i just need him on my blog lol

@sssekhmettt: one of my favorite youtube channels is this is dan bell. who has a series exploring dead/abandoned malls. the music he uses in it is very similar to the sample you linked. it evokes a very specific feeling that i have no idea how to describe. your stuff is incredible. if interested maybe try submitting some music to him to use in a video? idk just an idea xoxo 

Funny you should say that, because This Is Dan Bell was one of my inspirations for the dead mall effect. I highly recommend anyone who’s into that sort of thing check him out because they’re incredibly interesting. Unfortunately, I think he already has a few sound editors helping him out. :’)

@lysettesantiques:  Is there any chance you could release a tutorial or something for these other effects, like you did for f.a.r?

There is! I just need to find the motivation to compile them all lol

@t-rre:  should post more edits of different effects like this!

Someday perhaps, I might make another blog or rehash this one to include other effects.

@idontdrawshitanymore:  Being able to create a certain feeling with sound is such a magical thing, and it seems to be a really under appreciated art. I’ve started to pay attention to sound design in games and movies, and I think hearing “songs from another room” helped me appreciate how good sound design can make or break an audio-visual work.

Exactly!! And that’s really awesome. Some people say that paying attention to the technicalities of art “ruins” it for them, but for me it just makes it more engaging. Thinking about how the designers produced a certain result, etc.

okay but there are so many ARMYs that don’t even follow me that have sent me asks talking about how jungkook is a so much better singer than baekhyun (the person my blog is about) and if i try to defend him or ask the to stop they all call me salty and all i can think is why? why do u need to push your faves down someone else’s throat? please just stop already. (this is not an attack on ARMYs but rather people who do this please don’t attack me lol)

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I need to admit this to someone, and you're the only South Park blog I trust... I absolutely hate Pip. Wow that is good to get off my chest. I'm sorry if you like him

“It’s not like anyone actually likes me anyway…”

*Hits you with rolled up newspaper* NO!!! BAD ANON! DO NOT BE MEAN TO MY PRECIOUS BRITISH BABY!!

BTS Reaction - Their GF not being able to sleep after watching a horror movie

~Can i have a bts reaction to their s/o love the blood things and kills in a horror movie but when they go to sleep she can’t because she will feel scared * LOL me * Love your active blog ^^~


*is just as scared as you are* “We’re never watching a movie that scary again!”

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“Are you really that scared? Just turn the lights on and let’s go back to sleep.”

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*is more scared than you* “Who needs sleep anyways? I can’t even close my eyes without seeing that creepy butchers face.”

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Rap Monster:

“Was it really that bad? You know it’s all fake, right?”

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When you asked him to cuddle you he would suddenly get shy and flustered which would make you forget about the movie and tease him instead. “Stop teasing me, you’re making me embarrassed.”

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“Aw you’re so cute when you’re scared! C’mon let’s just cuddle until you fall asleep.”

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“Nothing bad can happen to you while I’m here. I’ll protect you!” *makes a blanket fort to keep you extra safe*

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A BIG Announcement - Please read this:

I want to preface this by saying that this is probably the hardest post I’ll ever write here:

First I want to remind you that the final part of the Guest series will be posted today at 12pm PST.

The big announcement is that, after it’s up, it’s time for me to go.

This is a decision that I’ve been struggling with for a long time; leaving feels like a bit of a last resort, but it’s becoming more and more clear to me that this is what I need to do. Taking a few days away or a week or a few weeks simply isn’t enough anymore; it’s just a temporary fix for a much bigger problem.

As a writer, I do everything I can to connect to my characters. I spend a lot of time immersing myself in the story so I can get the details just right. Because of this, I have found myself becoming very attached to the “character” of Harry that I create in my writing. Unfortunately, Harry is not a fictional character. I can’t control what he does in his real life and it’s hard to process when he “goes off script”.

Books and movies and TV shows all eventually come to an end; the characters within that don’t go on forever, except in your imagination, so you kind of have creative control once that particular story ends. This isn’t how it works when you write fanfiction about real people. Harry has a life and he’s going to do whatever he wants with it. At no point do I have creative control over him nor can I decide what he does with his future. As a writer, that makes it harder for me and, as a human being who gets attached to characters (and people), it causes a lot of stress and jealousy and sadness when my “character” does something I either don’t necessarily agree with or ends up with someone else in the end of the “story”.

It has gotten to a point where I dread opening Tumblr every morning, because I’m afraid of what might have happened over night. I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to separate myself from this situation as best I can, and enjoy Harry simply as a fan. I am still very excited to hear the album, see the movie, and follow his career because I do really like him as an artist and performer and as a human being. But I can’t continue to know what he is doing with his life every single second of every day and pick apart and speculate about song meanings and all of that. I don’t want to know about his personal life, anymore than I do about other celebrities and artists I enjoy. I want to ultimately get to a point where, years down the road I’m sitting there enjoying his 5th solo album and hear that he’s expecting his 3rd child, only to react with, “Oh, I didn’t even know he had gotten married”, and then go on with my day as if nothing was different.

So, with that said, I have to regretfully say that I am leaving Tumblr. I’m not going to delete this blog, so you will still be able to read all of my stuff, but I won’t be logging on to interact or post or anything like that. It’s a very difficult decision because I’ve really enjoyed my time here and getting to talk to so many amazing people, but - as hard as it is - I know I don’t belong here anymore. When I first started writing, Harry sightings were scarce; I don’t think I anticipated what it would be like to see him every single day doing something new, and it’s just too much for me.

I love you guys so, so much! If anyone is desperate to keep in contact, I am willing to add a few select people to my Facebook (that I don’t use that much, but I am on it), as well as Instagram (that I also don’t use much, lol). But I hope you can understand why I need to do this and aren’t too upset over it. Like I said, I’ll leave this blog open and keep all the writing up; I just ask that you don’t repost my stuff anywhere else.

I will probably pop in on Monday to check messages and answer any questions, but then I’ll be saying goodbye. Please spread the word if you can; I don’t want anyone to be blindsided by this. I know it’s not the best time with the album coming out, but I feel like this is the right time for me to bow out.

I hope you enjoy the final part of Guest, and thank you all so much for all you’ve done for me.

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Sorry to bother but could I ask for 2p yandere axis having a meeting with their 1ps and a woman walks in (love at first sight for the 2ps) and they are just like "sugar you forgot your lunch again" finding out this way that she is actually their counterparts wife, and now they are obsessed with her, if it's not too much to ask (ps I adore your blog! Keep up the good work!)

(Lol This sounds like a good one shot idea! XD! But thank you so much!)

How does that dickhead have such a beauty with him?! She belongs to me and her place is by my side. I just need to make her see it…: 2P America, 2P France, 2P Italy, 2P Romano,

*actually likes his counterpart and doesen’t want to hurt him, but will so he could have her.*: 2P Canada, 2P Japan, 2P China, 2P Russia

Oh my~ This just won’t do. She belongs to me and not that rude man: 2P England

I knew I had no chance with her…But I’ll still try…: 2P Prussia

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please stop posting your jumin propaganda in all the other character's tags. we get it, you love him, but stop screaming "hater" at anyone who doesn't feel the same way. people are allowed not to like him. you don't need to try and convince us to change our minds. it shouldn't affect you if other people dislike him. if you think he gets hate, well, maybe did you think that you might be causing people to retaliate with your post about how everyone needs to love and understand him?

Lmao xD

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So this anon seems to get worked up cz of my post and said it was a propaganda. How funny. Ofc I tagged everyone cz there are everyone in it. I always tagged properly according to the characters involved unlike many posts I’ve seen when they tagged someone but actually the said character wasn’t there.

And where in the world did I ever forced anyone to like him or convince people to change their mind? I need a proof. I am just stating the truth, analyzing the possibility of better things that could happen in Jumin route. Stating my own opinion in my own blog. I am not screaming anyone who dislike him a hater even tho it’s possible; if they aren’t haters what else? No one except the haters that ever called him a kidnapper lol and it happened once ever in this blog live that I called them out; well I will admit that was my mistake for ever replying to them; but I rly appreciated their courage to come to me tho.

and OMG… The last line was so funny… I mean I didn’t even post any hate towards other characters; all I did was make a positive post about Jumin and people are just so salty because my points might be true; so they posted a hate in Jumin Han tag? So you indirectly admitting it? How childish lol Why this anon seems scared that Jumin might get more loves and hugs? WHY?

What is so wrong about making a positive post cz a character was misunderstood by so many people and hope they would understand the said character better after some explanations? If they refused to acknowledge it; it’s okay lmao xD

Btw back at you my dude,

“It shouldn’t affect you if I like him…”

Last but not least…

art by @defudefu and gif by @urban-night-cityscape

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Hello! I love your writing! I was so happy when I can across your blog. DGM needs more love! I was wondering if you could do something where Tyki takes an interest in you and Lavi is having none of it. Lol. (Huge Lavi fangirl! Tyki is my favourite Noah. XD) Hope its fun to write. ^-^ Thanks and can't wait to read more of your stuff!

(Aw, thank you! I’m glad you like my writing.)

  • Lavi noticed the Noah’s sudden interest in you during a battle. Tyki was just toying with you, as he did everybody else, but he has the audacity to flirt with you.
  • This pissed him off to no ends, as one would expect. It took everything he had to keep his cool. Fighting recklessly with the Noah was a bad idea.
  • Tyki notices the effect his flirting is having on Lavi and it suddenly clicks. Well, while he did think you were interesting, he was going to use this chance to antagonize the Exorcists in any way he can, starting with the redhead.
  • His remarks and taunting about Lavi and his feelings and how heavily he was flirting with you at this point broke Lavi’s will to not instantly beat his face in.
  • This obviously was a bad idea, but Lavi was working on instincts and rage at this point. Plus, you had his back, so he thought he could afford to be a little careless.
  • Did I say a little careless? He was really careless. His attacks did nothing against the Noah, who simply let everything pass through him, just to piss Lavi off more. 
  • Lavi ended up getting beat up, but Tyki’s focus on Lavi left him open to attacks from you, so he didn’t end up much better.
  • You couldn’t believe men sometimes. Honestly.

My lighting sucks ;-;

Ah, well, here is quite possibly my favorite horrorlust child, Desire! Yes those are sharpies and a highlighter. I got some of his colors wrong but I worked with what I had. Hence the highlighter lol

I love how you can just color over another sharpie and it changes the color like - sharpies are the best lmao. And when you color with a sharpie over a highlighter it creates the best effect ever. I really need better lighting…

Desire belongs to @troxachan-blog!

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I miss the leafy fandom too but his content is literally the same videos with different titles. It's so stale and I can't even watch it 5 minutes anymore without getting bored, honestly I turned into a Kpop blog now because Andrea transitioned and now I'm Into it too lol but I kept my user leafy related:)

I agree I think he should stop uploading for a while. Take some time off and find what he enjoys. He doesn’t need to be forcing the same stale content ge should relax and go back to what made him happy and want to do youtube in the first place. Maybe get back into fucking minecraft lol. He needs to find his muse. Right now he’s just uploading for the sake of uploading and it’s mostly shit. He really needs to look at the different kinds of feedback he gets on videos. Not just paying attention to the upvoted comments, but also checking the other ones that have actual input on what can make him better.

I’m too lazy to do a 180 with my blog and change it lol I have a side blog and then I have my main blog. A lot of people seemed to have followed in Andrea’s footsteps and turned to kpop lol

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Ooo I recognize that screenshot you posted to your inspo blog, it's from Outlast. I feel like a lot of things from that game can be related back to Matt lol especially the tearing ppl apart and the cannibalism


i’ve never heard of this game thoooo. but i’d play the shit out of it because plsss if it has cannibalism in it then sign me the fuck up. i love playing anything with gore so much too ;-;;

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What I love about jikook is that evey time jk is being dorky or acting silly [extra kook lol] he always looks for jimin's reaction to see if he is laughing/smiling ( which is 99,99% of the time) then he 'll do it even more extra & it's just soooo cute it's like he needs jm's reassuring reaction to keep doing what he is doing or should I say he just love seeing him laughing esp if he is the reason y TT ( btw excuse my bad eng & I love ur blog )

Jimin, in a way, is his unintentional hype-up man. Jimin, this boy, when he laughs it’s as if he is in his happiest moment in life. I mean, hes cute, eyes are little lines, he throws himself everywhere–who wouldn’t want to see that? And Jungkook makes Jimin laugh–hard! LOL, Jungkook literally loves getting a reaction out of Jimin, I agree with you! If Jimin’s laughing hard, the meme in Jungkook increases :-)

(Also please, your english is wonderful! And thank you so much ♡)

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I know that it shouldn't be the focal point of the episode, but what led them to kissing in the bedroom?... Ahhh, these are important things we need to know. Lol By the way, your blog saved my life today, as always :)

Thank you for asking all of the Important Questions™ nonnie I appreciate this immensely.

I’m gonna say Aaron had just been insatiable for Robert the whole time they were away and Robert was always more than happy to accommodate him (in a variety of ways, obviously) but that since they got back on Monday Robert’s been all distant (for reasons *side eye*) and using the fact it’s so busy at the pub all of the time as an excuse so as soon as the Mill is ready and they can move in Aaron is just so eager to christen every surface and he drags Robert up that spiral staircase at the first opportunity but he notices that Robert seems to be feeling a little delicate so he’s being all soft and gentle with him, because we all know they would usually have 100% boned over the back of the sofa and on the kitchen table before they even made it upstairs and they’d usually be fully nekkid before even reaching the bedroom but not this time because Robert just can’t and Aaron totally knows something is up but he doesn’t think Robert will open up and tell him what’s worrying him so he just tries to show Robert that he loves him without words and in the best way he knows how.

and that is the story of how they end up on the bed

also that was the longest sentence ever seen on this blog

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I just spent two hours scrolling down your entire blog and literally squealing at everything in sight, and need to go back again because I'm 100% sure I missed a whole lot of stuff- (#'v'#) Do you mind if I ask for [ Fluff Headcanons ] for Killer since I didn't see anything related to him on your blog yet?

Aaaaaaaaaa thank u so much and sure no problem!! 

Killer fluff:

  • He likes to cook, so sometimes he’ll make a little something special just for you, and when he knows you’re feeling down he’s got your favorite food coming right up.
  • Killer doesn’t take the helmet off very often, even for you, so in lieu of kisses he’ll rest his forehead against yours for a moment.
  • When you’re alone and have some downtime he might hug you from behind and rest his chin on top of your head.
  • I think he’d probably rather listen to you talk than the other way around. Your voice is a lot more soothing than Kid’s.
  • If you ask I think he’d really enjoy teaching you how to play drums, and if you play another instrument a jam session is definitely in order!

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(This is a post on my side blog so if you see it I didn't steal it lol) Ok so being Tyler would be him just doing anything to make you happy. Need a glass of wine because your boss is a dick? Sure thing. Need a back rub / foot massage? On it. Need pancakes at 1 am because you’re sure you’ll starve to death without them? You bet his happy ass is in the kitchen. Need him to eat you like he hasn’t eaten in days? Anything to make his princess happy.


So I decided to make an Undertale OC. What am I doing with myself…? I got to browsing Undertale pics here and managed to find the NSFW stuff, and… well, after a trip to Soundcloud, Sans is my favorite character. He just reminds me so much of my IRL BF. So my one friend said it was him in a second life. Lol

Don’t have a name for her, but she’s a fox imp with part of her face torn off. The left eye (the blue one) chances color according to her mood. She walks around in tank tops and yoga pants all the time. That’s all her closet consists of. She’d be Friends with Benefits with Sans, besties with Undyne, and friends with just about everyone else.

More or less a scrappy dooble, but thoughts, comments, suggestions?