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Nights like these where I know I won’t get to talk to Daddy much the next day are horrible. Just dragging the night out, waiting for tomorrow to come. A tomorrow where I won’t get to hear from him much at all. I miss Daddy so much. Wish I could just snuggle into his chest and drift off to sleep. A dream where it’s only him and I. 💛💚😞😴💜💙 @countrycowboy1999

Can anyone else see the relationship of the Scamander brothers being very similar to that of Mycroft and Sherlock Holmes from the BBC series?  Newt worked for the Ministry of Magic for a short time, but Theseus made a career out of it as a powerful Auror.

I can just see a day when the Ministry needs the expert advice of one certain Magizoologist who has no intention of coming back to Britain at the moment.  It’s up to Theseus to drag him from whatever little outpost he’s at in the middle of the night, putting up a complete fuss the entire way until he’s seated outside the Minister of Magic’s door, wrapped in nothing but his camping blankets in defiance.

Theseus:  We are in the Ministry of Magic, the very heart of the wizarding British Nation.  Newton Scamander, put your trousers on.


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Watch Me Babygirl

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A/N: I’m a ho for highschool!bts so I began writing a series literally nobody asked for so this is part 1 of ?

Summary: Jungkook is your brother’s annoying best friend. You can’t stand him but he just can’t resist teasing you. How far will he actually go?

Warnings: language, implied sexy stuff(?), fuckboy!jungkook 

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Being Neighbours With John and Sherlock Would Involve

“Being Neighbours (and close friends) with John and Sherlock would involve” - Requested by anon

‘Fun’ Fact: I roleplayed as Sherlock for a year or so online and met amazing people who I don’t talk to anymore because they just thought of me as Sherlock and it got on my nerves a little bit

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  • Sherlock banging on the wall between your two apartments at insane hours when John’s out because he needs help with an experiment so needs you to come over. When you ask him why he didn’t just text you, he says he did and you didn’t wake up. Obviously.
  • Writing your own blog so you and John often talk about your blogs and Sherlock just rolls his eyes and microwaves an eyeball or something
  • Giving John a key to your apartment one day and since then Sherlock often comes around for tea because Mrs Hudson and John are out.
  • Getting dragged into their cases and you end up taking photos for them. John uses some of them on his blog. You had to stop a bit because Sherlock was getting distracted by the camera
  • Receiving texts from Moriarty during the Great Game because he finds you interesting much to John and Sherlock’s annoyance
  • Yelling at Sherlock through the wall when he gets bored because it sounds like you’re being attacked. All you get in reply is “Bored” and more shots.
  • Going around for tea with them
  • Sherlock telling you to “For God’s sake shut up” and then being told by John to apologise so he goes around to your apartment but there’s a large sign on your door saying “Fuck off Sherlock” so he texts you instead
  • Actually being considered Sherlock’s friend in the end and they both value you as part of their group
NCT 127 reaction to you hugging them for 5 minutes straight.

Anonymous said:May I request NCT127s reaction to you just going up to them and hugging them for like 5 minutes straight because you’re feeling down and you just need like a really good hug from them? Thank you so much

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Taeyong: He gives you a little cute shove after. You: “Sorry I’m just feeling really down.” Him: “Hey, cheer up.”

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Jaehyun: After your done hugging him from feeling down, he makes you nervous, by getting close to you. You swore you thought he was gonna lowkey flirt with you. You back up, your pupils grow large. Him: “What? I was just gonna ask do you feel better now.”

Originally posted by nctech

Taeil: He just continues to do what he’s doing. He doesn’t even budge or even look and see who’s hugging him. He knows it you, so he doesn’t trip.

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Yuta: He’s smiling too hard. He don’t care if it was 2 minutes or 40 seconds. You still hugged him, making him all squishy and shy inside.

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Winwin: He started to get real sweaty around the waist from being nervous . You: “Gosh, I don’t know if I caused that or…” Him: *Quick Response* “NO….I went running not to long ago. You: “In the cold….”

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Johnny: Him: “Do you feel better now?” You: “Yeah, I’m gonna do this more often, I felt so much relief by that.” Him: *Gets all shy and happy*

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Doyoung: He thinks this is a sign that you like him, but after your done hugging him, you make sure to tell him the reason why you hugged him for so long and not to think nothing of it.

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Mark: The members won’t stop talking about it. They tease him 24/7 about it, even though he keeps telling them your reason and how he didn’t think nothing of it. But they wonder why he always smile when it’s brought up, they won’t stop teasing till he confesses.

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Haechan: Him: “Well If I’m feeling down, I’m gonna come to you for comfort.” You: “Sure no problem, we’ll be comfort buddies, I’m here whenever you need me.” *Walks away* Him: *Fake cry* “Comfort buddy, I’m feeling down.”

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allura: you just need to let him know how you feel!

lance: how am i supposed to do that??

allura: um…why don’t you use one of those pick-up lines you always have?

lance: this is serious, allura.

allura: well, you don’t want to come on too strongly. just give it a try.

lance: alright, fine.

[approaches keith]

lance: hey…what’s cookin good lookin? ;)

keith: uh, i think hunk is making some sort of spaghetti thing



lance: i’m in love with you

keith: what?

allura: [in background, frantically signaling to abort mission]


anonymous requested: Bucky fluff! He needs to be happy. One morning he wakes up before you and you’re turned to face away from him. He starts tracing shapes on your back and you wake up, but still pretend to be asleep. You feel him trace “Will you marry me?” You turn over and face him and trace “Yes” on his arm. :)

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warnings: nudity, implied smut

additional: i realize now that my fics either start with the character waking up in the morning or waking up in the middle of the night. also i’m bad at titles. thank you for the request!

The warmth of the sun on his face woke him up. Around nine o’clock, Bucky opened his eyes and was immediately met with an image of you, asleep, curled up with your back to him. He grinned at the sight of you, your body still bare after the events of last night, save for the covers tangled haphazardly around your hips. He let his eyes trail down your frame, following the curve of your shoulder, the shadow of your lower half beneath the blanket. His gaze paused to admire the ridges of muscle in your back, and he felt the urge to touch you again, so he did, grazing your shoulder blade with his fingertips. He used his right hand so he could truly feel the soft, warm pliancy of your skin.

It always felt unreal to him, the fact that he could touch you like this, not even because he wanted to, but because you liked it. You wanted him, and after all this time, it was still unbelievable to him. He loved you, and you loved him back. He hadn’t ever felt this way before, so sure of what he wanted, of whom he wanted. He wanted to lay there in bed with you forever, tucked under the covers and tangled up in each other. He wanted to spend every waking moment with you, protecting you, holding you, kissing you. He wanted just as badly to be protected by you, held by you, kissed by you. Bucky knew what he wanted; he just couldn’t believe you felt the same way. You loved him. And the thought of you loving him brought a giddy smile to his face.

You made a soft, tired sound, and Bucky felt you stir beneath his hand. His smile deepened, and he could see that you were pretending to sleep now. He stroked your back, drawing swirls across your skin, listening to your breath as it sped up just slightly, notifying him that you were indeed awake. Fine. He wanted to ask you this aloud, but if you were going to be a tease, so would he. He scooted closer to you and went back to tracing shapes on your back, slowly, efficiently, hoping you would realize what he was doing. W-I-L-L… Y-O-U…

Bucky hadn’t even started the last word when you turned over in bed suddenly, launching yourself at him with a squeal of delight. He laughed while you lay on top of him, kissing his face over and over and over. “Good morning to you, too,” he muttered while you held your lips to his cheek and made exaggerated smooching sounds.

You pulled back to gaze down at him, your eyes glassy with unshed tears. You were smiling; the sight made his heart swell in his chest. He could feel your fingers on his arm, but he was too lost in you to understand what you had traced. “Yes,” you murmured to him, your voice soft.

Bucky blinked, his eyes wide with disbelief. “Yes?” he repeated, dazed. “You mean—”

“Yes! My answer is yes, James!” you exclaimed. You brushed a strand of hair from his face—so delicately, he almost sighed with content—and kissed his temple. Smooch. “You’re such a romantic, admit it.”

Bucky scrunched up his nose in faux disgust. “No, I’m not.”

“Yes.” Smooch. “You are.”


“Yes!” Smooch, smooch.

“You already said ‘yes’ to me, doll.”

“Oh, I’m not your doll.” This time you smooched the spot right between his eyebrows, then the tip of his nose, the cleft in his chin. “I’m your spouse.”

“You’ll always be my doll.” His hand had found its way to the back of your thigh; he squeezed it affectionately, and his other hand rose to cup your cheek, his thumb stroking your cheekbone. He tilted his head up to kiss your lips but you pulled back just out of reach. He frowned, brows knitted together in a pout. “And we’re not even married yet, sweetheart.”

“Key word: ‘yet’.” You kissed the corner of his lips, eyeing him cheekily. Your mouth ghosted over his, waiting for his next move.

Bucky grinned and kissed you back.

anonymous asked:

April, hi. I just saw this mauraleeisme. tumblr. com/post/158701252222 Does the comment about Louis being over 18 while signing hold any merit? Is he at a disadvantage because of that, and can they hold him back using that? Thank you!

No, it has no merit. My first reaction to that was “well, they haven’t been reading my blog.” When you sign a contract under the age of 18 – which you can absolutely do – you can either ratify or repudiate it when you gain your majority. Ratifying just means that you keep acting as if it were in force. There is no need for renegotiations. As long as you don’t repudiate, the contract keeps going just as before. If you want to repudiate it, you have a small window of time to decide that you do not want to be bound by that contract. But if you decide to repudiate, you have to return everything that you earned under the contract. Meaning, the boys would have had to give back all the money earned, including compensate Syco for the goods and services they had enjoyed on Syco’s dime (like housing and clothing, etc.). It’s not easy to repudiate a contract. The law gives some small protection for people who enter contracts as minors, but it can’t allow them to just easily force a renegotiation or change things when they turn 18 or no one would ever do business with minors. That means the grocery store wouldn’t sell you food or no one would lease you an apartment, etc. Every commercial exchange is a contract of some sort, basically. People in business need some assurance that people won’t just screw them when they turn 18. Requiring the person repudiating the contract to return the benefits of the contract gives this reassurance. Further, they would have had additional contracts signed by their parents that obligated them.

In a world where any artist he signed could renegotiate their contract upon turning 18, do you think Simon Cowell would be signing kids under 18? No. His whole business model works because of the vastly different negotiating positions between contestants on his shows desperate for fame and himself. He’s not going to open the door for those contestants to later renegotiate from a stronger position. He knows he has them trapped from the beginning with no wiggle room.

At least they didn’t say only Harry benefited from being a minor, which is even more wrong but seems to be an argument we can’t get rid of.

When They Have A Crush on You (Preference)

Request: do you do preferences? If so can you do one for the marauders era having a crush on you please. Also can you add Lily? Love the blog sweetness!

*Tried to keep it gender neutral, and I apologize if it’s not*

Sirius Black:

Originally posted by nellaey

~Flirting constantly

~Showing off

~Asking you to tutor him when he doesn’t need the help

~Insisting on sitting next to you whenever he can

~Just being close to you

~Playing with your hair (twirling it around his fingers, lightly pulling on it, etc.)

~His friends all sharing //a look// when you pass by

~Him knowing he can practically get anyone he wants, but deciding you are more to him than that

James Potter:

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~Inviting you to all his games and making sure you have front row seats so you don’t miss a thing

~Gives you his jersey (if he wins)

~Carries your books between classes

~Doesn’t spare the dirty jokes

~Asking your advice on the Marauders’ newest pranks

~Actually gets pretty blushy and fusses with his hair

~Let’s get real, his glasses fog up when you’re around (Sirius N E V E R lets it go)

~Making it his mission to make you smile and laugh

Remus Lupin:

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~Loves talking with you about any and every thing

~Sharing his chocolate

~Nervous laughs and a blushing face

~Him recommending books to read

~Walking to class with you whenever he can

~Him confiding in you

~Being a little distant because he thinks you deserve better than his furry little problem

~Him lending you his hat (or gloves, or coat, or whatever you need)

Peter Pettigrew:

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~He opens up to you little by little

~At first he’s quite shy

~His friends threatening to ask you out before he does

~Him thinking you won’t like him as much as his friends

~Doing homework together

~Actually stands up for you when you need it

~His flirting is rather subtle, but you still catch on most of the time

~This boy falls head over heels for you fast

Lily Evans: 

Originally posted by tallskinnyvanillalatte

~Always giving you a giddy smile when you look at her

~Sharing clothes

~Her getting jealous but hiding it well when another student flirts with you

~Bowing her head slightly when you compliment her

~She’s always by your side

~Her getting surprised when she realizes she likes you more than a friend

~Her loving when you give her fashion advice

~Her trying to be your best friend (and she is)

Severus Snape:

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~Him actually being comforted by the fact that you can see through his cold exterior

~Trying to be a better person for you

~Giving you one of those rare smiles

~Him trusting you over anyone else 

~Not minding when you touch his things and rather enjoying when you touch his hair

~Loving your company

~Defending you against his friends

~Him insisting you work on projects/homework together just to be close to you

I hope those are all the characters you’re looking for :)