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You guys are SERIOUSLY unbelievable. Just out of nowhere, you guys poured in and made my days pretty awesome you know? This is the start of week two, and I’ve already gained almost 200 followers !

When I returned to the roleplaying community, I wasn’t expecting this overwhelming wave of praise and compliments. Now this is my chance to be able to give back and promote you all ! I’m still in awe of how much you guys can do to boost this little blog up with the confidence I need and I truly relish the new contents on my dash each day that passes. It’s an amazing opportunity to be on the spot as my favorite Gorillaz character and portray her in the silly manner she is. That’s all thanks to you lovelies out there who can make that happen !! But enough ramble. Have this lame promo banner and I’ll be on my way!! 

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NCT 127 + U’s reaction to you switching languages all the time

Request: Hey!!! could you do a reaction with 127 + ten for how they react if their s/o speaks multiple languages and switch them all the time? (Seriously i speak portuguese english spanish french and korean, end up saying yes/no/thanks/sorry in a random one each time) thaaanks and your blog is amazing!!!

A/N: Lmao, I always do this. I mean, I live in Argentina so obviously I have to speak in Spanish, but I need to practice my English so I’m getting used to think in English and write in English. Sometime I have to remind myself to don’t speak in English in public because no one would understand me and just give me weird looks. And I’m trying to learn Korean by myself now so yeah, the struggle. But anyways, I hope y’all like it!!


He never knows what to do whe you start switching languages so he just stays silents, waiting for you to finish and doesn’t tell you anything until he notice you waiting for his answer.

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After knowing you for so long he already knows that you tend to switch your languages when you’re really tired and you can’t funtion properly. He would hug your back and kiss your neck. “Babe, do you want to go to bed and rest a little? Or maybe I can make you some coffee? Uhm?” Where can I get a Ji Hansol, someone please inform me.

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This guy loves speaking different languages so if he can speak any of them he would try his best to make a conversation with you and probably ends up with you teaching him the whole language, lmao.

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He always though that this was the cutest thing ever, and everytime you do this he just gets really clingy and blushy and that’s the only way you realize, surprising Taeyong when you speak in Korean to him again.

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“Baby, what about both of us talking the same language to each other, uhm? That would make my life a lot easier.” He would say things like this all the time and scold you every time you speak a different language.

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He would smile to himself and just enjoy the sound of your voice as you talk, deciding to not interrupt you and telling you once you finished talking. He low-key loves when you do this because it’s something that you do so naturally and he found it adorable.

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He would use this to his own good, tbh. For example, if y’all are talking about something important he would tell you about it as soon as you switched your languages, and if he’s not really listening to you he would let you talk and let you know once you finished, lmao. But if it’s in the middle of an argument he wouldn’t be able to help himself and just start giggling because he would realize how cute you look when angry and low-key getting soft for you once you start blushing when you notice, then he would hug you and invite you to cuddle with him or do something productive instead.

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Like Johnny, he would try to make a conversation in that language with previous phrases you teached him, probably answering you with something really stupid like “Where’s the bathroom” or “I’m hungry” and making both of you end up laughing like idiots.

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He’s still a baby so he would blush while hearing your voice talking in a different language and just giggle to himself the whole time. “Y/N, I can’t understand anything of what you’re saying.” His eyes would shine when you start blushing too and just die internally because of all your cuteness.

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This baby would be really confused every single time, specially if you only can talk in Korean with him. “Uh, baobei? A-Are you sure that’s Korean?” He wouldn’t care about your mistakes but it would frustrate him whenever he can’t understand you.


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He would do the same thing that Kun. He would listen attentively to your words even if he can’t understand anything and tell you once he’s sure you finished talking to don’t be rude. He’s an angel, remember?

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The same as Taeil and Kun, but he wouldn’t care to interrumpt you in the middle of your sentence. He’s kind of used to your sudden swich of languages but in the beggining his reaction was exactly like Winwin’s getting confused but still thinking that it was something really adorable about you.

ft. Jaemin looking gorgeous.

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Would do the same thing as Taeil but he would never tell you. He just would show you that precious angelic smile of his and just wait for you to realize, “I’m doing it again right? Sorry.” He would laugh and hug you. “It’s fine, baby, you sound cute anyways.”

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Just as savage as Yuta, to be honest. “Talk Korean or just don’t talk at all, okay?” But unlike his rude words he would walk to your side and kiss your cheek to make you know he’s not actually mad and he’s just messing with you. He actually loves when those little accidents happen to you and he loves teasing you for it.

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He would suddenly get really clingy and smiley as he hears you talking in a different language, once you realize he would giggle and hold you close with heart eyes.

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“你很迷人 (you’re adorable)” “Chenle, you know I don’t speak Chinese.” “Well, I don’t speak your mother language either so just talk in Korean to me.” Basically he would tease you a little, and ofter both of you laugh like little kids y’all would just continue talking like nothing happened.

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“Y/N, you’re doing it again.” “Doing wha.. oh, sorry!” He would laugh a little at your cuteness and tell you to repeat what were you saying. He kinda got used to it now, but from time to time it confuse him how sudden you switch your languages.

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it's a thank you. after this finale, you're kind of the only one on my dash that actually gives me hope for next season, cas and destiel. so, you know, thanks.

You need to follow some positive blogs!

@amwritingmeta is basically my brain twin most days.

@bluestar86 @mittensmorgul @godshipsit @magnificent-winged-beast @shixpe @elizabethrobertajones @flyingfish1 @obsessionisaperfume are also positive and lovely people… chuck I’m sure I forgot some awesome people and I will feel bad but these are just off the top of my head!

I think some fans are just still reeling from Eileen, which WAS a total mess of a cock up, and are a bit annoyed generally that Destiel isn’t overtly canon yet (this is not something that bothers me because I see it as an overall, overreaching story for the whole series and having it canon before NOW doesn’t fit at ALL with where they are as characters. HOWEVER with what Dean has just gone through now I expect such heavy subtext that even casual viewers now notice much more early next season, as a continuation of the theme from this season with the mixtape, the pining, the worry etc. It should be this but on ACID, until Cas comes back. Watch this space, and we should have Cas’s arc soon too, though his is more complex than Dean’s as it has a few more facades to it so it may be more subtle to start with).

I still don’t think we will get CANON COUPLE DESTIEL until seriously close to endgame or even endgame itself, because that’s how this kind of story is told, so Im just enjoying the ride and the ride is freaking magical right now :)

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okay i was going through your blog and i just saw!!!! AA WHAT THE HELL I DIDN'T KNOW LUFFY CALLED ACE AND SABO "NII-CHAN" THAT'S SO FRICKING CUTE!!! omg do you know which episode he does this in because i NEED this in my life

well, he doesn’t actually CALL them that, as in he doesn’t address them as such (which is interesting actually, since it’s common japanese custom for younger siblings to call their older bros nii-san/nii-chan instead of their names)

but every time he’s referred to either of them as being his brother- like in ace’s into ep where it’s first revealed, or in the ep where he reads the news about baltigo- the word he’s saying that’s translated to ‘brother’ is nii-chan.  like “ace is my nii-chan”.  

in fact, out of the goodness of my heart, here you go!  i cut together those instances of luffy referring to his bros as nii-chan.  no subs on the second one but he’s just saying “sabo!  he’s my big brother”, obviously.

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I've been having serious night terrors for a while now and I don't know why, that along with extreme paranoia, I can't be home alone because of it and I can't take my medication to help it because it makes me tired and I have to take care of my son so I can't be tired. I'm so depressed and I feel trapped like I can't breathe I don't know what to do and I don't know why I sent you this I guess cause you're my favorite blog and you're really nice. I'm just venting. Sorry.

Oh wow, I’m really sorry to hear that. Have you considered speaking to a doctor? You said you can’t take medication but maybe there’s something herbal to make you get a better night sleep? Or even sleeping tablets? They don’t knock you out but just make you fall asleep earlier so if your son needs you in the middle of the night, you will still be able to wake up. Just mention all of that to your doctor and hopefully there’s something they can prescribe you with! There’s maybe even some sort of therapy they could recommend.

Also, have you ever heard of ASMR? It stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. Some people cannot experience it but I can and it helps me feel relaxed and fall asleep at night. Maybe check that out on YouTube and see if it helps. I have read that it helps some people with insomnia and even night terrors.

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Hello, can you do a headcanon of pop star Cardia just like the April fool's picture? Thank you very much ☺

This is Mod S! Got a double for this one. Can I be honest and say I am thrilled for this?! <3 But make sure to let us know if this needs anything at all. 

Also, thank you both for being so amazing. C: These requests made my day, and kind words do to. Thanks for supporting this blog!!

Let’s get into the Pop Star Cardia AU! 

Cardia: Cardia is a new breakout pop star, but her adorable singing voice, great dancing and cute face have quickly gained her popularity. She’s had a childhood dream of becoming a famous idol, and it’s finally a reality. Her most recent album is called Horologium, and the most popular song is “POISON ♥ SKIN”. The group of guys are all her fans, though some are closer to her because of their shared pasts…

Arséne Lupin: Lupin, along with Impey, have both been Cardia’s fans since she first started putting her name out there. They both are long time friends with Cardia, so it’s easy for the both of them to come to her shows. Lupin in particular has always supported Cardia’s dream, and even helped teach her a bit of dancing. So whenever Cardia uses some choreography that was inspired by him, he gets really excited. Lupin always tries to sneak back to see her, and it’s usually easy for him to slip by security. Cardia always saves him if he gets caught though. The two always practice dancing together, and the two are often mistaken as a couple in public. Some magazines even snap pictures and claims he has a mysterious boyfriend. Lupin eventually asks if he and Cardia can start dating, and she readily accepts. She’d been in love with him for a long time, and the more he worked to help her, the more her love grew. 

Abraham Van Helsing: Van is Cardia’s top manager. He’s incredibly supportive of her, but is definitely one of her biggest fans. He helps maintain her public image and protects her from scrutiny, and Cardia finds that she falls in love with him the more he swears he’ll make her happy and help her achieve her dreams. Cardia also discovers that while Van does promote her for her sake, he is also a huge fan of her music. He buys all her CDs, merch and has tons of it hung up in his home. Cardia is moved to tears by his devotion, and she starts getting the feeling that maybe they both feel the same. One day after a great concert, she confesses that she’s in love with him. Van feels bad because he does return the feelings, but just doesn’t want to ruin her public image. The two date in secret, and he swears that he will always make sure she shines and that he’ll never let anyone hurt her. 

Impey Barbicane: Impey, like Lupin, knew Cardia before she was famous. The two of them encouraged Cardia to pursue her dreams, and he’s her biggest fan alongside Lupin. In truth, it was Impey who first cultivated Cardia’s love of singing, as the two of them started singing together when they were younger (though Cardia is better at it than Impey). Cardia also supports Impey’s dream of being an engineer for NASA. Though while he’s in college, he still sometimes blows off his work to go to her concerts. Whenever Cardia feels bad, Impey sings to her, and it helps calm her down. After some time, Impey tells Cardia he loves her, and the two of them start dating. They’re careful not to be too obvious in public. Though Impey does slip up once, and the media has a field day with it. It doesn’t hurt Cardia’s career, though, and the two of them both work hard together to make each other happy. 

Victor Frankenstein: Victor is a huge fan of Cardia’s like Impey and Lupin, though Victor feels like Cardia noticing him would be just a pipe dream. When walking on the street one day, he saves a girl being harassed by some guys. He soon discovers that he actually saved the famous pop star Cardia Beckford. He’s so nervous that he just stutters and runs away. Cardia eventually finds him and asks if there’s anything she can do to repay him, and he simply asks if she can sign a couple of his things. Cardia’s not satisfied, so she gives him a ton of free stuff as well as a season pass to all her concerts. She spends the day with him and discovers he’s a med school student who wants to work with experimental pharmaceuticals. He wants to create medicine to help people. They spend a lot of time together, and both of them realize they have feelings for each other and start secretly dating. Victor always feels like he’s dreaming.

Saint Germain: Saint Germain is a mysterious fan of Cardia’s who always works to sell her merchandise. They’ve met on multiple occasions, and Cardia always finds that she’s curious to know more about this secretive man. Cardia discovers that he is the owner of her record label, and knew her alongside Impey and Lupin. He was the heir to the company and met Cardia through her family, and they were originally thinking of arranging a marriage between the two. Cardia is stunned to learn this, but Saint G tells her he ended it because he wanted Cardia to pursue her dreams, even though he admits he liked the idea of marrying her. Cardia is touched, and she and Saint Germain fall in love after the two of them get to know each other better. He and Cardia are able to meet often because of their positions, and their relationship isn’t discouraged because of their history. But he still moonlights as an average fan. 

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Hi! I need to say that I have been a lurking anon for quite a while now, and I must admit I spend an embarrassingly large portion of my life reading MMFD fics. Just like most things, one doesn't know what they've got until it's gone. I LOVE your blog and the irregular updates are sort of killing me slowly. Just want to say I appreciate your efforts so much and I hope you continue, especially with the roundups :)

Thanks for the message and thanks for bearing with! I’ll post an April/May omnibus next week (meant to do one for April on it’s own but OOPS it’s May 22). I’ve started it, and just need to add the more recent stuff. 

Truth be told, I’m feeling a little disconnected from stuff lately, not just the fandom, but also including the fandom. However, I think that is my own thing and I need to just jump back in and not feel like I’m constantly behind and floundering, lamenting opportunities lost. 

I’m always happy to know that someone appreciates my efforts–thanks, again, m’dear!

somebodylost-chan  asked:

I'd like to ask, how do you know when fight/smut scenes are necessary? Or how to make them effective & not simply as fanservice or just for word count? Usually, I find myself skimming through fight scenes as a reader, bored. As a writer, I'm inclined to just 'fade to black' and imply stuff at the next chapters. I'm not really a fight/smut-scene writer, even though my characters know & need to fight. Thanks for keeping this blog. :D

A good fight scene (and a good smut scene for that matter) always works in the service of the narrative. It works toward the cohesive big picture.

From an entertainment standpoint, violence is boring.

You need your audience invested in the characters participating in the violence, in the actions and events leading up to the fight, in the aftermath and how this will effect the character’s overall goals.

In a narrative context, if you’re bored during a fight scene or a sex scene it’s because the build up to that moment failed. The scene itself may also have failed. However, your foundation is what makes your story sing.

Think of a story like building blocks. You’re playing Jenga with your reader on a homemade house, they’re slowly pulling out the pieces and you’re betting you built your blocks well enough to withstand scrutiny. You’ve got to keep them interested long enough to get to the end before the whole thing comes tumbling down.

A fight sequence which works in concert with it’s narrative is enjoyable, doesn’t overstay it’s welcome, and ultimately works to build up the story it’s telling. Fighting isn’t fighting, you see. Combat is a form of problem solving, the fight itself is an expression of the character’s individuality. Everything we’ve been learning about them, their goals, and their behaviors are being put in a pressure cooker and dialed up.

You should be learning about the character as the fight progresses, the fight working on multiple levels in concert with its narrative to get the story where it needs to go. Often, a first fight is like an establishing shot in film. You get a feel for who this character is when under pressure, who they are. Peril can be a great way to get the audience invested, but its up to the author to prove why they should.

Poor fight sequences don’t tell you anything. They’re there to establish the character as capable of fighting but don’t even do that because their concept of combat is generic.

The combatants aren’t individuals expressing themselves, the fight isn’t proving anything except fighting, it doesn’t have meaning except for its attempts to prove the narrative’s poor concept of badassery. This often happens with no regard for the setting’s rules, the aftermath consequences, what the character’s actions will effect in the long run.

It doesn’t mean anything and, while violence is shocking and terrifying in real life, in fiction violence has to mean more than just an exchange of blows.

How many times have you read a book where several mooks show up to get their ass kicked by the protagonist? They limp off at the end and while they’re often in a perfect position to be seen again due to their connections, we never do.

In even just a moderately competent narrative, those same mooks are characters. We’ll see them again in bit roles. They’ll play a role, either to help or hurt later as an aftermath consequence of the protagonist’s earlier actions. These are callback characters we can use to remind the audience of what happened previously in the narrative, and offer up some catharsis.

In a really well written scene, these mooks serve an important purpose when it comes to establishing the protagonist’s character in a quick snapshot. Like the moderately competent character, they come back later to the aid or the detriment of the protagonist. The mooks’ response actions are a direct result of their encounter with the character, often acting as an inciting incident. The protagonist suffers direct consequences as a result of their actions, whether its injury, loss, or the attention of the villain which causes them to lose something. In these fight scenes, you can see the story’s trajectory because it acts as another way to get to know the hero, the secondary characters, the tertiary characters, and whoever else is participating. It’s working on five different levels.

What you often see in a good fight sequence, whether it’s in a written medium or film, is the culmination of a great deal of hard work on the part of the author. A smut sequence is a reward, it’s a way to pay off on the reader’s investment in the relationship between these two characters and the narrative’s investment in them. It doesn’t matter if that’s hardcore sex, or a Victorian hand touch, or a knockout blow to the jaw, the end result is the same. It’s entertaining, satisfying, and even cathartic.

A poor sex scene is just dolls bumping bits. A poor fight scene is just dolls trading blows. Nothing occurs, nothing happens, there’s none of the underlying satisfaction or catharsis in the outcome. You don’t have any investment, no consequences, it overstays its welcome and tells you nothing about the characters.

You’ve no reason to care, so you don’t.

As a reader, you don’t owe a writer attention when reading their work. They’ve got to earn it. If they aren’t, then it may be that the story isn’t for you and that’s okay. Take into account your tastes,

It takes practice to choreograph a fun fight scene. Writing sex and violence is mostly about learning to find your limits (i.e. what you’re comfortable with writing), and overcoming embarrassment. Determine the difference between need and want.

Are you avoiding writing these scenes because you’re scared of being bad at them or because they just don’t interest you?

These are two very different issues, and it’s easy to hide from the first behind the second. Be honest with yourself. If it is fear, then don’t give into it. The easy solution if you’re afraid of being bad at something is to practice. Start looking critically at the media you consume, when you start to get bored during a fight scene or a sex scene, when you want to skip ahead, ask yourself, “why?”. Check out the sequences and stories where this doesn’t happen, and try to figure out the differences between the two.

When it comes to the mechanics of both violence and sex, the more you learn the better off you’ll be at writing it. The more you practice writing violence/sex/romance then the better you’ll be. Like with everything, it’ll probably be pretty terrible in the beginning but the more you practice, the better you get. Writing itself is a skill, but its also a lot of sub-skills built in underneath the surface. Being good at dialogue doesn’t mean you’ll be good at action, having a knack for great characterization doesn’t mean you’ll be good at writing setting description. Putting together great characters doesn’t mean you’ll automatically be good at worldbuilding.

Don’t be too hard on yourself.

All it takes to figure out whether or not the time to fight is right is by listening to your gut.

Remember, the best scenes are based in narrative cohesion and emotional investment. They’re a pay off in and of themselves for your audience, dessert after dinner. They aren’t the meat and potatoes. If you set out to just write a fight scene or write a smut scene then it’ll get gratuitous. Then the focus is on the fight or the sex itself, hangs entirely on their shoulders, and you’ve just upped the ante for how entertaining you need to be.

It’s not “how do I write a fight scene”, it’s “how did my characters get to this point and why are they fighting”. If you start from a character place, it gets easier. The same is true with romance. “How do my characters participate in a romance (sex or not)”.

Make it about the individuals, that’s when it really gets fun.

And, if you get too stuck, try writing fight scenes with characters who don’t know much about how to fight. Sometimes, it’s easier to get into it when you begin at the beginning. There’s a lot less pressure convincing an audience with a character who knows nothing than one at the top of their field.

There’s a lot less stress about “is this right?” when you’re trying to get a feel for the flow if you’re dealing with a character who doesn’t know jack shit. Fight scenes with characters who know nothing can also be really, really, really fun. They’re wild, improvisational frenzies where all you have is the character sorting through their alternative, non-fighting skills trying to figure out how to survive.

Believe it or not, this will help you because you don’t get to cheat with the idea that your character already knows what they’re doing when you don’t. It’ll help you tap into the character, seeing scenarios from their perspectives, and writing to that instead of “generic fight scene”. When you’re unsure, characters who know nothing about the subject matter they’re engaging in but still have to engage are great. They teach you how to write from the standpoint and perspective of the individual. You need those skills just as much when writing characters who are professionals or at the top of their field.

If you don’t think you can write an interesting fight sequence with a neophyte, then that might be a part of the problem. A character doesn’t need to be good at something to be entertaining. A smut sequence where everyone’s fumbling, knocking into each other, embarrassed, stuck in their clothing, cheesy, corny, and laughing can be just as fun (if not more so and more honest) than the ones that generally get envisioned.

For me, good is entertaining and the entertainment is based in humanity but you need to define “good” for yourself in your own writing. Be honest with yourself about your fears and you’ll find a way to bridge yourself to the kind of writing you want to be doing.

Freeing yourself of your own internalized preconceived notions will help a lot, and produce stories that are way more fun.


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Hey Viria, sorry to bother you but this is something I really need to talk about with someone and your blog has always been a safe space to me. I'm turning 20 this year and I've never been in love, nor have I had a boyfriend/girlfriend before. I don't know, if I'm too picky or if my standards are to high, but I never felt something like a crush before. I don't know if it's normal but I really just want to feel having butterflies in my tummy. I don't know what to do or what is wrong with me.

there’s nothing wrong with you, please don’t think this way! 

There are few things I can offer about this:

- don’t feel alone if the insecurity you feel is connected to the age, you aren’t alone, there are so many young people in their twenties who hasn’t been in relationship before. Even for me, even though I had minor school crushes, I only had one relationship and it wasn’t serious and I now know it wasn’t love. So for me it happened when I turned 22.

- it might be that you feel the red flags about people and haven’t met someone you connect to yet. I know a few people who are close to their 20s but haven’t had crushes before, it’s normal too, we all are different.

- movies always make us feel like we have to be in love to be complete, because EVERY teenager is in love in the movies. They show the morally high educated girls and say they always have to be in love to be good. Don’t be too pressured by the movies; they aren’t real life.

- as for butterflies: they aren’t always good. I mentioned minor crushes I had: I used to have all the knees buckling, heartbeating too fast, and I have to say that it wasn’t the healthiest. With as much as I had of physical stuff happening, I could never even talk to that person. So..not feeling the butterflies, but feeling warm and cosy and content and just, very secure, is what I think matters more. Deep connection matters more. Attraction is important too, of course, but the physical stuff fades over time, bonding stays.

- THE LAST BUT NOT LEAST. Try looking up aromantiсism, asexuality, demisexuality. I am not the most educated person with this; but there are people who don’t feel romantic or sexual attraction towards others. There are people who need to really spiritually and mentally bond with someone to start being attracted to them. You might be aromantic or asexual or demisexual!

Hope it helps at least a bit, remember you aren’t alone and there are always people who feel the way you do! You will have it all figured out soon, don’t worry<3


Sense8 | You Want a War?

Before I get on a plane and go anywhere, before I discover what it actually feels like to be in the same room with you, before I know what it really feels like to have these lips against mine, and not just in my head, something I might be imagining… I need to know something. Something true.

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Usually when you write a story you start with the plot idea, and then you proceed with the characters and the setting, right? Well, I did the exact opposite, and now I've got very defined characters and settings, and absolutely no idea about what am I supposed to do with them. Do you have any advice for me? <3 (P.S. English is not my first language, if anything is incorrect, I'm sorry ^^;) (P.P.S. I love your blog <3)

Hello, thank you for sending a message.

You don’t have to create a story by it’s plot. There’s no right or wrong in writing, no rules, just techniques (that might or might not work for you). Once, a friend of mine said: to write a novel, you create a set of characters, and you throw them in a fictional world to fend for themselves.

At first, I was a bit shocked.

But my friend explained: All characters, no exception, are just trying to fulfill their needs. Do you know the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs?

Characters must be somewhere in that pyramid, from wanting basic needs like food and shelter (The Walking Dead, for example) to needing success and personal growth (Eat Pray Love, for example). Take Romeo and Juliet for example, two teenagers estranged from their families. They need belongingness and love (third in the pyramid), so they bet their own lives to get that. This is the beauty of using the Maslow’s hierarchy as guidance… it makes plot so clear and obvious. 

My advice is: place your main character in the pyramid. 

Knowing what your main character needs, go on and create a plot on how they will fulfill that need, depending on how desperate they are to achieve it (the lower the need is, the more desperate characters must be). And that’s it.

By the way, don’t worry, English is not my first as well. :DD

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I honestly tried so hard not to ship Destiel but it's just one of those ships y'know you just kinda accidentally ship and I really don't wanna cause some of the fandom is kinda toxic but I can't help but to ship it

Dude, SAME.

Originally posted by findyourownhappyending

Honestly, I’ve never shipped anything before (I liked it when Spike x Buffy did eventually go somewhere and was kinda beautiful but I didn’t really ship it), I didn’t even know what shipping was until I found tumblr a few months ago, I’m mostly straight (I’m a bit fluid but meh, mostly straight), and I never really thought about representation that much beyond ‘yeah, thats a great thing, there should be more of it’. 

So I just watched the show (on my own) with no previous knowledge of anything at all and…. well…. it was so obvious?!

I mean, I just binge watched the show last year because I love sci-fi and I was in a bit of a bad place and needed a distraction and had watched all the Buffy/True Blood/GoT I could and was looking for something new.

I loved seasons 1-3, I did, but then, enter Castiel and literally, my life has kind of changed?! I have an obsessive personality anyway but…. jeez. What a character and WHAT A ROMANTIC GLORIOUS LOVE STORY!

And then it just dragged… and dragged…. and yet also GREW so much?! 

So, like, what exactly are they doing? Well, I believe they know exactly what they are doing, especially since Dabb took over, but hey, let’s see…. but my blog description is ‘endgame Destiel positive’ so you know what I mean ;)

It’s all THERE, they all know its there, the writers USE it in their plots, the editors make it visually obvious, it’s even referenced in the show, the actors all KNOW, I mean come on!

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It’s not our fault if they use all the romance tropes with these two.

I think it is very relevant that so many Destiel meta-writers and shippers have a background in understanding stories, being teachers, journalists, book worms, cinematography students etc etc and therefore can make pretty good conclusions from the material that is being shown.

I mean, the overall story of these two characters is that one is a fallen, rebellious Angel who just wants to feel Human and belong somewhere and loves caring for others and one is a faithless man with abandonment issues who just wants someone to stay with and care for him.

Said fallen Angel rebels and does it, all of it for Him, eventually looking to Him instead of God, is in return called ‘family’ and cared for himself. 

Said Human learns to have Faith in and through his Angel and through this in himself, which is a key part of his overall story in the whole show.

They’re WRITTEN as each other’s canonical other half (see this post about how its a romantic and not a buddy story according to literary guidelines).

Their story is like so many rom-com, shakespearean and classical for that matter love/mythical stories where they start out on opposite sides and kind of meet in the middle you know? The idea being that they ‘complete’ each other and lead themselves to be the best that they can be and who they really are and want to be deep down? As these two clearly do?!

I’ve said before and I’ll say again, Dean and Cas are canonically central to each other’s CORE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT and their endgames are INTERLINKED.

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I mean, if this was a guy and a girl and it was a movie, so all the story was shown in 1h30 minutes and at the end they were like oh, no, but you see, they’re just FRIENDS. Literally everyone would just be like WHAT?!

The fact that Disney movies and romcoms are so highly parallel-able with Destiel, because it fits that literary box - as a romance, not a buddy story or a drama or even a familial story, it does up to a point, but it definitely transcends this and moves into romance realms pretty early on, like, season 5 FFS.

It’s not our fault, the show made us do it.

If fandom wank is a problem for you, well, I don’t like it either, I guess no one does apart from the ones instigating it who seem to get a high off it, I just blacklist on tumblr and I don’t attend cons, so… meh, I have this gorgeous little space where we all know and all discuss what is happening and it is lovely, feel free to join us :)

Swhaggar is confused as to why she isn’t the one taking over the universe

Ugh, so apparently my most popular trending post at the moment is the one about racist homophobic “Karen” kicking her gay daughter out of the house. And the reason it’s trending is cause people are calling it fake, and citing the fact that I claimed “Karen” had been writing slash fic for over 30 years.

Newsflash children: You did not invent fandom, you are not even close to the ground level of fandom inception as you know it today. 

Yes, there was slash fic being written over 30 years ago, even longer so than that. They were called fanzines, and they were these things printed on paper, you had to sign up for them and theyd get sent in the mail to your houseAnd they were predominantly started by women over the age of 30 who wanted to talk to other people like them without the fear of ridicule for liking something for “silly” reasons like love and sex and all the other things we like about fandom.

People wrote about Star Trek, Star Wars (my god the Han/Luke slash wars involved people throwing gay fanfic onto Mark Hamill’s lawn)—pretty much any popular show at the time in the same way we do today, except now we have the convenience of a place called Ao3 and not being sued for writing fan content because yes, that was a thing that also happened.

As for the people just tagging on “this seems fake but okay” for the hell of it and talking about how no one would take in a queer kid the way Aunt Bee did? I’m sorry you are that jaded. 

I didn’t know when I was bitching about something personal going down in my fandom circles, that it’d get tumblr popular. I never know what the fuck I am going to post on this hellsite that will take off next, but it was real, and it happened. M is still living with Aunt Bee who has always been a dominant figure in the OT Star Wars fandom, looooong before Ao3 and even fanfic net was a thing. And she is known in certain circles for her overwhelming kindness and generosity. She was an internet fandom mom in the days of dial up and before, and it’s not my fault if you’re not aware of your own fandom history enough to not know who the fuck I’m really talking about. 

And no I will not post “proof” or give you real names so you can go find them, the fuck is wrong with you. These are real people with real lives and I am not about to go rooting around on people’s private facebook feeds just to score fake points on the internet. I literally do not give that much of a fuck about my blog to even try that. I shouldn’t have even been bitching about it publicly in the first place but I needed an outlet to vent that one of my oldest fandom circles was dying and was going nova in a spectacular fashion and tumblr picked it up and ran. 

And in the midst of all that, there was one small moment of genuine goodness in the world where another human being said all right no fuck your bigotry and hatred, your kid can come stay with me and did it. And while that might seem unbelievable to you and your own selfish values, people do these kind of things.

I can name five people off the top of my head here on tumblr who have helped rescue someone else from shitty abusive situations, and taken them into their homes and cared for them like their own family. 

The entire sum of the universe is not shit and desolation. 

And I’m sorry that you think it is.

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I don't want to seem stupid but I kinda feel a little out of the loop here...? I've been off for a bit, what's all the deal with the USA hockey? What's going on with them and the women's team?

Don’t worry anon, a lot has happened in the last few days and sometimes the hockey world is a bit of an echo chamber. So basically: 

USA Hockey and the US Women’s National Team have been in talks about equitable pay and more investment in girls development programs. USA Hockey has only been paying them $1000 a month while they are training in the Olympic camp. They can’t work and they aren’t getting paid enough, and these women don’t get paid a living wage to play hockey, so they depend on USA Hockey to help them out when they can’t work because they are at training camp for the Olympics.

The negotiations weren’t going anywhere so the national team is boycotting the women’s world championship which the US is hosting. Instead of trying to work it out with their national team, USA Hockey is trying to find a replacement team.

What they didn’t realize was that the captain of the team, Meghan Duggan, made over 100 phone calls to the entire pool of women’s hockey players in the national program.

“It’s not just about the girls you’ve seen in the media. It’s about everyone,“ Duggan said. “I felt in my gut that I had to call everyone individually and directly.” They weren’t calls to drum up support. That, they already have. It was just an effort to stay united, to say thanks for the support. It’s support that has been unanimous among the best women hockey players in this country.“There’s been no resistance. Zero resistance,” Duggan said. “Everyone knows this is the right thing to do.”

USAH sent out a form-letter email asking for them to play. They even asked a few high school seniors (who are on the U18, or under 18 team, but still, ouch). Keep in mind there’s like 400 players in the lineup before these girls, so they were turned down by hundreds of people before it got to that point.

Now they’ve actually moved on to beer league players.  

Two sources confirmed Saturday that the federation has even reached out to post-collegiate players who are playing now only in rec-league competition. One such player, who last played in college three years ago, said Saturday in a phone interview, “It’s crazy. Just crazy.”

“They said USA Hockey is having a final meeting Monday, and if the national team is still boycotting, we need you to report Wednesday,” the player added. “What I kept going back to is, ‘How do I say no, but how do I say yes?’ I mean, I just play in a beer league. I just play for fun now. I don’t train like I did in college. It’s insane.”

One of the worst things tho is we don’t know if they’ll have insurance. Hockey is a fast paced dangerous sport, and if they really are putting a team together that has high school kids and rec league players, they could get hurt really easily. 

All in all, USA Hockey would rather risk teenagers and rec players getting injured and having no insurance instead of just paying their own national team what they need to play hockey. It’s just shameful, and really reveals what they think about their own women’s team. 

If you want anymore info, I have a ‘uswnt boycott’ tag on my blog.

The Party part 16/?

K: …

L: …

L: Aren’t you going to say anything?

L: Whoa okay settle down-

K: Lance do you… even like me?

L: What?

K: Don’t ‘what’ me you know exactly what I’m talking about.

K: You walk around flirting with any mildly attractive alien we come across and I can’t help but feel like…

L: Like what?

K: Like I’m nothing special to you! Just another person you can flirt with when you feel like it, then move onto the next because it’s no big deal to you

K: d-don’t you know how much I care about you?

K: I-I mean we have arguments and disagreements and I know you’d probably be happy with someone else but to lead me on like this… and for this long.

K: It’s fucking cruel!

K: Is everything that you’ve done just some kind of petty game? Another competition you want to beat me at?! another way you can one up me!?

K: If that’s the case then, you must really hate me! a-and I know this all just might be my fault for forcing things, instead of just letting myself hate you-

K: Too….

An Idea...

So I was stalking Tumblr the other day and I noticed that other than the artists and writers, the MM fandom isn’t really well acquainted with one another… I also did a little search and I don’t think this is a thing yet so here we go.

I was planning to have a fandom meetup here on Tumblr, so that those in the Mystic Messenger fandom can get to know each other and have a fun time.

(I also got inspired by the phandom meetups as I used to be in the phandom for a few years)

Since National Potato Chip Day lands on March 14th in America, I thought to have the meetup then to celebrate 707′s love for Honey Buddha chips at the same time!

I will make a page about this, and put it in my calendar, but I want to see the reception to this idea first.

So please share this around so that more and more people would know about it!! Thank you guys so much for the support xx

So under the cut is some info about what a meetup actually is:

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