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  • Anything related to archaeology/anthropology 
  • Percy Jackson
  • Harry Potter
  • Everything, Everything

So this just showed up on my dash and I’m done, you guys, I am done undo the heat death of the universe. I have said before that the soft Nazi Kylux aesthetic pisses me right the fuck off, because it does, but this, right here? This is not soft Nazi anything. This is taking a direct quote from the actual fascist neo-Nazi politics that are happening right now and reframing it as a cute joke between two characters - who, need I remind you, are literal fucking space Nazis - as a way to promote their ‘ship.    

what the actual fuck

Like. I can, if I squint really fucking hard and ignore the giant racist fandom elephant that is people writing more fics for the white guy space Nazi villains of TFA than for the female and POC heroes despite the fact that Hux barely features in the fucking movie - if I put on my most charitable fandom hat and say that, yes, I understand that Adam Driver and Domhnall Gleeson are nice dudes IRL and that some people find them very attractive even though neither one of them does anything for me personally, and of course said people are entitled to write what they want, and not all fics have to be wholesome and not all characters have to be cinnamon rolls, etc etc etc - then I can understand the appeal of Kylux. I can stay in my lane and out of the tag and get on with my goddamn life.

But this? I don’t know how the fuck to read or contextualise this as anything other than someone saying, “I have drawn a direct line between the literal space Nazis of Star Wars and the actual fascist neo-Nazis currently running the United States, and instead of interpreting this parallel as a deliberate and ringing condemnation of Nazism in the Star Wars universe, I’ve decided to embrace it as part of my cute white ‘ship and turn a real-time fascist slogan into a humanising joke between two literal space Nazis in a way that highlights their Nazism while making it seem harmless.”

Milo Yiannopoulos and his merry band of fascist white cisgay dudes would probably think this is super cute and hilarious, and that is why it makes me want to set my fucking tumblr on fire. 

Speaking to white people as a white person, we need to shut this shit down, especially within the queer community. “Ship and let ship” ≠ normalising or humanising fascism and Nazism, and especially not at a point in time when both those things are fucking the world up. DO NOT FUCKING DO THIS, OH MY GOD.

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I just saw your last anon and the tags and it's like, there's Alec hate on my dash right now and it's making me sick. Someone is accusing that Alec didn't "do enough" to try to help Magnus in the last episode when he thought they switched bodies and we need to stop "excusing" him for it and that the episode was shitty writing, etc. Meanwhile I'm just sitting here thinking how incredible that episode was and I don't even care lmfao.

yeah i saw that post lol like people are…..….let me just quote myself from here (lol so pretentious and self congratulatory im sorry): 

“people don’t even try to even think for a second why - it’s all just, he was wrong, he didn’t know, he didn’t notice, he listened to jace instead of his gut, he should be sorry, why didn’t he know, etc. etc. but the point of it is that it was basically an impossible situation - the point was that we knew, but knowing alec’s position – not knowing, being cautious and logical by nature, and having seen valentine’s reprehensibility and manipulations up close and personal – we would understand why it was such a difficult judgment and situation to be in without pointing fingers in blame like little tiny children 

but like…..tbh they overestimated the fandom lol“

first of all….obviously, if we’re talking about the writing, then the gaping hole is the fact that alec could have “tested” fake magnus in some way and then gotten confirmation of the switch and all would have been a-okay. but….this is television….that’s the same reason clary and jace would never do a DNA test to figure out their true identities instead of the 4 dramatic reveals we’ve had…drama on tv doesn’t always make sense. so first of all, i’ll give you this - he could have checked, the episode couldve ended in 15 minutes and magnus would be shaken up but overall  fine and we probably wouldn’t be seeing as drastic of repercussions as we’re likely going to see in his arc in episodes to come. this is absolutely 100% fair enough. i agree that he could have and should have checked in some way, but i also posit that this is TV and sometimes that means heightening tension and suspending a bit of disbelief, but to each their own, not everyone has to agree with that being a necessary evil in tv writing. it’s also true that it likely could have been avoided in some way, but until we know the implications of what happened in this episode, im not going to judge whether it was a good or a bad call

but let’s think about it just in terms of the actual narrative here, not thinking about TV writing and drama and all that. 

[under the cut]

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heap a tonne of praise on 6 of ya fave blogs

ohhh jeez this is hard because i have just…so many favourites! Six? SIX! anon you’re so cruel.

okay so i just heaped a load of praise on my one true love @vckaarrob so she doesn’t get to have any more

i’m pretty much 97% here for the good lols and so i’ve gotta say @bartsugsy because lo is just an absolute queen of hilarious content and i just LOVE whenever i see lo on my dash, i know i’m gonna be blessed with some first class meta mixed in with things that are gonna make me smile and nod in agreement and just generally fall a little bit more in love lbr. and also we had THE BEST of times on canal street and it’ll forever be one of my best nights okay 

and i have so much love for our lorna @capseycartwright - not only is she just an absolute master when it comes to writing (i fall in love with every single word of everything lorna writes) but also i am just so in awe of how passionate lorna is about all of the important things and i only wish i had half her courage and tenacity, honestly. i’m also a big fan of lorna’s text posts because they are all at once hilarious and relatable af and sometimes i feel like i’m just clogging up your notifications with my likes but then i can’t stop myself

and i can’t not mention jen! @beautifulhigh completes our little trio and we wouldn’t be the same without her - she’s the fic writing extraordinaire and honestly i am just so excited for her big bang fic because it is going to fucking destroy me in the best possible way! and despite her questionable taste in biscuits, she makes up for it in many other ways <3

@evak-malec Bec is an absolute little angel! If i’m looking to have my heart broken i know i need look no further than bec because her gifsets and the quotes she uses are just like a dagger straight to the feels, absolutely in the best way possible! Bec is super talented and i know when i see her name on my dash i’m gonne get something that’s gonna give me feelings. And then all at the same time bec does the incorrect quote gifs which are hilarious and accurate af. and to top it all off bec is the sweetest and loveliest person! and i loved our love island chats i miss the villa is it next year yet? 

@aarondingel Haley is one of my faves for so many reasons. Haley is super talented at making gifs and her content brightens up my dash on a daily basis, we are so blessed to have her! the way haley loves aaron dingle just fills me with warm and fuzzy feelings and makes me so happy. haley was one of the first people to bother to talk to me when i joined tumblr and she was so sweet and welcoming, and every so often haley will pop into my inbox with a little message of support and love and i don’t know how she does it but she always seems to do it when i need to read it the most, and i’m forever so grateful for how lovely and amazing she is! 

@scrapyardboyfriends is just one of the most talented people in this entire fandom! I really hope you know how much we all appreciate you! the art she produces is out of this world, and sometimes it’s just so romantic and powerful at conveying the feelings involved, and then sometimes it’s wonderfully nsfw ;) and then sometimes it’s just snarky and hilarious and exactly what i need to see on my dash at all times. and i’ve not read all the plotdale eps but the ones i have read are just so brilliant!

honestly there are just so many other who are also my faves. screw it anon you can’t restrict me to six so i’m just gonna list the rest of my faves @thisdamndesire @fakehappyaaron @littlelooneyluna @bubblebuttsugden @lesfemmesdangereuses @ryanhawleysthighs @flawswelove @memorieswarm @dingleminyard @dasoni @escapingreality51 @aarobron @theprincessed @bluewinseverytime @robertssofttouchxaaronssoftlad @longlivethefreakinme @sapphicsugden @smugfacesuggle @robertsuggers @annemonyk-g who are all a+++ brilliant for so many different reasons

and agh this makes me stressed because i’ve probably missed people off but just IF I FOLLOW YOU THEN I THINK YOU’RE AWESOME OKAY

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  • monochrome anime gifs
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  • clean manga caps
  • monochrome art
  • nsfw/ only slight gore/yaoi or yuri
  • quotes ( depressing, relatable, inspirational etc. )

thank you  ❤ 

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i just finished reading aftg so i need more of the foxes on my dash. 

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  • aftg !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • the raven cycle
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  • aesthetic/photography/typography
  • literature (ya, classics, etc.)
  • mythology
  • poetry/quotes

mutuals can you help me spread the word? thank you!

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quoting their status post: "Wow... that's just cruel! Why did you have to tell everyone this?! Now pure making me the fucking enemy!" don't bargain with them. don't ever unblock them. even when they try to send someone on their behalf to apologize (they tend to do that often). they will never realize they did something wrong.

She needs to grow up.

I’m not unblocking her, I have negative sympathy for her. She’s what, 17? 18? She’s old enough to know better. a child knows better. You don’t mess with things that aren’t yours!

She can play victim all she wants, and she can even get people to sympathize with her. At the end of the day, she’s still in the wrong, and people are going to get tired of her bullshit.

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Reblog if your blog is mainly or mostly has one or multiple of these:

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  • Pretty flowers
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  • Motivational stuff!

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Larry Heart eyes Masterpost :)

(No particular order)

uhm Harold you okay there what the heck

probably one of my favourites bc isbdiknwfknqipfngpiqbfnvjhqbfh THE WHOLE WORLD FREEAKING STOPS WHEN THEY LOOK AT EACH OTHER  okay bye im gonna go drown in my tears

yeah you know the usual- just looking at my really platonic friend like he’s a fucking greek god and just lOOK AT THEIR FUCKING HANDS AND LOUIS THUMB LIGHTLY BRUSHING HARRY’S HAND I JUST OKAY THIS IS THE REASON I KMS



u can hear me crying in south africa and im fucking german okay


“Holy shit oh my god oh my god he’s looking at me he’s so beautiful and pretty and is he even real oh god ashdbhvfdhvbajhsdb lemme blink real quick to make sure he’s real okay wow” - probably harry-needs-to-chill-styles

harry’s you-are-the-most-beautiful-thing-i-have-ever-seen-and-i-could-honestly-stare-at-you-for-hours-bc-fuck-how-are-you-even-real look



seriously though how can u not ship larry after watching the video diaries. (they were the reason i started shipping it btw) 

mutual looks of adoration

no comment

uhm louis. uhm harry. xfactor fetus larry makes me cry so im just gonna move on 

super cute mutual look even though it’s just for a second but anywayssssss

i-will-worship-you-till-the-day-i-die-oh-and-btw-your-lips-look-so-fucking-soft-and-i-just-wanna-fucking-feelthemaroundmydick-kiss-you look

Louis’ “you-are-the-cutest-thing-on-earth-and-i-just-wanna-makeyoumoanbytuggingonyourcurlswhileyouregivingmeablowjob-cuddle-you-forever” look

cutie patooties beeing all giggly and stuff

louis’ look of pure admiration is the reason i cry at night

if you’re really quiet you can hear me sobbing in the distance


uhm sorry harry but can u like chill for a minute 

This one is from the amazing interview where Harry’s sexually frustrated to the max and leans in to kiss Louis but then with Louis help catches himself cfwjehbfqbefibeiw. Look at them and tell me they’re not in love (and i’m probably going to refer you to an eye doctor or like a psychologist. probably both.)


harold u creep

this gif gets me every time though. i have no words.

fuck louis.

harold needs jesus oh wait it seems like he’s sitting next to him

i am so gonna fuck you later



can u hear me screaming

this is one of the worst (not really heart eyes but JUST LOOK DCNWJNEFIC) 

boyfriends bein giggly and dorky af makes me want to jump off a cliff

Okay that’s it for now. I know it’s mostly old stuff from like 2012 but we all know what happened with management and how shit went down.

But still check out my proof masterpost later or tomorrow bc i’ll try to add more recent proof :)

Ohhhh almost forget to show you something I found :’D

Harry’s 3 ways of giving Louis heart eyes:





okay so as i said there aren’t many recent larry moments on here but (sorry i know i’m saying this for the third time now) i’m gonna link TONS of larry videos with recent moments as well :)

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First Line Meme

I was tagged by @sweet-fenlen and @for-the-love-of-solas. Thank you both so much! <3

Rules: Post the first line of a WIP and tag as many people as there are words in the quote.

Ha, joke’s on y’all. I have about ten thousand WIPs, but I picked my main two, because I didn’t want to do just one. :P

The opening line for the novel I’m working on:

An eerie silence at last fell over the field as the fog rolled in, mixing with the dark smoke, effectively dampening visibility.

Chapter 20 of Monachopsis:

Crestwood was in desperate need of help after all, even though the mayor of the village nearly turned down their offer.

Judging by the insane flood of these I’ve had on my dash today, I’m pretty sure that everyone I know has done this. If you haven’t and would like to, please do and tag me in it so I can see it! ^^

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I see these all the time so I figured, why not???

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  • blue aesthetic
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  • pokemon
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  • nature photography
  • motivation to get up in the morning =-=
  • life hacks/ tips
  • soft grunge or pastel goth tumblrs 
  • black lives matter movement
  • FOOOOOD >w
  • writing posts/prompts or visual prompts
  • anime
  • concept art
  • quotes
  • musicals (broadway or DVD) AKA The Obsession I Wasn’t Prepared For™ (thanks middle school band class for most of these)… HAMILTON ‘CAUSE DUH (waiting for the movie adaptation of this omg), Newsies, Phantom of the Opera (2004), Sound of Music, The Music Man, West Side Story… others because I want this list to grow and apparently I show favouritism over ones from the 60′s
  • psychology facts
  • studyblr (study and organizational tips desperately needed)
  • school/office supplies 
  • animals 
  • come at me with them HORROR FLICKS Oldies also welcomed–any horror/horror-thriller/psych-thriller (preferably w/o excessive gore/gure) movies thAT ARE NOT FROM THE YEAR 2015 I’M DEAD SERIOUS .
  • planetary topics: nebulas/stars/constellations/universe/space dust
  • cool science experiments/history facts
  • Disney(-Pixar)/DreamWorks Animation
  • Genderbends (Masc. Esmeralda completes me)

If you’ve read this far: thanks, lol I’ll wrap it up

  • tag urself 
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  • shopping (for the Financially Challenged™ such as myself) 
  • book suggestions 
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  • music (namely Melanie Martinez, Sam Smith, Troye Sivan, Halsey, TOP, P!ATD, 5SOS, (anything classical, current, remixed, or chill) or similar artists 
  • celebs and tv (anyone watch Shondaland?? TWD?? Steven Universe??)
  • video games in general tbh
  • signal boosts from time to time
  • street fashion, especially from Europe and Japan 
  • androgynous fashion 
  • minimalist aesthetic 
  • different (non-american) cultures/places/languages  
  • history of japan video (i lost it :c)
  • kawaii things like Rilakkuma, Gudetama, Kirby, etc.
  • ALICE IN WONDERLAND (theme not movies) ♥cheshire♥ 
  • charities, hospitals, and donations 
  • AAAAAAANND…current events 


  • send me an ask :D I’m sorta awkward at first (who isn’t haha) but I still enjoy talking to people and making friends or if you just wanna rant or ask for advice that’s fine too haha

This list is getting obnoxiously lengthy, something I’ll restrain myself from, I admit I am a person of many interests. But I literally need any and every thing to revive the drought that has swept across my dash TToTT… Thanks for any assistance you can lend :D

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I noticed that when the issues that dark skinned black females face come up on my dash or just in General, a lot of my light skinned sister tend to go to hush mode. I also noticed that a lot of my light skinned sister still wanna rep #teamlightskinned and think that quotes like,” Every light skinned girl needs a dark skinned bestie” are not offensive. I had to speak. I didn’t want to on this day because I was afraid folk may think I’m being cliche’ but it was on my mind. This isn’t even all of it.