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Man, I wish I could make one (1) post about Seungbae without anyone coming at it and pushing their dislike for him on me or adding comments like “I wish he would die xD”. I know y’all hate him, no need to remind me of it every single time. Just let me and the other few fans of him enjoy this character, thanks. I didn’t tell everyone who wanted to see Sangwoo and Bum bang that I hope they’ll never have sex to rain on your parade either.

Long posts

Look guys, I’m one of the people who dislikes the long posts. Not all of them, just the ones that palette swap out a few words of the same sentence. 


Far be it from me to shit on anyone’s fun, chase your bliss, whatever. Let’s just agree on a tag so I can blacklist it. Like “Reblog chain” or something. It doesn’t necessarily work 100% (you need a separate app to block tags on mobile, for example) but it can help

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I'm just trying to figure out why I haven't seen a first yet if all the times Amy said "ya boring" followed by Jake on one knee saying surprise bc I need it and I need it YESTERDAY

ahhhh i feel like i’ve seen a post like this but i can’t find it, can someone help??


Don’t forget Gorillaz fans, Jamie Hewlett exist! He made all you’re favorite band members come to life in the music videos, shorts, ect! He continues drawing them countless times and works day and night to give you new content with the band members! So please appreciate him!!! ❤❤❤



Ever Since
Author: letsjustsee
Word Count: 10.5k
Louis once again went to leave, but before he could reach the door he heard Barkley jumping off the bed behind him. The giant dog accosted Louis before he could get through, nudging Louis’ legs with all his weight and making him stumble, and Louis had to grab the doorframe to steady himself.
“What the heck, Barkley?” Louis was mostly talking to himself, aware that Barkley couldn’t actually understand him, but he had never witnessed the dog acting so oddly.
He turned around when he heard a quiet murmur coming from the bed.
“What?” He hadn’t been able to make out what Harry said, but at Louis’ question he sat up in bed, hair already wild from the pillow, eyes heavy, and Louis’ stomach gave a little flip.
“He wants you to stay.”

Or, a very fluffy AU where Louis finds a lost dog that he wishes he could keep - until he meets his owner, who he wishes he could keep more

so uh

I think he needs someone who is self-assured and knows herself, so that he can kind of become that same person and know himself.”

This is what LM said about Lance and his potential love interest. He needs someone who knows themselves bc it’s clear to us Lance still doesn’t know his own self as evidenced here

now. here’s something interesting. Who, out of all the other paladins, had an arc/moment of them knowing themselves and who they were?

yup. you guessed it. this guy below. 

I’m just saying. If the shoe fits…

Duma bandana fashion show

You’ve got your fashionable burgundy

Then you’ve got your adventurous orange

Then you’ve got your lovely purple

Then you’ve got your stunning blue

You’ve also got a cute pink

of course you’ve also got a mix it up

Or tone it down with some grey

or maybe a lighter with some white

Or you could even be a pirate!

Okay, so I got this fic idea that I know I’m not able to write, so I’m going to throw it out for anyone who wants to use the idea.

So basically, a lot of times, with Nursey and Dex, when we imagine one of them visiting the other over the summer, it’s usually Nursey going to Dex, right?  It’s tough for Dex to go to NYC because of his job and family and yes, finances. But I’m thinking, what if, after they start dating, Dex gets the idea that it might be nice to surprise Nursey in NYC, so he starts saving with the intention being that if their relationship lasts until summer, he’s going to take some time and do it (he’s pretty sure the look on Nursey’s dumb face when he shows up unannounced alone will make the trip worthwhile).  And he has some ideas about what they might do, except that when he gets there, Nursey just excitedly starts rattling off the kinds of things and places that only New Yorkers would know about that he wants to take Dex to.  And who is Dex to say no to excited Nursey? And they have all sorts of cute moments around the city.

So, can y’all see my problem? I’m just a Michigan boy who’s never set foot in NYC, so I can’t possibly write this. But I really want a fic of it! Can I interest any NYC-area fic writers to do it for me? Please???

Jean Moreau ‘firsts’ to consider:

  • the first time Jean allowed himself to enjoy a blue sky
    • the trojans had dragged him off to a picnic for “team bonding” and it was the first time he’d been allowed to look at the sky without Riko looming over him
  • the first time Jean felt the grass under his fingers
    • on that same picnic, while Laila and Alvarez were wrestling playfully nearby, Jean looked at the grass under the blanket and ran his hands over it and was in awe at how smooth it was
  • the first time Jean went to a party
    • the Trojans just won a game and wanted to celebrate, so of course they made Jean come along, and at first he’d been apprehensive, but then Jeremy grinned at him and it turned out to be not so bad
  • the first time Jean genuinely smiled
    • unsurprisingly, it was because of Jeremy, who made a stupid pun that Jean wanted to groan at, but he found it humorous somehow so he just… couldn’t help it
  • the first time Jean failed and didn’t beat himself up over it
    • the Trojans rarely lose a game, but sometimes Jean can’t stop a shot that should have been easy. One day he can’t block a shot and he’s surprised to realize he’s just thought “I’ll do better next time”
  • the first time Jean lets himself love
    • it’s not just Jeremy, but also Laila and Alvarez, who show him that love isn’t supposed to be painful or possessive or suffocating and who give him the courage to let the team love him
    • even Jeremy
    • (especially Jeremy)

okay i also need to discuss Lotor’s scene with Zarkon because it was just so fucking weird and gave some interesting insights.

Lotor puts on a whole act in front of Zarkon, one that is obviously cultivated and a normal part of their interactions. And the act itself  is him being?? a hero-worshiping son trying to prove himself but who’s timid, over-eager and almost emotional and wants to be accepted. His speech is all formal, referring to his own father as ‘Lord’.

And Zarkon’s reaction to it is to be cold and disregard him completely. He doesn’t CARE. Even when Haggar mentions she’s suspicious.

It makes me wonder if Lotor was genuinely like this when he was young, pre-exile. Just wanting to prove himself and gain his father’s approval and to follow in his footsteps and the result was always hurtful to him. 

So he puts on the act to keep Zarkon from being suspicious.

and like Lotor doesn’t care? that he gets kicked off the throne. Zarkon realizes that Lotor’s plotting against him only NOW. 

Idk i’m now plagued with these images of Young Lotor just wanting his father’s attention and being constantly cast aside or punished for it.