i just need a maria tho!!

Title: On thin ice

Relationship: Kaneki/Hide

Rating: General 

Word Count: 3147

Warnings: None. Hide is being really lame though.

Description:  Hide is a slow learner. Luckily, Kaneki is there to help.

Beta’d by the wonderful hidebot  

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i have a take-home exam to do this weekend which is worth 50% of my grade for one of my classes and i declined two invitations for plans with my friends because of said exam and yet so far this wekekend i have:

  • watched 2 episodes of jane the virgin
  • downloaded demi lovato’s ‘path to fame’ app and played that for like 8 hours straight and i just want to fucking win a glammy award but i don’t know if i’m going to get enough fans in time even tho demi believes i can do it because my best friend selena set my god damn movie premiere dress on fire and then this other girl maria got jealous of my rising celebrity and tried to sabotage my single although truthfully she’s always had it in for me and it’s starting to get to me because i really think we could be friends if she just gave me a chance and now my sister got kicked off of her cheerleading squad but i can’t be there to help her because my agent needs me in la and it’s all so exhausting honestly i’m starting to think that i’m not cut out for fame which is disheartening
  • i still haven’t started doing my take-home exam 
Your Sign's Best Compatible With...

Aries: Elise, Aveline, Haytham, Charles Lee
Taurus: Malik, Ezio, Altair, Claudia, Edward, Desmond
Gemini: Connor, Elise, Arno, Charles Lee
Cancer: Maria, Leonardo, Malik, Shay, Shaun, Edward, Desmond
Leo: Connor, Aveline, Arno, Haytham
Virgo: Maria, Leonardo, Ezio, Shay, Shaun, Altair, Claudia
Libra: Aveline, Elise, Haytham, Charles Lee
Scorpio: Ezio, Malik, Altair, Claudia, Edward, Desmond
Sagittarius: Connor, Elise, Arno, Charles Lee
Capricorn: Maria, Leonardo, Malik, Shay, Shaun, Edward, Desmond
Aquarius: Connor, Aveline, Arno, Haytham
Pisces: Maria, Leonardo, Ezio, Shay, Shaun, Altair, Claudia