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BTOB REACT: To their girlfriend being short and not being able to get the cookies from the top shelf

Anonymous said to kpopgroupsreact:
Hii can i request something? How would Btob react to their girlfriend being very short and she was trying to reach cookies from the top shelf but couldn’t reach it so she got really sad and pouty. Thank you so much already! I really love your blog<3

Such a cute request <3 and thank you for loving my blog <3333

I kind of…well I kind of let this one write itself so to speak. With BTOB it just happens, lolololol. I’m sorry if it’s not exactly what you wanted.

In the tags I wrote ‘born to eat’ by mistake, but you know what? That’s pretty accurate. So, I kept it. hahahahahahahahahahaha

Eunkwang: He likes feeling needed (who doesn’t?) so when he sees your sad pouty face he’d break into a smile and walk over to help you get the cookies.

“It’s alright, the shelf is higher than normal shelves. It’s not just you jagiya.” He’d make a mental note to keep the cookies on a lower shelf so you could reach them more easily in the future.

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Minhyuk: You made a frustrated noise, getting down from the stool and kicking it away from you. Minhyuk rushed over to find you pouting with your arms crossed, eyes looking sadly up at the top shelf where your favourite cookies sat.

“I thought you were hurt or something. Don’t scare me like that, y/n. If you wanted something you could have just asked.” He’d be relieved you were alright, and amused by your reactions at the same time.

(You’re welcome.)

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Changsub: When he watched you attempt to reach the box of cookies on the top shelf he knew he was in for it. When you failed and looked over to him sadly he’d try to ignore you because the truth was he had eaten all the cookies and had just left the empty box up there.

“Y/N, it’s alright. Just forget about the cookies, let’s um…eat some ice cream instead!”

When you refuse and go to find a stool (cause you know him well and he’s being all suspicious and Changsub-y) he knows he’s in trouble.

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“God please help me, gotta hide all the dangerous items before she finds the evidence.”

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Hyunsik: He would be laughing so hard over your cuteness. He was going to help you reach up to the top shelf, but when you started pouting and stomping your feet in frustration, he couldn’t help it.

“You’re such a kid y/n.”

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Peniel: When it comes to snacks, it’s business. Peniel doesn’t mess around with things like this so when he sees your sad face, looking longingly up at the delicious cookies on the top shelf he’d be all over it.

“Shhh, don’t worry Y/N. Those cookies will be yours. Trust me.”

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Ilhoon: He’s mean AF, so seeing you suffer will only entice him to make fun of you.

“Haahahahahaha, good luck with that y/n.” (he was the one that moved the cookies to the top shelf)

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But he’s not a total jerk, so just to see you smile he’d get the cookies down for you. Just this once.

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Sungjae: Being the extra dork that he is, when he sees you struggling and all sad, he’d come in with a bag full of your favourite snacks -including your cookies.

“Your prince charming has arrived with your delicacies madame, so you don’t have to be sad about not reaching the ones on the top shelf.”

(He could have just used his long-arse arms to get them, smh).

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Hello, i just found your blog and your art is amazing! My jaw goes right on the floor whenever i see it! I have a question: do you ever draw stubble on characters? if so, how do you do it? It's so hard to make it look good, i need some help 😥

With stubble or beard, you will need to have a base (something like a dark undertone at the chin+neck area).
From there you add on random strokes, light+short ones for stubble and dark+long ones for beard.

Beards are pretty similar to the hair.
It grows downwards and follows the face shape.
It may grow a bit wilder and curler than the hair so your strokes should be more random, sketchy and rough.

more tutorials/art help can be found here

More Fig Chatter!

I have lots of questions to get to, but first a quick thing:

for those that were wondering what’s going on with my heath, right now it seems I won’t be able to get to see a doctor until mid January at the earliest due to insurance issues, so i won’t know for sure what’s going on until then. Fingers crossed that everything turns out to be ok. I’ll let you all know what’s up as soon as I know what’s up. ^_^’ Thank you all so much for your kind words and patience!

And Now On to the Q/A! :)

Sure! It’s called Orenda and i just poked around at the custom settings a lot! :)

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i’m still around

Heya, buds——

Sorry for the quiet! Been getting my other two blogs all set up to party while the new Mrfunnybone headquarters awaits its official release. Big thanks to everyone who needed over to Mob!Sans, I look forward to your business. ;) 

I’ve also now updated my original creation, Emma, over at Fallingthroughstraws, and will be welcoming new faces over there too. If 32-year old failures are your thing, or if you just wanna pet her great dane Chester, feel free check her out. 

I’ll pretty much be a no show on here, since it’s Victor’s birthday today, but tomorrow I’ll hop on for some goodies. I hope everyone is stayin’ safe, happy, healthy—all the good stuff. 

Funnybone, out.

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Do they follow me: Yes | No

Do I follow them: Yes | No | Now

What I think about their blog: Kem is such a cinnamon bun and your icon makes me feel fluttery inside please don’t tell Jongup. So positive, kind and supportive, always bringing up the Important News we all need to hear, sharing cute things, just a bundle of sunlight and I love and aspire to be half as dear as you are okay.

The amount of Jae on your blog actually sates my thirst and hunger and gives me the air I breathe, thanks, I’m dramatic, I love Yoo Youngjae and OH MY GOSH–


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Skincare Tips ✨✨

I’m going to start off simple with my facial skincare tips:

First off I just need to say that struggling with your skin is something pretty much everyone goes through. I have yet to see any beauty advice blogs or ho tip posts discuss talking to a doctor about your skin. I had tried many different avenues to try and fix my skin, I switched up my face wash, my moisturizer, my shampoo (because I got a lot of acne along my hairline), I drank enough water to practically kill a person but none of it seemed to help. So I went to my doctor and expressed my concerns and she prescribed me some medication to prevent it. Honestly I don’t regret it at all, I’m not advising to go to a doctor without trying other methods first because for some people (like my Mum) certain facial products can make you break out and cutting those out will stop your acne problems. But for a lot of us you feel helpless because it seems like you’ve tried everything and none of it is working. If you are really unhappy with the condition of your skin, no matter how severe, talk to your doctor because I’m sure they are willing and happy to help.

Here are some general tips that you have heard 5000 times, but I’m going to repeat again because I have found they actually work:

  • Drink water - I know, I know, I know. Everyone on earth with clear skin says “it’s honestly just drinking water” they’re lying that water is all it is, but it does honestly help
  • Wash your goddamn face - wash it morning and night, the amount of gross stuff that comes into contact with your face every day is so nasty & if you actually want your skin to love you, wash it
  • Experiment with products - try different products that you think will work for you, it is the only way to ensure that the skincare routine you are following works for you
  • Eat halfway decent foods - I know it’s super hard and I seriously do not follow my own advice in this category. But eating less processed sugar, salt and fatty foods will help with your skin, for me a lot of my skin quality is based in what I eat
  • Wash your makeup brushes - this is on the same idea as washing your face, bacteria and gross stuff loves the moisture and products that stay in your makeup brushes or beauty blenders. You do not have to invest in a fancy expensive cleaner; I just use dish soap, canola oil, vinegar and super hot water to clean mine. It takes forever (because I put it off for so long) but I find my makeup applies so much smoother once they’re clean and the added bonus of not clogging up my pores is awesome
  • Exercise - I find working out not only helps with my stress levels (which can be associated with the quality of your skin) but sweating out all the toxins that my poor skin has to deal with helps control my breakouts
  • Exfoliate - exfoliating is kind of like a holy grail for me, it makes me feel like a new person, I try to exfoliate a few times a week (2-3). But be careful because when you’re breaking out all you want to do is scrub the shit out of your face and doing that over active breakouts just spreads the bacteria around which could potentially create a larger breakout
  • Try not to pop pimples - goddamn this one I do not follow, ever. But I know it causes all my scarring and makes my acne worse. I have been working on not popping them, but its a serious struggle for me
  • ALWAYS take your makeup off - this one is sooo important, you need to wash off your makeup every single night. Sleeping in your makeup is so harmful to your skin, for me even skipping one night ruins the quality of my skin even if it doesn’t make me break out
  • Steam your face - using a facial steamer has been so beneficial to my skin, I have an actual facial steaming machine but you can do it by boiling some water and just pouring it into a bowl and holding your face over it with a towel to help concentrate the steam on your face. I heard from Buzzfeed’s LadyLike that Audrey Hepburn used to steam her face often (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6zPd5xE_Y8)

hi everybody, i’m coming back from the dead to the th fandom and i need more blogs to follow! so if you post:

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I Want To Paint Your Sims!!

I need to practice watercolor painting. I’m pretty good at drawing realistic faces, so I wanna transfer this skill over to watercolor. It’s basically the same thing. Here is some of my art work to give you an idea of my art style.

The reason why I’m choosing sims those, is because I think it would be a really fun way to give back to the community! 

It’ll obviously be free and you don’t even need to be following me! You just need to like this post and I’ll look through your sims and pick my favorite! OR you can tell me which sims you’d want me to paint by either re-blogging or messaging me! I’ll only be painting shoulder and up but we can still spice things up! If you want it to be just blank & white,
abstract or want your your favorite animal to be incorporated in it please tell me! Any suggestion would be awesome, Because those kind of things will challenge and inspire me!!!

If I choose your sim i will be scanning the art work and post it on here( giving you a shoot out) as well as giving you a download to the copy (in private)!

Don’t be shy! If you have any extra questions please contact me!


Selfie time ♥

Hey guys, 

I need your help! I want to practice to draw different kind of faces (because I pretty much draw the same face over and over again) and I thought that you could reblog this post and tag your selfie tag, so I can check it and draw a picture of you when you want to!

In that way I could study many different kind of faces and you would get a picture of you :) So just reblog this post with your selfie tag and I will draw you!

check my blog dottedcactus so get an idea what kind of art I like to draw.

I hope you guys like this idea :x

hey guys its dani (@kikaijima) ppl keep asking me where james is so i figured it would be best to throw something on up on his blog so its easier for everyone to know

james was able to pay for his electricity and get back on his payment plan thanks to everyone’s kindness but his internet was still cut a few days ago. i’m not sure when he’ll be back as it seems his phone is off as well which was my only other point of contact with him. at the very least i know as well as yall do james is a pretty tough and resourceful dude so he’s most likely still kicking around and he’ll show his face in no time. no worries!

i’m sure he’ll be happy returning to everyone’s support and concern for his safety, but for now there’s no need to worry for him. if u have any other questions i can (try to) play publicist w/ u, just message me on the blog linked above

thanks for your time!!

darkcomputerguru  asked:

Love your blog. I think your beautiful and I love looking at the photos you post. I just don't understand that nose ring. I'm not against piercings or tattoos. I just think that your ring takes the eye away from your pretty face.

My nose ring, much like my clothes/hair/makeup/entire rest of my body, is not for anyone else. So there’s really no need for understanding. I’ve had it for close to 9 years and I love it and my face just feels weird without it. It’s mine, it’s a part of my pretty face for as long as I’d like it to be. Not much else to say on the matter.