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I'm not against it, but here

Okay, everyone is going off about Noodle and Stuart being gay… That’s not official, I think it’s sort of annoying. Not everything has to be gay. I get this is tumblr, but… Not everyone is homosexual or bisexual. By all means I’m no homophobic, but it’s just REALLY annoying for some reason. It’s not cannon, and k really hope it isn’t, because for a change we need some straightness sometimes? Lmao, I’ve just seen so many people getting attacked for making Gorillaz straight, and it’s pissing me off. In my eyes, Mudzy is the only bi one there, he’s over sexualized and clearly attracted to both genders. 2D, isn’t gay. He had GIRLFRIENDS. Noodle just… doesn’t seem gay, none of us really know shit about Noodle, admit it… she just doesn’t seem gay to me. Just.. stop pushing it. Who fucking knows though.. it’s just so annoying.

Fire in the sky above.
It burns with desire.
Just like our love.
Vivid colors so bright.
It reminds me of you and I.
Beautiful souls entwined as one.
We’re unique and having fun.
No one has to know.
It’s between just us two.
All I ever need is you.
Simple pleasures make us glad.
Our love is special and really rad.

-Tiffany K ©(2017)

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hello hello so you're like my favorite tumblr acc and i need some advice and idk i feel like you could help out??? i really like this guy and he knows i like him and he makes me happy and he's just fjienfieirbf but i'm pretty sure he has a gf but like it's rumored that they're breaking up soon????? and how do i t a l k to him ?? like what do i do??? help me please???

Oh gosh

I’m seriously the worst person to ask about these kinds of things

I’ve liked the same guy since I was 12 and I still haven’t told him

Do any of my followers have any advice??

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If Noctis wasn't royalty, would you give him a second glance?

*skids back into Tumblr proper after avoiding my feed for almost two days because spoilers* K BACK AFTER BEATING EPISODE PROMPTO SO WHAT’S THE QUESTION AGAIN?

Would I take a look at Noctis if…


I don’t care that he’s royalty tho. I don’t want to be queen. I just want his D.

Cause he’s fucking hot. And needs to be doing me. With Ignis. And Gladio. And Prompto.

I had this exact post blocked for me to see even though it’s my o w n post so I emailed for help. Their response was only “If you’re under 18 you can’t turn off safe mode” wow thank you that solved everything. Now I go on and I have to request them to unmark my own post as nsfw when it’s literally just cosplay? I’m 17 I’m not going to be posting or creating a nsfw blog till I’m of age because I k n o w the legal repercussions. Fuck you tumblr honestly. I know you apologized but you didn’t fix the issue. I as a minor do not need my safe for work content marked as nsfw when I am still able to look at as many penises on tumblr as I could please. @staff The. Algorithms. Don’t. Work.

I had a drawing session with @the-emu-can-draw and they suggested I draw Luna Lovegood. I absolutely adore this character… Luna is just too amazing… Anyway, so I drew her! (As usual, ignore the hands; they are Riddikulus…)

Tungle Hell - A masterpost

“Oh, you feel attracted to dicks? That’s so good! You only like vaginas? You transphobic piece of shit.”

"I’m so gay” - Says a bisexual.

“I’m so qweer” - Say the straights who have never been called slurs and wanna so bad to be oppressed.

“We belong in the LGBT community we’re asexual/aromantic/demisexual/other make-up shit that doesn’t even exist outside Tumblr.” - Say the straights because apparently not wanting to fuck someone and not liking romance is a sexual orientation now.

“We, "non offending” pedophiles, belong in the LGBT community because the LGBT community is about celebrating the bizarre! We “non offending” pedophiles are not pedophiles, just mentally ill people, we need help. We don’t sexualize children, we just jerk off to hentai child porn. We’re not harming anybody, child molesters are the REAL villains!”

*Some kid with a Steven Universe icon* - I’m non-binary because I used makeup once/cut my hair short once.

“The K in LGBTQKIA refers to kink. We are qweer and a minority and we belong in the LGBT community!” - Say men who want to be oppressed because they enjoy beating women.

“Language changes all the time! For example, I’m a lesbian who’s actually bisexual. I suck dick everyday and that’s valid!”

“Honestly terfs are so dangerous, they all killed thousands of transwomen and if you don’t agree suck on my dick and die you fucking terf!”

“If you only like someone with a certain genitalia, you’re reducing people to their genitals, like *SURPRISE SURPRISE* misogynists!”

“There are way more ways to have sex than to use your genitalia!”, “If you’re lesbian you’re attracted to women, not genitals!” - Say the rape apologists and homophobes desguising as liberals because apparently people feel attracted to pronouns and gender identity nowadays and not SEX.

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ok. ok listen. i am so emotional about Kal Skirata. the man never stopped to consider if he had the resources or abilities to adopt the nulls, and then every other clone he spent more than three hours with. he just saw that SOMEONE had to DO SOMETHING and SO HELP HIM HE DID EVERYTHING HE POSSIBLY COULD. he is an inspiration to us all, if only we all had what it takes to see where someone needs us and help them without looking back. he's a blessing and i love him.

My frien d Heartache does not have a tumblr so she sent me this to share all of the Kal feelings. T h an k y oU NOw im twice as emotional i love him so much
And yes
I too aspire to give candy and good things to all my clone sons

The four types of K-Pop fans:
  • The drama queen: every little thing happening to their idols inspire a whole thesis with introduction, arguments, tears and conclusion.
  • The meme generator: comedy geniuses, able to make fun of any kind of disgrace and make others feel guilty for laughing at it.
  • The Sherlock: these NSA/CIA agents can find ANYTHING their idols did from birth to debut, including ex gfs, crushes, ebay accounts, childhood pets and thoughts.
  • Me: just sitting here, sipping my tea and watching while youtube, tumblr and twitter tell me everything I need to know.

Wowie wow wow. Yet another crappy art blog. Just what tumblr needed! :D

Well if my lame self-deprecating and sarcastic idiocy hasn’t driven you away yet, then I guess you’re in the right place…? Idk, do what you want, m8.

So uh hi. I’m Maddy and my parents made the terrible mistake of getting me an art tablet lmao. I basically live in my room now and I only come out for food. I like making art sometimes so I might as well share it with the internet :))

Things you should know about me are that I’m a hardcore k-pop fan, and I’m particularly trashy for groups like EXO and Astro. I also enjoy anime and otome games. I’m basically an Asia nerd. Expect a lot of that

Things I wanna make on this blog:

  • Fanart
  • Comics
  • Memes
  • Animatics
  • Animations
  • Gifs
  • AU’s
  • OC’s
  • Original Storylines/Plots

So maybe you wanna stick around and stare at my doodles for 2 seconds before continuing to scroll through your feed~

okay so I was just looking at my blurryface album and noticed something I haven’t seen before on tumblr or anywhere. why hasn’t anyone questioned why there are 15 designs yet 14 songs? is there a 15th song we don’t know about yet? what is this? also, what is the white blank blob randomly on it? I need answers.

Every fuckin’ night I drown my demons,
Staring at the bottom of the bottle,
Downing the bottle of pills,
Push it all to the back burner,
No longer wanting to feel,
Fucked all night to feel happy,
I’m an addict who can’t let go,
Begging the doctor for more and more,
Don’t cut me off now sir,
I need my damn fix,
Just a lonley girl with a pills and bottles.

- K. Paul

            hiatus notice!! alright, friends!! the time has come where i do my yearly ‘ kayla goes out of town with little to no internet for a week thing     i will be leaving SUNDAY THE 18th and will return sometime SATURDAY THE 24th. i’ve got a queue running with drafts, and other random bullshit to hopefully keep y’all entertained until i return!! i will not be on a lot, but, if you DO happen to need me, i can be found sparingly on s.kype / k.ik / d.iscord until saturday, as well as on tumblr im’s this blog. ( seeing as it is my main. ) have a great week, take care of yourselves, and i’ll catch you on the flipside!!