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the depression's hit me with several non-functioning days at the worst part of the sem, any advice?

hi, hello. i know, from experience, that those days are the worst. it’s difficult when you need to do things, but you just can’t function. sometimes you even begin to hate yourself. don’t. during these times, practice self-care.

these are some things i would recommend when you feel the blues™:

  • change your sheets
  • get enough sleep
  • take a hot (or cold) shower
  • do a complete skin care routine
  • make your bed
  • clean up your desk
  • throw away the trash x get your laundry done
  • walk
  • run
  • run some more
  • better yet, take a hike
  • visit museums, look at art
  • buy flowers and put them in your room
  • be silent, clear your mind of any thought
  • unplug from social media
  • draw a self-portrait
  • laugh at memes
  • if you don’t play an instrument, listen to live music
  • sing/lip sync along to any music you want
  • free-write
  • make a list of beautiful things you’ve seen
  • make a list of all the places you’ll go to
  • compliment yourself
  • dress up really nicely
  • watch the sunset
  • go to the sea (you’re 60% water)
  • hold a hand
  • be silly
  • dance until you shatter yourself*

ETA: Get shit done, no matter now little you get done. Self-care is fighting back, one little step at a time.

Joker Imagine - Make me love you

Anonymous said:Could you make an imagine where the tables have turned and instead of the joker not believing in love, the reader is the one that does not believe in love❤️ J tries to make her his, but she just can’t love..😢

Note: Thanks for the request. I TRIED. I hope you like it :) Also I was listening to ‘I can’t make you love me’ while writing so that’s probably why it’s a little sad OH WELL 

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Joker’s P.O.V.

‘’Y/N’’ I said her name as calmly as I could. The girl turned to look at me, her arms crossed and there was a slightly angry look on her pretty face. We were outside, in an alley in Gotham city. It was night, but the lights from the buildings allowed us to see. ‘’Go away Joker’’ She told me roughly, but there was pain obvious in her voice. I sighed, trying my best to keep my cool. She wasn’t just a girl, no not even close. Y/N had somehow managed to make me feel good things. She was a normal girl in her 20′s with a dayjob as a nurse, but at night she grew into a wild animal. I had seen her take down 6 men alone. She truly impressed me and ever since I had tried to make her come to my side.

Somewhere during that time when I tried to convince her, I grew attached to her. Yes I know, Joker likes someone? I didn’t believe it until I had to save her. For years I had been a cruel man who survived very well without a partner. I mean I had money, power and henchmen. I ruled Gotham and if I wanted to play with someone I had to piss off Batman. But then I bumped into Y/N. I ignored my stupid feelings for a few weeks, but back to the story when I saved her. Some wannabe gangsters knew that I had spoken to Y/N a lot. Of course they kidnapped her and tried to make me give them money and a part of Gotham that I ruled. I didn’t give them that, but instead I took a few of my goons and we attacked the sad losers. Then I saved her.

So I guess it was safe to say that I had feelings for this girl. I thought that she had feelings for me as well, but she kept pushing me away. She sighed and snapped me out of my thoughts. I looked into her E/C eyes and hurried to think of something to say. ‘’Wait, Y/N don’t go’’ I growled, possibly a little too angrily, but I couldn’t help myself. She clenched her jaw,but listened to me. ‘’We could rule Gotham together’’ I told her, stepping closer by a few steps. ‘’I don’t need to rule Gotham Joker, I’m happy with what I got’’ She hissed madly. She was like an angry cat, ready to claw the shit out of someone. But behind that I saw her trembling. Something was wrong.

‘’I could keep you safe and you know that’’ I sighed, getting angrier as time passed. I was never good with my nerves, but damn I truly tried for her sake. When I got too angry, heavens knew what I’d do. ‘’You think I can’t help myself?’’ She raised her eyebrow at me. I put my hand against the cold tile wall and took a deep breath. Don’t get angry at her! ‘’No, but you’d be safer kitten’’ I explained as calmly as I could in the heat. Then I saw how her eyes started to glisten, almost like she was holding back tears.

‘’I-I need to go’’ She excused herself and tried to leave, but I was quick to grab her wrist. She tugged her arm, but it was useless. Although she stopped, she didn’t turn around to face me. ‘’Y/N what’s holding you back?’’ I nearly growled, sensing that someone was behind her sadness. Oh I’d slaughter that person if I knew who it was. ‘’Y/N’’ I said her name again. Her body was trembling ,but it wasn’t cold outside. ‘’Talk to me’’ I told her seriously. Suddenly she turned around and slapped me, out of the blue. I was so surprised that I let go of her wrist.

 her body froze for a second, giving me time to see the shock on her face. Then the next thing I knew was that she was running away fast. My senses told me to chase her and teach her that no one could do that to me. If she wasn’t so special I’d probably hurt her, but I couldn’t. I was two minds in one now. I growled and tried to contain my anger. Then I kicked the wall and yelled out loudly. ‘’Fucking hell’’ I grunted and then rested my head against the wall. I tried to calm down by breathing slowly, but it was fucking useless. Then I started laughing. Sweet laughter left my lips and it turned into a loud session.

I looked at Y/N who was far away now and she’d turn to the left of right any second now. ‘’You’ll be sorry baby’’ I whispered by myself. Then I sighed and watched her disappear. Yes it hurt that she left, but the slap didn’t. I’d find a way to make her mine. I had to.


*the next night*

For the first time in a while I was nervous. I was dressed up in my favourite black tux and I even put my green hair nicely.I held a bouquet of red roses in my left hand. Aaand there was a sleeping gas in the roses that I’d launch by pressing a button. Maybe this was wrong, but I would do anything to make her love me. I stopped behind a grey door on the second floor of a building she lived in. Then I knocked on the door three times.

A few seconds passed until someone opened the door. It was Y/N. She was wearing a red nightgown that barely covered her bum. As she saw me, her eyes widened. ‘’Didn’t expect to see me?’’ I asked bluntly. I swear she looked kinda scared. It wasn’t the Y/N I knew, she could hit me if she had to. Now she looked terrified.

‘’Who is it?’’ A man yelled angrily in the background, making her flinch. ‘’Um..n-no one’’ She yelled back and then looked at the roses. Jealousy burnt in my guts. Who the heck was that guy? ‘’You can’t be seen here J’’ She whispered to me. ‘’But I got you roses’’ I pouted, trying to get inside. Y/N was between the door frame and the door, giving me no access inside. ‘’Thanks, but you need to get out’’ She warned me. Then I heard footsteps approaching. A man walked up behind Y/N. He had short brown hair, dark eyes and one of them was looking bad, like he had received a punch. He was wearing a dirty white T and sweatpants. ‘’Why the fuck are you here?’’ The man growled at me.

Before I could answer, he pulled Y/N’s hair and pushed her on the ground, making her wince in pain. That’s it. ‘’I was going to take her with me, away from a snob like you’’ I answered angrily. Then man was obviously afraid of me, but he was acting tough. ‘’Good luc-’’ he started, but I wouldn’t listen to that asscrack. I punched him in the other eye and then launched the sleeping gas right in his face. He grunted in pain, but a few seconds later he collapsed on the ground. I made my way inside to Y/N who was still on the wooden floor.

‘’He’s going to kill me’’ She whimpered sadly. I kneeled down and tried to see her face, but she hid it with her hands. ‘’You know he won’t’’ I sighed and then grabbed her wrists more gently than yesterday. Then I saw her face. She was crying. ‘’Yes he will you idiot! When he wakes up, I’m dead meat’’ She sobbed loudly, obviously scared of this loser. It made me angry. So I let go of her, stood up and grabbed my gun that I had inside the jacket. Y/N stared at me in horror as I loaded the gun and pointed at the sleeping douche. ‘’I wished I could torture him, but I can make it easier for you’’ I sighed and pulled the trigger, piercing his skull with a silver bullet. A smile appeared on my face as I saw the blood pooling around him, some of it ruining the wallpaper. I loved killing people like him.

As I turned to look at Y/N, I saw that she was in shock. Her eyes were open wide and she wasn’t breathing. ‘’See? He won’t hurt ya’’ I shrugged while putting my gun away.Slowly she turned to look at me. ‘’Leave me alone J’’ She whimpered and tried to breathe, but she couldn’t do it easily. First she was breathing really quickly and then her breath hitched in her throat. her chest rose wildly and her body was trembling again. It took me a while to realize that she was panicking.

Since I wasn’t good with words, I shut up. Then I got back on the ground and wrapped my arms around her. I didn’t like seeing her like this. I would do anything to keep her happy. I was so pissed that this man treated her like this.What if he was the reason she kept me pushing me away? If he was still alive, I’d skin him slowly. ‘’It’s okay now..’’I whispered quietly. Then I clenched my jaw and stared at the wall. Y/N was crying loudly now. Her arms were around my waist and she was holding onto my back. It felt good to finally hold her like this, but I hated the fact that she was so sad.

‘’I’m sorry’’ I apologized and then grabbed the flowers. She looked up to my eyes and tried to speak, but I launched the gas at her. Y/N breathed it in and I saw how it started to calm her. Her muscles relaxed, but she kept looking at me. ‘’I’m taking you home, you just need to relax’’ I explained to her and picked her up in my arms. Then her eyes shut and she was completely asleep in my arms. It gave me time to leave the apartment and get in the car. Frost was waiting for me outside.

As I walked down the stairs, my frown turned into a smile. I knew that what I did was wrong, but truth be told I was a criminal. I did things differently, including love. I’d make her love me. I walked outside and Frost stood there, holding the backdoor open. He was here with the purple lamborghini. ‘’We need to hurry, someone heard the gunshot and the bat sign in up there’’ Frost told me seriously. I looked at Frost and nodded. ‘’he won’t catch us’’ I growled seriously and put Y/N inside the car. Then I took off my jacket and put it on her, since she was nearly naked. I shut the door and got seated on the front seat ,next to Frost. He started the engine and it roared loudly. 

‘’Let’s go’’ I nodded and leaned against the car door. Just as we drove off, I saw a black shadow coming closer. Batsy came too late. He tried to chase us, but the car was quicker. It made me laugh. ‘’Maybe next time Batsy’’ I giggled loudly at my worst enemy, but the person who drove my motivation. Then I sighed and tried to relax.

I had Y/N now.

A/N: Sooo thoughts?PART 2 *CLICK ME*

En Paix (Newt Scamander x Ballerina!Reader

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“The what?” Newt sat on the couch of the Goldstein’s sisters apartment. He had just come back for a quick break the week before and was taking the time to relax and work on his book when Jacob had come up to him dressed in his winter coat with Queenie grinning beside him.

“The Swan Lake its actually a fairy tale and the ballet is just as good, it’s basically a performance where they tell the story through dancing, my mother used to make me go whenever she could get the tickets for cheap” He explained to the wizard.

“You’ll definitely like it Newt it’s beautiful the way they move and they look its just too wonderful” Queenie cooed with a dreamy sigh looping her arm through Jacob’s as she leaned on him. 

“Come on Scamander you’ve been doing nothing but working on your  work and you rarely come outta your case” Tine piped in buttoning up her coat. 

With a sigh Newt got up and quickly got on his coat, not before checking on all of his babes, and they headed out into the snow filled night. The opera house was crowded with hundreds of muggles and only a few wizards or witches here and there.

“Mommy! Papa! Hurry up or we won’t see Y/N!!” A little girl whined from in front of Newt pulling on both the parents hands.

“Now sweetie I’m sure she hasn’t come out just yet” the father chuckled.

“Oh Jacob Y/N L/N is performing tonight aren’t we lucky!?” Queenie exclaimed taking her seat. They had managed to get balcony tickets and the view was perfect to see the entire stage.

“Who’s Y/N L/N?” Newt asked.

“Oh she’s one of the best dancers I’ve seen” Queenie said shrugging off her coat “some say she traveled to England, Paris, and even Russia just to train for her whole life and by the time she was 17 she was already a dancing prodigy” 

The flickering lights caused a hush throughout the loud theatre and music from the orchestra began as lights settled onto the stage where the curtains rose. 

The first few minutes were a blur to Newt as he watched the girls and the men dressed in their costumes leaping and spinning graceful without a single mistake. They all honestly looked the same to him and bored him, that was until he saw her. 

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Odette, Jacob had told him, was the role you were playing. The girl who is cursed to turn into a swan by the moon. The way you danced, how poised and graceful you turned and jumped was incredible. He even found himself leaning forward as he scowled at the man who was suppose to fall in love with Odette danced with hands on your body.

Once the performance had ended the the entire room shook with the loud applause and shouts of praise as you bowed alongside the others. Roses, and bouquets of just about every flower were thrown in your direction.

Newt found himself also on his feet cheering your name and even producing a flower from his coat tossing it down you caught it in your hands giving him a glance you gave him a smile as you brought the flower to your nose.


“What a night huh Y/N?” Your close friend Elena asked from beside you as you sat in your dressing room twirling the flower that brown haired man had thrown in your direction.

Oui what a night indeed” You hummed.

“Ugh I swear those suitors just don’t know when to catch a break, one of these days you need to just pick one of them up!” She huffed standing from the couch she stomped over to the door throwing them open.

“OI! Miss.L/N is not looking for a relationship so why don’t ya bugger off-” 

“Lena! What she meant to say was I am in fact looking for a stable relationship, just not at this..exact uh….moment…” You trailed off off catching sight of the most beautiful golden brown eyes. 

Some of the men shuffled away with broken hearts not before leaving you with gifts and flowers that covered just about half of the room. All except him.

“I-I really enjoyed your performance ah Miss.Y/N” He softly complimented you finally looking up at your face. You offered him a kind smile bringing the flower up to your nose just as you did on stage.

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Merci monsiuer-”

Y/N Hurry up its bloody cold out there and I don’t want to have to stay here longer then needed Lena pulled you back into the room slamming the door you still had that love struck smile on your face as you sat onto the couch with a soft sigh.

You twirled the flower between your fingers enjoying the sparkles that came off completely captivated not only by its magic, but by the man who had managed to steal your heart. 


Summary: Isak just wants a summer job. Eva’s trying to figure herself out. But it only takes a bouquet of flowers, some newspapers, and some hot blondes to change both of their lives.

Chapter: 4/12

Notes: HUGE thanks to Vivi @gayvildeee for always being there for me and leaving incredibly supportive comments on my google doc of this story! I honestly couldn’t do this without you. Also, thanks to Zoë @ziggy-sapphdust for looking over this chapter as well! So much love to both of you <3 <3

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Noora’s almost been able to put the bouquet out of her mind by Friday (if by out of her mind you mean not taking up all of her thinkspace at all hours of the day), until she enters the breakroom of the tattoo parlor and sees Even standing by the fridge, holding a cluster of flowers. He starts when he sees her, and holds the bundle out to her. “These are for you.”

“Me?” Noora’s stomach jumps. “What, they’re not from… you, are they?”

Even laughs, a bright, clear sound. “No, no, no, Noora. They’re not from me. Seems your, uh, secret admirer has struck again.”

Violets. Clover. Lily of the Valley. Everything soft, quiet, personal. A gentle, tentative gesture that says, “I am opening myself up to you. Would you be willing to do the same?”

Noora can’t breathe for a moment. She takes the flowers from Even and sinks into the couch, turning them over and over in her hands. Trying to imagine the person who could have sent them, that if she concentrates hard enough, she’ll be able to see them in the intertwined stems, the petals, the ribbons. The person who belongs to the hands that wrapped these flowers, trimmed them, and wrote her name on the card. Noora.

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Love at Jitters

My entry for the @multiverse-adventures Valentine’s Day contest.

Synopsis: College!AU - It’s Valentine’s Day. Barry & Iris’s best friends are convinced they have the perfect blind date set up for them. When both are stood up, they end up at Jitters and find romance where they least expected it. Barry/Iris. Implied Caitlin/Cisco. Oneshot.

*Many thanks to my flawless beta, @valeriemperez

“What’s wrong with a coffee shop?” Barry asked, taking a sip of his highly-caffeinated beverage and then cradling the mug in both hands. “Everybody loves coffee. Plus, the bakery.” His eyes widened and he nodded slowly. “If things start to go bad, I can always buy her pastries. Jitters has scones and cake pops and muffins and – and,” he emphasized when his best friend looked about to speak. “I bet some of them will even be heart-shaped for Valentine’s Day.”

“Probably all of February,” Cisco muttered under his breath, but Barry heard him.

“See! There you go. A coffee date at Jitters on Valentine’s Day is the perfect idea.”

Cisco sighed.

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It’s real!!!!

It happened!!!!!

We need the link to this!!!!!


Look at those two!!!

And the guys face! 😆😂😆😂😆😂😁😂

My life is complete!!!

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Black Lace

Jimin x Reader

College!AU and Roommate!AU


Featuring Wise Friend Hoseok

Language, Suggestive Content, Implied Smut at end

“This is my gift to you: a single girl to live in your apartment. At best, you can date her and live happily ever after, or at least be friends with benefits until it gets awkward and one of you moves out. The worst case scenario is that she gives you killer dating advice and has single friends. You can’t lose!”

Summary: Jimin attempts to woo his attractive new female roommate with a touching, misguided attempt at a birthday gift. 


Jimin and Hoseok took a day during winter break to show up at room 1273 to help move some stuff into the apartment, and Jimin was beyond shocked when the person who opened the door was female. A very attractive female, nonetheless.

“Hi! You must be Jimin! My name is Y/N and Hoseok’s told me all about you. It’s a bummer we couldn’t meet up before I moved in, Hoseok said you were really busy with work and stuff.” The girl held out a hand to Jimin, who struggled to maintain eye contact with her long enough to avoid murdering Hoseok with his eyes. Jimin had actually been surprisingly not busy for the last several weeks and Hoseok knew that.

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Rupture (Part 3)

Here is part three of Rupture for all those anons in my ask :D Apparently I’m in a fic mood today, so expect more coming not too long after this xD

Part 1 | Part 2

“Ow…” Amelia said, screwing up her face and squeezing her hands into fists. “Yeah, maybe don’t do that?” She continued, trying not to move as Owen pressed his hands on her abdomen.

“I have to check your incision site.”

“Have you heard of being gentle?”

“I’m barely pressing.”

“Barely pressing? I have eyes you know, that is not barely pressing. Are you like this with patients? I’m surprised we don’t get more complaints.” Amelia teased, flinching a little more as Owen moved his hands away.

“Someone’s feeling better.” Owen commented. The sarcasm, the teasing, that was his Amelia for sure. 

“Your incision is healing as we’d expect.” He smiled, sitting himself back down in the chair beside her bed. 

“So what about getting out of here?” Amelia asked, adjusting her position in the bed and trying to pull at the pillow behind her, while still resting against it. 

“You’ll have to ask your doctor.” Owen said, a little grin on his face as he spoke. 

“You’re not my doctor?” Amelia said, in a tone of mock confusion. 

“I’m your husband.” Owen said, reaching a hand out and taking Amelia’s closest hand in his, rubbing the back of her hand with his thumb.

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Sheith; Flower shop AU, where keith works at local flower shop cuz has been expelled of military/aviator/collage/thing and by chance best of uper class shiro hapens to be at charge (among close pals) of secret party for his friend allura (who happens to be huge fan for complicate floral arrangements)

“So she likes flowers.”

“Yeah, most women do.” Keith said slowly. While distracted by the customer’s very nice arms and face, his sarcasm couldn’t quite be turned off.

“Pink ones. Oh, and white ones. Loves blue too. Not sure if that’s a real thing though, or just dye. Do you dye flowers? I’ve seen very awful neon green flowers before.”

Keith didn’t know shit about flowers. He was here paying back his community service. The smell was nice and they were pretty enough that he didn’t mind the six hour shifts, six days a week. And on days like today, when certain clueless and cute men came in looking for flowers… he certainly didn’t mind.

“I don’t dye flowers.” Keith thought he needed to offer. “I just wrap them up and water them. I’ve got some nice pink and white bouquets.”

The customer, a name tag on his chest identifying him as “How can I help you? I’m Shirogane!”, looked panicked.

“Oh, wow, I didn’t mention. Sorry. I’m throwing my best friend a party in celebrating her PhD and so I thought a lot of flowers… uh, well, yeah. I’m looking at ordering about thirty bouquets, since it took her thirty months to complete.”

Keith felt slightly annoyed, thinking of how many flowers he’d have to roll and cut. But Shirogane looked so shy and so nice and wow, he had great titties. Keith couldn’t say no.

“Well, I think this flower means congratulations.” He pointed to a small pink one, having no fucking clue what he was saying. “And this white one means uh, good luck.”

Shirogane picked up a blue one.

“And this one?”

“Kiss me.”

The silence between them stretched. Keith felt like a moron and watched as Shirogane’s face began to match the pink blooms next to him.

He slowly put the blue flower on the counter.

“I’ll take this one.” He smiled shyly. “Thanks.”

He paid, went out the door and before Keith could tell he forgot his flower, he noticed a number scribbled on the back of his receipt, along with a note.

‘Thanks. Call me? :)’

Stiles Stilinski

(Guess who’s back, back again. Lexa’s back, tell a friend. Finally got around to writing for my boy Stiles Stilinski and I am so happy with how this turned out. Please let me know what you think! It’s not New Year’s where I am yet, but I know it’s already the start of 2017 in other places so Happy New Year’s puddins! Enjoy!)

Happy New Year’s

Was there anything you enjoyed more than sleeping? Probably not, and everyone knew your number one rule. If Y/N is asleep, do not wake her unless it’s an emergency!

Stiles always seemed to forget that rule.

It’s the slamming of the front door and the loud footsteps running up your stairs that wakes you.

You groan because you know who it is.

Stiles comes crashing into your room “Y/N, come on get up!” he says bouncing up and down on your bed and shaking you by the shoulders.

“Stiles, it’s 9:00am. What are you doing here?”

“Babe, it’s 2:00 in the afternoon! Get up, we’re not spending New Year’s Eve in bed.”

“Why not?” you sigh.

“Because, I have something planned for us tonight. So get up!”

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there’s a clothing store in town
  • it’s a small cute shop with a big front window and two wooden mannequins modeling dusty, floor-sweeping gowns on the other side of the glass
  • the shopkeeper repositions them every night. she must, because they are standing differently each morning you walk past them. their hands out as though adjusting each other’s straps or fixing their hair or smoothing their skirts
    • once you remarked to the shopkeeper as she brushed the snow from her front step that you’d never seen mannequins that could be repositioned so many ways, and she gave you a smile that was not quite a smile at all even as you saw amusement in her eyes
    • maybe you should feel more distrustful, but you only feel a sort of vague friendliness with the models, their wooden hands always entwined
  • the store’s name is written in gold on the door but no one can quite make it out among the swirls of the script it’s written in. you’ve never asked the shopkeeper. you’re not sure why
    • those not-quite-smiles are distracting. it’s hard to drag your eyes away from her until she looks away first
  • it’s a store for fancy clothes, probably. you never come out the door feeling like you managed to look at everything on the hangers, and despite the clear glass of the front window the clothes you can see beyond it are always slightly blurred
    • when you go inside the shopkeeper draws your attention to something in particular, a floating scarf or an elegant blue dress, something that keeps you from paying too close attention to anything else
    • it’s almost embarrassing how well she knows what you’ll like. you wonder or maybe you hope that she notices what you’re wearing when you past in the mornings
  • you haven’t bought too many things there, but you wear the scarf almost everyday. it’s light and settles on your shoulders like a snow drift, cool enough to wear even in the summer, but sometimes when you put it on in the winter its softness warms you like a kiss on your cheek
  • it’s possible the shopkeeper makes everything she sells. there are always bolts of fabric cluttering the counter and she embroiders flowers on the hems of the skirts while you browse the shelves
    • you asked her once how she thinks of designs and she only not-quite-smiled and said it wasn’t all that interesting
    • “i just make the things people want”
    • sometimes you have to think about this memory for a moment. did she say “want” or “need”?
  • she lives in the second story above the shop. sometimes when you are walking home later than usual and the store is closed you’ll see her bedroom window lit up, the fuzzy edge of her silhouette against the glass as she continues her embroidery in the window seat
    • you feel compelled to pause and look for just a moment, head tilted up, breath fogging in the cold air, the softness of your scarf brushing your cheek
    • you’re not looking at the mannequins but you feel like they might be looking at you with knowing not-quite smiles, hands still entwined
    • you’re not sure if you’re thinking “i want” or “i need” but it feels good and full and soft regardless
  • you have to get home before it’s completely dark. you keep walking, winter air swirling around you, flakes of snow catching in your hair and melting on your scarf. the flowers on the hem of your blue dress seem to wink like stars as you leave.
Caught Up In A Lens (Bad Boy Au) Part 3

I read part 1 and 2 the other day and had to update it. It’s been forever but I like this little series so here’s part 3 finally! Hopefully I can upload part 4 after my other trip! This is shorter than usual but a lot happens so READ IT!

Part 1     Part 2

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The air was getting colder as you followed Jimin down a few streets. The street lights were beginning to flicker to life and people were starting to head home. You hugged yourself as you shivered a bit and rubbed your hands together for a bit of warmth.

“You cold?” Jimin asked you as he glance over at you from behind his shoulder. You were a bit startled at his sudden action of talking but you answered him anyways.

“Yeah, a bit,” you quietly spoke. Things were still tense from before and you were hoping that annoying but joyful Jimin would come back because it was just awkward now.

“Here,” he spoke, offering you a pair of gloves that he had grabbed from his jacket pocket.

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some sugar sweet sin n fugo bc i lof them so much 

i need to improve n solidify their designs really badly and i need to add more day/night themes without uh………. completely destroying their current look?????? idk how to do that. but i will. bc day/night themes r really important to them n central to their whole being so like

hell yeah

but anyway did i mention i lof my babies

Building Blocks of Personality Type - Extraverted Sensing (Se)

by Leona Haas & Mark Hunziker

Dominant for ESTP and ESFP

Auxiliary for ISTP and ISFP

In this chapter, we seek to present a picture of the “pure” Extraverted Sensing that we would see if we could carefully remove it from its natural state where it is influenced and colored by all the other elements of personality. Though no process actually exists separated from the rest of the personality, the portrait that follows reflects core characteristics that are in play whenever Extraverted Sensing is engaged at a conscious level

Extraverted Sensing most clearly resembles the descriptions in the following pages when it is in the dominant (first) position. In fact, these descriptions are based on input from people for whom the process is dominant (ESTP and ESFP). But even with Extraverted Sensing in the first position, what you observe will vary noticeably depending on other factors-particularly whether it is paired up with Introverted Thinking or Introverted Feeling in the auxiliary (second) position 

In order to draw a complete picture of the “essence” of Extraverted Sensing, one must use bits and pieces that cannot individually demonstrate “pure” Se. Like the splashes of color in an impressionist painting, however, the bullets in this chapter, when taken all together, reveal a vivid portrait that will enable you to recognize Extraverted Sensing when you see it. Knowing what the process would look like if it could be separated from other influences is the foundation of process watching the practice that will quickly take you as far as you want to go in understanding personality.

Extraverted Sensing is an information-gathering process. It focuses on the current objective, external world to fully experience the details of the environment through the five senses. Se draws energy and enjoyment directly from people, objects, and events.


Extraverted Sensing

  • Has an outer focus on acquiring information through the five senses.
  • Is the only perception process that is not influenced by associations from the past, present, or future.
  • Is aware of and connected to the current external environment.
  • Quickly notices objective facts with all the details.
  • Relies heavily on unusually accurate visual perception: seeing is believing.
  • Values the object itself, not one’s personal reaction or relationship to it.
  • Seeks the full sensory experience of the environment in the moment.


Extraverted Sensing

  • Looks at things objectively and sees what is physically there.
  • Gathers pure, unfiltered sensory information from the external world.
  • Takes in the current environment as a collection of discrete bits of detailed information.
  • Constantly seeks variety and novelty as sensory experiences change from moment to moment.
  • Needs the immediate sensation of an external object, person, or event in order to have an experience. There is no experience without active involvement in the environment through one or more of the senses. Appreciates vivid details: colors, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures. Seeks raw, unsorted, unaltered experiences in order to feel alive. Is energized by the current experience.


When people are using their preferred Extraverted Sensing

  • Their awareness is entirely focused upon the here and now.
  • Virtually everything that can be detected by the senses gets noticed.
  • The trigger for perception is the current external environment.
  • The world consists only of what can be perceived by the five senses right now.
  • Detailed visual perception is particularly important.
  • A level of attention is sustained that would quickly put others on “data overload.”
  • They do not want to miss anything.
  • They value practical, hands-on experiences above all.
  • Memories from the past and possibilities for the future are not very important.
  • They are acutely aware of what is.
  • Their perceptions are verifiable.
  • Everything is a new experience. No two moments or situations are exactly the same.
  • Anything that is tangible is interesting.
  • Immediate sensory experience is what life is all about. It defines one’s existence.
  • Life is one continual sensual experience.
  • They are enjoying life to the fullest, living for today.
  • The current experience itself has intensity.


When we experience people who are engaging their preferred extraverted Sensing, they

  • Seem to need almost constant external stimulation or they quickly become bored.
  • Seem to miss nothing and overlook no detail of the immediate environment.
  • Can be prone to repeating mistakes by failing to anticipate what is going to happen in the future as a consequence of what is happening now.
  • Can be reflective, but the reflections are tied to the current world.
  • Often have difficulty doing the steps of an operation in an orderly sequence. They prefer a random, “take it as it comes” approach.
  • Possess practical, hands-on skills.
  • Are very down-to-earth, realistic, and pragmatic.
  • Speak about objective facts: what is there, no more and no less.
  • Talk in very literal terms using concrete, sensory, and descriptive present-tense language: “I smell, I hear, I see.”
  • Often show attention by focusing their eyes or tilting their ears or head toward you.
  •  Sometimes can be seen darting their eyes all around the room, observing everything.
  • Listen at first to people telling of their experiences but do not have a need for, or a high interest in, hearing someone else’s stories. Want information from others but not in too much detail. They cannot experience the world through other people’s interpretations. Often listen with intense, focused attention. Their eyes lock on you, following your every gesture. They may move closer or lean in. They are focused on taking in information that they may show no reaction to what you are saying. 
  • Pick up on other people’s body language and other signals and will often automatically mirror them. Tend to use and need nonverbal communication, such as a smile, a wink, or a touch.
  • Appear to accept life as it happens. Seem to relate easily to people, to enjoy being with people. Appear to accept people for who they are – to have few illusions about them.
  • Can be perceived as shallow because of their outward tendency to “go with the flow.” Are always interacting with the environment.
  • Tend to be quick to assess data and to size up a situation. Do not seem to feel a need to conform to what others think is acceptable, assuming that people simply have their own unique styles. Are usually active, restless, and adventurous. Sometimes seem like hyperactive children. The immediate environment is constantly stimulating and distracting them. Are engaging, fun-loving, and social. Are very spontaneous and react quickly to changes in their environment. Can blend into almost any culture, environment, or situation.


Special perspectives and approaches of Extraverted Sensing

  • A “live for today” attitude
  • Learn quickly from experience
  • An aptitude for learning new languages, including the subtle details of intonation and gestures
  • Negotiate by quickly getting to the core of the matter
  • Reliability in observing and reporting objective facts
  • A knack for being a “mover and shaker” when it comes to concrete tasks
  • Can quickly find practical solutions, to find an immediate fix for a problem
  • A willingness to help, to play the role of a good Samaritan


Paraphrased descriptions of what it is like to gather information through one’s preferred Extraverted Sensing

  • I need to actually experience something in order to understand it. I need to either look at a bicycle or at a picture of a bike in order to assemble one. Then I can duplicate what I see. Written instructions are not very helpful.
  • I personally hate history. I figure if it’s already happened, then who cares?
  • I need to see and experience something before I believe it. I’m the classic “doubting Thomas.”
  • In a restaurant, I can be completely attentive to the conversation and interaction at our table and also know everything that’s going on in other parts of the room.
  • I let life happen rather than trying to control it.
  • As a child I had to touch everything. I still do. The textures and colors just grab me.
  • I love to be outside, feeling the sun and the breeze, hearing the insects and the birds. I love the feel of soil on my hands, planting flowers, and pulling weeds.
  • The first thing in the morning, I look outside to check the weather. Then
  • I turn on the news to see what’s happening in the rest of the world.
  • l never watch a taped game or event. If it has already happened, what is the sense of watching?
  • Other adults seem to constantly be telling kids “Don’t touch!” “Don’t put that in your mouth!” But I can relate to the young child’s fascination with exploring and experiencing the environment.
  • I don’t do lists, not even grocery lists. What I buy is what catches my eye.
  • I walk up and down the aisles looking for items that look interesting.
  • I can be observant at the expense of imagination,
  • If you want to get my attention, tell me a story with concrete images.
  • Give me the information I need to do the job, and then let me do it.
  • I show people that I care about them by what I do. Actions speak louder than words.
  • Enjoy it, use it, or put up with it.
  • What you need to know is right in front of you.
  • I tell it like I see it.
  • I value my autonomy and flexibility. If any rules interfere with that, I’ll usually just ignore them.
  • I like school, but would enjoy it more if we could change the daily routine. It’s boring to always know what is coming next.
  • I got into trouble in school for talking and moving around a lot. To this day, I have a hard time sitting still.
  • My style of organization is my own, for example, it’s hard for me to use someone else’s filing system.
  • I’m impulsive, and I have a hard time listening to advice from others.
  • Everything I do is fun. If it isn’t fun, I probably will not do it.
  • I don’t worry about the future. I deal with stuff when it happens.
  • Often I do what I do to get reactions from others. It makes life more interesting. 
  • I tend to jump into the deep end of the pool without thinking.
  • I’m like the Energizer Bunny: I keep going and going. Sitting still wears me out. If I sit still for ten minutes, I fall asleep.
  • When I hit the bed at night, I immediately fall asleep.
  • I am at my best in a crisis. Sometimes if there is no crisis, I will create one.
  • I tend to put everything off to the last minute.
  • I’m in constant motion. I need to move.
  • When looking at a tree, it is not so much like seeing the tree as a whole but seeing every leaf, all the shades of green, the shapes of the leaves, the texture and details of the bark.
  • I usually know the time of day, within a few minutes, without using a watch. I guess I notice environmental cues like shadows or the angle of the sun.
  • In choosing a career, I find I need to actually experience it by watching a video, going to a job site, or even trying it out. A written job description does not interest me or provide the information I need. It is not tangible enough.
  • I get a lot of joy and energy from little things: flowers, clouds, smells. No detail is too small to be a potential source of excitement and delight.
  • I can give you directions to all sorts of places quite easily. I can tell you how many trees you’ll pass and the color of the roof on the house at the corner.
  • My closet is organized by color. If something is not in the right place, color-wise, I have to move it because it is not pleasing to my eye.
  • I just could not do the workshop exercise. The colors of the objects we were working with clashed. It was too distracting.
  • I have never liked tomatoes. However, every so often I have to try one. Since each time it is a new experience, I just might like them that day.
  • I cannot sit still if something is going on. Open space schooling was very difficult for me. I couldn’t tune out the activities that were happening all around. I heard everything that was going on in the classrooms next to mine, and they often sounded as if they were doing something more exciting than we were doing.
  • I have never needed to return a clothing purchase because of a hole or defect. I notice it in the store before I buy it.
  • I rarely need to buy a drink when I go out. I always know someone soon will. Before the night is over, I’ll know almost everyone.
  • Often, if someone is wearing clothing that clashes, I find it very distracting and cannot concentrate on what the person is saying.


Scenes from the world of Extraverted Sensing

  • If I’m boating with friends, I’ll be the one who is really enjoying the moment. I will be talking to everyone, feeling the wind, hearing the sea gulls, jumping in the water to see how it feels.
  • In a “type-alike” group exercise that involves describing an object, our group is usually the first to finish or will divert into other activities before any other group. There is only so much concrete data in a simple object. When you finish saying how the object looks, feels, smells, sounds, and tastes, you are done. There is nothing more to describe.
  • Visiting an art gallery with friends, I realized that no one else saw the details in the artwork that I noticed immediately. In a painting of a house, for example, I saw the tiny key in the door. My friends had not noticed it and were amazed that I had. On the other hand, I can’t remember what I wore yesterday and have only a vague recollection of what I did.
  • I like to smell, touch, taste, or even listen to produce before buying. To decide whether fruit and vegetables are fresh and ripe, I tap on watermelons, smell cantaloupes, and taste grapes. I usually prefer to determine whether milk or food in the refrigerator is fresh by smell rather than reading the expiration date.
  • I can go back somewhere after being away for years and negotiate the streets effortlessly. However, if some key feature has been changed, I get confused and lost. I navigate by landmarks or objects, never street names.
  • I visit my daughter every week. One day I drove past her street. I had to turn around and go back. For ten years, without knowing it, I knew where to turn because of a mailbox on the comer that was made from an old stove. When it was removed, I just drove right by her street without realizing it.
  • In a restaurant, it’s difficult to order from reading the menu. I often order based upon seeing or smelling food from another table: “I’ll have what that guy is having.”
  • After an exercise involving the use of apples, the virtually identical apples were collected and mixed together. A man with a preference for Extraverted Sensing was able to instantly pick out not only his apple but those of the people on either side of him as well.
  • At a wedding, I could not eat for fear that I might miss something. I had to be up walking around and talking to people. I only knew four people when I arrived. By the end of the reception, I knew almost everyone. I was even invited back to the house with the family, for the opening of the presents.


Unique strengths of Extraverted Sensing

  • Accurate, objective, and detailed observation of a wide range of experiences in the current environment
  • Enjoyment of life

  • Can see all sides of an issue

  • An aptitude for hands-on work

  • Extremely reliable visual perception

  • A talent for teaching others, by example, to smell the roses

  • A knack for bringing excitement and life to any group

  • Realism and practicality

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Hi. I'd like to take you on a nice lil coffee date where we drink hot chocolate with rainbow sprinkles and cream. And then watch a nice movie at home while cuddling in soft blankets. I'd like to hold your hand and smile and giggle with you while we'd walk in a nice park and just listen to the birds chirping and look at the pretty flowers. That would be nice. - fluff anon

I want this too. God, you don’t know how much I want this. I’d love just hanging out and feeling invincible just because I’m holding your hand. I wantto snuggle in blankets and watch bad movies and just be together completely in silence because we don’t need words.

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I have fallen hard for this one girl, she's about a 1 1/2 older than me and we are still in high school, she'll be graduating next year and I'll still have 2 more years. She doesn't know I'm into girls and I don't if she is. We talk everyday and say goodnight with hearts every night. I'm scared to come out to her because I'm afraid we would lose our friendship or she'll look at me differently. What should I do??

Love is a risk, honey, and you need to take it! Its better to try and fail than just cry about things you never made but you wish you did. Try to flirt with her at first, show your not-friendly attention to her and see her reaction, if she’s completely against this you will see and stop. Like before i dated my girl she gave me flowers and held my hand but i didn’t even thought this is not friendly lol so its really easy to do a backup if smth goes wrong after you first with her

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Can you recommend some BTS authors ?

YES, YES, I CAN. THESE PEOPLE AND THEIR FICS ALL DESERVED TO BE LOVED. PLEASE SEND THEM LOVE. there’s no smut on this list though since I have never read anything from that genre and don’t plan to, so get ready for disgustingly cute fluff or heart wrenching angst. (also i’m totally copying rys’s idea of putting quotes, so copyright infringement 2016 rys the thirsty af jimin stan please don’t sue me i’m barely legal)

♡ An ; @zephyoongist

AN IS THE BESTEST, GREATEST, HELLA RAD-EST WRITER EVER. lmao this is probably favoritism, but she’s so extraordinarily talented at writing, and she’s my bffl even though we act like complete assholes to each other 24/7. She really enjoys wrecking my cold heart on a daily basis with her stories. Thanks a lot, Pablo. I really appreciate it.

  • “’It’s like the feeling you get when you’re running, the wind in your face, the pounding of your heart so fast, you’d think it’ll burst out of your chest, the sore of your muscles, you’d  feel like your legs are going to come off but you keep running. It’s like something intense─ It’s like─ It’s like─’ ‘─Love.’” - Lucky
  • “And it all comes crashing down on him like a tidal wave. Unanswered questions and needling doubt washes away like ashore writings on sand. That’s when he understands the encrypted message you’ve been trying to tell him. I’ll take all of you, good and bad.” - Summer in December

♡ Rys ; @optosomnio

ONE OF MY FAVORITEST PEOPLE IN THE WHOLE WIDE UNIVERSE. Her writing is really cute and fluffy, but also super duper comedic. And I absolutely love it. It’s like watching a rom com movie, except you’re reading it and it’s with bts. Can it get any better? and please send her memes and pick up lines, and also kappa and jimin pictures.

  • “It’s here and now–with the morning sun just barely peeking out from the roofs as you drowsily brush your teeth, toothpaste dripping from the corner of your mouth–that Taehyung finally decides that he is officially in love with you. And hopelessly so, he concludes.” - Seal
  • “He only laughs harder, as if set on pissing you off. Thoroughly annoyed, you bend down, grab a handful of the literal shit, and chuck it straight at his face. He doesn’t laugh at you for a good few years after that.” - Soul

♡ Mia ; @annyeongs

AH, MIA MY LOVELY CUTECUMBER AND FINEAPPLE; SHE’S SO SO TALENTED AT WRITING. She enjoys slaying me with her bts x hogwarts bulletpoint aus and her ghost au. Also, Jimin isn’t even my bias, but her scenarios are really making me rethink that. And, are you a 90 degree angel? Because you are looking right ayyy

  • “Sunset eyes watch them in silent agony, helpless fingertips itching to reach out, but mind reminding that it’s useless. He should be used to it by now, but strangely, it’s a painful kind of numbness he feels when he looks at them.” - Touch
  • “ He looks absolutely gorgeous and unearthly and breathtaking in the dimly lit room, the warm yellow rays of the streetlights reflected on his face as he tilts his head, and lets out a silent laugh. You can’t take your eyes off of him, especially not with the slight buzz of alcohol coursing through your system, and especially not when he’s smirking at you like that.” - Haunted

♡ Missy ; @an-exotic-writer

MISSY IS MY DARLING SUNSHINE FLOWER. She’s a complete sweetheart and she really needs to fly over and visit me, and help me get my driver’s license lol. Her writing is to die for, like it’s a gift from the gods or something, so please just read everything of hers. Oh, and are you a banana? Because I find you a-peeling wey hey

  • “But when Taehyung’s looking at you with such love and adoration in his eyes and when he smiles, it’s like you’ve found the true meaning of home, you’re willing to take a chance on it.” - fwb; taehyung
  • “’Drop the next beat!” Hoseok hollers, already putting on the next track and in between, Yoongi may or may not have forgotten his words and lines because maybe, he’s lost them all to you.” - Stolen Words

♡ Vivian ; @jiminniejuseyo

VIVIAN WRITES SO BEAUTIFULLY AND POETICALLY I CRY. Compared to art, her writing is like the sistine chapel ceiling frescoes, yep. And, she’s oh so wonderful and really sweet, and yeah, go adore her and her stories please because I sure do.

  • “He smelled nice, woodsy; of his light, iris scented shampoo and morning dew scented shower gel – whatever that was – an aroma of coffee all over him and the faintest, tiniest hint of rose scented mattresses. Home.” - All That Matters
  • “You grinned coyly, the relaxing coldness of the revolver in your left hand soothing you as you peered around the large lobby, meeting the hungry gazes of men as he glanced down your body, clad in high waisted shorts and denim jackets.” - Queen of Disaster

♡ Sasha & Chloe ; @hobieful

SASHA IS SUCH A CUTIE PATOOTIE. And I’ve never spoken to Chloe, but she seems like really chill and nice, so heyyy there if you see this. But also, they’re both super amazing writers, so it’s like a double threat. If you’re looking to get wrecked twice, then I direct you to their blog.

  • “’But I never had a place, not in your house of memories.’ His cries were like the cry of a werewolf, writhing in agony from its transformation. Only this one, the agony seeped more than into his bones, it seeped deep into his heart.” - House of Memories
  • “But then he turns towards you, and his eyes lock into yours, darker than black yet filled with a silver that promised life, and glinting with something you couldn’t exactly place your finger on. Even as your mind wiped itself, there is one thought that fixed itself in your mind: he can be covered in the color, but he will never, ever be white.” - Heartstrings

♡ Alyssa ; @taehxyung

ALYSSA IS A BEAUTIFUL GODDESS WHO DESERVES MUCH LOVE. She has made me cry over hogwarts jungkook every time I read it because wow, it’s a masterpiece; I love it so much. And the rest of her writing is equally destructive to your heart.

  • “Your eyes widened as you twisted in your seat to look at your Professor and a startled Jungkook. And, maybe, if you looked hard enough and passed the smug smirk, you could see his conceited look falter, a look of hurt flashing across his eyes.” - Amortentia
  • “You pitied him, sure, but you knew full well that Kim Taehyung liked Christmas less than any human being surely did and so blaring Christmas music to annoy him was rather fun.” - Mistletoe & Eggnog

♡ Kristen ; @jjungkooked

KRISTEN CAN UTTERLY RUIN YOU WITH A SINGLE SENTENCE GODDAMN. Her writing is absolute heaven, and it makes me smile and feel all nice and fuzzy inside. Sit by the window, curl up with a mug or hot chocolate or a tub of ice cream, and enjoy her writing.

  • “You definitely love him – he’s the kindest, most caring and supportive boyfriend you’ve ever had. There are days when you have to stop to think, to simply admire his entire existence. You’re convinced that you must have performed some incredible miracles in your past life to be able to deserve this boy.” - A Safe Place
  • “You crinkle your nose and blush at this, as does he, because Jungkook has these random moments where he blurts out incredibly cliché and cringe-worthy phrases that always leave you stuck between wanting to strangle him and wanting to kiss him.” - The Little Things


SHE’S LIKE A MIX OF SMARTICLES, TALENT, AND BEAUTY. like oh my goodness, her scenarios are so incredibly fluffy and sweet, they should be called cotton candy. I wholeheartedly admit that I am a complete sucker for her writing, and I adore it so so much.

  • “It wasn’t strange for Taehyung to be giving you pet names; the boy has an extensive list of terms ranging from cupcake to plum to hazelnut– never have you heard him call you the same thing twice, but they all share the common aspect of revolving around food, usually sweet, just like him.” - Honey
  • “’Hmm, what about –’ you turn to Jimin at the same time he dips his head down to press his lips against yours, cutting you off midsentence. A squeak, or a halfway hiccup sounds and catches in your throat, mostly at the kiss but also about how soft and full Jimin’s lips are on yours; they feel as nice as they look.” - Hiccups

♡ Faryn & Cherri ; @bapsae-bae

So, I have not talked to these two wonderful, amazingly talented human beings before, but I just found their writings, and can I just say, I fell completely in love with their stories? Faryn’s fluff slays me so much, and Cherri’s gang au leaves me in suspense, and wowie.

  • “And you couldn’t focus when his lips were kept moving like that, with words you couldn’t process tumbling gracefully from his mouth. His hair was tinted so beautifully with a glow from the backdrop of the setting sun and your mind was white noise so you didn’t stop yourself from cutting him off and pressing your lips to his.” - Sunset Frost
  • “This so-called candyman was completely gorgeous, and you could only stare from your frozen position on the floor when you realized so. You watched as his eyes trailed the store until he caught eye of your cousin and was suddenly leaning over the glass counter with a heartstopping playful smile gracing his lips.” - Candyman

I hope you did not combust from all those feels after reading all their writing, bUT THOSE ARE MY AUTHOR RECS. I HAVE MORE ON MY REC PAGE AND REC TAG :) but also, please send me recs, too; i have a hard time finding nonsmut fics tbh

ten thousand saints (movie) sentence meme

feel free to change the pronouns and things to fit your muse! (

  • “i’m your dad, for crying out loud! i’ll be your dad forever!”
  • “my mom took off again.”
  • “you know my dad is an absolute fucking asshole!”
  • “no, i don’t have a boyfriend. and, if i did, he wouldn’t be a jock or a metalhead.”
  • “let me tell you something, she is no delicate flower.”
  • “are you just gonna sit here and be mad at the world?”
  • “you think she’s hot, don’t you?”
  • “something tells me you’re the sweet one.”
  • “it’s funny, you having a brother that’s completely opposite you.”
  • “these are tips that you need to learn on your way to manhood.”
  • “this is ______’s handwriting. where’d you get this?”
  • “money’s got a big mouth.”
  • “why would you say something so shitty to me? do you have any idea what i’m going through?”
  • “am i dead?”
  • “i’m fucking pregnant!”
  • “we’re in this together now. we’re a little family.”
  • “i happen to think you look really great.”
  • “_____! what are you thinking? you know i got a boatload of condoms at my pad!”
  • “i wanna protect him from everything.”
  • “i’m sorry that my entire existence has disappointed you.”
  • “i love how much he cares.”
  • “not even the dead get to be free.”
  • “i convinced them to go to ______’s, where she’ll be safe.”
  • “you’re how far along?”
  • “i just lost my brother. i don’t need to lose you too.”
  • “with that beautiful face? i’m pretty sure you’d have to beat the groupies away.”
  • “i think _____ has someone else.”
  • “i wanna be with you.”
  • “what makes you think i’m a virgin?”
  • “will you remember me as the most fucked up girl you ever knew?”
  • “he’s also ______’s dad.”
  • “i just want a family! that’s all i want!”
  • “i always thought he’d look like _____.”
  • “you think i’ll ever see him after this?”

My ears hear what others cannot hear; small faraway things people cannot normally see are visible to me. These senses are the fruits of a lifetime of longing, longing to be rescued, to be completed. Just as the skirt needs the wind to billow, I’m not formed by things that are of myself alone. I wear my father’s belt tied around my mother’s blouse, and shoes which are from my uncle. This is me. Just as a flower does not choose its color, we are not responsible for what we have come to be. Only once you realize this do you become free, and to become adult is to become free.