i just need nine of his faces eating

Genuine Domestic Basis -  [prompted by @hatershunter​ ]

It was a fine morning in Ame, where the rain had softened to a misty drizzle and the sunlight poured through in patchy spots. Ame was a great spot for rainbows on mornings like this – all the water and the metal were very reflective, and the air was full of colour. And there Hidan was, up with the sun and just finished his morning prayers, ready for breakfast and quietly minding his own business.

…Admittedly this was a pretty suspect start to any day, especially if Hidan was the one telling the story.

Hidan was not a reticent or introverted person, and the business he minded was rarely just his own; it was Kakuzu’s, at least, and most of the others’, when they were around. When he wasn’t picking fights, he was usually offering suggestions as to how they might better recommend their souls to the god of suffering, which didn’t really endear him to anyone.

Nevertheless, Hidan actually was minding his own business. He was sitting in the broad common room, eating his breakfast and watching Sasori shove Deidara down the stairs and across the room toward their large, messy communal kitchen, bickering all the way.

Sleep, danna–”

“You’ve had hours to sleep–”

Two. I’ve had two hours. I need nine.

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The Blind Date - Halloween Drabbles

Masterlist | Halloween Drabbles

N/A: I’m following this Halloween Prompt thingy :) I’m quite blocked so probably most of what I’ll do is going to be s*it… but well, send one in if you want to!

I’ll be doing them today and tomorrow… unless I decide I suck at doing drabbles, which can happen too!

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12. You are the tenth zombie I asked about being my blind date.  I don’t care if you aren’t them are not.  I’m tired from looking, I don’t need you to talk, I just need you to help me eat this sundae. + Jungkook

‘Good night!’

In that gloomy restaurant he was the only person dressed as a zombie. It had to be him, so you plopped on the couch in front of the zombie boy with an annoyed smile and a sigh. In comparison to the last nine zombies you had faced, he was extremely cute, even with his poorly applied make up.

‘You must be… Jimin, right?’ You leaned forward with interest, analyzing his gorgeous features. He was all big eyes, and soft skin, and it really was an improvement, since the last zombie boy you had talked to was a thirty year old with obvious mommy issues. ‘Please, tell me you are Park Jimin. I’m desperate.’

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