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Little Ham Man (Small?Hamilsquad x Reader) 3

A/N: I will edit this later, because my laptop is out of commission and I only have my tablet ATM! Enjoy! @sin-cake-finished-and-baked 

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You backed up against the wall, watching them. Laurens raised his eyebrows at your reaction, standing up from his seat. He was towering over you, the angle completely different from what you remembered. You rubbed your eyes, trying to see if this was a dream. 

You noticed the library computer broken, your document probably erased. 

“Y/N, are you okay?” He asked, his freckles much more prominent than it used to be. Lafayette stood next to him, watching you. He tried to touch your arm, but you jumped away. You immediately regretted that, seeing his face drop. Mulligan stood up, and began walking towards you. You put your hands up, and he stopped immediately. 

“I…I-” You mumbled, rubbing your eyes. “I can’t deal, I need a second.” You walked out, closing the door behind you. You sighed, leaning your back against the door. 

What the hell just happened? Your small friends became these huge, handsome men? Dealing with Hamilton would have been fine, but all of them? You felt your heart pounding in your chest, blocking out every other sound. 

Three Months Ago: 

You were cleaning your house, straightening up your room. As you organized your books, you noticed a small figure. At first, you thought it was a mouse. But on further examination, it had hair, and a green outfit on. Like something from the history books. 

“What…” You whispered, staring at it. The small figure turned around, glaring. 

“Took you long enough to clean this place up. Do you know how many dust bunnies I had to fight to stay alive?” He gestured to the red stain on his shirt. “I’ve killed many men, Y/N, but these things are much more vicious than that." 

You stayed silent, staring at the small man in front of you. "Oh no, I’ve gone crazy. I’m completely insane. My sister told me not to move here, but I didn’t listen. And now I’m a crazy lady with small men talking to her.” You said, rubbing your forehead. 

The man laughed. “Well, seeing Alexander Hamilton in front of you must be a shock. I mean, look at me.” He did a pose, and you grinned. And he’s a pompous asshole. 

“Okay, then, Alexander Hamilton, how did you get into my room? And why are you the size of my pinky?” He frowned, crossing his arms. You couldn’t help it, even though he was already annoying, he was cute. 

“I was having relations with a-" 

"Hey! No need for those details. How old are you again?” He rolled his small eyes, jumping down into your hand. You carried him to the desk, and he climbed off your hand, leaning on your coffee cup. He cleared his throat, looking back up at you. 

“You know, for being such a smart woman, you are quite the idiot. Just because I am small does no mean I don’t indulge in my desir-" 

"Okay, like I said, we’re done talking about your relations." 

"This is pertinent to the story, Y/N. But I can leave out the explicit parts of you’d like,” you nodded and he continued, “She gave me this small bottle. She told me that it an an elixir that would pleasur- help, me, rise to the occasion.” He smirked at his play on words. 

“I took it, and I ended up here. It was not a fun experience, I was terrified for the first few weeks." 

"You’ve been here for weeks? Why didn’t you come to me earlier?” “You had these ‘midterms’ that you were worried about, and I did not want to disturb your thoughts. It is hard to bring your mind into that pace, and I understand that if I interrupted you would have failed theses terms." 

For a jerk, he was kind. He smiled at you sweetly. "But now that we’re here, can I eat something? All I’ve ever had was crumbs when you were sleeping. You almost stepped on me once, you know. I was going to start a duel with you." 

"Yea, yea. See where that lands you.” You mumbled, walking to the kitchen. Hamilton jumped on your back, sitting in the hood of your sweatshirt. 

“Excuse me? What do you mean by that?”

After giving yourself a few more seconds to calm down, you opened the door back up again. They all stood there, blocking your way into the room. You cleared your throat. 

“Mind letting me through?” Mulligan pushed the others back, giving you a path. He was massive, his muscles prominent on the sleeves of his shirt. 

As you glanced at them, you noticed that they were wearing the doll clothes that you gave them when they were small. You went back to your seat, your head on your hands. The boys followed, sitting around the square table. 

“Okay, first off, how-" 

"You’re really beautiful, Y/N.” Laurens blurted out. You widened your eyes, a blush appearing on your cheeks. He laughed nervously, looking at his hands. “You were beautiful before, but seeing you now, it is even more shocking." 

Mulligan hit his friend’s arm, glaring at him. "Hey, stop bothering Y/N when she’s trying to talk.” Laurens rolled his eyes. 

“Here comes the jealousy again." 

"I told you, for the last time-" 

Lafayette sighed at the two of them arguing, looking at you with sympathy. You didn’t notice before, but his hair was curly, his facial hair trimmed nice. A part of you wondered how he kept it groomed, but that was not the problem right now. 

"Mon amis, Y/N is still waiting. Please give her the consideration to let her speak.” Hamilton laughed, looking at you. 

He had a goatee, which was trimmed as well. He wore the jeans and plaid shirt that you gave him. His arms were crossed, wiggling his eyebrows at you. “You are quite lovely, Y/N. Before, you were this giant that didn’t let me do anything. But now…" 

Mulligan stood up again, about to walk over to Hamilton. This time, you knew you would not be able to stop them without getting hurt yourself. "Hamilton, I’m going to kick your as-" 

"Guys, can we stop this testosterone fest for a second? I need to figure out how this happened, and I can’t if you keep on hitting on me and arguing.” Mulligan widened his eyes. 

“I’m sure we did not hit you, Y/N.” You rubbed your forehead. 

“That’s not what I, never mind. Just, just sit down and listen.” You grumbled at them. Hamilton shot Mulligan another glare, before sitting down across from you. Laurens sat next to you, his eyes never leaving yours. You looked away from him, the stare too intense for you. 

“Okay, so how’d you guys become human-sized?” You glanced at Lafayette and Mulligan, “Maybe a little bigger than that." 

"It’s Hamilton’s fault.” Mulligan started. Hamilton rolled his eyes. 

“Here we go again.” “I told you to stop blaming him, Hercules.” You replied, frowning. He widened his eyes, beginning to protest. 

“Alas, it was the Caribbean’s fault this time.” Lafayette said, defending his friend. “While Laurens and myself were stopping them from fighting, Hamilton fell off the desk. We all ran to make sure he was okay, and he was gone. Laurens jumped down as well, and saw Hamilton climbing inside the computer. Laurens didn’t want him to get hurt, and neither did we, so we all followers him. It is interesting to see how much society has changed.” Lafayette commented. 

Laurens continued the story. “We found a red wire, and Hamilton touched it, shocking all of us. Immediately, we grew in size. And I’m sorry about your computer, Y/N,” he said, glancing at the broken parts, “We did not know.”

 Hamilton said nothing the whole time, looking at his hands. After he noticed the silence, he glanced up at you. He smiled innocently. “Yes, Y/N?" 

"I’m happy that the four of you are bigger now, but why did you have to go and look through things you aren’t supposed to? You could have hurt yourself, or have gotten yourself killed.” Hamilton looked at you, and eyebrow raised. 

“Ah, do you finally care about my well-being? You usually trap me under a glass prison." 

"I would now, if you weren’t huge.” You mumbled. “I heard that, you know." 

"We need to get out of this room and go home. We have to figure out why this happened and how can we send you guys back.” You said, grabbing your bag. Looking at the destroyed computer, you sighed. “How am I going to explain this to the staff?" 

"You don’t?” Hamilton suggested, standing up from his chair. “Let’s just go, and pretend like nothing is out of the ordinary." 

"I can’t just leave it like that, that’s rude and unnecessary.” Laurens grabbed your hand, pulling you out the room. You protested, but the other boys followed, quickly walking out the library. 

You were looked at strangely, but you ignored them. Laurens was walking the correct way to the apartment, and you wondered how did he know. 

“John, how do you know how to get back to my house?” He looked at you out of the corner of his eye, smiling. 

“I leave when you leave sometimes. Usually in your hoodie, but I’m in your purse most of the time." 

"Laurens-!” Lafayette moved next to you. “It is true, Y/N. We have left the house more than once.” You shook your head at them. 

“I am ashamed of all of you." 

Mulligan sighed. "You know, you don’t have to hold Laurens’ hand the whole time.” You looked t your entwined fingers, and pulled it out quickly, seeing the disappointment on his face. 

Hamilton stayed quiet, walking behind all of you. You slowed down, meeting him side by side. Even though he was the shortest, he was still taller than you. 

You touched his arm, and he looked down at you. “Are you okay, Alex?” He nodded slowly.

“There’s just a lot to take in, as all. I am used to seeing everything bigger than me, and it’s strange to see you small.” He said, grinning. “But I don’t mind this height difference." 

You walked into your house, holding the door open for the boys. Once of your neighbors noticed you bringing in all the boys, and looked at you with a raised eyebrow. He was one of the many nosy neighbors that you had, always trying to see what you were doing. 

To entertain his mind, you looked back at the boys, then at him. "We’re dating, polygamy you know?” You whispered, and he widened his eyes, closing his door in your face. You laughed, locking your door behind you. 

“Y/N? I think you need to see something!” Lafayette called from your room. You threw your bag on your counter, walking into the next room. The boys were standing around your desk, staring at the surface. 

“Guys? What’s up?” You asked, pushing past them. You looked down, widening your eyes. “What…?”

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Prompt Request: it would be greatly appreciated :) Ginny plays a game of "never have I ever" with Evelyn and some of the Padre's WAGS. And learns that one WAG had a fling with Mike.

Okay, so I’m actually really interested in when Ginny realized that her teenage crush/idolization of Mike had become something more. Because I don’t think there’s any way that she walks out on a first date with a guy she seems to like a lot without having realized that she feels something more for him than she does her other teammates. 

Also, I couldn’t figure out an organic way to get them all playing “Never Have I Ever,” but if that’s important to you check out guys like you (which has lots of smut as a bonus if you’re into that)

just like a ring of fire | ao3

“C’mon, Ginny,” Evelyn practically whined. “You have to be in need of some serious girl time. You’ve been cooped up on a bus with just gross boys for too long. I can’t even imagine how that bus smells.”

“Like too much Axe and Drakkar Noir.”

Her friend’s nose wrinkled and Ginny had to laugh, covering her mouth with her hand. It was only half true, but she liked how easy it was to gross Evelyn out. 

And it wasn’t as if Ev was wrong. She had been stewing in a lot of testosterone lately. Just, Ev’s alternative didn’t seem much more appealing.

Sensing Ginny’s ambivalence, Evelyn wheedled, “You haven’t even met most of them yet.”

“Do I need to? It’s not like that many of them liked me back in San Antonio or El Paso.”

Evelyn flapped her hand. “That was the minors.”

“You’re telling me the stakes lower for WAGs when y’all hit the big leagues?”

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* life lately

i started working at my new job last friday, 24th of june. it was fun and exciting because i missed working! i missed making money! and i missed helping myself to be an adult haha! but sadly, i’m starting to get busy and my time for myself, family and friends is going smaller and smaller. it sucks but it’s okay because they understand. i just need to organize my time to be with them when i’m off.

and i’m going to start saving money this time! before, i’ve saved up money but i wasn’t consistent! so when i get my first paycheck, i’ll start to put some money aside especially because i’ve been thinking of going home (ph) next year! and there are so much to do to have fun so maybe i’ll be travelling with my friends this year too. hahaha!

then there’s college.. it is going to be hella of a stress this coming august. i have three hard classes that i’ve registered for and i don’t know if i can do it with a full-time job. i applied for financial aid and thank you jesus because i got qualified! now, i need to maintain my grades to keep my scholarship! but i know that things are going to be just fine! just be optimistic i guess hehe :>

so yeah! back to work stuff. this whole week, i’m working at 3pm in the morning until 11pm! it sucks but it’s okay because i’d rather come home late, then wake up late if i’m morning shift because i’m not a morning person and i am a heavy sleeper as well haha! so alarm clocks doesn’t work on me. *sad face*

i’m doing good! great! just trying to think positive every single day. it’s hard sometimes but you have to keep going. i’m getting old too! ugh, i hate getting old because that means my parents are getting old. but i’m thankful because they’re both healthy.

so that’s my life right now. just priorities and other stuff hahaha. hope you guys are doing alright!

Preparing for Nursing School at UCF

Receiving my acceptance letter from UCF was such an exciting day, but it makes you realize that you have to wait several month before you even start. During this time, you have a good amount of paperwork and doubling back to make sure you have everything ready. I am not going to get into the details of what all needs to be done, but just make sure you get it done early.

So here is some advice that I have received from alumni, current students, and faculty:

1. Nursing school is expensive, so make sure you save up money to pay for early expenses including:
Drug testing
Books etc.

2. Get organized. I am not a fan of calendar scheduling, because I tend to lose motivation to keep up with it; however, I do see the positives with using it. First off, you have all the dates in your syllabus; take a day and write them down and effectively color code it. Taking the time to do this will relieve some stress about missing any important dates.

3. Research the clinical sites that you have for the semester. You choose which locations you want to be at (If it is available). Spoiler: the second half of your 1st semester (for basic BSN) is long-term care.

4. Make friends! You are going to be with your fellow nursing students for 5 semesters. You are all there to be nurses in a healthcare facility, so work and grow together! (I don’t mean cheat! Please I don’t want that to be an issue.) Having people to talk to can help ease the stress from this program. It’s a tough program everyone.

5. Take care of your physical and mental health. You will be going through high stress situations both in and out of clinical sites. Talk to people, go to the gym, eat healthy, go to a psychiatrist etc. You can easily burn out, so please take care of yourself and look out for your friends as well.

35 of the most common forms gaslighting

1. “You bring up the race card a lot.”

2. “You’re just too sensitive.”

3. “I don’t let those things bother me.”

4. “Did I say that?”…“No, but you impli—” “Oh, no? I didn’t? Okay.”

5. “What are you talking about?”

6. “They’re just as black as you! I see no difference.”

7. “I don’t see color.”

8. “Race is a social construct. It isn’t real.”

9. *talks about lack of representation for black/dark-skinned women* “I see black women, especially dark-skinned ones, on TV all the time. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

10. “It’s usually black people who say the most racist things about themselves, not white people.”

11. “Black women are the ones who hate themselves, not others.”

12. “Women are the ones who mostly uphold gender roles and patriarchy, not men. In fact, women are the ones who expect us to be masculine.”

13. “Black people kill themselves more than whites.”

14. *relciams misogynoiristic slur for sexually active black women* “But aren’t you ashamed? That isn’t a good word. You should be ashamed when someone calls you that. You’re not that at all.”

15. “We picked the best ones for the position.”

16. “It’s not about skin color, it’s about prettiness.”

17. “You’re just jealous.”

18. “You’re a hater.”

19. “You should be happy that another black woman/man is succeeding instead of bringing up their light skin and/or being half/part-white/non-black.”

20.  "We’re all black.“

21. "We all bleed red.”

22. “You’re obsessed with race.”

23. “You’re just insecure.”

24. “It’s just my opinion/preference.”

25. “If we had a space for white people, we’d be considered racist.”

26. “If we had a beauty blog for light-skinned black women, we’d be colorstruck.”

27. “It’s okay to say black women are beautiful but if we say other races of women are beautiful, you’ll get mad.”

28. “I can’t help who I love. I just don’t like black/dark women.”

29. “I don’t see the issue of letting in non-black people in historically black spaces. We just now let you in our organization that was exclusively intended for white people even though it never specified which people can join. It just says, ‘An organization for men/women.”

30. *says there’s less than 5% black students on campus* “Yes, we do have black and other minorities here! I see more (hyper-visibility) blacks on campus than whites! Look around!”

31. “You’re sexist because you don’t believe men need a Men’s Empowerment Week!”

32. “Rihanna hit him first. If you don’t fight like a nigga (muster up the courage and strength typically portrayed upon [black] men against them), you won’t get hit by a nigga!”

33. “It’s okay for a woman to say and do this, but not a man?”

34. “There’s no such thing as agnostic. Jesus doesn’t accept people on the fence. You got to come to God and Jesus your own way. You either believe or you don’t. You can’t be a Christian and not follow the whole of the Bible. Do you even read the Bible? (even though I’ve analyzed it better than their dogmatic asses)”

35. “If someone offends you, you have to be nice about it. Don’t get angry and yell at them. They won’t listen to you if you’re mean.”

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Your worldbuilding: jotunheim tag is the most gorgeous thing in the world aahhh thank you so much for collecting these beautiful pictures!!! Do you have other worldbuilding tags?

I’m glad you like it!  I love that tag a lot, there’s so much cool stuff to draw inspiration from, which I just kind of want to roll around in sometimes.  The Jotunheim tag is definitely the best one and I admit that my tags are kind of a mess about this (I’m never quite sure how to organize them properly), but I do have a few that I’ve been using!

- worldbuilding: jotunheim is a mix of canon and inspriational posts, a lot of the ice hotel/caves stuff, but I’ve also been doing a lot of hq screencaps of Jotunheim to show it off as best I can.
- worldbuilding: alfheim is pretty sparse right now (just the handful), but as I play the other games and they go to Alfheim or find things I think would fit the light elves, I’ll build that one up more.  I need a better sense for what kind of world I want to headcanon it as first!
- worldbuilding: vanaheim is also pretty sparse right now, but I’ve been going through that 2011 ps3/xbox 360 game to get a sense of that version of Vanaheim and I’ll be posting about it soon.
- worldbuilding: asgard is mostly canon-based stuff, anything that’s really focused on looking at what we can glean from it.  It’s not a perfect tag, I’ve missed a fair amount, but it has some of the relevant TDW liveblogging posts and anything from the games that gives a better idea of Asgard.  I’m especially fond of looking at decor, architecture, and fashion!
- worldbuilding: nidavellir is also pretty small, but there’s this one really gorgeous photoset that hit exactly how I headcanon Nidavellir, so I wanted to share!!
- worldbuilding: niflheim is small, a mix of nature photos and game-related stuff (you’d probably be better off in the niflheim tag), but it’s interesting to me!

I have tags for all the nine realms that often have stuff from various canons that can be helpful to look through:  asgard, jotunheim, svartalfheim, nidavellir, vanaheim, alfheim, hel, niflheim

I have a couple of inspirational tags that I also like a lot, from some other sources that I like to use for worldbuilding/giving me an idea for how to write backgrounds.
- inspiration: final fantasy xii is fun because some of the cities really give off the old world style meets magic + advanced technology that I like with Asgard!
- inspiration: skyrim is actually my favorite, because that game is heavily influenced by Norse mythology and Norse aesthetics!  There’s not a lot of advanced technology in the game, but there’s some really cool architecture and magic, so I could see this as a place in Jotunheim or this or this being in the Medina/lower part of the city of Asgard or this as one of the books from Asgard, whether in Odin’s library or one that Loki studies.

I also have a thor: god of thunder (game) tag, which is for my liveblogging of the game, which I’m not always great about putting those posts in the other worldbuilding tags (as mentioned, I’m pretty disorganized/I haven’t figured out my system yet), but has a lot of commentary and notes about the various locations Thor visits there. Which means a lot of screencaps showing off various places in Asgard and Nifleheim so far!  I’ve talked a fair amount about niflheim, actually, which may not wind up being true to the MCU version if they go there, but I don’t think they will, so this is a good source if you want to look through it.  It’s a surprisingly pretty place!

I also have a thor concept art tag, which is really good for a lot of art of the cities and landscapes and character designs!

I am sick of being told that I can’t like dci as much as I do or be a dci ambassador or anything like that because I’m just a fan and just a woodwind. Who cares if I am not originally a brass player? Who cares if I am not the greatest conductor ever yet? I am pretty sure everyone who has marched or been a drum major started off as “just a fan.” How could you end up devoting your life to something you were extremely passionate about if you were not a fan first? We all started with a dream. And guess what. Not everyone instantly has the money, the time, or the musical requirements needed to automatically make a world class corps the minute they first fall in love with drum corps. Stop telling people they cannot love what they love and discouraging them from being a part of an organization you claim to love as well. And if you have experienced what I have, don’t listen to what those people say.

Your goals are going to become realities real soon. I believe in you.

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As a DM I often focus on telling grand stories and sometimes find it hard giving my players a sense of freedom while still moving along with the story. Do you have any tips for tricking the players into believing they are in control of what they do?

Before you tell your players they’re free to do literally anything you need to do some planning.  First, know or try to predict what the players would try to do first with this freedom.  Are they gonna go drink at the inn? Look for work?  Explore? Try and start an organization?  It could be any number of things.  Once you know that come up with a few open ended events planned out and fill in some more specific details once you let them loose and they say exactly what they want to do.  Just having prenamed NPCs goes a long way in making improved DMing seem relatively smooth.

I keep a laptop with me when I DM and I have a document of maps for buildings, caves, fortresses and all that junk that I just copy/paste out of prefab adventures.  You can add minor details to those as the game goes and there are a lot of prefabbed adventures to borrow from.  I also keep a ton of links for premade NPCs I found online that I use for stats only, you can apply your own worlds flavor to whatever one you pick or make minor adjustments on the fly.If they wanna do something really crazy like leave the country and go somewhere else?  Leaving the country takes traveling time (unless they’re rich and can pay for a teleport or something) and traveling time means random encounters and stopping at inns where you can throw some quest made with the above method at them to slow them down and put off the new nation until next session so you can plan on either a good way to stop them or plan whats in that new nation and how to make your epic story line follow them to that new setting.

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i know you wrote it on your twitter but can you pls also write about the mmt ga issue on tumblr. bc its so so unfair that theyre gonna change it again. some ppl are working that day, some ppl are coming from far away and the ticket order and the line is the best way to keep things organized! ive srsly been trying to keep my cool bc mmt is doing so much for us na fans but come on... stick to one thing pls especially sense it makes the most sense. sorry if im ranting, but you get me right?

I feel you all the way.  I almost kind of feel for the staff at Mymusictaste even though I do feel some dissatisfaction with them due to the fact that relevant information is being passed down last minute to fans like this. Here we are 3 weeks away until their first stop in Dallas yet the organization of the fans attending the concert is a mess because of confusion and complaints from fans who actually feel entitled.

Basically for those who don’t know, fans have complained about how General Admission will work for the North American EXO fans. General Admission is basically the pitt where there are no seats, only standing room. However when we purchased tickets we got tickets that looks similar to this….

FLRGA stands for “FLOOR GENERAL ADMISSION” and then there is  our

ROW # and a seat #. There is also a Group # that was written on the tickets and so people became confused about it. 

It wasn’t until hours later after tickets went on sale when Mymusictaste declared that ENTRY INTO THE VENUE would happen by TICKET # ORDER. 

So this had left more fans confused and upset. Mymusictatse continued to slowly release information about how entry would work. So a week later (this week) after they posted an example on how entry would work, 

Some fans were displeased with this method and complained. Because of these complaints, Mymusictaste released this statement this morning…

So now, we’re left to vote on which method we  would like to enter into the venue. 


I’m mad about a couple of things about this whole ordeal to be honest. I’ll break it down in bullet points. 

  • I got to give some credit to Mymusictaste because American EXO-L’s haven’t been the nicest to deal with ever since the announcement of this tour. They have answered our questions, they’ve addressed specific issues, and have worked hard to accommodate fans who felt discontent with the “taste” situations and most currently the “VOTING FOR ENTRY METHOD”. They’ve seriously have done more right than any other Korean based promoter simply by addressing issues in a timely manner through statements. I feel bad for them because fans have been on their ass complaining.However they have dropped the ball in areas. I don’t feel like getting into all that because that is another rant to have. 
  • I feel like they should have stuck to their guns and not put this up to a vote. Consistency makes for assurance. Right now, I’m not assured this will be the best concert experience for me because Mymusictaste is simply trying to please/accomodate everyone. I mean they can only do so much but organization is key and I feel like the method they have suggested is organized, it just needs a strictly detailed explanation.
  • The First Come First Serve method will likely end up in kayos/peoplefighting/etc. EXO is already a group that is loved by a lot of fangirls and I already know what type of crowd/people will be there. Teens knocking each other down just to get CHANYEOL OPPA to wink at them lol. I mean I know the thirst is real but it’s not worth fighting someone and potentially harming someone. 
  • The method that mymusictatste is trying to introduce to us has solely been consistent at every stop during the EXOluxion concerts in Asia. Just because they are in America, it doesn’t mean they have to cater to our demands. SM are the ones bringing this show to us, so we should be able to follow their guidelines and abide to them without complaints. ENTRY by ticket # is a method that is proven to have worked and it’s a method in which SM/Mymusictaste is actually considering our own safety because they know that the fangirls thirst for EXO is fukking real and that they are capable of being unruly and unjust when it comes to queing in line or finding a spot to watch the show. So why do some fans feel compelled that this won’t work? If you can’t make it work then apparently you should have bought an ACTUAL SEAT? 

There is a saying, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 

Ticket # Entry has it’s flaws, yes it does but so does FCFS. I just think we should consider the good and the bad of each.

Personally I care about my health, and I deeply care about my safety. I’m flying all the way across the country for this concert and I would like to return back home without a scratch and a cold lol.