i just need to shutup sometimes

A while back @sapirzz asked me what I thought Tallowe would look like older- something I’d never thought about at all ! Hahaha the problems with a dead OTP… :);; I drew this and totally forgot to post it, I didn’t even realize I colored it? But I hope you like! ♥ OTPs never die in our hearts :)

Truth's About The Signs
  • aries: if you betray them, they will remember ALWAYS
  • taurus: DONT call them stupid
  • gemini: if they don't talk shit about you, it means they love you
  • cancer: throws in fake insults to show they care
  • leo: as selfish as leo's are, if they truly love you, they will be so selfless
  • virgo: sensitive as hell, whether they hide it or not
  • libra: they are the type of selfish that you dont notice until they fuck with you
  • scorpio: despite what you might think, they notice everything
  • sagittarius: 60% of their bitchiness is just testing you
  • capricorn: needs to shutup tbh but they mean well I guess?
  • aquarius: if they tell you the truth, appreciate it
  • pisces: so cute and trusting, sometimes too trusting
Preference #431

How he reacts when a member of your family makes him feel uncomfortable/is rude because he’s famous (His POV).

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Harry: Obviously her family had been reading the magazines that showed me in a negative light. Each time I was introduced to someone they brought up something new. “I heard that you were dating the Kardashian girl.” Her sister mentioned over dinner. “Wasn’t there something about you hooking up with over four hundred women?” Her uncle posed, seeming a little protective. “I thought he was gay.” I even heard her aunt whisper to her mother, trying and failing to be discreet. Each time she would squeeze my hand, ready to open her mouth and defend me but each time I would simply respond with a simple. “I always tell (Y/N) not to believe everything she reads about me. The media tends to portray me as a bad boy and a womanizer but that couldn’t be further from the truth.”

Louis: She’d warned me about her mom, even referring to her as pompous and uppity a few times in conversation. Still, I’d never expected much, hoping she’d been exaggerating. Everyone always labeled me as being sassy but right now, I couldn’t think of the words to say, not wanting to offend her mother of all people. “You’ve got the easiest job in the world. All you have to do is sing a little and get paid to stand there. You don’t really work like the rest of us.” She spoke to me as if I were absolutely nothing and I blanked, unable to process what was happening until I heard her voice, filled with attitude and snark. “That’s bullshit and you know it mother. I’d like to see you go out and sing for hours every night, being away from your family and friends, having to do interviews all the time, having people follow you around every hour of the day, getting limited hours of sleep because you’re too busy trying to please everyone else in the world. Louis may not have the hardest job in the world but it’s not easy. Thankfully he loves it. We’re going to go.” She announced, not even bothering to hug anyone goodbye as she grabbed my hand, standing from the table and pulling me away from the house, only about to thank her for defending me.

Niall: “I and don’t get what the big deal is. Your fans are bloody insane and the music isn’t even all that great. I just don’t understand.” Her dad shook his head just as I was getting excited about talking about my career, raving over the fans who had gotten us this far and music making, the things I’d always dreamed of having for myself. I paused for just a moment, waiting for something to happen but it never came, only the sound of her voice whispering in my ear, her cheeks flush with embarrassment at her father’s comments. “I’m sorry. Please ignore what he said.” She begged a little. So I did just that, going on to talk about how supportive everyone had been and all the new experiences I’d had since becoming a part of this band. Every drop of hurt washed from me once I’d finished talking and she leaned over to me, a smile on her lips. “I love hearing you talk about that.” Her lips pressed against my cheek.

Liam: I didn’t know what to say. Everyone at the table was looking at me, waiting for an answer. “I know you’re famous and all so how can you even be with her? How do you even have time for her or provide for her when you’re literally not even there for half the year?” Her mother had asked, making her nearly choke on her drink. I cleared my throat, a little uncomfortable at the question but I guess I should have expected a little wariness about our relationship. “We make it work. I make time for her. I make sure I’m being there for her mentally and in person every chance I get. It’s hard but it works for us and we’re happy.” I answered, looking around the table, her mom finally giving me a small smile, making me sigh, glad that I could satisfy her and ease the tension with my response.

Zayn: “So how many girls have you hooked up with man? They’ve gotta be throwing themselves at you all the time.” Her oldest brother asked, giving me a smile. I wondered if he was serious or if this was some kind of test. “(B/N), that’s rude!” Her mother scolded from the head of the table. I felt my cheeks heat at the memory of when I did hook up with lots of girls, both a little ashamed that I’d once done that but feeling the need to defend myself as her face dropped next to me, no doubt thinking about every girl before her. “Will you just shutup?” She began to argue with her brother but I lifted my head, my jaw relaxing as I answered him. “Yeah, they still try sometimes but I’m a one woman man.” I answered as though it were the more normal thing in the world, because it was. Her brother studied me for another moment before a true smile spread on his lips, nodding his head. “That’s what I like to hear man.”