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Knight in Shining Armor

Since fanfiction.net isn’t really a bandom hub, I decided to just post it here.

A/N: This fic contains an attempted attack and strong language. It was originally uploaded a couple days ago, but I added to it, edited it, and fixed some typos. It is my first x Reader fic, as well as my first bandom fic, so I hope it’s good! Please leave feedback if you’d like! I originally intended for this to be a one shot, but please let me know if you want more/have ideas!

You had felt the man’s gaze on you multiple times that night. It seemed like every time you looked up, you caught his blonde head pointed in your direction. You were creeped out, to say the least. You decided to consult your friends accompanying you, Tara and Liz.

“Jesus, is it just me or has that guy been staring us down all night?”
“Yeah, he’s been prowling this whole time,” Liz agreed.
“Come on,” Tara took both of you by the hand and dragged you away to the dance floor.

You were dancing your hearts out when you spot Dallon and Brendon in the crowd. You waved enthusiastically and they made their way over.

“Hey Y/n!” Brendon greeted you with a hug.
“Hey Brendon,” you smiled.
Dallon also greeted you and leaned down to give you a big hug. Liz and Tara exchanged pleasantries with them too. You all talked about how the night was going. Brendon and Dallon felt like they were imposing on a “ladies’ night” so they decided to keep moving through to the bar. You secretly wished they would stay. Well, at least Brendon.

You and the girls continued to dance but it was only a matter of time until one of your drunk friends needed to break the seal.
“Taraaaaaaaa, I have to peeeeee,” Liz said, clearly feeling the alcohol both in her brain and her bladder. You only had one drink and was barely affected by it, but Liz had quite a bit more.
“Okay, come on,” Tara replied, “You coming, Y/n?”
“No,” you replied shaking your head, “I’m going to get some water.”
You began to forge a path out of the crowd and towards the bar, and the girls head off in another direction. You sat yourself down on a stool and asked the bartender for water. You sipped it happily and looked around for Brendon or Dallon, but they aren’t nearby.

By the time your water is finished, your friends are still nowhere to be seen. You made your way to the bathroom, but they aren’t in there. You tried to take a good look at the dance floor, but you didn’t see them there either. Liz was pretty drunk, so maybe they stepped outside for some air. You entered the lobby, which had glass windows with a view of the road outside. The club area was separated from the entrance of the lobby by a black wall and door.

You exited the lobby and walked out onto the sidewalk. The LA night air was cool on your bare skin as goose bumps appeared. You peered around, but you didn’t see anyone out there. You turned to go back inside and you’re faced with the blonde haired man, standing near the entrance. Did he follow you outside?

You tried to walk past him without acknowledging his presence, but he stops you.
“Hey,” He said cooly, “How is your night?”
“Good, thanks,” You replied quickly, trying to be polite. You started to move forward again, “I’ve got to go meet my friends.”
He stepped into your path. You realized there was truly no one around. The bouncers were inside the venue, behind the closed door. Shit.

“What’s the rush?” He asked with a shrug, “You don’t have a boyfriend waiting on you, now do you?” He reached out and placed his hand on your shoulder, grasping firmly.

You tear yourself out of his grip. “Don’t touch me,” You say, trying to push past him.

He grabs you by the forearms and jams your back against the wall. You gasp as suddenly your night has changed. You are now fighting for your life.

“I said don’t touch me!” You repeat yelling, struggling with all of your might against him. He is so much bigger than you. You try to make as much noise as possible and kick your legs, trying to get him in the crotch. You manage only to get his knee, and he seems unaffected.

The man is more agitated now and with one quick motion, he throws you to the ground. You don’t have time to catch yourself and you land awkwardly on your arm. All of the air is forced out of your lungs, escaping as a pained scream. You feel your heart beat in your head and the sounds around you become dampened. Did you hit your head? Was it the adrenaline? The figure above you is beginning to move when you hear the door fling open.

“HEY!” A familiar voice shouts, “GET THE FUCK OFF OF HER!”

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