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*HEART EYES TO U*      okay it’s my first milestone in this blog! I never thought I could reach it since … my mental health & still my hmac needs to grow up a little bit and make her better! Just, say … thank you for follow me, rp with me and made me feel that I was part of it! You don’t know how much I need this rn & this helpled me a lot. I love Heathers. I love Heather McNamara will all my heart. And so, every one of you. I hope in future, we could talk more & be friends with this awesome people that I found in this place. Thank you!

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PLEASE DONT SCROLL PAST THIS. I know it’s not “the type of aesthetic your blog needs” but I really need help right now. As some of you know, my mother is no mother. I know I’ve posted plenty of novel sized rants about her on here before but she’s really outdone herself this time. She’s an alcoholic. Pops pain pills like candy. Drives around drunk and stoned out of her mind with my little sister in the car. Swallowed an entire bottle of trazadone, climbed into my little sisters bed and said “I’m just going to die here.” She was nine years old. She was put under psychiatric evaluation for E I G H T D A Y S S T R A I G H T because even the doctors knew she wasn’t fit to be around Chloe anymore. The department of family and children services has been involved since that night and it is literally ON PAPER that Chloe is to not be left alone with her for A N Y reason. DFACs HELPED MY STEP FATHER BASICALLY RUN AWAY WITH MY LITTLE SISTER BECAUSE OF HOW TOXIC MY MOTHER IS. My older sister and I were removed from her care when I was THREE W E E K S OLD. last week, my mother managed to get in front of a judge, didn’t notify any defending parties (me, my stepdad, dfacs, ANY of my family). She was the only person testifying in a case against her. She convinced the judge that my step father was dangerous. That Chloe was homeless and starving. The police showed up at my stepdads house and TOOK my little sister (who was screaming and crying and telling the officers she did not want to go with my mother) and put. Her. In. My. Mothers. Car. To. Take. Back. To. Her. New. Fuckboys. House. That. Is. 6. Hours. Away. From. Her. Father. I tried to call and talk to Chloe right after it happened. My mother wouldn’t answer the phone. I messaged her on Facebook asking to speak to Chloe. This was her reply. There is a court date set for May 5th. My stepfather and I are trying to raise money for a lawyer in that short amount of time. He’s set up a gofundme page (link at the end) where anyone willing to help can donate. Even if you can’t donate, a simple reblog or share on Facebook would be so very greatly appreciated. Please help me bring my little sister home. She’s not safe and I’m fucking terrified. http://dm2.gofund.me/snbghk


Aaron Tveit at the Grease: Live! after party

Peridot (Steven Universe) is autistic

-Uses an alternative communication device (her pre-recorded voice), especially when she needs to get complicated thoughts into words

-Echolalia: “clods” “clod” “CLODS”

-Doesn’t understand why what she says hurts the crystal gems

  • “What did I say?”
  • “Mean? I was just being ~cool~. Amethyst loved it!”
  • *tries to joke and smile and wave at Amethyst*

-Has trouble with communicating (earth specific vocabulary) so she makes up a word system that makes sense to her

  • in addition to her amusing words for mundane things: “how do you feel?” “big.”

-very literal

  • “Oh peridot, you’re killing me!” “I am not! that would violate our truce agreement!”
  • “you’re funny!” “Funny?”
  • Garnet: ”You’ll know when I’m joking.” Peridot: “eaahhhh”
  • “What is ‘nerd’? can you use it in a sentence.”
  • “you’re a real gem peri” “yes I am a gem”
  • “this drill is pure irony!” “actually it’s mostly carbonite”

-Odd humor

  • “I could call her… two things! Two clods… one clod…”
  • “Amethyst! Check out this … rhythmatic pulverizer!”  *flails on ground laughing*

-Upset by the unpredictability of the Crystal gems

  • “that… was not the correct answer…” (when Amethyst didn’t laugh at her joke)
  • “I have come to the conclusion that they are all defective”

-mimics behavior (the shirt nose flick thing)

{Speculation beyond this point}

-her limbs might be both comfort items and weight stims. She’s very upset when she’s parted with them and she clutches the foot that steven returns to her and rocks back and forth a little

-Glasses- maybe for light sensitivity

-meltdowns? Pearl:“*sigh* another one of her temper tantrums.”


1/? favourite fictional ladies : Natasha Romanoff (Marvel)

“i’m sorry, did i step on your moment? ”


I: You’ve been able to reach out to fans and there was a lot of people talking about transgender issues, as well now, tell that story, it’s a incredible story.

C: Basically I met a fan at one of our meet and greets and her name is now Camila Joe and she was like, she told me she was transgender, she had transition and we had met her two years ago when her name was Joe and she told me that we had inspired her to have the courage and the bravery to speak up and transition and become who she really is, and I feel like that’s really really important issue for all of us as spreading awareness of how much we accept that and how much we support our fans and anybody becoming who they really are, and loving themselves for who they really are.

I got @mnesiko for @satinaliagiftexchange! here’s a sera who got happily drunk and dug up a lot of flowers from the skyhold garden and will now cover her qunari girlfriend with smooches. she took a running jump at her because qunari women are very tall and very excellent.

I looked a bit through your blog to see if you had any inquisitor OCs but couldn’t find any so I just drew in my own. happy satinalia!

here’s an extra doodle: