i just need to weep a little bit


We got into the last five or six minutes of the movie and it’s a very emotional ending. And…I saw Hugh just do this a little bit. I suddenly realized, Oh Lord, I need to do the same thing. And then this is what I felt. I swear. That was what happened and Hugh held my hand and of course I was done. I was finished. I’m just weeping and sobbing, but then we had to wait for the credits to roll before we could go up on stage and be introduced and while the credits were rolling cus’ they are long in these movies. I realized if this is the end, there is no more perfect and beautiful way to say au revoir, goodbye and adios than what has just happened.

A PSA (Public SaikiK (fic) Appeal

Can someone tell me why the fuck there’s such a lack of Saiki Kusuo no Sai Nan fic? DO YOU ALL NOT SEE THE FIC OPPORTUNITIES HERE? Where are my Time-Travel AUs where Saiki goes back in time hoping to regain his peaceful life without his friends only to realize he a) can’t avoid them (It’s set in stone by fate or whatever) or b) he doesn’t want to, and he admits to himself he likes having friends? Where’s there Saiki angst fic about Saiki’s apathy or how he can’t fall in love due to his x-ray vision? Damn it, where are the crossovers! At this point, I’ll even accept a Harry Potter crossover. But like? No crossovers with Bnha, OPM? MP100???? 

No AU’s with personality swaps or fics about Saiki having a breakdown or even fucking Kaidou unlocking powers or something? 

Ooh.. you know what would be really cool? A fic where Dark Reunion is actually real, which could turn out to be horribly tragic or hilariously funny with Kaidou being like “Ha! Told you!” and then cowering, kinda like Usopp. Or those zombie AUs you see in abundance in other fandoms but Saiki just kind of comes in and quickly ends it.

To be fair, there’s a little bit on ff.net and ao3 and a couple of them are damn good! But damn it! The community for it is so good and I want to weep over their Saiki fic!

I’m gonna have to start writing all these myself, aren’t I? If someone can direct me to where all this fic is being held I would be immensely appreciative.

A God’s pupil Loki x teen reader

This one was actually a request that I was given on wattpad PLUS a prompt that I came across on “Imagine Loki”’s tumblr page, I may post this request on their pg idk I still need to figure out how do you submit other work onto other tumblrs and review their guidelines. Anyways I’m glad people are starting to like the stories I’m putting up :)

“Imagine Loki coming across a group of children picking on another child who is younger, smaller, and obviously defenseless. He comes to his/her’s aid, remembering how it felt when other Asgardian children picked on him growing up. After comforting the child, he offers to show them some magic, whereupon he accidentally discovers this child has a talent for sorcery. He decides to take the child under his wing and make him/her his student, watching them grow up over the years. He teaches them magic, how to fight, and how to outsmart their opponents. The two become very close, and consider each other family. One day, years later, Loki’s protégé is confronted by the same bullies who tormented him/her years earlier. Thanks to Loki’s training, his/her tormentors are defeated, and they call a truce. Loki watches from afar, secretly, with a proud grin on his face.“


I can’t believe that witless oaf Thor has forced me to stay down here in Midgard as punishment for my crimes. I would rather be locked for eternity in the dungeons or even death would be a more pleasant punishment than staying down here, living with his ‘Avenger’ friends. I would give anything to be anywhere else in all the nine realms but here where hardly anyone is of use to me, the Midgardians always fighting amongst each other for the most stupidest of reasons, they needed to be ruled, which I would’ve easily done had it not been for those meddling Avengers.

Luckily I managed to sneak out of the Tower and disguise myself to hide among the crowd so those oafs wouldn’t find me.  One can only take so much from being in that tower.

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The School For Good and Evil (SPOILER ALERT)
  • author: it's a story about having to choose between your best friend and your boyfriend
  • ------------------------------------
  • female main character 1 (agatha): everyone says i'm ugly
  • female main character 2 (sophie): you're not ugly or nasty you're super cool and i hang out with you all the time and you're basically my only friend and vice versa even though we have very few interests in common we just have this magnetism that's ridiculously strong haha isn't that super-platonic?
  • --------------------------
  • agatha: omg sophie you're so beautiful i am struck dumb by your beauty even when you're transformed into a fox
  • ---------------------------
  • sophie: hey so agatha i've been having dreams about you and i'm obsessed with you and your face is all i see when i sleep
  • sophie: but it's totally because you're my nemesis
  • sophie: okay now I'm going to spend the entire last third or so of the book being ridiculously jealous of the guy who suddenly likes you
  • ---------------------------
  • agatha: i don't even want to be at this stupid school i want to be back home with galinda
  • agatha: i mean sophie
  • agatha: bOYS ARE ICKY [repeat for the entire book except a little bit at the end]
  • ---------------------------
  • agatha: oh no sophie is dead
  • agatha: i will hold her body close to me and weep and cradle her tenderly and kiss her
  • sophie: hello yes i'm alive now because true love's kiss
  • sophie: "who needs princes in our fairytale?"
  • ------------------------------
  • author: nope totally platonic friends

I just need a moment to breathe through these 3 quotes during one of my Kings Rising re-reads. Sometimes they are so simple but have the most profound effect on my feels!

“I hated you so badly I thought I’d choke on it…And then you saved my life, and every time I needed you, you were there, and I hated you for that, too.” - Laurent

I just can’t get over how special that use of “you” is for me in that moment. Laurent has been alone for a long time, and even reflects in his first POV chapter that his automatic assumption is that he is always alone in his troubles since Auguste died. So it would have still made perfect sense if, in that moment, Laurent had said: “every time I needed someone, you were there.” But instead he says ‘you’ as in Damen specifically. It is so much more intimate and personal and it just makes me want to weep… <3

“Thank you, I know exactly how it would have been. You and Auguste would have been slapping each other on the back and watching tournaments, and I would have been trailing around tugging on your sleeve, trying to get a look in edgewise.” - Laurent

I love this little scenario from Laurent’s imagination. What I love most about it is within the context of Auguste being Laurent’s everything. Faced with the amazing big bro, and the controversial barbarian Damen, Damen comes out on top in that little daydream. Laurent feels he would have been more desperate for Damen’s attention even over his own brother’s. We’re so used to Laurent being conflicted and angry over Damen but so adoring of Auguste that this switch of ultimate attention gives me so many feelings over the depths of Laurent’s feelings for Damen now.

And good lord, the way Laurent frames that scenario, it’s the two AWESOMEST GUYS IN THE WORLD being bffs with a lesser Laurent trailing after them. It’s another moment when we get to see Damen’s little pedestal next to Auguste in Laurent’s head. You’re just as good as them in your own way Laurent, you beautiful idiot.

It takes me back to how far we’ve come since Damen thinks in Prince’s Gambit about how hard it is ‘…to imagine [Laurent] trailing around after an older brother he adored. It was impossible to imagine him adoring anyone.’ WELL NOW HE DOES, DAMEN! GOOD JOB.

“At Ravenel, I–it had been a long time since I had–with anyone. I was nervous.” / “I know. - Damen

Every time Laurent confesses something really personal that is hard for him to admit and Damen simply replies with a gentle: “I know,” I again want to just weep. This happens so many times throughout the entire trilogy and those two little words mean so much to me every time. I know Damen can be a bit of a naive bonehead sometimes, but when he gets Laurent he really gets him and is there for him. That feeling of: ‘I know it is hard for you to say these things out loud but you don’t have to say anything more, I already know and it is okay.’ Don’t you just really need someone to understand you sometimes without having to try and find the words first? I just love the connection these two have. Told you, weeping!

Okay thank you for indulging me. And god bless the Captive Prince trilogy. <3

chess: the musical lyric sentence starters.

act 1 // act 2

  • ❝  i get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine.  ❞
  • ❝  still i love you completely and hope i always will.  ❞
  • ❝  what is your true motivation? that is something we all want to know.  ❞
  • ❝  will he miss me if i go?  ❞
  • ❝  in a way it’s someone else’s story. i don’t see myself as taking part at all.  ❞
  • ❝  i learned survival, taught myself not to care.  ❞
  • ❝  pity the child who has ambition, knows what he wants to do.  ❞
  • ❝  i was a fool, and probably queer.  ❞
  • ❝  don’t break her heart, partner.  ❞
  • ❝  prove your love is as pure as snow in moscow.  ❞
  • ❝  how can you only think of your selfish ambition?  ❞
  • ❝  you still don’t understand why i loathe you, why i left you.  ❞
  • ❝  i wish i had it in me not to care.  ❞
  • ❝  nothing is so good it lasts eternally.  ❞
  • ❝  but in the end he needs a little bit more than me, more security.  ❞
  • ❝  no one is completely on your side.  ❞
  • ❝  i was just a little careless, maybe.  ❞
  • ❝  if i knew from the start, why am i falling apart?  ❞
  • ❝  a normal person must dismiss you with disgust and weep for those who trusted you.  ❞
  • ❝  nothing you have said is revelation.  ❞
  • ❝  how could you do it? i tried to be that cynical but blew it.  ❞
  • ❝  i only changed your life — i’m not surprised i slipped your mind.  ❞
  • ❝  you’re the only one who’s never suffered anything at all!  ❞
  • ❝  every poison word shows that you never understood.  ❞
  • ❝  i’d give the world to stay just as we are.  ❞
  • ❝  knowing i want you, knowing i love you, cannot compare to my despair knowing i’ve lost you.  ❞
  • ❝  how can i love you so much yet make no move?  ❞
  • ❝  oh, i love you.  ❞
  • ❝  but here we are today, and it’s over.  ❞
  • ❝  hold me and tell me we’ll meet again — one happy moment.  ❞
  • ❝  but we go on pretending stories like ours have happy endings.  ❞
  • ❝  what i’m feeling now has no easy explanations.  ❞
I’m Always Waiting For You // Chris Evans x Reader

Hello! Request from anonymous (soon so so sorry it’s late!! I hope this lives to your expectations) P.S. REQUESTS ARE OPEN! just give me a shout with a message or private ask :) love you All!  

Chris had the hours being counted down on his phones lock screen and check each time he got a chance to seize it from his assistant Jaimie.

“Dude! You gotta chill with this thing!” Jaimie said, chuckling at my distress as he hid my phone from me. “What’s got cha worked up Cevans?” He heard Downey coming from behind him and sighed, he didn’t need this right now.

“Nothing! I just wanna check my texts-”

“Well here ya go, there’s one from you’re agent, you’re brother, you’re mom-” RDJ interrupted Jaimie’s roll call, “this list is amusing me, please go on.” Chuckling he did, making my ears steam from anger and also angst.

“Just give me the damn time, Jai.” Before Jaimie could list the last name of messengers to him. He looked up and saw real desperation on his best friends face, and tossed it too him. Chris mumbled a thanks before hitting call on the last name, walking to his dressing room inside the studio.

“Can I have a twenty minute break? I need to- check on my kids?” Downey said loudly to Joss. Joss gave him a nod, and told everyone they could have twenty minutes to work on any kinks they needed fixed.

Always so inquizitive, Robert was so confused seeing him upset for a simple time request. Chris wasn’t a loose cannon like Robert, in all honesty. He kept his temper under control until it came down to two things: His family; and his girlfriend. Robert knew this was more than just some “did I get the job?” time call, it was important.

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Staple Item

This is for @could-be-that-clever, who co-won the Oscar pool and requested “Arthur and Eames trying to find a weird ingredient in a Whole Foods.” Thanks to @involuntaryorange and @katiewont who helped me half-write this on Twitter. 

Arthur didn’t know why drunk Eames ended up being his responsibility. He didn’t know why the rest of the team had been so willing to just leave Eames. 

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Let It Go (Determination Edition)
Butch Quevedo

Let it Go (Determination Edition)
Butch Quevedo

I’ve done my best, still a little bit stressed
And my brain just wants to sleep
A much needed relaxation
But my grades they make me weep

It’s as if everything depended on my mark
But if that was true, then my future’s dark

That’s not the case, I’m so much more
I’m just human, who cares on how I score?
I have more things that I can show
Make sure they know

Let it go, let it go
I’m so much more than my score
Let it go, let it go
I can open up new doors

I don’t care
If I’m going to fail
Cause I gave my all
My grades shouldn’t bother me anyway

A little break won’t hurt me
I know I must move on
But the fears that once controlled me
Can’t get to me at all

The countless things that I can do
I have no reason to be blue
I will be fine, why can’t they see?
I’m free

Let it go, let it go
To the year I will say goodbye
Let it go, let it go
You’ll never see me cry

Here I stand
And here I’ll stay
I will give my all

I know someday somehow I’ll soar high in the sky
There’s nothing wrong with using second chances to get by
Improve myself in ways that make me say at last,
“I’m never going back, the past is in the past”

Let it go, let it go
And I’ll rise like the break of dawn
Let it go, let it go
That 4.0 is gone

Here I stand
In the light of day
I will give my all
My grades shouldn’t bother me anyway

Imora Thea Mi Savur (Pt. 2)

Summary: Hi!! I have never done this before and I don’t know if you’ve already done a fic like this so if you have I’m sorry. But can you do a fic where the boys find out you made a deal to save one of them because you are secretly in love with them. Sorry!!
Characters: Dean x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 3,561 (I know, I know!)
Warnings: Mild language, smut

A/N: I had a lot of difficulty with this chapter, as it was not what I had originally planned. I felt like I need to dedicate some time to the relationship between Dean and the reader instead of just skimming over it. I’m also battling a head cold at the moment, so just bear with me! I promise things will definitely get ramped up in part three! Feedback is always appreciated, my loves! Enjoy! xx

Read ‘Imora Thea Mi Savur (Pt. 1)’ here!


The next morning, you woke up in Dean’s bed, which while very nice, was quite unexpected. Normally you shared a bed with Sam on the road, finding it easier to share such intimate quarters with someone you didn’t harbor a surreptitious love for. Sam knew, of course, of the way the felt after you confided in him a few months prior. You made him pinky swear, literally, that he was never to tell Dean, to which he smiled tenderly in response to and said that you’d be surprised at his brother’s reaction to your confession.

What really threw you for a loop was Dean’s muscular arm thrown over you, as if he was staking some sort of claim on you. His fingertips curled just slightly over your hip, as if they were trying to pull you closer, a millimeter at a time.
Rubbing the sleep away from your eyes, you took full advantage of the fact that you were inches away from a peacefully sleeping Dean. His features were relaxed, a boyish quality to them. You knew this was the only time Dean appeared to calm and unperturbed, yet you also knew his ivory gripped .45 Colt was within reach, just underneath his pillow. If Dean was conscious, he was far from looking like he wasn’t bogged down by the weight of the world he carried on his shoulders. Pushing those thoughts aside, you softly cupped his face, rubbing your thumb over his cheek.

Your heart ached from the touch, longing to feel one in response. 

Dean started to stir, so you retracted your hand and closed your eyes, trying to even out your breathing. He settled back into his slumber, as you peeked with one eye open. Deciding to just enjoy the moment and revel in his warmth, you rolled over delicately as possible.

‘Busted.’ Sam was wide awake and staring at you, a knowing smirk on his face.
‘Sam… shit.’ Your eyes went wide, but soon narrowed in on the younger brother. ‘What exactly is it you think you saw?’ You uttered, your voice barely audible.

‘I know I saw something that you should be doing while he’s awake.’ He jested, raising an eyebrow. ‘Why you won’t just come clean is beyond me.’

Releasing a sigh filled with frustration, you looked at Sam with defeat and shrugged. ‘Sam, it’s not that simple. I can’t just blurt out that I love him, you know? We’re too close and things will get awkward. They always get awkward when unrequited love is at play.’

‘How do you know it’s unrequited though? You don’t. At least give him some credit, Y/N. He deserves to know.’

Expelling another breath, you closed your eyes and replied, ‘maybe I will, Sam. After all, I don’t have much time left.’

Sam looked at you with a puzzled looked on his chiseled face. ‘What do you-‘
‘Would you two cut it out, please? I need to get my beauty sleep.’ Dean declared groggily.

You froze. How much did he hear? Did he feel your caress? Your stomach dropped. Not wanting to deal with the idea that he overheard you, you resorted to your usual defense: sarcasm. 

‘If that were the case, princess, you’d have to take a week long siesta.’ You began to giggle, when suddenly the bed shifted and before you knew what happened, Dean’s pillow thwacked you right in the face.

‘Y/N’s right, Dean, although I would have said more like two wee-‘

‘I still have another pillow over here, Sammy.’ Dean warned his younger sibling, threatening him with the same amount of menace as a puppy.

Pulling his pillow back from your clutches, Dean rolled back over to attempt a few more minutes of shut eye as you and Sam got up and going for the day. You started a pot of coffee, which lured Dean out of his sleepy state and into the land of the living.

Normally the three of you could fall into an easy routine, no matter the circumstances. This morning was different, though. You felt plagued by the previous night’s events and it showed. You barely said more than a handful of words to either of the boys, which was out of place and something they picked up on. Keeping your eyes down, you were able to avoid the confused looks and bewildered shrugs they passed back and forth. 

After packing up Baby, the three of you made the thirteen hour trek back to the Lebanon. Claiming your seat in the back, you sprawled out and popped in your earbuds, the intense rhythms of Florence + The Machine washing over you. You became lost to the world, lost to the boys, which is why you never saw the dozen or so stolen glimpses Dean threw your way from the rearview mirror. Finally, Dean pulled into the garage and you smiled inwardly. You always enjoyed the feeling of returning home to the bunker after any hunt, but you especially relished it now since you only had three years left to feel it.

Thoughts of your meeting with Crowley and the deal swam through your head, causing you to feel sick. The boys grabbed the bags from the trunk and you followed them inside to the war room, where they laid everything out on one of the large wooden tables.

‘Guys, I’m going to go lay down,’ you said, grabbing your duffel from the table, ‘my head is throbbing.’

Unexpectedly, Dean’s large hands were on top of yours, extracting the bag from your grip. ‘I got this. Go on, I’m right behind you.’ He also grabbed his bag and looked at you expectantly, waiting for you to accept his offer.

Finding no reason to argue, you gave it up and began the trek to the bed you couldn’t wait to collapse on. It was quiet walk to your room, which was a first for the two of you when alone together. Dean stopped at his door, swinging it open and tossing his bag just inside the threshold. Your room was only three doors down the hall, so you continued on without him. Opening your door, you kicked off your boots and pulled away the layers of clothing you wore. Left in just your tank top and jeans, you sat on the edge of your bed and watched as Dean dropped your bag on the floor. He closed the gap between the two of you and leaned against the wooden dresser that was opposite your bed.

‘Y/N, are you okay?’ He questioned, his hands folded across his broad chest.
‘I’m fine, it’s just a headache.’ You tried to smile reassuringly, but you knew it wasn’t coming across that way. ‘Really.’

‘No, I don’t buy it. No way.’

‘Dean, please,’ you pleaded gently, just wanting to rest, ‘I swear I’m fine. You know, it’s just been a long twenty four hours. With everything that happened with the werewolf and you getting hurt, I’m just drained.’ You voice began to crack and tears that had no business forming, threatened to spill over. ‘You were really hurt and there was so much blood…’

Your voice trailed off and you looked up at Dean, who was already coming to you with arms wide open. He sat next to you on the bed pulled you flush against his chest, cradling you in his arms. He held you tightly and you let his warmth take over your body. The tears receded a little, but you know you would weep not only for him, but for yourself as well, once he was gone.

‘I’m okay, everything is okay. You don’t need to worry about me, sweetheart.’ He murmured gently, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.

You peered up into his green eyes and stated, ‘I know, Dean. I know everything is okay. I just need to sleep the excess emotion off and I’ll be fine.’

He gave you a tight squeeze and nodded. ‘Okay. I’ll see you in bit.’ Standing up from the bed, he looked at you thoughtfully, then kissed you on the forehead, and walked out of your room, closing the door behind him. Once he was gone, you fell backwards on the bed and right on cue, the tears streamed down your cheeks and your body began to shake from the sobs. Pulling your comforter over yourself, you created a cocoon and fell into deep sleep, letting the darkness win this round.

You cracked one eye open, peered around your room, and opened the other eye while kicking the comforter off. Stretching across the entirety of your bed, a small groan fled from your lips. Turning to face the clock on your nightstand, you were shocked by the time.

1:27 AM.

You knew it was pointless to try to go back to bed, as you could sense how awake your body was. You lounged in bed for another couple minutes before deciding to head to the kitchen. You got up and changed out of the stiffness of your denim jeans and into the comfort and ease of your sweats. Digging through your bag, you grabbed your iPod and popped in your earbuds and padded down the hall to the kitchen, passing Dean’s room on the way. The door was cracked open and his desk lamp was on, but that was all you could tell without being more intrusive. When you reached your destination, you began to pull out the ingredients necessary for your mission: your world famous, or maybe just bunker famous, blackberry pie. While you were busy mixing up the filling, you could hear Crowley’s voice buzzing inside your head.

 ‘You’ve got yourself a three year gig, sweetheart. Now onto my favorite part, yes? Let’s kiss and please, do be sure to tell that squirrel you love so much about us, alright?’

You hated to admit it, but Crowley, and Sam, had a point. Dean had the right to know about how you felt about him, as well as the deal you made. This is exactly why you were making pie. You knew Dean was going to react poorly to the news about the deal, so you were going to sweeten him up as best you could before you dropped the hammer.

With Journey blasting in your ears and making sure the lattice crust was absolutely perfect as you put the pie in the oven, you had no idea you were being watched until you turned to face the man who was observing your middle of the night baking efforts.

‘DEAN!’ You yanked your earbuds out and tried to even out your breathing, just as Dean was chuckling to himself. ‘You scared me!’

‘I swear,’ he said, hands up in a gesture of goodwill, ‘I didn’t mean to do that.’

‘I know, I know. It’s fine.’ You wrapped your earbuds around your iPod and threw it onto the table.

‘You had to of known I would eventually come down here, right? Blackberry pie? You know I can’t resist that, Y/N.’

‘Which is exactly why I made it. Come grab a seat, there’s something we should talk about.’ You set the timer on the oven and joined Dean at the table, sitting across from the man you were about to spill your guts to.

‘I knew you were lying earlier. I know you better than you think I do.’

‘It’s not that I was exactly lying earlier,’ you began, ‘but more like I just wasn’t being fully honest. I was really exhausted by everything and I was emotional about what happened to you, Dean.’

He exhaled heavily, placing his hand on yours. ‘I told you, I’m-‘

‘I know you’re fine, Dean,’ you said, cutting him off. You stared into his emerald orbs, memorizing each burst of green that erupted throughout his iris. Taking a deep breath, you continued, ‘I know you’re fine, because I ensured it.’

You confidently met his gaze, knowing that facing Dean Winchester head on was the right course of action. The pieces of the puzzle were beginning to fall into place in his mind, that much was evident as you watched his eyes burn with fire in the span of just seconds.

‘Which means what, exactly?’ His expression was impassive, his voice steel.
‘I made a deal with Crowley, Dean. Cas was taking too long to pop in and work his mojo and you were literally dying in front of Sam and I. I couldn’t, wouldn’t… let that happen. I wasn’t about to let Sam lose his brother again.’

Dean stood up from the table so violently, his chair skidded back a few feet.
This was it. This was the backlash you had to prepare yourself for.

‘There’s more, Dean.’

He continued to glower at you, so you carried on. ‘Crowley kept stalling when I was negotiating the deal, which I have to assume is because he knew that Cas had come and healed you. He just wanted to make sure that I would make the deal. If I had just waited a little longer, I wouldn’t have had to make the deal.’

Dean ran his hand over his face, trying to wrap his head around everything you were confessing to him. ‘How long, Y/N?’

‘Three years.’ You murmured.

‘That’s… that’s,’ he bit his bottom lip and shook his head, ‘well, that’s friggin’ great! Why on Earth would you make a deal? You know better than to do something so stupid!’ He yelled, unable to conceal his fury. ‘Don’t even try to tell me you did it for Sam, either. Sammy’s a big boy, he can handle it. He’s had to deal with my death before.’

Dean’s attitude was to be expected, but it didn’t mean you were going to take it sitting down. Just as you stood up, then timer on the oven went off. You growled, begrudgingly grabbing the oven mitt and taking the pie out, letting it cool on top of the oven. You shut the stove off and spun on your heel to face Dean.

‘Yes, Sam is a big boy and yes, he probably could deal with your death, Dean, but I can’t! Okay? I CAN’T!’ Your chest was heaving in and out with each breath you took, your entire body was tingling.

Dean closed the gap between the two of you and stood just inches away, his muscular frame towering over you. ‘Tell me why, Y/N.’ He barked, his eyes focused on you.

‘No.’ You replied, mouth tightly clenched. You tried to turn away from him, but his hands were on your arms in the blink of an eye, keeping you from getting away.

‘Tell me why it was so important for you to sell your fucking soul so I could live, Y/N.’

‘I did it because I love you, Dean!’ You shoved his hands off you, watching your admission register on his face. ‘I love you, you stubborn, son of a bitch! I have been in love with you for months now and it’s the kind of love that consumes your entire being.’

Dean stood back, watching you as the words seemed to just roll off your tongue.

‘The love I have for you is so strong, is so powerful, that I didn’t dare think twice about making the deal. I would gladly sacrifice myself for you, Dean! Sure, I thought about Sam losing his brother thanks to a goddamned werewolf, but mostly I did it for me. I did it because no matter how much time I got out of the deal, it was worth it if it meant I could be around you. You’re everything to me, Dean Winchester. So go ahead and be mad at me, I don’t care. It doesn’t matter anymore.’

‘Oh, I’m mad, alright. I’m so pissed off at you right now, but that’s going to have to wait.’

‘Yeah?’ You chuckled darkly, wondering if he just wanted at the pie that was on the oven. ‘Why is that?’

‘Because,’ he replied, cupping your face in his large hands, ‘I’m to kiss my girl and show her how much I appreciate the very stupid act she committed for me.’

With that, Dean’s plush lips came crashing down on yours and your knees literally gave out a little. With his hands still on your face, he used the rest of his body to push you all the way so your back was up against the counter, trapping you against the wood of the cabinets and the wood you could feel beginning to form in his pajama pants. His calloused hands traced the topography of your body, from the curve of your face, to the peaks of your shoulders, caressing down the slope of your back, and coming to a halt around the bow of your hips. The way his fingers gripped your flesh, you knew you would have Dean’s claim of your body visible by dawn. His tongue sought entrance to your mouth, which you granted. As it slipped in, his body was able to swallow the desperate moan that escaped from you. Your bodies became entangled in a mess of limbs, as you each looked to undress the other. Your tank top was flung here, his v-neck tossed there. His fingers deftly unhooked your bra, releasing your breasts for his enjoyment. He pinched and rolled your peaked nipple with one hand, while his lips broke apart from yours and made their way by a trail of nips and kisses to the other.

You threw your head back, moaning darkly. ‘Oh, fuck… yes.’ You purred, encouraging the seductive hunter in front of you.

Dean dropped to a knee, so that he was face to face with the apex of your thighs. His hands gently curled around the waistband of your pants, as he planted a chaste kiss on your hip before tugging both your sweats and panties off, lazily throwing them over his head. His gaze zeroed in on you, and you could feel a heated pool of moisture rush to between your legs. His pupils were blown with lust, so all you could make out were the near black irises he kept locked on yours, he grabbed your leg and placed it above his shoulder, hooking his left arm over your thigh, keeping you tight against him. He ran his tongue lightly across your folds, causing you to squirm and him to chuckle.  

‘Just wait, sweetheart. I promise it’ll get real good.’ His voice was husky and low, which drove you to a frenzy with need.

His tongue was once again on your pussy, licking a flat ribbon of heat across your lips. You threaded your fingers in his cropped hair, pulling him closer to you. Dean sank two fingers deep in your core, curling them inside of you. You ground down on his hand, helping his tongue to sink further inside of you. It didn’t take long for an orgasm to build inside of you, tightly coiled inside of your belly. Just as he took your clit between his teeth and suck, the coiled released and you screamed as the shockwaves rippled through your body.

Dean removed his fingers and licked them clean, lapping your juices up. Keeping his arm hooked around your thigh, he hoisted you up on the counter and pushed his pants down as he settled himself between your legs. He positioned himself at your entrance, but paused unexpectedly.

‘Y/N, we’re going to talk about the deal you made after, but right now, I just to feel you around me, sweetheart.’ You pressed your forehead against his, peppering his lips with small kisses. ‘I love you, Y/N. I just never knew how to say it, but I did. I’ve felt it for a long time.’



‘Just fuck me, okay? We can talk later.’ You giggled softly, which elicited a growl from Dean.

He entered you with one hard thrust, burying himself to the hilt. After giving you both a moment to adjust, he set a quick rhythm. You wrapped both arms around his neck, digging your nails into the toned expanse of his shoulders. You were able to scooch a little off the counter, allowing him the opportunity to hit you deeper. With your legs wrapped tightly around his torso, you were able to meet his thrusts with the snaps of your own hips. Still riding high from the first orgasm, you could feel the familiar tightening building again.

‘Dean, please… I’m so close…’ You were able to pant out in between the sounds of skin slapping skin.

Dean’s fingers found their way to your clit, applying the extra pressure that was needed for you to hit your release. Your vision went white as your walls clamped down around Dean’s hard cock, and a couple thrusts later, he stilled himself as he spilled his hot seed inside of you. The kitchen that was once filled with elicit moans was now home to only the sounds of labored breathing. You exchanged leisurely kisses, and you were unable to keep yourself from grinning ear to ear. 

Dean slowly pulled out from you, looked you straight in the eye, and said, ‘I meant what I said, Y/N. I love you, but that doesn’t mean I’m over what you did. We’re going to talk about this deal. Now.’

And just like that, your grin had disappeared.

Going Home - Chapter 24

Soo, this is the last proper chapter but there will also be a short epilogue tomorrow to round everything up. I hope you’re enjoying this so far, thanks for sticking with me :)
Previous chapters.

Chapter 24: Own It

We completely let loose and enjoyed being in the spirit of each other, enjoyed being in sync and complementing each other like we were born to dance together.

We danced a passionate Argentine Tango for the next round and it included lots of lifts. I was sure I had never danced sharper. A really small part of my mind was happy Jay got to see us dance the Tango because it was sexy and we had to be close and Val’s hand ran over my body, our eyes locked almost the entire time. Most of my brain, however, focused on Val, that my skin still tingled when he touched me, that I still felt sparks in my stomach when he held me tight, and that he was mine, that we had found together through this incredible journey and that I had never been happier in my entire life.

Kym and Ingo had to leave and then we continued with a full-on, competitive Cha-Cha. Almost all of the contestants were pulling tricks to impress the judges but we kept it straight and professional, and Val only showed off me so that I had never felt more beautiful. And I had never had more fun in my life. We spun and did the basic step and Val dipped me like he had at the party that seemed a lifetime ago and I felt incredibly happy, so lucky that I had Val with me and that he had taught me how to dance and that he was doing the competition with me because he knew what I was capable of and he knew what my body felt like when I was confident or when I forgot a step, and he knew exactly how to hide my flaws.

Mark and Aly were the next to go and then we were only three more couples, Derek and Kellie, Karina and Jacoby, and Val and I, and it struck to me that I could actually win this, that I actually had a chance, when-

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