i just missed them so much these days

IM WORKING ON IT; D::::: also; halp pls, save me. i have to go back to grandma’s hse AGAIN tomorrow to help my relatives to sew D: theres a shit bunch of orders that came in so i had to help them get it done. I MISS MY CAT SO MUCH DARN IT. im stuck with their dog; not that i have anything against it but still; my cat didnt see me the whole day today and it broke my heart when i got home and he was starving and meowing nonstop and omgg i can imagine his lil voice saying mommy i miss u where have ye been dont ye want me no more IM SORRY I JUST HAVE TO RANT THIS OUT COS IM TIRED. AND I MISS MY CAT

Richonne 7x12 Party

Day 1: When did you start shipping them?

I was kind of a late comer to TWD.  I started watching during the season 3 hiatus, prompted by a co-worker.  It was really background noise I watched on my days off.  So my superfan obsession didn’t start until one episode, Home, when I fell in love with Daryl Dixon. (Don’t even ask why that’s not a thing anymore).  Anywho, I say all that to explain why I missed the initial Richonne signs.  I was never much of a shipper, and just wasn’t on my radar when watching this show.  Then season 4 started.  I was watching in earnest because of my newfound obsession with Daryl Dixon, and I started to really take notice of these additional characters.  Then season 4B started.  I caught up with the live airings.  I officially fell in love with Rick, Michonne and Carl in “After”, when before I didn’t care for them much at all. Then, I noticed a little somepin’, somepin’ in After, with the “It’s for you” scene.  Then, claimed as Rick checked out Michonne, and she was being so attentive to both Grimes boys.  Then it happened.  "A".  Rick was worried about how he was going to be perceived after ripping out Joe’s jugular.  Then the “I’m ok, cause I’m ok too” scene happened. I was literally alone, and looked around the room, to ask the non-existent person, “Um, what? Did I just? See? Something? Happening?”.  Luckily the non-existent person didn’t answer, and it was just me officially on board the Richonne train.  From that moment on, it has been a wild and wonderful ride.  Bumpy at times, all from outside forces negating and hating.  But I never lost sight.  And was only rewarded at every turn with more evidence and reason to know it wasn’t a matter of if, BUT when.

So my long explanation is to say, even though I didn’t see it at the fence, or other since before, it was because I wasn’t paying attention.  On rewatch I’m like, DUH. Anyway that’s my story.  the scene I started shipping Richonne……..

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super-magical-wizard  asked:

Aaaaaaa I love the drawings you just posted!!! I love them so much!!!! They're so cute oh my gosh!!! I- I just love them so much :) anti is so adorable and cuddly and dark is sorta happy and I really missed seeing stuff from you and aaaaaaa welcome back to the place with the camera!! I hope you have a really wonderful day!!

EEEEEEEE Thank you so much, Sam!!! *。ヾ(。>v<。)ノ゙*。 So glad to hear that!!!! <33

Anti fucking loves his Sammy no matter what.

Same as Dark but SHHHH (?)

I only made like 3 drawings, 2 of them being the ones i posted. And some silly Dark and Anti shit i made with my bro bc we were bored lol

Have a nice day too, Sam! <3

ok listen… you r literally the only person i’m telling this. just.. don’t tell anybody bud, but

i couldn’t sleep, so I decided to just start flicking through some internet TV things, like Netflix, Crunchyroll, etc.

and I found


this ANIME~~~~

called “SHE AND HER CAT”.

and it’s just it’s about

this girl and her cat.

but… it’s from the perspective of the cat. who LOVES HER.


and… the whole show is just about how happy he is to be her cat and how he thinks she’s amazing and the best ever




and i SWEAR ON MY LIFE, I am a grown 30-year-old man with a successful business

reduced to literal tears

because it made me miss having a cat SO MUCH that I just cannot deal without ranting on Tumblr!!!

I mean come on… 

She always comes home exhausted.

She brings the smell of a faraway town I don’t know.

I live in my own time, and she lives in her own time.

So these moments when my time and hers intersect

are more precious to me than anything




The real reason Madison turned on Hamilton
  • Madison: *snickering* hey Alexander, how are you doing with your essays
  • Hamilton: uh I think they're going okay, why? How are yours?
  • Madison: oh you know, I just wrote 29 of them. I know the plan WAS 25 but I just found that there was SO much to say
  • Hamilton: I agree! I finished my 51st the other day
  • Madison: ...
  • Hamilton: ...
  • Madison: Thomas, we are engaged in a battle for our nation’s very soul

Straight up one of the worst things about capitalism is just the effect that having to work so much has on our ability to maintain relationships. Relationships all take work, and it is sometimes hard work, but part of that work just includes making a space of time wherein you can just talk to or hang out with someone. Any given week there are a good 10 people I want to see, or call, or something, and I just can’t hang out with everyone in a week. I sometimes feel quite worried about one friend feeling alienated because I’ve seen another, whose schedule matches mine better, or talked to another, etc. For now this is why it is so important to just periodically remind people that you love or miss them. But that’s so hard! If I had one more day off per week, all of my relationships would be much, much stronger. This is an important part of alientation. The older I get, the more I work, the more I understand that. It’s hard! I love my friends and it’s hard to show all of them.

Chae Hyungwon is a special gift from God

Shin Hoseok is a special gift from God

Yoo Kihyun is a special gift from God

Son Hyunwoo is a special gift from God

Lee Minhyuk is a special gift from God

Lee Jooheon is a special gift from God

Im Changkyun is a special gift from God

Monsta X is a special gift from God


The reason I love All Time Low so much is because they don’t romanticise things like self harm and relapsing like in ‘Missing You’ they say ‘the day will come when you can’t cover up what you’ve done’ like they’re genuinely worried about their fans and are letting them know that if they carry on things will only get worse. And the lines ‘don’t lose your fight kid’ and ‘it only takes a little push to pull on through’ are so supportive they just feel like a big hug. All Time Low are genuinely the band that has gotten me and so many others through so many tough times and they will always be my favourite band for this reason. 


Loki & Verity.

Fire is the test of gold; adversity, of friendship.


Random favorite Root&Shaw moments:
That moment of absolute subtlety accompanied with the shoulder bobbing thing that they do as they walk off into a long long night.

Sometimes, praying is hard. I know, i do. Not because theres so much going on in your life, you have time, you have space, but its the willingness to pray that isn’t there. You’re deplated.. of faith. Some days you feel so good! So full of love and motivation and you do better, and your imaan feels high, and then.. it just.. goes. You miss a prayer. Maybe two, maybe a whole day.. and you feel guilty, and you want to change, so you tell yourself i will do better tomorrow, maybe if i pray i will feel better and i will keep praying, but… then you miss them again, and you tell yourself the same thing. Again and again and again. It happens for a week, perhaps two. Perhaps even longer. It happens. Then one day you break, and everything gets too much, so you force yourself to go talk to Allah, sincerely. You ask for forgiveness, while choking on the tears you held in for so long, and feel a kind of pain you haven’t felt in a while, a pain that is self inflicted, but Allah forgives you, and helps you find relief every single time. You feel better now, you thank Allah for helping you feel better, and this feeling lasts, and you feel good all over again. And you pray for that feeling again, but it doesn’t happen. And then the whole cycle starts from the beginning. You feel up, then down, then even more down, then up.

It happens. I get it, but as long as you keep trying, thats what matters.

Allah is always there for you, always there to listen to you, to get you back up every time you fall. To find you when you feel lost and in the dark. Allah will provide you with light time and time again. Don’t lose faith, you might feel down now, but as long as you try and you feel that guilt, slowly but surely Allah will guide you back to Him.


      Bex just gave a calm smile as if she’d known this moment was coming ever since the day the Blackthorne Boys walked through the front doors—like it was inevitable that the Gallagher Girls would eventually bring at least one of them to their knees.

Inktober Day #28: Starry

This…was meant to be traditional…I had some issues with my traditional supplies however so it ended up digital after all ;;7;; Eh this is probably the quickest, cleanest, less frustrating option so here you go! (let’s see if I can catch up tonight ack)

Have a Jade! Because I adore Jade :’)

I hope Isak and Even have a wonderful Christmas Day and that Isak talks things over with his parents and spends time with them and that Even is in good spirits today and taking his meds/listening to music/drawing/whatever makes him feel the best mentally and that Isak and Even get to spend some time together later in the day where they exchange gifts and watch Christmas movies and eat lots of yummy food and cuddle and kiss under that mistletoe that Even helped Eskild hang up and just have an all around lovely day

i’m seeing in the heights in london for the last time in couple of hours,, it’s ridiculous how much this show means to me and i’m going to miss it so much!

i’m still on a break for a couple more days, but i just wanted to show you some more of my progress with my obc rotoscope whilst i’ve got a little spare time 😊😊


I used to be so against checking out new groups. I was satisfied with listening to only 2 or 3 groups that I liked but then I started to give other groups a chance. I think that’s what most kpop fans need to do also, give groups other than your bias group a chance. Listen to a few songs from groups that you don’t normally listen to and if you like them than good and if you don’t that’s fine too. And listening to other groups is not being disloyal or betraying your bias group. My bias group is still my bias group I’ve just broadened my listening to other groups because kpop is so diverse in concepts and styles. I used to never give girl groups the time of day but after checking out a few I realized that I was missing out on awesome music. I want fans to realize that there is so much out there and it should all be appreciated.

It’s not an exaggeration to say I think about this scene every day.

 I literally think about this lean, how he bends down to catch her eye, how he’s searching for something. Something to tell him he’s not crazy to assume that what he feels isn’t one sided. Or just to know that maybe she’s going to miss him as much as he’s going to miss her. Or maybe that he doesn’t want the night to end.

MPG and Kylie are so great here, the subtlety and nuance of their performance in this episode is just breathtaking to watch, and watching them work together is beyond.

Don’t fuck this up FOX, give me more of this show!


Request- Can you do 1. “Dude, that’s like Severus Snape level obsessive.” With Peter? It can let be anything, I just love that line! Thanks. ( ily @tomhollandlibrary​ ) ( also this is when peter missed school when he was in Germany )

AN- In case you didn’t realise I did a prompt list, and I have gotten so many requests since I posted it, they’ll take time, but I’ll get them all done and I can’t wait to write them



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School never really was something you enjoyed, like at all. Well, apart from your friends, friend. Though today had been the worst ever, your friend Peter, who usually never missed a single day off school because he was too much of a swot for that, decided he wouldn’t come in today.

That meant you were left looking like even more of a loner than usual, sitting alone at the lunch table for a good twenty minutes before a boy in your English class, Ned Leeds sat next to you. He was a nice enough boy, funny and easy to talk to, but he kept staring off at Liz Allan. Also he was definitely no Peter.

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Get To Know Me meme // [1/5] Male Characters
Haikyuu!! » Kuroo Tetsurou : “I don’t know, I just kept talking and confused myself.”