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the depression's hit me with several non-functioning days at the worst part of the sem, any advice?

hi, hello. i know, from experience, that those days are the worst. it’s difficult when you need to do things, but you just can’t function. sometimes you even begin to hate yourself. don’t. during these times, practice self-care.

these are some things i would recommend when you feel the blues™:

  • change your sheets
  • get enough sleep
  • take a hot (or cold) shower
  • do a complete skin care routine
  • make your bed
  • clean up your desk
  • throw away the trash x get your laundry done
  • walk
  • run
  • run some more
  • better yet, take a hike
  • visit museums, look at art
  • buy flowers and put them in your room
  • be silent, clear your mind of any thought
  • unplug from social media
  • draw a self-portrait
  • laugh at memes
  • if you don’t play an instrument, listen to live music
  • sing/lip sync along to any music you want
  • free-write
  • make a list of beautiful things you’ve seen
  • make a list of all the places you’ll go to
  • compliment yourself
  • dress up really nicely
  • watch the sunset
  • go to the sea (you’re 60% water)
  • hold a hand
  • be silly
  • dance until you shatter yourself*

ETA: Get shit done, no matter now little you get done. Self-care is fighting back, one little step at a time.


oh my god yes. and it’s like, where do you even start? humans have so many PARTS do you have to draw them realistically before simplifying? should you be studying muscles and stuff first? what about EXPRESSIONS and poses and facial/body diversity???? where do people learn what order this stuff comes in there’s so much of it help


ugh yes exactly, I’m always REALLY overwhelmed by this part? I want to draw bodies and I want to draw facial expressions and these are completely different challenges and THEN you need to combine them somehow and?? What

And, unlike copying from photographs like I did for flowers and animals and shit, I can’t really do that for humans? It always comes out looking weirdly stiff, and maybe my art is already kinda stiff but it shows so much more with humans. And I can’t just wing it like I do for monsters because hellooooo uncanny valley.

I don’t want to draw them realistically, I want to skip that part, but I also kinda want to draw nice, squishy people with muscle and bone and fat in all the right places, but for that I DO need a grasp on anatomy, but how much do I need? I can’t learn muscle groups, that’s such a stiff academic way to go about things and I’ve always sucked at learning shit by heart, but there’s not really a simple explanation on how to put muscle on bones and fat on that, and how do I draw people who are skinny and not muscley without them being stick figures, and!!!


Humans are so beautiful I want to draw all of them but wHERE TO START

there’s a clothing store in town
  • it’s a small cute shop with a big front window and two wooden mannequins modeling dusty, floor-sweeping gowns on the other side of the glass
  • the shopkeeper repositions them every night. she must, because they are standing differently each morning you walk past them. their hands out as though adjusting each other’s straps or fixing their hair or smoothing their skirts
    • once you remarked to the shopkeeper as she brushed the snow from her front step that you’d never seen mannequins that could be repositioned so many ways, and she gave you a smile that was not quite a smile at all even as you saw amusement in her eyes
    • maybe you should feel more distrustful, but you only feel a sort of vague friendliness with the models, their wooden hands always entwined
  • the store’s name is written in gold on the door but no one can quite make it out among the swirls of the script it’s written in. you’ve never asked the shopkeeper. you’re not sure why
    • those not-quite-smiles are distracting. it’s hard to drag your eyes away from her until she looks away first
  • it’s a store for fancy clothes, probably. you never come out the door feeling like you managed to look at everything on the hangers, and despite the clear glass of the front window the clothes you can see beyond it are always slightly blurred
    • when you go inside the shopkeeper draws your attention to something in particular, a floating scarf or an elegant blue dress, something that keeps you from paying too close attention to anything else
    • it’s almost embarrassing how well she knows what you’ll like. you wonder or maybe you hope that she notices what you’re wearing when you past in the mornings
  • you haven’t bought too many things there, but you wear the scarf almost everyday. it’s light and settles on your shoulders like a snow drift, cool enough to wear even in the summer, but sometimes when you put it on in the winter its softness warms you like a kiss on your cheek
  • it’s possible the shopkeeper makes everything she sells. there are always bolts of fabric cluttering the counter and she embroiders flowers on the hems of the skirts while you browse the shelves
    • you asked her once how she thinks of designs and she only not-quite-smiled and said it wasn’t all that interesting
    • “i just make the things people want”
    • sometimes you have to think about this memory for a moment. did she say “want” or “need”?
  • she lives in the second story above the shop. sometimes when you are walking home later than usual and the store is closed you’ll see her bedroom window lit up, the fuzzy edge of her silhouette against the glass as she continues her embroidery in the window seat
    • you feel compelled to pause and look for just a moment, head tilted up, breath fogging in the cold air, the softness of your scarf brushing your cheek
    • you’re not looking at the mannequins but you feel like they might be looking at you with knowing not-quite smiles, hands still entwined
    • you’re not sure if you’re thinking “i want” or “i need” but it feels good and full and soft regardless
  • you have to get home before it’s completely dark. you keep walking, winter air swirling around you, flakes of snow catching in your hair and melting on your scarf. the flowers on the hem of your blue dress seem to wink like stars as you leave.
Mermaid In The Water

aww, you’re such a sweetheart, thank you love. x

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Fandom: Disney Descendants

Boy: Carlos De vil

Word Count: 1,677

Warning(s): Fluff

‘‘This is blowing my mind right now!!’‘

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Ludwig expected this. After how he had treated Francis during the war, how could he ever expect the other to love him?

For Francis, the disease came as a complete surprise. How had just a few years changed so much between them?

Neither realized a simple confession would cure them both. 

Joker Imagine - Make me love you

Anonymous said:Could you make an imagine where the tables have turned and instead of the joker not believing in love, the reader is the one that does not believe in love❤️ J tries to make her his, but she just can’t love..😢

Note: Thanks for the request. I TRIED. I hope you like it :) Also I was listening to ‘I can’t make you love me’ while writing so that’s probably why it’s a little sad OH WELL 

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Joker’s P.O.V.

‘’Y/N’’ I said her name as calmly as I could. The girl turned to look at me, her arms crossed and there was a slightly angry look on her pretty face. We were outside, in an alley in Gotham city. It was night, but the lights from the buildings allowed us to see. ‘’Go away Joker’’ She told me roughly, but there was pain obvious in her voice. I sighed, trying my best to keep my cool. She wasn’t just a girl, no not even close. Y/N had somehow managed to make me feel good things. She was a normal girl in her 20′s with a dayjob as a nurse, but at night she grew into a wild animal. I had seen her take down 6 men alone. She truly impressed me and ever since I had tried to make her come to my side.

Somewhere during that time when I tried to convince her, I grew attached to her. Yes I know, Joker likes someone? I didn’t believe it until I had to save her. For years I had been a cruel man who survived very well without a partner. I mean I had money, power and henchmen. I ruled Gotham and if I wanted to play with someone I had to piss off Batman. But then I bumped into Y/N. I ignored my stupid feelings for a few weeks, but back to the story when I saved her. Some wannabe gangsters knew that I had spoken to Y/N a lot. Of course they kidnapped her and tried to make me give them money and a part of Gotham that I ruled. I didn’t give them that, but instead I took a few of my goons and we attacked the sad losers. Then I saved her.

So I guess it was safe to say that I had feelings for this girl. I thought that she had feelings for me as well, but she kept pushing me away. She sighed and snapped me out of my thoughts. I looked into her E/C eyes and hurried to think of something to say. ‘’Wait, Y/N don’t go’’ I growled, possibly a little too angrily, but I couldn’t help myself. She clenched her jaw,but listened to me. ‘’We could rule Gotham together’’ I told her, stepping closer by a few steps. ‘’I don’t need to rule Gotham Joker, I’m happy with what I got’’ She hissed madly. She was like an angry cat, ready to claw the shit out of someone. But behind that I saw her trembling. Something was wrong.

‘’I could keep you safe and you know that’’ I sighed, getting angrier as time passed. I was never good with my nerves, but damn I truly tried for her sake. When I got too angry, heavens knew what I’d do. ‘’You think I can’t help myself?’’ She raised her eyebrow at me. I put my hand against the cold tile wall and took a deep breath. Don’t get angry at her! ‘’No, but you’d be safer kitten’’ I explained as calmly as I could in the heat. Then I saw how her eyes started to glisten, almost like she was holding back tears.

‘’I-I need to go’’ She excused herself and tried to leave, but I was quick to grab her wrist. She tugged her arm, but it was useless. Although she stopped, she didn’t turn around to face me. ‘’Y/N what’s holding you back?’’ I nearly growled, sensing that someone was behind her sadness. Oh I’d slaughter that person if I knew who it was. ‘’Y/N’’ I said her name again. Her body was trembling ,but it wasn’t cold outside. ‘’Talk to me’’ I told her seriously. Suddenly she turned around and slapped me, out of the blue. I was so surprised that I let go of her wrist.

 her body froze for a second, giving me time to see the shock on her face. Then the next thing I knew was that she was running away fast. My senses told me to chase her and teach her that no one could do that to me. If she wasn’t so special I’d probably hurt her, but I couldn’t. I was two minds in one now. I growled and tried to contain my anger. Then I kicked the wall and yelled out loudly. ‘’Fucking hell’’ I grunted and then rested my head against the wall. I tried to calm down by breathing slowly, but it was fucking useless. Then I started laughing. Sweet laughter left my lips and it turned into a loud session.

I looked at Y/N who was far away now and she’d turn to the left of right any second now. ‘’You’ll be sorry baby’’ I whispered by myself. Then I sighed and watched her disappear. Yes it hurt that she left, but the slap didn’t. I’d find a way to make her mine. I had to.


*the next night*

For the first time in a while I was nervous. I was dressed up in my favourite black tux and I even put my green hair nicely.I held a bouquet of red roses in my left hand. Aaand there was a sleeping gas in the roses that I’d launch by pressing a button. Maybe this was wrong, but I would do anything to make her love me. I stopped behind a grey door on the second floor of a building she lived in. Then I knocked on the door three times.

A few seconds passed until someone opened the door. It was Y/N. She was wearing a red nightgown that barely covered her bum. As she saw me, her eyes widened. ‘’Didn’t expect to see me?’’ I asked bluntly. I swear she looked kinda scared. It wasn’t the Y/N I knew, she could hit me if she had to. Now she looked terrified.

‘’Who is it?’’ A man yelled angrily in the background, making her flinch. ‘’Um..n-no one’’ She yelled back and then looked at the roses. Jealousy burnt in my guts. Who the heck was that guy? ‘’You can’t be seen here J’’ She whispered to me. ‘’But I got you roses’’ I pouted, trying to get inside. Y/N was between the door frame and the door, giving me no access inside. ‘’Thanks, but you need to get out’’ She warned me. Then I heard footsteps approaching. A man walked up behind Y/N. He had short brown hair, dark eyes and one of them was looking bad, like he had received a punch. He was wearing a dirty white T and sweatpants. ‘’Why the fuck are you here?’’ The man growled at me.

Before I could answer, he pulled Y/N’s hair and pushed her on the ground, making her wince in pain. That’s it. ‘’I was going to take her with me, away from a snob like you’’ I answered angrily. Then man was obviously afraid of me, but he was acting tough. ‘’Good luc-’’ he started, but I wouldn’t listen to that asscrack. I punched him in the other eye and then launched the sleeping gas right in his face. He grunted in pain, but a few seconds later he collapsed on the ground. I made my way inside to Y/N who was still on the wooden floor.

‘’He’s going to kill me’’ She whimpered sadly. I kneeled down and tried to see her face, but she hid it with her hands. ‘’You know he won’t’’ I sighed and then grabbed her wrists more gently than yesterday. Then I saw her face. She was crying. ‘’Yes he will you idiot! When he wakes up, I’m dead meat’’ She sobbed loudly, obviously scared of this loser. It made me angry. So I let go of her, stood up and grabbed my gun that I had inside the jacket. Y/N stared at me in horror as I loaded the gun and pointed at the sleeping douche. ‘’I wished I could torture him, but I can make it easier for you’’ I sighed and pulled the trigger, piercing his skull with a silver bullet. A smile appeared on my face as I saw the blood pooling around him, some of it ruining the wallpaper. I loved killing people like him.

As I turned to look at Y/N, I saw that she was in shock. Her eyes were open wide and she wasn’t breathing. ‘’See? He won’t hurt ya’’ I shrugged while putting my gun away.Slowly she turned to look at me. ‘’Leave me alone J’’ She whimpered and tried to breathe, but she couldn’t do it easily. First she was breathing really quickly and then her breath hitched in her throat. her chest rose wildly and her body was trembling again. It took me a while to realize that she was panicking.

Since I wasn’t good with words, I shut up. Then I got back on the ground and wrapped my arms around her. I didn’t like seeing her like this. I would do anything to keep her happy. I was so pissed that this man treated her like this.What if he was the reason she kept me pushing me away? If he was still alive, I’d skin him slowly. ‘’It’s okay now..’’I whispered quietly. Then I clenched my jaw and stared at the wall. Y/N was crying loudly now. Her arms were around my waist and she was holding onto my back. It felt good to finally hold her like this, but I hated the fact that she was so sad.

‘’I’m sorry’’ I apologized and then grabbed the flowers. She looked up to my eyes and tried to speak, but I launched the gas at her. Y/N breathed it in and I saw how it started to calm her. Her muscles relaxed, but she kept looking at me. ‘’I’m taking you home, you just need to relax’’ I explained to her and picked her up in my arms. Then her eyes shut and she was completely asleep in my arms. It gave me time to leave the apartment and get in the car. Frost was waiting for me outside.

As I walked down the stairs, my frown turned into a smile. I knew that what I did was wrong, but truth be told I was a criminal. I did things differently, including love. I’d make her love me. I walked outside and Frost stood there, holding the backdoor open. He was here with the purple lamborghini. ‘’We need to hurry, someone heard the gunshot and the bat sign in up there’’ Frost told me seriously. I looked at Frost and nodded. ‘’he won’t catch us’’ I growled seriously and put Y/N inside the car. Then I took off my jacket and put it on her, since she was nearly naked. I shut the door and got seated on the front seat ,next to Frost. He started the engine and it roared loudly. 

‘’Let’s go’’ I nodded and leaned against the car door. Just as we drove off, I saw a black shadow coming closer. Batsy came too late. He tried to chase us, but the car was quicker. It made me laugh. ‘’Maybe next time Batsy’’ I giggled loudly at my worst enemy, but the person who drove my motivation. Then I sighed and tried to relax.

I had Y/N now.

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I just wanna bury my face in his chest and be completely and utterly consumed by his presence and try not to laugh at his pathetic “Just Do It” puns (because laughing would just encOURAGE HIS TERRIBLE joKES). He’s just such a loser, I wanna wrap my arms around him and hug him real tight and love him forever and ever because at the end of the day he’s just my flower princess in ysl boots and a huge sweater.

En Paix (Newt Scamander x Ballerina!Reader

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“The what?” Newt sat on the couch of the Goldstein’s sisters apartment. He had just come back for a quick break the week before and was taking the time to relax and work on his book when Jacob had come up to him dressed in his winter coat with Queenie grinning beside him.

“The Swan Lake its actually a fairy tale and the ballet is just as good, it’s basically a performance where they tell the story through dancing, my mother used to make me go whenever she could get the tickets for cheap” He explained to the wizard.

“You’ll definitely like it Newt it’s beautiful the way they move and they look its just too wonderful” Queenie cooed with a dreamy sigh looping her arm through Jacob’s as she leaned on him. 

“Come on Scamander you’ve been doing nothing but working on your  work and you rarely come outta your case” Tine piped in buttoning up her coat. 

With a sigh Newt got up and quickly got on his coat, not before checking on all of his babes, and they headed out into the snow filled night. The opera house was crowded with hundreds of muggles and only a few wizards or witches here and there.

“Mommy! Papa! Hurry up or we won’t see Y/N!!” A little girl whined from in front of Newt pulling on both the parents hands.

“Now sweetie I’m sure she hasn’t come out just yet” the father chuckled.

“Oh Jacob Y/N L/N is performing tonight aren’t we lucky!?” Queenie exclaimed taking her seat. They had managed to get balcony tickets and the view was perfect to see the entire stage.

“Who’s Y/N L/N?” Newt asked.

“Oh she’s one of the best dancers I’ve seen” Queenie said shrugging off her coat “some say she traveled to England, Paris, and even Russia just to train for her whole life and by the time she was 17 she was already a dancing prodigy” 

The flickering lights caused a hush throughout the loud theatre and music from the orchestra began as lights settled onto the stage where the curtains rose. 

The first few minutes were a blur to Newt as he watched the girls and the men dressed in their costumes leaping and spinning graceful without a single mistake. They all honestly looked the same to him and bored him, that was until he saw her. 

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Odette, Jacob had told him, was the role you were playing. The girl who is cursed to turn into a swan by the moon. The way you danced, how poised and graceful you turned and jumped was incredible. He even found himself leaning forward as he scowled at the man who was suppose to fall in love with Odette danced with hands on your body.

Once the performance had ended the the entire room shook with the loud applause and shouts of praise as you bowed alongside the others. Roses, and bouquets of just about every flower were thrown in your direction.

Newt found himself also on his feet cheering your name and even producing a flower from his coat tossing it down you caught it in your hands giving him a glance you gave him a smile as you brought the flower to your nose.


“What a night huh Y/N?” Your close friend Elena asked from beside you as you sat in your dressing room twirling the flower that brown haired man had thrown in your direction.

Oui what a night indeed” You hummed.

“Ugh I swear those suitors just don’t know when to catch a break, one of these days you need to just pick one of them up!” She huffed standing from the couch she stomped over to the door throwing them open.

“OI! Miss.L/N is not looking for a relationship so why don’t ya bugger off-” 

“Lena! What she meant to say was I am in fact looking for a stable relationship, just not at this..exact uh….moment…” You trailed off off catching sight of the most beautiful golden brown eyes. 

Some of the men shuffled away with broken hearts not before leaving you with gifts and flowers that covered just about half of the room. All except him.

“I-I really enjoyed your performance ah Miss.Y/N” He softly complimented you finally looking up at your face. You offered him a kind smile bringing the flower up to your nose just as you did on stage.

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Merci monsiuer-”

Y/N Hurry up its bloody cold out there and I don’t want to have to stay here longer then needed Lena pulled you back into the room slamming the door you still had that love struck smile on your face as you sat onto the couch with a soft sigh.

You twirled the flower between your fingers enjoying the sparkles that came off completely captivated not only by its magic, but by the man who had managed to steal your heart. 

bells - pt. III

pt. I | pt. II | pt. III

Ao3 link here (x).

Remus had been dealing with the sunflowers that hadn’t been looking so well today when he heard the familiar sound of the bells above the shop door. He turned around slowly to just to choke on his words.

“Hi,” said the ethereal person who had visited him almost a week ago. 

“H-hello,” mumbled Remus trying to get out of the trance he was in, this was it, for once he had gotten what he wanted. “What can I help you with this time?”

“Oh,” he smiled and Remus could swear the sunflowers looked more alive than they did five minutes ago. “So you remember me?”

“Well, not many people buy single roses for their mothers they don’t seem to like.”

“More like hate,” he corrected with a raised eyebrow and a mischievous smirk. “I was hoping I could get some flowers for my best friend’s wife, she gave birth yesterday.”

“Congratulations!” gushed Remus with a little more than necessary excitement. “So do you have a preference–”

“Sirius,” he replied. “It’s Sirius and yes, I would like some lilies if you have any.”

“Remus,” he returned. “Nice meeting you, Sirius and yes I have some beautiful white lilies, give me a minute.”

With something definitely bigger than butterflies flying around his stomach, Remus went to the other side of his shop to get some lilies for Sirius.

“This might take a few minutes,” said Remus as he started preparing the bouquet.

“That’s completely fine,” assured Sirius with a small nod and started looking around the shop. This time he was wearing a Queen t-shirt, good taste in music noted Remus, and same skinny jeans without the ripped knees. His hair was in a bun and he had several piercings on his ears. Remus felt like this man was hand crafted and he was just created in 5 seconds. His hands were working on the bouquet but his eyes were on Sirius and he, of course, got caught.

“So what’s the name of the baby?” he asked just to get rid of the awkwardness of the situation.

Harry,” answered Sirius dreamily. “He is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in my life, he has these chubby hands a head full of hair. He is amazing.”

Remus simply smiled at his excitement. From the way he looks, you wouldn’t say Sirius is a man to fall in love with a baby but the way he talked about Harry made Remus’ insides melt. 

“Here you go,” Remus said as he stretched the carefully prepared bouquet. 

“This looks incredible,” raved Sirius. “Thank you, Remus. I’m sure Lily will love it.”

“Ah, her name is Lily!” he laughed. “That’s cute.”

“So, um, how much is it?”

“No, it’s a gift from me to Harry,” answered Remus. He did this all the time, for the customers he had a good laugh or a conversation with he gave away the bouquets for free or with a discount but Sirius was another story.

“I can’t accept that,” countered Remus and reached for a 20 pound and left it on the table. “Please take that, Remus.”

“Well, thank you,” said Remus shyly as he took the money from the table. “I hope he has an amazing life!”

“I will make sure of that,” smiled Sirius and turned around to leave. “See you around!”

The door bell made the familiar sound again and Sirius was out of the door.

“See you around, Black?” he whispered to himself. “Seriously, idiot?”

Now Sirius was out of excuses to go see the tall, lanky florist but at least he knew his name. Remus. 

Lily always blamed Sirius of being a serial flirter but with Remus, he didn’t know what to say or even what to do. His eyes were so warm and genuine Sirius felt like telling him everything that came to his mind without any mask to hide all his insecurities and secrets. 

As he walked back to hospital to give Lily her flowers there was only one thing on Sirius Black’s mind: to find an excuse to go back as soon as possible. 

“Hello Lilykins,” he chanted as he walked into the room and was shushed immediately by Peter who was standing over Harry, watching the sleeping boy. “I’m sorry.”

“Black, I see you went to the florist,” teased Lily with a tired voice and a grin.

“I did it all for you,” shot back Sirius with a grin.

“You’re a bloody liar Pads,” laughed Peter softly. 

“Language Wormy, there’s a baby in the room.”

“Fuck you,” mouthed Peter and went back to watching the small baby who was making noises. “Did you get his phone?”

“Nah, mate,” replied Sirius. “But I got his name, it’s Remus.”

“Oh, you guys are so meant to be,” snickered Lily. “You finally found someone with a name as ridiculous as yours.”

“Yes we are, thank you very much” he said proudly. “Now I need another reason to go back. Petey?”


“Wanna get in a minor accident?”

“Piss off,” grunted Peter and came next to Lily to sit down. “Just tell him it’s Marlene’s birthday or you pissed someone off? I mean I wouldn’t say no to some flowers.”

“I’m serious!” scolded Sirius and James walked in, looking as if he hadn’t slept all night.

“We all know who you are Pads, no need to remind us again,” James grinned faintly and sat down by Lily. “Is this about the flower boy?”

“His name is Remus!”

“Aha!” exclaimed James. “You found someone–”

“–with a name as ridiculous as mine,” completed Sirius with an annoyed look on his face but he was secretly enjoying this. James was looking sad because he didn’t get to finish his joke. “Do you guys have to be so disgustingly in harmony all the time?”

“Yeah, actually we do,” boasted Lily as he patted James’ leg. “Now, I really need to rest and I don’t want to be rude or anything but get out?”

“That wasn’t rude at all, Lils,” joked James while stroking her hair. 

“We’ll be around if you need us,” said Peter and kissed Lily on the cheek slowly.

“See you, Evans,” said Sirius as he kissed the red haired girl’s temple. “Come on Pete, let’s go find some credible excuses to go to the florist for.”

Save me,” whispered Peter as Sirius dragged him out of the room but it was too late for everything.

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So Thor isn't Odin's son? What about Hela and Fenrir and other kids of Loki? Who is Obie to Tony in this au? Also, Tony can't stay in the cabin forever, gotta work to pay the bills, so would Loki follow him into the city? A rising star of the modeling world Tony discovered on his vacation?

There would be nothing MCU/comic canon about this AU, the story would revolve around Loki and Tony and thats really about it.


Tony does need to pay the bills, but when he sends in the photos of wildlife and the flowers and sunset shots of the cabins, he is met with laughter. 

He used to photograph the most beautiful women in the world, and now he is sending them flowers? We need better Tony. 

One day, Tony approaches Loki, watches the creature press up against the back of a gorgeous tree before his colors shift and he seems to meld right into it. 

“Lo.” Tony breathes, and runs back inside for his camera. “Lo, can I take your picture? Like this?” 

Loki blinks out at him, and smiles slowly, before his colors shift completely and other than the delicate markings on the left side of his face, he looks just like the tree.

When Tony sends that picture into his agent, the modeling world is shocked. Who is this beauty? Who did the makeup? How did Tony capture so much life and beauty in such simple shot? 

Tony makes a few calls, pays any bills with the check, and leaves the rest in the bank. 

Loki is so thrilled with his own picture he demands that Tony display it on the wall of the cabin. 

“I am beautiful!” Loki announces with a  proud smile and Tony looks over all that flawless skin, into deep green eyes, and nods, because he absolutely agrees. 

Bloomtale - Chapter 18 - Kaitogirl - Undertale (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapter 18 is up!!! After settling things and making that comic for you guys, next chapter is now up! I hope you like it! ^^

I specially like this one ;D

For those who can’t access AO3 or just don’t want to do it, the chapter is pasted under this sexy cut!!!

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Bam Bam’s Twin Sister part 10!

“Okay, since Jaebum and Jinyoung have decided to make lunch everyday this week, you guys can each pick out something you’d like for dinner,” Papa Tuan told us just before we left the van to head inside the store.

“Alright!” Bam Bam cheered, quickly jumping out of the van.

“Yah, wait a second!” Jaebum called after him. “Let’s figure what we’ll all get first so we don’t choose the same thing.”

Mark nodded, as he spoke up. “How about this, Team JJ and Team YuJae, you guys pick out Korean dishes. Jackson, you and Bam pick out a Chinese dish and Y/N and I can pick out a Thai dish. That way we’ll have something different each night.”

Yugyeom and Youngjae glanced at each other before mumbling something under their breaths. “We decided that we want In-N-Out for our meal,” Youngjae finally announced.

“For some reason, I’m not surprised,” Jinyoung sighed.

Papa Tuan laughed, “if that’s what you two choose, then alright. You guys have two hours to shop for whatever you need before lunch. So go have fun and please, don’t break anything…”

We send him promises as we pile out of the van and head into the large supermarket. Bam Bam, Jackson, Jaebum and Jinyoung head immediately towards he food section to get their ingredients. Mark grabs a cart and starts walking by me.

“So, what would you like to have?”

“What about you?” I ask, glancing at him. “I’m really not all that picky.”

“Neither am I,” he smiles, his eyes crinkling in a way that warms my heart in a strange way. “As long as it has meat in it, I’m okay,” he promises. “But you’re the guest, so you choose.”

“Hm…” I think about it, my brain going to all of my favorite spicy foods back home. I wonder if an American store would have a wide variety of ingredients for most of them so I decide to choose something that would hopefully be easy to find and make. “Pad kra pao?” I raise an eyebrow towards him.

He knits his eyebrows as he thinks about it. “Is it the dish with the stir fry over the rice?”

“Something like that,” I let out a small giggle before I realize what I’m doing and stop myself. What the heck is wrong with me? Did I seriously just giggle at Mark?

“Alright,” he nods, completely unaware of the little freak out I’m having inside my head. “Want to get the stuff now?”

I shake my head, “can we wait a little bit? I want to look around.”

“Do you need anything?” He asks, raising an eyebrow.  

I shake my head. Even though I didn’t have a whole lot of time to prepare, I made sure I had everything I could possibly need. The only thing I could need is snack food.

Before I know it, we’re out in a garden center of the store. “I love flowers,” I smile, picking up a small pot that had a few colorful daisies in them. I glance at the tag, noticing at all the information is in English and I furrow my brows together. “Deize…” I say slowly, trying my best at the English pronunciation of it. 

Mark doesn’t laugh, which I appreciate. “Day,” he says clearly.

“Day…” I repeat, smiling softly.


“See… Day-see…?” I raise an eyebrow. “Daisy…”

He nods, a proud smile on his face, which makes me beam. “You did very good.”

“Thanks, I’m still learning,” I laugh softly. “Bam speaks English a lot better than me.”

“Just keep practicing,” he tells me softly. “I’ll help you if you need any,” he grins.

We look at the rest of the flowers, and patiently Mark helps me pronounce all of them in English correctly.

“Orchids,” I laugh as we get to the last flower. A very pretty pale pink orchid. It’s so different in English, but it still sounds pretty. “They’re so beautiful,” I tell Mark softly.

“They’re not nearly as beautiful as you,” he speaks in English, so the only thing I really understand what he said is ‘you’.

I knit my eyebrows and glance up at him. “What did you say?”

“Secret,” he grins, proud of himself. “Learn more English and I guess you’ll figure it out.” With that, he laughs and begins to rush away with the cart.

“Hey!” I pout after him, but no matter how much I ask, he still won’t tell me what he said…

“Well you guys certainly got a lot,” Papa Tuan smiled at our carts.

Jackson and Bam’s was practically full, because my twin, although so very extra, had forgotten many things back home. Jackson, just kept seeing stuff he wanted. Jaebum and Jinyoung’s had a nice amount of food in it, as well as things such as socks, gloves and were those band-aids? I wanted to giggle- the parents strike again. Yugyeom and Youngjae’s cart was full of nothing but sugary, American junk food. Mine and Mark’s cart was the least full since the only thing in it were the bags for what we had chosen for our night and me. I had climbed in when Mark kept teasing me and running off without me.

“Yo Mark,” Jackson walked up to him, getting into a stance. “Let’s race!”

My eyes widen, and I grab the side of the cart. “Let’s not,” I say quickly.

“Awh, come on Y/N!” Jackson laughs, pushing his cart back and forth quickly. “It’ll be fun!”

“Okay,” Mark nods, and I sneak a glare up at him.

Is he trying to kill me?! All I can think of is the cart tipping over and me breaking a bone.

Quickly, Mark walks in front of the cart and grabs the few bags that has our food in it before placing them in Jackson’s cart before turning around and pointing towards his back. It takes me less than a second to realize what he means as Jackson asks what the heck he’s doing. I climb onto Mark’s back and I barely have time to hold on before he takes off running through the parking lot.

“What the hell!” Jackson yells, and faintly I can hear him running with his cart behind us.

I’m too busy laughing and trying not to fall off Mark to care what we must have looked like to strangers.

Mark makes to the van, a proud smile on his face as he huffs lightly and holds onto my legs. “We win!”

Jackson arrives just a few seconds after us. “That… totally isn’t fair,” he pants as he catches his breath.

“You said a race, you didn’t say a cart race,” Mark reminds him.

Jackson just shakes his head, trying to catch his breath.

“That was fun,” I tell Mark with a smile. “I wasn’t expecting that…”

He laughs and I can feel his body rumbling against me. It sends a strange shiver down my back. “I’m glad I can surprise you, Little One,” he mumbles softly.

“That was quite entertaining,” Jinyoung smiles as the rest of the group finally walks up.

“It made me wish I still had all that energy,” Papa Tuan chuckles as he opens the van’s back latch.

“Yah, but Mark and Y/N cheated,” Jackson grumbled.

“Geeze Y/N, you haven’t broke Mark’s back yet?” Bam teases and it’s then that I realize that I’m still on his back…

My face heats up, and I can even feel my neck growing warm. I’m suddenly all too aware that my arms are wrapped around his neck and that my head is practically leaning against his.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I say, starting to lean back, but Mark doesn’t seem bothered.

“Yah, Bam Bam hush it,” Mark scolded, “she’s lighter than you and that’s saying something since you’re so tiny.”

Bam pouted and Yugyeom started to snicker. “How do you know he’s not big?” Yugyeom asked, deepening his voice.

The whole group erupted in loud laughter as Bam made a face of distress. “Can’t you guys just forget that, please?!” 

Eventually we get the groceries piled into the van and we take off back to Mark’s house. Jaebum and Jinyoung fix us a simple rice dish for lunch when we get back and I’m surprised that I’m not as nervous to eat it was I thought I would be, perhaps it was because I was starting to get hungry. The rest of the day was filled with even more laughter from the day before, and we decided to have Yugyeom and Youngjae’s request of In-N-Out.

All through the night, I find myself drifting towards and staying near Mark mostly. I don’t know if it’s because we’ve become partners or what, but I can’t help but want to be around him. We’ve clicked so quickly, more so than any other time we had before. And when he smiles at me, my heart starts to race. I’m not sure what’s happening with me, but one thing is certain, this was going to be the best vacation ever.

–Yiiiikes, so sorry it’s so late! >< I hope you all enjoyed it though!

 Next part: Beach time!! 

[Part nine] // [Part eleven] 

Lay It On Me

So I wrote this Daphne Greengrass x Neville Longbottom flower shop AU last night so here? Enjoy?? Idk why my brain does this tbh.

Thanks as always to @hexmionegranger for being an absolutely terrible influence and the best beta reader/screamer and friend

and tagging in case you wanna read it: @flintwoodandco @olivieblake 

The first time she walked into the greenhouse shop Neville thought she looked like she might be trouble. By the time she left, he knew for a fact that she was.

“I need flowers,” she said, stumbling into the store just after nine in the morning, wearing last night’s dress and heels, mascara streaks running down from her green eyes. Her dark blond hair was piled up in a messy bun on her head and her lipstick was smeared across her cheek. She looked positively deranged. Beautiful, for sure, but completely unstable.

“Okay,” Neville said, noting that she was going to be one of those customers; the customers who refuse to tell you what they are looking for and expect you to read their minds. It was like pulling teeth some days. “What kind of flowers are you looking for?” Neville asked, picking up his mug of tea and settling in for what he was sure was going to be a much longer interaction than he had hoped for this early on in the work day.

“I want to send a message. Flowers, they can mean different things, can’t they?” She walked over to the shop counter and started unloading the contents of her purse onto it: keys, lipstick, gum, another lipstick, a day planner, yet another lipstick, mascara, a small toiletry bag, and finally the wallet she was apparently searching for.

“Yeah, there’s a whole language of flowers. It was popularized in Victorian times, actually-” Neville began, excited at the prospect of this situation taking an entirely different turn than he had anticipated.

“Great, I need flowers that say “I hope your dick falls off and you get hit by a bus”. Do you have anything like that?” She looked up, meeting Neville’s eyes for the first time since she walked in. He was struck for a moment by how truly pretty she was, aside from the fact that she was clearly completely unhinged.

“Er, not exactly that sentiment,” Neville said carefully. “Would you settle for simple hatred?”

She froze, “Wait, are you actually giving me an answer?”

“Yes? Was I not supposed to?” Neville stepped back a little, putting the counter between them in case her rage was being redirected at him. It was times like this he almost wished he had a panic button.

(read the rest on ao3)


It’s real!!!!

It happened!!!!!

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Look at those two!!!

And the guys face! 😆😂😆😂😆😂😁😂

My life is complete!!!

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anonymous asked:

Loki is a dick. Does Tony realise what he's doing?? Oh my god that wasn't fixing it wtf let the boys be happy!!! :')

Anonym asked “Loki is extraordinarily proud of himself there. Natasha is awfully tempted to get him to stop interfering but watching Steve try more and more flowers is kind of funny - and watching Tony get more and more confused is endearing as hell. ☆☆

Loki absolutely is a dick. He’s Anthony’s closest friend, it’s his job. He proudly tells Natasha as much. 

She’s kinda tempted to shove him off a staircase, but that’s nothing unusual when you spend a prolonged amount of time in Loki’s presence, and she wants to do the same thing to most people. Besides she kinda sees his point. Also it’s not like he’s keeping Steve from, Idk, just walking up to Tony and apologising?

Really it’s not that hard. But now that Steve’s struggling to get his flowers to survive, he’s determined to give Tony some flowers, to hell with it all.

It shouldn’t make Natasha smile at all.

Tony eventually catches on. He’s not totally blind.

(No, he doesn’t realise that Steve has a crush on him. Don’t be silly. He realises that Steve has been hexed because flowers don’t die that fast naturally okay, wtf where were you in herbology??)

He asks Loki because Tony has shared a room with Loki for six years. When someone has been hexed, Loki usually had something to do with it. Allegedly.

Loki of course admits that he did it–in a hypothetical scenario. Tony is kinda pissed because THINK OF ALL THE DEAD FLOWERS LOKES THEY HAD FEELINGS TOO but the ‘Lokes’ ruins the tirade a little because he never calls Loki that when he’s truly upset. So. 

Loki doesn’t even bother to look apologetic. 

The hex dissipates its own two days later tho, and Steve is so proud for managing to keep these precious flowers alive, he forgets to even be nervous about approaching Tony and ends up apologising and asking him out in one breath. 

And Tony stares at him completely speechless, cheeks flushed and eyes wide. Not that anybody sees because he needs both arms just to hold the huge amount of flowers Steve just handed him. He can’t even SEE Steve.

“Looks like that one backfired on you,” Natasha comments to Loki.

Loki doesn’t respond, but his self-satisfied smirk says it all.

Natasha is reluctantly impressed.


Love at Jitters

My entry for the @multiverse-adventures Valentine’s Day contest.

Synopsis: College!AU - It’s Valentine’s Day. Barry & Iris’s best friends are convinced they have the perfect blind date set up for them. When both are stood up, they end up at Jitters and find romance where they least expected it. Barry/Iris. Implied Caitlin/Cisco. Oneshot.

*Many thanks to my flawless beta, @valeriemperez

“What’s wrong with a coffee shop?” Barry asked, taking a sip of his highly-caffeinated beverage and then cradling the mug in both hands. “Everybody loves coffee. Plus, the bakery.” His eyes widened and he nodded slowly. “If things start to go bad, I can always buy her pastries. Jitters has scones and cake pops and muffins and – and,” he emphasized when his best friend looked about to speak. “I bet some of them will even be heart-shaped for Valentine’s Day.”

“Probably all of February,” Cisco muttered under his breath, but Barry heard him.

“See! There you go. A coffee date at Jitters on Valentine’s Day is the perfect idea.”

Cisco sighed.

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{ H E A D C A N O N S } // Artist S/O with Levi and Connie

Request: Hello love! Hope your day/night has gone well, i am in love with your blog, found it today and im obsessed😍 may i request head canons or a scenario for either Levi or Connie with a fem s/o who loves drawing? love ya lots❤ - from @levi-the-beast
Warnings: None.
Author’s note: I decided to do both because I needed a break from working on my bigger project 🤷🏻‍♀️


❀ He first saw your drawings when he was looking through a stack of papers on your desk one day, trying to find a document that Erwin needed.

❀ He pulled out a paper, thinking that he had finally found what he needed, only to find it to be a sheet of doodled flowers.

❀ “(Y/N), what is this?”
    “Just some doodles.”
    “They’re not complete shit.”
    “Oh… thanks?”

❀ After this, he’d constantly be glancing over your shoulder at the papers that you were working on to see if it was more drawings.

❀ You noticed this as he wasn’t very subtle about it.

❀ A few days later, you’d hand him a folded paper.

❀ “What is this?”
    “Just open it.”

❀ It would be a drawing of him, just a simple sketch.

❀ But his eyes would widen and he would look up at you with the most grateful expression.

❀ It became a regular thing for you to draw him doing various things after that. The wall beside Levi’s desk quickly became covered in the abundant sketches.


❀ You’d be sitting by a window one day, peacefully doodling away when Connie would come up behind you and scare you.

❀ After you nearly fall off your chair, you would scramble back up to the table and throw your arms over your drawings in a desperate attempt to conceal them.

❀ This would obviously fail, as your less than subtle attempt would pique Connie’s interest.

❀ He’d scoop up a few of the sketches, analyzing them carefully as you’d sit there, a blushing mess.

❀ “These are nice, (Y/N). Why haven’t you ever told me that you could draw?”

❀ From then on, you’d get the odd request to draw a rather intricate penis so that Connie could hang them around the barracks as a joke.

Sleepy Intimacy - a short blurb

A few weeks ago I reblogged something about ‘sleepy intimacy’:

…and then I received a request to write something involving ‘sleepy intimacy’.  I started writing last week but got sidetracked and it didn’t really go anywhere.

Today I wrote something completely different - still ‘sleepy intimacy’, but not what I started before. 

It’s very short - just a fluffy blurb.  I hope you like it!


Sleepy Intimacy

Ed and I became intimate very soon after meeting each other - we clicked right away - not just physically, but mentally and emotionally, as well.  It was as if we already knew each other.  There was immediate recognition, immediate trust - an extant sense of comfort and belonging.  We both felt it.  It took me longer to trust it than it did him, though.

But now that we’ve been together for a while, we are well-ensconced.  My insecurities have been, for the most part, ditched.  Every so often they creep back, because I’m human.  Being the good man that he is, though, he works through them with me.

I woke in the middle of the night - it was 2:21am, according to my phone.  Ed was sound asleep next to me.  My mind was whirring.  We’d talked earlier that evening and decided to look into moving - as in relocating - buying a home together.  I knew it was the right thing to do for several reasons, but I wondered how a move would affect all of us.  We hadn’t talked to Nate & Lucy about it yet, and I had no idea how they would take it.  This was the only house they’d ever lived in.  It was the house where Jason and I raised our family for 9 years.  I hadn’t completely sorted my own feelings about leaving - I guess I was excited, mostly, but  a little sad, too, to be honest.

But…that’s OK, right?  It’s a pretty huge way of saying goodbye to a significant part of my life - it makes sense to have some mixed feelings, doesn’t it?  I wonder what Jason would think of all of this.  Would he be shocked at how our lives have changed since he died?  Would he be happy for me?  For us?

I wasn’t wavering at all about our decision to move.  I wanted it - I was extremely excited about it, actually.  But I couldn’t help my nerves, alongside the excitement.

I was restless in bed as these and other related thoughts flitted about my mind.  I picked up my phone, intending to lull my brain back to exhaustion with a monotonous game of Flower Shop.  I sat up and exhaled a breath - quietly, I thought - but as soon as I did Ed shifted and rested his hand over my thigh, lightly brushing his fingers over my skin a few times.  I glanced over at him.  He was on his back, slightly turned toward me - his usual sleeping position.  His eyes were closed, but something about the set of his mouth made me wonder if he wasn’t completely asleep.

Still, I didn’t want to disturb him.  I turned the sound off on my phone, making a mental note to turn it back on again before going back to sleep - I’d need to hear my alarm in the morning.  I pulled up Flower Shop and just stared at it, not even registering what I was looking at.  My mind was still elsewhere.

“I can hear the buzzing in your brain from here, love.”

His voice was sleepy and soft and comforting, as was his hand caressing my thigh.  I looked over at him again, and he hadn’t moved at all - not even to open his eyes.

“Oh, I’m sorry, hon,” I whispered back.  “I was trying not to wake you.”

Ed’s a fairly light sleeper.  He never has trouble falling asleep, but he wakes fairly easily.  I mentally kicked myself for inadvertently rousing him.

“S’ok.”  He wiggled closer to me and groggily fluffed his pillow up before settling in, his arm flung across my waist, his hand resting at my hip.

“Go back to sleep Ed.”

“Mmm…OK.  But come ‘ere.”

He pulled me into him and I was immediately at ease…relaxed.  It was like his touch set off a ‘reset’ button for me.  He’s here, we’re together for good, and everything will work out.  I was at peace, and already feeling my eyes droop in the exhaustion I’d hoped for. It’s pretty amazing how a gesture so seemingly small as just a touch of the hand can have such an effect. Even half-asleep, he somehow knew that I needed a physical reminder to bring me back - to ground me.

He’s truly my anchor.

I exited my game and flipped the sound back on my phone before placing it back on my nightstand.  Turning on my side, I scooted back into him so our bodies were touching - his front to my back, his arm still draped over my hip.  His breathing had already evened out again - he’s ever the quick one to fall asleep.  But I was right with him this time.


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GIF Smut #12, Time Crunch

Captain Corruptor strikes again!  I have a bunch of NSFW gifs that I’m working through.  This one is like, PG-13 maybe.  Don’t worry, there are way worse coming.  As always, I sprinkle the smut with silly fluff. 

GIF SMUT #12 - Time Crunch

“Sweetheart?  Where is the t-shirt for Michael’s soccer game?”

Steve rushed into their bedroom, just his pair of sensible khaki pants on, looking for the other part of his Suburban Dad Saturday uniform.  All he needed to complete the ensemble was the bright pink t-shirt with the giant Petunia flower drawn on the front of it.  His four year old son Michael had been the one to suggest it to the team and the tiny boys and girls had unanimously approved it.  They were the Fighting Petunias and they loved it.

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Black Lace

Jimin x Reader

College!AU and Roommate!AU


Featuring Wise Friend Hoseok

Language, Suggestive Content, Implied Smut at end

“This is my gift to you: a single girl to live in your apartment. At best, you can date her and live happily ever after, or at least be friends with benefits until it gets awkward and one of you moves out. The worst case scenario is that she gives you killer dating advice and has single friends. You can’t lose!”

Summary: Jimin attempts to woo his attractive new female roommate with a touching, misguided attempt at a birthday gift. 


Jimin and Hoseok took a day during winter break to show up at room 1273 to help move some stuff into the apartment, and Jimin was beyond shocked when the person who opened the door was female. A very attractive female, nonetheless.

“Hi! You must be Jimin! My name is Y/N and Hoseok’s told me all about you. It’s a bummer we couldn’t meet up before I moved in, Hoseok said you were really busy with work and stuff.” The girl held out a hand to Jimin, who struggled to maintain eye contact with her long enough to avoid murdering Hoseok with his eyes. Jimin had actually been surprisingly not busy for the last several weeks and Hoseok knew that.

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