i just need my sword

there’s no denying that Hearth is a cutie🌸

Just Gonna leave this here:

Drops the song Evermore from the Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack with Dan Stevens singing in the middle of the red queen fandom with a nice little note attached saying:  

Listen if you want Cal singing in RQ4 Feels. (: 

Enjoy, and happy crying, 

Lily (aka the sadistic person you love) 

Geralt does not roll to dodge blows. He knows how to flip.

No one expects it.

Because why would someone who is 200+ pounds in armor be in the air, effortlessly evading everything? (This video is great. Geralt wouldn’t be doing this level of complicated tumbling, but just watch how cool it is).  Rolling is impractical because his swords are in the way, the ground may be uneven, but most important of all is: the last place a witcher wants to be is on the ground where he has limited movement.

It can be dangerous on rocky or slippery ground so Geralt pays attention to his footing and his surroundings. (Also, if he’s recovering from a leg injury he limits his flips as much as possible).

It’s a hell of an intimidation tactic.

Chronicles of Nick | Character Aesthetics | Nekoda Kennedy

‘Rise to the occasion, my daughter. Never let anyone tell you that you lack courage or conviction to see your tasks done. The only opinion that really matters is your own, and you are a creature of absolute beauty and strength, through and through.’ 

Ganondorf Just Can’t Win

Demise: Okay, I need a spirit for my sword that will resurrect me should I be defeated. The spirit will be the most brutal, malicious, traumatizing pawn for my cause.

*creates a flamboyantly dressed, self-conscious with looks, very fabulous spirit that obsesses at old drawings and with threads of fate*

Demise: Perfect

*Link defeats Demise*

Demise: Fuck!

*In Twilight Princess*

Ganondorf: Okay, I need a new pawn for my cause. I need the most diabolical, sinister and crafty Twili that will aid in my return to Hyrule.

*finds a suave Usurper that turns out to be a whacked out, nutcase that uses his magic to create more crazy copycats of himself to defeat Link and ends up being killed by another Twili*


*Later, in Hyrule Warriors*

Ganondorf: Listen up you dweebs! Conquer Hyrule with me or perish. Don’t disappoint me again! 

Ghirahim and Zant: Yes, Master.

*five minutes later

Ghirahim: Master, I want that building. It’s aesthetic to me! *brushes his hair backwards in a sexy manner*

Zant: *shouts “wwwwoooooooooo” while continuously spinning in circles with his scimitars*

*five seconds later*

Ghirahim: Master, I beg you. I need some assistance!

Zant: *shouts of crazy wailing* Master, h-help m-me!

Ganondorf: *facepalms* Fuck me. Just…fuck me 

I don’t know if it’s possible to become the physical embodiment of internal screaming but I think it’s happening to me


Arthur Pendragon - BBC Merlin

I tried my two finished versions! >w< I just need to make the sword now.
I wasn’t sure of how the chainmail fabric would look but, with the full stuff + wig and boots, it’s better than the first time I tried it so I’m a little reassured even tough it’s not a real one.
I can even move my arm more than I thought with the armor so it’s cool! But it’s soooo warm. @.@

I’ll bring both of them at Japan Expo (Paris, july) and at the shooting in Pierrefonds >ww< *sooooo excited*.

Anyway, I’m quite satisfied. >w< I’m waiting for Merlin now! <3
I’ll make the cape later I think. ^-^