i just need to be more tan and toned first

anonymous asked:

Anne, I need to know: what are your thoughts on Scott in a crop top?

My first, immediate, most pressing thought is: Yes. 

More coherent thoughts include: 

  • Scott not realizing that shirt from last year is just a bit too short and wearing it out of the house, and every time he raises his arms, the toned, tan expanse of his tummy gets a peek out and everyone around him is too flustered to mention it. 
  • Scott trying out for the American Football team and wearing his practice jersey, which is only about half a shirt, with nothing underneath it because 2-a-days are so hot he can barely breathe as it is. 
  • Scott going to college and learning that he can be a little freer with his expressions of both gender and sexuality, wearing crop tops and short shorts (but not together - he doesn’t want to be too distracting, after all) and having everyone around him oooh  and ahhh over how sweet he looks in his new clothes. 
  • Scott wearing a cut-off crop top in his dorm room because he likes having something covering his chest but he sort of likes showing off his flat stomach, and Stiles struggling to keep his hands from that sensitive spot on Scott’s side that he knows makes him squirm. 
  • Isaac’s hands on Scott’s sides just above his hips, skin on skin, because his cropped top is pushed up just high enough for broad hands to nearly encircle his teeny little waist.