i just need a love like it

As requested, here’s the gif from Twitter that was made for Matty’s story, The Predator. ^^ 

There are also other fanarts that I will post next week. Here are the previous edits.

“There’s a new wind blowing like I’ve never known, I’m breathing deeper than I’ve even done. And it sure feels good to finally feel the way I do…And I want to love somebody, love somebody like you.“ - Keith Urban, “Somebody like You”


This ship hit me so hard?? From the first time that adorable red sunflower jumped off the tower and begged for Link’s help he was doomed. If I can’t have Mipha/Link than BY ALL THAT IS HOLY SIDLINK WILL RULE! *throws confetti*

Sidon is just a warm, welcoming, sweet and amazing, comforting presence that Link needs?! And he’s just so excited to see him?! And helpful and everything he needs?! LET HIM TELL YOU HOW AMAZING YOU ARE LINK. AND HOW THANKFUL HE IS.

I just wanted to draw them dancing? Link so overcome with happiness over something and just started spinning Sidon around, haha. Link doesn’t get enjoy himself much, and I think Sidon would be quite happy to dance along with his smol boyfriend

I was lucky enough to get one of the last few tickets for today’s Ed Sheeran concert in Hamburg. He made it possible for a some of his fans who didn’t get tickets in the presale (they were sold out in less than 1 minute) to attend the gig after all. The gig was so much fun, and like every time I saw him live before, he smashed it. What a live artist, it’s something you have to experience to understand.

Thank you, Ed, for making tonight possible ♡

character stuf dont read unless u give a shit

honesly wondering whether or not to throw racial issues into lem n toi’s story like…. dawg toi would be like an arab dude living in like colorado he’d probably have somewhat of a rough time?!?! his hijab-wearing sisters would if anything.. but IDK like i want to bring attention to the discrimination being faced by middle eastern ppl but idk if i should w/ this particular story iunno iunno. 

ALSO WTF big change but i kind of feel the need to fucking change toi’s stupid ass name?!?!?!?!? like i love him, i love his stupid name it’s charming but at the same time it’s just TOO dumb. i feel like i could .. idk give him a real actually like ARAB SOUNDING NAME.. and have toi be like what everybody called him as like a nickname or something IDK IDK!!!!!! tell me wht u think bc i’m honestly going thru w/ it unless anybody’s got any objections.

“A good horror story will frighten us, yes. It will keep us awake at night, it will make our flesh crawl, it will creep into our dreams and give new meaning to the darkness. […] Good horror stories make us look at our reflections in dark distorting mirrors, where we glimpse things that disturb us, things that we did not really want to look at. Horror looks into the shadows of the human soul, at the fears and rages that live within us all.” –GRRM

I reached the horror section of Dreamsongs a couple days ago and let me tell you, I am NOT looking forward to whatever dark trip GRRM is taking us on in TWOW. Just kidding, I need it more than ever!! GRRM knows how to tap into something primal and beam it directly into my nightmares. (I feel very uneasy about crabs right now.) 

Horrifying imagery aside, GRRM’s real strength is emotional horror. Beautiful things like love, and courage, and friendship, and hope die faster than Ned Stark when GRRM writes horror. Jealousy and hatred and rage win when GRRM writes horror. (Anyone else thinking “valonqar” right now because I am…. I keep saying it, the Lannisters are horrifying, and I love them.)

For example, I read GRRM’s “Meathouse Man” and the stories are very different, but I felt a resonance with Tyrion’s storyline:  

“Of all the bright cruel lies they tell you, the cruelest is the one called love.”

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Could you please explain Jack's tattoos to me. I only just now started watching his videos and am curious...

Sure love!

1. The cross on his back, Jacks a religious person as he went to a catholic school. This is also he’s first tattoo.

2. On his ribs, he has “God has a plan”, basically he believes that whatever happens, is because God made it that way.

3. Roman numerals, this is his birthday and it’s on his arm

4. He has the skull with a halo on his arm, I don’t really know what that is for? I feel like the skull means hell and the halo means heaven or he just liked it 😂

5. He has L.D.N on the back on his top elbow, this stands for London because he loves living in London and I feel that London has done so many good things to him, he needs something to prove it.

6. Okay I seriously do not know what that other tattoo is, it’s on his arm but I have no idea. It’s like a cross but a circle? I dunno 😂

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I can't believe you don't love animals... that's so weird for someone who seems to be so loving and happy how could you not

I do love animals!! I just don’t consider them friends. I’ve never had a pet (though I’d give my kidney to a sausage dog if they needed it), and haven’t had the chance to spend much time around them. I didn’t consider myself an “animal lover” before going vegan, and so my point was that you don’t have to be one in order to recognise that animal cruelty is wrong. I just wanted to emphasise that someone doesn’t need to feel connected in that way or feel like they’re ‘friends’ with animals, in order to make a change. Watching Earthlings was the first time I really felt emotionally connected to those animals, because previously I wouldn’t have seen them in that same light. I was disconnected.  
Again, I would literally give away my first born child if it meant I could befriend an elephant, piglet, calf, sea turtle or baby gorilla, but I just don’t think someone needs to have ten pets or live on a farm to know it’s wrong to kill cows, chickens, fish, pigs and lambs x

Provided we don't all bail ship after the finale, what needs to happen in Season 8 to wipe the last couple of seasons' bad taste out of your mouths?

I’ll go first, and I’ll put them under the cut because I like to ramble.  Remember, all of these are just my opinions and you might have different ones.  No disrespect intended if I step on some toes. 

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well tonight’s episode of once blew my mind. Swa queen hugged and I died, Then Regina and Evilqueen make amends and hug like wtf. feels. Then REGINA SAYS she finally can love herself and i cry. And then Emma gets hurt by hook surprise surprise. but she took the ring off! and in the promo it looks like Regina and Henry are comforting her and she says she needs to move on and i’m dying bc i’m sad that my baby Emma is sad but SWANQUEEN. also the evil queen gets to be happy with Robin and i just love that.

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I love Gol D Rosa. She is offically luffys mother to me whether you like it or not. She is too amazing for the world. There are times I forget shes fan made and i sit there hoping she becomes canon. Can we have more content about her whether it's writing or art? I just need more.

thank you so much ;~; Icreated her out of love for luffy and Ace and knowing Oda will probably never actually give luffy a mother, or if he does, she wont be anyone significant. 

sometimes i think ‘luffy doesnt really NEED connections to Roger by making him his blood relative via his mother, theres enough special allusions in strength to the two enough as it is’, but by making Roger and Rosa siblings, I just see it as ‘I’ve given Luffy even more family’! I’ve never intended them to be related to give Luffy a connection to Roger directly, honestly I only really wanted a way to connect him and Ace since to me they resembled each other in physical appearance so strongly. 

By making Rosa Roger’s sister, it also let me connect Shanks to Luffy as well! The ‘oh shanks fell in love with Rosa and even though he was too late for her, he’ll look out for her kid.’ Granted, he wouldn’t take luffy with him on his ship since the resemblance to Rosa was just a bit too painful for him to handle (a similar reason as to why Dragon just fuckin left).

but this is all in fun. I don’t genuinely think there will be a character created thats anything like Rosa to be luffy’s mom in canon. Rosa will always just be my OC, and I’m so happy people like her because she’s the type of woman I would love to be myself lol I’m always happy to answer questions people have about her, and while i havent been able to do much art lately (ive started school! its very exciting!), I’m always happy to write what I can for everyone to learn more :)

ive said this before but grouper means soooooo so so so much 2 me.. like in a very private personal way that i never even bring up.. but shes just always been a comfort and inspiration and her music like.. reflects my guarded heart! and all the fuzz and beauty in it .. anyways i love her so much and i still listen to her every night to go to sleep and whenever i need to feel like my whole body n soul are wrapped up in sound

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ghgmg ghost parent my datefriend has problems consistently communicating with me and it hurts doubly because of my bpd... i know it's not because they don't like me and we've talked about it before and they promised to be better but nothing's changed. idk i just needed to tell someone because i dont wanna talk about it to anyone in my friend group. i love my df and i know they love me but it still eats at me that they dont text back as often

h eck i understand how it feels anon hang in there :^(

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Hey!! Uhm... Could you... Maybe draw Dream hugging a sad Nightmare? Like, a cuddle? Brotherly love, ofc!! I'm just in need of a hug right now... ;w; I adore your art, btw!! And you don't need to do it if you don't want to... >//v//< ;;

it may take long time ‘cuz i still have some requests now.
and i’m drawing in turns, so plz wait your turn :3

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Hold on. The. Hell. Is. Happening. First of all, are you doing any better, hun? ❤ Second thing, Family Familia Famille was amazing, I cried a little tbh. I need more Tom in my lifeee 😍 And what the heck, it does looks a lot like Tom 😱. See if I can amplify my list of favorite porn stars hahaha. Tumblr is gonna be the death to me. Anyway, I wanted to know where can I watch The Night Manager, it's not on Netflix 😞 and do you recommend me High Rise? (beside the fact that Tom's in it). Love! 💖

I felt horrible yesterday but i feel better today. I just can’t wait for this cold to piss the fuck off. D: I literally did not leave my bed all weekend.

Thanks for asking! Also,

Thank you for reading!!! <3 Gosh i need more Tom too. I need jealous Tom atm.

And the pornstar? don’t even get me started. I freaked out.

Ok, I do recommend High Rise, but i would say, read the book first. Or let Thomas read it to you since there’s the audio version with his gorgeous voice. UGH THE AUDACITY.

And i mean… it’s one film with Tom and Jeremy Irons in it. Not to mention Luke Evans as well.

As for The Night Manager, which curiously enough i’m re-watching to make myself feel better these days, here are all 6 episodes:

{ TNM } 

Love you! <3


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y'know, I never thought I could hate a character more than I hate Umbridge but then Wanda happened. I just... can't. fucking. stand. her. And then it's Clint... and even Natasha who betrayed Tony and I just need a life and friends and hobbies bc I spend all of my time obsessing over Tony and wanting him to be cared and loved and ok and I just... I HATE THEM!!!

Listen… before I get on to the Wonderfully Infuriating Subject of Wanda Maximoff, I’d like to say that I have 99 problems with Civil War, and the characterisations of my Good Boys Clint and Steve make up a good 95 of them. Just be warned, this rant is long and whiny as fuck.

I honestly really disliked Clint in Civil War, which sucks because he’s my Dumpster Son and he deserved better than just being reduced to The Guy With The Arrows, you know? What were his motives??? He was retired, he was spending time with his family, and then he just upped and left because ..what…Cap batted his eyelashes? Like… he had nothing to do with the accords. Nothing. He probably didn’t even read them; I mean Vision asked him to consider what he was doing and he did this Really Cool Eye Flicker™ before just saying ‘yeah lol okai considered bro’ and I mean?? You have children??? 

And then of course, the scene on the Raft. It’s kind of amusing in an infuriating sort of way, because I mean this is basically Clint summed up in a short piece:

Clint: *Breaks Law* For justice :))

Clint: *Is put in jail for breaking law*

Clint: :0 :0 This is UNJUST!!!!

And I mean, he appears to blame 100% of everything that happened on Tony, which I guess one could do when they’re angry and imprisoned and their other friend is standing on the other side of the bars. I can kind of get that from an objective point of view..? But? No? He’s an adult and he broke the law? That is… that’s what happens? 

Of course, when he makes that remark to Tony about Rhodey, all hope I had for his Civil War character immediately burst into an inferno and propelled itself out of the top story window. That was unnecessary and hurtful and untrue, and it made me want to slap the shit out of him.

Now. For Wanda.

If you like her character, then that is completely okay, but I don’t advise reading this.

Because I despise her. 

It’s not really her character, more as the way she was written. She had so much potential, to do so much good. But her origins are F U C K E D up, her attitude is childish (despite the fact that she is an adult guys!!) and her general character is quite frankly that of a whiny bitch.

We first see her in AoU, when she is working for HYDRA, after voluntarily (Voluntarily!! working for a terror organisation you guys!!!) Signing up for experimentation that had killed everyone else before her.
I mean, that alone tells you something about her character and her thought process.

Next, we discover that a missile with Tony’s last name on it tragically killed her parents. This is sad. This is horrible and no child should ever have to go through that.

But then she decides that Tony Stark Personally Aimed, Launched and Fired it, and decides to go on a ten-year murder plot in order to kill him for it, and that’s where the sympathy stops. Right there.

I know this is a common example, but Imma say it again because it’s important. If my parents were shot and killed by a gun that had the word ‘Beretta’ on it, I ain’t gonna go after the fuckin gun company. Why would anyone??? It makes literally no sense at all and just paints her as a villain who’s also lowkey stupid???

She had years to think these actions through, and yet still she did them. It literally does not matter about whether she helped for like the last hour of the Avengers film because the literal entire fucking world was going to be destroyed, and she didn’t want catastrophe on that scale.

You know,,, she just wanted to murder Tony. And obviously, the Avengers are his buddies, so lets try and kill them too for no reason at all!!!

She… I mean… God, she subjected Bruce to his worst nightmare and had him tear through a populated city,,, for the sake of destruction?? She literally just wanted to cause pain??? And you can’t tell me no-one died because of that because… it’s a fucking hulk? She purposely twisted all the team’s minds, and let Tony take the sceptre because she knew he could hurt people with it because of what she’d planted in his head? It’s… it’s disgusting?

You tell me ‘she’s changed’ and ‘she’s just like Tony, she used to be bad but now she’s good’ or whatever the fuck, but let me tell you this: Tony never, ever wreaked destruction for the sake of destruction. He never went out with the sole intention of killing specific innocents. He built weapons to p r o t e c t, which is why as soon as he sees they’re no longer doing that, he shuts that shit down. 

Wanda never seems to learn that lesson. Even when, For God Knows what fucked up reason, they appear to make her some sort of avenger for helping them stop the world ending (that, you know, she helped cause), she still doesn’t understand that her job is now to protect people? Her motives are still… idk selfish I guess?

“i can’t control their fear. Only my own.”

Well bitch u know what. Maybe if u stopped running off and trying to tell everyone that you, an incredibly powerful individual with a past involving terror organisations, are ‘above the law and don’t need the accords’, they’d… u know… stop being scared of u…

Don’t even get me started on what she said to Tony. I’m done with this shit. But yes anon I’m sorry this was so long but essentially, I very much agree. Good day sir.

Whoever sent me their message about Hoseok in Spanish, just know I read everything. I can’t reply because the mobile app sucks and I feel quite tired, but just know I read everything.

I don’t know exactly how to respond, but please feel happy that you can love someone so much. Your heart is full of SO MUCH love, but we must save this love for someone who can fully accept it. Like I’ve mentioned millions of times before, Hoseok and the rest of Bangtan and idols only show us so much of their lives. We don’t know them and without knowing, love can’t be fully present. It’s only a daydream. And like you mentioned, the sad reality is that he won’t be able to know how your heart feels, but at least you bring him happiness by supporting and loving him like many of us ARMYS. I know it may not seem like much, but as fans, Hoseok really does a lot for us. Look at you! He showed you how much love your heart is filled with just by being so sweet on and off stage and writing beautiful music! With your heart, love will come to you someday and remember to welcome it. It may not be what you want or expect, but it’s definitely life changing and one of the best experiences we are able to have as humans. All that love in your heart, remember to share it with those around you. Chances are someone who is right next to you might need it.