i just need a love like it


tony being a confused puppy after peter refuses his offer to join the team

One of the worst things about being a kpop fan is when you start school and all of a sudden you have to pretend like you want to socialize all the time and care about your school work but in reality I’m just waiting for comebacks, photo shoots, and anything else that will kill me

rating keith’s smile out of 10

every time i see keith smile i gain 10 years of life so im here today to rate some pics of keef to calm by beating heart 

the shit eating grin 12/10, the type of smile that says “ur daughter calls me daddy too” and i love it

the “i got back ur lion notice me senpai” smirk: 15/10   the teasing remark?? the teasing smirk?? this whole scene clears my skin

the “im completely and utterly in love” smile: 100/10   do i need to explain???? look at the softness……the fondness…… and who is it directed at??? uuuhh yeah ur boy lance dont tell me klance is dead u coward

hooo boy another soft smile like look at that!!!!!! hes so in love and im in love and my crops are flourishing, a solid 200/10 

the famous “we make a good team” smile, very gay scene but personally not my favorite smile but yall would have attacked me if i didnt include it , 11/10

just fuck me in the ass smile, 80/10 very Nice

the “heh like that” smile UUUUHHMMMM 500/10 LOOK AT THIS…….. aesthetic backgroun? yes. great quote? yes. smile directed at lance once again? y e s. 

angsty season 3 keith smiling at l a n c e , 350/10 let him be happy dreamworks let!!!! him!!!!!! be!!!!!1 happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

look at that smile!!!!! the “we’re still just kids even tho were in space on a very important mission” smile 600/10 very pure and im about to cry with love


the soft “my boyfriend is so talented” smile 5000/10 wonderful smile, filled with pride and adoring, another reminder that klance will never die asswipe 

the otome game smile, 800/10 ill leave my heart to this smile if u know what i mean hahahah excellent smile, could cure diseases

GOD TIER/10 ARGUABLY THE BEST SMILE like look at that big grin!!!!!! i bust a nut every time i see that laugh!!!!!!!!! baby boy i love u 

Everyone out there making these into cool owls or gryphons and I’m just here drawing them as flying chickens…

I like to think that if Draco and Harry were open about their relationship whilst at hogwarts (possibly in eighth year), Draco would flaunt it in everyone’s faces whenever he got jealous of all the attention Harry gained from his adoring fans and admirers.

For example, a girl asks for Harry’s autograph and Draco immediately wraps his arms around his neck possesively, clinging onto him till Harry rolls his eyes and reassuringly kisses his head.

One time a boy tries to ask Harry to help him with something, causing Draco to rest his hands on his other half’s chest and begin to publically seduce him. He is shameless when it comes to establishing the fact that Harry is taken.

Mostly, Draco just makes out with him in the hallways, where everyone can see who he belongs to. He likes it best when Harry grabs his arse, or when he allows him to wrap his legs around his waist as they rest against the wall. The pair exchange kisses during breakfast, the blond seated casually on the raven haired boy’s lap. Always, they flirt in lessons without a single care in the world. The professors soon give up on trying to prevent this.

And it’s adorable to see them both so loved up, so nobody really minds. No matter how irritating it is to hear Draco say ‘my boyfriend-’ this and 'my boyfriend-’ that, every five seconds.

They’re happy, and that’s what matters.


I don’t care what anyone says I will protect this man with my LIFE

🔫(Ø▽Ø⌿ )


puts off drawing a Hamilton animatic by drawing more Hamilton rip


7.17 - The Born-Again Identity: Cas saves Sam

“I’m sorry. This isn’t a problem I can make disappear, and you know that… But I may be able to shift it. It’s better this way. I’ll be fine. Now, Sam… This may hurt. And if I can’t tell you again… I’m sorry I ever did this to you.

also if you ever feel alone and like you cant get anything right, even if you think taylor isnt paying attention to you…you know she will never count you out. i havent confirmed with her yet but im pretty sure taylor swift would shrink herself down and body slam every negative thought in your brain about yourself if she could. sometimes you dont need taylor to say she’s there for you as long as you can put on That Song™️ and just FORGET………sometimes that’s almost as good.