of the ethnic makeup of the south of the Neck, also once hailed from Essos– but the difference here lies in the fact that they make up most of Westeros, particularly the South. Therefore, the Andals are the dominant ethnic group in the south, though their influence exists north of the Neck, just as First Men influence exists south of the Neck. As we’ve seen, most non-Dornish Westerosis are fair-skinned (I mean, some of them are tan I guess, but I digress), and there are a lot of light hair and eye colors amongst them. There lacks any basis of colorism amongst both the First Men and the Andals because they are the dominant groups; therefore whoever doesn’t look like them, or talk like them, or act like them are considered foreign.

The Northmen are by and large descended from the First Men (also theorized to come from Essos), whose influence is strongest in the North, but being descended from the First Men isn’t seen as a foreign ethnicity, nor are their physical characteristics described as being different from those who descended from the Andals. I mean, as their name implies, the First Men settled first, and they were not ousted, so Westeros is their country as much as anyone else’s. There are differences in culture and religion, certainly. The northmen have been described as “savages” by southerners in the past due to their martial skill, their religion, and so on, but there’s nothing physically that sets apart a northmen from a southerner.

I’m setting up a lot of background here just to say this: if the northmen were “people of color”, GRRM would have described them as such. Unfortunately in GRRM’s writing, the default is usually our world’s version of white unless specifically said or insinuated otherwise. This is why we know that Dornishmen can be dark- or olive-skinned, why we know that the Dothraki are dark-skinned, why we know the Summer Islanders are “ebony-skinned”, and so on and so forth.

Of course, ethnicity in the real world is more than skin-deep but in ASOIAF we can assume fairly easily that despite the cultural differences between the First Men and the Andals, they are racially similar enough to where their differences would only lie in culture and who they can claim they are descended from. The people who claim to descend from the First Men or the Andals don’t regard themselves as coming from Essos; meanwhile the Dornish’s Rhoynish influences are considered foreign because of the big differences in culture, customs, and race. The fact that everyone north of Dorne has either heard or practiced some form of racism against the Dornish is proof enough of that.

I know Robb was noted to have the “fair skin” of the Tullys, and Jon is “dark” where Robb was “fair”, but this descriptor only ever appears once, and alongside another descriptor that only appears once, where Bran describes Jon as having eyes that were “a grey so dark they seemed almost black”. Jon’s eyes from that point on will only ever be regarded as grey, not “almost black”. So this fair/dark descriptor might not actually have to do with skin color, but with appearances in general: Robb has lighter hair and eyes, Jon has darker hair and darker eyes.

Moreover, their skin color is never mentioned by any outside POVs as being darker. Catelyn doesn’t say anything about Ned having darker skin, Arya doesn’t mention her own skin color when describing how different she is from Sansa, Sansa doesn’t mention it, Jon doesn’t mention it, Tyrion doesn’t mention it, no one mentions it. It’s more likely that the Tullys are just paler than most other people, not necessarily that the Starks are darker than most. 

Despite all this, y’all know I hate canon and how it deals with race and ethnicity, so I’m down for basically any headcanon out there in regards to race. I love @icesalamander and @eliyadoodles‘s tan Starks, I love Chinese Starks, and I love Inuit Starks (you’re not the first to suggest this btw!). I’m here for all it.

Onto the second part, of what Targ features Jon may have inherited, I really do believe he inherited very little from his Targ side when it comes to physical appearances. He has the dark hair, grey eyes, and lean build of the Starks, which leaves very little else for him to inherit. I love Kit Harington’s curls, but Jon Snow is not a curly boy, and his body doesn’t get enough sun to judge his ability to tan lol (tho tbf, Egg had Dornish genes so he wouldn’t have burned anyways). He even has Ned’s mannerisms and apparently makes faces that are Very Ned, he’s not noted to be tall like Targ men usually are… I mean, the boy is 100% Stark in appearances and personality. His mama’s genes strongarmed the hell out of Rhaegar’s genes (and that’s how I like it).

In the midst of Winter (2/?)

Fandom: Game of Thrones / Jonerys. Genre: Drama / Romance. Rated: M. Also on: fanfiction.net and Ao3

Summary: The great war is coming. But it’s not so easy to focus on it when you’re overwhelmed by revelations and love …

You can find chapter 1 here

Guys, thank you so much for all the likes and comments on the first chapter. Your encouragment really means so much to me! I’m sorry it took me a while to get the second chapter out. But I hope the length will make up for it. I hope you’ll like this one too :-)

Chapter 2: Winterfell

The snowflakes drifted to the ground in a wild dance, sticking almost invisible to Dany’s white winter coat and her silver hair. They’ve been on the road for days now, riding through the landscape which was mostly hidden beneath a white blanket of snow.

Winter was here. No doubt about that.

With it came the cold and soon the undead, but still it looked marvelous. But the most marvelous sight was the man beside her. Covered in his thick fur coat, snow shining like bits of bright ash in his dark hair and an upright position on his horse’s back he looked all like the Northern King he was. Since they’ve been on the mainland she yearned for him and his touches. They’d slept several times together on the ship but since they traveled by horse it was difficult to steal some private moments. Someone was always watching, especially Jorah, Davos and Tyrion who eyed them with interest. They had probably already discovered what was going on between their King and their Queen. But nevertheless Jon and Dany decided to keep a low profile. They didn’t exactly want to keep it a secret but they didn’t intend it to be the center of attention either. With that would came questions they didn’t know the answers to. Not yet or at least they weren’t ready to speak them out loud. The only thing regarding Jon that she was absolutely sure of was, that she was madly in love with him. Some days this feeling still took her by surprise. For example when they hid in a corner to steal a kiss. Wasn’t that the behavior of lovesick children? Was that how rulers should act in a time of war?

But it just didn’t feel wrong. Quite the opposite, being with him felt good. Like she was finally at a place where she belonged.

All her life she had longed to return to Westeros thinking that it would mean to return home and when she set foot on Dragonstone’s shore a voice in her mind whispered the liberating word to her. Home.

But now, when she was with Jon, not just in a physical way but also when they talked, laughed, even argued, the whispers started again. Home.

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Two Wars Two Babies (10 - Final)

“When you were up on The Wall, could you have ever dreamed of a day like this?”

Jon shook his head, his long locks still dripping from a fresh wash. “Of course not.”

Dany laughed lightly, avoiding the spray. “I did.” She considered her husband. “Well, somewhat.”

“Somewhat.” Jon lifted an eyebrow at the remark.

“Did I think I would marry the King in the North? Or give birth in Winterfell?” She repositioned herself so that Jon sat in front of her on the bed, and she knelt behind him. She kissed a bare shoulder. “Life brought wonderful surprises.”

“We could have stayed in Winterfell,” Jon attempted to turn around, but Dany yanked on his hair. “Ow!”

“Don’t move. I’m fixing it.” With deft movements, she plaited tiny braids pulling some of the hair away from his face, but allowing most of the curls hang free. “Don’t worry. You’re still a wolf,” she said, referring to his hair. “And anyway, we’ll return to Winterfell plenty. But it’s important that our presence is felt here, especially with so many changes.”

Ever the strategist, Jon thought.

An Unsullied opened the door, ushering in a nursemaid with a baby on her hip.

“Hello, Romi,” Dany acknowledged the woman as she took the small child. Then she gushed, “Hello, my boy!”

The little boy with silver blond curls grinned at his mother. He showed his new bottom two teeth in an otherwise toothless grin. Dany buried her nose in his hair. “He smells lovely, Romi!”

The woman curtseyed. “Yes your Grace, all fresh and ready for his first name day.”

Dany smiled at Jon, who had just finished dressing. “Yes, yes. Me too,” he said.

The rebuild of the castle had taken a full year. But it was an opportunity to make it in a new image. The destruction caused by the dragon in the capture of Circei had rendered it unlivable. So when the builders requested designs from the Queen, she described what she wanted. It was still large and lush, but the rooms were much warmer and much more intimate. Most windows peered into courtyards filled with gardens, many containing lemon trees. And, the castle had a great big, red door.

The Iron Throne remained, though there was much debate about it. In the end, Dany decided that to her, it had been a focal point, even when she was thousands of miles away. It was a reminder of the past, and a warning of what could be, if power was wielded ruthlessly. So, she kept it.

Other beautiful thrones sat around it, diminishing its severity. Jon sat in one, as did Tyrion or Davos or Missandei. Sometimes little Aedon did - as he did today. He climbed, gnawed on the armrests while teething, and curled up in a ball at the lowest slope of a seat, only to climb up again. Jon typically found it a welcome distraction from political affairs.

On this day, tables had been set throughout the hall so that guests could enjoy food and entertainment while the traditional presentations of gifts went on. It was considerate of the Queen; in the past, namedays had been an endurance test for the court. But today felt like a real celebration. Music and food filled the space. Friends and allies approached the royal family offering pledges, trinkets, oaths to the tiny boy.

Davos came forward with a wooden box. “I’ve worked on these since that day you first told me,” he said gruffly to Jon. He opened the box before Aedon, and inside was a large collection of wooden toys: wolves and dragons of various sizes, painted in bright colors. The baby reached a tiny fist, and Jon picked out a white wolf for the boy.

“Look there! It’s Ghost!” He said.

Aedon promptly put the toy in his mouth.

Davos chuckled heartily. “As it should be.”

“Thank you, friend. Truly,” Jon said.

Sansa approached eventually, bringing with her an enormous tapestry. Clegane and Romi offered to help unfold it, so that everyone could admire the gift.

“It’s our family trees,” Sansa explained, though the explanation wasn’t really necessary. Names and branches, wound, intertwined, and occasionally broken: Starks, Targaryens, Snow. The work was fine, and the story of the lives unfolded in achingly beautiful artistry.

“Amazing, Sansa. Really, it is,” Jon said.

Sansa narrowed her eyes mischievously. “And, I can always visit from the north to add to it, should the need arise.”

Jon narrowed his eyes back at her. “Sit down, Sansa.” They both laughed.

“Me next!” shouted Arya. She and Gendry made their way to the thrones. Dany gave Jon a meaningful look and he gave one in return.

“The most important item Aedon will ever own,” Arya said. Gendry pulled out a two-handed double-edged longsword.

“Gods, that is huge, Arya! Are you giving that thing to a baby?” Jon laughed.

Arya shrugged. “Much better than a dumb old curtain, or whatever.”

Gendry interrupted, sensing Sansa’s rage. “Obviously, it’s for the future. But I swear, it’s the finest thing I’ve made.” He leaned in to the king and lowered his tone, “lets take it and test it later, yeah?”

Jon gave an imperceptible nod of agreement. Gendry continued, “in the meantime, I also made this.”

From his pocket, he pulled a thick wooden dagger, begging for teething gums. Aedon obliged.

Sam pushed Bran forward in his wheeled-chair, as the last to present a gift. Bran started, “Your Grace, it was two Wars I saw for you, you recall.”

Dany replied, “yes. I shall never forget those wars. One of the dead, and one of the living.”

Bran continued, barely registering Dany’s response. “Two babies, also I saw.”

“Aedon, here, and the monstrosity Qyburn had made for Cirsei.”

Sam interjected. “Well see, that’s what I thought, too, your Grace. But here’s the thing. It wasn’t a baby at all, was it?”

Dany shuddered to remember. “Well, no.”

Sam went on. “So, I was visiting the Prince’s Palace up at Winterfell last month, just pacing it now that your dragon has a keep down here. And, well, I found this.”

On Bran’s lap sat a heavy cloak, and when he unwrapped it, he revealed a shimmering black dragon’s egg.

“Funny thing about dragons. I’ve never read about how to check if they’re girls. I think this is that other baby.”

Dany’s eyes went wide, and her throat tightened. “Thank you. Oh, thank you so much for this.”

She picked up her son, who dropped his little dagger. They made their way down the steps, and Dany took the egg from Bran. Jon followed behind, a heat spreading through his chest at the sight.

“This is your dragon, Aedon. And you are a dragon,” Dany whispered to the boy. He reached his little arms around the egg, and laid soft cheek against its scaly warmth.

The gifts done, the family opened the red door to greet the masses. All of the city seemed to have gathered to wish the beloved child a blessed nameday. Dany raised a hand so that she could speak, while Jon held the child so that he could be seen.

“We have endured so much and yet today is a day of so much joy. In Aedon, we find the best of our shared history and the hope for the future of Westeros. Thank you for celebrating his nameday with us.

And now, a gift for you: I once said that I would break the wheel. That I am the freer of slaves and that no one should be crushed under an inherited passage of power. It is why representatives of all birthright sit on my council. But most of all, it is in that spirit that I rename this city People’s Landing.”

A roar so mighty rose up that Jon instinctively covered Aedon’s ears. Dany reached for his hand though, and they stood there, together. The little royal family took in the crowd before them, their new home, their new life. Dany noticed that the lemon trees in front of the castle had tiny white flowers on them.

Spring had come.

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Chapter 9

I got bored at work again and started thinking about how everyone thinks that Jeyne Poole is important to Sansa’s story in that Sansa needs to find out what Littlefinger did to her in order for Sansa to break free from Littlefinger’s grasp, betray him, etc. But I actually think that it will have nothing to do with Sansa and Littlefinger and her story arc is more important to Arya’s regaining of her identity instead. Read more, because holy shit it got long on me.

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Wicked Game

Hiiii, I’m back! Since I’m stuck in my house rn I can only sit around and write and edit stuff… So here’s a Jonerys one-shot inspired by Wicked Game(you know the song let’s make it the offical Jonerys anthem), so um read this if you want to and tell me what you think, send me suggestions, ideas requests, I’m up for anything really…

The world was on fire and no one could save me but you.

Jon Snow liked to think he’s a reasonable man. Today, he was not certain if he was a fool or an idiot. Walking along the shores of an island that was once the ancient seat of the house that once brought Westeros to its knees, he was greeted by Tyrion Lannister and a woman he had never seen in his life before. He climbed the stairs of Dragonstone and was, ironically, almost eaten by a dragon. Tyrion joked how they never eat Northerners because their meat is too tough even for a dragon, sparking a laugh from Davos. Whether he likes it or not, he must persuade Daenerys Targaryen to help him with her armies and dragon fire, or else they will be lost. They’ve gotten off to a rocky start, but the day she promised him to kill the Night King in the small cabin of a ship, he knew he’d never be able to repay the debt.

It’s strange what desire will make foolish people do.

-Dragonglass? Why would anyone need dragonglass? –

-Apparently, it kills White Walkers.-

She shook her head.

-We just lost two of our allies!-

-HE might be a potential ally, my Queen! Give him something by giving him nothing!-

Daenerys looked through the windows. She tried her best to understand that odd man who calls himself King in the North. He was like an enigma that had no solution, she felt like she’s stuck in a never-ending mental battle with him. And now he wants to mine dragonglass? What is wrong with him? She did the math and realized that she has nothing to lose. She’d remember her decision the day we killed a walker to protect her with a spear made out of the particular stone. She knew he could have died and that rushing to save someone that way is the doing of either a madman or a man in love.

I never dreamed that I’d meet somebody like you.

He grabbed her wrist and carefully guided her toward the cave paintings. No man has ever been allowed to touch her like that. And he even walked behind her, guiding her! Inhaling his scent, she was almost dizzy. His words woke her up from her slumber and they looked up and stared at the carvings. She could feel his eyes on her and she had to use every fiber in her body to resist the urge to look back at him. If I look back, I am lost.

And I never dreamed that I’d lose somebody like you.

Sitting in front of the room where Catelyn Tully, Lyarra Stark and countless other Ladies of Winterfell have given birth, Jon was on the edge. He was not allowed in the birthing chamber, only to be shaken by his wife’s screams. The Silver Queen’s voice echoed through the house of the old Kings of Winter. Jon could have sworn that even they are trembling now in their graves. Arya poked him about becoming a father, reminding him that he doesn’t even know what a diaper looks like. Sansa told her to stay silent in this scary moment. Jon knew the truth. The birthing bed was a woman’s battlefield and he knew that many women lost their fights, one of them being his grandmother, Lady Lyarra. He remembered how Daenerys’ mother died and he couldn’t take it anymore. He ran into the room, Sansa and Arya following him. Dany was sweating, her forehead glistening. She was panting and looked at the end of her strength. 

-Just one more push, my Queen! I can see the head! - The midwife shouted.

-Your Grace, you might want to leave… This is a difficult time for her… - Said the other midwife while putting down the warm water and a towel.

-No, I shall never leave her… - Like in a trance, he walked over and took her hand, kneeling beside the bed. She saw him through a fog of tears and sweat and smiled. He kissed her hand and whispered the words of thanks and love. Sansa rolled up her sleeves and took of her cape and started heating the additional water herself. Arya started heating up a blade. Daenerys screamed for a final time and she was joined by their baby’s scream. Jon smiled and Sansa and Arya hugged each other. But Dany just close her eyes. Jon felt cold sweat on his brow and started shaking her.

-Dany! No, no, wake up! You have to meet our baby! Dany! Wake up!-

For 5 minutes, the room was frozen. The only sounds were the screams of father and child, which woke the dragon up. She opened her eyes and started panting.

-Water! Bring her some water! - Sansa gave him a cup and he helped her drink.

He kissed her brow and she smiled weakly at him.

-He’s perfectly healthy. Congratulations!-

Dany picked the little boy up. He was pale and soft, with light hair and soft features. He was still wrinkled and red, but he was the most beautiful little sight Jon has ever seen. Sansa and Arya both smiled at the new family.

-Hello, little one… - Said Dany. She gave him to Jon and his eyes started tearing up. They had their little moment together and then Dany looked up at the girls and she waved them to come closer.

-Would you like to hold him?-

-I never held a baby… - said Sansa fidgeting the edges of her belt.

-Neither have I. Come, I’ll help you. –

Dany took their baby from Jon and carefully put him into Sansa’s arms.

-I hope he grows up and doesn’t mope like Jon. – Said Arya staring at him. Jon pretended to be offended for a moment. He leaned on Dany and whispered into her ear.

-Thank you. I would have never forgiven myself had something happened to you.-

No, I don’t want to fall in love (this girl is only gonna break your heart)

She was a sky full of stars and he was the stargazer on the ground, watching her, soaking in her beauty. She turned around, the wind messing up her otherwise perfect pleats and braids and just smiled at him. She was beautiful, and her eyes were kind. He was washed over by this sensation of peace, security and warmth. As death has been cold, oh so cold, her hands were warm. That had been their first kiss, first of many. He was barely walking now, feeling himself slip into the indulgence and selfishness to fall in love and a time like this. If he’s going to die, at least he could say he died as a man in love.

No, I don’t want to fall in love (this girl is only gonna break your heart)

“Three fires must you light: one for life and one for death and one to love… three mounts must you ride: one to bed and one to dread and one to love… three treasons will you know: once for blood and once for gold and once for love…”

For love? What was that even? She may have felt something for the Great Khal once, but the rest of them weren’t even worthy. Was she unworthy of love? She recalled her dreams about a young lover, or the pained looks Jorah Mormont would give her once in a while, making her heart ache because she knew she’d never love him in the way he wants to. She stared at the man lying next to her, soundly asleep, dark curls tumbling down his forehead. The only love she truly ever understood was the love for her children and the thought of losing them killed her. He crawled into her heart without a warning, taking up more space than she ever believed someone could. Tears formed in her eyes on the thought of losing him. And he was such a beautiful man, inside out. He had these fine, sharp, noble features and the darkness of the Starks. He was the one thing she could have never predicted or seen coming and she knew she’d fight ferociously for her love. It felt like two disparate pieces finally came together, the ice to her fire, the calm to her storm… She kissed him while he was asleep. No one will take this moment away.

With you, with you (this girl is only gonna break your heart)

Standing in that small cave and directly into her eyes, Jon had to fight every urge to kiss her and take her, right there. Thankfully, the flaming torch prevented him of tasting her lips. Dany looked him in the eyes. The deep darkness sucked in her in and she never wanted to get out.

What a wicked game you play to make me feel this way.

What a wicked thing to do, to let me dream of you.

What a wicked thing to say, you never felt this way.

What a wicked thing to do, to make me dream of you

Tyrion was tired of their little games. In fact, he was beyond them. The two monarchs constantly argued about ridiculous things, always biting at each other like dogs, as if they are ready to either fight or fuck.

The King in the North got up and wanted to break some important news.

-I have to say something you will disagree with…-

-Since when do you ask?-

The Hand of the Queen yelped. Davos Seaworth just chuckled.

-Anyway, I don’t think transporting the food by White Harbor is safe. The ships will be too easy to intercept. We need to think of another way to transport them. –

She tapped the carvings on the table. Jon, who was sitting next to Dorne, walked over to Eastwatch, where Dany was sitting.

-Karhold, is of course, too far, the grain could freeze. I know White Harbor is the best option, but raiding is too easy at this proximity.-

-And what do you propose instead? That we somehow sail around the continent?-

-No, that would take up too much time and it would mean passing next to King’s landing… -

-What if we were to mask our ships with foreign flags? No one can attack a ship from Bravoos or Pentos, especially considering the fact that Cersei own large sums to the Iron Bank.-

-And Euron? He doesn’t care about the flags, he will plainly simply raid them, no matter who the captain is.-

-What do you want me to do? To escort your ships with my dragons?-

-No, that would be ridiculous. My step-uncle, Endmure, has retaken the Riverlands. We can transport them by land, all we need is wagons.-

-And those won’t be easy to intercept?-

They broke into an argument. Again. In the end, Tyrion proposed a solution. The ships will harbor in the Vale of Arryn by secret, carrying neutral flags. There the food will be distributed through the northern territories by the Manderlys and Karstarks.

At dinner, both of them were silent. Daenerys was tumbling the food on her plate and Jon was just drinking water. Tyrion tried to break the ice by telling a joke or two, but alas, it was helpless. The next two days were filled with silence and angry stares while the Northerners continued to mine. Jon was overlooking the mining, accompanied by Davos.

-Your Grace! – shouted a man downstairs.


-There’s a bloody heavy rock, we don’t know how to move it. I mean we know, but we need more men.-

-Oh, seven hells… You’re testing me, aren’t you? - He said, looking up at the sky.

Davos chuckled.

-Seems like you will need to make peace with your lady wife.-

-She is not my lady wife!-

-Forgive me, your queen-wife.-

Jon just walked away and went straight to the Imp.

-You see, I want to help you. But I don’t speak Dothraki and they are complex people, as they follow strength and their worthy Khal, as you see.-

-And who is their Khal?-

-You know the answer. Oh, stop brooding! Talk to her! She isn’t as hostile as one would think!-

And he had to knock on the doors of her chambers. He heard a muttered enter and went in carefully. He was greeted by a room that must have belonged to Aegon the Conqueror himself, because it was large and grand. She was wearing a simple, rosy robe. Her hair was down and it was wet, probably because she just took a bath. He felt a bit uncomfortable talking to an almost naked woman, but it had to do.

-I came to ask of something of you.-

She leaned on the arm on her chair, causing the robe to slip a bit, revealing her breast partially.


-I need help. Men, people… Just to move a large rock from the cave.-

He turned his head to the fireplace, but it wasn’t working. Why was it so hot there?

-Ask Missandei to talk to the Dothraki. I saw them once or twice using a complex system of ropes to erect statues twice the size of a horse.-

-The Dothraki rely on their horses for everything? And would you mind opening a window? It’s very warm here…-

-They respect a god called the Great Stallion, they live, make love and die on their horses… They have no problem with nudity, death, intercourse in public… My first wedding gift from my husband was a white horse. Khals never cut their hair, except when they’re defeated. –

She walked over and opened the window, causing the light to illuminate her body, making the thin robe almost see-through. It was too warm now. She turned back to her chair, crossing her legs.

-Anything else?-

-Thank you again. And I wanted to apologize for the things I said two days ago…-

-I appreciate you much more now, Jon Snow. Most people would apologize first and then ask me for something. Thank you for being honest.-

The robe was now dangerously low on her shoulders. He knew if he’d stayed one minute more in there, he’d pass out from the heat. He thanked her again and left.

That night, he dreamt that she actually took of her robe, and climbed on top of him. He was sweaty and tired and just realized he hadn’t had dreams like this since he was a boy. He groaned into his pillows, cursing the wicked Daenerys Targaryen and her thin robes.

Nobody loves no one.

In one of his dreams, she brought him blue winter roses and told him how much she loved him, he hadn’t had the courage yet to say those words to her. That morning, he woke up early and plucked a small dozen for her and put them on her bedpost. With a war coming, at least this would brighten the day. She smiled at them and picked them up, inhaling their scent.

-Is this the first time you’ve seen flowers like these?-      

-I don’t think so… Oh wait, I did. In the House of the Undying. But that was a long time ago…-

He looked at her puzzled.

-It’s a long and tiresome story… But thank you, these are beautiful, I love them.-

-And I love you…-

She looked up from her bouquet and kissed him.

-I love you too.-

You’ll Always Be Beautiful To Me (Robb Stark)

PromptI was thinking about Sansa Scars left by Joffrey and his knights, and I was wondering what if Reader has it too?! So, if you could write a piece for Robb taking care of reader’s scars after saving her from the Lannisters, or whom you may choose, and telling her to not be ashamed by it. Please? With lots of sadness and fluffy comfort, and a slightly kiss and he being lovely and adorable even with reader in pain and crying. - Anonymous

Word Count: 2460

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Anonymous asked: Can I get a Podrick Payne x Reader where the two have to run errands for Tyrion and Sansa and some fluff happens because Pod needs some love.

I do not own Podrick, Sansa or Tyrion. They belong to George R.R. Martin.


Pairings/Characters: Podrick Payne x reader; mentions of Sansa and Tyrion.

Originally posted by sweetorganza

“Y/N, I require a few things from the market today,” Lady Sansa told you, handing you a list of the items she needed. “Of course, My Lady.” You bowed and left the young lady’s chambers, making your way to the gate of the Red Keep. You were studying the list carefully and didn’t notice anyone else around until you ran into something solid. “Are you alright, Y/N?” your friend, Podrick Payne asked you. You nodded. “Forgive me, Pod. I wasn’t looking where I was going.” Podrick smiled at you sweetly.

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Reliable Sources

Final submission for Jonery Week, thanks for reading! You can also read it here on AO3.

Daenerys was feeling strangely, had for almost the entire fortnight she’d been at Winterfell and couldn’t understand why. At first, she thought that maybe it was the food, after all she wasn’t used to the Northern style food. She had adapted rather quickly to any food after a fews in the past and the food of Essos was much richer and spicier than anything she had tasted in the North. When she made this comment to Jorah, he had laughed and said he had actually felt the same way when he first went to Essos and it would just take some time. She had asked the Maester for a few things to help and she had started to find more of the options agreeable, but she was still getting sick at least once a day.

She was starting to think it was something other than the food that was wrong, she wasn’t sure why the stress would suddenly start affecting her in such a way. She had been living in a state of constant stress for almost her entire life, with only brief moments of respite. No, she was going to trust the Maester and ask him to check her for illness. She would of no use to anyone, especially not Jon, if she was ill when the Night King finally brought his army down to Winterfell. The chances of them winning were already slim and they would be even worse if she wasn’t well enough to fly with the dragons. They would still fight without her, but she was a guiding force that could direct their passions where they needed to be.

Her walk through Winterfell toward the tower where the Maester worked from was not a long one but she still wished it was shorter. Her nausea was making it difficult to keep even the simplest foods down today and she was feeling a bit tired because of it. But she hadn’t wanted to cause any alarm by sending a guard or servant to fetch the man for her. No, that wouldn’t do, Jon and Tyrion were already starting to get a bit worried. Despite her assurances that it was just the combination of the unfamiliar food and the coming war with the dead.

A figure was coming down the hallway toward her, tall and with a red aura around where the head should be. It was then that Daenerys realized that her eyesight was going blurry and she placed a steadying hand against the wall.

“Your Grace, are you alright?” She heard a voice ask, distantly her mind told her it was Sansa.

She tried to focus on the woman, she could feel a hand resting on her shoulder, but everything was a blur, “I need to sit down.” She whispered before slowly collapsing on the floor, hands helping to steady her descent.

“I am going to go find Jon and Maester Wolken.” Sansa told her, and Dany could hear the concern in her voice, which she found surprising.

Dany gripped her arm, “No. I will be fine, I just need to get back to my chambers.” She told her with shaking breaths.

“You are not fine Your Grace, you need to be tended to by the Maester.” Sansa said, the authority of being the Lady of Winterfell shining through, “I can help you to your rooms but I will be sending the Maester to you.”

She wanted to argue with the girl, but she had been on her way to see the Maester herself, so she simply nodded and tired to support some of her own weight as Sansa helped her stand. She was leaning heavily on the taller girl as she escorted her back to her room, which Dany really thought should have taken longer. Sansa carefully helped lower Daenerys onto her bed, and Dany stopped the girl before she could leave, “Please Sansa. Don’t tell anyone about this but the Maester.”

Sansa stiffened a bit under her hand, and Dany realized she had never called her anything but Lady Stark before, but her truename seemed right in Dany’s hazed mind. A hand rested on top her other one, “I will keep this between us, Your Grace.”

“Thank you.” Daenerys let out with a sigh and finally let her eyes close as her hand feel to her side. She didn’t even hear Sansa leave before she allowed the fuzziness around her to take her under.

She woke up feeling a gentle hand shaking her arm, “Your Grace? Your Grace? Daenerys?”

“Hmm.” She said as she opened her eyes, the blurring image of Sansa appearing, as well as a larger, darker shape to her side.

“Maester Wolkin is here to check on you.” Sansa told her, her voice much gentler than Dany could remember it even being while in her presence before.

Daenerys was surprised at how comforting she finding having Sansa with her, as the girl was often just glaring at her and using a hard tone when around her. Dany knew she did approve of  her brother making an alliance with her, and perhaps suspected that more was going on between them. The truth was, as soon as the battle with the dead was over, Dany was planning on marrying Jon, making him her King.

When Dany didn’t speak further, just nodded her understanding, Sansa moved to sit up from the bed but Dany stalled her once again, “Thank you.”

“Of course Your Grace. I will leave you to your privacy.” Sansa responded quickly before leaving the room.

As soon as the door was shut, the Maester began asking his questions while checking her over. Dany couldn’t help but notice how nervous the man seemed to be and knew it was because she was the Queen. After near a half hour passed before the man feel silent. He had forced Daenerys to drink some water and eat some dry bread, which had helped her head to feel less lightheaded and her eyes to properly focus once more.

She couldn’t take his silence after a while and asked, “Well, do you know what could be ailing me?”

He startled at her voice, obviously not expecting her query, “I….I believe I do Your Grace.”

She waited for him to continue, but the nerves seemed to take him over, “Will it pass?” When he did not answer her right away, she asked,  “Should I start planning my funeral? What is wrong with me?”

He looked around the entire room before coming back to her, “I know that Your Grace said it was an impossibility but all signs point to you being pregnant.”

Daenerys looked at him with anger, and he took a step back from her. She closed her eyes to calm herself before looking at him again, “I cannot be with child, I was told it was impossible for my womb to quicken ever again. There must be some other explanation.”

“I can think of none Your Grace.” He told her, “All of your symptoms express that you are with child. Along with the slight swell of your belly and the tenderness of your breasts. I have seen many a woman with child in my years as a Maester.” He seemed to have gained some confidence when he finally said, “Perhaps you were misinformed about your infertility.”

“That will be all Maester Wolkin, thank you.” She dismissed him, but stopped before he opened the door, “Not a word of this is to be spoken to anyone.”

“Of course Your Grace.” He said quickly and disappeared out the door, shutting it behind him.

Daenerys opened her robe and placed a hand over her exposed belly, studying it carefully. She could see know the slight bulge that beginning to take hold, not even noticeable unless one was looking for it. Her hand she brought up to her breasts and again, they had gained a bit in size and were tender to the touch. She actually hadn’t thought much of it when the Maester had gently touched them earlier and she told him about it. She dropped her hand to join the the other on her stomach.

“What I fool I have been.” She whispered into the empty room as tears started to fall from her eyes, “I was so consumed with my fears of hoping that I blinded myself to this miracle.”

Daenerys wasn’t sure how long she sat on her bed, naked except for the robe that still hung off her shoulders, with her hands resting over her belly. But a knock shook her from her thoughts, the sky had darkened during her solitude without her notice. She quickly wrapped herself up and walked to the door. She took a deep breath and opened it slightly, not wanted to reveal her state of undress. “Lady Stark, I was not expecting you.”

“Your Grace, I just wanted to check on you when did not join the rest of us for dinner. Maester Wolkin said you need the rest.” Sansa explained, and Dany could see that maybe there was more than just basic concern for her.

“Thank you Sansa. I am appreciate everything that you have done for me today and I will be fine. Just need to rest and remember to eat in the morning.” Daenerys explained to her, giving the girl a genuine smile.

Sansa’s blue eyes flicked down the hallway before resting on the Queen’s once more, “May I come in Your Grace?”

Daenerys wanted to say no, given her current state of undress, but nodded her assent and opened the door wider. Sansa walked in and waited until the door was closed before asking, “Are you with child? I know it is not my concern, not truly, but I needed to ask for my curiosity to be satisfied, Your Grace.”

Dany almost laughed at the formality placed on the end of such a personal question, “When in private, you can call me Daenerys. We shall be sisters soon after all.” Dany enjoyed seeing the shock come over Sansa but before the redhead could continue, Daenerys did instead, “To answer your question. Yes, I am with child. And to answer your next question, your brother is indeed the father, which I am sure you had guessed on your own.”

Sansa simply nodded, “I will not tell anyone…Daenerys.”

“Thank you. I still need to tell Jon, he and I will have a lot of decisions to make that we were not expecting. I was told once that I would never have a child of my own, this was a very unexpected development.” Daenerys explained to her companion, wondering why she suddenly felt the need to share with this woman she barely knew.

Sansa stepped forward suddenly and wrapped Daenerys in a hug. Daenerys reacted on instinct and wrapped her arms around the girl as well. Sansa tightened her hold before saying, “I am so happy for you and Jon. You will bringing back hope to us all.”

Dany felt the tears start to pool in her eyes and just nodded her head against her shoulder, knowing she had no words to express her gratitude. She could not remember the last time she had received a hug like this, one that was for comfort and love, it warmed her heart.

There was a knock and then the door opened behind them and they slowly broke apart. Dany knew who it had to be, because there was only one person that would open the door in such a manner.

“What is going on?” Jon asked, looking between his lover and his sister.

Instead of answering, Sansa simply went up and gave her brother a hug. He responded in kind and looked at Dany in question. When Sansa pulled away she kissed him on the cheek and left, a smile on her face as she shut the door.

Jon turned back to Daenerys, “I am going to ask again. What is going on?”

Daenerys smiled up at him, “I learned why I have been so sick lately.”

Jon’s face feel with concern, “Are you alright?”

Dany walked up and grabbed his hands, “Everything is perfect. I am with child.” She placed his hands over her stomach, “Your child.”

He looked between her face and their hands settled over her stomach, “You are certain?”

She nodded, finally letting the tears fall.

The smile that came across his lips lit up his entire face before he closed the gap between them and kissed her. She could feel all his love and joy in that kiss, and knew this would forever be one of her favorite moments.

He pulled away from her lips and gently wiped the tears falling from her cheeks, “I was not expecting this.”

“I never thought this would happen. Thank you.” She said, smiling up at him while placing a hand over his heart.

He narrowed his eyes in confusion, “Why are you thanking me?”

“You’ve given me the best gift I could have ever wished for.” She explained to him, and guided him over so they could sit on the bed, “You’ve given me a chance for a family.”

“All I want is to make you happy.” Jon told her, his hand coming up to cup her face, “I know that things are crazy right now and this probably isn’t the best time…”

“Yes,” Daenerys interrupted him when he paused, “I would love to marry you.”

“How did you know that is what I was going to ask?” Jon questioned her, a large smile on his face.

“Because I know you Jon. You are an honorable man and you love me.” She replied, placing her hand over his that still rested on her cheek, “I also already told your sister that it was going to happen.”

He let out a laugh before leaning in and kissing her.

When they pulled apart she whispered, “Will you be my King Jon Snow?”

“Always and forever, Daenerys Targaryen, my Queen.” He said in return, kissing her again and they fell backwards onto the bed.

Title: Just For Tonight

Fandom: Game of Thrones

Pairing: Jon/Sansa

Summary: With Jon having just announced his plans to sail for Dragonstone and leave Winterfell in Sansa’s hands, the two try to come to terms with the changes that are about to happen and the emotions they feel at separating for the first time since they reunited at Castle Black. One-shot based on 7x02. An alternate take on Jon and Sansa’s goodbye before he leaves for Dragonstone.

Rating: T (small amount of strong language).

Words: 8.8k

Read on: FF.net

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