i just need to get it out ther

Zeppelin knows her name, now.
To the point that yesterday, she was chasing one of the cats that lives in the soi, and they both went out of sight behind a parked car. I called her name, and she poked her head around ther corner to look at me, ears perked.
It’s a pretty big deal being able yo get her to disengage from an activity like that just to check back on me upon hearing her name. It could have also been a complete fluke, so I will consider it a success more confidently upon replicating the situation a few more times. But there it is!

Haven’t begun teaching her recall yet… I think I might need to teach ‘stay’ first, since the first thing she does when she sees me is bound over and stick around. If I can get her to stay, then there will be enough distance that I can actuall recall her over.
I have NO idea how well she will learn to stay… I think it could be the most difficult thing to train her to do… So I am nervous to start ahaha.

But!! This morning, I introduced her to a leash. She is the sort who doesn’t pull–but rather–would sit down and refuse to walk when the leash is on. Anyways, I didn’t really give her the chance to exersize that kind of protest. Sausage for seeing the leash, sausage for letting put it on, sausage for not fussing once it was one and she stood up, sausage for walking towards me on the leash, sausages akimbo for walking with me around the driveway… First for walking a step, the for a few steps, then the length of the driveway, then turning with me, etc–until we were walking up and down the driveway without a hiccup. Slowly, but better than nothing!

It was about 10 minutes of getting acquainted to the leash… I will see if I can get another session in today and maybe we can get walking a little quicker and move out into the soi!

I am happy I have decided to work with her despite the sutuation. She seems to really enjoy it, and shes grasping concepts pretty well! So it is a positive experience for both of us so far..!

okay but muggleborn luke getting a howler one morning and just opening it without thinking that it might be something bad, because letters were just letters to him, even if they had fancy red seals on them and as soon as he opens it the letter is flying out of his hands and starts yelling, “hEY LITTLE BRO HOW’S IT GOING WE GOT YOUR LETTER AND MAGIC SOUNDS PRETTY SWEET I MEAN I WISH I WAS MAGIC LIKE YOU BUT WHATEVER, I HOPE YOU’RE USING PROTECTION OVER THER-” “SHUT UP, DON’T LISTEN TO JACK HE’S DUMB, BUT EVERYONE MISSES YOU AND SO DOES MOLLY -” “GIVE IT BACK BEN, WE STILL NEED TO GIVE HIM LOVE ADVICE-” “SHUT UP I WAS GETTING THERE” “NO YOU WEREN’T” “SHUT UP, I WAS - WOO THAT PRETTY GIRL FROM -UH, WHAT WAS THE HOUSE? HUFF PUFF?” “HAHA, 420 BLAZE IT” “JACK SHUT UP” “BOYS STOP FOOLING AROUND” “WE’RE NOT, MUM” “LOVE YOU BRO, SEE YOU FOR CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY” before it dissolved into flames, leaving his face beet red and the dining hall completely silent

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One of the parts that really got to me was this moment, when Dave was crouching on the floor with the shattered CD case. Because the implication behind it actually terrifies me. I don’t know why that single moment affects me more than the rest of it, and we all know by now how much this episode affected me, but like. He’s done that before. I can tell that he’s done it before. And I just. That scares me. That really, really scares me. I just want to pull him into a tight hug and make him believe that everything will be okay.

And if you don’t know the implication behind the shattered CD case, then you don’t want to know.