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One of my absolute favorite things about Young Justice is the mind link. Seriously, just imagine all of the crazy stuff the team can do when they can actually read each other’s minds during a mission:  

- Infinite Rickrolls 
- Wally making an obvious effort to not call Robin “Dick” when they’re linked and getting really frustrated   
- Being spoiled about Christmas presents and surprise parties 
- When one member gets hurt everyone feels it 
- Dick and Wally trying to see how loud they can scream in their minds until Kaldur starts yelling at them  
- Something blows up and everyone simultaneously goes “same" 
- Everyone cringing when Conner and M'gann have really loud dirty thoughts about each other 
- Hearing Kaldur mentally sigh at least fifteen times a mission 
- When one person has a song stuck in their head, everyone gets the song in their head  
- This of course leads to the entire team becoming a silent choir as they all mentally belt out Let It Go together while beating up bad guys 
- When Raquel first joined, they learned that ”??????“ makes an actual sound in ones head 
- Zatanna thinking backwards and giving everyone a headache 
- They even linked up Wolf once just to see what it was like and they heard weird stuff like “Boy? Boy is bird?? He is puppy??? Need cuddles??? Must protect!!!” “Superboy!💗💗💗💗 Human! Best human! Best human in whole world!” “I good boy?? Treats????” “BANE BAD. KILL BANE. HE HURT BABIES?!?!?! BITE. BITE. BITE!!! I TREATS??? I DID GOOD??????” It was definitely a learning experience about how dogs work, and they also learned about how Wolf sees Robin as a small puppy in need of protection, so that was fun to tease him about.  
- Conner screams even in his mind 
- There is no privacy whatsoever, so that’s how the team learned things about each other that they will definitely regret knowing 
- Artemis and Wally flirting all the time just to make everyone uncomfortable
- Falling asleep on stakeouts leads to seeing each other’s dreams and even interacting in them
- Once Wally had a nightmare about his father and everyone saw it, though Wally had no idea and was confused when they spent the rest of the week being really nice to him
- On really traumatic missions, sometimes one member will get flashbacks and all of them see it too  
- Dick singing Bohemian Rhapsody for five hours straight 
- The team learning that M'gann curses like a sailor in her head  
- Kaldur mentally goes “WTF” so many times they lost count 
- Silently judging everyone together 

I just really love the mind link concept okay? 


*bites his lower lip as he comes up from behind you, groping your butt*
“You know we don’t have to go out today.” 
*chuckles as he tenderly kisses the nape of your neck*
“I kinda want to stay in now and spoil my little girl.~” 

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*seems to space out as your butt jiggles while you struggle to slip your jeans past your bum*
“God damn it Jagi…” 
*purposely groans while adjusting himself*
“Look at what you do to me, you drive me crazy babygirl.” 

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*watches you struggle from afar before coming up behind you, pulling your pants up*
“I swear to god I fucking love your ass, princess.” 
*proceeds to give you one hard spank before massaging the area*

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*carefully watches as you bounce up and down trying to put on your jeans*
“Fuck me up, babe, you’re ass is so perfect.” 
“Come sit on Daddy’s lap princess.” 

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*automatically becomes overdramatic, gripping his chest as he falls to floor behind you; pointing at your backside* 
“Gah- Jagi, I have been attacked- I am severely injured. Your butt is just too much.” 

You;*giggles* “Babe, get up.” 

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*watches you wiggle your hips as you pull on your jeans while biting his lower lip*
“Babe, come here please.” 
*motions you to come over to him, his dark eyes watching as you make your way to where he is*
*wraps his arms around your waist before running his hands over your butt*

“My babygirl is just so fucking sexy.. I needed to touch you.”

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*sits there, enjoying the little show you unintentionally put on for him*
“Your bruises are started to fade, Jagi..” 
*moves directly behind you, hooking his fingers in your belt loops- pulling you down onto his lap*
“Maybe we should stay home and make some new ones instead.”

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High School In Review (so far)+ Some Tips!!!

Hello everyone! I’m Niva and I am a student of the High School class of 2019.

Now I’ve been in high school for 2 years now, so I think that can give some pretty solid advice to ya little upcoming freshman and any person who is still struggling in high school. So buckle up ya seat belts and put on some shades, cause we’re about to take a LONG ride

I know there are tons of freshman advice videos and posts out here on tumblr dot com, so I’m gonna try and make mine unique

*Note: My HS experience is unique; your may not need any of these tips, so who knows. Also, this post contains profanity. I don’t know if y’all care, it just seems that the studyblr community are all these sweet angels who attend church every Sunday and read the Bible in their spare time.


my freshman overview: Look, this year was hardest compared to my sophomore year. One class literally ruined my life, my dudes. {humble brag} Throughout my entire life from PreK to 8th Grade, I had gotten straight A’s on all my report cards. My freshman year, I decided to take AP World History and BOY did it crush me. I made a C in the class first semester and a B in the second semester. Now, it was not the teacher at fault. In fact, I LOVED the teacher. I just was not interested in that class at all and the work matched with me being in Marching Band nearly sent me to my death bed. I’m not trying to scare you, I’m just being 100% legit. This is also a PSA to all freshman offered to take APWH: This is one of the harder AP courses, and I wish one of my teachers had told me this before I decided to take the class (they probably did and I ignored them). This also was my first year in marching band and I’m telling you right now, if you’re wondering whether or not you should do marching band, do it. Even if you just do it for one year, it’s fuckin worth it mate. 

my sophomore overview: This year was SIGNIFICANTLY easier. During my freshman year, the way the schedule was set up was an A/B schedule; your schedule would alternate. On A days, you’d have these 4 classes and on B day, another 4. My sophomore year, they changed that and it was a bit easier for me. Not that I didn’t like the A/B schedule (I loved it), it was just a lot easier to manage classes. I only had one AP class this year, because I couldn’t take AP Lang because of schedule conflicts. ANTYWAYS, AP Gov is one of the easiest classes I took. My teacher was extremely chill and put a curve on every test and quiz, so that’s mainly why I didn’t fail. Marching band was much easier to handle since I already had experience. This was also the year I quit TSA (technology student association) and VEX Robotics, due to scheduling conflicts with band. And, to be quite honest, neither of the clubs were fun lmao. Literature class was annoying, because I got stuck in a class that DIDNT WANNA DO ANYTHING. They didn’t wanna read along, read at all, do projects, breathe, etc. (if you need tips on how to handle a trash class, just ask and I might make a post on that lol). Chemistry was purgatory, not hell, just purgatory. It was hard but not too hard that I didn’t pass. Math has never been hard for me so nothing really changed with that class. This year I brought back my streak of All A’s, so this school year was the best of the two in my eyes.

~=+=~The TIPS~=+=~

1. Normally, freshman don’t take AP classes, but if you are, be prepared. Depending on the class subject, you’re gonna have to do a hell of a lot more than just read the chapters once and do one page of notes. Try to always be ahead of the class and start some sort of study group. 

2. You’re best friend does not need to be your project partner all of the time. Seriously. If you have friends like mine, you will sit on your phone looking at memes on twitter for a long ass time before you ever start your project. Try doing a solo project every once in a while.

3. Don’t randomly join clubs. I was offered to join BETA Club and I didn’t wanna do it, so I didn’t. Don’t do clubs cause it looks nice cause 90% of the time, that one club won’t affect anything.

4. Save money. If you’re in marching band, dear god, save your money. School might as well be charging you to breathe. Everything cost SO MUCH MONEY. If you need to, set up a secret money jar so your parents don’t hijack your money.

5. Make new friends. Unlike most people apparently, I didn’t lose any friends. I do talk to certain people less because of class schedules, but we’re still friends. There is a small ass chance you’re gonna get caught in a class full of upperclassmen and no friends, and I had that situation. It’s not fun. Eventually, you’ll make a friend in that class, so don’t panic. But, anyways, new school, why not make new friends?

6. Don’t? Switch? Lunch? Tables? Okay, I don’t mean that someone’s gonna like sucker punch you out of your seat like in the movies. I mean like if we’re 5 months into the school year, don’t just randomly change your table, because …just don’t do it.

7. Don’t be that person who purposely gets on the teacher’s nerves to make class harder.

8. If you hate one of your teachers, suck it up buttercup. You have a choice of passing or failing, don’t let a teacher ruin an A in class for you.

9. Try and be on the other side of drama. It’s much more fun to watch drama go down, that to actually be involved in it.

10. Be early (if you can). I ride the bus, so I have no choice. But, there is legit no reasons for you to be walking into the class 10 minutes late, because you thought you could sleep an extra 5 mins.

11. I know your literature class is getting boring. This is probably your 7th consecutive year of learning the difference between a simile and a metaphor. I don’t know why they continue to reteach that stuff, but they do. All I can say is utilize what their teaching in some way, so that you don’t feel like the class is completely useless.

12. We all have that one class that you just do nothing in. Take advantage of that and get work done. I don’t have a “study hall” class so, any time you have to do work, use it.

13. Go to at least some of the school events. You can get relatively free food. 

14. Look, I could not care less if you skip school. But, don’t do it often and if you can, don’t do it ever. 

15. If you’re gonna eat in class, don’t eat something obvious like Lays Chips or a whole orange

16. Make friends with your teacher. Don’t be like creepy, but like, don’t have a bad relationship with your teacher.

17. Sophomore year, start thinking about college. You may think it’s too early, but it’s not. At least have an idea of what you want to major in.

18. If you can, get your permit as soon as you turn 15. Please don’t be like me. I still cannot drive and getting from Point A to Point B is harder than the VESPR Theory.

19. Disrespectful classmates are just an opportunity for you to get special privileges in class. If you’re class is disruptive and you’re just a sweet little angel, the teacher will most likely be more lenient with you. My teacher literally gave me a 100 on a project I turned in a day late (supposed to be 5 points off) because literally me and this other girl were the only ones who turned the project in.

20. Do your homework the day you get it. I don’t give a damn if it’s due in two days or two months, do it right then and right there.

21. In your language class, please try. Nobody likes the kid who doesn’t participate. If the teacher asks,  ¿Como estas?, you better fuckin say ¿Bien, y tu? back.

22. If you’re in a situation like mine, you’re gonna have a class you didn’t sign up for, yet somehow you got it. Just deal with it. If you can’t change your schedule, that’s all you can do. Just do the assignments and hope you pass.

23. Okay, most schools don’t have a “popular” group. But all schools definitely have the Prep group. You know, those kids. If you’re not one of them, just ignore them. If you are one of them, stop being so goddang stuck up and realise that you have an annoying voice. If you are not sure if you are a prep, you most likely are not.

24. My school doesn’t use lockers purely based on the fact that it would take too long for kids to get to them and back to class since my school is so big. So, if you also do not have lockers, make sure your bookbag can handle one full school year. I cannot stress this enough. You don’t wanna walk around school with a 15lb bookbag and only one functional strap.

25. Eat the school food. It’s honestly not as bad as the internet makes it. Like…eat ya pizza and enjoy it.

26. If your single and you want a relationship, please do not get a crush on random people like me. Someone would let me borrow a pencil and I would fantasize about a wedding for the next 2 days. I know it’s hard being lonely, but being in a relationship won’t get you a college scholarship.

27. Don’t drink a lot during school. There’s gonna be a teacher with a restriction on the bathroom because for some reason, they think bladders have a specific schedule to follow.

28. Don’t be that freshman that dates every senior in sight. If you have a relationship with a senior and it lasts, great. I’ve seen it happen, but 90% of the time it does not. 

29. Likewise, if you have a friend that’s running you up the wall with their problems, specifically relationship problems. Find a way to distance yourself from them, or even better, get them help from someone else.

30. If you have Type 4 hair (or type 3, it depends), you gotta do your hair at least 3 days in advance, especially if your hair is short. I don’t know a single person with kinky hair who can wake up and just simply throw their hair up.

31. Look, man. Just look here. Look at me in my eyes and listen. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, IF YOU ARE GONNA HAVE SEX USE A CONDOM! USE A CONDOM OR DONT HAVE SEX AT ALL. I’m not speaking from personal experience, but I many of girls have gotten pregnant at my school

32. If you’re gonna do drugs, don’t. Don’t be stupid. Especially if you’re in a school club or sport. You are subject to random drug tests at all times. 

33. Try not to let people affect the way you dress. Wear what you want.

34. Something about you is gonna change. Your personality, your look, your aesthetic. Whatever changes, don’t be stuck up. Nobody likes stuck up people; not even stuck up people like stuck up people.

35. You know those posts that are like “Grades don’t determine intelligence?” Yeah, well they don’t determine your intelligence, but they can determine where you get into college (if you wanna go) and how you’re seen and perceived by teachers. At least, try to pass.

36. If you can, take the ACT or SAT or whatever standardized test you have for your schools. I had an opportunity to take the SAT in 4th, 7th, and 8th grade for $35…and I didn’t take it once. I heavily regret it. Mainly I didn’t take it, because, at the time, it was hard for my mother to pay for it when we had much bigger problems, but like, if you have the opportunity and the funds to take those tests, take them.

37. Don’t rely on quality points. In my school (they’ve gotten rid of this now though), if you’re in an AP class you got 10 extra points and if you were in an Honors/PreAP class, you got 5 points. Colleges look at your grades without the points. The only purpose for these quality points is so that kids in CP classes don’t get valedictorian or some shit idk

38. If you’re in America, you’re gonna have somebody walking around school in a Trump shirt. By all means, beat their ass, but know the consequences. Also, if you’re gonna talk about politics with somebody, please know at least the bare minimum. At least know what the Hillary email scandal is before you try and defend her. Same goes for my friends across the pond. You see someone supporting Theresa May, beat their ass, know the consequences, and learn politics.

39. Actually? Check? Your? Grades? I know so many people who just don’t know what they’re grades are. Know you’re grades so you always know where you stand.

40. I wanna say class rank does not matter, but if you’re anything like me, you’re gonna obsess over it for a while. I know you wanna be in the Top 5, but if you’re no where near it, you’re gonna have to work EXTREMELY HARDER THAN NORMAL. Try not to make a huge deal out of it, unless you’re aiming for Valedictorian.

41. Moisturize ya self. Don’t nobody like ashy knees and elbows. Invest in some lotion.

42. Listen. We all hate dress code. But just follow it. You can’t do anything about it. Just wait til the weekend to wear your spaghetti strap shirt and ripped jeans. And if you wear leggings and you have a wide hip and butt area, you are definitely going to be called out. If you’re not sure if you’re breaking dress code with what your wearing, bring an extra shirt and jeans just in case.

43. Go the fuck to sleep. Don’t be up at ass o’clock in the morning doing who-knows-what on the internet. I know from experience. You may think you can survive 8 hours of school with 2 hours of sleep, but as the day goes on, you’re not gonna want do anything at all, but sleep. But hey, if 2 hours of sleep works for, go ahead. It’s not healthy but I can’t regulate your life.

44. If you walk in the wrong class, everyone will forget about it after the a good 2 days. Literally nobody cared that much. Just walk out and forget about it.

45. If you have a phone, get your friends numbers/contacts/emails. You’re gonna need them for homework sooner or later.

46. To all those uber religious people out there, drop the clean act. If you hear somebody say “fuck”, get over it. I don’t know how else to say it. Teachers cannot stop somebody from cursing completely. People are gonna have sex, people are gonna cuss, people are gonna be inappropriate, and all you can do is focus on yourself.

47. Wear deodorant. You will be surprised at the amount of people who don’t. 

48. Studyblr is fun. Studyblr is nice. That being said, studyblr is not the end of the world. If you don’t have a bullet journal, just use the calendar in your phone or have an online bujo. Don’t let studyblr take up 90% of your study time, because scrolling through the studyblr tag is not studying.

49. Don’t be that kid that walks around with fucking surround sound speakers on their back. Wtf, like invest in some headphones my guy.

50. Never buy a 1 inch binder. Always 2 inch and above, unless you know for sure you only need a 1 inch.

51. You are gonna have a set of people you absolutely hate that for some reason, you cannot get away from them. The best you can do is ignore them.

52. If you’re required to take a Fitness class and you are a festively plump child or an unhealthy/unfit person such as myself, you are going to be embarrassed at some point. Look. I cannot give you advice that’s gonna raise your self-esteem, but I can tell you that if you don’t pay attention to anyone else, it’s much easier to get through that class. The fitness gram pacer test doesn’t last forever. Likewise, don’t treat fitness class like the fucking Olympics. The coach asked for 10 pushups not 100.

53. Extra Credit is your friend. Even if you have a 100 in a class, extra credit doesn’t hurt.

54. Do not walk slow in the hallway, please. I like getting to class on time. If you plan on having a conversation in the hallway, only do it if you walk and talk at a reasonable speed.

55. If you ride the bus, get up at least 45 minutes before the bus gets there. I don’t have a big morning routine, so half of the time in the morning, I just scroll through twitter. Wake up early enough to get everything done.

56. C’s get degrees, my friend, but C’s don’t get scholarships.

57. If you wear AXE Body Spray or any perfume/cologne, I want you to know that your smell occupies the entirety of the hallway you’re on. Please, use only a small amount of fragrance, because not only do they most likely stink, some kids have asthma and some kids are allergic to fragrances. Just refrain from wearing strange smelling spays.

58. If you’re a theatre kid or sport kid, don’t be completely set on becoming a professional singer/actor/athlete. Have a Plan B. The last thing counselors wanna hear when they ask you what you want to be when you grow up, is a NBA Player.

59. To all my shy people out there, that speech you have to give doesn’t last forever. In fact, it may only last 3 minutes. In my literature class, we were required to recite lines from Romeo and Juliet, for some odd reason, and I made such a big deal out of something that barely affected my grades.

60. For this last and FINAL tip of this post, don’t give up. I didn’t wanna be generic, but here the fuck! I! am!!! When I took AP World History, part of the reason I ‘failed’ was because I just stopped trying. I would make low C’s on the test and just think, “Well I didn’t pass, might as well just give up.” Well, no shit you didn’t read the chapter. If you’re trying all you’ve got and you’re just not making it, talk to the teacher. That’s one thing I regret from my freshman year. I just gave up. I didn’t try and get help because I felt that getting help meant that I was stupid. It doesn’t. It just means you’re smarter for trying to get a good grade.

WELL THAT’S ALL FOLKS! Sorry if my cursing doesn’t fit your aesthetic, too bad. I can probably think of 40 more tips to make this 100, but I didn’t want this post to be extremely long (lol good job on that). Anyways, if you ever want any help, feel free to message me, but I’m not that good at text conversations or conversations in general so I’m your last resort.

TO THE UPCOMING FRESHMAN: Have a great first year of high school! You’re about to enter a new life where the teachers are more serious and, yes, coloring still somehow counts as a grade.

TO THE UPCOMING SOPHOMORES: I know. You’ve only been here one year and your tired. Have hope. You’re one year closer to that diploma.

Bts reaction to their s/o touching their crotch by accident

Seokjin: He would start to joke around. “Jagi, I know that I’m really seductive and irresistible but please behave, we’re in public.”

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Namjoon: Joonie would get worked up and don’t believe that it was just an accident. “Yeah sure it was ‘accidentally’. You can’t just stop now, babygirl.”

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Yoongi: He’d start smirking and either ignore it or get horny, depends on his mood. “Do you know that you’re really naughty from time to time? I don’t care if it wasn’t intentionally I need you right now.”

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Hoseok: Hobi would start laughing because he’s so surprised but also turn it into something dirty. “You know that I’m hard right now? Shall we fix this problem?”

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Taehyung: He’d get turned on the second he felt your hand. He smirks while loosening his belt. “You know if you already started why not making it properly?”

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Jimin: Jimin would start blushing when he gets a boner. “Listen y/n it’s not my fault that you have this kind of control over me. Let me show you how your body reacts to my touch.”

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Jungkook: Kookie would be quite shy about it while still being turned on. “Are you sure this was accidentally? I mean if it wasn’t then we could maybe… go on?”

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Hope you liked this reaction let me know, please request more (fluff, smut, angst whatever) 

the man from u.n.c.l.e. (2015) sentence starters

tw disordered eating, alcohol, gendered slurs, violence

❝ you look important… or at least your suit does. ❞
❝ statements like that can get you into a lot of trouble around here. ❞
❝ make yourself comfortable, why don’t you.  ❞
❝ you’re wasting your time. i haven’t seen him for 18 years. ❞
❝ if i had 15 minutes, we’d drink tea, eat biscuits; i’d talk, you’d laugh, and we’d be on our way. ❞
❝ are they still following us? ❞
❝ when you hear something that sounds like a gunshot, drive. ❞
❝ you can’t be serious. ❞
❝ excuse me dear, i just need to use your back door. ❞
❝ hug me. ❞
❝ what’s that? it smells like feet. ❞
❝ how long was your prison sentence? ❞
❝ don’t ever make the calamitous error of mistaking my deliberate short-sightedness for blindness. ❞
❝ look at ‘em. merrily oblivious as we labor tirelessly to save them from extinction and not even a ‘thank-you.’ ❞
❝ don’t kill your partner on your first day. ❞
❝ i’m sure you understand humiliation better than most. ❞
❝ my woman would never wear anything like that. ❞
❝ smoothly done. ❞
❝ you can’t put a paco rabanne belt on a patou. ❞
❝ and remember… take it like a pussy. ❞
❝ not very good at this whole ‘subtlety’ thing, are you? ❞
❝ either you start to look like you know what you’re doing, or i’m out of here. ❞
❝ would you like a bigger glass? ❞
❝ no fun dancing by yourself; i need a partner. ❞
❝ don’t you make me put you over my knee. ❞
❝ so you don’t want to dance… but you do want to wrestle. ❞
❝ i like my women strong. ❞
❝ now we are engaged. again. ❞
❝ i am neither a goat, nor your sister, so… get your hands off me. ❞
❝ i’m okay, i think. ❞
❝ i’ve been on a diet, my dear. just caviar and champagne for three weeks. ❞
❝ you see, each one of us has a destiny… and i believe i can help you with yours. ❞
❝ you can see the future? ❞
❝ i can see us having lunch tomorrow. alone. ❞
❝ darling, time to go. ❞
❝ they had it coming. ❞
❝ you need to control your temper. ❞
❝ i think he’s an athletic, good-looking gazillionaire, who’s offered me a job and made advances towards me. ❞
❝ i quite like him. ❞
❝ i don’t know what you’re upset about, you’re not even my fiance! ❞
❝ the thing is… i work better alone. ❞
❝ i’m not leaving. ❞
❝ and what, exactly, did you do to him? ❞
❝ just shut up and watch me work. ❞
❝ you’re trembling. ❞
❝ it’s going to be okay. ❞
❝ i’ll be close by. ❞
❝ help yourself to a drink. ❞
❝ so sorry to keep you waiting. ❞
❝ i thought i was doing so well. ❞
❝ the fault doesn’t lie in your performance. ❞
❝ she seemed so innocent. ❞
❝ i’m so sorry i can’t stay to finish you off myself. ❞
❝ man has only two masters in this world, and their names are pain and fear. ❞
❝ i never thought i’d say this, but i’m actually quite pleased to see you. ❞
❝ it’s okay. i would have done exactly the same thing in your position. ❞

Deeper Examination

Square Filled: Medical Kink
Ship: Dean x Reader
Rating: Explicit
Tags: Medical roleplay, fingering, unprotected sex, light comeplay/breeding kink?
Summary: Dean remembers when you mentioned how intimate doctor’s visits could get, so you decide to take advantage of a clinic in the middle of a case.
Word Count: ~1100
Written/Created for @spnkinkbingo, requested by @autopistaaningunaparte

Seeing Dean standing there in scrubs and a white lab coat had you thanking Chuck that it was just the two of you on this case.  Sure, this hadn’t been in the plan, but when you had to sneak in to the small town’s clinic in the wee hours of the morning, why not take advantage?

Especially since you’d drunkenly admitted to Dean a few months ago how intimate doctor’s visits could sometimes get.  

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Best Of Me (M)

🎃 word count: 3k

🎃 genre: smut + fluff ; domestic au

🎃 pairing: reader/jeongguk

🎃 warning(s)/kink(s): pet play, kitten + master, punishment, degradation, praise, oral sex, fingering, come eating, choking, bruising, use of collar + leash, aftercare 

🎃 summary: you had just a few tasks to do at home and you forgot to complete them for your boyfriend/master; he seems to think a punishment is the most fitting way to treat the situation.

🎃 requested by: anon - “Kinktober… do you write pet play? If you do jungkook and his gf who’s a kitten (it doesn’t have to be ears and tail it could just be a collar/leash) with degradation/praise, some light bruising, maybe some breath play(?) with aftercare like cuddles and kisses falling asleep w/him as a protective big spoon”

🎃 music: ko ko bop + sweet lies - exo

🎃 masterlist + kinktober 2017

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My Love’s So Strong

Pairing/Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Dad!Tony
Warnings: stalker behaviour, kidnapping, attempted sexual assault, angst, fluff
Summary: You’re a very valuable team member of The Avengers and that means you have fans. Some fans just don’t know their boundaries.
Word Count: 2.5k+  
A/N: I deadass know nothing about Philly only that my mom’s real brother live’s there lmao


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ok losers it’s your girl polcry here to run you through the basics of what the darn heck to bring with you to university to cover your naked body 

B A S I C S 

If you’re edgy and ~minimalist~ these’ll probably comprise the majority of your wardrobe. Regardless, you’re going to want to bring at least a few each of these.

LEGGINGS: at least one black pair, possibly more if you’ve accepted the inevitability of not giving a shit how you look at for 9ams. You can also get funky and bring patterned ones if you so desire, you maverick.

JEANS: I prefer jeggings for the comfort feel and ability to do spontaneous high kicks, but if you’re a fashionista boyfriend or bootcut jeans are cool too. Trust me, the freshman fifteen is real and if you have to choose between a lil’ too big and a lil’ too small, go big. Belts exist for a reason.

T-SHIRTS: you can get a wide array of fits of tees, so bring a few of your favourite style in simple colours like white/black/grey/striped. I find slightly wearing a slightly oversized tee gives off a certain effortless vibe, especially if you tuck the front in to the waistband of jeans to give it an IDGAF drape and pair with cute AF shoes. Hella cute with no effort. 

SWEATSHIRTS/JUMPERS/SWEATERS: I live in jumpers. I’m not going to lie. Go oversized with leggings or skinny jeans, maybe add a layer underneath if it’s a lil’ chilly. If you live somewhere that feels like the depths of Antartica, you might want to go with a finer knit and layer under and above. The struggle of getting a thick coat over a chunky jumper is real, guys. Turtlenecks, crew necks, V-necks. They’re all good. Avoid collecting too many sweatshirts with your university’s name on it, though - you will look over-enthusiastic. 

SHOES: one word: COMFORT. Campuses are big places. Chances are, you’ll be walking a fair bit. I love trainers - I have a pair of black Nikes, a pair of white Reeboks and a black slip-on pair. Converse, Adidas, New Balance are all popular. They crop up on the feet of almost everyone. Look down, and I guarantee the vast majority of any university class are wearing trainers. 

If you’re like me and enjoy torturing yourself, you can also wear heeled boots. I find them weirdly comfortable, probably due to my excessively hyperextended knees. Pointy ankle boots always look chic, but frankly people will be so surprised that you’ve made an effort that any type will impress. Zara’s always a good choice for cute boots. 

I’d avoid opened-toed or flats that expose a lot of your foot during autumn/winter/spring. It’ll probably rain, and then you’ll be cold and miserable and have soggy feet. Wellies (or rainboots for you strange Yanks) are a good choice if you’ll be in a wet climate (hello England), but they can be a bit cumbersome. Try and get some lower-cut ones to reduce the weight and to stop you from stomping excessively. 

COATS: this is pretty personal. Again, if it’s wet, I’d recommend something at least water-resistant. I have a North Face windbreaker that I keep in my car in case it starts tipping it down, but it’s not particularly warm. Leather/suede jackets look cute but are not a good choice if it looks like it might rain. Other than that, anything goes. I have a cute beige pea coat from ASOS that I love, and a shearling jacket from Bershka which is far too cool for a dork like me.

L O U N G E W E A R 

PJs: buy yourself some new ones. Please. Your flatmates don’t want to see your lady parts through that ever-expanding hole in the crotch. Some university flats feel like the pits of hell, so it might be a good idea to bring a few pair of short PJs too. You can always swap them out for joggers or leggings when you’re not snoozin’. I can always find cute pyjamas in Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Primark. 

SWEATPANTS: as comfy as PJs but with the added bonus of being socially acceptable. Whether you prefer a tapered, slim fit or big ‘n’ baggy, make sure they’re stain-free and don’t smell funky. Bring a couple of pairs and rotate through as necessary. 

BRAS: regardless of whether you have the athletic capabilities of a sloth or Michael Phelps, you will want to bring sports bras. Hides the nips with basically no discomfort. Bralettes are cute too, but I’m an advocate of sports bras if you’re just slugging out in front of Netflix and nobody is going to see it. Forever 21 do a massive selection of surprisingly pretty sports bras with all sorts of fancy backs. Not so good for exercising, but really the majority of people don’t wear sports bras to exercise. 

F A N C Y 

PARTYING: this will depend a little on where you attend university. For me, going out outfits are high-waisted jeans, a fancy-ish crop top and flat shoes of some description. Club floors get hella slippery. More casual dresses are fine too, but make sure you gauge what your friends are going to be wearing so you don’t look too overdressed.

EVENTS: bring a nice dress or trousers/shirt. There will be fancier events (sports balls, end of term balls, society balls). They don’t always require black tie, so a cocktail dress is a good choice. Boys, bring a suit jacket. It doesn’t have to be tails or a tux, but bringing a tailored blazer that’ll match or compliment a pair of trousers you own will come in handy. And absolutely NO JEANS. Along the same lines, bring at least one pair of smart shoes/heels. Ladies, flats are more than acceptable for fancy events. Just make sure they’re cute. 

BUSINESSWEAR: “But Isabelle!” I hear you cry, “I’m in college! I don’t need businesswear!” Yes, my friend, yes you do. Interviews happen. You might need a part-time job, or get a spontaneous interview for an internship. Bring an office-appropriate skirt/trousers and a blouse/shirt, and some simple, smart shoes. You don’t have to go full-on Olivia Pope, but make sure you have one suitable outfit in your repertoire. 

Q U I C K   T I P S 

Accessories make an outfit: bring a choice of belts, scarves and miscellaneous wraps or shawls. By throwing on a buckled belt and a cute layered necklace, you can go from meh to a-meh-zing. 

Sign up for student discounts: British students, that means unidays. Register with your university email for discounts ranging from 10-25%. They’ll notify you when retailers that don’t have a permanent discount (like H&M) run promotions as well. Make sure you use your discount for eating out and going to the cinema, too!

Quality > quantity: the capsule wardrobe trend is real, folks. I’m an advocate of having a smaller, but better-made and better-fitting, wardrobe over one that’s overflowing and filled with cheap, low-quality clothing that’ll last a couple of wears. If you’re wearing pieces day-in day-out, make sure they’re flattering and of good quality. Having a smaller wardrobe makes moving in and out easier, too, and you’ll spend less time staring at all your clothes trying to mentally piece together something cute. 

Expensive =/= good quality: along the same lines, just because something is pricy doesn’t automatically make it of good quality. You can get really good basics at affordable shops. Feel the material (and make sure it’s relatively opaque), make sure the stitching is solid, and that it doesn’t have pulls or piling or holes. I like New Look and ASOS for simple pieces. 

Make an effort: it sounds silly, but lecturers and tutors do appreciate it when you don’t turn up looking like you’ve just rolled out of bed. Looking presentable makes them feel like you want to be there, which can make them a) like you more and b) more inclined to want to help you out if you need it. It isn’t that hard to put a pair of jeans and a blouse on instead of throwing a pair of joggers on under the T-shirt with ramen stains on that you slept in the night before, is it?

That’s pretty much it. University is a place to explore your own personal style, and you’ll see a massive variety in how people dress. Express yourself, learn what you like on, and don’t feel under pressure to dress a certain way! Style is definitely a creative outlet, so if you want to - use it and enjoy yourself!!

Guess what I spent 4 days doing. 

I sewed an ungodly amount of EL wire to Futaba’s body suit. Because this cosplay was too easy and I needed to up the suffering. It worked well though! The color is perfect and the pattern and color look great with the lights turned off too which is a big relief. And of course it has a Rave Mode, because everything I do with lights needs to have a Rave Mode. 

 I just need to do some final stitches to set a few of the wires in their final position how that I know it’s working and that’ll be the largest part of this cosplay done. Next I just need to modify some elbow and knee pads, modify the belt, paint the soles of my shoes, and make the goggles. 

BTS Reactions - You ask them to take your virginity after an awards show

Warning - Contains mature content, contains bad language

Watching your boyfriend perform the dance for the latest song that just won a huge award is getting to you a little. The way his hips move, and how perfectly in time he is with the beat is almost overwhelming as you sit by yourself in his dressing room, counting down the moments until he’ll come in. Only one thing is on your mind, and you know that you want him more than anything else in the world. The dance ends and you sit up a little straighter, knowing that they’ll wave goodbye and he’ll be with you in just 3 minutes.

He opens the door with a smile, ready to have you congratulate him with hugs and kisses like you normally do after award shows, but this time he sees you sat on the couch, knelt up and you bite your lip,

“I want you,” You say, and he knows exactly what you mean. You want him to take your virginity right then and there.


Jin’s eyes widen and he stutters as he walks over to you, asking if you’re serious as he helps you up. When you nod, Jin quickly captures your lips in a needy kiss, his hands instantly entangling themselves in your hair and yanking you into his chest, wanting you as close as possible. He walks you over the couch and sits down, pulling you onto his lap as he unbuckles his belt. He hesitates for a second and leans back to look up at you,

“This is really how you want to lose your virginity?” He asks, remembering how he’d planned a long night of love and romance for when you were ready. But you nod rapidly and start on his belt yourself, and Jin doesn’t argue. He moans softly as he appreciates your body. It may not be the most romantic setting, but he still intends to make it special.


Yoongi smirks at you as he walks over, shoving you down onto your back as he removes his shirt. His chest is a little shiny with sweat as he gets on top of you, grinding his bulge into you hard enough that you feel it, but not so hard that you’re in anyway satisfied. His name falls from your lips as his hands caress your sides, moving up to your boobs where he squeezes them a little harshly, biting his lip at you when you moan. He lets out a groan of his own as he moves his hips against yours again, wishing he had less self-control than he did,

“Let me shower, then I’ll take you home. I’ll light some stupid candles and do a fuck ton of foreplay, then I’ll do what I want with this sexy body,” Yoongi tells you, before grabbing his towel and leaving the room, and you - whining helplessly on the couch.


Hoseok smirks at you as he approaches you, holding out a hand. You take it and he helps you stand up, only to pull your hand harshly so you fall into his chest. You look up at him in shock as his eyes darken with lust and feel a whimper fall from your lips when his hands go straight to your underwear. You barely have time to react before Hoseok’s pushed you onto the couch and is knelt between your legs. He pulls down your trousers and underwear in record time, and his smirk widens at the sight of your core,

“Look at this, hmm? So wet for me and I haven’t even touched you yet. Were you watching me dance? Imagining the way my hips could move while I fuck you?” Hoseok growls as he lowers his head to lick your clit gently, “I’m not going to fuck you here, but I will promise you an orgasm,”


Without a second thought, Namjoon’s picked you up and pushed you up against the wall. Your legs are secured around his legs as he kisses you roughly, desperate and passionate. He’s already hard, and you can feel it against your core even through all the layers. Namjoon’s hands roam up your body and slip under your shirt, feeling you in a way that he never has before. You whine a little into his mouth when he bites your bottom lip gently, but he suddenly pulls away with a growl, putting you down,

“I can’t take you here. I’ll be too rough. Your first time should be gentle and loving. Not hard and fast in my dressing room,” Namjoon tells you, lips ghosting the length of your neck as he pout, “Now let’s get out of here before I change my mind and bend you over that couch to fuck you anyway,”


Jimin smiles slyly as he runs his tongue over his lips, nearly sauntering as he walks over to you, removing his shirt as he does. He stands before you like a God, slightly sweaty, shirtless and heavenly as he pants from the dance he was performing just minutes ago and from the needy sight of you before him. Your hands instantly make for his belt and he doesn’t stop you, letting you pull out his dick and start pumping it slowly. He bites his lip to hold back his moans as he looks at your innocent expression,

“Fuck,” Jimin moans lowly as you run your tongue up the length of his shaft, “I need you so fucking bad,” He tells you, nearly ripping your top in an attempt to undress you quicker, “I’ll start gentle, but I can’t promise it’ll stay that way,” He tells you as he pulls your trousers down, drinking in the sight of your soaking wet underwear.


Taehyung’s tongue darts out over his lips as he watches you practically squirm under his gaze. He imagines you writhing beneath him, begging to cum, and he wants nothing more than to make that image real. But he wants your first time to be special. He is a firm believer in roses and soft words for the first time, and he’s well aware that he won’t give you that in here,

“Not in here,” Taehyung sighs, before beckoning you to him. You pout, but stand in front of him nonetheless. He brings one hand to the side of your face, and rests the other on your ass, gripping it tightly. His lips pepper kisses up your neck and along your jaw line, “Don’t pout, I didn’t say we couldn’t have fun,” Taehyung practically growls in your ear before pushing you onto the couch and tearing your top open, biting his lip at the sight before him, and the gasp of shock you let out.


Jungkook doesn’t lose a second as he picks you up, arms flexing around your waist as you wrap your legs around him. His lips meet yours desperately as your fingers find themselves in his hair, tugging gently In exactly the way he likes. He lets out a low groan as he lays down on the couch, lips never leaving yours as his strong hands help you grind down onto him. His groans become a little louder as you feel him harden beneath you, and suddenly he flips the two of you, and takes off his shirt. Your hands wander over his chest and you cling onto hi as he leaves bites up your neck, before tugging on your earlobe,

“Your first time can’t be as rough as I want to be right now. So I’m going to go and get changed, then we can go home and see how we feel,” Jungkook tells you with a sigh, pushing himself away from you.

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The One Who Makes Me Laugh (Jerome Valeska x reader) Smut

Jerome sees another guy make you laugh, which cause him to show you who you belong to.

Warning: Pretty heavy smut, dom!Jerome, sub!reader, and some cursing. Also kinda shy reader. Hope you enjoy:)

Originally posted by smooshywrites

Jerome had been watching you and some guy talking and laughing at the bar. Jerome was much more than mad and jealous. It took him weeks for you to open up to him and laugh at some of his jokes. This guy took 5 minutes. Sure you looked kind of uncomfortable but you were still laughing at his jokes non the less. Then he heard it your laugh. It wasn’t your usual small and quiet giggles, it was a loud laugh. You only made that laugh for him, no one else deserved to receive that laugh except him. You noticed Jerome looking at you, so you sent him a small wave. He just smirked back at you, while you excused yourself from the conversation with the guy  and went up to him.

“Hey Jerome.” You exclaimed

“Hey y/n,” he protectively rapped a arm around your waist, and fake yawned “doll I’m pretty tired how about we go hit the hay and head home?” You replied with a nod and left the club with Jerome. Boy you were in for a surprise when you got home Jerome thought.

The minute you got home Jerome dragged you into the your shared bedroom. One you reached the bedroom Jerome opened the door and pushed you inside.

Jerome quickly pushed you onto the bed and he got on top of you. He started roughly kissing you, while grinding into you. You whimpered slightly at the contact.

“You like that baby girl?” You nodded hastily. He started nipped your neck “well I didn’t really appreciate your behavior tonight,” you looked at him confused “I didn’t like you talking to that boy tonight, I think you need a punishment and if you are a good girl than you will get what you want. Ok?” he moved his face up so he could look at your face to make sure you were ok with the idea, your eyes were closed but you nodded hastily.

Jerome walked up to the closet and grabbed a couple of ties that were hanging. He walked back to the bed and took your shirt off, then unclasped your bra. You then put your hands over your breasts to cover them, insecure of them. Jerome noticed this “Hey come on doll you don’t have to be insecure, I love em’,” Jerome took your hands off of your breasts and kissed you. “Now hands up baby.” You obeyed, so then Jerome tied each of your wrists to the head board.

He soon unbuttoned your jeans and slid them down your legs. Soon followed by your panties which Jerome took and stuffed them in his pocket for later use. He got off the bed undressed starting with pulling his shirt over his head. Right before taking off his pants he noticed that your eyes were screwed shut overwhelmed by the pleasure you were about to experience. He found it absolutely adorable and took out his phone, snapping a quick photo he would use also for later use.

You were nervous about what was going to happen next but also really excited. You and Jerome had gotten intimate before but it was mainly sweet since Jerome knew that you were inexperienced. But you were excited to have some more fun during sex with Jerome.

“Okay baby if it get too much for you just tell me ok?” You nodded eyes still shut. Then you heard the sound of him unbuckling his belt and it dropping to the floor. You finally slightly opened your eyes seeing Jerome taking his boxers off. He then walked over to the bed and got on top of you again. Starting to slowly kiss you then becoming more rough. He also began to grind on you roughly.

“I didn’t like the way that guy was making you laugh. I think you need to learn who is yours.” He whispered in your ear as he began to nibble on it. He then moved down to where you wanted him most. “Mmmm y/n your so wet for me.” He parted your lips sticking his tongue inside you, which resulted in many moans from your end. He then started sucking on your clit, making you scream his name.

“Jerome i’m-m gonn-a,” He shushed you pulling away right before you were about to climax. You lightly groaned but remained silent not wanting Jerome to get mad at you.

“Not yet doll,” He then went back down to your cunt but before he fully reached it he started kissing the inside of your thigh slowly reaching your core, resulting in you making a low whimper, but then Jerome shushed you. He then reached your core and he inserted a finger into you without warning. He then stuck another finger in you pumping fast. You tried your best to contain your moans by biting on your lip. He curled his fingers very so slightly causing his finger to brush over your g-spot. Which caused you to moan but then he pulled his finger out of you.

He moved up to your face “I told you not to speak.”

“I’m-m sorry.”

“Mmmmm let’s have a deal y/n. If you can beg good enough I will fuck you, and if you don’t I will just leave you here all hot and bothered. You got a deal sweetheart?” You nodded. Jerome began to nibble and kiss at your neck, teasing your entrance with the tip of his dick.

“You want it baby don’t you?”

“Yes Jerome please. I need it. Jerome please.” Jerome frowned at your begging.

“Now sweetcheeks I know you can do better than that. Come on y/n talk dirty to me.” He said as he continued to tease your entrance.

“God Jerome please I need your big thick cock pounding into my tight little cunt. I want you to cum all over my fucking face. I want you to fuck me.” Jerome smirked and slightly shocked of what you said but he loved it “Please.” you said quietly after that. He released your hands from your restraints. He then quickly pounded into you causing you to rap your legs around his torso and bring your hand to his hair lightly pulling on it. “Thank you.” you lightly said.

Jerome began to grind heavily on you, making you scream his name.

“Yes baby say my name. Who’s are you y/n? Tell me.“ 

“I’m yours. I’m yours Jerome.”

“Yes y/n.” He continued to grind on you “No one is else is supposed to make you laugh except me right? Tell me y/n” You just lightly whimpered. "I said tell me y/n.“

“Your the only one who makes me laugh.” You screamed as yo almost reached your climax, “Im-m going-g to…”

“It’s ok me too baby come for me.” You reached your climax and Jerome quickly after too. He then pulled out of you and clasped next to you. He pulled you into his chest hugging you. “I’m sorry if I was rough on you sweets.” He pressed a kiss into your hair, “I just got jealous when I saw that guy was making you laugh.”

You ran your hand threw his hair. “It’s fine Jerome. Most of those laughs were fake anyway. You are the only one who makes me laugh. And don’t worry I enjoyed it.” Soon after you both feel asleep in each other loving embrace.

After you woke up the next morning you couldn’t walk for the whole day. And when Jerome saw you were struggling with walking , he just smirked to himself knowing he was the one who caused that.

shawn’s smile

since I’ve finished all my exams, I decided to take a moment and create an appreciation post with all of my favorite shawn smiles because

 I just need to see his smile. It make me so happy.

none of these gifs or pictures are mine so credit to whoever made these beautiful gifs or took these wonderful pictures!

also i’m not sure if there already is a smile appreciation post but this is mine so WITHOUT FURTHER ADO

buckle your seat belt because this is gonna be a ride :)

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SIX FEET UNDER | SugarDaddy!Seb x Reader – Part 3

Originally posted by ohhseby


A/N: Um don’t act like this gif doesn’t make you fucking weak cause I’m 100% shook. Also pls enjoy this part, still setting up everything before it gets really juicy 💖 (and it’s about to get really juicy)

← Part 2

You woke up alone. You were about to rub your eyes until you realized you still had makeup on from last night. Instead, you sat up and allowed your body to wake up a little more. Dangling your legs off the side, you slipped off the bed. The plush carpeting welcomed your feet and you sleepily made your way to the kitchen. Upon entering, you saw Sebastian seated at the island, with a plate in front of him and a full glass of orange juice. There was another empty plate and a glass of orange juice beside him, which you assumed was for you.

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Bend It Over For Daddy - VKook (M)

This is my first threesome smut ever so sorry if it sucks, but not as much as Jungkook sucks, if you know what I mean ;)


Request: can i request a taekook threesome with sub!kook and dom!tae and a lot of dry humping and tying up?

You ran your hand along his bare chest that was glistening in the dimmed lights from the street, just outside your window. He was panting, his eyes glued on you, as small moans and whimpers left his pink lips.

“Do you feel good?” You asked and placed yet another kiss on his neck, as he continuously stroked his length, in a fast pace. He nodded and swallowed harshly, his eyes trailing down to your hand, that was knuckles deep in your own cunt.

“Junkook” You moaned and turned to the side, fisting you hair, almost making a tear escape your blurry eyes from the pleasure you were feeling.

“I’m home!” A door slammed, and you immediately sat up, ripping your soaked fingers out of your warm pussy, wincing slightly. Jungkook moaned and turned, his face buried in the many pillows, your bed held. You looked around the bedroom and quickly got up, running over to put on Jungkook’s shirt, your legs almost giving in from how wobbly and numb they were. You turned around and heard the door go up, followed by Taehyung, as he stepped into the room. He sniffed the air and scrunched his nose.

“Why does it smell like” He walked over to the window and opened it, looking down at the street before turning back to you and Jungkook. “Sex?” He finished and neared the two of you, his eyes holding a devilish smirk, that not even his lips had to form, before you knew what he knew.


He sat down on the edge of the bed, beside you, and ran his hand up your thigh, making you shiver at his touch.

“Have you been touching yourself?” He whispered in your ear, looking over your shoulder at Jungkook, who was still buried in the pillows.

“Uh-uhm no. Of course not Tae” You chuckled and smiled at him. He sighed heavily and looked at you, before tapping your nose and getting up.

“You know I don’t like it, when you lie to me” He snapped and made his way over to one of the many shelves you had in your bedroom, grabbing a black box and placing it on the desk underneath.

“Why would we lie Daddy?” Jungkook asked, sitting beside you on the bed. Jungkook looked at you, and smiled, both of you knew just what that pet name did to Taehyung. He turned around and looked at the both of you, a black belt in his hands. He shrugged off his jacket and took off his black tee in the process, his bare chest, sending chills down your spine. He never failed to amaze you with how he was built, the same with Jungkook.

“Because I know you two, silly heads” He put the belt on the bed and leaned over you, inches from your face. His eyes trailed from yours to your lips, before he grabbed a hold of your neck and slammed his lips on yours. You moaned loudly, and he slipped his tongue into your mouth.

“Yah, daddyy” Jungkook whined and pushed at your shoulders, making you fall, back down on the bed, before Jungkook attacked Tae’s lips, placing himself on your lap.
You retreated yourself from under him and laid down face towards them, and ran your hand down your clothed stomach.
You closed your eyes and started circling your clit, your hips bucking lightly at the neediness you felt, from not finishing just 10 minutes ago.
You bit your lip and ran your hand down your slit, before your hand was slapped away.
Taehyung hovered over you, holding your arm beside you, the other grabbing a hold of your wrist and sticking your fingers into his mouth, sucking on your juices. He moaned against your fingers, causing another chill run down your spine.
“Daddy please” You begged and sat up, looking at Taehyung.
He looked at you before grabbing a hold of the belt. He motioned for you to turn around. You looked up at Jungkook, who was laying beside you. His eyes were locked on yours, his lips swollen and pink.
“I need for you to count for me princess” Taehyung pulled the tee over your butt and pulled down your panties, patting your butt, before placing a sloppy kiss on each cheek.
You heard the sound of the belt jiggling. You eyes were still on Jungkook’s. His were widened while he was looking at Taehyung’s actions, making you worry and almost sit up, before quickly thinking twice. Both you and Jungkook knew just how mad Taehyung was, and you didn’t want to make it any worse.
A harsh slap was placed on your right butt cheek, making you cry out in pain, a tear falling on the sheets, forming a darker spot.
“I said count, baby girl. You don’t want me to start over, do you?” He asked. You sighed heavily and cleared your throat.
“One daddy”
“Good girl” He praised before placing another slap, each harder than the other, as he made his way to 30, taking his time.
“Th-thirty daddy” you sniffled and slowly sat up, your butt burning and aching from the harsh slaps.
Tae immediately dropped the belt and sat down beside you, taking you into his lap. He placed your head on his shoulder and stroked your hair soothingly.

“You did so well baby, so well for daddy. Do you want a treat now?” He asked and brushed some hair strands away from your face.
You nodded eagerly and sat down beside Jungkook who was still looking at you. He grabbed you by your shoulders and pulled you in for a hug, placing a wet kiss on your already swollen lips.
“Jungkook” Taehyung’s voice rang though the room, before Jungkook was pulled from away from you, a whimper escaping your lips as your hand lingered in the air.
Jungkook was placed at the headboard, his arms above his head, as Taehyung tightened the silk around his wrists.
“Is it ok?” Taehyung asked and sat down in front of Jungkook, waiting for Jungkook’s approval.
He croaked a yes, before Taehyung placed kisses along his jawline, down to his neck, where he left a deep purple hickey. Jungkook moaned, his eyes closing and his lips into a tight line, to hold back to moans that were escaping him.
Taehyung removed himself from Jungkook before crawling over to you, pulling off his pants and boxers, his throbbing length slapping against his lined stomach.

He licked his lips before grabbing your face and kissing you deeply. You tasted Jungkook on his tongue, and pulled him closer, ignoring the small whimpers from Jungkook.  Taehyung gently laid you on the bed, one feet from Jungkook, and sat between your legs, not breaking eye contact.

“Taehy-Daddy please!” Jungkook yelled, pulling against the pink silk. You still wondered to this day, how Taehyung had managed to get his hands on silk, that was able to hold a needy and horny Jungkook back.
You bucked your hips against Taehyung, before he placed his hands roughly on your hips, pushing them down.
“Don’t make me regret, throwing the belt away sweetheart” He scolded before spreading your legs, circling your clit with his thumb, running his fingers up and down your slit, teasing you to almost death.
“Daddy” you begged and looked at him, his eyes were on your wet heat, looking hungrily like you were his next meal, and you hoped in every inch of your body, that you were.
“What would you like as a treat, baby?” Taehyung asked, running his hand on your thighs, massaging the skin.
“I want” you felt your cheeks get hotter by the second and you covered your face with your hands. “Your tongue daddy” you finished and looked at him. He simply nodded before laid down in front of you, licking his lips at the view.
You spread your legs further for him to get better entrance. He placed his hands on the back of your thighs, and let his tongue slide from your opening to your clit, circling at your clit.
“Ah-ah daddy!” You moaned and gripped onto his hair, wanting to rip it off from the amount of pleasure he was giving you.
He sucked on your clit, his hand coming to pump in and out of you, in a steady pace.
“Daddy” You heard Jungkook whisper and snapped your head to look at him, through your blurry eyes.
The look on his face was tired, his eyes were begging to be touched, and his dick was painfully hard against his stomach, that was pooling in a thin layer of sweat and precum.
You almost felt bad for him, and wanted to help him, had it not been for Taehyung’s tongue, working wonders in your hole like never before.
You curled your toes and pushed yourself further down on his tongue, making him go deeper inside you, almost making you come right on the spot.
“Daddy” you begged and grabbed at his hair again.
“Baby girl” he hummed against your clit, making you see the stars as you came undone, writhing under him, as he continued abusing your heat.
You moaned loudly and grabbed at the sheets, as Taehyung got up, licking around his mouth and his fingers.
You panted and looked at him, he looked at you before kissing you roughly.
“D-daddy please” you sat up abruptly at Jungkook’s voice.
He sounded so defeated and tired, it made you worry.
“Yes baby boy, I’ll be right there” Taehyung assured, placing one last kiss on your lips before untying Jungkook.
Jungkook fell into Taehyng’s arms, placing kisses on his arms.
“Is there anything you’d like baby boy?” Taehyung asked and ran his fingers through Jungkook’s hair.
“You and Y/N” he replied and looked up at you. You smiled before crawling over to the two, placing a hand on Jungkook’s forehead.
Nodding, you signaled for Taehyung to let go of Jungkook.
You pulled him by the ankles until he was laying loosely on the bed, almost making you come for the second time this fine night.
You blinked and looked at Jungkook’s cock, that was still begging for some well earned attention.
You got down on all fours and placed your hand on his cock, stroking a few times before taking the tip into your mouth, swirling your tongue, teasing him at it’s finest.
Jungkook moaned loudly and grabbed at the sheets, slamming a pillow over his head, moaning into it.
“Let us see that pretty face of yours, baby” Taehyung commented before pulling the pillow from Jungkook’s grasp before lining up in front of him.
Taehyung’s cock was on full display for Jungkook as Jungkook took his cock into his mouth, moaning at the friction between the three of you.
Taehyung trailed his hand on the sheet and got down to your heat, that was dripping onto the comforters, and started rubbing your clit, making you moan against Jungkook’s cock, making him twitch in your mouth.
You took him deeper while playing with his balls, feeling at the skin, gently massaging, careful not to hurt him.
“Y/N” Jungkook moaned, his voice muffled from Taehyung’s dick.
You bopped your head, taking as much of Jungkook as you possibly could.
You sucked in your cheeks, sending Jungkook to the edge as he shot his load down your throat, for you to swallow it all.
You sat up, spreading your legs more for Taehyung, while he was moaning heavily, his hand shakily rubbing your clit.
You removed his hand and took them in your mouth, sucking your juices off, before leaning down and kissing him deeply.
“Ah” Jungkook moaned and swallowed loudly as Taehyung sat up, pulling away from you. You chuckled at the cum, dripping from the side of Jungkook’s mouth. You sat on the side, and watched as Jungkook crawled over to Taehyung, dominantly capturing his lips in a deep kiss. Taehyung sat Jungkook on his thigh and leaned towards his ear, biting at the earlobe, before putting his hands on Jungkook’s hips, gently rocking them back and forth on his thigh. Jungkook dropped his head on Taehyung’s shoulder, locking eyes with you, small moans escaping him as he dry humped his daddy.

“Daddy” Jungkook moaned and closed his eyes, sweat glistening on his forehead. You captured your lip between your teeth and got on your knees, kissing Jungkook on his lips, leaving small moans for Taehyung to hear.  A long and pleasurable moan left Jungkook, vibrating on your lips and you knew he had just orgasmed. You ran your hands through his damp hair. Taehyung got up, heading to the bathroom, to probably clean up.

You pulled away and Jungkook pulled you under the covers, cradling your head to his chest.
“Daddy?” Jungkook’s voice vibrated against his chest, as he called for your daddy.
“I’m here” Taehyung said, before gently pushing you further, laying down behind you.
He pulled you close as well, and reached his hand up to intertwine with Jungkook’s.
“Daddy loves you” Taehyung whispered, to the both of you.
“We love you too daddy” Jungkook whispered and leaned closer to your chest.


AU. Loki- shield agent, and Tony- Avenger on retainer, date in secret; wanting to keep shield out of their business as much as possible.

Loki let out a breath, giving the closet they were currently occupying a once over, wanting to make sure there were no listening devices or cameras in there to spy on them. A task that was more difficult than it should be because of the hands that were slowly stripping off his belt. “Quite eager, aren’t we?” He let out a laugh at Anthony’s immediate nod. 

“Can you blame me? Pretty sure you wore that shirt just to make me crazy, babe. You did, didn’t you?” He let the belt fall to the floor and attached his lips to Loki’s jaw once the man had finally stopped searching the small room.

“You have no proof I did any such thing.” Though his answer was all the ‘proof’ Tony needed and the engineer relished in the little groan Loki made when he bit down softly as a reply.

“We don’t have much time, Anthony. Someone will notice our absence soon.” Tony hummed and left a trail of kisses up to the agent’s lips, where he finished with a searing one that made his companion feel weak in the knee’s- a common occurrence where their kissing was involved.

“Let’s see how fast I can get you off then. Get your stopwatch out! I bet I can beat my record.” All Loki could do was laugh as Tony sank to his knees, already having his mental stopwatch on standby- he was only partially joking.