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kid!destiel + puns + fluff = happy halloween! 🎃

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Egotober, Day 08 - Bad news

Egotober list by @ego-surveillance-squad

Kind of just an excuse to draw the fandom’s newest baby…


Ok I was thinking about a witch au and I was thinking equally hard about their outfits as well as what magick they’d practice so this is all I have rn HAHA but.

Pidge dabbles in both green magic and techno magic. Hunk is a crystal witch! Lance comes from a family of sea witches and he lives by the beach…Keith I’m not sure about yet but I really needed to draw him with an athame. Fire? Knife? It’s perfect

the last one was just an excuse to cover them all in their elements, rituals arent actually that messy ksj

I need to draw Nino more often (pls excuse the shitty design, i just picture peacock! nino as someone who takes superheroing as serious business/ a chance for people to take him seriously)

what i wanted focus on that was the eyes, specifically the sclera.

ive notices how most peacock designs dont incorporate the black sclera that duusuu has.

i mean come on i cant be the only one …

he and chat could be the colored/ odd sclera bros


The most angry Akaaaashiii you’ll ever hear (and is not from Bokuto)

Me today afterwork: I’m gonna go home and finish my freelance work, I’m so ready and eager to do so

Someone on twitter: Happy Birthday Bokutooo!

Me: *check date* *toss everything aside* fuck responsibilities. what? priorities? what’s that?

Of course I needed to draw something for one of my faaaveeees!! Happy (belated) Birthday to my owl guuuy! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ so precious and  the perfect excuse to draw them together yaay


So, Takumi & Kiragi A support conversation ends with Takumi offering lessons in using Fujin Yumi and Kiragi overwhelmingly accepting because he loves and respects his dad so much, and would love to learn how to wield the divine bow from him! Kiragi is the child Takumi needed deserved. Their support conversations are so important for Takumi’s character development and I think they are beautiful… I get so emotional whenever I remember them, and feels were toying with me the whole time I was drawing this.

Two versions as I couldn’t decide which one I like more.

another overwatch portrait. thought that GOT quote fits quite well to Hanzo :) though truth be told, I just needed an excuse to draw Hanzo’s profile cause I’m in love with it. especially his crooky nose! people with promiment features are my favourite n I don’t draw nearly enough of them :/

however, it still pains me everytime I play OW that I’m utterly incapable of playing him V_V   I think I might be a lot better with snipers in general if I’d be playing on PC but oh well~ *got enough other chars in my hand*

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↳  He wasn’t sure whether it was the fact he’d been caught off-guard, or…whatever that was, which had caused his face to heat up like that.

He was a Galra of the Blade, for quiznak’s sake! No way that was the case. It was embarrassment from being caught off-guard that caused him to flush. Clearly.

(It wasn’t.)

I honestly used this prompt as an excuse to draw Altean Pidge and Galra Keith. Fight me.

Used @jen-iii‘s awesome Altean Pidge design! Except she has a ponytail because she really had no need to cut her hair in this AU.

Anyways I was just drawing this as kind of a tie-in to the whole Altean Lance bodyguard AU thing, but it turned into a kind of AU of an AU? So the story is, Altean groups have been allied with the Blade of Marmora in the battle against Zarkon for some time, and Alteans are scattered in settlements throughout the galaxy…

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“You’re quiet tonight,” Bitty noted. It was a common line between them, a way to recognise that Bitty understood that something was on Jack’s mind and an opening to talk about it if Jack wished.

“You were doing fine carrying the conversation on your own,” Jack had obviously recovered from his wandering thoughts enough to chirp him. “I was just letting you get it all out before you start texting about it.”

“It’s tweeting as you know full well, Mr Zimmermann,” Bitty shot back. “I know you’re hopeless but I refuse to believe that you forget it every time I correct you.”

Jack threw his head back with a laugh that always made Bitty warm with accomplishment every time he managed to draw it from him. “Like you said, I’m hopeless. Or maybe I just like to see your reaction every time.”

Bitty rolled his eyes but remained silent, giving Jack the space to gather his thoughts. Not that Jack ever needed an excuse to chirp Bitty, but he suspected his boyfriend was buying himself some time.

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Kraglin getting a tattoo and Yondu wanting to get a cooler one and eventually they have heaps of matching tattoos all over their body

Kraglin cuddling Yondu and if he listens close enough he can hear Yondu purring

Kraglin getting mad as fuck when anyone tells him what to do but when it comes to Yondu hes so respectable about it and they have such a close bond that Kraglin is fine with Yondu ordering him around (Basically “Hey, don’t tell Krags what to do! Only I can do that!”)

Yondu getting a sore throat and Kraglin doing the yelling for him

Yondu holding Kraglin’s hand and using “we need to stick together” as an excuse but Kraglin knows whats up and he loves just being able to hold his hand during a mission

Kraglin grabbing Yondu’s tummy chub and kissing it a bunch because its soft and tummies are great ok

All Right

Originally posted by aestheticbywesanderson

Fandom: Kingsman

Characters: Merlin

Pairing: Reader X Merlin

Notes/Warnings: Since this is wholesome and fluffy and the reader is married to Merlin, you get to call him Hamish all you want, Nonny. Pulled first from my request list because I know the post-movie need for emergency fix-its. Mentions of one lost limb.

Word count: 880

Imagine: Reader and Merlin are married and he survives like he was supposed to. Just make it fluffy and wholesome and nice and extra points if you throw in the kilt and reader gets to call him Hamish. – requested by Anon 

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No Vacancy

I’m willing to make a part two to this.

Moving was supposed to be a restart. It was supposed to be the beginning of a better life. Of a better mindset. But nothing had changed.

Will sat outside his new house as his father told the movers where to go and where to leave things. He kicked at the ground, trying to pinpoint where he was going wrong on his drawing. It just didn’t look right. Aggravated, he looked away from his sketchbook and swung idly against the tree swing the previous owners had left.

As he looked out at the street, he could feel the solemn, empty feeling in him. Ever since Momma had died at the hospital, it had left Will without any motivation to do anything. He couldn’t draw anymore. He didn’t pay attention in class anymore. His grades had slipped and he’d missed so much school, that he almost wasn’t able to get into his new one.

Dad was never one to talk through emotions. He liked to keep them to himself. Mom had told him that a long time ago. She’d said that when they were friends, she watched him get heartbroken by guys and girls alike, but he never talked about it. He always kept it to himself and played it off with playful smiles and jokes.

Even now, he wouldn’t mull over his pain. Not with Will at least. But Will heard him crying at night.

A car pulled up in the next door house and Will pulled himself from his thoughts. He ducked back into his sketchbook, touching up some of the lines and shading, hoping that the strange look would go away. He heard the slam of car doors and a few voices.

Curiosity got the best of him and he glanced up, surprised to see two pairs of eyes on him. A boy and a girl. Two other people were walking into the house. The two looking at him smiled, and he managed to smile back, nodding at them. There was a man walking into the house, and he glanced back, noting the moving van. The other girl beside him looked over too and waved.

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Gravity Falls Year One Anniversary: The Stanchurian Candidate

I was really excited to be chosen to participate in this event and get the episode I wanted! Good excuse to draw Tad again.

Since I couldn’t settle on one idea, I just drew a bunch of silly doodles based off of the episode. Hope you like them!

@ihavebeencalled @gravityfallsyearoneanniversary

BATIM Sketch Dump

Normally, I don’t post sketches or make sketch dumps, but I really wanted to practice more Bendy stuff, so here you go.

From left to right:

Top row:
1. Bendy swing dancing with my “purrsona,” Kitty Cat.
2. Phantom Bendy (Inspired by @arsonsara‘s upcoming “Phantoon of the Opera” audio cartoon.)

Middle row:
3. Sweater Bendy (From @doodledrawsthings‘s “Hell’s Studio” AU.)
4. Ink-Bendy (Drew this while listening to “Gasoline” by Halsey.)
5. Cheeky Lil’ Devil (…Just needed an excuse to draw him in this pose, lol.)

Bottom row:
6. Alice Angel (Drew her while listening to “Bring on the Men” from Jekyll and Hyde.)
7. Dr. Bendy Jekyll (Inspired by the musical Jekyll and Hyde.  Having a hard time deciding between the two looks.  What do you guys think?)

Feel free to reblog, if you can.  Every little bit counts.  Thanks!  ^^

Bendy and the Ink Machine © theMeatly
Artwork © JordantheCat11

“Hey, Derek, don’t be so grumpy. We just put the scarf on you because you lacked school spirit.”

“I don’t even go here anymore.”

“But you did last year! Ha! And now you’re here to visit your boyfriend and take him out on a date to Hogsmeade.”

“Yeah, I am.”

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Turn, Turn, Turn
Characters: CastielXReader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Word Count: 1626

A/N: Devious Dean, sleepy Sam, clueless Castiel, riveting Reader, and did I mention the dancing? Oh, and fluff (was there even any question?).

(not my GIF)

“Well, I’m going out, who is coming with?” Dean whacked the back of your chair, causing you to jerk forward. Grabbing his freed jacket from behind you, he plunged an arm into the sleeve.

Scowling, you rubbed fists into your weary eyes, “Jesus Dean, we’ve been back what? All of five minutes?”

“And?” He held his arms wide open, a smug smirk plastered on his face, “Showered, shaved, and ready to rock.”

“Yeah, pass,” Sam shook his head, ran his fingers through his hair and slumped his forehead on the table.

“I’m getting too old for this shit,” you reclined back in the chair, arms dropping to swing limply at your sides, eyelids clamped shut, “I’m not moving another inch until tomorrow.”

“Seriously? Bunch of wusses,” Dean scoffed, “I’m like the oldest one here.”

Castiel cleared his throat from the corner of the room.

Dean pursed his lips, waving a palm toward the angel, “Yeah, okay, the oldest except for feathers over there.” He looked pointedly in Cas’ direction, wagging a finger, “But you don’t get a say here, energizer bunny.”

Derisively rolling his eyes, Cas crossed his arms and leaned further against the wall.

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