i just need a new post of team b

Cana: Now this isn’t going to be Guest Appearances from Team B! I just needed them to help me introduce the event!
Laxus: Basically Cana got the idea to have a week where we invite people for you to ask questions to rather than us relaying information all the time. And since we couldn’t agree on who to bring in, we’re just gonna let you guys decide.
Cana: We’re gonna post the official days of who and when on Wednesday, so you have until then to vote for who you want to make an appearance. Then every day next week we’ll have someone new.
Laxus: This isn’t going to happen often, alright. So make your vote count.
Cana: And don’t worry if you don’t get your vote in cause Sunday will be an “Everyone” day! We’ll track everyone down and get them to answer your questions no matter who or where they are.
Laxus: Thank God, no more of that stupid Sunday crap.
Cana: We’ll be doing Sexual Sunday as normal. *WInks* We’ll just have things going on around it as well!
Laxus: *Scowls*

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