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Would you like to give me some idea for a simple and cute Darkstache scene? I will probably draw it on my free time in school ...Or if you want to it doesn't really have to be innocent (•>• 🌸) i need to practice some blood things if you know what i mean. Anyway, what u want? -M

like, fluffy kind of stuff? because i got tons of ideas, my friend. here are just a few for the sake.

  • them hugging will always be important to me.
  • them dressing each other for the morning, like dark’s in the process of getting his suit on but pauses so he can tie wilford’s bowtie properly.
  • kisses on the cheek. dark hiding his blushing face with his hand and pushing wilford’s face away so wilford won’t kiss him again.
  • wilford ruffling dark’s hair.
  • dark relaxing in the pool and then wilford runs up and yells “bully!” before he jumps in and gets dark soaked.
  • wilford falling asleep on the couch and dark places his suit jacket on him for a blanket.
  • them reaching their hands out for each other ahh
  • forEHEAD touch with wilford laughing and dark just looking him over with a soft smile
  • wilford trying to convince dark to wear a dress because celine loves them
  • uhhh just them being happy together i am so sold for 

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I'm not a witch but I felt I needed cleansing, so I did a small cleansing ritual, where I meditated in front of a candle and then made myself a mixture of salt and thyme. I washed myself in the shower and then used the salt and thyme as a sort of body scrub. Then I started to wonder was that okay? I just needed to feel better about things that had happened and I thought I'd give witchy rituals a try, since they fascinate me so much, but now I'm worried if sort of overstepped some boundaries.

You definitely didn’t overstep any boundaries, there’s no rules to who can practice the craft. It sounds like a lovely ritual and I hope it helped. You are more than welcome to practice the craft my dear. 🌿💙

So I’ve been in NYC for the past few days for a family thing (mutuals, feel free to message me about my bonkersventure with the relatives), and navigating the city with Dad is a challenge these days for sure, but one thing that strikes me is how incredibly tiring this city is even under the best of circumstances. People sleep on the subways and buses, a frequent reason for begging off a meetup is “I just got home and I’m too tired to go back out,” you find yourself dreaming of your bed while walking down the street. It’s practically an endurance sport, living here—I forget every time.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love New York and hope to one day live here again, but goddamn I need a nap.

Chill Out

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“Dude, you so need to chill out,” you say, chucking the ball at the wall of the boat and snatching it out of the air before it even comes close to the shaggy Asian behind you.

Kevin just gives you a glare (that still manages to look attractive) and hugs the tablet to his chest. “You’re the one that needs to chill out,” he hisses. “You’re bouncing off the walls, practically!”

“That’s because the only daylight I’ve seen has been out the window of this gringy boat.”

“Stop eating so much sugar!”

“Let me go out!”

“I don’t want you to be here any more than you do!” he yells. “You’re just the reminder that I’m a walking target!”

“There’s no guarantee you’re gonna die,” you roll your eyes. “I’m just backup in case you do.” Just looking at the squiggly writing on the ‘Angel Tablet’, as your boatmate calls it, makes you feel ill. You can’t understand how he can translate it but, according to those jackass hunters, you’ll gain the ability when Kevin snuffs it.

In response, he pulls the curtain around his small space and huffs. You can hear him plugging his earphones into his laptop.

Your hand’s hardly touched the boat door when he’s pulling his sheet back and snapping at you, “Don’t. Even. Think about it.”

You groan, flopping your head back in disappointment. “Dude! Just let me take a jog or something!”

“The next prophets have all been tagged by Crowley,” he just says. “No way.”

You’ve had it with this skinny Asian dude and his ‘prophet of the Lord’ bullcrap talk.

“I’m an atheist!” you explode. “I don’t believe in any… any of this!” You wrench open the door and sprint outside.

In your haste, you’d forgotten your shoes, but when you hear the slap of feet behind you, undoubtedly belonging to that wanker Kevin, you start to sprint away, a laugh bubbling from your chest.

“Y/n, stop being a baby!” he yells. “This isn’t funny!” You can hear the laughter in his voice, though.

You’re sure you’re a funny sight—a short girl with uncombed hair, socks but no shoes, running away from a taller Asian guy dressed in a similar hoodie yelling profanities at you. No one stops your small procession, though, and for the first time in a while you’re finally feeling winded. This is a different kind of winded than doing some jumping jacks or pushups. This is honest-to-whoever, actually-running winded.

“Okay,” you wheeze, skidding to a stop in a grassy park. You can still barely see the boat in the distance but you covered an impressive amount of ground for a girl who’s been holed up for forever.

Kevin catches up to you quickly, also wheezing, and he doesn’t stop in time. He barrels right into you (maybe that was his plan, though) and the two of you topple over onto the grass.

“Dude, you sank the ship you’re working on to kill the captain,” you groan as he clutches at his stomach (you’d elbowed him with annoyance). The fresh air is bringing a flush to your cheeks. Just now you see how pale the two of you had gotten. “You have to admit this is more fun than sitting in that old boat and doing nothing, though.”

“Maybe this… could happen again,” he says hesitantly. The low timbre of his voice makes your knees weak and just now you’re noticing how you two are a tangled jumble of limbs and how on earth does the boy smell like mint; you’re pretty sure you smell like sweat and chocolate—


Kevin’s voice breaks through your thoughts like a flashlight through the fog.

“Why don’t you like me?” you ask bluntly.

From the moment you’d arrived with the jackass brothers who have an abnormal amount of sexual tension between them for people who claim to be ‘brothers’, the boy had glared at you and seemingly just resented you.

“What are you talking about?”

“You know exactly what I’m talking about,” you snap, extracting yourself from the tangle. “You’ve hated me for no reason since I’ve arrived and I’ve done absolutely nothing to you!”

“Wait—what?” you hear him splutter behind you but you’re marching away, angry at your treacherous heart that’s screaming at you to kiss him while your head says that he’s an asshole who doesn’t have time for anyone but himself.

When you arrive at the boat, you slam the door behind you but it doesn’t shut fully—the shitty Asian’s caught it.

“Wait, y/n!” he grabs your arm and you whirl around, stumbling over your feet, and somehow the two of you are falling backwards onto your bed which is much bigger than Kevin’s.

And then suddenly your lips are on his lips.

And neither of you are pulling away.

And it’s just going on, and on, and on, and on.

Kevin breaks the kiss to stare at you, half-lidded. Somehow you’re straddling him even though it feels like you’ve only been kissing for two hours and half a second.

“Was I that much of a jackass?” he asks lowly.

Heat pools in your stomach. “Yeah,” you admit, wiggling your hips for a bit of friction.

Kevin’s hand clamps down on your waist. “Stop.” His voice is tight and angry. “Just—don’t.”

You stare at him in surprise. That’s the voice he uses when the two of you are bickering (though you’d always considered it your form of flirting).

“I don’t want to—you know,” he says, voice apologetic. “Not unless you do.”

“Wanna hear a secret?” you ask shyly. “This isn’t my first time. It’s my second.” It’s not like you’re a slut or anything, you’re far from it. The first time had been with your boyfriend of three years and friend of six. You hadn’t expected him to move three months later, but these things can hardly be helped.

You see a variety of emotions pass Kevin’s face and immediately you flush. “I’m sorry.” You slide off his lap. “I mean, I’ve only done it once but if you want a virgin that’s all right, I mean, I hope you don’t think I’m a slut now—”

He lets out a sigh of relief. “Thank God. I have absolutely no idea what to do except from pornos and—”

“Oh, is that why the translating is taking so long?” you tease as he grabs your wrist and slowly pulls you back in between his legs. The slight bulge presses against your thigh.

“No, mostly because I can’t stop staring at your tight ass,” Kevin says softly and then the two of you are smashing your faces together and to anyone else it might seem messy, animal-like even, but to the both of you it’s heaven.

Then somehow you’ve changed positions so that you’re on the bed now but missing your pants and Kevin’s on his knees between them, doing something with his mouth that’s just sinly.

“Oh my God Kev,” you groan as his tongue dips into your folds, arousal making you throb with need.

“I know,” he whispers and the rumble makes you fall backwards onto the bed, fingers digging deep into his silky hair.

He starts to suck on your clit as two fingers plunge inside you, curling and making your back arch. You’re practically vibrating now with need and when you squint your eyes you can see that Kevin’s hands are slowly jacking himself off as he sticks his tongue deep inside you and just sucks.


“Well, no wonder it’s been taking so long for you to translate the damn tablet if this is what you two’ve been doing all this time.”

“Sam! Dean?” Kevin sits straight upright as do you and immediately sits inbetween your legs so they can’t see you undressed (the perfect gentleman).

“Welll, we were bringing you barbecue but it looks like you’re right in the middle of eating,” the shorter one speaks up.

“Dean!” the taller one elbows him.

“Well, enjoy your meal, Kev,” ‘Dean’ says with a suggestive eyebrow tilt and they two of them duck out of the boat quickly.

You look at the boy in your lap. “Well, that was such a moodkiller. What kind of barbecue’d they get?”

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I'm sick rn and I just really want someone to feel my pain. So... maybe Felix infecting Michael with a tummy bug? I want them to suffer... cause I'm cruel:)

“Michael…you don’t need to be in here with me while I puke my guts…UURP…out….” Felix said with his head practically in the toilet bowl. His sentence followed by another very wet burp that echoed off the porcelain. Felix had been complaining of a sour stomach all day but had only just started throwing up a few hours ago. Michael hadn’t been home until now, and so he’d just gotten a bunch of whiny texts from his boyfriend about how much his stomach hurt right now and how much he wanted to cuddle and have Michael rub his tummy. Apparently now that he knew he was actually sick rather than just having eaten something that disagreed with him, he didn’t want to get Michael sick too.

Michael wasn’t convinced though, while he was terrified of catching this too, he knew Felix usually preferred to have his back rubbed and be comforted as he threw up. He may have said he didn’t care about throwing up, and true he wasn’t so frightened by it as Michael was, but he was sure that nobody found it pleasant, he certainly knew Felix did not. “Babe..I’m not going anywhere while you have your head shoved in the toilet.” He reasoned, trying to get him to lean back a bit, but as soon as he managed to get Felix to move away from the toilet a bit, he forced himself closer as he retched loudly into the basin. A large flood of vomit shot so forcefully into the bowl that it splashed out a bit, making a mess all over the seat and the floor.

Michael grimaced knowing he would need to be the one to clean it up since Felix was so sick. The poor guy had already been throwing up for nearly ten minutes by now and Michael could feel his fever through his shirt. “Just finish up sweetie and I’ll help you to bed.” A few minutes later Felix declared himself done and Michael did as he said he would, helping his poorly boyfriend up and into bed. He set the trash bin next to the bed and kissed his brow, Felix was already half asleep by the time Michael had gotten him settled into their bed. He went into the bathroom, cleaning up the floor and the toilet, cleaning the whole thing.

He  washed his hands three times and changed his clothes when he was done, washing his hands another three times after that. Michael had OCD and one of his main focuses was on hand washing and germs. Sure he had other repetitive behaviours like door locking and stove checking, but nothing was as bad as his hand washing. Those he washed so much his hands turned red.

Once he had finished cleaning up and changing – and deciding that that wasn’t good enough and showering too – Michael looked at his watch, noting it was late enough that he could probably go to bed as well. After much contemplation and anxiety he decided it would probably be okay to just go lay down with Felix. After all, the damage had likely been done already what with them having had a make out session the night before and he actually cleaning up his vomit today.

It took quite some time but Michael finally fell asleep somewhere around one in the morning. He wasn’t asleep very long, however, when Felix woke him up by puking loudly over the side of the bed. Michael gasped and hurriedly dashed over to help. “Sorry..” He heard him say, his voice still thick with nausea. He offered sweet words but was obviously just a bit flustered as the red head had missed the trash can completely the first time, or first few judging by how much sick was puddled by the bed. Michael held up the trash can and let Felix finish up before again cleaning up and washing his hands extensively and changing his clothes. He ended up having to take one of his anxiety pills, the one he took to counteract on coming panic attacks. Thankfully the medicine worked so he didn’t have a panic attack and was able to go back to sleep.

When he next woke it was bright in their room. Too bright. It hurt his eyes and his head and his stomach. Wait… light shouldn’t affect that. But it was true, his gut was roiling uncomfortably and he realised he was trembling under their thick comforter. It took nearly two full minutes before Michael’s cloudy brain realised what was going on. He was sick now too. He finally recognised the pain in his gut as nausea and the reason for his foggy, slow thoughts was likely due to fever. “Felix….” He whined pathetically. “I’m going to kill you….” He griped.

“It isn’t nice to threaten sick people…” Came the groggy voice beside him.”Why do you wanna kill me?”

“You got me sick asshole….” He grumped.

“Are you sure?” Felix asked, still sounding half asleep. “Maybe you just need to drink water?” Michael responded by taking a pillow and smacking him but he said nothing else. The two boys laid in silence for a few minutes before Michael let out a whimper.

“Fe…I think I need to be sick….I don’t want to….” He continued to whine. Throwing up was probably one of Michael’s biggest fears, but it wasn’t to be helped now. He was sick and there was nothing that could stop that. Michael jumped up suddenly and rushed out of the room. That certainly got Felix’s attention and so, despite being sick as a dog himself, he got up and followed Michael to the bathroom.

Michael was shivering and crying over the toilets edge with a string of spit connecting his lips to the water below. He had already been sick once and just as Felix staggered in he was sick again.

“Oh honey….” Felix murmured, making his way over to his poorly boyfriend. He began rubbing his back gently, trying to calm him. “Don’t cry now, it will be over soon.”

“I hate you…” He whined pathetically, not meaning what he said at all.

Felix just laughed quietly. “No you don’t, I’m sorry I got you sick sweetie.” The only response Felix got in return though was a gurgling retch from his boyfriend that made his own stomach rebel inside him. “Oh gods…” He murmured, swallowing back a flood of saliva that rushed into his mouth as he watched and listened to Michael continuously got violently ill. Finally after a few minutes of this Felix couldn’t take it, he joined Michael over the toilets edge, getting sick with him.

Imagine… Just cake stuff

You recently moved with your bff in a new place, that become even more awesome, after you discovered the supermarket nearby. Only, 20 min walking, but you love walking anyway so it’s even better. Tonight was boring, so you decided to take a walk. Aa your friend was out. Eventually youended up in the supermarket again. Just observing and shit. Suddenly a man bumped into you, obviously in a hurry.

- I am sorry! - he yelled while walking away.

- What an idiot. - you thought, but then you saw his grocery list. He was going to make cake, apparently for his girlfriend, as the handwriting was definitely female one. - Hey…wait, you dropped you list..

You spotted him, completely lost. Handing him back the list, he smiled.

- Do you need help, finding all the stuff… I practically live here so…

- You will be a life saver if you do so.

- I accept cake as payment. - you laughed, so did he.

After you were done collecting everything needed, and heading to the lash desk, he insisted on having your address. So he can send the cake. Although you try to explain it was a joke, it turned out it was important for him, as it was a 2 years old cake promise. So you agreed. No need to worry, the guy was happily married and also having his wife’s pretty pic on his phone.

2 days later a delivery boy knocked with a package for you. A yellow box with a small cake inside, “thank you” card and a picture. When you saw the picture, you realized who you actually met in the supermarket..

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Mom, let me just say that that anon was so fucking hilarious. He should be a comedian. I mean how could we not notice that BTS is the only kpop group that exists in this world and that they're practically Gods themselves. Bless us mom, for we have been blind all along. I mean, did we not realize that having your own preference isn't allowed? What have we been doing with our life mom? ffs. 🙃😂

agagshdjglhl right I can’t believe we’ve all been fooled, I can’t believe other kpop groups are just myths 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩


*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ ❝ Under the Streetlight ❞ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ ChanBaek / BaekYeol fanart ♡

I’ve been really busy with school work and I’m pretty lazy so I haven’t posted in a while. Drawing on a paper texture is much more easy and pleasing to look at I just realized. I guess I need to practice doing more artworks in this style.

A note on menstrual magic:

I was requested by @starseed-sourceress to provide links to this specific branch of practice. I regrettably cannot find much, but I have posted what I could find for now. I plan to make my own post on the matter soon, regarding my own practices and experience. I also encourage anyone else with additional info on this to send it my way, post and tag @starseed-sourceress in it, or just send it to them privately. I think this is a wonderful branch of magic that is not nearly discussed enough.

For those offended by the topic, there are tags you can block as per the warning I sent ahead of these posts: #menstrual magic #menstrual magick and #requested content will all block today’s postings if you choose to use them. No backlash will be tolerated aimed at me or at the requestor. We have given you your out… and this is a legitimate practice that need not be stigmatized.

Finally and most importantly: no indication- explicit or implied- on part of the resources I reblogged that menstrual magic is limited to “women only” is supported by this blog. I firmly believe that there are menstruating individuals of all genders, and that we each deserve this resource and the respect of utilizing our body’s power to the extent we are willing to do so. On my own posts on the matter you will notice I do not use binary or gendered language in regards to magic involving the uterus or menstruation. I cannot afford the same awareness when reblogging from other sources, as I did not write them. While I did my best to screen blatantly discriminating posts on the matter, for time and ease of posting purposes some of these implied messages may have snuck through. I do not support these ideas at all, but find the overall posts to have valuable information on the topic despite the unfortunate use of word choice that some may utilize. I thank you for understanding. :)

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How many languages can you speak????

hello dear anon ! ! ! i can barely speak portuguese, but i will answer if you talk to me in english or spanish and in a few months in korean too i just need more time to practice! 안녕~^^


Don’t forget Gorillaz fans, Jamie Hewlett exist! He made all you’re favorite band members come to life in the music videos, shorts, ect! He continues drawing them countless times and works day and night to give you new content with the band members! So please appreciate him!!! ❤❤❤