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Me: *Watching The Worst Witch on Netflix* Wow, this is pretty much exactly like Harry Potter/Hogwarts except they’re all girls. I freaking love it, but it’s a total ripoff 

Me: Looks up the book series its based on and sees that it predates Harry Potter by more than Twenty Years.


i’m asking her if they’re getting back together and she’s telling me it’s complicated and i’m cringing because i know what that feels like, it’s

texting every second but only making subtle jabs at the things that matter and you’re ignoring every one of them but it’s not my place to be too forward, it’s

you’re pretending you don’t hear me when i tell you i’m driving too fast again and you’re pretending you’re not killing me because it makes you feel better to know that this can be just casual and you’re pretending you’re not in love with me, it’s

i know you fucking feel this too, there’s no way i’m the only one who can’t get over you, we’re both in love with each other but if there was such thing as the hardest lesson i’ve ever had to learn it’s that love just isn’t enough, it’s

if this was a different place or a different time or a different life then yes, we would be together but it’s this life so no, we’re not, but i mean, we could be in the future, if i was a little better at regulating my emotions and you were a little better at revealing them, this could end up being nothing short of amazing, it’s

sleeping over your house feeling so worth it until i leave with a half-assed hug and realizing i may mean a lot but i might as well mean nothing and they say our brains are wired to connect sex to love, so after it’s all over, i am ignoring you for weeks because i don’t want to fall back into this but i still remember how our bodies touched when it was all over and we both had to pull away from just grabbing each other in each others’ arms and it’s

i love you but i can’t have you and i know i can’t have you but it feels better to pretend i can than to just give up because giving up means moving on and i’m not ready to do that yet, it’s

you’re texting people when you’re with me and i can’t ask you who they are because you’d just lie, it’s i want you but i don’t trust you, it’s i want you but i deserve better, it’s i want you but i’ll settle for the parts of you that make me feel good because god knows when i expect too much out of you, you always let me down, it’s if we’re not together, you can never let me down, it’s

i seriously deserve better but i’m not asking for too much and it’s possible for you to be everything i need but you’re just giving up

—  “it’s complicated”

Honestly after religiously believing in Tony being the Tiniest Man ever it fucks me up BIGSTYLE when I get into 616 territory because that fucker is literally 6′1 with bright piercing blue fucking eyes and jesus fucking ch r i s t can u be any more extra Anthony. Get smaller. What the fuck. U feel me.

Superfandom: Mon-el is misogynistic and white and his relationship with Kara is toxic! This relationship is antifeminist! He probably murders babies in his free time too!


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so here it is / months in the making / when you left me you left the door open / i think I’m finally getting around to shutting it / i think I’m finally putting our wall back up / but there’s that flinch / self destruction like coming home / loving you like coming home / missing you like coming home / i didn’t know you’d stay with her for long enough for me to find someone else / i didn’t know I’d find someone else / i didn’t know I’d still feel you leaving like a burn mark / like a tidal wave in the way that what if he leaves too / what if he lies too / what if I’ll never learn how to stand steady / what if the only way you ever touch me is by leaving scars like punches / and i never let anyone get near enough to throw another hit again.
—  can I text you? i just need to be hurt again– lily rain


The workload at university is slowly getting easier to manage; I’ve fully completed one worksheet way ahead of the deadline (for once), and have made some progress on most of the other worksheets. Algebra’s still killing me and I’m struggling with programming, but I’m already doing better than I was two weeks ago, so I think I just need more time to adjust.

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If your prompt ask is still going on, can you maybe to do where Harry is obsessed with doing domestic things for Draco and Draco is like "woah! Does not compute!"

Draco walked right past Harry when he got home despite there being a table full of food.  Grabbing the bread from the pantry, he went to the fridge for more.

“What are you doing? I made dinner,” Harry asked.

“Good for you.  I haven’t and I’m starving. Hence,” Draco held up the sliced turkey and a tomato.

“I mean I made dinner for us,” Harry said. 

“Oh, okay.”

After dinner Draco went to the living room and sat in his usual spot before grabbing a book from the table next to him.  Harry came in, sat on the sofa next to Draco.  He pulled Draco’s feet into his lap and began untying the laces.

“What are you doing?” Draco asked. “I can unlace my own boots.”

“I know you can.  I just like spoiling you.  That’s what boyfriends do,” Harry said.

“You think…you think we’re boyfriends?” Draco asked.

Harry looked up at Draco, smile gone and said, “We live together. We’ve been sharing a bed for almost a month.”

“I thought you just needed help with the rent,” Draco said.

Harry’s eyes went wide.

Draco laughed. “You know I’m joking. I guess I just need a bit of time to adjust to the attention.”

Harry smiled at Draco, “Take whatever time you need, because I intend on spoiling you as often as I’m able.”

“I’m sure I’ll get used to it,” Draco said, “and for what it’s worth, I’ve considered you my boyfriend since sixth year.”

note: the ~first time~ featuring awkward-but-attentive!sasuke. warnings include not particularly graphic smut and generally uncomfortable chatter.

“why are you being weird?”

sakura manages to stop feeling shy and embarrassed for a moment, opting to make sasuke aware of her irritation. “i’m not being weird,” she says sweetly enough. unlike him, she’s aware of this intimate moment and what it means and she doesn’t want to ruin it by talking too much or saying something stupid or just, in general, being an ass.

sasuke rolls his eyes. his attitude and actions and words are all killing the mood, but sakura decides to just ignore him, pressing her lips back against his. 

but he’s weirdly chatty in this moment and counters, “yes, you are.”

finally sakura groans. “because this is the first time i’m like…” she waves a hand around the general expanse of her bare torso. “around you.”



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Hola, beautiful! I just really really need to ask you a question: I saw a beautiful Malec edit of yours and I always wondered: beside the two-color pic, how do you also "invert" the colors of the write in order to put it over the image? I'm referring to the Magnus one, in particular, the one in red&blue where the write says "What are you afraid of?". Thank you so much! xx

Hey! I’ll answer your question in two separate parts under the read more since it’s a bit long. I guess this is a bit of a mini tutorial so.

How To Make The Thing On the Right

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I dreamed up an entire McLennon movie in my sleep last night and it was wonderful, with my boys performing a play and being criminals, which somehow tied in together. Once they were finally together, they stole a fancy car and John drove Paul along the highway at 160 m/h with the roof lowered in the middle of the night, and Paul was loving every second of it as he watched John dreamily with a big goofy smile on his face and encouraged him to go faster and faster, being positively ecstatic and high on love and life (and maybe something else), before he started sliding his fingers along John’s jaw and over his stubbled cheeks, turning his head to him and kissing him. They were living together in a cute small, but terribly messy apartment and were happy and in love and finally together, but then John died during a (gun?)fight with someone (robin hood?), who possibly had it out for him because he was gay. Broken-hearted and alone, Paul could not stop crying as he went to the beach after the funeral to throw his last memories of John (a piece of his shirt and a tiny amber ball, though I don’t know what that was about) into the ocean before he walked away and committed suicide with tears streaming down his face to be with John and not have to deal with the pain that was ripping him apart any longer (I did not see him do this, but it was clear Paul was going to from how he left the beach, still crying but determined). The little ball didn’t go far away enough and was brought back onto land and got caught between the rocks, which somehow seemed significant…

It was heartbreaking and I almost woke up crying, but beautiful too, especially that car scene.

I feel like season six of natsuchou is bringing natsume closer to his manga personality than before. It isn’t an issue, they changed almost nothing about his character to begin with, but I’ve noticed it. He’s just a little bit more openly exasperated and annoyed in certain situations (i.e. with shibata or nyanko) and slightly more careful abt jumping straight into trouble (although he always ends up doing just that). I think it’s a show of his development, but maybe part of it is also to make the manga and the anime match even more. Nbd either way I just wonder where it’s going.

When a pre-t, pre surgery trans person says they are the opposite sex (ex. a transman saying they are a man, or a trans woman saying they are a woman), they are aware they are biologically not that.

You dont say “you’re a woman right now. but with hormones you’ll become a man!” NO. I am a man right now, my body just needs adjustments to match up. I am still a man, just a very uncomfortable and dysphoric man.



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"Oh hey what's going on this blo-" **SUDDEN RAGING FONTCEST**

I suddenly realize I was supposed to use this image to reply this message only but then I used it on another ask but this is ok all I need is just tiny adjustment

Cheeky Bets

“No Harry you cheated!” you shouted, “I totally won!”

“Obviously not love,” he smirked. Harry and you had a bet of who would win at game of mini-golf. You would have beaten him if he hadn’t cheated the entire game. He pushed you when you swung, he moved your ball when he thought you weren’t looking, and didn’t write the correct score down.

 Fighting with him would do no good. He knew he couldn’t beat you fair and square so he had to cheat. Both of you were very competitive and could turn almost anything into a competition. And many times that meant raising the stakes. Normally the stakes weren’t too high; it would be something stupid like what you had for dinner. However the stakes this time were completely different. Whoever won at mini-golf would choose something new to try in the bedroom.

Harry and your sex life was far from boring and yet the two you were always wanting to experiment. The problem was there were so many different things to try and the two of you couldn’t agree on one. One night you’d planned to try something, but instead argued about what to try. By the time the fight was over it was neither of you wanted to even have sex.

The whole week Harry had been smirking and making smart ass comments. If you’d been paying attention you may have caught on that he was dropping hints of what was to come, but you just thought he was being his normal self. He was always making cheeky comments so you never would have guessed anything out of the ordinary. The comment that should have alerted you was when Harry came up behind you running his hands all over your ass saying, “Always love this ass. M’gonna put it to good use soon.”

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His Light

Request: “god damn I got another okay so it’s Kylo’s and reader’s first times? and Kylo is actually Ben? idk what age Kylo turned and left his mom and dad, but let’s say he’s old-ish; 16-21. so maybe have it very caring and sweet and loving? and they’ve been dating for a while and they’re nervous and such blah blah xx

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 2121

Warnings: Smut

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“Ben.” You whispered. “Do you promise?”

“Promise what?” he frowned, his large hand intertwining with yours.

“That you’ll never leave me.”

“You know I wouldn’t.”


“I promise.”

You exhaled shakily, your eyes watering up. You knew it was a lie, but at least he didn’t know it was. You knew that the ways of the Jedi were weighing down on Ben. His power couldn’t be contained to the order and rules that Luke had set out, and it was starting to show.

“We’ll always be together, you and me.” He smiled, swinging his legs off the edge.

You were both sat on the edge of a Cliffside, overlooking the temple. It was your secret spot; where you’d always come to talk, and sometimes make out without the worry of being caught. If Luke found out he would freak. Dusk had descended on the quiet planet, and you could see the other students’ tiny figures in the distance heading back to their quarters.

“Eighteen tomorrow.” You shook your head with a small smile. “That’ll make for an entire year.”

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