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My answer to the TV Line Gary interview

I am really not a person that goes around pointing fingers as CBS and Gary, but the writing was not organic at all. You can tell they tried to overcome the obstacle as quickly as possible and it didn’t work. They should have worked on the TEAM getting over the loss of a family member/friend by discussing it and working on it in a few scenes. First you cope with the loss, then you move on. The coping part was missing cause they were afraid dealing with Ziva would make the cries for her to come back even louder (I think that didn’t work). It backfired now. Even I am like of “meh” about it and not happy. I like Ellie. I think she is fantastic and there is a lot of potential in her. But the meaningful moments between team members and the connection is missing and I blame the way they dealt with the Ziva thing for it. Nothing was organic about it cause basically there was almost no reaction from the other team members. And Tony is written differently in each episode. You never know what you get. First you have him subtly missing her, then you have him having serious insomnia over her, then he gets weird and joins a support group in order to sleep with another random girl (he just mentioned he did it but he did it) which is an old pattern and now in the latest episode he flirted with a version of himself. There is no straight line for him. I never saw the defining moment in him where he was like “ok I loved this girl and she is out of reach so I have to move on”. That would have required a b-story maybe in an episode. So idk. I love the show and characters and think they did a good job with Ellie but they seriously need to work on the other team dyamics more and maybe deal with some of the old demons to move on to new things