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Favourite Acting Scenes – Isak’s dream-like week comes to a nightmarish end (5.10 part 5)

My Favourite Colour is Maroon, the photoset. 

Emotions are a peculiar thing: sometimes you cannot live without them, for you want to feel the joy and happiness that you encounter throughout your days. Those moments, life without emotions seems boring and you need them to enjoy it. Other times, you don’t want to feel them at all. When life is just not going your way and everything seems stacked up against you. The anger and sadness you feel, that you’d rather not feel anything at all than those emotions.

But sometimes, at first, you don’t know what to feel at all, or have difficulties containing those feelings and emotions. As is the case with this scene: the feelings and emotions involved with.. a break-up? Every person deals with this in different ways, but here is Isak, a boy who has been known to suppress and hide his true feelings in emotionally stressful situations. Often, a first introduction in acting is being attuned to how emotions take form in your body. Happiness means smile, sadness means frown. But what if the intent of the scene is that you’re feeling emotions but cannot show or deal with them? This is acting out a character who is unable to deal with the emotions that come his way when confronted with a confusing and heartbreaking situation.

It starts at the pre-party. While his friends are talking about whatever, Isak clearly is in conflict. His shoulders are tense, he takes very deep but shallow breaths and is continuously staring at the same point. A nice touch as well is the fact that he’s barely drinking his beer, and when he does he really needs to swallow it down. Maybe his head is completely filled with confusion over what happened with Even, or it’s completely empty, not knowing what to think. The boy is tense all over. What I find most interesting is that these scenes emphasize that feeling that even though you’re with people around you, you can still feel alone because you’re unable to tell them what’s going on. The only connection he makes in the conversation is when Emma is mentioned, but you see that he has difficulties coming up with reasons why he can’t get them in. He even sounds vulnerable here; he really doesn’t want to go.

But then, he has to. And he keeps his distance from his friends. Pulling into himself, walking behind them. Just get them into the party. Then I can leave.

It’s only when he sees Even that Isak suddenly feels anything again: the urgent need to talk to him, even though I don’t think Isak knew what he wanted to say. The music is a nice touch here; it emphasizes that heart pounding and anxious feeling you get when you see your crush after receiving such a weird final text message. I need to find him. Now. When Emma shows up, the music fizzles out. Oh fuck.

Isak tries to pull up his smooth-talking womanizer persona, but you see that he doesn’t feel it: his wide eyes show that he’s scared. And then Emma drops a bomb. His face becomes ashen, his heart sinks right into his stomach. He’s staring again, almost teary-eyed. She knows.

Barely before he even gets to think of the consequences of that revelation, he pulls up his eyes and sees Even and Sonja. The heart in his stomach turns into lead.

I need to get out.

He’s not looking at anyone when he tells them they’re leaving, but then Mahdi mentions for the second time that night his family. Already a sore spot, Isak’s emotions spurt out in anger here and he pushes Mahdi: this is totally different from who Isak is that I think it terrifies even him how he’s reacting. I love Tarjei’s reaction here; wide-eyed, staring, his body language almost screaming that he needs to get away from here.

It’s at the moment when he’s finally alone that Isak can’t contain his emotions anymore; his adrenaline and anger result in aggression, but when he’s done feeling angry, it’s only feeling the heartbreak that remains. I think, knowing Isak’s tendency to think the worst of himself, that he’s only blaming himself here.

I should’ve known.           It’s my fault.                     I’m so stupid.

And because he’s finally letting himself feel his emotions and feelings that have been building up for a few days (or even weeks), it hits him so hard that he does something that he only did when his father left his mother: he stays inside for a week, completely isolates himself, not even telling Jonas this time. Trying not to feel anything, but instead feeling everything.

It’s so perfectly acted, that it feels like a vicarious experience, for us, the audience.

Previous parts: here.

Dropping Anchor 2/5

SUMMARY: As if returning home penniless and heartbroken isn’t bad enough, the last thing Emma needs is for her mom to get her a job – and for her future boss to pull her out of the harbor before she even knows his name. But Killian Jones has never been afraid of the water…

Rating: M (later)

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A follower appreciation “one shot” for @32variations that got completely out of hand, part 2. 

I love the photosets @lenfaz made for this (just you wait for the one for part 3) and am so happy she offered when she heard about this project! And a big thank you to @evil–isnt–born for beta duties in the midst of holiday madness. 


She doesn’t mean for it to happen, but somehow after that night of drunken companionship on the docks, she can’t seem to find a way to apply the word stupid to Killian Jones.

It’s awkward when she first arrives at the bar. Killian is obviously nursing a hangover, dark shadows under his eyes and his scruff unkempt. The sight gives her pause, a flicker of something like curiosity, only somehow more tugging at her. He wasn’t sober when he left her at her door, but he wasn’t that drunk, either. Had he gone home and started drinking again? And if he did, why?

Firmly telling herself it isn’t her concern – and that the last thing she wants to do is open the door she’s firmly slammed shut on all the things she thought she wanted to do with him last night under the influence of way too much tequila and rum –Emma settles into the rhythm of Monday afternoon. The bar isn’t that busy, only the handful of regulars present in their accustomed spots, and it doesn’t take long before she’s run out of things to do to occupy herself.

She tries leaning against the wall opposite the bar, her eyes drifting toward the TV without really absorbing anything occurring on the screen. It’s mostly just a way to avoid the heavy weight of Killian’s bloodshot eyes that follow her around the bar – he isn’t even attempting to be subtle about it; the few times she’s looked up and met his gaze, he hasn’t looked away, his stare full of questions.

It’s as if she’s a puzzle he’s determined to solve, his brows slightly furrowed, his eyes slightly narrowed. What the big mystery is, she has no idea. Emma likes to think of herself as fairly straightforward. Maybe she’s not into sharing her deepest secrets, but what’s so complicated about that?

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Happy Holidays from Cabin 7!

-Lee, Michael, Will, Laurel, Austin and Kayla

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“I fell in love with you like droplets on the ocean. Every facet of you was just a drip, but– but the ripples they caused were massive.”

okay this was seriously one of my favorite cosplays to date and i was looking forward to it since february and i was sooo so so happy with how it turned out. 

droplets is an amazing fic and everyone needs to read it because it is so incredibly well written and the plot is fantastic and just UUUUUUUGH i dont have any words to describe how much i love this fic and how much it means to me really. pics taken at anime central 2015. 

jean is me

marco is cuddlemeaaronoppa

and droplets by theprophetlemonade

thank you for writing this amazing fic. <3  


‘[Viola] is utterly amazing, like literally, she is amazing. She’s just such a wonderful presence in the morning, to go into the hair and makeup chair and she’s right there happy to see you. She’s just a great number one, ready and raring to go. And energy-wise, that’s what I love about her. It is really amazing to watch her navigate [a scene]. Sometimes she’ll be off in a corner talking to herself and working through it. She’s asking herself questions about what she’s trying to figure out and why this is happening right now and why she’s about to do what she’s about to do. And it’s never some big demonstrative thing. It’s just subtle; it’s these looks, having the thought, and being able to live inside that kind of silence and let the moment land. It’s really amazing to watch her.’ —Aja Naomi King