i just missed your face tbh

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OMG YOUR SCOUT IS ADORABLY AMAZING I COULD JUST KISS HIM!!! (and your hands cuz omg the art <3<3<3)

Anybody seen my phone? I got an ask to answer.

Seriously, though: Thank you so much Anon! I’m so happy you like my art and took the time to write me :) I’m still making a face like Scout in the first panel tbh :D

  • me: *picks up phone*
  • adult: excuse me :) little miss tech addict :) are you aware that this is bad for your eyes :) will keep you up at night :) in fact you will never sleep again :) always instagramming eh :) snapchatifying :) face booking :) hmu'ing on tumble dryer :) well it will kill you one day darling :) just wait :) you millenials don't know :) but I do :) because I'm experienced even though I didn't grow up with technology :) I miss 1470 :) did I mention phones are poisonous :) you braindead :) you :))::))):)):)

Hey tumblr, accept my face once again!

So I was tagged by a dozen times already since I last did a selfie tag, it’s just that I dont really take much selfies tbh!

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Now Imma tag a bunch of these lil munchkins cos I miss seeing your faces on my dash!

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True Test Pt. 5 - Jimin (BTS) Scenario

Catch Up: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

A/N: If you really want to set the ~mood~ I suggest playing Talk Me Down by Troye Sivan because that’s what fueled this part..that whole album tbh..

You were interrupted by a concerned voice. 

“Miss….are you sure you’re alright?” 

You brought your face up from your palms, small pools of tears in both. You looked up at the kind face of the office secretary as you sat at the long table. 

“Yes…this is just all very hard, you know” you mumble, sniffling loudly. 

The secretary left for a moment, and brought back a warm cup of coffee. You felt so uncomfortable in this foreign place - your divorce lawyers office. But, you could tell she was genuinely concerned. 

Who wouldn’t be? Any one that looked at you could tell you were the walking definition of “mess”. Your eyes seemed as if they were permanently red and puffy and you moved so lethargic it’s as if your entire world was now functioning in slow motion. 

She sat down opposite of you, her concerned eyes taking you in. 

“I see a lot of couples come through this place. Each one you can see how hurt they are about how their marriages have crumbled. But you..you’re different…Do you want to talk about how you got to be here?”

You looked at her, feeling tears well back up again. She was a virtual stranger, but you knew somehow that you could trust her. Looking up at her, you took a sip of coffee. 

“Its all started when his ex walked back into his life”

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