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    '' Tea Party ''

“You’re going to be bad for business, I can tell.”

@lesetoilesfous requested Moulin Rouge!Kuroken and I died a thousand deaths of happiness. 


Okay, so yes, the raws for the (first half of) 219th Night are out. I get it. Everyone’s really excited and there’re tears of joy and celebrations and crying. 

You know what there also is? Recirculation and reposting of the actual raw pages. And it’s not just here on tumblr. I’ve seen them on twitter, they’re probably on facebook, and, most importantly, i’ve seen them posted on instagram.

Let me repeat that. People have been posting raw pages on instagram. 

Hoshino-sensei has an instagram, as most of you may know by now. She’s seen these. I know she has, because she posted about this.

From her post:



Although I do not know where the root of this comes from, I do not wish for the manga to be posted before its release date. Because the images are mainly hosted on instagram *, I want to believe that people will show more consideration. (i’m not at all sure on this part if someone can do a better translation, please go ahead)

[In hashtags] I don’t want to come to hate Instagram

I don’t want to come to hate Instagram.

I don’t want to come to hate Instagram.

I don’t want to come to hate Instagram. 

Hoshino’s instagram is a personal account. This has been said before, in regards to fans who were extremely persistent in matters regarding when D. Gray Man would come back. The fact is that we’re extremely lucky that she even posts D. Gray Man on there in the first place. Be grateful for that. If this continues she might stop altogether. 

Please, please take into consideration the feelings of mangaka before you publicly share information or pages of chapters that were leaked prior to the release date. They want everyone to enjoy their works but for overseas fans to have access to new chapters before a lot of Japanese fans do is really unfair. Especially since most Japanese fans actually buy the magazines, and are the ones who decide whether a series survives or flops. 

* it seems as though she doesnt know about the leaks elsewhere besides instagram. please keep it that way and refrain from recirculating pages from the 219th night any further.

  • *Sherlock's bedroom, 221B Baker Street*
  • Molly: *rummaging in the chest of drawers, wearing Sherlock's shirt; muttering* Where is it?
  • Sherlock: *in bed, propped on his elbow; watching her* You have your own drawer.
  • Molly: *distracted* You said I could.
  • Sherlock: One drawer isn't enough for all of your possessions.
  • Molly: *rolls her eyes* One drawer is plenty for some spare clothes and underwear. Mostly the underwear.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: All. Of your. Possessions.
  • Molly: *confused* You think that's all I own?
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *throws himself back; frustrated* Forget it.
  • Molly: *approaches and crawls across the bed until she's hovering over him; grinning* Ask me.
  • Sherlock: *stubborn* No.
  • Molly: *leans down to kiss him*
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *mumbles* Do you want to move in with me? I'll give you another drawer.
  • Molly: *giggles* Yeah, okay.
  • Sherlock: *narrows his eyes* What were you looking for?
  • Molly: *dismissive* Oh, never mind. I remembered I'm wearing it under this shirt.
  • Sherlock: You're not wearing-
  • Molly: *smirking*
  • Sherlock: Hmmm *playing with the shirt buttons* I think I'm going to enjoy living with you.

So, I have a question about Hannibal’s motivations.

In Muzimono (pauses to take shuddering breath because HAHA NOPE APPARENTLY STILL NOT OVER IT), Hannibal says, as everyone will remember, “I forgive you Will. Will you forgive me?”

And then… *tries to pick up broken pieces of self* *fails* *tries again* 

Skipping over what happens right then, between Muzimono and the end of Secondo something happens to make Hannibal say that the only way he can forgive Will is that, “[he] will have to eat him.”

I am really not sure what that thing that happened is, but I really want to know (assuming Hannibal wasn’t just lying.) My working idea is that maybe Bedelia actually kind of lead him to that conclusion, since she kept pushing for it, with all her questions about Mischa and drawing the parallel between the two of them and all but spelling it out for Hannibal in such a way that he might not notice the manipulation. This would serve to focus Hannibal’s attention farther away from her, putting Will in the position of Betrayer that Bedelia had been occupying in Antipasto. (Also god knows Bedelia has her own weird Will-issues, and I think she wouldn’t be entirely opposed to the idea of Hannibal eating him, just on principle.)

Then again maybe Hannibal is talking about forgiving Will for getting inside Hannibal’s head, which would be an entirely different thing than the betrayal he forgave him in Muzimono. Which would track with his response to Will’s forgiveness at the end of Primavera: namely to run away as though his beloved Will sailing across the ocean to shakily whisper his love forgiveness could in anyway be a bad thing? As though said forgiveness won’t help anything, because Hannibal is the most controlling, emotionally aggressive cannibal ever didn’t forgive Will for “his influence” after all? The only reason I hesitate with this (much more straight forward) idea is that when Hannibal says “I forgive you,” it seems like he’s forgiving Will completely, just as he wants Will to forgive him completely. Not, “I forgive you for this specific crime, but I’ll have to get back to you on the 18938294 others.” In the Bedelia theory Hannibal could have run away simply because he didn’t know how to respond to Will’s forgiveness or because he didn’t trust it.


Im so emotional look how worried he is. 

And then the last one I just..