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there’s no denying that Hearth is a cutie🌸

I love everything about this scene. Martin throwing food and doing that little ‘whoo!’ thing. Gripps dancing his heart out. Cross having found a mallet already and having buns in his hair (who did that and didn’t film it, guys? I wanted to see that happen). The guy in the Kellum Knight box helmet thing doing the little dance.

You can outrun a centaur, but not a Mordrem Vinetooth

bc apparently vinetooths (vineteeth?) have golden sap for blood like sylvari, there’s nothing saying otherwise, fight me
or maybe it was mordrem champion…who knows


proof that Kirito loves Asuna just as much 

This all happened while one of my friends was dm'ing. As a bit of context we were walking through a volcano hunting for a few things for each of us, there was a elf ranger, halfling rouge, human samurai, a human gunslinger and a human wizard(brother sister combo) and a gnome bard (me), my main reason for wanting to enter this volcano was to kill a greater fire elemental to craft a flame sword. But our other reason was to hunt down a group of bandits who kept causing the samurai’s home city problems. And for our help we received a sentient airship

Samurai: well that’s the last of them. Let’s get back to the airship and get home. I don’t like being here.
Bard (me): no! We can’t leave yet! You all promised me that if I killed four of them we could rest up at their camp and go and find the fire elemental I need for my sword!
Gunslinger *sighs heavily*: I just know this will end badly but I guess he did kill seven of them.
Bard: because I was the only one who could.. I mean seriously. How was I, the one who was able to kill the seven head bandits but everyone else sat around with their thumbs up their butts?
-needless to say I was actin like a jerk for my character-
Samurai: fine! We will go!
Rouge,OOC: look, in just gonna follow, and say I did something, but there is really nothing here for me.
*everyone laughs as we rest up before our fight, long story short we find the elemental and realize it was a horrible idea*
Samurai, who is almost dead: can we run now!?
Bard, while at only one hp: NO! We almost got him! I can tell!
Gunslinger: why not just charm the thing?
DM: you could do that. Doubt it will work.
Gunslinger: yeah if I did that it wouldn’t work, but bards are the cause of all half creatures! *the gunslinger and the wizard both turn to me*
Wizard, OOC: I will give you ten bucks right now, if you can seduce the greater fire elemental and get us out of this fight.
Me, after having thought for a while: might as well give it a shot. *rolls a bat 20*
DM: I can’t believe that this is about to happen.. well the 67’ greater fire elemental seams to have fallen for the 4'2" gnome…
me, turning to the wizard who has a 20 in his hand, not even caring that I don’t have change, saying that I earned it.
-friends reference it constantly-

Just Gonna leave this here:

Drops the song Evermore from the Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack with Dan Stevens singing in the middle of the red queen fandom with a nice little note attached saying:  

Listen if you want Cal singing in RQ4 Feels. (: 

Enjoy, and happy crying, 

Lily (aka the sadistic person you love) 

Inktober Day 7
Yesterday’s prompt was sword. I decided that today’s prompt is also sword. Maybe tomorrow’s prompt will be sword again. Who knows? Swordtober. 

Geralt does not roll to dodge blows. He knows how to flip.

No one expects it.

Because why would someone who is 200+ pounds in armor be in the air, effortlessly evading everything? (This video is great. Geralt wouldn’t be doing this level of complicated tumbling, but just watch how cool it is).  Rolling is impractical because his swords are in the way, the ground may be uneven, but most important of all is: the last place a witcher wants to be is on the ground where he has limited movement.

It can be dangerous on rocky or slippery ground so Geralt pays attention to his footing and his surroundings. (Also, if he’s recovering from a leg injury he limits his flips as much as possible).

It’s a hell of an intimidation tactic.

My favorite dragon kids… The best dragon kids… I love them….

Also hey intsys when will Nils be in heroes 👀👀👀


So I recently started Samurai love ballad: party and I have to say, SO ADDICTED OH DEAR LORD! xD My good friend has been making me a fan of it’s characters for ages, so when I finally picked it up, as you can expect, I went crazy xD

Personally what I fell in love with instantly was the music and artwork. I loved how the music changed with the mood, which just enhanced the experience. Not to mention the MC actually having a mind of her own, which is usually not the case and honestly a let down in most otomes. She refreshingly has a great personality and a strong mind. I was hocked as soon as I finished the prologue. So if you are a fan of historical stories and romances. This game is definitely recommended from my end. And as a bonus the men are gorgeous as well haha(we all know most of you were wondering that lol). So ya, that’s what I am up to these days apart from other things. If anyone of you starts the game, do let me know how you found it. I am personally currently playing Masamune’s route and DAGNAMMIT KAWAI POTATOS STAPH. *ahem* Anyways, until next time peeps! Have fun!

                                   (My two potatos in all their glory)

For @elizadunc:

Kara stood straight and tall behind the throne, even though the only other person in the room was the server pouring out mead for Queen Catherine. 

“Will that be all, your majesty?”

“Have someone bring word as soon as my son returns,” the Queen instructs, sounding bored. Kara worries when the boredom creeps in. Those are the days they seem to become involved with conquering small, neighboring kingdoms, or issuing decrees that mean must not be allowed out after sundown, for fear they’ll misbehave.

Unlike her usual diet of well-cooked meat and cheeses on a bed of the palace’s freshest roughage, today the queen appears to be dining on some of Cook’s infamous chocolate cake, and an assortment of other treats that make Kara’s mouth water. The kitchen staff are generous with her, but no knight can eat on duty. Not in the presence of the royal family, at least. She just hopes her stomach doesn’t rumble and echo within her armor.

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Best news we could be given; next new sword isn’t another smithing campaign. The Shinsengumi kiwames are out too.

EDIT: Shinsengumi minus Kashuu. Whispers imagine the angst, Kashuu was broken historically now in the Citadel he’s getting left behind in terms of growing and getting stronger.

anonymous asked:

Could you share some of your headcanons for shadow?

!yes! i can! all these shadow asks, yall are killing me, letting me talk about my trash boy so much, you need to stop, (keep doing it)

i’ll shove this under a readmore because it ended at a whopping 1700 words, you guys are really indulging me

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Chronicles of Nick | Character Aesthetics | Nekoda Kennedy

‘Rise to the occasion, my daughter. Never let anyone tell you that you lack courage or conviction to see your tasks done. The only opinion that really matters is your own, and you are a creature of absolute beauty and strength, through and through.’ 

(40) Gladio’s pick-up lines.

Gladio: You know, Iggy, if I was an animal, I’d like to be a worm.
Ignis: I thought you’d want to be a lion or a bird like Bennu?
Gladio: Worm it is. Thing is, they’ve got 5 hearts. If I had that many hearts, I’d have space enough for my love for you to fit in. One is not enough. Five would just barely manage to hold it, but…
Ignis: …
Ignis: That’s…actually pretty swee-
Noctis: Hahaha, a worm. That’s pathetic. I’d be a dragon.
Prompto: I still want to be a chocobo. Got the hair already. And I’ve practiced my k’we, wanna hear it?
Gladio: I swear to the AstrALS I HATE YOU TWO SO MUCH.

In an unfortunate development, I am now awake