i just need more in that tag srry

lyn-for-the-win  asked:

Hey!! I'm the one who drew that anime squip au that the anon is referring to and would like to make it clear that I did take this idea from the script,, it's not original at all?? Just a stupid thing I came up with and I'm really sorry for the misunderstanding !! Personally I got very excited that someone else drew it and 10x better you're so wonderful

HHJFKJG I’M SRRY U FELT THE NEED TO GET INVOLVED but i’m glad i didn’t end up unintentionally ripping someone’s idea off?? but Yikes what an event………….thanks for saying smth tho jgkhkk

Please help me pay Tater's vet bill!

Hey everyone, my darling cat Tater is in a desperate need to visit the vet - he has not been gaining any weight even when I stuff him with wet cat food. I separate him and Lenny so Lenny doesn’t take up all the food. It’s been at least a couple weeks since I made effort to help Tater, but I can nearly see his hips and I don’t think that’s normal. It’s scaring the shit out of me.

I have been putting off previous vet visits for a check up because I can’t afford it, even with this other job. I feel like a terrible pet owner… but I know I’m not since I give them endless love and care at home.

I’m just asking for a little extra help. Even paying half of what is expected would be amazing. I’m srry to have to pry and beg, but as a first time cat owner, I get pretty desperate. If you’d like to see him, he is in #my cat tag.

I will offer $10 bust sketches, (look on my blog for examples… and pay after i finish) or you are open to sending a donation. I don’t think I need more than $200… but we’ll see.

My PayPal is kaitecrowe@hotmail.com

If you can’t afford either, please spread the word. Thanks so much everyone.