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Happiness / 3

Mabaris are a true gift from the Maker.
I’ll just leave this here while my heart explodes.

Dedicated to @makersbreathcullen who some time ago sent me the best of requests ^___^

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Listen, listen. The fact Eliot Spencer’s response to Parker being upset and asking if they could kill the guy who upset her was a shrug and, “Yeah. I mean, I could.” will never, ever not be important to me.

learning vocabulary from reading

hey guys! I just commented on someone’s post about this, and I realized I haven’t shared my method with y’all yet. I started doing this recently, with Jane Eyre in spanish! there’s a lot of words I don’t know, so this is really helping me! hopefully it comes in handy for you guys, too!

step 1: read the passage.

obviously, to learn vocabulary, you need to read the vocabulary you’re learning. but here’s the thing: don’t stop to learn the vocabulary. i want you to read the entire passage and try to understand it as best you can. you need that reading practice, too!

something my spanish teacher taught me is that when you immerse yourself in something that’s challenging and “monotonous”, you get overwhelmed very easily and do worse than you would if you slowed down at worked at your own pace. (monotonous meaning without change, i don’t mean to say it’s boring. the idea is if you stare at the same page for too long, you zone out.) she said that listening is the hardest, because students can only pay attention for ~30 seconds before getting stuck and being unable to focus on the rest of the listening. (because of this, she pauses the listening every once in a while to ask questions).  

because of this, it’s best to section off your reading in chunks. if it’s a short article, you can read the whole thing through. but if you’re reading a challenging book, where the chapters are more than a few pages, you’ll want to break it up - or else you’ll forget what you’re doing!

step 2: underline unknown words.

you can do this during or after reading. for me, i haven’t figured out which works best yet. go through the section and underline any words you don’t know - even if you could guess their meaning from context. basically, anything you haven’t studied. if you can’t think of the word in your target language while speaking in conversation, you should probably underline it. 

if done during reading: make sure you don’t focus on the unknown words! underline them in passing while trying to understand the reading as a whole.

step 3: make a list of those words!

you can do this in the margins or on a separate piece of paper. you’ll want to make the list so that there’s the unknown word, then room for two more words, then however much space you want between your list items. (for instance, using 4 lines on a page: unknown word / space to write / space to write / space between vocab words

step 4: guess the meaning!!

this is what that extra space is for! go back through the passage and try to understand the unknown words. write what you think the words mean, either by literal translation to your native language, or describing the meaning in a phrase. this is super important because it forces you to practice using context to understand unknown words, and your basic knowledge of the language to understand things like whether it’s a noun or verb, singular, plural, etc. when using the language in real-time situations, you can’t just pull out a dictionary!

step 5: look up the words

plain and simple, use that final space to write the literal definitions. you might want to rearrange the order of your list, like putting the definition and the word side-by-side or something so you can study more easily. in the end, your guess doesn’t really matter; it was the act of guessing that made you improve.

(optional) step 6: check your answers

now, you can go through the list and see what you guessed right! you can be loose with how you measure yourself - for instance, if you didn’t know the word for “bush” but you guessed “some kind of plant,” by my standards that would be correct. you’re not going for the exact perfect meaning; that’s nearly impossible. but you got the basic idea of what it was describing, and that’s what matters. 

totally optional, but one (arbitrary, probably meaningless) way i measure progress is by making a score for myself for each passage. correct guesses out of unknown words (in a percentage). hopefully by the end of the book, my average will go up!

step 6 ½: study!

finallyyyy, study the words! use your own methods. if you like quizlet or memrise, make yourself a deck using your list. personally, I use Anki, and I have a separate deck from my vocab list deck, meant for miscellaneous vocab that i learn from reading and speaking. on the other hand, if you like playing memory games to learn vocab, or writing the word over and over - more power to you! i’m not here to tell you how to study vocab, just to help you get a better grasp on it when you first come across it.

i hope this helps! happy studying!! <3

R like Grantaire

So I had this epiphany a week or so ago. I can’t be the first one to realise this but I need to share. We all agree on the fact Hugo just let himself have a bit of fun with the “R like Grantaire” nickname (because if you read it in French Grantaire = “grand r” = capital r = R. Bravo, Hugo. You really were bored in Guernsey).

But guys, people. In 19th century French history, there are two things that get a capital R. Two fundamental things, two of the main threads that make the very essence of France in the 19th century. 

1. la Révolution

2. la République

Both words, with their capital R (it’s fundamental,1. is the 1789 revolution, the one that started it all and wasn’t really over in 1832, and 2. is 1789′s most luminous legacy), are Enjolras’s wet dream. 

So Hugo’s offhand comment on the fact Grantaire nicknamed himself R is not offhand at all. Grantaire, which means Hugo, nicknamed him Revolution and Republic. 

That’s it. That’s all. I have a whole analysis on the ready draw your own conclusions. But damn, Hugo, master, I knew you’re not subtle, but that’s a whole new level.

ETA : I made a second post around this kind of stuff if you’re interested (it’s fairly longer, but mostly because of pretty pictures, lol)

today i was studying math and the subject was lines and the book reminded me that, by definition, lines are infinite - which i totally forgot until now

so, of course the first thing that came to mind was stucky’s quote “i’m with you til the end of the line” 

guys, lines have no end so it’s literally about being together forever and not just their “end” cause lines are infinite and so is steve and bucky’s love for each other and i’m just

if you’re feeling a bit sad/down/depressed, these might make you feel a little bit better:

Things to watch: Parks and rec (tv show), The office (tv show), H3h3productions (youtube channel, check out their older videos they’re hilarious!), 2 broke girls (if you like sitcom), Pushing Daisies (tv show), Amelie (film), Some like it hot (film), Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (film), Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (film), The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (film), Zootopia (film), Pride and Prejudice 2005 (film).

Things to listen to (not necessarily cheery/happy but the beat is light and nice):  Vampire Weekend - Step, Passion Pit - Carried Away, LANY - pink skies, Mariage d'Amour by Paul de Senneville and Oliver Toussaint, La Valse d'Amelie (Orchestre), omptine d'Un Autre Été- Die fabelhafte Welt der Amélie Piano, Pride and Prejudice soundtrack - Dawn, Single - TheNeighbourhood, Birdy - Keeping Your Head Up, Coldplay - Hymn For The Weekend, Youth - Troye Sivan, Florence + The Machine - Too Much Is Never Enough, Fake it - Bastille.

What to drink: Camomile tea with spearmint, Cold water with (lemon, mint, cucumber) or (lemon, mint, strawberry, raspberry).

These things helped me a bit at times where I was down, so I thought I might share it, maybe someone needs it right now. take care guys, I wish you the best ♥︎

Signal Boost for PhD project!

Hi guys!

I’ve just been contacted by @holmesphd about the project they’re doing for their PhD! They need participants for their questionnaire on Sherlock Holmes and fandom. I’ve just done it and it took about 15-20 minutes and was actually a lot of fun to do. I know from personal experience how difficult it can be to find volunteers for these sort of projects so please if you have the time, give this a go or share this post to signal boost! Thank you! :) 


Title: Restless [Stephen Strange x Reader]

Summary: In which violent sleeping habits were discovered. 

Stephen learned several new things about you the first night you shared a bed together.

He initially discovered that once your head hit the pillow your mind closed itself for the night, even if you had just been wide awake partaking in ridiculously animated discussions mere moments before.

Having been disturbed by the immediate silence that engulfed the room as soon as you had settled and completely stilled beneath the covers, he slowly reached over and placed two trembling fingers on your neck to confirm that you still had a pulse.

However, as soon as his fingers made contact with your neck, he discovered you slept with frightening warrior like reflexes. The kick to the balls that you had rewarded him with, due to the contact he made, held such force and precision that it knocked the air he had been inhaling out of him.

Pained and shocked, he retreated to the very edge of the bed and eyed you with exaggerated wariness. He even stacked a pile of pillows down the middle of the bed in a pathetic attempt to create a barrier.

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I got a letter tonight from a teen inmate that made me cry.

I usually don’t share this type of stuff, but I thought I’d share this today because it gave me a lot of perspective.  If this person (a juvenile sentenced as an adult) can be happy, why can’t we?  He’s still under 21.  When I met him, he was suicidal.  Just a kid in an adult prison with no will to go forward.
Now he is flourishing and I’m so proud of who he’s become.  
So I will share some snippets of the letter.  I don’t use names, so I’ve just put blanks where names are.  The two names are my own and his girlfriends.  I just want you guys to know that writing just one person when they need someone in their lives can make the biggest difference.  So if you feel compelled to write someone you feel needs a friend, don’t hesitate.  Throw caution to the wind.  Just sit down, write your letter, and mail it out.  You might really change the persons life forever.  They might change your life forever.  You never know.

Hey ____,

Hopefully you don’t get this too late.  Prepare yourself for a super lame sappy ass letter.  It’s the best present I can give you, sorry.
Anyway, I can’t even begin to express how much you’ve done for me in the 3 years that I’ve known you.  You’ve basically held my hand & helped me through my lowest, darkest points in life & I assure you that I don’t take it for granted for a single second.  If you hadn’t started talking to me I guarantee I’d be dead right now.  Seriously, you are the first person who has ever made an effort to show me that you support me & believe in me without wanting me to be someone I’m not.
Honestly, for the longest time, the only reason I didn’t kill myself was because I couldn’t bring myself to do it before I got to give you a hug & actually talk to you face to face.  & if I didn’t have you then I wouldn’t have met ____ & I can’t thank you enough for getting her to write me.  That is the best thing you could have ever done for me, & I will always owe you for that.  Without you I wouldn’t have a TV, or be as good of an Artist or even have what little bit of a relationship I have with my mom.  You are the most reliable person in my life.  I know that if you say you’ll do something for me, it’s as good as done.  I’m a very untrusting person, so it’s nice to have someone who I know I can trust & rely on 100%.  I can’t thank you enough for that.  I defend you vehemently whenever my family tries to criticize you, which by the way they’ve stopped doing.  It makes me incredibly angry when they try to say you’re not a real friend.  I’ve told them repeatedly how without all you do for me I’d have killed myself & then they’ll say I have them & I’m like “NO I DON’T!”.  They don’t like when I point out how they’ve sat back & let me do my time on my own, & you’re the one who’s done all the stuff they should be doing   I wish I could like do something for you.  When do you think you’ll be able to visit again?  I wish I could see you more often, but it’s okay.  I promise I won’t always be so awkward, I just have to get used to you.  I really did love seeing you face to face though, & giving you a hug was great!  Although I was unprepared for the kiss & it startled me (I only kissed him on the cheek guys so don’t get any ideas) but it was nice too!
I don’t know if ______ told you, but she’s gonna try to kiss me on the lips & if that happens I swear I’ll die!
I just got my books, & want to thank you endlessly.  Honestly, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you.  I always feel bad cuz I don’t call you more often & you do so much for me, but every time I use the phone I call ____.  I can’t help it.  I’m in love with her!
& My mind is much clearer these days.  I haven’t done any drugs in over 3 months!!!!  I love you & can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done & continue to do for me!

Who is this Tumblr?

Originally posted by tennydr10confidential

Y/n has created a chatroom.

Y/n has invited Nat and Wanda.

Y/n: Okay girls, I have something important to show you.

Nat: I’m intrigued?

Wanda: Is it naked Thor?



Wanda: What, girl has her needs.

Wanda: But you’re seriously not going to tell me he’s not hot.

Y/N: He’s old.

Wanda: You mean, he’s hot for an old guy.

Nat: Y/n, Cap and Bucky are almost hundred but that doesn’t stop you from gushing over them.

Y/N: Nah, he’s just pretty much old.

Wanda: Y/n stop, you’re not fooling anyone.

Y/N: About that, I have something to share with you, as I already mentioned but you girls have a concentration of a two year old, so.

Nat: Hey don’t assault, I may have a concertation of a child, but I certainly don’t punch like one.

Wanda: Y/n do you feel like flying?

Y/N: What do you mean?

Y/N: Not funny Wanda, LET ME THE FUCK DOWN.

Wanda: Since you asked so nicely.

Y/N: Damn you, Wanda.

Y/N: By let me down, I didn’t mean throw me into wall and almost break all of my bones.

Nat: Wanda, sometimes I think you’re bigger child than Tony.

Y/N: Let’s face it, you can never be bigger child than Tony.

Nat: Ah, true story.

Y/N: Will you now finally let me say what I have to say?

Wanda: Spill your soul, honey.

Y/N: You know I was telling you about Tumblr and fanfictions, yeah?

Nat: I think I still quiet don’t get it.

Y/N: Anyways, I found this amazing fanfiction about Steve and Bucky.

Y/N: It gave me all kind of different feelings.

Nat has added Bucky and Steve.

Nat: Guys, I think Y/n wants to tell you something.


Y/N: You better start running.

Steve has added Tony, Sam, Thor, Clint and Vision.

Y/N: Oh thanks Steve.

Steve: Anytime.

Steve: Now do you want to explain yourself?

Thor: May I just inquire, who is this Tumblr you’re speaking of?

Clint: Buddy, you don’t even wanna know.

Tony: As I wise man once said, stay away from Tumblr. You don’t wanna get involved.

Sam: It’s not who, it’s a page on the internet.

Steve: Tony, who was that “wise man”?

Y/N: I agree with Clint and Tony, it’s not for innocence people like you, Thor.

Vision: My sources claim that Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking website founded by David Karp in 2007, and owned by Yahoo! since 2013. The service allows users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog. Users can follow other users’ blogs. Bloggers can also make their blogs private. For bloggers, many of the website’s features are accessed from a “dashboard” interface.

Thor: I am not innocence.

Thor: I’ve killed many enemies and I fear nothing. One little foolish page can’t do much.

Sam: Yep, definitely too green for Tumblr.

Tony: Simply, page where people post stuff about their favourite celebrity.

Tony: Me of course.

Wanda: Vision, did you take that from Wikipedia?

Clint: Oh you just console yourself with that, Thor.

Vision: My sources gave me this information.

Steve: Why did I even ask anything?

Y/N: You’re our little innocence puppy.

Bucky: I still want to know about that fanfiction that you found

Thor: I can assure you I am not a puppy.

Bucky: Is it good?

Sam: Bucky, your gay is showing.

Tony: Oh Thor.

Thor: Mr. Barnes, I didn’t know you were homosexual.

Bucky: I am not.

Vision has left the chat.

Y/N: Face it Buck, we all know you got hot’s for our captain America.

Steve: We are very good friends.

Nat: That’s what they all say, “JUST FRIENDS”

Wanda: Wait am I the only one here that’s team Stony?

Clint: No you’re not.

Thor: What’s team Stony?

Sam: No Thor

Sam: You don’t want to know.

Sam: You should just leave and never ever mention Tumblr again.

Sam: Or fanfictions.

Thor: How dare you tell son of Odin, god of Thunder to leave?


Y/N: I love you Sam, but THOR LISTEN TO BUCKY.

Y/N: Just tell me when you’re about to do it cuz I want to film it.

Y/N: Imagine how many notes I would get for that.

Sam: O thanks Y/N, I really appreciate it.

Nat: You know when love you, but that would be spectacular.

Thor: All right guys, be right back.

Thor: Or how you kids write it.

Thor: BRB

Sam has been disconnected

Thor has left the chat.

Nat: I have to see this.

Nat has left the chat.

Wanda: Right behind you.

Y/N: Film it for me.

Wanda has left the chat.

Y/N: Thanks to Wanda I can’t go now.

Tony: Well I will film it for you Y/N.

Tony has left the chat.

Bucky: So the fanfiction, what was it about?

Y/N: Oh you know, basic stuff.

Clint: Wait Y/N, is it that one that you showed me like a week ago?

Y/N: Yep that would be the one.

Steve: I am curios now, what was it about? Beside me and Bucky.

Clint: That is peace of art.

Y/N: Every fanfiction is a piece of art.

Thor has joined the chat.

Bucky: I can agree on that one.

Bucky: Not because I read them.

Bucky: But because people put effort in it, you know.

Steve: Just stop Bucky, you’re embarrassing yourself.

Thor: I’ve got him lady Y/n, just like you said.

Thor: Oh no, that was Mr. Barnes.

Thor: Anyhow, he was lightning like a Christmas tree.

Y/N: Man I wish I could’ve see that.

Clint: I will go check on him.

Clint: And don’t worry, I will take photos.

Clint has left the chat.

Steve: maybe I would pay him a visit too.

Thor: Oh it’s nothing.

Steve has left the chat.

Thor: I didn’t hurt him that badly.

Bucky: I still want to know about that fanfiction.

Y/N: God damn it, it was about you and Steve Fucking, will you shut up now?

Thor: So you are homosexual, Mr. Barnes?

Bucky: No, I am not.

Bucky: But would you mind sending me link tho?

Thor: I want to read it too.

Y/N: No Thor, I will find you some fanfiction about Jane and you.

Y/N: Meanwhile, don’t hit me with no thunder.

Y/N: Bucky come to my room and I will show you.

Thor: I would never hurt you, Lady Y/N.

Thor: Only because you would hurt me ten times more.

Bucky has left the chat.

Y/N: Ah my child.

Thor: You have a child, Lady Y/N?

Y/N: No Thor, I don’t, but I may adopt you.

Thor: I don’t think that will be quiet possible, considering my age.

Y/N: Yeah but your mental age is three so it’s fine.

Y/N has left the chat

Thor: I do not have a mental age of a three year old.

Thor: Oh she left.

Thor: But I do enjoy the chocolate.

Thor: Was that what she meant?

Thor has left the chat.

Rehab (Alec x Reader) Imagine

“We need to talk Y/N” Alec said to you as he walked into yours guys shared bedroom. He must of just got back from a mission because he looked super stressed.

“What about?” You asked with a worried tone. Maybe something had went wrong. You quickly look him over but you didn’t seem any signs of him being injured. Alec took your hands in his and look inyour eyes.
“About your problem”

“What problem?” You look at Alec confused. It wasn’t a mission then that was bothering him.

“You know what I’m talking about”
He said in a stern voice while staring down at you.

“Not really” You told him with a shrugged. Alec let out a big sigh and said “I’m talking about your drug problem babe”
You took a step back from him that had caught you off guard, and left you speechless for a moment.

“Drug problem? Why would you think I have a drug problem?” You questioned crossing your arms, Alec serious face flash with a bit of guilt for a second but then it faded.

“It’s doesn’t matter, what matter right now is that we get you the help that you need for this”

“Yes it does matter Alec, I don’t have a drug problem and I want to know why you think that I’m some kind of addict” You shouted at him.

Alec let out a breath and said “I overheard you telling Isabelle about it. It’s embarrassing because I was eavesdropping on your guys conversation” Alec said as he hung his head low in shame, all you could do was laugh at him Alec looked up at you with an angry face
“This isn’t something to be joking about” You took ahold of Alec’s face in your hands and look at him straight in the eyes and told him

“Alec you’re the drug”

“What?” He asked back obviously confused.

“The drug I was talking about was you. Your love is like a drug, and I’m itching for a fix.” You said. All Alec could do was smile, it was like a big weight coming off of his shoulders knowing that you weren’t on drugs or actually ones for sure .
“Well let’s forget about this whole conversation that’s making me looking like a fool”
“Yeah I think we can” You said with a laugh while dragging him off to your bedroom to have another fix

I am so damn tired of hearing/seeing the argument, “You ship sns just because you want to see two guys fuck.”


If I wanted to see two guys fuck, I’d simply read/watch some BL drama. Honestly, when it comes to SNS, I don’t need to see them kiss. Kishi could’ve taken that kiss out in the beginning and it still wouldn’t have made a difference to me. I don’t need to see them hug. I don’t need to see them get married. I don’t care if they never share any sort of intimate contact.

I ship them because there is more meaning and passion behind every single moment, every glance, and every word share between each other than there is with their “beloved wives.” I ship them because they understand each other on a level no one else can. I ship them because they are soulmates who will be reborn over and over again and be given the chance to find and love each other again and again. I ship them because they LOVE each other.

You can twist facts all you want, change their Wikipedia profiles, and scream about how your ship is canon but it does not negate the fact that Naruto and Sasuke have and always will love each other. And they are each other’s most precious person.

You say all SNS shippers ship them because we wanna see two guys fuck? What about your ship? You only ship it because it’s a hetero pairing. What if Hinata and Sakura were both guys? Would you still ship them with Naruto and Sasuke? If their ships were same sex pairings, would you still ship them?

If you can’t, then shut up with your generalizations of the people in the SNS fandom because I guarantee you that most of us DO NOT ship it based on something as trivial as gender. We ship it based on chemistry, dynamic, emotion and the simple fact that Naruto and Sasuke come alive around each other.

That said, thank you and good day!

This has nothing to do with JDM, but this is a post from Alanna Masterson (Tara) from the walking dead and I felt the need to share it. Pregnant or not, body shaming is a huge fucking no no. Big ups to her for everything she did after just having her beautiful baby girl.
Not being the skinniest girl has been tough on me at times. I look up to people like this, empower each other, whatever damn body type you may have. Guys too. 💚

Voodoo Mama's Spellbook: Smoothie of Love Potion

I’ve been writing a lot of potions lately so of course I’m sharing them with you guys. This is a smoothie potion meant for you and the person you want to love you. Also I have like 3 other smoothie spells I will be posting eventually so keep a look out!

Disclaimer: I don’t care to hear people’s opinions on love spells. Spare me. I advise for this to be used towards someone you are already close to that just needs that extra push!


  • 1 Banana for sexuality 
  • a handful of blueberries for acceptance 
  • A cup of frozen strawberries for love (if not frozen, you can add ice)
  • Plain, vanilla yogurt. Vanilla can symbolize lust and love. 
  • A cup of milk
  • Sugar to sweeten them up! 
  • A dash of honey to make them stay and keep them loyal

My measurements suck because everyones blender is different. Do whatever works for you!


  1. Add each ingredient to the blender, thinking about each of their properties as you do. 
  2. Split the mixture into two cups and focus on them, putting your intent into the mixture. 
  3. VOODOO/HOODOO PRACTITIONERS ONLY: Recite Psalm 23 over the cups, asking for the spirits to bring you love and guidance. If you are not voodoo, you can talk to your deities as well!
  4. Give one cup to the person you wish to love you. Drink the other one. The spirits will connect you two.

“My eyes! My virgin eyes!” with Carl drabble

Your POV: You and Carl were sitting on the couch watching some TV show when Carl needed to change his clothes, he had spilled his drink on himself, you just sat there for about 5 minutes when you finally had enough of waiting, you walked up the stares into his room, that he shared with Ian and Liam, but mabie you should have just waited because of what you walked in on, “My eyes! My virgin eyes!"You yelled upon seeing Carl with nothing but his underwear on, "Y/N really! Your a teen I bet you have seen guys chests before!"Carl said pulling on his new pair of shirt an shorts on, "Still what has taken you so long?!"You said while sitting on Ian’s made bed, "I couldn’t find any clean clothes sorry"He said grabbing your hand pulling you up and going back to watch TV.

I love this like alot! -AdminBrook

Malec Fic Recs

Here are just a few of my favorite fics that I’ve saved links to and I thought I’d share some of them with you guys. These range all the way from major fluff to extreme angst so your bound to find at least one that suits you needs. I always love talking fanfic with people so if you find enjoyment from any of these recs I’d love to talk about them with you! I’m constantly shoving these down my poor friends throat because I’m desperate to talk about it so yea, message me if you want and feel free to leave your own recommendations below, I’m always in search of some juicy malec <3

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Guys please read this

My dear friend @nakxjima was attacked tonight and currently in the hospital. I don’t know much on his condition, but he’s suffered multiple stab wounds to his ribs, and I’m absolutely terrified.

I’m not asking for much, I’m just asking for you guys to keep him in your prayers. I beg of you not to scroll past this. Please share this around, I need as much support and hope for him as possible. Please.

SPH has reached its final chapter.

After four long years, I’ve decided to close up shop here. I’ve battled back and forth with this decision for an incredibly long time and have finally rested on it’s what’s best going forward. I have loved running this blog and sharing Harry Potter with all of you, but the energy to keep it up is no longer there; I wish things were different.

To every member of SimplyPotterheads, past and present, you have been a dream to work with-knowledgeable, caring, talented, and just plain warm, and I wish you guys all the best in the future. Always.

To our followers, I love you guys. I really do. I don’t know all 85,000 of you personally, but that’s okay! I know for a fact we have some common ground and that’s all I need to know that if I ever met any of you, you’d be special to me. 

I’ll keep the blog up as an archive and please feel free to come visit our old posts at your lesiure. Also: whatever your reasons for loving Harry are, please hold onto them, and never let yourself forget how you felt the first time you read a Harry Potter book or watched a Harry Potter film, because I promise that feeling can never be replicated. 

I will miss you guys immensely.

Humbly yours,


GCSE English Literature

I HATE ENGLISH  but after heavily revising for my English exams, i feel like i can share some tips/info with you!!! also a reminder that this mainly links with AQA paper 1 of english literature!!!!!!! also i’m not an expert!!!! so if you have any other tips to add JUST ADD THEM BC WE GCSE STUDENTS NEED TO BE HERE FOR EACH OTHER!! OR IF ANYTHING’S WRONG CORRECT ME!!

general tips:

  • annotate your books A LOT

there are so many resources you can use to annotate the books your studying. Some of my favourites are mr bruff (THIS GUY THO), sparknotes and my yorknotes 9-1 book!! i also have a list of resources i use for a christmas carol here and here’s some resources for an inspector calls! honestly just search up ‘[insert book name] analysis’, so many links will come up! Also check out my literature tag for any additional help!!

  • do past paper questions

get your teacher to mark it and give you feedback! or get someone you know is great at english to mark it and tell you where you can improve! you can also mark it if the question comes with a mark scheme! use a different colour pen to criticise your own work, it helps trust me! also please don’t feel bad if you see a lot of red/whichever colour it’s marked with, because english is all about improving, because there is no wrong answer nor any perfect answer! there will always be something you can add to an english essay TRUST ME!!!!! there’s this girl in my class who gets 9s or whatnot, but that does not stop my teacher from heavily marking her works. THERE IS ALWAYS ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT!!

  • read your books often

DON’T FORGET IT’S A CLOSED BOOK EXAM (aAAAA) and that means you’ll be required to remember quotes!!! even if you remember one small world QUOTE IT. FOR EXAMPLE if i remember scrooge is described as lonely and the only world i remember is OYSTER then i will write Scrooge is presented as a lonely man, like an ‘OYSTER’!!! THAT MY FRIEND IS WHAT THE EXAMINERS CALL evidence. PLEASE REMEMBER QUOTES (even it’s bits and bobs) !!! REMEMBER THE CONTEXT OF QUOTES SO AT LEAST YOU CAN REFER TO THEM!! you should also know the plot of book inside and out, so you can make references to  other parts of the book, which examiners really like (it also links to A01, which i will later discuss.)

  • know the book

not just know the plot, but the historical context behind it!!! THIS IS SO IMPORTANT PLEASE RESEARCH IT!1!!! PLEASE!!!

  • always check over your essays!!

make sure you included an introduction and conclusion. Check for any grammatical mistakes!! don’t let A04 be your downfall!!!

  • know your exam board like the back of your hand

what your exam board?? what’s their mark scheme like??? what do they want from you??? how do they mark?? THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!!! my exam boards AQA and I RESEARCHED THE HELL OUT OF IT and it’s the reason i can basically share these tips with you!!


the mark scheme consists of A01. A02 and A03.

(12 marks) A01 is all about you knowing the book. YOU BEING ABLE TO SAY Scrooge did this at this point or did that here. THAT IS SHOWCASING YOUR KNOWLEDGE OF THE BOOK!!! SO WRITE SMART!!

(12 marks) A02 is all about you saying WHYYYY!!1 why does the writer use a simile here? why does the writer do this?? what is the writer’s intention? it’s about justifying the writer’s methods. also idk if this is with A02 OR A03 but please writer about different perceptives!!! there is not just one way to look at things at english so write about how it affects people differently or how it could mean different things. FOR EXAMPLE ‘Perhaps this could suggest….However this could also demonstrate…’ or ‘Some readers may….While other readers…’

(6 marks) A03 IS ABOUT CONTEXT!!! what would’ve the contemporary readers thought??? they probably hated Macbeth because regicide was an act of disobeying God who was believed to appoint the king. IT SHOWS THAT I KNOW THE BOOK!!! IT SHOWS I DID SOME WIDER READING!!1 PLEASE REFER TO CONTEXT FOR MORE MARKS!!

for A04 they give you marks based on spelling and punctuation! that is why i insist you read over your work!! also please write in a way that the examiner’s understand you. PLEASee! if they can’t understand what you wrote or it doesn’t make sense they will not care!! they will take those marks!!! SO PLEASE READ OVER YOUR ESSAYS!!!

*so the mark scheme may change depending on the exam board or the paper, but for this post it’s definitely for AQA paper 1