i just need a maria tho!!

sebaestian replied to your post: “hey sur would u happen to know any fics where nicky speaks spanish???”:

TBH Ima be sad for a moment but like… since Luther was the biggest dick and supposedly thought he was “saving” Maria I always thought he would just like not allow Spanish in his house AT ALL. like if he thought that Maria needed to integrate into American culture, Im positive he would not want her speaking Spanish. like that’s partly why Nicky was in German because Luther forbade him from it because he’s an ass. maybe one day he learns it?? idk I haven’t seen any posts about this before tho :(

nooly… nooly u didnt have to do that i never even thought abt that now im angry AND sad 

gleefreak97  asked:

Do you ship Izumi/Koji

…maybe ; ) seriously tho, i am shipping trash hence my co-running of this blog. give me a crack pair and i’ll find a reason to like it. i think both kouji and izumi are just adorable smols (i love my smols) and need more screen/panel (????) time. when they appeared for the shiratorizawa-karasuno match i may or may not have died (how many times have i died now?). so yes, i do ship it….i don’t think we have a feed for it tho…damn. i am gonna write one rn

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