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Yeah, Rose “Always Did What She Wanted” Quartz wasn’t stubborn at all

THANKS FOR SUGGESTING GUYS. The kids design are complete!
From left to right, Zen’s, Jumin’s, Saeyoung’s, Saeran’s, Jaehee’s and Yoosung’s. 

Only Saeyoung’s and Saeran’s child has their official name, Ha-neul and Ha-yun. I’m still deciding for the other. Feels free to suggest Korean name~

The Choi’s are the oldest while the other are younger than them and Yoosung’s daughter the youngest. I have reasons why their design and gender like this~ Will give full info sometime. :3c


Okay since someone said there are no Rika or V children. As I wrote on my previous post before, this AU is still roughly planned. I’m still trying to think on how to make V and Rika have their happy ending. There WILL or MIGHT be Rika and V children or Rika x V children- It is a parallel world AU so anything is possible. (Please read my AU explanation thread)


Jumin’s daughter name is Mi-joo han and Zen’s son is Jin-sun. Yoosung’s will be Chae-rin. Only Jaehee’s son is unnamed. I will quick color them once I have some free time.

  • allura takes her father’s place in the war bc alfor is old
  • lance is mushu
  • shiro is shang obviously and he doesn’t know who this stranger with white hair is but they are going to be trained properly if he has anything to say about it
  • pidge, hunk and keith are the other recruits, respectively. keith is “king of the rock” and they all love tormenting the secretary, coran(?)
  • where is my fanfic, the fanart

I’m considering writing an andreil au where Neil’s mom is alive (they had gotten separated when Nathan found them, and Neil assumed she had died and kept running without her)

and she catches up with him at Palmetto after seeing his face on Kathy Ferdinand’s show. 


#round 2     
         (the original)

  • But imagine we’re a quarter of the way through season seven and episode 4 opens and we’re in the Milkovich house. 
  • Mickey’s laying in bed. 
  • His eyes are shut but he’s not really asleep. 
  • His body is turned away from the door which stands open. 
  • A figure suddenly appears in the doorway. It’s Ian.
  • Mickey hears the footsteps but doesn’t roll over. Instead he just mumbles ‘Fuck off’ into his pillow.
  • Ian doesn’t retreat. 
  • He approaches the bed and slowly sits on the edge - on Mickey’s side.
  • Mickey’s laying in the space Ian’s body used to take up when they were together, before everything got so goddamn screwed up.
  • Mickey still doesn’t turn but his heart is beating so hard he thinks he’s going to die. 
  • He knows there’s only one person who would be so gentle.Only one person who would be so calm in the Milkovich house. Only one person who should approach him warily because they’re the same person who broke his heart. The person that promised to wait for him but didn’t. The person who’s name is scarred on his chest, spelt wrongly, just like their relationship. The one person he doesn’t want to see but also the one person he’s scared he’ll never see again. 
  • He doesn’t turn around in case it’s just another dream, another of his alcohol induced fantasies. 
  • After all he’s been out for weeks and Ian still hasn’t visited, hasn’t contacted.
  • And yet it’s Ian Gallagher’s voice that cuts through the silence of the Milkovich house. 
  • He doesn’t say ‘Sorry’. 
  • He doesn’t say ‘I love you’
  • He doesn’t say any of the things Mickey wants to hear but he says the one thing that gives Mickey hope. 
  • Ian simply says ‘I’m sorry I’m late.’ 
  • And Mickey knows that one day he’ll forgive Ian. That one day they’ll be happy again. That one day they’ll grow old together. That every day until their last day they’ll protect each other.

i’ve been screaming since that Utena-inspired drawing of Jasper and Lapis

It’s confirmed: Jasper and Lapis’ dynamic were influenced by Juri and Shiori’s in Revolutionary Girl Utena (at least to a certain extent). Complicated. Unhealthy. Petty. More negative than positive. That’s just covering the surface.

Consider this: Shiori always did get a sick kick out of making Juri suffer. the reason for her actions stem from a place of low self-worth; Juri was always “popular” and “strong”, unlike Shiori who was plain and unnoticeable. Shiori was so frustrated by herself that she took everything out of Juri.

Now, let’s look at Alone at Sea and what was revealed in that episode: Lapis admits to harming Jasper. She got a kick out of it. The reason, once again, is misdirected anger. Lapis, angry with the crystal gems, angry at homeworld, angry at earth, has all these feelings that have to be released and Jasper was the one she took her frustration out on.

Both Jasper and Juri are introduced to their respective series as stoic, steadfast, and powerful individuals, but their countenance is shattered by what could conventionally be considered lesser, weaker people. What’s interesting is that, despite this, Jasper and Juri cannot emotionally detach themselves from their sources of misery. At least not on their own.

Obviously, they go back for completely different reasons. For Juri, it was love (in its masochistic form) and the search for something eternal (like everyone else in the RGU cast). For Jasper, it was to reclaim power that she could only dream of. Regardless, the point remains that they are incomplete without the people who have hurt them.

It makes me wonder if the parallels will stop here or if they will continue. Jasper seems to have more of a presence in Season 3 of Steven Universe, so there is a chance that this could be further explored. However, we must also consider that, much unlike Utena, Steven Universe does away with unhealthy relationships much faster; Lapis put a clear end to her relationship with Jasper in Alone at Sea. In Gem Hunt, it appears Jasper has already moved on to bigger and better plans.

But the trauma she underwent as Malachite is driving her at this point, not the cunning ruthlessness that had characterized her in Season 1. Therefore, it’s also safe to assume that her journey with Lapis is far from over.


9x01 ”I Think I’m Going To Like It Here” // 9x23 “Do You Believe in Miracles
Welcoming Death Like An Old Friend

Posted as part of the Series “Of Blood, Bone and Darkness”:
A Carver Era Rewatch Hiatus Meta-Series

There really isn’t a lot to say here as I think the gifs make the parallels pretty clear, but I just need to express how well done and heartbreakingly the events of the first episode of S9 are revisited in the last episode of S9. Especially the way the dialogue is shot between Sam and Dean. From the holding on to each other, right to the pat on the cheek for the final goodbye - it’s all there. Only with the roles reversed…

Put a hand up in the air if you’d die to see Tony not only believing in Peter Parker in Homecoming/Infinity War I&II, but also that 15 year-old spider kid from Queens believing right back at the man who’d sacrificed everything just to try and do the right thing for once, the man who just wanted to avenge the kids he felt responsible for the death of, just like Peter did with uncle Ben.


09x15 “#THINMAN”
11x08 “Just My Imagination”
That Thing about Heroes…

I loved that they brought this small piece back and set it into perspective. Especially considering that both episodes dealt with a fictional/made up creature that suddenly wasn’t all that imaginary anymore. On top of that this week’s episode dealt with heroes and heroic acts of various kinds, which connects perfectly with Sam and Dean even as kids wishing to be heroes. Tragically in their adult life they are unable to see that both of them are heroes. Deeply flawed ones at that too, but heroes nonetheless.