i just need luke to love me now

here have a oneshot in which adam gets hooked on gilmore girls after blue makes a joke about him being like rory gilmore because he uses a pro/con list to decide between harvard and yale (thanks so much to @burn-it-slow for giving this a quick look over):

Where you lead, I will follow

Ronan pauses mid-yawn, his hand gripping onto the banister for balance.

Anywhere that you tell me to

Fuck. Not again.

If you need, you need me to be with you

“Adam! It’s 3 o’clock in the fucking morning!”

I will follow where you lead

Ronan stumbles blindly down the rest of the stairs and emerges in the living room of the barns just in time to catch the end of the Gilmore Girls theme song playing on the giant flatscreen TV.

Adam looks up guiltily as Ronan collapses on the couch next to him, pressing pause on the remote.

“She broke up with Dean at the dance. I need to know what happens with Jess,” he mumbles, his drawl more audible than usual considering it’s the middle of the god damn night.

Ronan rolls his eyes but he knows Adam can see right through him if the smirk on his face is any indication.

“And you couldn’t have waited until at least, “ Ronan glances at the tiny clock display on the cable box, “10 AM or some shit? You had to sneak out in the middle of the night and abandon me in our bed - “

Adam snorts in amusement and cuts him off. “Okay Gansey. I’ll try to pick a time you deem reasonable next time.”

“Shut up, you know you could have woken me up to watch with you,” Ronan grumbles in response, but his feigned annoyance is less than convincing when he throws an arm around Adam’s shoulder and pulls him into a cuddle.

“So can I get back to my show now or?” Adam asks, a teasing glint in his eye. Ronan just rolls his eyes and gestures for Adam to hit play.

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5SOS VISUAL SMUT - they walk in on you


you and michael were out on a nice date, dressed up and everything. which was something rare, for michael to take you out. once you guys returned home, he would go straight to his video games, leaving you to fend for yourself.

“fuck fuck, oh michael.mm” you would moan to yourself, as quiet as possible. you thought he wouldn’t be able to hear

he wouldn’t even have time to take all his clothes off before slamming into you. he would fuck you pretty hard

“you think you can fuck yourself better than i can babe?” he would growl into your ear.


it would be late after noon and you went to the bath for a nice relaxing shower but somewhere along the way you got carried away and couldn’t help yourself. you didn’t even bother calling for calum because you figured he was busy doing his own stuff.

“hey baby, what are you doing” with a fucking cheeky smirk, “why didn’t you come get me. i would love to help you out there”

“look how wet you got yourself baby girl. looks like you didn’t even need my help. but you’re going to need to help me now”

“rub my cock for me. feel how hard you make me”


you weren’t expecting luke home for another couple of days, so you almost had a routine down. just to get off while he was away on tour. it was another one of those days. you got yourself nice a comfy on the bed, shutting your eyes, forgetting about the world.

you would just be getting into it. imagining in your mind all the things that luke would be doing to you if he was there.

“sweetheart? babe? what are you-” he would pause as soon as he saw you, legs spread on the bed. missing you so much, he would pounce on you right away.

“i bet you missed me so bad baby. did you miss me? did you miss my long fingers? did you miss my huge cock fucking you?”


ashton would be on stage performing and for the first song you would be watching him play from the side of the stage but you were just so horny you could take it and had to go backstage to finish up some business.

you were leaning against every surface possible, to get comfortable in the small space provided. time would be lost as you tried as fast as possible to get off.

“you just couldn’t wait, could you darling? hmm” he would giggle and just moan at the sight of you when he barged into the dressing room after the show.

“am i not good enough for you? or were you planning on me walking in on you? you’re gonna pay babe”

"I know you better than you know yourself"




u busy?



Kind of

I’m heading to a Party :/



You didn’t tell me about that


Yes i did

it’s that birthday party thing we were supposed to go together

but you can’t go because of stupid exams :(


oh yeah yeah


This guy that lives beside me won’t shut up and he’s starting to drive me crazy, i need to study

Can i please come over? :)


But i won’t be there :/


Doesn’t matter

I just need to be somewhere quiet



you have a key so, it’s okay

I’ll try to be there around 2 or something


Alright! Thank you baby, i love you!


Love you too

The moment he said yes to me staying at his place while he was away, the moment I grabbed the bag sitting beside me along with my keys and left the apartment. The music next door was way too loud, my head started to hurt, and there was no way of making him shut up so the best solution was leave. Finally, I was somewhere quiet where I could study at least a little.

I get to his place and the first thing I notice is that his car is not there, he really was leaving for the party, I was kinda expecting to find him getting ready for it. But it doesn’t matter, at least it was quiet and cozy.  I got in and immediately his dog, Petunia comes running to me and barking when she sees the big bag hanging by my side like she does every time I come over. I scratch her head and walk over to his room, leaving my stuff there and changing into some comfortable clothes I can wear for the rest of the night.

Time passes. By midnight I was already done with all of the notes I need to go over and was bored enough after messing with his piano for almost an hour, so I crash on the sofa with Petunia following me every step I take. I watch one movie that then turns into two movies, and by the time I am done. It’s already 2:30 in the morning and Luke is still not home.

“Where do you think your dad is?” I ask the sleeping dog on my lap, who is quietly snoring while I caress her fur. “Should I call him?”  

I grab my phone and look at the screen, seeing 0 messages or missed calls on my feed. He would call me telling me he’s late, or maybe he’s just being extremely impunctual, which I didn’t mind at all, I just needed to know if he was okay. I go to my contacts and on his number, but right before I could do something, a loud car horn sounds outside the house. I get up from the sofa and walk to the front door, looking through the eye of the door, there was a car parked at the garage, I knew that car. It was Luke’s, but why doesn’t he just come inside.

I step outside and when I did, Michael comes out of Luke’s car, waving a hand at me and making me a gesture to come over. I approach to him, being slightly concerned about why is he driving my boyfriend’s car.

“Hello (Y/n)” he says smiling at me

“Uh-Hi” I say a bit uncomfortable “Why are you driving Luke’s car?”

He chuckles softly and walks to the other side of the car “I think this is yours” he says opening the door “C'mon big boy, you’re home”

I hear a confused groan and a whine “Michael I told you, I want to go to the ice cream- oh look! That’s my girlfriend! Let me introduce you guys, come inside, let’s grab a drink”

Michael laughs and helps him get out of the car since he could barely stand on his own “I’m good” he says “We already know each other, but thanks, buddy”

“No” Luke shakes his head “you come inside, (Y/n) makes the best-” he says but he stops on his feet, leaning on his side and letting all out. Vomiting right by his own car wheel.

“Oh, I was waiting for that” Michael comments, holding on his friend so he didn’t fall on his side.

I gasp and walk over to him, this was crazy, one of the few times I have seen look so drunk that he could barely keep himself standing, I didn’t quite know how to feel about it either because one of the things I wasn’t very good at is to take care of drunk people, especially when Luke was the one drunk, he couldn’t even handle the flu without acting like he is dying, when he was hungover it’s so much worst.

“Oh my god” I say when I was close enough to them “What the-? How did this happen?”

“Well” Michael starts explaining, passing Luke over to my side “Calum kind of challenged him and he went with it”

“Oh babe” I sigh, holding on Luke so he didn’t fall over.

“You smell nice” he mumbles and hides his face in my neck.

“What did he do?” I ask him

“Well, the challenge was to drink over a line of shots and then drink this giant beer, by the way, he won” Michael mentions “but if it makes you feel better, I’m pretty sure Calum looks a lot worst than this”

“Geez” I say trying to handle all of his weight “Thank you for driving him here” I say with a little smile.

“It’s okay” he nods

“You can take the car and drive yourself home” I offer, I was pretty sure Luke wouldn’t mind anyway.

“Oh no, It’s fine Crystal is picking me up, she’s taking Calum home” he smiles “we had to part ways in this since Calum doesn’t have a car and well…”

“Yeah, I get it” I chuckle “Wanna come inside while you wait?” I offer. “There’s ice cream if you want”

“I want ice cream” Luke whines in my ear

“No, It’s Okay” he says to me, shaking his head and walking back a little “I’ll wait over here, I’ll probably take this time to have a smoke, she won’t take that long”

I nod and smile “well, if you need anything just knock the door” I say starting to walk back to the house, dragging Luke with me

“Goodnight!” I say

“Goodnight Michael! I love you!” Luke yells, stumbling in his feet as he walks to his own house.  

He stumbles inside almost falling on the carpet as he gets distracted with his dog barking at him and running around to get his attention, he falls on his knees and caresses Petunia’s fur as he mumbles some none-sense words at her.

“Babeeeee” he calls me leaning his head on the dog “can we have ice cream now?”

I roll my eyes, leaning to take him by the arm and pushing him to stand him up and trying my hardest effort to walk him to the bedroom.

“You just puked your guts out, you’re not getting any ice cream” I shook my head.

“But I want ice cream” he pouts “please”

Not listening to anything that he was rambling about while pushing in the bedroom. I push him all the way up to the bathroom where he whines for no reason and pouts at me.

“You’re going to shower” I say, being very clear to him. He turns around and looks at me with an eyebrow raised “What?” I asked.

“First ice cream, then shower” he suggests and tries to walk away.

I put both of my hands on his chest and laugh. There is no way this was going to happen. “Em, no” I say not letting him walk away “first Shower, then you wash your filthy mouth, then maybe ice cream and you go to sleep”

He huffs, looking like a preteen about to have a rebel moment. “Why can’t I do that after I eat ice cream? Babe, pleaseeee” he whines blowing his breath at me making me turn away, he smelled like hard whiskey and wine.

“Robert you look like you’re about to pass out” I scoff still shaking my head “if you eat right now you will go straight to sleep without even cleaning up”

“That’s not-” he starts

“Literally” I interrupt him “I know you better than you know yourself” I say decisively “you know that damn well”

He rolls his eyes and looks down at me “maybe that’s true..” he mumbles.

“Then why don’t you shower, and when you come back I’ll have a nice bowl of ice cream for you, yeah?” I suggest.

He seems to think about it for a second, before deciding that it was not worth to keep fighting it, he knew I was right, so he turns around and puts his hand in the shower, turning the water on.

“You win.. mom” he jokes taking his shirt off

I smile to him and turn around “see you in a couple of minutes then”  

I walk out of the bathroom and feel some kind of relief when I hear that Luke is actually having a shower, after the mess he made of himself at that party, he is finally listening to me and cleaning up without giving too much of a fight. I walk up to the kitchen and pull out of the freezer the large tub of his favorite ice cream along with the tub of ice cream I bought for myself which was, in fact, my favorite ice cream.

I scoop him a large cup of ice cream and swirl his cup with chocolate syrup and whipped cream. Hopefully, he will think this is good enough to stop his whining, Luke has always been a whiny drunk. I hear the water being turned off by the time I finish. I make a cup of ice cream for myself, and when I’m done with everything I take the cups and go to the bedroom where I suppose my boyfriends in.

Pushing the door open with my shoulder, I enter the room and the first thing I notice is Luke’s large body spread all over the bed with half of his body out of it, face down, hair wet, shirtless and with his shorts barely pushed all the way up to his hips, I could clearly see half of his ass showing under those basketball shorts. He was snoring, summoned in a hell of a deep sleep, I could already imagine how strong his hangover was going to be, he was (and is) so drunk, it was just… unbelievable.

I sigh and leave the two cups on the nightstand and walk over to him. I do my best to lift his overly large body and first thing, I push his shorts all the way up, to them move to the bed and dragging him up by his arms, trying to put him on his side of the bed.

“What you doing?” He mumbles being annoyed, sounding like he had hours of sleep and I just woke him.

“I’m accommodating you” I chuckle softly dragging him up a little more before he sat up by himself and crawled to his side of the bed “you were almost falling off the bed” I mumbled, putting the covers over his lap.

He frowns rubbing his eye softly “no I wasn’t” he mumbles

“Yes you were” I quickly say, Caressing his wet hair “I brought you a sundae if you still want ice cream so bad”  

“Mmm” he says closing both of his eyes “with cookie dough ice cream?” He asks softly, sounding like a little kid.

“And chocolate” I smile “want it babe?”

He thinks about it, yawning a couple of times and finally opening his eyes to look directly at me “I mean, I feel like crap but if you actually made me a Sundae, then sure” he says dragging his words when talking. He was for sure still drunk.

I smile and turn to my side, grabbing the cup and passing it to him. He smiles and leans to kiss my cheek. I sit beside him grabbing my own cup and sitting right beside him on the bed.

“This is delicious” he says with his mouth full “have I told you I love you yet?”

I chuckle taking a spoonful of ice cream “no” I smile.

“I love you” he says looking at me in the eye. I smile and kiss his forehead while he keeps eating his ice cream “I love you too” I say “How was the party?” I ask him.

He hums still digging on his ice cream and takes one bite before talking “it was great, the bar was good and they had drinking games everywhere, also this gigantic photo booth and game room, it was so fun babe, so so so so fun” he explains with his mouth full.

“That’s cool” I mumble “sorry I couldn’t go with you” i pout.

He chuckles “it’s fine, look how I ended up” he says rubbing on his face. “Thanks for taking care of me” he says “you’re the best”

I smile and kiss his cheek “Luke, I will always take care of you”

Beside You (5 Seconds of Summer Series)


I don’t wanna go 

Calum and I were laying on the couch, his arms wrapped around me tightly as if this was all the time we had together. I looked at him with sad eyes and a soft smile.

“Promise me you’ll call me every day?” I asked him.

“I promise, baby.” He said quietly. “If you really think about it, I’m not going to be away for very long. I mean, it’s only three months.”

I shook my head. “Three whole months, Calum! That’s like a whole summer vacation! I could learn the rudiments of a new instrument if I tried!”

Calum smirked at me. “Then surprise me! Show me what new things you have accomplished when I get back.”

I nodded as I began thinking up my list of things to do in three months. “You’re going to be so proud of me and all of my achievements when you get back!”

“I don’t doubt it.” He said as he held me tighter. “I don’t wanna go. I don’t wanna leave you.” He whispered as he kissed the top of my head.


Another day and I’m somewhere new 

“So, how’s Brazil?” I asked over the phone.

“Um…[Y/N], honey…we were there yesterday. We are in Peru now, but it’s great! Thanks for asking.” Ashton laughed.

Embarrassed, I buried my head in my arms. “Sorry, Ash…you travel super fast! You are never in the same country for more than a day.”

“Another day and I’m somewhere new.” Ashton sighed. “I guess I can’t complain, though. There’s always something different to experience in each country and lots of new people to meet. I miss you, though.”

I looked down at my neatly-made bed sheets that I had been laying on since we started talking. “Yeah…it’s been super hard with you being away because I can’t talk to you as much as I’d like to. The time zones are killer. Plus, I’m sure you’re used to it because you’re so busy all of the time you don’t really have much time to think about anything.”

I heard Ashton sigh deeply. “I’m so sorry, darling. I never want to make things hard on you. I guess you’re right, too. At least I’m occupied with everything that’s going on to really be to upset about anything. I’m so, so sorry.”

“Ashton, it’s your job. Don’t be sorry! I enjoy watching you on stage from the different videos people send me.”

Ashton laughed. “Good because I gotta go to sound check now. I hope you receive great videos tonight, baby. I love you!”

“I love you too, Ash. Text me later.”


She sleeps alone 

“It’s been so long since I’ve seen her…” Luke said to himself.

“What? Are you talking to yourself again?” Michael asked Luke.

Luke looked over to Michael, who was playing video games on the black leather couch across the room. “Don’t judge me! I really miss her. Life just isn’t the same without [Y/N] here with me. It’s hardest at night. It kills me to think she sleeps alone, Michael. I just don’t want anything to happen to my girl. At least I’d be able to protect her if I was with her.”

Michael paused his video game and turned to Luke. “I know we’re great friends and all, so from one friend to another, I really don’t care to hear about your problems. [Y/N] is fine.” Michael rolled his eyes. “Besides, you talk to her every chance you get, so why wouldn’t she be okay?”

Surprised by Michael’s harsh reaction, Luke just stared blankly at Michael. “I-I am not trying to make you upset, Michael. I just-”

Michael slammed his controller down on the floor and stomped over to Luke. “Look, I’m sorry, okay? It’s just-everybody has been bugging me with their issues and asking me for advice. I care about you, Luke. I really do! I just need to be more sensitive to people’s feelings, but for now, I just need some time alone.”

Luke nodded, grabbed his phone, and walked to the next room to call me so we could talk about our days together.


I wish I was beside you

“I really love you, [Y/N], and I love talking to you, but I should probably get to bed now. I have a really early morning tomorrow to start off a super busy day. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be grumpy in all of the interviews I have tomorrow.” Michael said over Skype.

I looked at him with a sad face. “I love you, baby. I miss you already! It’s really hard to sleep at night without you here.”

Just as Michael was about to hit end, he stopped and stared at me. “What do you mean it’s hard to sleep without me there?”

“Well, when I can’t sleep at night, you’re usually always here to sing to me and play with my hair until I fall asleep. Ever since you left, I have found it extremely difficult to sleep. All I can do is toss and turn and try to cuddle up next to you, but then I realize that I’m the only one in the bed.” I explained.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, darling. I wish I was beside you. Would I make your night better if I sang you to sleep right now?”

I shook my head. “You need to sleep, Mikey. I want you to be happy tomorrow during all of your interviews and shows, alright? I’ll be fine. How about you sing me to sleep tomorrow night?”

Michael smiled and nodded. “I look forward to it! I love you goodnight, sweetie.”

“I love you goodnight, handsome.”

Rainbow Six Siege: Ohmtoonz Edition [1]

Disclaimer: This isn’t meant to be 100% accurate to the game

Chapters: 1/3

Despite his line of work, there are quite a few things Luke fears. Heights, for one, (which is weird considering that one mission they had involving a skyscraper) the ocean, because what the fuck even is at the bottom of it, and don’t get him started about the creatures scientists are finding everyday. There’s a long list, one he’s actually sat and written when he was bored and curious as to how many things give him goosebumps, but, one of the things that’s pretty high up on that 20 bulleted paper is his superior (number 4 in fact).

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11. “I really need a hug right now, Y/N.” -Luke

Prompt List

“No, sorry Luke can only go if he asks his mom first.” Michael yells over the howls of laughter erupting from all of the boys (excluding Luke of course) and yourself, as you all filled the elevator on your way to the hotel rooms.

All night you and the boys had been making fun of Luke for his oddly strong bond with his mother. In all honesty you loved his relationship with his mom, even envied it at some times, but there were moments when you liked to tease him just as much as the boys do.

“Come on guys! It’s late! Can’t you just let it go?!” Luke stormed out of the elevator when we reached the floor. 

“Okay,” you interrupted turning to the other guys. “Okay, it’s time to go to bed, and leave the mama’s boy to sleep.” That sent them into another round of cackling before they all piled into their rooms.

You followed Luke to his room silently giggling as you two walked in. Luke angrily tore off his shirt storing into the bathroom and slamming the door. You rolled your eyes at your over dramatic boyfriend. 

“Luke! We were only joking!”

“Yeah it was hilarious.”

Sarcasm, great. Sarcastic Luke is never fun.

“Babe, you know I love you! I was only having fun.”

Luke opens the door and bumps you in the shoulder walking to the bed. 

“Come on! Let me make it up to you.” You walk up behind him wrapping your arms around his mid-section. “You know I love making things up to you.” You leaned up slightly nibbling on the lobe of his ear. 

Luke quickly turned around and held me at arms length. “No, I just…I really need a hug right now, Y/N.” He opened his arms wide.

You just stared at him in puzzlement. “Really? I was thinking more along the lines of having really kinky, REALLY loud sex, so that everyone can hear it and little kids can all the cops.”

He sighed rolling his eyes.“Just give me a hug.”  You wrapped your arms around him laying your head on his shoulder.

You started to feel him glide his hand from your lower back up to the back of your neck. His fingers twirled your hair round and round, swaying the both of you ever so slightly. His grip on your waist started to tighten, pulling you even closer, forcing your hips to grind against each other.

His other hand started to wrap softly around my neck slowly, until his thumb found your small adam’s apple at the nape of your neck. He moved your head so he could kiss you softly.  

Just when you started to get used to the idea of the softer side of Luke, his delicately placed thumb started to push against your neck as he bit down on your lip. “I want you on your knees.” He demanded pushing down even harder until you gasped for air.

“That’s my baby.”

A/N: Wow, sorry I just watched 68Kill and now I have this weird fascination with choking.

“You’re too excited for this”


“I am” I giggle coming just a bit closer to Him and leading my hand to his jaw, holding his head tightly looking straight at me “you have no idea, guys lashes are so much prettier and long and ugh I’m jealous” I say in excitement “you are lucky”

“Yeah yeah” he says not caring so much “don’t poke my fucking eye” he says in warning, being very serious about it

“I won’t” I chuckle “now open up and stay still” I say open the tube of mascara with one hand and leading the wand towards his eye

“That’s what she said” he mumbles wanting to laugh and I kick him lightly telling him to not move.

I see how his eyes water a little when I pass the mascara on his lashes and get a little closer to his eye, but when I get three coats on him. I stop and admire my master piece. His eye was popping, the blue of his iris was standing out amazingly looking so beautiful I couldn’t stop staring.

“Wow” I say Being very impressed “you look fantastic”

“Thanks” he blinks “I hate the feeling though” he shakes his head “And you do this every day?”

I smile “every morning”

His eyes widen and he looks at me being very impressed.

“I don’t know how you do it” he says to finally shake his head and say “now take it off”  


“And I don’t know why” I giggle nervously “What do you think the fans will say about this?” I ask curiously

“Like I’ve never shaved before” he chuckles pulling out all the necessary items from the bathroom’s drawer. “It’s no big deal, I’m sure they won’t even notice”

“I know but” I say swinging my legs while sitting on the bathroom’s counter “still, you’ve been growing that beard for quite a long time, I’m sure they will say something like…” I say stopping to think “Michael looks like a baby again, what’s next?”

“A very clean and incredibly handsome baby” he completes making me laughs a little “ready?” He asks me raising his eyebrows.

“Yes sir” I say in a decisive voice “what do I do first?” I ask looking at the tools beside me.  

“So, first you grab the big brush and the bowl” he says To me while I grab the stuff he mentions “take the gel and with just a bit of water you mix it with that and put all the foam on my face” he instructs

In a matter of seconds, I coat the entire brush in foam and pass it through his face carefully through all of his beard areas, making sure to not leave any spots “done” I mumble.

“Alright” he nods taking the bowl from my hands and passing me the razor “you’re ready then”

“Um…” I silently whine when he gives it to me “I don’t know now” I pout looking at him “will you hate me if I cut you?” I say giving him a sad look that wasn’t real at all but still, I was nervous for this.

“You will do just fine, Cmon” he says encouraging me but I give a step back

“say it! ‘I solemnly swear I won’t stop loving you if you cut me’” I exclaim pointing at him with the razor.

“Babe, that won’t happen because I know you’re gonna cut me” he chuckles “I can handle it and if it makes you feel better… I solemnly swear it” he laughs “get to work, I wanna go watch a movie”

I pout more but instantly get over this and move to start shaving him. It takes us approximately 20 long minutes, a lot of patients and 4 intents from me to back out after I saw him making a couple of weird faces, but after all of it, I was finally done. I clean his face with a towel dumped in warm water.

He turns around when I’m done cleaning, seeming pleasantly surprised when seeing himself in the mirror

“You did well!” He smiles at me through the mirror and passes his hand over his now clean face “see? No cuts, you did it babe” he cheers and turns around to thank me with a kiss.

“I’m glad I did well, it was scary as fuck” I chuckle nervously “but you know what’s the best part?” I smile

“What?” He asks looking at his reflection again

“You look a ton sexier now”


“Well, I’m sorry!” I say sarcastically “I just like how long your hair is at the moment but I love you with short hair, so yeah I’m excited for this, sew me”

“I probably will” he says, obviously joking while still sitting on the high chair in front of me “I am not sure about this babe, look” he says turning around “I don’t need to do this”

“You literally have an Afro” I say in excuse

“Luke is not cutting his hair for tour” he tried to argue

“Don’t you wanna start touring again with a fresh cut?” I fight back while grabbing all the supplies I needed “You know what they say” I say grabbing the comb in my hands “fresh start, better results”

“Who says that?” He scoffs, crossing his arms over his chest. “I swear I’ve never heard anyone saying such a thing”

“Me”  I smile, laying my hand on his shoulder and leaning to kiss his cheek “I say it”

Without giving him any warning I grab the machine to start cutting his hair and turn it on. I feel his shoulder tense under my hand and his left hand grabbing it keeping it where it was and not letting me do any move “be careful” he says in a warning tone “I don’t want to be bald”

“Yeah yeah” I say not caring at all.

The machine buzzes and without telling him anything, I run the machine once against his scalp taking out a big chunk of hair. “Oh yes” I say letting it fall on the floor. “That was a big one”

“There’s no turning back” he sighs looking down “babe, i swear if it doesn’t look good, you’re gonna pay for It”

“I used to work at a man’s salon, don’t worry about it, i know what I’m doing” I say with a big smile tracing the machine up his head one more time “yes” I hissed “this is satisfying”

“Jesus” he sighs “do whatever you want, but I beg you, don’t make me regret it”

“You won’t” I chuckle and turn to look at him “you will look cute on my eyes in any look you wear”

His look soften “thanks babygirl” he says leaning and pecking my lips “now, please finish”


“This is an exciting moment” he said in a barely offended tone “look, I’ve been looking forward for you to teach me how to play this thing for like a year” he says taking a sit beside me on the music room.

“Why do you want to learn how to play it?” I smile leaning my head on his shoulder “it’s so boring, I swear, I even almost fell asleep daily while practice”  

“Because it looks interesting” he argues passing his arm around my shoulders “not many people learn how to play the violin”

“Because is really boring and expensive” I laugh and raise my head, moving away from his hold and taking the instrument from the floor “Well I know you can’t read my pentagrams.. but I’ll teach you just the basics”  

He smiles taking the violin from my hand and laying it on his lap.

“Alright” I smile just a little and place myself in front of him “so, this goes up on your shoulder” I explain to him, pointing at the base in the back of violin “and your hand is not in a very good position” I chuckle correcting his hold just a little. With my finger I lift his chin and move it to the side, giving support to the instrument “that’s better” I mumble.

He raises his eyebrows and looks at me “this certainly an uncomfortable position” he mumbles in a deep voice.

“Sit up straight, big boy” I command him and he does as I say.

Carefully I place his finger on the strings to make a chord, deciding to instead of just explaining the entire thing to him, it was better to just let him go by the basics.

I place the stick in his other hand. Making his hand hold it correctly as I place it there. “Now, press softly but not too soft” I instruct “and you’re gonna drag very delicately the stick down here from down to top, don’t get scared if the strings vibrate a little, it’s okay”

He hums and does as I say once again, the sound he produces with the instrument was certainly not a pretty one, a sound that made me cringe and made me realize, I really suck at teaching stuff.

“Was it bad?” He asks curiously.

“Well” I smile uncomfortably “stick to your instrument, honey” I sadly smile, kissing his cheek. But being one hundred percent honest, I don’t think he was going to stand learning violin.

Realize -- Chapter Twenty-One- “Repercussions”

Tom HiddlestonxReader ….   

I’ve been reading too many imagines on @theartofimagining13 and some from my own silly brain … Can anything be simple? We’ll see… here is Chapter Twenty-One!


@greeneyedgirls4 @kianya-loves


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chapter one | chapter two | chapter three | chapter four | chapter five | chapter six | chapter seven | chapter eight | chapter nine | chapter ten | chapter eleven | chapter twelve | chapter thirteen | chapter fourteen | chapter fifteen | chapter sixteen | chapter seventeen | chapter eighteen | chapter nineteen | chapter twenty

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Early Arrival- Ashton

Synopsis: Your and Ashton’s baby is born a lot sooner than expected while he’s on tour causing panic to ensue. (Ashton’s POV)

Word Count: 475

“Hey Ashton, come on we need to go on stage soon.” Calum says finding me in the dressing room. 

“I know I know but Y/N always sends me a text before we go and I haven’t gotten one yet.” Because of Y/N’s pregnancy, she hasn’t been able to travel with us as much as she did right after we got married and now that she’s so far along she can’t travel at all. 

“Ash seriously we need to go!” Luke calls. 

“Come on man can’t you just wait one sec-” I’m cut off my phone going off. 

Y/N: don’t freak out but I think I’m going into labor, my mom is driving me to the hospital. I know this is bad timing because you have to go perform and I’m sorry you can’t be here but just go out there and have a great show I love you babe!

HOLY SHIT! Y/N in labor and I’m not there, fuck I’m the worst husband ever. 

“ASHTON IRWIN GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE NOW!” Michael says barging into the room clearly pissed off. I’m just zoning out “hello earth to Ash?” Michael says. “Ashton talk to me.” Then I just kind of snap. 


"ASHTON STOP SCREAMING!” Calum says entering the room with Luke. 

“What did you do to him?” Luke asks Michael. 

“Y/N is in labor right now!” Michael says. Luke walks over to me and grabs my shoulders to stop me from freaking out even more. 

“Ashton there is nothing we can do about it right now except go on stage because the sooner we get on stage the sooner you can go check on them ok?” Luke says very calmly. I just nod still freaking out. “Ok now let’s get going.”

I try to stay focused on the show but I can’t my mind keeps going back to Y/N and the baby. The baby wasn’t supposed to come for another 3 weeks, Y/N and I haven’t even picked names yet. 

“Hey Ashton stay focused, you can do this mate.” Luke says walking over to me. I was able to finish the concert without too many mistakes and I immediately run off stage and grab my phone checking to see if I got any messages from Y/N and I did! 

Y/N: Its girl! She’s healthy and so smiley just like you! We still need to name her but Baby Irwin is here!

And there was a picture attached, god she looked so small and precious. 

“Hey guys, I’m a dad!” I say walking over the rest of the band and pull up the picture of my little girl.

His Dirty Little Secret

Chapter 7

Warning;Sexual content..

“I couldn’t control my thoughts or my mouth”

Hailey’s Pov

... Next Morning…

I had a banging headache, i ran to the bathroom and threw up every disgusting drink i drank last night into the toilet.

I felt like complete shit, this must be what it feels like when you’re hungover.

There is no way i’m going to school today unless i want to be sick and i don’t.

I got up after being sick for the second time and then i got back into bed but then my mum came in

“ Up time sweetie” she never calls me that.

“ I’m not going, i have a terrible headache and i just been sick in the bathroom please let me stay off” I wasn’t one for taking time off school but i knew my mum would let me off it.

She came over and put her hand on my head

“ You are warm, okay you can stay off but stay in bed okay i have a meeting this morning so i’m going now but ill phone to check up on you”

i mumbled “ Okay” and she left.

i texted Lauren and Sophie that i’m sick they texted back telling that they were gonna call to see how i was after school.

i really do love them

i got back into bed and snuggled back in bed, i started thinking about what has happened the past couple of days..

The way Luke makes me feel i have never felt that way before but he doesn’t like me and he never will.

he is very confusing, i closed my eyes in hope i would fall back asleep again.

hoping to forgot all about Luke hemmings and his lips.

I woke up to the sound of someone throwing stones at my window.

Whoever it is better fuck off.

I got up out of bed not caring what i look like, i still felt shit i opened my curtains and opened my window and shouted down

“ WHAT DO YOU WANT?” I looked down to see Luke standing there.

Oh shit what is he doing here? and why was he throwing stones at my window?

shouldn’t he be at school or fucking someone?

“ Let me in” he said back was he insane i do not want to see him today.

“ No go away” i said back to him

“ Let me in or i will kick down your door” Was he for real? he wouldn’t would he??

i was in no mood for it so i turned around and walked out of my room and walking down stairs going to unlock the front door as much as i would have loved to see Luke break down my door i don’t think my mum would like that very much.

Once i unlocked my door Luke came rushing in.

Sure come right in why don’t you.

“ What do you want?” I said to Luke feeling annoyed i just wanted to go back to bed.

“ Why aren’t you at school?” Why does he care why i’m not at school? i swear this boy needs to make up his mind because he is fucking up mine.

“ Why do you care?” I said back at him, Luke walked closer to me until i my back hit the door ugh i’m not doing this again i feel like shit

“ Answer my question” Luke said he was so close but i was in no mood for it

“ i think its called having a hangover have you ever had one? if so you would know how i feel and i want to be alone so if you would so kindly fuck off that would be great” I opened my front door for Luke waiting for him to go but he didn’t he just smirked at me and then he said

“ Your first hangover” great observation ugh why does he have to annoy me of all days.

“ Please go” i said but Luke made no movement so i gave up i held my hands up in the air and said

“ Okay i give up just don’t steal anything i’m going back to bed” I started walking up the stairs and i could hear Luke following me ugh this boy never gives up i swear what does he want?

it can’t be me can it? of course not.

I reached my room and i could feel Luke behind me but i didn’t care i was too tired and sore to care.

I got into bed and covered myself in the covers.

I felt my bed dip and i looked up to see Luke sitting down on my bed looking at me

“ What do you want?” i said i’m so confused at what he wants

“just to spend time with you” he said

my eyes opened wide at his words, did i hear him right?

Was he for real? he wants to spend time with me?

“ well i need sleep so i’m not going to be much fun” i said to him closing my eyes, as much i as i would love to spend time with him i just don’t feel well.

I felt my bed move but it wasn’t because Luke was leaving it was because he was straddling me i am this close | | to hitting him right now.

“ Can i be your first?” Luke asked

He looked serious but i didn’t know what he meant, i hope he’s not talking about sex right now because i am not going to have sex with him never in a million years..

“ What?” I said to Luke i wanted to hear him say it again

“Hahahaha your face when I said that” Luke laughed and then got up off me.

what the fuck? he can’t just play with my feelings like that

i stood up from the bed and said “Get out”

Luke didn’t move and then i felt like i was going to be sick again so i ran into the bathroom leaving Luke with a strange look on his face and then i threw up into the toilet.

i felt Luke rub my back and lift my hair, something i didn’t expect him to do.

once i was finished i sat back from the toilet holding my head in my hands

“Your first hangover is always the worst” he said making me look up at him

we were sitting facing each other in the bathroom,he looked so cute right now, his piercings were missing.

i wondered if his tongue piercing was missing but there’s no way he was going to kiss me now.

i just stared at him not knowing what to say and then he spoke again

“How’s your head?” he asked

why is he being like this all of a sudden?

he was cocky just a minute ago..

“Why are you here Luke?” i asked him

he strugged his shoulders not saying anything, he really is confusing.

“You should go back to school” i said to him closing my eyes and leaning my head back

i have such a headache i need to sleep.

“Yeah..” was all he said and then he got up and left.

i sat on the bathroom floor for another minute and then i got up because i needed to lay down in bed.

Luke’s Pov

i stood outside Haileys house not knowing what to do.

i didn’t want to leave but she wanted me to leave.

i don’t know what is going on with me lately, when i’m near Hailey i just want to kiss her and be near her.

this is crazy all these ideas are floating around in my head and then another part of me is thinking.. What the fuck Luke this isn’t you.

but maybe it is.. or it could be

i took one last look at her house and then i walked down the driveway, i really didn’t want to go back to school but there’s nothing to do.

i could call Calum and get him and Michael to ditch school but i don’t feel like hanging out with them.

then an idea came into my head.

i must be going out of my mind but i know i can get Hailey to like me after this.


Haileys Pov

12:00 the clock read as i woke up.

i slept for an hour thats all.

at least my sore head was gone, i rolled over onto my back but then i heard a noise from downstairs.

what the hell?

i got up out of bed and opened my door to see if i could hear the noise again and i did.

what the actual fuck.. is someone in my house?

i’m so scared.

i looked around my room for protection but i had nothing so i just lifted a shoe and started making my way downstairs slowly.

it sounded as if someone was looking for something. i heard the person curse but i couldn’t really hear their voice.

fuck i’m being robbed.

what a day to be off school and to have a hangover.

as i got closer my heart started racing more and more, i just hit the last step on the stairs and then i heard a door slam.

oh my fucking god.

i’m gonna end up dead.

there was an umbrella at the door so i ran quickly and lifted it and held it up in case someone was to come up from behind me or something.

there could be more than one of them.

i hope not.

as i neared the kitchen door it opened, i quickly reacted and hit the person who came out from the kitchen more than once.

“Argh what the fuck it’s Luke” the person said

i stopped breathing.

it’s Luke?

what the hell?

i was holding his head where i hit him but i didn’t feel bad about it because he fucking scared me

“why are you here? and how did you get in? i heard you leave..” i said to him although i don’t know if he understood i said it quick

Before he could say anything I walked into the kitchen because I smelt food.

Not just any food I smelt Mcdonalds food. I was correct.

On my kitchen table was 3 Mcdonalds bags.

I didn’t understand.. Why did Luke do this?

“ I tried looking for some plates but I couldn’t” Luke said from the door of the kitchen.

I turned around to look at him, he was looking down at the ground.

“ Why?” Is all I said back.

that was all i could manage to say..

he strugged his shoulders and said “ this is what i eat when i’m hungover and i was hungry as well but i didn’t know what you liked so i got most of what was on the menu”

my eyes widened at his words, i couldn’t believe it.

i wanted to kiss him, i couldn’t help but smile at Luke but he didn’t look at me apparently something on the floor was really interesting so i decided i would make the first move.

i walked closer to him and pulled his face up so he would look at me and then i stood up onto my tip toes and kissed him.

He didn’t kiss back at first but then he pulled me against him and he kissed me hard. He turned us and pushed me up against the wall and started kissing me.

“ Food is getting cold” Luke said between kisses.

He was right and I was hungry.

I let go of him and he let go off me and I went to get the plates.

“ The plates are in here” I said opening the cabinet on the left.

Luke looked at me and I couldn’t control myself I just burst into laughter, I stopped laughing when Luke came up to me and pushed me into the counter and said

“ You think that’s funny princess” I didn’t know what to say I just looked down at his lips and then back up to his eyes, he was smirking at me the fucker.

I pushed him off me and I mocked his voice “ Food is getting cold” I tried my best to sound like him but I didn’t.

it’s the first time he’s ever called me princess and i liked it.

i felt special but it probably says it to other girls so i thought nothing of it and i got the plates out the places.

Luke carried them over to the table, i was going to do it but he took them off me and stuck his tongue out at me as he did it.

why do i like him??

“ Omg how much did you buy? I asked because omg he must have bought the whole fucking shop.

” I told you I didn’t know what you like so I tried to buy as much as I thought you might like" Luke said while lifting our food out.

I was lost for words, no boy has ever done something like this before for me

We set all the food on to the plates I know I said I was hungry but there was a lot of food I know I will not be able to eat it all but I feel bad if I don’t because Luke spent so much money.

Once we got to my room Luke sat down in the middle of my bed and I sat up so my back was up against the pillows.

We didn’t talk we just ate and it wasn’t awkward usually I find eating in front of people awkward because most of the people I eat in front of know about my problem so they always watch what I eat but Luke doesn’t know and it’s nice to finally just sit and be comfortable with someone.

After 2 burgers and a lot of fries later I was full.

Luke ate more than me and he was still eating when I stopped I don’t know where he puts it all because he is really skinny,I sat my plate on the ground and layed down on my bed feeling full.

i’m hoping i can keep this food down, i don’t feel hungover anymore but at the back of my mind the thoughts of how much i have actually ate is floating around but i didn’t want to worry about that right now.

“ How can you eat so much?” I asked Luke while lying down it’s been 10 minutes since I finished and he is still eating and it doesn’t look like he is finished.

“ I’m hungry, i’m starting to feel full so I’m going to stop now” Luke said while setting his plate at the end of my bed.

“ Your only full now? You have had like 4 burgers I mean where do you put it all?” I said sitting up and I went over to him and patted his belly yup I can still feel his 6 pack.

He laughed and stuck out his stomach.

We were lying on my bed talking about silly stuff.

it just seems so natural laying here under Lukes arm talking to him.

Luke was rubbing my leg and his other arm was around my shoulders and I was leaning into him it was like we were together but I know we aren’t.

not that i want to be..


Luke sat up and turned on his side so he could look at me, he pulled me closer and kissed me.

I happily kissed him back.

Our make out got more heated and then he got up so he was sitting on me. He started kissing down my neck and my hips lifted off the bed I couldn’t help but feel something weird going on down my middle part.

Whenever my middle brushed against his it made me feel something I have never felt before and I liked it. I felt Luke suck on my neck and then I felt his teeth graze my neck is he giving me a love bite? I didn’t really care because it felt amazing.

Luke stopped kissing my neck and he looked up at me and said

“ do you like me being this close baby”

all I could do was nood my head because It was true I was enjoy this. Luke shuffled down my legs and then he pulled my hoodie up until it got to my boobs and he layed down on me and started kissing my stomach over and over.

Normally I would have been laughing because I have tickles here but I couldn’t do anything other than stare down at Luke.

He looked up at me and he has his hands on the sides of my jeans he looked at me and said

“ Can I?” I knew what he meant and I would have said no but I found myself nodding my head before I could think about saying no.

Luke pulled down my shorts not breaking eye contact with me, things were getting serious now. I was going to be completely naked in front of him and he’s not in his bedroom he’s right on top of me.

once my shorts where somewhere in my room Luke grabbed my left leg and lifted up and then he started kissing down the side of my leg I could help but moan I didn’t know I could moan but when I did Luke stopped kissing my leg which I felt disappointed at but Luke kissed me hard and then he said

“ That was so hot baby” and then he carried on kissing up my leg and when he got to the inside of my thigh that is when I lost all control my back was lifting of the bed and I couldn’t help but moan again and again.

Luke stopped when he got to my middle part and I opened my eyes to look at him. He looked at me and pulled on my hoodie and said

“Off” so many questions were going around in my head but they didn’t stop me. I sat up and I lifted my hoodie off exposing my bra.

Once the hoodie was off I threw it on the ground and I looked at Luke and he smirked at me and sat up and kissed me.

He pushed me back on the bed I felt his arm come round me and then he unhooked my bra. He pulled the straps down first slowly and then he threw the bra away.

I was now fully exposed to him and I didn’t feel shy I felt confident.

Here I was laying on my bed almost naked in front of Luke Hemmings the boy who until a couple of days ago made my life hell and now he is all I think about. I don’t know what is going to happen.. Does he want to have sex with me? Do I even want to have sex with him?

i have thought about it but i know who he is, he doesn’t do relationships and i’ve never had a boyfriend before.

He kissed me and then he started to kiss down my neck and then he moved down until he got to my boobs, my stomach was going mad I don’t know what this feeling was but I didn’t want it to end.

“ Can I make you feel good?” Luke said while looked up at me.

I held my breath for a seconds before I answered “ Yeah”….

He laughed and said “ Good, I’m not going to fuck you I just want to pleasure you”

I felt disappointed that he didn’t want to fuck me and I didn’t know what he meant by pleasure me until he hooked his fingers on the waist of my pants and pulled them down.

I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

This was really happening…

I was fully exposed to him and I enjoy it I shouldn’t enjoy this I should kick him out but I can’t and I don’t want to. I was a girl I knew how to shave thank god I shaved 3 days ago or this would be embarrassing.

“ You smell so good” Luke said and then he started kissing me hard it was weird kissing him without his tongue piercing in but I wasn’t complaining he started grinding his crotch against mine and I moaned and arched my hips of the bed I could feel something deep inside me and it was the best feeling in the world.

“You like that baby?” Luke breathed in my hear, I moaned again and nodded my head.

I couldn’t speak all I could do was nod my head.

“ We will get to that soon baby let me make you feel good” Before I could respond I felt Luke’s hand on my groin.

He kept moving his hand and I could feel something building inside me ready to explode this was the best feeling in the world.

“Are you close baby?” Luke breathed in my ear and I swear it was the hottest thing ever I closed my eyes and moaned and nodded my head.

I could feel something wet between my legs and then I felt Luke insert a finger into my vigina. I arched of the bed because OMG!

he moved his fingers slowly inside of me, i couldn’t control my thoughts or my mouth. I couldn’t control my moaning this was the best feeling in the world.

Luke attached his lips to my neck sucking the same spot and then i felt something build up inside of me.

his fingers sped up and fuck i thought i was in heaven.

“ You’re so wet baby He said and he started to move his finger inside me and I felt the wetness between my legs and I have never experienced anything like that.

Luke hemmings is fingering me.

"Let go..” he whispered and i came just by his voice.

once i calmed down from my high i opened my eyes to see Luke smirking at me, then he pulled his fingers out and he sucked them and cleaned them.

i couldn’t stop watching him.

“my favourite taste” Luke said and i almost came again with just his words..

he got up of me and i could see his boner, he put his hand down his pants and said “ I have to take care of this”

Luke said he was going to the bathroom and he closed the door over when he got inside.

I got out some leggings and a t shirt and of course a clean pair of pants and I put my bra back on and threw my dirty clothes in the washing basket.

Luke was still in the bathroom I knew what he was doing but I didn’t feel weird about it.

i couldn’t believe that i just got fingered by Luke hemmings.

it was the best thing i have ever experienced, i want to do it again..

no correction..

i want him to do that again to me.

what an interesting Thursday night.

So guys what did you think?

i hope you liked it,it took a while for me to get it finished but i finally did.

let me know what you thought

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Killing Me To Love You | Defenders | Jessica Jones & Luke Cage

« I’m reaching out now but you’re pulling me under
I give you my heart just to watch you waste it
But it’s killing me to love you
And I can’t let go when you still need saving »

Luke Gallows - Perfect Dad, Perfect Husband

Prompt: I thought of this while I was making my dance costumes so yeah
Requested: by no one but @panda-girl1999 helped me decide who to write it about so thanks boo xx
Warnings: None
Words: 1100+
y/e/s/n - your eldest son’s name 
y/b/n - your youngest son’s (baby) name
y/d/n - your daughters name

You laid down on the couch. Just 2 minutes. That’s all you needed. 2 minutes of sleep and you’d be good for a week. You closed your eyes, but it was short lived before your 9-month-old son started crying again. You wanted to just let him cry out but you knew if you did your two other kids would wake up and at quarter past 11 you don’t need a 10-year-old, 4-year-old and a 9-month-old up and running around. You begrudgingly rolled off the couch and headed upstairs to the nursery. 

“Come on buddy” you sighed picking him up, dying down his cries immediately. You grabbed a new pacifier and headed back down stairs. Back downstairs you grabbed your iPad, noticing that you’d just missed a FaceTime request from your husband. You called him back, thankful that he answered immediately. 

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Now what was she saying?

(OR every bloody man in the world)

Author Ladyoftheteaandblood.

Alternative fact Tom.

“Tom stop watching ‘Game of thrones’ and go, you will be late!”
“Yes Conny, Darling” its a fifteen minute journey why do I need to leave now?.
“Tom GO! traffic is…..” 
“Sorry,…Yes dear, going…… when this ends”.

So what the hell is the hold up? we’ve been sitting here for twenty minuets I’m late. 
‘Call Luke’  Just my luck its his answer phone
“Hi, yeah, Luke seems I caught in traffic, god knows where this all came from I’m going to be late”

God I’m bored, forty five bloody minutes at stand still. What was Conny trying to tell me when I was watching Game of thrones?
 ‘Call CONNY!’ 
Hi love stuck in traffic couldn’t remember what you were trying to tell me when I was leaving”

“Oh I don’t know darling, something about the fact that the Radio two news was telling everyone traffic was bad around BBC Center, because Tom Hiddleston was on the One show and lots of girls had turned up to see him”


(pictures not mine I just played with them and got inspired for this)

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Okay call me a fake fan all you want for just now listening to this album this year (After the New Edition Story) but I love this song😭. If y'all haven’t checked out Luke’s album y'all need to do that now. Got my emotions all over the place. Idk what to do with myself right now😪


As Luke turned around, Pippa ran forward and flung herself into his arms.

“I’m so sorry for being mean to you, please don’t go!” she sobbed.

“It’s not your fault, Pippa, I promise. You’re just confused at the moment, I understand that. I’m not mad at you at all.” Luke held Pippa tightly.

“Can you please stay here?”

“I can’t at the moment, I need some time to think. But no matter what happens, never think for a second that I don’t love you just as much as I do for Destiny, okay? You two both mean the world to me and that will never change.”

“It’s my fault still that you’re leaving, isn’t it?”

“No, it’s not at all! Other things have happened which you don’t need to know about, I’ll leave it at that. I have to go now, but I promise I’ll come back to see you and Destiny soon, okay?”

“Okay… I’ll miss you…”

Hurting (Sad Shawn Imagine)

a/n: Hey guys! Hope you’re having an amazing day! Feedback on all of my stories is always highly appreciated! I’m still new at this. Thanks! Love you lots! xx

Word count: 1,971


Shawn’s POV

Being in the studio all day can be hard at times. Especially when I haven’t seen my girl in days. I missed her and it killed me knowing she was spending time with other guys. I could trust her, I knew she would never hurt me by cheating on me, but I didn’t trust any of her guy friends. They were way to obtrusive when spending time with her.

“Shawn, could you please concentrate? We did this line 4 times now.” I sighed. “Sorry, I was thinking about something.”

“All you should think about right now is this line. We’re almost done, just please try and concentrate now.” We repeated the same line a few more times before giving up. I hated when this happened, it made me upset and that was the worst feeling in the world.

The fact that Luna and two of her friends went to a club tonight made my awful mood even worse. I was jealous and I couldn’t do anything against it.

Back in my hotel room I went straight to the bathroom and stripped off all my clothes. I stepped into the shower and stood under the hot water for a while just thinking about Luna. I loved her so much it hurt not being able to see her, touch her, feel her. All I wanted was a little attention, even if it sounded selfish.

Sometimes you need to be selfish, right?

I felt my muscles relax under the steaming water. It felt good doing nothing but think for a while. I didn’t get to do this as often as I would like because of my busy schedule.

After getting out of the shower I put on my boxers and a worn-out shirt. I sat on the couch and scrolled through my social media. I saw Luna had started an Instagram-Live a few minutes ago, so I clicked on it and my heart started beating faster immediately. My face dropped when I saw her sitting in her living room with another guy. They were talking about nothing too interesting but I could tell they had a lot of fun. He made her laugh. He looked at her in ways I didn’t like him looking at her. I got even more jealous and threw my phone onto my bed.

Who does he think he is? Looking at her like that. On the Internet. Everyone can see it. She’s my girlfriend!

I took my guitar and attempted to play my anger away.

I can try to stop it, all I like
Hands down I’ve lost this fight
Thought I was strong enough for you
But I just can’t hide the truth
So, I guess I’m going down
I guess I’m going down like this

The buzzing noise of my phone made me stop. I put the guitar down and walked to my bed.

Luna was calling me. I wasn’t sure if I should answer it or not. The buzzing stopped but a few seconds later she was trying again. I just looked at it until it stopped again. I was such a coward sometimes.

Why don’t you pick up the phone? You should be home from the studio already. Call me. Love you Luna xx

I looked at the text message and read it a few times.

After a few minutes my phone buzzed again.

Shawn, I’m getting worried. Where are you?

And again.

Okay, I might be annoying you right now but please just call me or at least message me so I know you’re fine!

I couldn’t bring myself to do so. I was upset, jealous and just not in the mood to talk to her. My mixed feelings confused me and I needed to calm down first.

Mendes what the heck. Answer me!

I’m getting on your nerves, fine, I’m sorry. Maybe you’re already asleep. I’m going out now with Henry and Luke. I’ll call you tomorrow morning, when I’m not too hungover haha. I really hope you’re okay. Love you lots!! Kisses

I couldn’t believe it. She was actually going out with two guys and planned on getting drunk. Now I wasn’t only upset and jealous, I was beyond pissed.

Have fun

That was all I texted back. Just a few seconds after I hit send she was calling me again. This time I indeed picked the phone up.

“Shawn! Finally! Where have you been?” She asked me sounding worried.

“Nowhere. Where should I be?” I asked back.

“Well… I don’t know. You didn’t answer any of my calls or texts. I was worried. Is everything okay?”

“LUNA! We need to leave! The taxi’s waiting” I heard someone yell in the background, probably Henry.

Wow great. He’s with her.

“Henry could you please don’t yell at me like that? I’m on the phone.” She said. “Sorry Shawn. So… where were we? Oh yeah… Is everything okay with you? I mean… You never miss my calls at this time of the day.” She stated.

I didn’t feel like saying anything, but at the same time couldn’t leave her hanging like this.

“I’m fine. Just upset because of a line I couldn’t get right in the studio.” It was the truth, just not all of it.

“Oh no. I’m sorry babe. Do you want to talk about it? You know, tomorrow will be a new day and you will get the chance to do the line even better. You will see it isn’t that bad. Don’t be so hard on yourself. I know you can do it. I believe in you.” I could hear her smile while speaking.

“You’re probably right.” I sighed.

“Shawn… come on. There must be something else bothering you. Tell me.” She said.

Damnit! She noticed.

“If you really want to hear the truth. I’m jealous. This Henry dude is just getting on my nerves since forever. He’s so into you and I can’t even do anything against it. He’s always around you while I’m stuck in the Studio. It’s bothering me and I just can’t control my feelings anymore.”

It felt so good letting all of this out.

Luna’s POV:

Oh my god.

I didn’t know he was feeling that way. It made me feel really bad.

Why didn’t I notice any of this? I’m such a bad girlfriend.

I heard him sigh loud again.

“I don’t want to bother you with my problems. Go have fun at the club. I’ll just lock myself up in the room and play guitar for a while.” He said. I knew he didn’t really mean it. He didn’t want me to have fun. At least not with other guys.

“Shawn stop that. You know you don’t bother me. Like ever. You’re my boyfriend and you are more important to me than anyone else. So, if you are feeling upset or down or whatever I’m here to help you. To help you feel better.” I told him honestly. Henry walked up to me but I put my hand up and shook my head, signalling him to stay quiet.

“I’m sorry Luna, I’m tired. I’ll go to bed now. Bye”


“SHAWN! Are you kidding? You’re not going anywhere before feeling better. I’m not hanging up and neither are you! Don’t you dare test me on this!” I said sternly.

Normally he was such a cheerful person. Not today which bothered me a lot. Knowing Shawn wasn’t feeling good made me upset.

I heard him sigh again. “Luna please. I’m not in the mood for this.”

“Okay wait a second.” I looked at Henry. “Sorry, he’s not feeling to well. I can’t go partying tonight. This is more important.” I said. He rolled his eyes. “Wow thank you. I just waisted 2 hours waiting on you.” He huffed. “I’ll leave then. See ya.” And with that he left my apartment.

“Shawn, are you still there?” I asked concerned. “Yes.”

“Okay listen to me. I love you. Only you. You are everything for me. I don’t know what made you feel like this, I’m sorry if I gave you any reason to do so, but-“

“Stop. Luna, it’s not your fault. I just. I feel really shitty today because I can’t stop thinking about you. I can’t get you out of my head. I couldn’t even concentrate in the studio. That’s why I failed so badly. My producer was kind of mad at me which didn’t help at all. Seeing you with Henry just made me feel even worse. I’m jealous of him because he can see you, touch you, spend time with you. I just miss you so damn much it hurts!”

My heart broke into a thousand pieces.

Why haven’t I noticed any of this? I should have! I’m his girlfriend!

“I’m sorry Luna.” He started to cry.

Shawn’s POV:

Tears started rolling down my face. I felt like my heart was ripped out of my chest.

Why does love hurt so much? Shouldn’t it feel great?

“Shawn I’m so so sorry! I didn’t know any of this. I didn’t notice and I feel so bad. I’m such a bad girlfriend.” Luna said. “Please don’t cry. I know it’s hard. I miss you too, but we will get through this, right? I love you. More than I could even tell you. I wish I could be here for you. Like in a proper way.” I continued to cry while listening to her. “Baby please stop crying, I don’t know what to do. Tell me what I can do to make you feel better?” She begged.

“I love you Luna, I-I just want to h-hold you.” I sobbed.

“Me too Shawn, me too.” She sighed. “You know what? I’ll just book a ticket right now. I’m coming to LA. Maybe you’ll feel better then. I can take some days off. It’s fine. Really we just need to see each other before it’s tearing us apart.” I listened carefully, I couldn’t agree more.

It was quiet for a while which gave me time to calm down.

“Okay, I booked it. I’ll be there tomorrow at 6:34pm.” She said a few minutes later.

“I’ll pay for it. Just tell me how much, I don’t want you spending all of your well-earned money on this.” I told her.

“Spending money on flights to come see you is totally worth it Shawn!” She chuckled. “You really don’t need to pay for it. It’s fine!” This made me sigh.

“I love you Luna. Thank you. You don’t know how much that means to me.”

“I know you’re stressed out Shawn. Who wouldn’t with that schedule of yours. You put so much pressure on yourself it’s getting to a point where it’s just too much. Slow down a little, would you?” I shook my head at this. I knew where she was coming from but I just couldn’t do that. Slowing down was a no-go for me.

We talked for a little longer until Luna fell asleep on the phone. I hung up and got to bed as well.

19 hours later I waited for Luna to come through the doors at the airport. I picked up some nice flowers for her and could barely control my excitement.

When she walked through the sliding doors I couldn’t stop myself from smiling wide. She saw me, dropped all her bags and ran towards me. I embraced her in a big hug and hold her tight. She laid her head on my chest and we just stood there for a moment. This was just the best feeling ever. She looked up at me.

“Hey.” She whispered smiling brightly.

“Hi.” I whispered back.

This made me happy. She made me happy. Luna was the love of my life and I couldn’t think of living without her ever again. I loved her!

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53. “I love you and I am terrified.” ohmtoonz would be great :)

Hope you like it! :)

He doesn’t know when it happened, how it began, but he finally becomes conscious of it on a late Friday night, a little past midnight. He’s playing some game with Jon, both in that tired state where their thoughts get the better of them and their words make no sense, but, somewhere between his sighed words and jumbled thoughts, he thinks suddenly, and from a place he didn’t know his mind inhabited,

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Another Moment - Part 1

A/N: this is part 1 of my luke x OC series and i really hope you´ll like it <3 i would be happy to get some feedback on it! 

“Ugh, does the paperwork ever stop?!”, JJ groaned as she put down her pen and leaned back in her chair. 

“It´s the worst part of the job!”, Matt exclaimed at which all of his co-workers agreed. 

“I need some coffee. Anyone want some too?”, Reid asked as he got up.

“I could use another cup.”, Luke said and with this, Spencer disappeared into the kitchen. 

It was around 5pm and the team minus Tara and David was still at work finishing the case files and paperwork of their latest casae. They all are tired and wanted to get some rest, but the files also needed to be finished soon and they wanted to work on them as long as everything was still fresh in their minds. Just when Reid came back with the coffees and put one cup down on Luke´s desk, the ex-rangers cellphonebegan to rang. Checking who was calling, he saw that it was his daughter and it immediatley put a smile on his face. He picked up the call, happy for the distraction. 

“Hey Princess!”, He greeted happily.

“D-Dad…”, he heard his daughter whimper which immediatley put im into a worried state. 

“Sienna? What´s wrong?”, he asked, earning confused and concerned glances from his co-workers. Even Emily came out of her office to see what was going on. 

“W-We…Mom and I….we were driving a-and then t-there was this tree a-and Mom, she´s not b-breathing and I´m scared. Dad. I-I don´t know what to do.”, the young girl cried. 

“What? Okay, Sienna, princess. You need to tell me where you are. Are the medics on their way?”, Luke asked as he slowly got up, calling Garcia from his desk phone. 

“I-I don´t know. Everything hurts a-and I´m feeling dizzy. You´re the first one I´m calling. We were on our way home from a school meeting, I can´t see anything. E-Everything is dar. God, Dad. I´m so scared.”, Sienna sobbed. 

“Shhhh, princess. You need to calm down. Everything will be okay, do you hear me? Listen, I´ll let Garcia traack your phone and she will send you help. I´m on my way now, but we´ll meet at the hospital. I promise you, everything will be alright. You have to stay strong for Mom, okay? I love you.”, Luke tried to reassure his daughter. 

“O-okay…c-can you stay on the phone with me until the medics arrive?”, the girl begged. 

“Sure, just give me a second.”, he said and quickly put his phone aside, “Garcia, did you get everything?”

“Yes, Newbie. They are on the interstate in McLean, Virginia. Medics are on their way, they should be there in less than five minutes.”

“Thank you!”, he said as he hung up with the analyst. 

“D-Dad….I can hear them.”, Sienna suddenly said as she hissed in pain. 

“Okay, baby. You´re doing good, I´m so proud of you. Listen, I´ll come over to you and Mom, okay. Just wait for them to arrive, nothing is gonna happen to you. They will help you.”

“O-okay…I-I love you Dad.”

“I love you too. Stay strong.”, and with this, Luke hung up and sighed as he grabbed his keys and jacket. 

“Luke?”, Spence asked confused as they only got bits and pieces of the call. 

“Sienna and Megan…they were in a car crash. I need to head over and check on them.”, he explained.

“Go!”, Emily said as she slowly came to a stop opposite of the agent, “Matt, you´re going with him.”

“No, I can go there alone.”

“I won´t argue about this with you, Alvez. You are absolutley not able right now to drive a car. Take Matt with you and keep us all updated.”

“Thank you!”, he sighed and with his, Matt and Luke left. Hopefully, they wouldn´t be too late…

About 30 minutes and a few broken street rules later, Alvez and Simmons arrived at the hospital in McLean. 

“Hi, I´m Agent Luke Alvez. My daughter and her Mom were brought here. They were in an accident.”, he told the nurse. 

“What´s her name?”, she asked him. 

“Sienna Miller, she´s 15. Please, I need to know if she´s okay.”

The nurse nodded and checked her computer. After a while, she said: “I found her, Sienna Grace Miller, 15. Brought in after a car accident.”

“Yes, that´s her. Where´s she?!”

“She´s being checked out by Dr. Lennon. If you want, you can wait down there in the waiting room.”

“What about her mother? Megan Miller?”

“Let me see…ah, here. Megan Miller, 36. She´s still in surgery.”

“Okay, thank you!”, Luke said and together with Matt, he made his way over to the waiting room where he began pacing around nervously. 

“Lukey, maybe you should sit down and…”, Matt began but was soon interrupted by the agent.

“No, I won´t sit down. I need to know that she´ll be okay. I can´t imagine what would happen if…”, he began, but stopped, unable to continue.

“She´ll be fine. She´s your daughter and she´s strong as her parents.”

“Yes, but…”, but just was he was about to continue, a doctor entered the waiting room. 

“Sienna Miller?”

“Yes, I´m her Dad. Is she alright? Can I see her?”

“Sienna is as alright as one can be in such a situation. She has a few scratches and bruises as well as a concussion. Also, she got three partially fractured ribs. We gave her some pain medication, but I think within the next one to two hours, she should be able to go home. She needs to be really careful though.”, the doctor said. 

“What about her Mom?”

“She´s still in surgery, but it doesn´t look too good. You should prepare for the worst.”

Luke closed his eyes and wiped his hand across his face. 

“Can I see Sienna?”

“Of course, she is also asking for you. Your daughter is in Room 118. The second room down on the left side. If you´ll excuse me, I have to check on my other patients now.”

“Thank you!”, Matt said as they both made their way down to the girls room.

Luke knocked at the door before he entered the room.

“Dad!”, Sienna exclaimed and tried to sit up, but fell back into the pillow as she winced in pain. 

“Be careful! Take it easy.”, Luke answered as he took a chair and put it beside her bed. 

“How are you feeling?”, Simmons wanted to know. 

“I´ve been better. What about Mom? Is she alright?”

“She´s still in surgery. The doctors are doing their best.”, Luke reassured her and took her hand. He didn´t want to stress out his daughter more than she already was. 

“I was so scared, Dad. She wasn´t breathing a-and I did not know what to do.”, Sienna replied as the tears started to stream down her face. 

“No, Baby. Everything will be alright. You did good!”, he said as he wiped away her tears and gave her a smile.

Just when the girl was about to argue, another doctor entered the room. As soon as Sienna looked at him she knew, what was going on. 

“No…”, she whispered, squeezing her father´s hand a little to hard.

“I am truly and deeply sorry, but there was nothing we could do. I´m really sorry for your loss.”, the doctor said as he looked at the broken girl, feeling guilty for her pain. 

Suddenyl, it felt like the world stopped turning around Sienna and there was nothing she could do to keep it going. 

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18 (5 Seconds of Summer Series)


In my bedroom thinking of ya

I have always known Luke liked me, but I guess I didn’t realize how much.

“Hey, [Y/N]. I’m just sitting in my bedroom and I thought I’d send you a quick little text to let you know I’ve been thinking of you.”

I smiled when I read the message. “Are you doing okay? Do you need me to come over?” I asked.

“You don’t need to, but I definitely wouldn’t mind it! :)”

When I arrived at his house, he pulled me into a hug before I could get two feet into the door. “I’m so glad you decided to come over, [Y/N]. I’ve been wanting to tell you that I like you, no…I love you. Well, I don’t know but I just - I adore you and admire you for investing so much time into me.”

“Luke, I love your company. I wouldn’t mind spending even more time with you than I do now!” I laughed.

“Good because I want you to. I want to spend all my life with you. I guess I’m getting ahead of myself, so how about I start with this: will you please be my girlfriend?” 

Surprised, I looked at him and smiled. “Ohmigosh, of course! I’m so glad I came over. Thank you so much, Luke!”

“No, [Y/N]. Thank you for accepting my offer because I didn’t know how to ask that. I can’t believe I just did that.” He said as he took a deep breath. “Thank you so much!”


I think she wants to get with me

“Boys…” Michael began. “I think she wants to get with me.”

The rest of the boys gave Michael a confused look. “What?” They asked in (almost) perfect unison.

“I feel as if [Y/N] has been flirting with me a lot recently. I know it’s been a while since her last boyfriend broke up with her, so it’s not like she isn’t looking for a relationship at the moment.” Michael explained.

“I know she really likes you.” Calum winked.

“Yeah, but the question is,” Ashton paused. “Do you like her back?”

Michael thought for a moment. “I mean…yeah. I guess I’ve never really thought about it. I’ve always seen her as one of my best friends, so I’m not sure how I feel about all of this. Should I flirt back? Should I try and take our relationship to the next level?”

“I think you should.” Luke said. “If you didn’t like her, you wouldn’t have kept in touch with her since you met her a couple of years ago. I’ll be very curious to see how your relationship plays out!”

Michael nodded in agreement and took out his phone to text me back. “I don’t even know what to say now. I’m so nervous!” Michael sighed.

“Don’t make anything awkward.” Calum said.

“Yeah,” Luke chimed in. “Just start out like it’s a normal conversation and then, when you are comfortable, you can begin telling her how you feel. Don’t stress out about it too much. Your words will come naturally to you, Michael.”

Michael smiled, grateful for the boys’ advice.


So tell me what else can I do?

Calum has had a crush on me since, well, forever. Recertly, he has tried everything to try and get me to like him back, but I am trying to get over my ex boyfriend who broke up with me unexpectedly.

“Tell me, what else can I do, [Y/N]?” Calum complained.

“I’m sorry, Cal! I’m just not completely ready for another relationship because I’m still trying to process everything that my ex did to me.” I explained.

Calum sighed. “I just…I really like you, [Y/N]. I can treat you so much better than anybody I know of!”

“I know…” I admitted. “I would just hate for us to break up and lose our wonderful friendship. You have been my absolute best friend for the past couple of years, and I’m not sure what I would do without you, Calum. I don’t want to risk anything quite yet,”

“Well, I see where you are coming from. I understand what you are saying, and I would hate to rush you into anything you aren’t ready for.” Calum said sadly.

I turned to Calum with a soft smile. “Hey, don’t think your actions towards me are going unnoticed! I really do appreciate your sweet efforts towards me.” I pulled Calum into a tight hug. “I promise that I will let you know when I’m ready for my next relationship.” I promised, pulling away from the much-needed hug.

“So…does that mean I can reserve you as my future girlfriend?” He smirked.

Laughing, I nodded my head. “You’re crazy, Hood; however, I guess you could say that! Only as long as I get to reserve you as well.”

Without any hesitation whatsoever, Calum agreed. “YES!!! All of my efforts the past couple of weeks haven’t been for nothing!” He celebrated by lifting his hands and running around the house like a maniac.

I tried to hold back a giggle, but he was being too cute, I couldn’t help but burst out in a fit of laughter.


I want to get to know her 

“Hey, boys!” Ashton greeted. “I have a quick question to ask you guys.”

Michael paused his video game and looked at Ashton. “What is it, mate?” He asked.

“So…you know that girl in our new music video? I think her name is [Y/N]? She was talking to you earlier this morning, Calum.” Ashton stated.

“Oh yeah, [Y/N]!” Calum exclaimed. “She’s super sweet. I heard that she’s looking for a permanent job here in Australia, so I told her I would try to help her out if she needs anything.”

“Awesome! I want to get to know her. She’s really cute and is one of the only girls on set who isn’t in this video for the fame. She seems like a very genuine girl.” Ashton said.

“Well, why don’t you ask her for her number tomorrow during part two of the video shoot?” Luke suggested.

Ashton gave Luke a surprised look. “Wait, are you kidding me? I haven’t even talked to the woman! That’s not the first thing I should say to her.”

“Oh, please…” Michael began. “You’re freaking Ashton Irwin from 5 Seconds of Summer! She’d be flattered out of her mind if you asked her for her number.”

“As I said before,” Ashton repeated. “She is one of the very few girls who is in this video without ambitions of using it for fame. I don’t even know if she would want my number, anyway.”

Calum thought for a little bit. “Why don’t I ask for her number tomorrow? I will tell her that I will give her number to all of the boys so we can contact her in case we ever receive a job offer she could be capable of! That way she won’t think it’s too weird that I’m asking for her number. Oh, and don’t worry, Ash…I’ll be sure to say lots of great things about you.”

Ashton rolled his eyes. “Calum, I’m not sure I’d trust you to be my wing man…you know me too well to talk to a stranger about some of my good qualiites, mate.”

Calum laughed. “Good because I’m not sure how I’m going to pull it off either!”