i just need luke to love me now

here have a oneshot in which adam gets hooked on gilmore girls after blue makes a joke about him being like rory gilmore because he uses a pro/con list to decide between harvard and yale (thanks so much to @burn-it-slow for giving this a quick look over):

Where you lead, I will follow

Ronan pauses mid-yawn, his hand gripping onto the banister for balance.

Anywhere that you tell me to

Fuck. Not again.

If you need, you need me to be with you

“Adam! It’s 3 o’clock in the fucking morning!”

I will follow where you lead

Ronan stumbles blindly down the rest of the stairs and emerges in the living room of the barns just in time to catch the end of the Gilmore Girls theme song playing on the giant flatscreen TV.

Adam looks up guiltily as Ronan collapses on the couch next to him, pressing pause on the remote.

“She broke up with Dean at the dance. I need to know what happens with Jess,” he mumbles, his drawl more audible than usual considering it’s the middle of the god damn night.

Ronan rolls his eyes but he knows Adam can see right through him if the smirk on his face is any indication.

“And you couldn’t have waited until at least, “ Ronan glances at the tiny clock display on the cable box, “10 AM or some shit? You had to sneak out in the middle of the night and abandon me in our bed - “

Adam snorts in amusement and cuts him off. “Okay Gansey. I’ll try to pick a time you deem reasonable next time.”

“Shut up, you know you could have woken me up to watch with you,” Ronan grumbles in response, but his feigned annoyance is less than convincing when he throws an arm around Adam’s shoulder and pulls him into a cuddle.

“So can I get back to my show now or?” Adam asks, a teasing glint in his eye. Ronan just rolls his eyes and gestures for Adam to hit play.

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Happy WEEK FIVE of Hannah’s Sunday Reading List! Such a lovely week of reading as usual… once again, I love that I continue to find more and more blogs with such beautiful writing!! I actually went out of my way this week to look for writing as well… I hope you don’t mind! Doing this is so much fun for me… and I’m glad to see that you guys are enjoying it too!! 

****Don’t forget to tag me in your fics!!! If I tagged you in this list this week, please make sure to continue tagging me in your future posts!!!****

Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

Sunday by @reidoneshots (Spencer Reid x Reader)
First of all, what a fitting title lol! I thought this would be a great way to start us off :-) I’m sure you’ve heard this… but I am a sucker for Spencer as a father!! My weakness! This was so beautifully fluffy - from start to finish, it flowed beautifully and had me hooked the whole time. Loved it!

Curves and Edges by @reidbyers (Spencer Reid x Reader)
I am SHOOK!! This is honestly one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read… and that’s the truth. The rawness of this is what got me. All of it is so real and relatable, and not only is the idea great, but the writing is too. You’ve got a real talent, my friend - I can’t wait to see what you have coming up next. :-)

Chopsticks by @criminal-minds-fanfiction (Spencer Reid x Reader)
Finally, Urnayme has found something that Spencer doesn’t immediately excel at!! One of my favorite things about your writing is that you always fit a little bit of “you” in there. The “Hi Spencer. I’m very well thanks. Nah, you’re not at all intruding, come right on in” sounds like something you would say… :-) your writing is always a favorite, Cher!

Frenemies (1, 2, 3) by @axstheticminds (Spencer Reid x Reader)
Mari!!! This!!! is!!! AMAZING!!! (Sorry, I’m just really excited about this). I need the next part. I need it!! Okay so I really loved the art museum scene - “ I wasn’t very good at ever understanding art” he said embarrassed, “You always were.” *high pitch squeal* That was such a Spencer thing to say. Your writing makes me so happy ugh this is going to be another amazing series, girl!

Payback’s a Bitch by @dontshootmespence (Spencer Reid x Reader)
Oh, Nicole… this was hot!! The whole time I as thinking, “Aww, poor Spencer,” but at the same time I was like, “Yes!!! KEEP TEASING!” I think you captured perfectly how squirmish and whiny Spencer would get in this sort of situation. Your writing blows me away every time!

Smile by @spencerreidsmiles (Spencer Reid x Reader)
This was p e r f e c t. I reread it like, 100 times because it made me smile so much. What started off a little angsty ended nice and sweet - just how I like it! I could see this turning into a huge series… just sayin’ ;-) This is a totally original idea, and I’m so glad that it was written by you! I honestly can’t stress enough how great of a writer I think you are.

I’m Pregnant… And I Have Feelings for You by @marvelfanlife (Spencer Reid x Reader)
Ahhhhh! So cute! Of course Spencer would reciprocate his feelings for the reader. I love this fluffy piece so so much :) I love the conflict (obviously the pregnancy is one) of the secrets kept from each other. Friends with benefits having feelings for one another is such a complicated thing to write, and I think you were spot on! Can’t wait to see what you write next. :-)

Supermarket Flowers by @zugzwangxo (Spencer Reid)
Congratulations Lee, you have made me cry with this one! This song just makes me emotional in general, but paired with your beautiful writing was a perfect storm. I also liked how you briefly mentioned Spencer’s struggle with his faith. This is such a huge possibility as to what could happen in the show… Okay, I could honestly go on and on about story, but I will just end it with a: Great job, Lee. I will be rereading this many in the future.

Seven Years Later Part 2 by @axstheticminds (Spencer Reid x Reader)
I’ve been so excited for this next part, and you definitely delivered!! I love this whole idea for this fic. So original… you’ve got me hooked! But is this it?? Was that the last part?? YOU CAN’T LEAVE ME HANGING LIKE THAT. It takes a lot of talent to get people hooked like the way you’ve hooked me… Mari, you always amaze me with your great writing and great ideas!!

Today Was a Fairytale by @original-criminal-fanfics (Spencer Reid x Reader)
Jasey, you always have the best fluff pieces. Whenever my sweet tooth is aching, I come to your blog and sift through your masterlist :-) This was another great one! You portrayed Spencer perfectly - I’m sure he would be the perfect gentleman during a night out. Lovely as always!!

Blanket Stealing by @dontshootmespence (Spencer Reid x Platonic Reader)
I am loving this dynamic between Spencer and the reader!! I think it would be awesome if Spencer had someone like that in his life. There was such a carefree feel to him in this story and I loved that. The bickering made me giggle :-) I’ve never read anything like this before, but I can already tell you that I’m obsessed with it!!

I’m All Yours by @speedreiding (Spencer Reid x Reader)
Jealousy isn’t a side of Spencer we get to see often - I think you portrayed it perfectly! The reader reassuring him, and the smut… I can’t believe this was your first time writing smut!! It was wonderful! So gentle and sweet; it was perfect for a first time sex experience! I really liked how you created a back story and your own touch to the requested prompt. This was an awesome read!

Way Better than Bumble by @a-bau-tiful-mind (Spencer Reid x Reader)
This caught my eye when I was scrolling through Tumblr and I couldn’t stop reading it once I started! This trope is always such a good one, and I like how you made it your own. The way the reader and Spencer hit it off totally made me squeal. I really love your writing style!! I hope to read more soon :-) (Also, the title is wayy cute!)

Becoming Real by @dontshootmespence (Spencer Reid x Luke Alvez)
I THINK YOU BROKE ME!!! Daddy Spencer… Reidvez… in one fic?! You’ve killed me forsure. In the best possible way, of course! I live for this ship. And once again, you’ve proven that you can write anything and everything! The way you wrote their relationship is exactly the way I had it in my head… now, just need it to be canon… ;-)

Supposed to Be by @bookofreid (Spencer Reid x Reader)
I’m just… wow… I have no words. okay wait because i actually do have words This whole thing was just… out of this world. Your flow, word choice, everything was spot on. I loved how it started off with only descriptions, no names. Just a nameless man and woman, simply being described. I’m not sure what else to say other than WOW. I admire you and your writing!!!

Beside You (5 Seconds of Summer Series)


I don’t wanna go 

Calum and I were laying on the couch, his arms wrapped around me tightly as if this was all the time we had together. I looked at him with sad eyes and a soft smile.

“Promise me you’ll call me every day?” I asked him.

“I promise, baby.” He said quietly. “If you really think about it, I’m not going to be away for very long. I mean, it’s only three months.”

I shook my head. “Three whole months, Calum! That’s like a whole summer vacation! I could learn the rudiments of a new instrument if I tried!”

Calum smirked at me. “Then surprise me! Show me what new things you have accomplished when I get back.”

I nodded as I began thinking up my list of things to do in three months. “You’re going to be so proud of me and all of my achievements when you get back!”

“I don’t doubt it.” He said as he held me tighter. “I don’t wanna go. I don’t wanna leave you.” He whispered as he kissed the top of my head.


Another day and I’m somewhere new 

“So, how’s Brazil?” I asked over the phone.

“Um…[Y/N], honey…we were there yesterday. We are in Peru now, but it’s great! Thanks for asking.” Ashton laughed.

Embarrassed, I buried my head in my arms. “Sorry, Ash…you travel super fast! You are never in the same country for more than a day.”

“Another day and I’m somewhere new.” Ashton sighed. “I guess I can’t complain, though. There’s always something different to experience in each country and lots of new people to meet. I miss you, though.”

I looked down at my neatly-made bed sheets that I had been laying on since we started talking. “Yeah…it’s been super hard with you being away because I can’t talk to you as much as I’d like to. The time zones are killer. Plus, I’m sure you’re used to it because you’re so busy all of the time you don’t really have much time to think about anything.”

I heard Ashton sigh deeply. “I’m so sorry, darling. I never want to make things hard on you. I guess you’re right, too. At least I’m occupied with everything that’s going on to really be to upset about anything. I’m so, so sorry.”

“Ashton, it’s your job. Don’t be sorry! I enjoy watching you on stage from the different videos people send me.”

Ashton laughed. “Good because I gotta go to sound check now. I hope you receive great videos tonight, baby. I love you!”

“I love you too, Ash. Text me later.”


She sleeps alone 

“It’s been so long since I’ve seen her…” Luke said to himself.

“What? Are you talking to yourself again?” Michael asked Luke.

Luke looked over to Michael, who was playing video games on the black leather couch across the room. “Don’t judge me! I really miss her. Life just isn’t the same without [Y/N] here with me. It’s hardest at night. It kills me to think she sleeps alone, Michael. I just don’t want anything to happen to my girl. At least I’d be able to protect her if I was with her.”

Michael paused his video game and turned to Luke. “I know we’re great friends and all, so from one friend to another, I really don’t care to hear about your problems. [Y/N] is fine.” Michael rolled his eyes. “Besides, you talk to her every chance you get, so why wouldn’t she be okay?”

Surprised by Michael’s harsh reaction, Luke just stared blankly at Michael. “I-I am not trying to make you upset, Michael. I just-”

Michael slammed his controller down on the floor and stomped over to Luke. “Look, I’m sorry, okay? It’s just-everybody has been bugging me with their issues and asking me for advice. I care about you, Luke. I really do! I just need to be more sensitive to people’s feelings, but for now, I just need some time alone.”

Luke nodded, grabbed his phone, and walked to the next room to call me so we could talk about our days together.


I wish I was beside you

“I really love you, [Y/N], and I love talking to you, but I should probably get to bed now. I have a really early morning tomorrow to start off a super busy day. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be grumpy in all of the interviews I have tomorrow.” Michael said over Skype.

I looked at him with a sad face. “I love you, baby. I miss you already! It’s really hard to sleep at night without you here.”

Just as Michael was about to hit end, he stopped and stared at me. “What do you mean it’s hard to sleep without me there?”

“Well, when I can’t sleep at night, you’re usually always here to sing to me and play with my hair until I fall asleep. Ever since you left, I have found it extremely difficult to sleep. All I can do is toss and turn and try to cuddle up next to you, but then I realize that I’m the only one in the bed.” I explained.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, darling. I wish I was beside you. Would I make your night better if I sang you to sleep right now?”

I shook my head. “You need to sleep, Mikey. I want you to be happy tomorrow during all of your interviews and shows, alright? I’ll be fine. How about you sing me to sleep tomorrow night?”

Michael smiled and nodded. “I look forward to it! I love you goodnight, sweetie.”

“I love you goodnight, handsome.”

Realize -- Chapter Twenty-One- “Repercussions”

Tom HiddlestonxReader ….   

I’ve been reading too many imagines on @theartofimagining13 and some from my own silly brain … Can anything be simple? We’ll see… here is Chapter Twenty-One!


@greeneyedgirls4 @kianya-loves


@foureyedsiopao, @frenchfrostpudding, @t-w-hiddlestoner , @moonpoetsasylum,  @marvelbase001 , @the-craziestone

chapter one | chapter two | chapter three | chapter four | chapter five | chapter six | chapter seven | chapter eight | chapter nine | chapter ten | chapter eleven | chapter twelve | chapter thirteen | chapter fourteen | chapter fifteen | chapter sixteen | chapter seventeen | chapter eighteen | chapter nineteen | chapter twenty

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Now what was she saying?

(OR every bloody man in the world)

Author Ladyoftheteaandblood.

Alternative fact Tom.

“Tom stop watching ‘Game of thrones’ and go, you will be late!”
“Yes Conny, Darling” its a fifteen minute journey why do I need to leave now?.
“Tom GO! traffic is…..” 
“Sorry,…Yes dear, going…… when this ends”.

So what the hell is the hold up? we’ve been sitting here for twenty minuets I’m late. 
‘Call Luke’  Just my luck its his answer phone
“Hi, yeah, Luke seems I caught in traffic, god knows where this all came from I’m going to be late”

God I’m bored, forty five bloody minutes at stand still. What was Conny trying to tell me when I was watching Game of thrones?
 ‘Call CONNY!’ 
Hi love stuck in traffic couldn’t remember what you were trying to tell me when I was leaving”

“Oh I don’t know darling, something about the fact that the Radio two news was telling everyone traffic was bad around BBC Center, because Tom Hiddleston was on the One show and lots of girls had turned up to see him”


(pictures not mine I just played with them and got inspired for this)

@anovidelonghi @ancientfinnishgoddess @angryschnauzer @aggro-femme @abfoster1s @aliceada @antyc67 @archy30 @bluegrasscontessa @booksandcatslover @frenchblondgirl @feelmyroarrrr @damageditem @dorito82 @eve1978 @echantedbytwh @heathermc13 @izhunny @larouau12 @lolawashere @lostinspace33 @marveloznerd @maevecurrywrites @mrshiddelston @october-green @ourladybinxthings @oeffsee @peskipixi @prplprincez @quoting-shakespeare-to-ducks @simonscat @servent-alearika @siyoteodiara @the-haven-of-fiction @tomhiddleston-kikibfairy @tomkurbikston @tomforachange @tinaferraldo @the-lady-mischief @neither-blue-nor-green @nuggsmum @lordjohnandtom @kellarter

His Dirty Little Secret

Chapter 7

Warning;Sexual content..

“I couldn’t control my thoughts or my mouth”

Hailey’s Pov

... Next Morning…

I had a banging headache, i ran to the bathroom and threw up every disgusting drink i drank last night into the toilet.

I felt like complete shit, this must be what it feels like when you’re hungover.

There is no way i’m going to school today unless i want to be sick and i don’t.

I got up after being sick for the second time and then i got back into bed but then my mum came in

“ Up time sweetie” she never calls me that.

“ I’m not going, i have a terrible headache and i just been sick in the bathroom please let me stay off” I wasn’t one for taking time off school but i knew my mum would let me off it.

She came over and put her hand on my head

“ You are warm, okay you can stay off but stay in bed okay i have a meeting this morning so i’m going now but ill phone to check up on you”

i mumbled “ Okay” and she left.

i texted Lauren and Sophie that i’m sick they texted back telling that they were gonna call to see how i was after school.

i really do love them

i got back into bed and snuggled back in bed, i started thinking about what has happened the past couple of days..

The way Luke makes me feel i have never felt that way before but he doesn’t like me and he never will.

he is very confusing, i closed my eyes in hope i would fall back asleep again.

hoping to forgot all about Luke hemmings and his lips.

I woke up to the sound of someone throwing stones at my window.

Whoever it is better fuck off.

I got up out of bed not caring what i look like, i still felt shit i opened my curtains and opened my window and shouted down

“ WHAT DO YOU WANT?” I looked down to see Luke standing there.

Oh shit what is he doing here? and why was he throwing stones at my window?

shouldn’t he be at school or fucking someone?

“ Let me in” he said back was he insane i do not want to see him today.

“ No go away” i said back to him

“ Let me in or i will kick down your door” Was he for real? he wouldn’t would he??

i was in no mood for it so i turned around and walked out of my room and walking down stairs going to unlock the front door as much as i would have loved to see Luke break down my door i don’t think my mum would like that very much.

Once i unlocked my door Luke came rushing in.

Sure come right in why don’t you.

“ What do you want?” I said to Luke feeling annoyed i just wanted to go back to bed.

“ Why aren’t you at school?” Why does he care why i’m not at school? i swear this boy needs to make up his mind because he is fucking up mine.

“ Why do you care?” I said back at him, Luke walked closer to me until i my back hit the door ugh i’m not doing this again i feel like shit

“ Answer my question” Luke said he was so close but i was in no mood for it

“ i think its called having a hangover have you ever had one? if so you would know how i feel and i want to be alone so if you would so kindly fuck off that would be great” I opened my front door for Luke waiting for him to go but he didn’t he just smirked at me and then he said

“ Your first hangover” great observation ugh why does he have to annoy me of all days.

“ Please go” i said but Luke made no movement so i gave up i held my hands up in the air and said

“ Okay i give up just don’t steal anything i’m going back to bed” I started walking up the stairs and i could hear Luke following me ugh this boy never gives up i swear what does he want?

it can’t be me can it? of course not.

I reached my room and i could feel Luke behind me but i didn’t care i was too tired and sore to care.

I got into bed and covered myself in the covers.

I felt my bed dip and i looked up to see Luke sitting down on my bed looking at me

“ What do you want?” i said i’m so confused at what he wants

“just to spend time with you” he said

my eyes opened wide at his words, did i hear him right?

Was he for real? he wants to spend time with me?

“ well i need sleep so i’m not going to be much fun” i said to him closing my eyes, as much i as i would love to spend time with him i just don’t feel well.

I felt my bed move but it wasn’t because Luke was leaving it was because he was straddling me i am this close | | to hitting him right now.

“ Can i be your first?” Luke asked

He looked serious but i didn’t know what he meant, i hope he’s not talking about sex right now because i am not going to have sex with him never in a million years..

“ What?” I said to Luke i wanted to hear him say it again

“Hahahaha your face when I said that” Luke laughed and then got up off me.

what the fuck? he can’t just play with my feelings like that

i stood up from the bed and said “Get out”

Luke didn’t move and then i felt like i was going to be sick again so i ran into the bathroom leaving Luke with a strange look on his face and then i threw up into the toilet.

i felt Luke rub my back and lift my hair, something i didn’t expect him to do.

once i was finished i sat back from the toilet holding my head in my hands

“Your first hangover is always the worst” he said making me look up at him

we were sitting facing each other in the bathroom,he looked so cute right now, his piercings were missing.

i wondered if his tongue piercing was missing but there’s no way he was going to kiss me now.

i just stared at him not knowing what to say and then he spoke again

“How’s your head?” he asked

why is he being like this all of a sudden?

he was cocky just a minute ago..

“Why are you here Luke?” i asked him

he strugged his shoulders not saying anything, he really is confusing.

“You should go back to school” i said to him closing my eyes and leaning my head back

i have such a headache i need to sleep.

“Yeah..” was all he said and then he got up and left.

i sat on the bathroom floor for another minute and then i got up because i needed to lay down in bed.

Luke’s Pov

i stood outside Haileys house not knowing what to do.

i didn’t want to leave but she wanted me to leave.

i don’t know what is going on with me lately, when i’m near Hailey i just want to kiss her and be near her.

this is crazy all these ideas are floating around in my head and then another part of me is thinking.. What the fuck Luke this isn’t you.

but maybe it is.. or it could be

i took one last look at her house and then i walked down the driveway, i really didn’t want to go back to school but there’s nothing to do.

i could call Calum and get him and Michael to ditch school but i don’t feel like hanging out with them.

then an idea came into my head.

i must be going out of my mind but i know i can get Hailey to like me after this.


Haileys Pov

12:00 the clock read as i woke up.

i slept for an hour thats all.

at least my sore head was gone, i rolled over onto my back but then i heard a noise from downstairs.

what the hell?

i got up out of bed and opened my door to see if i could hear the noise again and i did.

what the actual fuck.. is someone in my house?

i’m so scared.

i looked around my room for protection but i had nothing so i just lifted a shoe and started making my way downstairs slowly.

it sounded as if someone was looking for something. i heard the person curse but i couldn’t really hear their voice.

fuck i’m being robbed.

what a day to be off school and to have a hangover.

as i got closer my heart started racing more and more, i just hit the last step on the stairs and then i heard a door slam.

oh my fucking god.

i’m gonna end up dead.

there was an umbrella at the door so i ran quickly and lifted it and held it up in case someone was to come up from behind me or something.

there could be more than one of them.

i hope not.

as i neared the kitchen door it opened, i quickly reacted and hit the person who came out from the kitchen more than once.

“Argh what the fuck it’s Luke” the person said

i stopped breathing.

it’s Luke?

what the hell?

i was holding his head where i hit him but i didn’t feel bad about it because he fucking scared me

“why are you here? and how did you get in? i heard you leave..” i said to him although i don’t know if he understood i said it quick

Before he could say anything I walked into the kitchen because I smelt food.

Not just any food I smelt Mcdonalds food. I was correct.

On my kitchen table was 3 Mcdonalds bags.

I didn’t understand.. Why did Luke do this?

“ I tried looking for some plates but I couldn’t” Luke said from the door of the kitchen.

I turned around to look at him, he was looking down at the ground.

“ Why?” Is all I said back.

that was all i could manage to say..

he strugged his shoulders and said “ this is what i eat when i’m hungover and i was hungry as well but i didn’t know what you liked so i got most of what was on the menu”

my eyes widened at his words, i couldn’t believe it.

i wanted to kiss him, i couldn’t help but smile at Luke but he didn’t look at me apparently something on the floor was really interesting so i decided i would make the first move.

i walked closer to him and pulled his face up so he would look at me and then i stood up onto my tip toes and kissed him.

He didn’t kiss back at first but then he pulled me against him and he kissed me hard. He turned us and pushed me up against the wall and started kissing me.

“ Food is getting cold” Luke said between kisses.

He was right and I was hungry.

I let go of him and he let go off me and I went to get the plates.

“ The plates are in here” I said opening the cabinet on the left.

Luke looked at me and I couldn’t control myself I just burst into laughter, I stopped laughing when Luke came up to me and pushed me into the counter and said

“ You think that’s funny princess” I didn’t know what to say I just looked down at his lips and then back up to his eyes, he was smirking at me the fucker.

I pushed him off me and I mocked his voice “ Food is getting cold” I tried my best to sound like him but I didn’t.

it’s the first time he’s ever called me princess and i liked it.

i felt special but it probably says it to other girls so i thought nothing of it and i got the plates out the places.

Luke carried them over to the table, i was going to do it but he took them off me and stuck his tongue out at me as he did it.

why do i like him??

“ Omg how much did you buy? I asked because omg he must have bought the whole fucking shop.

” I told you I didn’t know what you like so I tried to buy as much as I thought you might like" Luke said while lifting our food out.

I was lost for words, no boy has ever done something like this before for me

We set all the food on to the plates I know I said I was hungry but there was a lot of food I know I will not be able to eat it all but I feel bad if I don’t because Luke spent so much money.

Once we got to my room Luke sat down in the middle of my bed and I sat up so my back was up against the pillows.

We didn’t talk we just ate and it wasn’t awkward usually I find eating in front of people awkward because most of the people I eat in front of know about my problem so they always watch what I eat but Luke doesn’t know and it’s nice to finally just sit and be comfortable with someone.

After 2 burgers and a lot of fries later I was full.

Luke ate more than me and he was still eating when I stopped I don’t know where he puts it all because he is really skinny,I sat my plate on the ground and layed down on my bed feeling full.

i’m hoping i can keep this food down, i don’t feel hungover anymore but at the back of my mind the thoughts of how much i have actually ate is floating around but i didn’t want to worry about that right now.

“ How can you eat so much?” I asked Luke while lying down it’s been 10 minutes since I finished and he is still eating and it doesn’t look like he is finished.

“ I’m hungry, i’m starting to feel full so I’m going to stop now” Luke said while setting his plate at the end of my bed.

“ Your only full now? You have had like 4 burgers I mean where do you put it all?” I said sitting up and I went over to him and patted his belly yup I can still feel his 6 pack.

He laughed and stuck out his stomach.

We were lying on my bed talking about silly stuff.

it just seems so natural laying here under Lukes arm talking to him.

Luke was rubbing my leg and his other arm was around my shoulders and I was leaning into him it was like we were together but I know we aren’t.

not that i want to be..


Luke sat up and turned on his side so he could look at me, he pulled me closer and kissed me.

I happily kissed him back.

Our make out got more heated and then he got up so he was sitting on me. He started kissing down my neck and my hips lifted off the bed I couldn’t help but feel something weird going on down my middle part.

Whenever my middle brushed against his it made me feel something I have never felt before and I liked it. I felt Luke suck on my neck and then I felt his teeth graze my neck is he giving me a love bite? I didn’t really care because it felt amazing.

Luke stopped kissing my neck and he looked up at me and said

“ do you like me being this close baby”

all I could do was nood my head because It was true I was enjoy this. Luke shuffled down my legs and then he pulled my hoodie up until it got to my boobs and he layed down on me and started kissing my stomach over and over.

Normally I would have been laughing because I have tickles here but I couldn’t do anything other than stare down at Luke.

He looked up at me and he has his hands on the sides of my jeans he looked at me and said

“ Can I?” I knew what he meant and I would have said no but I found myself nodding my head before I could think about saying no.

Luke pulled down my shorts not breaking eye contact with me, things were getting serious now. I was going to be completely naked in front of him and he’s not in his bedroom he’s right on top of me.

once my shorts where somewhere in my room Luke grabbed my left leg and lifted up and then he started kissing down the side of my leg I could help but moan I didn’t know I could moan but when I did Luke stopped kissing my leg which I felt disappointed at but Luke kissed me hard and then he said

“ That was so hot baby” and then he carried on kissing up my leg and when he got to the inside of my thigh that is when I lost all control my back was lifting of the bed and I couldn’t help but moan again and again.

Luke stopped when he got to my middle part and I opened my eyes to look at him. He looked at me and pulled on my hoodie and said

“Off” so many questions were going around in my head but they didn’t stop me. I sat up and I lifted my hoodie off exposing my bra.

Once the hoodie was off I threw it on the ground and I looked at Luke and he smirked at me and sat up and kissed me.

He pushed me back on the bed I felt his arm come round me and then he unhooked my bra. He pulled the straps down first slowly and then he threw the bra away.

I was now fully exposed to him and I didn’t feel shy I felt confident.

Here I was laying on my bed almost naked in front of Luke Hemmings the boy who until a couple of days ago made my life hell and now he is all I think about. I don’t know what is going to happen.. Does he want to have sex with me? Do I even want to have sex with him?

i have thought about it but i know who he is, he doesn’t do relationships and i’ve never had a boyfriend before.

He kissed me and then he started to kiss down my neck and then he moved down until he got to my boobs, my stomach was going mad I don’t know what this feeling was but I didn’t want it to end.

“ Can I make you feel good?” Luke said while looked up at me.

I held my breath for a seconds before I answered “ Yeah”….

He laughed and said “ Good, I’m not going to fuck you I just want to pleasure you”

I felt disappointed that he didn’t want to fuck me and I didn’t know what he meant by pleasure me until he hooked his fingers on the waist of my pants and pulled them down.

I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

This was really happening…

I was fully exposed to him and I enjoy it I shouldn’t enjoy this I should kick him out but I can’t and I don’t want to. I was a girl I knew how to shave thank god I shaved 3 days ago or this would be embarrassing.

“ You smell so good” Luke said and then he started kissing me hard it was weird kissing him without his tongue piercing in but I wasn’t complaining he started grinding his crotch against mine and I moaned and arched my hips of the bed I could feel something deep inside me and it was the best feeling in the world.

“You like that baby?” Luke breathed in my hear, I moaned again and nodded my head.

I couldn’t speak all I could do was nod my head.

“ We will get to that soon baby let me make you feel good” Before I could respond I felt Luke’s hand on my groin.

He kept moving his hand and I could feel something building inside me ready to explode this was the best feeling in the world.

“Are you close baby?” Luke breathed in my ear and I swear it was the hottest thing ever I closed my eyes and moaned and nodded my head.

I could feel something wet between my legs and then I felt Luke insert a finger into my vigina. I arched of the bed because OMG!

he moved his fingers slowly inside of me, i couldn’t control my thoughts or my mouth. I couldn’t control my moaning this was the best feeling in the world.

Luke attached his lips to my neck sucking the same spot and then i felt something build up inside of me.

his fingers sped up and fuck i thought i was in heaven.

“ You’re so wet baby He said and he started to move his finger inside me and I felt the wetness between my legs and I have never experienced anything like that.

Luke hemmings is fingering me.

"Let go..” he whispered and i came just by his voice.

once i calmed down from my high i opened my eyes to see Luke smirking at me, then he pulled his fingers out and he sucked them and cleaned them.

i couldn’t stop watching him.

“my favourite taste” Luke said and i almost came again with just his words..

he got up of me and i could see his boner, he put his hand down his pants and said “ I have to take care of this”

Luke said he was going to the bathroom and he closed the door over when he got inside.

I got out some leggings and a t shirt and of course a clean pair of pants and I put my bra back on and threw my dirty clothes in the washing basket.

Luke was still in the bathroom I knew what he was doing but I didn’t feel weird about it.

i couldn’t believe that i just got fingered by Luke hemmings.

it was the best thing i have ever experienced, i want to do it again..

no correction..

i want him to do that again to me.

what an interesting Thursday night.

So guys what did you think?

i hope you liked it,it took a while for me to get it finished but i finally did.

let me know what you thought

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5SOS VISUAL SMUT - they walk in on you


you and michael were out on a nice date, dressed up and everything. which was something rare, for michael to take you out. once you guys returned home, he would go straight to his video games, leaving you to fend for yourself.

“fuck fuck, oh michael.mm” you would moan to yourself, as quiet as possible. you thought he wouldn’t be able to hear

he wouldn’t even have time to take all his clothes off before slamming into you. he would fuck you pretty hard

“you think you can fuck yourself better than i can babe?” he would growl into your ear.


it would be late after noon and you went to the bath for a nice relaxing shower but somewhere along the way you got carried away and couldn’t help yourself. you didn’t even bother calling for calum because you figured he was busy doing his own stuff.

“hey baby, what are you doing” with a fucking cheeky smirk, “why didn’t you come get me. i would love to help you out there”

“look how wet you got yourself baby girl. looks like you didn’t even need my help. but you’re going to need to help me now”

“rub my cock for me. feel how hard you make me”


you weren’t expecting luke home for another couple of days, so you almost had a routine down. just to get off while he was away on tour. it was another one of those days. you got yourself nice a comfy on the bed, shutting your eyes, forgetting about the world.

you would just be getting into it. imagining in your mind all the things that luke would be doing to you if he was there.

“sweetheart? babe? what are you-” he would pause as soon as he saw you, legs spread on the bed. missing you so much, he would pounce on you right away.

“i bet you missed me so bad baby. did you miss me? did you miss my long fingers? did you miss my huge cock fucking you?”


ashton would be on stage performing and for the first song you would be watching him play from the side of the stage but you were just so horny you could take it and had to go backstage to finish up some business.

you were leaning against every surface possible, to get comfortable in the small space provided. time would be lost as you tried as fast as possible to get off.

“you just couldn’t wait, could you darling? hmm” he would giggle and just moan at the sight of you when he barged into the dressing room after the show.

“am i not good enough for you? or were you planning on me walking in on you? you’re gonna pay babe”

Okay call me a fake fan all you want for just now listening to this album this year (After the New Edition Story) but I love this song😭. If y'all haven’t checked out Luke’s album y'all need to do that now. Got my emotions all over the place. Idk what to do with myself right now😪

Because of a bet... - chapter 1 -

Greetings my cubs! X3 here is the first chapter of my first (not official) request! It’s a Brohm/Brycewrecker ff and I hope you have fun to read it as much as I had fun writing it^^ oh and btw a new friend of mine (@skaisummers) helped me to get rid of pesky spelling and grammar mistakes(thanks again😉)
this story is an AU, because…duh…never gonna happen in reality

~ ~ enjoy 😄


P.o.V.: Ohm

So… I just might have a small crush on Bryce. Just a little one. Ok, so I may have fallen in love with my best friend. No one has to know, right?

Today, I feel like playing some Uno with the gang. Delirious, Cartoonz and to my utter happiness, Bryce agree. It is Delirious and Cartoonz versus Bryce and me. Per usual, Delirious is up to his tricks.

“Take this you son of a bitch! Boom! UNO!” Delirious insanely laughs as he places a ’+2’ card on top of the deck.

“Noooo!” Bryce yells playfully as he is forced to draw two extra cards. His outburst is followed by his trademark giggle.

So cute…

“How could you Delirious? I thought we were friends!” Bryce screams comically.

“No! We only have each other!” Cartoonz interrupts.

“Yeah!” Del agrees. "We only have each other, brother!”

“Oh, yeah? Well then…!” I exclaim.

I pause for a moment for Bryce to play his next card.

“Bryce, you got me?” I ask.

“Yeah Ohm!” He confirms.

“UNO BITCHES! WE WIN!” I yell with excitement.

"YESSS!” Bryce yells in victory.

“NOOOO!” yell the losers.

I barely hear the resounding “no” from the other team, I’m too busy focusing on Bryce.

My Brycie-poo is happy that we won~

“Of course I’m happy that we won! Uno is so fun!” Bryce giggles for the third time.

God, he’s so adorable!

I wonder what expression he’s making right now? I wish I could see him, instead of having to wait for his uploads. His adorable face. His giggling face. His “o” face…



Let’s save those thoughts for the bedroom.

“Ohm, are you happy about your precious ‘Brycie-poo’?” Toonz mocks and I feel the heat creeping up my face.

“Um.. yeah,” I say still embarrassed at how good his guess was.

“Ohm, are you guys fucking again?” Del asks egging on my embarrassment.

Oh shit! Okay, play it cool Ryan. Use this opportunity to flirt with him!

“No, but I’d love to feel ‘dat ass in ma’ hands!” I say with conviction.

Though it’s not a lie.

“Yeah and 'dat ass on your d*ck!” Cartoonz yells mockingly.

“How’d you know?” I joke back.

Ok, it’s cool. I’m making them laugh and I get to flirt with Brycie~

“Ohm, no! Just no!” Bryce says giggling.

“Ohm yes!” I nearly moan. “That’s how you’ll sound all night!” I say and start laughing because I cannot control myself.

“I’m uncomfortable. I need an adult. I need an adult!” Bryce exclaims and laughs.

Bryce is so innocent. That’s what I love about him. I laugh and tease him more until I’m sure he’s blushing on his side of the screen.

“Ohm seriously! Stop!” He yells.

I laugh at how he tries to end the flirting. Still, I can’t let it end here now can I?~

“Why? You don’t like me talking about our sexy times?~” I ask teasingly.

“I-“, Bryce starts but he is cut off by Delirious before he can reply.

Damn, just when we were getting to the good part!

“Well, Luke and I are having a sleepover tomorrow, so good night you two!” Del says, followed by Cartoonz.

“Yeah, good night you fuckers!” I reply jokingly.

I love those guys.

“And have fun with that 'sleepover’,” Bryce adds, putting emphasis on the last word mockingly.

Del and Toonz say their parting comments and get offline.

Yeah, I really do love those guys. But not as much as I love Brycie~

Michael Clifford Imagine: Smile

Request: someone is a photographer and is taking pictures in a park and asks a lady to have her picture taken and talks to her for a while and he starts to like her but forgets to ask her name so they have to track her down using the picture he took.

*Michael POV*

“Oh fuck. Ashton what am I going to do, I have taken pictures of every flower in this bloody park and there is about 3 of them, the trees are bare and there are no birds in the sky. I am a failure to Tumblr and the aesthetics and now Luke hasn’t turned up because he is ‘ill’ which is basically code for I got too drunk yesterday, ended up at some random girls house, took two hours to get home and all I want to sleep my hangover away, so now I have no model, no photographs of people and know photographs for my portfolio that needs to be done by Monday and it’s Friday now. And this portfolio is what my next job is for, so no portfolio, no job, no money and then I will die alone with nobody to love me.” I panicked down the phone. 

“I love you, and I’m pretty sure you won’t die alone. Also if you have no money you could busk on the street and get paid that way. It will be fine. Also I think Luke actually is ill and as for your model problem, why don’t you just ask someone in the park.” Ashton tried to reassure me. 

“Yeah, because it’s not creepy to just go up to a person and say ‘Erm hi, this may sound weird but will you be in a few of my photos. But not in a creepy way it’s just that I have a portfolio due and I need it to be done. I promise I am not creepy.’ That doesn’t sound weird at all. I will probably get kicked in the balls.” 

“Michael calm the fuck down, that will not happen. Now grow some balls and go ask someone to help you. They will understand if you show them the portfolio that you have half finished.” Ash said sternly. 

“Okay, fine, but if I get arrested for being creepy you are the one that is bailing me out. Now will you stay on the phone while I wander around the park and try to not look creepy.” 

“Being on the phone with me will not help your creepy look. It will just make you look like you are trying to organise a kidnapping, but sure if you want me on the phone.” He laughed. 

“Thank you, you are so supportive. Tell me again why you can’t come down to the park and help me out.” 

“Because I am very busy doing nothing because I am hungover and I need to sleep and it feels like you’re shouting at me, so I am struggling being on the phone with you right now even though your issue right now is very funny.” 

“I AM NOT SHOUTING. I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABO-.” “Ow. Shut up Michael.” Ashton interrupted me, while I laughed. “That was not funny, I am hanging up now. Bye, have fun. Don’t get arrested.” 

“Wait Asht-… Fuck.” I said down the phone to know one. 

Right I can do this I thought to myself. Just approach someone and ask nicely and if you show them your portfolio it will be fine. Okay. i saw a girl walking towards me and tried to approach her. She saw me walking towards her and quickly walked around me looking scared. Jesus this isn’t going to be easy. I don’t look that scary do I? I thought to myself.

After an hour of me trying to approach people in the least scary way, I gave up and sat down on a bench. God I’m a failure. I put my head in my hands and tried to calm myself down. 

“Hey are you okay?” I heard a voice say, I instantly lifted my head up, which made the woman in front of my jump slightly back.  

“Huh?” I asked, unsure if she was the one that asked. 

“Erm, I asked if you were okay. You looked depressed and well I have seen you wander around the park staring intently at people, whilst looking depressed. So I was just wondering if you are okay. Unless you are creep and then I don’t care how you are.” 

I laughed slightly which probably made me look a little bit more creepy. “Yeah, I am fine. I’m just a bit stressed. Honestly I am not a creep, I am normal.” 

“Well you don’t look fine, so I am going to ask you what’s up, because I have nothing better to be doing. Also ‘I am normal’ is something a creep would say. However before you ask ‘why are you still talking to me if you think I am a creep?’ I am talking to you because you seem nice and a little too awkward even for a creepy person. So what’s up?” She asked while sitting down next to me. 

“I need pictures for my photography portfolio, however my model and bandmate didn’t turn up because he is hungover and the other one decided that he is also to hungover to walk five minutes, however he is okay to stay on the phone with me while I struggle and then hang up. Also did I mention my work needs to be finished for Monday.” 

“Well. It sound like your life is going worse than mine right now.  

“Wait how bad is your life?” 

“Huh?” She asked, as she stared up at the sky, looking like she was in deep thought and also looking very beautiful. Wait a minute Michael, you have never met this girl, calm down. 

“You said that my life is going worse than yours. What’s your name?” 

I’m Michael. What about yo-” She interrupted me “Oh you know, friends, family. The normal stuff.” She said still staring up at the sky. 

“Yeah, I know that too.” I replied quietly.

“Nice to me you Michael.” She shook my hand before falling silent again. 

We sat in a slightly awkward silence for a while, until she quickly turned to me and practically shouted “WHAT IF I MODEL FOR YOU.” 

“FUCK” I shouted, as she surprised me “I mean yeah, if you want to. If that’s okay.” I said trying to sound normal again.

“Okay, where do you want me.” She winked before walking off, expecting me to follow her.

“I thought you asked me where to go and now you have just wandered off.” I laughed as she turned around to look at me. “Oops.” she smiled before walking off again.

After we had taken pictures around most of the park, we sat down on a bit of grass for a bit to take a break. We talked for a while, until the sound of her phone ringing interrupted us. She spoke briefly before standing up quickly.

“I do apologise. This has been fun, however one of my friends is at the other end of the park and wants someone to go meet her. But really I did have a really fun time. You really cheered me up.”

“Oh okay.” I said slightly disappointed as I stood up too. “Well erm thank you so much for helping me out. You looked really pretty in those photos, well you look really pretty anyway. Wait hold on. I am so sorry I’m ramblin-” I was interrupted again by her phone ringing once more. She answered it and I could tell the person on the other end of the phone was getting impatient. She looked at me, smiled, mouthed ‘sorry’ and then walked away. 

I smiled at the floor, and started looking through the photo’s I had taken. Then I realised something, I never asked for her name and I really like her even though we have just met. What am I going to do. I decided to ring someone. 

“Ashton.” I spoke frantically. 

“I see you haven’t gotten arrested. Unless you are speaking to me from prison. What can I help you with?” 

“I met a really cute girl and she helped me with my photos, but then her friend rang her and she walked away before I had the chance to get her name. She went to meet her friend at the other end of the park, but she could be anywhere now. What should I do?” 

“Hmmmmmm.” He thought for a while “Wait, I have an idea. You said you took her picture, so you know what she looks like. Go look for her in the park, she is more than likely still around if she was going to meet her friend.” 

“Well I have no better idea so here we go. I am about to look like a creep again. I swear to god I am going to get banned from this park. I will call you if I find her.” 

After many awkward encounters of me accidently grabbing the shoulders of random women thinking that they were her, and one threat of being kicked in the balls, I had almost given up. Until I heard a familiar laugh behind me. I turned around and saw her stood under a tree with what I assumed was her friend. She was laughing at something her friend had said and she looked perfect. 

I approached her slowly, slightly nervously. I stopped just behind her and got a strange look from her friend, she turned around to see what her friend was looking at.  “Oh hey Michael.” She said smiling. “Is everything okay. Do you need more pictures?” 

“Pictures?” Her friend said concerned. 

“Oh yeah. I forgot to tell you. He took pictures of me in my underwear for a website.” 

Her friend looked at both of us dumbfoundedly, before me and her started laughing. 

“I fucking hate you.” She said smiling slightly.

“No I don’t need anymore pictures thank you. I was just wondering what your name was. You never told me.” 

“Oh, sorry. I’m Y/n.” 

“Nice to meet you Y/n. I was also wondering something else.” 

“Oh, what’s that?” She smiled.

“Would you maybe want to go on a date with me?” 

“Sure, Michael. I would love to.” She laughed, before writing her number on my hand and walking away.

How Riverdale Stole My Soul
  • Brain: Okay. Internet and TV services are both back on. Time to catch up on all the TV you've missed over the last 8 weeks.
  • Me: Sure thing great idea, then I can find new stuff to love!
  • Brain: Steady on tiger, let's just concentrate on one thing at a time.
  • Me: Okay sure, good plan. Right. Oh! I didn't know they'd brought Iron Fist out!
  • Me: Oh yeah sure. Sure thing. Yep. Ooooh! RIVERDALE!!!!!!
  • Brain: I swear to god-
  • Me: That's something to do with Archie comics right?
  • Brain: Yes but-
  • Me: You know I love me a good comic book adaptation...
  • Me: It looks really good. Oh hey wow look Luke Perry is in it, I used to be so horribly in love with him when I was 7!!!
  • Brain: We don't have time for this.
  • Brain: So help me god don't you dare press play!
  • Me: I'll just watch the first five minutes.
  • Brain: Hoe don't do it.
  • Me: [presses play]
  • Brain: I swear to god I hate you so much right now. Ugh. Let's just hope there's not a hot ginger guy in it.
  • Me: Holy SHIT there's a hot ginger guy in it...
  • Brain: *facepalm*
How I imagine Elektra's resurrection in "The Defenders" will go:
  • *Elektra comes back*
  • Matt: ELEKTRA, LOVE OF MY LIFE, YOU'RE BACK FROM THE DEAD! *changes back to dry, brooding Matt personality* Oh, I mean...I missed you Elektra.
  • Luke: Sweet Christmas, first I'm a superhero, then I meet all of you superpowered bing bongs, and now we have literal resurrections. I just wanted to sweep hair in a barbershop for fuck's sake.
  • Danny: This greatly upsets me. I need to meditate to clear my thoughts.
  • Elektra: Guys, calm down, it's no big deal really. You'll be surprised at how many people get resurrected in our world. OhandbythewaytheHandiscomingtodestroyNewYorkCity.
  • The Defenders: Wait...what?
  • *The Hand enters the scene and surrounds the Defenders. The Defenders cover Elektra*
  • Matt: Wait, the leader of the Hand is white? I thought it was a Japanese group?
  • Elektra: Well, the power of the Iron Fist also originates from Asia but...
  • Danny: *looks to the side in embarrassment*
  • Jessica: Well, bitch-who-looks-like-a-second-rate-Ellen-Ripley, you'll have to fight all four of us because...she's...not-chyours anymore! *grins stupidly*
  • The other Defenders and Elektra: Goddamit Jess.
  • Trish: *walks up behind Jess and hits her on the back of her head*
  • Colleen: *walks up behind Danny and hits him on the back of his head*
  • Danny: Hey, what the hell was that for!
  • Colleen: I don't know, I just felt like it. *troll smile*

musicalheartbeats  asked:

Can you please do a imagine with Luke where he overworks himself and gets really stressed and ends up in the hospital where you take care of him. F l u f f y please. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your work. 💗

Thank you so much for the lovely request! So, I kind of wrote this leading up to why he was taken to the hospital… if anyone wants it, I can write a part two about after they come home with Ashton, Michael, and (Y/N) being like the three mothers Luke never wanted :) but I hope you like this! xx

“Luuuuuke,” you whine as you lean your head on his broad shoulder. “You’ve been at this for hours. Why don’t you take a break and come upstairs with me?”

Your boyfriend has been downstairs with his guitar all day trying to write music for his band’s upcoming album. Normally, he and his band mates would work in pairs to get the songs done, but the other boys are all taking a well-deserved break from music. They’ve just finished a year long world tour and so they’ve been spending a lot of time with their families and friends.

Luke, on the other hand, has thrown himself into writing new music. You love his passion for what he does, but it’s been a long time since the two of you have had the opportunity to spend any quality time together. It seems like he’s hardly even looked at you since he got home and you’re honestly starting to worry about him.

He’s not sleeping or eating properly, and the only time he even moves from the couch is when he has to use the bathroom. You don’t really know what’s going on with him, but you know that he’s spiraling. Fast.

“Let me just finish this song, babe,” Luke mumbles as he places his hands on the guitar strings.

He strums a few chords, but then stops and leans down to scratch something out on a piece of paper.

You sigh. “Luke you said that five hours ago. I’m worried about you. You’re overworking yourself.”

He just shakes his head and continues playing the same chords over and over again at different tempos. Tomorrow you think you’ll have to call the boys and ask for their help if Luke doesn’t snap out of it. This behavior has been going on for over a week now, and it can’t be healthy for him.

You don’t move from your spot on the couch. The bags under Luke’s eyes and the fact that some of his bones have become worryingly prominent makes you feel like he might disintegrate if you leave his side. You yawn a few times, but he doesn’t seem to notice. His mind is on the song in front of him which clearly is not coming together the way he wants it to.

You’re on the verge of falling asleep on his shoulder when he suddenly sets his guitar down. You sit up and take your head off of him because you assume he must have to pee. When he doesn’t move, though, you gently place your hand on his thigh.

“Luke?” You ask softly. “Are you okay?”

When he turns to look at you, his eyes are wide with panic. His chest is heaving rapidly and he suddenly falls onto your lap. His arms wrap around your small body and he clings to you like his life depends on it.

“I- I can’t- breathe,” he whispers.

You start to panic at the sight of Luke panicking. You pull him a few inches away from you so that you can look at his face. You can see beads of sweat beginning to fall down his forehead and you quickly wipe them away with your hand.

“Babe, I need you to take some deep breaths for me,” you say, trying to keep your voice calm. 

You count out some breaths with him, but it hardly seems to help. You reach over to the coffee table and grab a water bottle that you’d left for him earlier in the day. You unscrew the lid and hand it to him, urging him to take a sip.

His hands are shaking so much that he can hardly hold onto the bottle, and he ends up dropping it on the couch, and it spills all over the floor. You reach for your phone to call an ambulance at that point. You’ve witnessed panic attacks before, but nothing quite like this.

You dial the emergency number and wait for the operator to pick up, but before they do, Luke suddenly slouches over and falls onto the floor. You panic and begin screaming his name as you kneel down beside him. He’s unconscious and no amount of screaming on your part is going to wake him up.

When you remember the operator that is now waiting on the phone, you begin quickly explaining the situation to her and she immediately sends an ambulance to your house. She stays on the phone with you and tells you a few things to do to try and help Luke, but none of it works. He’s lying in a heap on the floor and you’re desperately sobbing as you attempt to hold his large body in your arms.

The ambulance arrives a few minutes later and the paramedics waste no time in loading him into the back. They allow you to ride with them and you keep your hand firmly clasped around Luke’s limp one as they perform all kinds of tests on him and hook him up to a million different needles.

Your mind all but stops functioning, and everything starts to blur together. You’ve never been this worried in your entire life, and your brain starts working through a hundred scenarios in which Luke doesn’t make it through this.

You hardly even notice when the ambulance comes to a stop and they unload Luke on a stretcher. They push him through some double doors, and you try to follow him, but a paramedic restrains you. He takes you to the waiting room and tells you that you’ll have to wait there while they figure out exactly what’s wrong with Luke. The paramedic seems hopeful that Luke will be fine, which gives you a tiny bit of relief. You won’t be able to really breathe, though, until you see him again with your own eyes.

An hour passes, and you’ve texted everyone close to Luke to let them know what’s going on. His parents have been on vacation in Scotland, and you had to do some hard convincing to get them to stay there. When you told his mom that he was in the hospital, she tried to hop on the next flight to Australia, but you told her that he would be fine. Even if you don’t fully believe that yourself, you don’t want her to worry too much. Luke will call her if he wants her to come home.

You also texted the boys to let them know what’s going on. Ashton and Michael got back to you right away and promised that they’d come stay with you and Luke in the morning. They’re both on the other side of the country doing god-knows-what, but they insisted upon dropping everything to take care of their friend. You haven’t heard back from Cal yet, but he’s in America spending time with some friends, so he’s on a completely different time schedule than the rest of you.

You try to keep yourself occupied with talking to Ashton and Michael so that you can’t worry too much, but it hardly works. Thankfully, a nurse comes to get you a few minutes later and leads you back to Luke’s hospital room. She explains the situation in as much detail as she can before you see him.

He’s been overworking himself and the mental and physical exhaustion finally caught up to him. He hasn’t been sleeping most nights or eating like he should, and that contributed to his massive panic attack and are also the reason he passed out. She says that they’re going to keep him here overnight and give him some fluids, but he should be good to go home tomorrow.

You still have tears rolling down your cheeks when you’re finally able to go into his room. He’s awake and as soon as you walk in, he smiles weakly at you. He’s got a bunch of needles still stuck in his arms, and he looks so pale and weak. You can’t believe you let him get to his point. Right now, you feel nothing but heartache and guilt.

“Baby,” Luke whispers when he sees the tears on your face. “Come here.”

He opens his arms and you quickly walk over to him and crawl into his bed. You curl yourself up against his chest and he wraps his arms around you as best he can without pulling any of the IV’s out.

“I’m so sorry, Luke,” you say, your voice slightly muffled by the fabric of his hospital gown. “So, so sorry.”

You’re sorry?” He asks, clearly confused. “For what? I did this to myself.”

“I should’ve noticed the signs earlier,” you tell him. “I never should have allowed you to get to this point.”

He shakes his head and places a gentle kiss on your forehead.

“You tried,” he reminds you. “I just felt so much pressure to get this third album out, and to make sure that it’s perfect, and I let it consume me. I know that I should’ve gone on break with the rest of the boys, but I thought that if I did, then the fans and the media would be mad. I never want to disappoint anyone.”

“You’re not disappointing anyone, babe,” you say. “Everyone understands how exhausting that tour was for all of you, and nobody is going to blame you for taking some time to yourself. You can’t put so much pressure on yourself, okay?”

He smiles again, and some life returns to his beautiful, blue eyes.

“I’m so lucky to have you,” he whispers. “So damn lucky.”

You let your lips curl into a smile as your phone beeps to let you know that you have another text.

“Oh,” you say, remembering Ashton and Michael. “I texted the boys to let them know what’s going on, and Mike and Ash insisted upon coming to stay with us tomorrow.”

Luke groans. “Great. They’re going to treat me like a child, you know.”

“I know,” you giggle. “But maybe a little love from Mama Ashton and Mama Michael is just what you need right now.”

You can’t help but laugh at the annoyed look on his face. Tomorrow should definitely be interesting, but for right now, you just focus on Luke. You have your arms wrapped tightly around him, and you don’t plan on letting him go any time soon. He thinks he’s the lucky one in this relationship, but you definitely know that it’s you.

So this morning Luke (my boyfriend) told me I jokingly needed to get a hobby, I then decided to go to target and buy the sheet music for 1989! Luke has just bought a keyboard and it looked fun! I have never thought that I would be able to play the keyboard (I’m not very musically talented) BUT I started learning and now I am hooked! At 27 years old I am still learning new things, thank you @taylorswift for inspiring me to try new things! Can’t wait to get to ‘wildest dreams’ so I can get my hair flip on! 😉 love you Taylor!

Cheating Pt. 1 || Luke Hemmings


You were calmly in your apartment, browsing your social medias on your laptop. You didn’t want to be on necessarily, but you wanted to pass time since you were expecting a call from Luke. He promised to call you at 8 p.m. your time and it was 7:51. Just 9 more minutes, you thought with a wide smile. To just hear Lukes voice gave you butterflies. But your eye spotted something worth reading. 

“’Luke Hemmings is a Cheater?’” You spoke out loud, clicking at the link that many fans kept sending you on all your social medias. Clicking on the link, you found yourself on an unknown Twitter account owned by a girl. But it was specifically a tweet on her accountant that took your breath away. 

A picture of the girl, covering her body with bed sheets, with Luke, also naked, on the bed behind her.  

You were shaking, reading all these sympathetic tweets being sent to you by fans. There were also a few people happy that this is spiting you. Pushing away the laptop, you stood up from the couch and instantly crashed onto the ground. Tears were running out your eyes uncontrollably, causing rapid sniffles and your face to go scarlet. Your heart was crinkling up, its love for this boy oozing and seeping out. At the same time, it was breaking, the entirety of you, physically and mentally, was feeling numb. All your sniffling was eventually transformed into shock. That’s when your phone began to ring. Grabbing it from the table, you saw that it was Luke, with his contact name full of heart emojis. You scoffed and picked up.

“Leave me alone, Luke,” you said immediately. sitting up from the floor to talk properly. Luke was taken aback by your attitude, but understood why. He saw the photo and immediately wanted to talk to you to try and fix it. He needed to, because he needs you more than anything in this world, this lifetime. 

“No, (Y/N), please, you have to listen to me!” Luke blurted out quickly. You couldn’t help but cry even more because you loved his voice and his accent so much. Fuck, you really couldn’t handle the pain right now. Especially when you love everything about him, even during this bad time. “That girl means nothing to me! I was drunk and we picked her up from a bar and she was drunk, too, and it was just… a complete blur.”

“Luke, you promised you wouldn’t drink so much on tour, your liver… nevermind,” you cut yourself off. You didn’t want to show him how much you cared. You wanted to show off the anger you have right now for what he did to you. “You cheated on me, Luke. We just… we’re over, I’m sorry.”

“No!” Luke said sharply on the line. He couldn’t lose her, he really couldn’t. “I just… I know I fucked up and that’s hard to recover from, but (Y/N), I don’t love her. Like, at all. I love you and only you and it’ll always be you.” More tears were rolling down your cheeks. You couldn’t stop shaking, too. And Luke had to listen to you hurt, giving the both of you pain. You for showing vulnerability, and him for causing you this pain. 

“Luke, I can’t do this right now,” you forced out through the tears and your now croaky voice. You needed some time to cry and pick yourself up. Just like you did before you met Luke. Pick up your pieces on your own. “Have a good life, Luke. Goodbye.”

And with that, you hung up before Luke can even say another word.

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im open for requests you guys, so if you have any, msg me or something!! btw look at the video i made of luke! >> http://lukeyhem1996.tumblr.com/post/146729428531/just-took-snippets-of-all-their-music-videos-and

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