i just needed her on my blog

I like the kinda girl that’ll give me a key to her place & tell me to be in her bed before she gets home or else & she actually means it. Someone who will put me in my place when I’m trying to be cheeky as fuck but nah she won’t let me get away with it. I need a girl who will talk me out of my angry self destructive decisions because she knows deep down I do what I do because I’m hurting & I don’t want to admit it. I need a girl who understands my loud mouth attitude is only a defensive layer of protection for the extremely soft & affectionate person she’s going to big spoon to sleep that night.

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give me a letter and I’ll tell you my 5 favorite blogs starting with that letter:

I :

  • @imanavenger - One of the Best Clint’s around on this site. tbh I was not a fan when it came to Clint but then this amazing blog graced my dash and their take on him made me fall love in with Hawkeye. You should give them a follow, you WON’T be disappointed.
  • @impcled : A blog that everyone should follow. I enjoy having them on my dash and reading their threads when I can. Such a great writer.
  • @inherited-vanity : We have not been following each for long but from what I’ve seen on my dash they are a great writer and the mun seems like a really nice person.
  • @immortallionheart : I really really love having them on my dash. By far one of the best writers you will find on this site. The mun is a real sweetheart and all their muses are A ++


  • @thickcrskiin : Anther OC that I freaking love following. Honestly, Jane is just amazing in every way.
  • @txkeyouout : I really love Maila and this one is written amazingly. 


  • @anditsxsorrows : I’ve been following this Klaus for a long time. Their take on him is spot on and a pleasure to have grace my dash
  • @amongwclves : Anther blog that I have been following for a long time. I believe since my last stiles blog before I moved? We don’t write much at all but I do enjoy the times we do.
  • @antagxnized : an A+ Ward blog. Everyone should check them out.
  • @asurvivor : Anther A + plus that everyone should go follow.


  • @luncrwolf : ALEX IS ONE OF THE BEST OC’S ON THIS SITE. I love getting to a thread with this blog and talking to the mun.
  • @littlebrokensurvivor : I love Cora Hale and their blog has only made me love Cora more.
  • @loathedlineage : Okay so I love this blog so so so much. Honestly, my dash would not be the same without them
  • @letagin : We don’t get to write much but I enjoy the time we do. They are an amazing writer and I really love their muse.


  • @youkilledmyfxther : nobody understands how much I love this blog. okay? Their take on Harry is the best and Stiles freaking loves that man too death. 
  • @youabandcnedme: anther blog I love. I have not seen them around in a long time /= I miss them. Everyone should give them a follow.

I need to talk about the awesome @fenland-witch real quick!

Last week I was looking through @fenland-witch’s blog and came across some really neat bag charms I liked. She was running a sale so I decided to jump on those real quick. She was also having some financial mishaps and I wanted to help however I could. She is an absolute joy to talk to, super helpful, and just an amazing person. Now I am pretty indecisive so I made a little deal with her. Details unimportant, but I need to brag on how awesome her stuff is. First of all each thing came it it’s own organza bag, and the necklace in a box. My picks were the two bag charms and a lapiz lazuli chip bracelet, she picked another bracelet, a necklace, and two tumbled stones for me. I am in absolute love! I just ordered a few more things from her, and I have no doubt I will again in the future. Seriously people, go look through her blog, everything she makes is amazing!

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🎊 @1wice eleanor’s blog is literally one of the prettiest that i follow!! like literally everything about it is just so nice n pretty!!! also!!! eleanor is one of the nicest people on this site i highly highly recommend their blog!!!

🎊 @cherryjaehyun i was literally Shocked when mads followed me so if that doesnt give u an idea of how much i love them n their blog then i dont know what will!! one of my fave nct blogs i literally love them so much that is all

🎊 @ilovepcy ilovepcy more like iloveruby !!!!! i rlly love ruby a lot n her blog is  super super cute too!! i need more pcy stans like her in my life i rlly do love her go follow ruby!!!!!

🎊 @ta31uv really has THE nicest red n black theme like its such a 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 aesthetic and theyre super super sweet too!!!!! wow!!!!!

🎊 @standay6 i lov xero so much!!!!! his blog is really so so cute i honestly really love everything about it!! really a god tier blog!!!!

🎊 @calpyco is literally one of my fave blogs whenever they tag me in yuta i scream!!! honestly their aesthetic is so so nice n their tags never fail to make me giggle!! i lov them sm!!!!

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Hey i'm sorry if this is being pushy. But is it ok to ask you to just talk to the Jira-au blog? theyre getting slightly harassed over at devianart by a very persistent Jashi fan. they seem ok for the most part but since Jira is such a small ship im afraid more Jashi fans are gonna go after her or something. and since i find that you seem to be fairly popular maybe you could discourage that? again im sorry if im being pushy.

That is not okay at all. Harassing and bullying someone just because they don’t share the same ship or like the same things as you. This person on DA needs to stop harassing @jira-au like seriously, not cool at all. If anything, report that person.

I do not tolerate that kind of behavior on my own blog or any of my accounts. It’s rude, uncalled for, and very unbecoming of a person.

I hope Jira-au is doing okay though. Don’t let them tell you what to do if you’re seeing this. I know from experience. Just report this user and I’m not sure of you can, block them.

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You're entitled to change your mind if you want or don't want kids. Also, she didn't say she's too young. She said she "looks to young" and she knows what people would say. Her and Dylan have busy lives. Honestly all these hate anons need to back off. She's only human and don't deserve the shit you lot say.

Oh dear. Fuck me. Do not group me with people just because I post the messages, if someone said something that particularly made me think “oh shit! omg” then I’ll post it. People are thoroughly entitled to put their opinions on my asks and if you have a problem with it you can hit that unfollow butting because I don’t need other people dictating my blog. It bothers other writers? Well they can unfollow me too, because quite frankly some of the shit other people do annoys me but I don’t kick up dirt about it. Deal, the fuck, with it.

Dear rest of the Spn Fandom,

What Destiel is NOT about.

1. Hating Sam/Jared
Okay, I have no idea where this one started, but honestly I don’t care what you ship if you hate on either of my tol cinnamon roll babies, YOU WILL BE FACING MY WRATH. ALL 5'2 OF IT.

2. Hating the women that they were with.
Personally, I love Jo and Lisa. Cassie was just there for an episode, so I don’t really have any opinions on here.
I don’t like Meg for other reasons (her character inconsistency was annoying and her voice got on all my nerves) but hating her just because she kissed Cas is pretty shallow.

3. Two hot men kissing.
Right. This. Look, if the only reason that you ship them is that it would be hot to see them kiss, I’d just like to tell you that YER A FUCKBUTT, HARRY. Other people can probably explain this better, but you’re fetishising a whole community and you need to stop. Now. And get off my blog while you’re at it.

4. Hating on their wives.
This is probably more of a Cockles thing than a Destiel one, but most of the Cockles shippers that I’ve encountered were all awesome people, so I’ll say it on their behalf, we don’t hate Danneel and Vicki, okay? Seriously, why would anybody, when they make Misha and Jensen so happy?

5. Making everything gay/The gay agenda
No. No. Say it with me, no. We do not ship them because they’re both men
We ship them because they have amazing chemistry and it makes sense that Dean and Cas be together. And it would obviously be the bisexual agenda, if it was an agenda. Which it’s not. At all. *Cackles in the distance*

• What Destiel is about

1. Unconditional Love
2. Dean finally realizing that he's​ not damaged and deserves love. Also realizimg that he’s not the perfect manly man soldier that John raised him to be, and that’s okay.
3. Cas understanding that he will always have a home with Dean (and Sam, by extension)
4. Two people who help each other to be better people.
5. Two people who constantly screw up, but forgive each other, because that’s what love is about.
6. Seeing people at their worst, and still loving them. (Dean forgiving Cas after he becomes God and Cas telling him that he deserves to be saved)
7. Unconditional love (I’m sorry, I’ll never be over the “I’d rather have you, cursed or not.”)
8. Both of them, giving up so much for each other.
9. Sticking up for each other

• Obviously I can’t speak for the entire fandom, but these are my views, and generally the views of people that I’ve encountered. Thanks for taking the time out to read it!

A Destiheller


Sense8 | You Want a War?

Before I get on a plane and go anywhere, before I discover what it actually feels like to be in the same room with you, before I know what it really feels like to have these lips against mine, and not just in my head, something I might be imagining… I need to know something. Something true.


Sketch Dump!

So I haven’t posted any art in a long time, mostly because I’ve felt like it isn’t worthy of posting. But that’s dumb, so I’m going to try and post at least one sketch a week. To try and get going again. So here’s just a few sketches to get started. Thanks to everyone who’s still stuck around!

I have finally rewatched this amazing musical and this is just a perfect crossover for these two, okay?

And I believe, there’s good in everybody’s heart,
Keep it safe and sound.
(Listen close to everybody’s heart,
And hear that breaking sound.)
With hope you can do your part
To turn a life around!
(Hopes and dreams are shattering apart
And crashing to the ground!)

(Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog – I Cannot Believe My Eyes)

“The fridge light washes this room white, moon dances over your good side”

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The one where it’s 3am and he thinks you’re beautiful  

She was the only quiet he wanted, content with unspoken words being heard in soft smiles in hair and kisses on foreheads worn like crowns and he’d give anything to capture moments like these in picture frames so he’d be sure he’d never lose them. He was crazy about her. He could tell you exactly what made her smile that day two years ago, even if it was just for a moment. Don’t get me wrong, she was head over heals for him too, she’d memorised the deep lines in his palms that cupped her cheeks perfectly and she knew from first glance that he would know how to hold her.

He wasn’t completely sure what it was that had woken him up but he thinks it was the realisation that her breath was no longer on his neck. So he makes his passed the discarded clothes and Polaroids strung together on walls, looking for her, and when he finds her he swears to this day that he stopped breathing. She was wearing one of his shirts and it was just hanging off her back, her hair in a top knot that kind of looked like a baby had been pulling at it but to him she made it work. Her skin was illuminated but the dull glow of the refrigerator light and her thighs had bruises which made he’s heart ache with pride because she’s wearing proof of his fingertips from the night before.  

The radio is on and it’s playing the song she attached to that drunk guy they met and that party one time because she’s the kind of girl who’d attach songs to people and hate it when they stop being important because the songs still are. She hasn’t noticed he’s there yet, hasn’t seen his fond smile and his eyes that had that glimmer in them that only she could provoke but he figures she’ll notice soon and when she does she’ll lean against the open refrigerator door and she’ll sigh out a ‘hi’ and he won’t say anything because words aren’t needed, he’ll just walk over to her so he can do what he’s wanted to do since finding her in the kitchen 15 minutes ago. He’ll kiss her, almost as soft as her voice, and when they pull apart he’ll rest his forehead on hers and the radio will start to play a slow love song about how the guy finally got the girl, and they’ll dance.

The reason why a lot of men don’t know how to pursue a Godly wife isn’t always because they don’t desire it, but many are simply not ready, or, they don’t even know how to pursue a woman in a Godly way. In the same way we as women have doubts, insecurities, and questions about Godly relationships, we can’t forget that guys have these too.

This can be frustrating and may cause you feel like they’re getting nowhere when it comes to relationships, but the answer isn’t to try and solve all of these problems yourself. The answer is to pray for your brothers in Christ like you pray for your sisters: that God will prepare their hearts and that they’ll know their worth.

In the same way women are pressured to get married, many guys get similar pressure too. In the same way that women can be tempted to just date around, men deal with the same things. In the same way women deal with issues when it comes their bodies, sexual purity, and other things, men face issues as well. Of course women deal with issues that are distinct to being a woman, but the point is, let us not forget to pray for our brothers too.

If a guy has wronged you, this does not mean that his actions are inexcusable. What it means is no matter what, he’s still not outside of the realm of God’s grace. There is still hope for him AND for a generation that seems at times to have lost its way. So let us pray and do this:

“Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” - Hebrews 4:16

You don’t have to date a guy so you can try to change him. Let God change him. Why? Because God is not caught off guard by how “bad” the dating scene is or how much help someone needs. He doesn’t look at a single woman in her 30’s and say there’s no hope for her. He doesn’t look at a woman who’s been heartbroken yet still desires marriage and say “that’s just too bad.” He doesn’t look at a young man who doesn’t know his worth in Christ and say “there’s no way I could pour my love onto a sinner like that.” He looks at ALL of us with love, so let us look at each other in the same way!

Words by @morganhnichols for #QWCDevos

Friends & Family appreciation!

i want to compliment ALL my mutuals & my friends.
because my anxiety kills me (thanks anon)
mostly because i don’t contact people often,i just want them
to know how much they mean to me.
that i see them as ACTUAL friends. 
yes this is kinda like a follow forever. just with compliments!
this is a  hella  long list! so i’m so sorry.
i’m bad with telling your personality,so i’m so sorry.
i didn’t wanna leave anybody out.
family = bolded (basically means people i see as my real life friends)
friends = italics (means that we might not talk alot,but you still mean alot to me)

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So I’ve post this picture a few times. I love when I get a large toy into my ass once or twice. Then during a later stretching session, can’t do it again…
See these two ladies here, would make me their anal whore. And that thought thrills me. I love the thought of being some firm but loving Domme’s anal whore. Just stretched, and loose for her pleasure. And those strap-ons, the thought of them just plowing me more and more loose, joy. At some point, I need to find me a Domme and submit my ass and fuck hole to her use.