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One Piece 853 thoughts

After the long pause, having two chapters in a row is something I’m strangely unfamiliar with O.o though, as you may know, Oda’s frequent pauses - added to the regular ones of Shounen Jump - are due to his health: so it’s a good thing he takes them, we need him alive and well to finish the manga - so for at least another 20 years. Stay healthy, Oda-sensei, please. The good thing though is that on the cover they seemingly announce they’ve set a twitter account for the “behind the scenes” of One Piece drawing? Great! I’m looking forward to see whose desk is messier, if Oda’s or mine XD

For what concerns the cover… after the last few covers with Robin’s art and Brook’s love song and so on, this one’s a bit disappointing for not having any particular hints at something, as it simply shows something we already know so well: Barto’s love for the mugis. 

So Brook was defeated - or did he let Big Mom defeat him? - I was a fan of the “Brook-won’t-defeat-Big-Mom-at-most-tie-with-her-barely-escaping-with-his-soul” club since the day of its foundation, and I’m glad today to celebrate with its members. Honestly: IMO it’d be a stretch if Luffy defeated BM now, not to mention Brook…! But his ability let him: 

1. survive - as the piece of a collection, but beggars can’t be choosers

2. hold his ground against her for a while 

3. possibly* steal the poneglyph anyway - *whereas by possibly I intend “almost certainly”, or he wouldn’t have made that big speech in not one, but even two chapters, about the courage of Pedro acting as decoy, Luffy becoming Pirate King and etc etc all of that heroic stuff - I don’t know how, but his fruit must have come in handy 

We also learn that not only Zeus and Prometheus, but also the Big Mom’s hat, which has a name - technically it has a soul, so I shouldn’t freak out, but still,  a hat with a name… -, have a part of Mom’s soul, and therefore are stronger than all the iother homies. From the looks of it, it could be that they act sort of as clones of hers, and of her power, and by that her power is multiplied. I don’t know what kind of abilities a hat - ???? maybe it makes her smarter,  - could have, but Zeus and Prometheus have their weather power and so they are already pretty strong. For now, this is the overview of Mama’s powers. 

So someone else “stole” Mama’s poneglyph before. It isn’t clear how, if Roger did indeed steal or copy them, or he simply “perceived” them or their translation - he must have perceived thier translation, since, as we know from Silver Rayleigh’s story, they didn’t have any Ohara scholars with them who could translate it - unlike our Mugis, who conveniently have Robin with them. 

What is certain though is that Roger’s ability must be linked to the ability of this so called Three-Eyed tribe, from which Pudding’s unknown father must hail from. Mama evidently hoper for her to be able to translate them for her one day. 

Getting to the Die Hard movie part of this chapter, Pedro is fighting Baron Tamago’s evolution

I beg your pardon, Viscount Chick. 

Tamago, or Chick, whatever, seems so well fused with his devil fruit ability that I’m suspecting he might have been an object that ate a devil fruit, originally - it wouldn’t be strange to introduce such things, which we know can exist in-universe, in this specific arc where everything and everyone has souls*

*where by “souls” I mean “life”. Not souls souls. They all are pieces of s***.

I don’t know why but these two panels are hilarious to me. Look at him, the poor thing on the ground. A omelette. 

And another Alice in Wonderland reference, as when Humpty Dumpty fell of the wall… yup. And then…


Yup. Who doesn’t appreciate a nice explosion every now and then?

Carrot and Chopper save Pedro from becoming a kamikaze - not so fashionable in these geopolitical period, you know - by oulling him in the Mirror World with them, where they move around in a merry company holding hostages Brulée and a train dude. 

On a side not, it may be my having watched too many idiot animes in my teenage years or just the meme, but Carrot has the “Senpai” mode on. It’s all the memes’ fault. Gettin to the very hightlight of the chapter, because f*** BIg MoM, f*** the poneglyphs, Roger, the third-eyed tribe revelation, Pudding, her power, Luffy, Sanji…


is what I’ve been waiting for my whole life. 

Just kidding, just since Oda started being so lovey-dovey, so around the time of Babt 5 and Sai and then Praline and Aladdine. Because when you start moving around the genre, you also have to parody it, and here we are, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, in all its glory, the shoujo parody.

It reminds me so fricking much of “The rose of Versailles”, though I never watched it - too many ribbons honestly - the style is just that. Funny also because both Luffy and Sanji look like females just as much as Nami. Also, kudos to Carrot for even finding the time to draw additional around roses around. These are the little things that make me say Sensei’s a genius. For the big things, we got Rafter and co., for all the rest, this. 

From the Mirror we also learn thet Jinbei and Nami are moving around the castle, probably planning something big - or at least that’s what I hope, we’re not getting out of here without a very good plan and a certain number of side plans.

In the meantime, Luffy’s making a ruckus - no surprise here - trying to find Sanji. Things are getting bad though, because a “Minister class backup” has been requested, meaning someone other than Cracker and Smoothie but just as strong as them will come for his head - which is still missing a teeth!! Someone fix it already! Bropper ! Where are you when we need you? 

Confirm that Reiju’s strong above - second confirmation, she did bend jail bars as a kid. 

Also Oda’s making her stay almost naked just casually like that, lol, okay.

That’s lovely of you, Luffy, but East Blue is not literally around the corner. 

…Just a little more of Luffy being the sweetest cinnamon roll to be ever baked in the whole Grand Line…

…A random close-up of Reiju cause she’s pretty and has a big heart, though she says she doesn’t..

And then… here we are now. 

Sanji’s been smelling the inviting fragrance of freedom for a while now. Last chapter even Reiju supported him and the list of pros for him playing the sacrifice gets thinner every second. Though he still appears upset, I don’t think he’s being weighed down by remorse anymore, has instead finally started devising a fricking plan. I cannot express into words how much I hope he has. Why else leaving Reiju’s side or reflecting yet again on all the pros and cons?

There’s no going back now… Luffy…

Here I don’t think he’s referring to himself not going back - though we should wait for other translations to confirm it -, but to the situation that they, collectively as Mugiwaras, have come to. They have not only angered a yonkou, Sanji’s murderous family, risked a ton of lives other than their owns… they have done all of this in one moment and in one place: now, they can either submit to eveything or rebel to eveything, therefore they must bet everything in order to achieve it. And that resolve has now been made by the cook as well. 

He will try and find a way to make everything work as a whole: save his crew, his true father back in East Blue, his sister - I’m not bettin he’d save the brothers and father too, but we’ll see -, himself. Since Jinbei and Nami are now free to act and Bropper and Co are being productive as well, a masterplan could come out of what had started as a total disaster - something like the plan in Gold, though that is not canon, a plan that includes arriving to the Spannung moment, which is the wedding ceremony, and then turning things upside down, using the enemies abilities against them. And that is why I’m thinking Mr. Prince, not Sanji the Cook, steps in on the wedding day. 

Finally: will Luffy be a part of said plan? Does he really intend to wait outside in that place until Sanji finishes things off in front of the altar? We’ll see. Apparently the Captain trusts the Cook enough to let him deal with it himself. 

And now, if you excuse me, I’ll go cry over the beauty of this. 


Everyone crushes on that Starkhaven accent. It should be illegal for Delton to open his mouth.

*has no regrets whatsoever*

I hope you don’t mind the crush, @thereluctantinquisitor I’ve always liked Delton (and accents from Starkhaven) myself. XD I’m also sorry for butchering him, that armor was a pain. The only full body ref of Delton that I could find was one where he was in this ‘draw-me-as-one-of-your-orlesian-girls’-pose

ANYWAY. So that’s Taerel’s first adventure as a companion, realizing that Skyhold is absolutely filled with people who are totally his type - he’s not that picky when he’s not in an actual committed relationship. I also finally had an excuse to draw that other elf with fabulous hair, even though he’s just a background character in this.

Drawing dumb comics is my favorite thing to do XD Tae’s droopy ears make me happy~

lol @ that fail background

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