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You’ll Always Be Beautiful To Me (Robb Stark)

PromptI was thinking about Sansa Scars left by Joffrey and his knights, and I was wondering what if Reader has it too?! So, if you could write a piece for Robb taking care of reader’s scars after saving her from the Lannisters, or whom you may choose, and telling her to not be ashamed by it. Please? With lots of sadness and fluffy comfort, and a slightly kiss and he being lovely and adorable even with reader in pain and crying. - Anonymous

Word Count: 2460

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riahchan  asked:

Letter found in an old notebook AU for Jon x Sansa

so, to begin with I’m sorry this is so late and secondly I’m sorry because I very loosely used the prompt for this little ficlet and I hope you still like it

Sansa could feel the tears pricking at her eyes as she turned in the gorgeous sapphire necklace in. She needed to get out of there. It would do no good to break down in public. She was on the steps when she heard Jon calling her name. Against her better judgement, she turned around to face him.

“So, I was just some means for you to write that stupid article? Tell me the truth” Jon’s voice sounded strained when he asked the question.

Sansa felt defensive especially after everything that had been revealed tonight. “Yeah, and I was a girl your siblings picked out in bar so you could win a fucking marketing campaign.”

“Just use it as a fun twist in your story. I’m sure you readers would eat that shit up” Jon’s tone was icy and it made Sansa put her guard up even further.

“What fantastic idea. Want to bet on it?” Sansa couldn’t help her retort. She knew it was a low blow, but she wanted to exit gracefully and lick her wounds in peace.

“You wanted to lose a guy in 10 days. Congrats you did just that Sansa” Jon turned and began heading back into the party.

Sansa could feel the tears falling as she watched his back before yelling at him “You can’t lose something you never had!”

Sansa felt unsteady as she faced Olenna Tyrell. The woman had always been good to her despite not allowing her to write what she was passionate about. She finally understood Olenna’s position since this was the top grossing fashion and lifestyle magazine.

“I thought you told me you were killing the story and resigning?” Olenna’s stern expression did not betray what she was thinking, but Sansa knew it couldn’t be anything warm.

Her resignation email had come before the party and unfortunately the party had changed things for her.

“I’m still quitting, but you’ve gone out of your way to help me in my career. I figured I had one last how to article I could turn in” Sansa handed the physical copy over knowing Olenna preferred to read that way versus reading from an email.

She shifted as she watched her former editor in chief reading her story. There was a chance she would reject the story and Sansa wouldn’t be able to do much about it.

“Are you sure you want to chase political chaos in Meereen? Because this is your best article yet” Olenna paused “I mean if you don’t want to be our how-to girl anymore I’m sure we can have you writing something else.”

“I appreciate the offer, but I need to do this. I’m passionate about what I’ll be writing about. You don’t want the girl who will burn out in a few years working for you.” Sansa could only hope she didn’t take offense to her rejection. The offer was more than kind, but it wasn’t right for her.

“Well, if anyone asks who encouraged you to spread your wing I hope you mention my name. I hope you find success wherever you choose to write.”

Jon knew his siblings were concerned about his brooding especially after he had launched such a successful campaign. He couldn’t help but feel bitter about using Sansa’s idea for the campaign and remembering nothing was real for them.

He saw Sam duck into his office with his old notebook. He had given it to Sam when Rhaegar offered to move him into different section of marketing within the company.

“I just thought I’d return this” Sam handed over the notebook before giving him a weird look.

“Just spit it out already Sam” Jon didn’t mean to snap, but he was just so tired of everything,

“I’m just surprised you are still taking care of that fern, but look I can’t have a discussion on plant care because I have a meeting in five minutes” Sam left the room hurriedly.

Jon looked over at the fern and Sam wasn’t wrong when he mentioned the plant was thriving. He truly should’ve thrown it out after the party. It was almost pathetic how he continued to water it and nurture it. No amount of watering would fix the damage with Sansa.

He grabbed the notebook and decided to flip through it. He needed to distract himself. Thinking about Sansa wouldn’t get him anywhere. A piece of paper fell out of the notebook.

When Jon saw that it was the how-to article Sansa had written he wanted to groan. He hadn’t expected Sam to take part in the scheming to read the article. His best friend had very little to say about the entire thing.

He was intrigued by what could have been written to sway Sam to involve himself in this whole debacle.

           I’ve lost the guy & I don’t know why and what went wrong seemed to be questions my closest girlfriends found themselves asking. This month’s column was inspired by those questions. I had decided I would find out by committing these dating faux pas, but what I didn’t realize was that I was making the biggest mistake of all.

Jon skimmed through the article. He had cringed when she mentioned the emotional roller coaster she had put him through and the references to what she had named his penis.

           Ladies, the truth of the matter is if he cares about you one iota it doesn’t matter what faux pas you do. He will do his best to work with it and make the relationship work. My only true regret on writing this article is that it made who I was with feel like my feelings were somehow less true.

       When I began this article, I had never intended to fall in love in 10 days, but I did. I lost him in 10 days too. The last piece of advice I will leave on this month’s column is to never let anyone feel like your love isn’t real. Tell them every day and chances are you won’t lose them in 10 days.

Jon began searching through his address book for Westeros Women’s HQ after reading the article. He couldn’t believe how much of an idiot he had been. He needed to see her. He needed to fix this distance between them.

Once he found the address he grabbed the fern and rushed out of the office barely stopping to tell his secretary that he would be out the rest of the afternoon.

His mind was blur as he navigated the crowded streets of King’s Landing. He was grateful he had chosen to ride his motorcycle today. He hastily parked it when he reached the HQ and rushed inside.

He knew he must look like a wreck based off the various looks the women working were shooting him. When he saw a familiar looking brunette he almost did a double take.

“You aren’t a therapist are you Dr. Poole?” Jon knew from whatever distressed noise she made that she wasn’t a true therapist. “Look, that doesn’t matter do you know where I can find Sansa?”

“She quit” Dr. Poole or whatever the hell her name was. He wasn’t even sure if she gave him her real name.

“What do you mean she quit? Do you know where I can find her?” Jon was practically pleading at the end of it.

“She left for Meereen this morning because she got picked up by a political newspaper. You’ve just missed her” Dr. Poole told him with an apologetic frown.

Jon wilted at her news. He would have to arrange time off with work, but he would book a flight to Meereen and fix things with Sansa.

“Actually, Sansa’s flight was delayed. As of three minutes ago, she was on Blackwater Bay Bridge stuck in standstill traffic” Margaery Tyrell interrupted.

Jon nodded his head and thanked them before rushing out.

Sansa sighed as the car seemed to only move a few inches. More than likely she would have to reschedule her flight yet again, but this time because of the insane traffic. At least her new editor, Tyrion Lannister, was much more lenient than Olenna Tyrell.

She looked at the sun setting and smiled. Despite her heart being broken with how things ended with Jon she knew she needed to pick up the pieces and pursue her dream.

Surprisingly, Olenna had been the one to recommend Sansa to Tyrion and he was on board with her Meereen story. She was finally going to be able to write about things she was passionate about.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard he driver cursing some lunatic driver. When she looked out her window she saw Jon and the fern she had given him strapped haphazardly to the back of his motorcycle.

She ignored the taxi driver’s questioning look when she got out of the taxi.

“What are you doing here Jon?” Sansa wasn’t sure her heart could take round two of the argument they had back at the party.

“This, is this true?” Jon held up her article. Part of her knew that he may eventually read her article, but part of her hoped it would at least have occurred after her heart had healed some.

She gave him a small nod because to say any different would be a lie. She feared what he would do know that he knew the depth of her feelings.

“Good because I don’t give a shit if you want to tell the world my dick is named Princess Jonquil or make me take care of a love fern. I just want you in my life because it was real for me too. I love you Sansa Stark” Jon told her before kissing her.

When they broke apart Sansa couldn’t help but ask, “What about my job in Meereen?”

“Go to Meereen. I can make arrangements with my father to telecommute for work. I may be a few weeks behind you, but I’ll be there if you’ll have me” Jon promised.

“I’ll have you” Sansa told him before kissing him again.

hands down, i’m too proud for love (but with eyes shut, it’s you i’m thinking of) also available on archive of our own <3

6.09...nearly there...

Apparently the episode is actually called “The Battle of the Bastards”. I thought it was a joke. Go figure.

Here is my praise for this episode: it was pretty. Some of the CGI stuff, over Meereen especially, was really, really nice. Ramin Djwadi composed better music than this episode deserved too. 

Below the cut, however, there will only be negativity. Spoilers and negativity. Admittedly, I found some of the stuff about the battle tactics amusing. Fun nerd rage, rather than the other kind.

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In the past few weeks, I have been having a lot of feelings about some of the image-sets reblogged to this blog.  And I think that the reason for that might be a little more complicated than the obvious, so I am commenting it on it here.  Normally, this blog doesn’t produce that much of its own content, largely because others say well what we mean.  

This post is also entirely a post of mod1’s mind.  Mod2 is asleep right now.  Hopefully she’ll approve of it when she wakes up.

The feelings come largely from comparisons made to other characters outside of the Stark family–comparisons which highlight points of intersection:

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