i just need to have a lie down

“They were murdered in cold blood… And it was by the hand of an Ishvallan they’d saved!”

“His face was wrapped in bandages, but he was an Ishvallan monk, and his right arm was tattooed.”

When this episode is over I need to have a lie down.

A good old hearty session of just laying down and staring at nothing in particular.

Fucking Scarface.

anonymous asked:

Hi. Sorry for asking. After Robert and R kiss/slept together, you said you wanna take a break from here. How you feel that time? anger because robert had cheated or disappointed because robert broke the promises or fuming at ed for creating that story. And how you are being positive now? Tbh, i want your spirit so much.

Oh, anon, you know I am a very emotional person. I was so disappointed after watching that episode and I needed to step back to calm down and sort my thoughts a bit. It was probably a bit of an overreaction, I am not gonna lie, but I just needed the space for the total of two days that it lasted. I had and have gread people in this fandom to talk to about this and so I was able to find my positivity again.

I am still angry and disappointed at Emmerdale, but also at Robert. I love him so much and I know he’s an idiot who copes with stuff in the worst of ways somehow. I feel like the episodes were not written very well, everything just felt off somehow. I am not excusing his behaviour with this, I think unfortunately it was very in character how he reacted, it just wasn’t written very well in my opinion. BUT I also think that a Robert who has Aaron in his life - and you can discuss what Aaron said to him to no end, but the fact is that Robert thought they had broken up at that point, he felt like he was no use to him, that is what he took from it - would never cheat on him. That is my truth still and will continue to be my truth. He thought he lost him, his worst fear of not being enough, of not being strong and the reason for Aaron to pull through, broke him temporarily.

I do feel like they  could have shown it better and I fear what Emmerdale will do with this and to Robert in the future. But right now I am still absolutely sure that Aaron and Robert are destined to be together, that they are the strongest and happiest when they are together. And I want and need to believe that we will see that again.

I don’t know if that helped you, nonnie, but please feel free to come to my ask box any time to discuss this further or with anything else.


and you don’t want that. - Poussy Washington, Orange Is The New Black



Have a very sketchy iwaoi kiss meme (*¯ ³¯*)♡ This is part kiss practice, part expression practice, part i have too many feelings about iwaoi and can’t possibly satisfy the need with just one picture.

I like to think that Iwa-chan is as physical with his affection as he is when expressing other emotions <3 Oikawa is just obnoxious when it comes to pda.

“you need to lie down, yura,” otabek says.

“i don’t want to,” comes the waspish retort.

yuri can be grumpy, as a general rule, but he’s exceedingly so when he’s ill. yuri is a hurricane-large personality, squeezed into human form, and he doesn’t have time to be sick; he has so much to offer the world and in a limited time. so when he comes down with sickness, he’s almost overbearingly petulant, and his mood is never any flavour but sour. 

otabek sighs lightly. “well, you certainly can’t get up and make it worse for yourself.”

“i know that,” yuri snaps, fever-bright eyes narrowed with irritation. he’s not making eye contact.

otabek sighs again. “want me to put on a movie for you?” he bends down, squatting at the side of the bed. “work with me, yura,” he says softly,  searching the stubborn face before him with patient eyes.

yuri looks at him for a second or two, his lip trembling. a brief moment of vulnerability, before his eyebrows furrow, and his expression shutters. his gaze flits off to the side again, but the edges of his scowl are softer, somehow. in a grudging tone, he mutters, “fine.” yuri tucks the blankets around himself a little more securely. “but i get to choose the movie, and you have to watch it with me, and - and you can’t complain.”

otabek smiles, then, a proper smile, and brushes his fingers lightly through yuri’s sweat-damp hair. “not a word,” he promises.

if yuri’s cheeks, flushed from illness, burn a little warmer at his touch, neither of them comment on it.


Richard Madden as Peter Leigh in Oasis


I hope she dies right away. On second thought, I hope she suffers quite a bit before she dies. I just hope her pathetic screams can’t be heard from my room, because I was thinking about having a lie down, and I need peace and quiet. I was playing golf and I’m quite tired, the last thing I need is someone dying slowly and loudly.

THE LOBSTER (2015) dir. Yorgos Lanthimos

I’m beginning to realize that Alistair in Origins can’t be older than 19 or 20. Maybe a generous 21. I thought he was just childish in general but no he really doesn’t have any life experience outside of the chantry or the gray wardens. Who recruited this baby. He keeps apologizing for still not being over Duncan’s death but. He has every right to still be grieving he’s barely an adult and Duncan was probably the only stable parental figure he ever had I need to lie down

Just because there’s an executive order doesn’t mean the thing will definitely happen. I have to remind myself of this so I don’t go lie down in a corner forever. Dumpster Fire is signing a slew of these because his stupider supporters think he’s actually doing something.

The Times is keeping track of what’s what and how many more steps are needed before some of this happens. And how many chances we have to fight it down. Take the Keystone Pipeline. It looks like all it needs is one more step. State Dept approval, but all the senior staff resigned in the last day. So good luck getting your shit together on that one–while the Canadian company is currently suing the US for $15 billion. It’s a mess.

Sickfoot {Sirius Black x Reader} *REQUESTED*

Sorry if this was a day late, anon. 


Friday mornings were normally spent planning out what to do in the weekends but certainly not staying in bed with a fever.

Sirius sat up and sneezed for the fourth time, insisting James that he will go to class with them.

“Padfoot, you’re going to infect us! And possibly even the professors!” James said, forcing him to lie down on the mattress.

“But that’s the point, Prongs. I need to infect them so we–ACHOO! –won’t have classes anymore!” Sirius replied, wiping his nose with a tissue.

“We’re just concerned, Padfoot.” Remus said.

“What if I die? What if this is not an ordinary fever? What if it kills me? You cannot let rock n’ roll die!”

James simply nodded, assuming that rock n’ roll was some kind of muggle game Sirius learned how to play.  Sirius was quite stubborn when it comes to his health and would do anything for his friends to stop worrying about him, going as far as pretending he was alright and convincing them with the most impressive puppy eyes.

Which was what he was trying to do at that very moment.

It took James a lot of will power to resist until Remus intervened and sat on his bed.

“Look, Sirius.” He said, “We’re concerned for your health. You’ve been unwell since yesterday and we don’t want you to feel worse if you force yourself to attend classes.”

“I promise I’ll take down notes for you! I’ll even bring you food!” Peter said.

“And if you’re still not better by this afternoon, we’ll bring you to the hospital wing while James schedules your funeral.”

Remus patted Sirius’s shoulder, making him roll his eyes. “Haha, Moony. Just make sure they play Bring Me To Life in my funeral — ACHOO!”

“Will do. Just rest here and don’t do anything stupid.”

“Fine, fine.”

“Have some rest, Padfoot.” Peter said before waving goodbye and leaving the room while Remus followed.

“Will you be alright here?” James asked.

Sirius nodded, blew his nose, and tucked himself under the blankets. He was still feeling grumpy that he doesn’t get to spend time with his friends but most especially his long time crush, (Y/n). He wished he was in the Great Hall with her, sharing a cool joke while she laughs joyously but instead, he was in bed with a cough, a cold, and a headache.

He turned to his side as James left, trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in and soon after, he was already snoring.

Meanwhile, (Y/n) has been pestering a Hufflepuff student to lead her to the kitchens after finding out about Sirius’s fever from Peter Pettigrew. She was convinced that nothing else can make Sirius feel better except her. She was remarkable with healing spells and potions and even Madam Pomfrey was impressed with her abilities.

Cassey Blitz, a Hufflepuff student, tried to walk faster in hopes of throwing off (Y/n) but she was quicker.

“Come on, Blitz. I’m not gonna steal anything. Again.” She mumbled the last part, “It’s for Sirius and I want to bring him something to eat.”

“I understand but I can’t keep sneaking you to the kitchen. If Professor McGonagall catches us–”

“Which she won’t.”

“–I’m not gonna cover for you.”

“Cassey, why are we in front of the fruit bowl painting?”

The girl looked around and saw the painting which led to the kitchens. “Damn it. Fine, take only what you need. No more (f/f) for you.”

“Thank you so much!”

She tickled the pear and the painting swung open, showing a neat kitchen with a delicious smell lingering in the air. (Y/n) walked in and began to prepare some food for her friend. After she was finished (a tray full of nutritious food), she exited quietly and snuck back to the Gryffindor common room. It was completely empty and no sound came from anything.

Sirius was watching the Marauder’s map when he heard her footsteps coming from the stairs.

“Mischief managed.” He shoved the parchment under his pillow and put away his wand.

“Sirius? May I come in?”

“Yeah, just a second.” He said, pretending to seem as though he just woke up.

The door opened quietly and (Y/n) entered, followed by a floating tray of food.

“(Y/n), I’m dying. Come closer, please.” He croaked, holding both of her hands as she tried to stifle a laugh.

“Oh, Sirius! How could you break my heart? How am I supposed to live by myself without my beloved one?”

“You have to be strong– stop laughing –and be brave.” He said.

(Y/n) laughed and sat down by his side, pressing the back of her hand on his forehead. Sirius felt his cheeks warm up at the contact and his heart jolt.

“How are you feeling?”

“Been better. But I’m terribly hungry.”

“I got you food from the kitchen and I whipped up a quick medicine for you too.”

“Thank you so much, (Y/n). But blimey, don’t you have a class?”

“I had to skip Herbology but it doesn’t matter now. You should eat something.” She set the tray on his bed as he sat up.

“My girl, sneaking out and skipping classes.” He teased before taking a spoonful.

(Y/n) smiled and kept him company. She soaked a towel with warm water and wiped his face after he was done eating and although he complained, she took care of him and even helped him dress which took longer than it should. She couldn’t help but admire how well built he was even though he was sick. Sirius, of course, noticed this and even made it more difficult for her by telling her his muscles ached.

“That’s what you get when you don’t take care of yourself.” She said, wiping his back with the towel.

“You talk like Madam Pomfrey.”

“Now I know why she’s getting older each day.” She rolled her eyes and chuckled before giving him a shirt from his trunk.

“Stay with me.” He said very softly, almost like a whisper. He lied back down and patted the spot by his side.

“No, Sirius. I have to get back now.” She replied, brushing his hair and placing her hand on his cheek. “Take care, alright? Get plenty of rest.”

She stood up to leave and was about to open the door when she heard him give a tiny sneeze. Poor Sirius. He’s been alone all morning and his friends won’t be back until after dinner. (Y/n)’s conscience spoke in a whisper. She bit her lip and tried to block it out but Sirius sneezed again. She groaned and rolled her eyes once more, turning around and removing her shoes.

“What are you doing?” Sirius asked.

“Staying with you.” She said, “And I’m not leaving until your friends are back even if that takes years.”

Sirius smirked to himself successfully and pulled her down to lie by his side, tucking her with him under the blanket.

“I’m warning you though, you will get sick.”

“But you’ll take care of me too, won’t you?”

“For you, darling, anything.” He smiled and kissed her forehead before falling a sleep by her side. She watched him rest and returned the kiss to his lips which brought a smile on his face as he dreamt of her.

SUE: That’s a huge glass of wine [John’s] having there, isn’t it?
BENEDICT: I think that’s a whisky, isn’t it? You wouldn’t put wine in a glass like that.
STEVEN: If you watch this show carefully, there is a subtext about John drinking. John’s just hammered by every midnight!
BENEDICT: Come on – it’s New Year’s Eve!
MARK: Even he forgets the names of his girlfriends, and that’s why!

i need to lie down forever

Fluffy sentence starters
  • “I care for you more than anything else.”
  • “I started a fire in the fireplace just for us.”
  • “Stop it! I’m ticklish!”
  • “You are so cuddly.”
  • “Yes, I am holding your hand.”
  • “There’s no better feeling than being in your arms.”
  • “You are under arrest for being too cute. But your hands where I can hold them.”
  • “Could we lie down and cuddle for a bit?”
  • “Want to make a blanket fort?“
  • “You are very warm.”
  • “I have an important question for you. Are you ticklish?”
  • “We need more blankets!”
  • “I could just fall asleep on you like this.”
  • “Want to get some ice cream?”

okay but james and sirius literally lived together (outside of hogwarts ofc) in the potters’ house while they were sixteen and. there are just some things i need to know

did they stay up late at night talking on james’s bed, lying on their stomachs with their pillows bunched in their arms? did they have midnight runs down to the kitchen when they were hungry, resulting in mr. and mrs. potter finding them baking at 2 am? did sirius turn into padfoot and lie with his head on james’s stomach while james read before going to sleep? did they play quidditch together in the backyard until mrs. potter was literally threatening to hex them if they didnt get their arses inside for lunch right this very moment? did they ever go to the woods near james’s house and turn into padfoot and prongs and chase each other around for hours, returning home with twigs in their hair and breathless? did they have 2 sinks in the bathroom, stand next to each other and talk while they brushed up, laughing through mouths full of toothpaste? did they take turns sending letters to remus and lily with james’s owl? did sirius borrow james’s books and annotate them as he read, leaving little notes for james to see when he reread them? these are the kind of questions i need answers to @ jk rowling

APH Hungary: Oh, Roderich, your toe! You really hurt yourself, didn’t you? All for us too.

APH Austria: Aw, shucks, it’s nothing. I just-

APH Hungary: Nonsense! You need to lie down.

APH Prussia: But, Erzsébet, it’s just his toe!

APH Hungary: Well, his toe needs to lie down so the rest of him will just have to go along with it.

Dead Vex Walking

Inspired by this audio post by @may-be-magic. @percyvex I would like to also blame you for this.

To the tune of Dead Girl Walking from Heathers: The Musical.

The Chroma Conclave soon will lie defeated
This time tomorrow, this arc will have been completed
We’ll hunt Thordak down in Emon,
The night’s all ours until it’s dawn,
Just eight hours to live—
How shall I spend them?

I don’t have to stay and die like cattle
I could run away and flee the final battle
Use the broom and just take flight
Wait - here’s an option that I like:
Spend these last few hours gettin’….. freakaaaaaaay!

I need it hard, I’m a dead girl walking!
I’m dodging guards, I’m a dead girl walking!
Let’s go, it’s time to rock
I’m pickin’ at this flimsy lock
Got no time to knock, I’m a dead girl walking!

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“If I could begin to be half of what you think of me, I could do about anything. I could even learn how to love. When I see the way you wait, wondering when I’m coming back, I could do about anything. I could even learn how to love… Like you.”

Season 1 is over. It’s done.

Holy shit, I need to have a lie down.

That was just about the most hype and twisted thing I’ve ever seen.

I… I’m so tired. What a fucking ride.

I rate episode 53, Jailbreak, the only score it deserves: 10/10.

I’m going to spend the rest of the day answering my Asks (which has blown up), listening to Garnet’s song on loop, and penning a lengthy Season 1b reflection, which will be posted sometime before I begin Season 2.

Shoot, man. I love this show. And I love you fellas. And I’ll see you next time.