i just need him on my blog

the first time he called me anne i thought he was being silly but this has happened a couple of times now and i think he may actually think that’s my name, which is deeply hilarious

i love his writing and am so psyched that we’re becoming like, quasi-internet friends, and he messaged me to ask where i worked and if i’d be willing to be a deep background source if he needed someone in publishing and i didn’t commit to being a source but i did tell him the company, which i HATE doing but i just… want to be friends… i’m rationalizing that it’s okay though because 1. he doesn’t know my name isn’t literally anne boleyn lmfao and 2. i rarely know anything worth reporting on anyway so i can just tell him idk if he asks anything sensitive

most of the reason i want my anonymity is bc of the personal stuff i share on this blog and only occasionally in tweets so… it’s probably fine

lmao so I need ur guys opinion

to start off I don’t like leafy anymore, I haven’t for a while, I no longer stan, I try to force myself to watch his videos but I just can’t fuck with him like I used to anymore anyway, leafyiscreamy will no longer be but what I want to know is if I should just make a new blog and start over and only blog about shit I like (kpop and aesthetics) or should I just keep this blog and just pretend my leafy phase never happened bc I still want to keep this blog active and have this connection with yall

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God looking through your blog, there are just so many things that remind me of my boyfriend and it just reminds me (not that I need reminding) that I just love him so much like he means the world to me 😊❤️

Awh yay 😊 that’s so sweet, I’m glad 😚💓

don’t worry - i promise i haven’t forgotten ro!

Watch Me Babygirl

this is my gif from my personal blog btw :)

A/N: I’m a ho for highschool!bts so I began writing a series literally nobody asked for so this is part 1 of ?

Summary: Jungkook is your brother’s annoying best friend. You can’t stand him but he just can’t resist teasing you. How far will he actually go?

Warnings: language, implied sexy stuff(?), fuckboy!jungkook 

[pt.2] [pt.3]

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allura: you just need to let him know how you feel!

lance: how am i supposed to do that??

allura: um…why don’t you use one of those pick-up lines you always have?

lance: this is serious, allura.

allura: well, you don’t want to come on too strongly. just give it a try.

lance: alright, fine.

[approaches keith]

lance: hey…what’s cookin good lookin? ;)

keith: uh, i think hunk is making some sort of spaghetti thing



lance: i’m in love with you

keith: what?

allura: [in background, frantically signaling to abort mission]

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April, hi. I just saw this mauraleeisme. tumblr. com/post/158701252222 Does the comment about Louis being over 18 while signing hold any merit? Is he at a disadvantage because of that, and can they hold him back using that? Thank you!

No, it has no merit. My first reaction to that was “well, they haven’t been reading my blog.” When you sign a contract under the age of 18 – which you can absolutely do – you can either ratify or repudiate it when you gain your majority. Ratifying just means that you keep acting as if it were in force. There is no need for renegotiations. As long as you don’t repudiate, the contract keeps going just as before. If you want to repudiate it, you have a small window of time to decide that you do not want to be bound by that contract. But if you decide to repudiate, you have to return everything that you earned under the contract. Meaning, the boys would have had to give back all the money earned, including compensate Syco for the goods and services they had enjoyed on Syco’s dime (like housing and clothing, etc.). It’s not easy to repudiate a contract. The law gives some small protection for people who enter contracts as minors, but it can’t allow them to just easily force a renegotiation or change things when they turn 18 or no one would ever do business with minors. That means the grocery store wouldn’t sell you food or no one would lease you an apartment, etc. Every commercial exchange is a contract of some sort, basically. People in business need some assurance that people won’t just screw them when they turn 18. Requiring the person repudiating the contract to return the benefits of the contract gives this reassurance. Further, they would have had additional contracts signed by their parents that obligated them.

In a world where any artist he signed could renegotiate their contract upon turning 18, do you think Simon Cowell would be signing kids under 18? No. His whole business model works because of the vastly different negotiating positions between contestants on his shows desperate for fame and himself. He’s not going to open the door for those contestants to later renegotiate from a stronger position. He knows he has them trapped from the beginning with no wiggle room.

At least they didn’t say only Harry benefited from being a minor, which is even more wrong but seems to be an argument we can’t get rid of.

Here’s the thing about trump.

It’s not even about “political views,” it’s much more than that to me. To accuse me of not being positive because I don’t force a smile on my face and welcome trump supporters on my blog is honestly very ironic, because you’re supporting a man who sees people like me and many others as below him. As a bisexual girl, trump not only infuriates me but makes me uncomfortable, even downright terrified. And I can’t even fathom how woc feel, how muslims feel whenever that man opens his mouth and spews ugly, hateful words. And for you to ignore the things he says, to turn a blind eye every time trump does something screwed up, is disgusting. The things he’s said about women, about immigrants, about innocent people, is just plain awful. And when you call yourself a supporter of trump, you’re supporting him and his actions and everything’s he’s said. Keep that in mind. So of course I don’t want you anywhere near my blog. I, a positivity blog, don’t want supporters of a man who is the LEAST positive example in the world to think my positivity is for them. That shouldn’t be hard to grasp at all.

My positivity is for poc, my positivity is for trans people, for Jewish people, for everyone in the LGBT+ community, for muslims, for autistic people, for disabled people, and the list goes on. I want to uplift these people, I want them to feel safe on my blog, I want them to feel welcomed and supported because this world is becoming a terrible place and I just want to be a little shelter where everyone can come inside and escape from all the disaster going on.

You see it as simple politics, I see it as mine and many other’s basic human rights being slowly stripped away by an evil man.

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Bruh I just came across your blog and it's fabulous. What's your opinion on all the more main characters in each race of the present day in BotW (so Sidon, Yunobo, Riju, and Teba)? I absolutely love all of them.

I love them all! Like, wow, so much. (also thank you!!)

But here we go, I’ll do in order of when I met them:

Sidon: He is so positive?? And pure?? Like, what? He grew on me super fast, and I always go back to Zora’s Domain to visit him. I need me some emotional support like that in my life. Also the segment when we ride him is honestly my favorite companion moment in the game, it was so much fun. 100% super in love with Link.

Yunobo: I loved him from the start. He is such a sweetheart, the actual embodiment of a cinnamon roll. He is such a nervous bean and needs to be protected at all costs. Link and him are best friends, fight me.

Teba: Tbh I was actually surprised they would include a married companion. After Sidon and Yunobo I though everyone was a single pringle. It was actually super cute, and I love his family, they’re adorable. He is adorable. 

Riju: Get this girl a medal, goddamn. To be able to successfully rule over a people is impressive enough, to do it when you're 13 is a goddamn gift. I love her so much, like wow. Her people adore her, and she is incredibly intelligent and knows when to make tough calls, at her age is just amazing. Can’t drive a sand seal for shit though.

Ask before you pet someone's dog!

So, as every follower of this blog knows that I have a dog named, Bucky. And he’s a sweetheart, often reminds me and my friends of actual Bucky Barnes with his emotions and mannerisms.

And he’s also adorable. So, I completely understand why people want to pet him or touch him, and just coddle him. I get it. But my dog suffers with anxiety when outside! He stays beside me, literally walking under my feet because he hates crowds and loud noises. He’s skittish outside, but I got to walk him because he’s a dog and needs exercise. I love waking him, don’t get me wrong, some of my best moments with Bucky is outside at his favourite places. I just don’t like that people, strangers, feel like they have some kind of authority to touch my dog… without my permission!

I get it. I’m young, and people think they exceed some kind of authority over me anyway. But he’s my dog, I know him and I’d just prefer if people asked to touch my dog before they do it. A simple, “hey can I pet him?- is he okay to pet?”. Instead people, I don’t even know, come up and just pet him.

He’s a small dog, I feel like that’s another tipping point. He’s small so he can’t hurt me, a lap dog. I’m not saying Bucky is vicious or will bite, he isn’t like that but put into a position, a situation where HE feels like he can’t get out of; well, I can’t say he won’t bite. He wouldn’t but he’s a dog, if he feels threatened or scared, his reaction, basic reaction is fight or flight. And honestly, most of the time it’s a quick walk around my neighbourhood with him, he doesn’t get let off the lead because he usually doesn’t even want to leave my side anyway.

I’m writing this rant because some woman, who o don’t even know, decided it was a good idea to come up behind me… didn’t make herself known to me at all… and pet my dog. Bucky was sat beside my leg, I was busy reading the menu to the smoothie stand near my house. And she scared my Bucky so much that he yelped (he’s a dog where if he doesn’t like something, he’ll let you know about it!). Instantly I knelt down, noting the woman, who was laughing as if it was funny. I picked him up, only Bucky was scared and just in panic mode that he didn’t recognise me at first, he scratched up my arm and chest, plus neck. I am so sore but I’m not even worried about me.

The woman then said “Oh what a little whiner!” And I like to think I’m a nice person, I don’t like conflict and I rarely let people know they’re idiots directly. But my inner protectiveness came out and I said something I really shouldn’t have and walked off, didn’t even get my smoothie btw, I just walked off not caring that I had hurt the woman’s feelings because my dog was curled in my arms, whimpering! Bucky was whimpering.

I know the woman meant no harm, I really do. But this happens a lot, more than it should. And this is just me, a simple dog owner of a loving, beautiful dog that gets anxious in the outside world.

Please, please ask before you pet someone’s dog!

If she asked, I would have picked Bucky up and made him as comfortable as he could for a simple pet. Once he gets a little familiar, he’s okay. Like any small dog, they’re anxious of *new* people in the outside world. They aren’t in their home, where they’re comfortable and safe. So, please, take a second and ask if it’s okay. You’ll be making my dog, millions of other dogs, plus the owner who loves them dearly a lot less anxious when walking. Thank you. - Rosalee