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“You’re the only good thing that i have” – Justin Foley x Reader.

Summary: Focus on the last chapter of the serie, specifically when Justin and his “stepfather” discuss and he throws him out of the house, without the boy’s mother saying anything else. This one shot is focused on the topic of friendship rather than something romantic, what happens after, it‘s left to the imagination of the reader.

Words: 3265

Reader’s point of view.

Enjoy it!

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The smell of butter coming from the kitchen and the sound of the microwave, causes my mouth to water. Finally, whenever I started making popcorn, those three minutes made me eternal. I was amused as I emptied the contents of the bag into a bowl, then I bent down to take out a pot of salsa. Yes it was going to be a great night; I didn’t agree if I thought it sarcastically, or it was true, considering that most of my nights on a Friday were the same. An exhaustive date between Netflix and me; But this evening would be special and not because I expected someone, but because I would have a home alone and could set the television to the highest volume if it hit me. I’m so funny! I laughed at myself as I packed up my supplies on the coffee table. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched Mom go downstairs as she finished putting on her earrings; Dad left his study.

“Are you sure you want to be alone, dear?” I turned to see my mother. “You can join us. They adore you”

I chuckled.

“Because I was a little girl, Mom, now I don’t think they found me so funny unless I let them pinch my cheeks … and that won’t happen.” I pointed to her without erasing my smile. I slammed down on the couch and watched my parents get together.

“Why don’t you call one of your friends?” My father said.

“Because they must be in some party. Besides, I don’t have so many friends.” Me and my smile between teasing and trying to be kind. Sometimes I thought my parents didn’t know me at all.

“You didn’t want to go to the party?”

“Not really. Mom, Dad, I’m perfectly fine with staying here.” I raised my arms.

“And Justin?” I didn’t miss the way the man made a face. What father would like his daughter to be home alone with a boy? Even if that boy was my best friend?

“Probably with Jessica.” I smiled.

I knew Justin Foley since childhood, our parents were friends, or at least my mom was for Justin’s mother, then she started to change and finally they ended up moving away. My friendship with the basketball player didn’t flinch and we got along better than ever, except that I should share him constantly with his girlfriend, I didn’t uncomfortable, however, I also got along well with her, but I knew perfectly when I was doing a bad third and when not.

“Seriously, I’m fine; I won’t share my popcorn with anyone.” I looked at them with feigned adoration.“ You’re going to be late with your friends. Adiós

The little bottle of popcorn lay empty on the coffee table, just like my soda, while I stared at the series on the television. I found it interesting to put myself upside down on the couch, wanting to avoid the boredom I had been having for three hours with my eyes on the TV. It would probably be a good idea to go to sleep, but I wasn’t even sleepy. I had no stories to look at at Snapchat and Instagram, for I had already seen all of them. There was nothing good to do and a part of me regretted not having gone even a while to the party, mocking a few, talking to other people and maybe dancing. I’d be back before my parents came back, but they wouldn’t be back for more than two hours, I wouldn’t have time to do some of those things if I left right now, unless I decided to show up in my pretty pajamas.

I paused the series in progress and stood up taking the junk. I washed, dried them and settled in their respective places. I took a few chocolates from Mom, I knew that she would realize that it were missing two, but that it gave more, I felt like a lot. I returned to the room where I dropped into the sofa and took my phone entering Facebook, almost all my “friends” posted photos of the party, I thought I would find some Justin or Jessica but neither of them had posted anything since hours. I shuddered away from my head what those two might be doing. I left the application and before I blocked it, I got a call from Zach Dempsey. I answered.

“What’s up, Zach?”

“Have you heard from Justin?” He asked in a serious tone.

I frowned and sat on the couch looking at my chocolate, wanting to take the wrapper off with one hand. I focused on the background sound on the other side of the line, i could hear a distant noise that could be the TV, but no music. I was surprised that he wasn’t at the party.

“No. Why?”

“He was calling me a couple of hours ago”

“And … why didn’t you answer?” I shrugged, then chewed my chocolate.

I heard him sigh.

“It’s complicated, Y/N”

“Ok … what’s going on?”

“He didn’t tell you?”

“Is there something he need to tell me?” Okay, now I was confused.

Lately I had noticed the guys acting too strange, they all seemed to be alert, scared, worried, even the face of my best friend seemed increasingly exhausted, repentant, lost and even careless. I still didn’t skip the time when he missed class two days and didn’t show up at the team presentation, when I tried to talk to him, he had told me that he just gave him a stomach infection. I didn’t swallow it, since, after that, it was when the change began. And not only did they look that way, I was even present when Clay Jensen got out of control and accused all of us from causing people to commit suicide, or to speak more clearly, of Hannah Baker. Of course it was a sack that I didn’t have flat, in my life, I dealt with that girl, I only learned of her suicide because it became viral in high school. The only thing i knew about her was that she dated for a very short time with Justin, until his “dear” friend Bryce came up to take his phone and roll the photo my best friend had taken from the poor girl. In conclusion, everyone acted as if at any moment a policeman was behind them with a pair of handcuffs. And I didn’t understand why, and when I asked, they made sure to change the subject, so I just stopped insisting that everyone take care of their life. What if it hurt, was that my own best friend seemed less and less trusting me.

“I just wanted to know if you’d heard of him, Y/N, I see no. I’ll see you Monday”

“Zach” I stopped his intention to cut the call. He waited in silence “If he calls you, you talk to me, please”


After his answer I let him hang me. I leaned one end of the phone on my lips as I thought. I couldn’t know for sure where Justin was, doubted that at home, considering that he had told me that his mother had returned with that imbecile, but neither knew where he could have gone and less in his lost and constantly nervous state. The truth is, that lately, Justin Foley seemed a complete stranger in front of me, was no longer the same funny and carefree boy that I had gotten used to and that filled me with impotence when I thought about him, I was supposed to be one of the People who knew him the most, but, how to help him if he wouldn’t let me in? How to help him if i didn’t even know why he is submerged in constant misery? Didn’t he trust me as much as I thought? But if we told ourselves everything!

I sighed and quickly dialed Jessica’s number. I don’t know why I didn’t call him directly, maybe it was because I was scared to know him in trouble or that he would move away, again, and deny my help, but I would come to him even though he hated me for intervening.

At the third bell, she answered.

“I can’t talk now, Y/N” Jessica was crying?

“Are you okay?” I stood up from the impression. What the hell had happened now? “Jessica, talk to me”

“It’s nothing, Y/N, anyway, you don’t know anything” Sharpened her voice and I was offended “Also, why do you want to comfort me? Your best friend is someone else”

“Did Justin do something to you? I wanted to know if you were with him” she didn’t need me, well, I would just ask her the reason for my call and hang up.

“He was here, yes, and I hope I don’t have him around anymore,” she shouted.


But for the second time in the night, I was left alone with the phone in my ear. I went to Justin’s contact and undoubtedly called, but his phone jumped right into the mailbox almost immediately. This asshole had rejected my call. I locked the phone and dropped it on my side. I got tired of trying to help my friends somehow, no one seemed to want to trust me and Jessica had treated me badly. I snorted and rested my elbows on my knees as well as my chin in my hands. What kind of friends had I got? They brought something and completely excluded me from that. Now Justin and Jessica, what problem in paradise now existed? I had never heard her so aggressive and with so much hatred towards my friend, something very big had to happen between them and I was worried, for both of them, at least I knew that Jess was apparently good, but where the hell was the boy? When I discovered and found him, i would give him a good blow.

At least the boredom had passed and I had something to occupy my mind. A case that had no clue and I didn’t even know how to find them.

My phone lit up and I picked it up quickly. Justin’s name lay in the middle of the screen with a new message, I opened it as fast as the artifact allowed me.

I’m outside your house, can you go out for a moment?

I looked at one of the windows, until that moment I had noticed that it had begun to rain. I bit my lip and got to my feet leaving the phone on the couch. Going out in my pajamas was too much, considering that it was urgent to see that my friend was perfectly well, then I would take him to drag him all over the block, to worry me about this way. I took my jacket and my keys and opened the door, there, in the middle of my garden, was my best friend, drenched, hands in his pockets, his sports bag hanging from his body and staring into mine. His appearance looked just like the last few weeks when we had barely spoken, now we were in front of the other and even though i hated to admit it, i felt really uncomfortable.

I spit it out and ended up leaving the house and going into the rain. I slowly descended the porch steps and walked toward it, leaving a considerable distance between the two. Immediately I noticed his swollen eyes, he had been crying and it hurt me that i didn’t know anything about his new, almost permanent condition. I crossed my arms waiting for him to start talking. Neither of us seemed to disturb the rain.

“I know I’ve been pushing you away for a long time.” I raised my eyebrows. He continued, “And I’m so sorry, Y/N, you’re my best friend, I didn’t want to see you getting muddled in this mess; I needed an escape, know that there was still something good and that was you”

“An escape from what, Justin? Your way of acting lately … and that of everyone else? ”

“It’s more complicated than it seems. I didn’t want to tell you, because …”

“You know what? I know that things have gone very bad, and now you come to tell me that you argued with Zach and then you ended up with Jessica, then you remember that at last you have a best friend who cares about you and you come to use it as a cloth of tears” I had been affected by all this, and right now I realized that.


“Zach called me a while ago, he told me you called him and he didn’t answer” Justin looked down “Then I called Jessica … who practically sent me to hell for being your so-called best friend. So I guess you’re just coming in to let off steam about that, that’s your problem, Foley.”

“I wish that was just my problem.” He approached me. “I’m an imbecile, Y/N, and that’s why I’ve been losing my friends slowly, even to my girlfriend, Jessica doesn’t want to know about me anymore. I know that if you knew what was happening, right now we wouldn’t be talking outside your house”

“And risking hypothermia” I said “Let’s go in” I suggested.

“Don’t. It will be easier here, you won’t have to ask me to leave you alone”

“What are you talking about, Justin?” I retreated “Who the hell did you kill to act like that?”

“I don’t want to lose you, Y/N”

“You know something? You really are missing out on me. For weeks I tried to help you without knowing what is happening to you, but you throw me away, you tell me not to worry when it is impossible not to do it, and even reject my calls. Now you come here, with me, telling me all this, because I bet, you no longer have anyone else. I’m your last choice, aren’t I?”

I was going to march to lock myself in my house, but he stopped me.

“I didn’t want to come to you!” I looked at him wounded “I didn’t want to do it because I didn’t want to poison you in this hunt” I was about to protest but he silenced me “You’re good, impeccable and graceful. Since the beginning of all this I have needed you desperately, I know that your words will always lift me, but to listen to them you need to know the truth. And I’m not sure you want to hear it”

“Talk about a goddamn time, Foley” I hissed.

“I’m sorry that you’re going to change the perspective you have on me. You have been a true friend to me”

Justin took my hand and took me to take shelter on the porch of my house, was seriously the fact that he didn’t want to enter. My friend had really done something wrong and now I wasn’t so sure I wanted to hear it.

“You remember Jessica’s party.” he started a little nervous. I nodded, how could I forget that party? My neighbor and also friend, Jeff Atkins, had died that night. “She and I were drunk … too”

“I know. I saw you” I murmured.

“We went to her room.” He paused, his eyes filled with tears. “But she was almost unconscious to go on with what we were planning …”

“Justin” I felt breathless.

“I did nothing but lay her down on her bed and cover her with a sheet. She fell asleep and my intention was to take care of her until she felt better.” I nodded following the thread of his story. “When I left her room I stayed at her door for a long time” He took a breath. "Then Bryce appeared, he was drugged and began to insist In that he wanted to enter the room, I told him that Jess was in there very badly. I wasn’t going to let him in.” I covered my mouth as I felt my heartbeat increase. “He manipulated me and entered the room, when I realized what would happen, I tried to remove him, but he pushed me out of the room and closed the door securely …”

“Stop it!” I practically screamed and closed my eyes. I could imagine what had happened then and now I understood why Jessica was crying and her sudden hatred of Justin. My head started to spin.

“I’m sorry” he sobbed.

I looked at him.

“It’s been weeks since that … And you barely spoke?” I chuckled, consumed with horror. Poor Jessica.

Then he explained me that it wasn’t by his will that he had to tell his girlfriend about what happened that night, she didn’t even know it, instead he brainwashed her with lies. Justin began to tell me that it had all started by tapes that Hannah Baker had left after her death, or rather, it came to them after. In these tapes, she explained the reasons why she decided to end her life and in each one spoke about someone specific and the actions they did against her and that led her to cut their veins and bleed in the tub. In one of those tapes, Hannah explained that she was in that room where Bryce Walker had raped Jessica Davis. At least those were Justin’s words.

“I think I’m going to vomit” I mumbled, looking away. “So … Is that why they’re acting like someone is going to kill them? On those tapes Hannah talks about you … about Zach, Jessica, Bryce, and how many more?” Justin nodded.

“I was the first … because of that damn photo that Bryce took”

“God, Justin, why didn’t you tell me?” He blinked confused.

“Are you not upset with me?”

“Of course I am! You’re an idiot and I shouldn’t forgive you! But it hurts me more than you haven’t trusted me”

“Like I said, I didn’t want to poison you with this. I didn’t want to lose you”

“Is that why you’re outside of your house at this hour?”

“Losing my girlfriend, a friend and now my best friend” He pointed at me “It’s not the only bad thing that happened to me this day”

“What else happened to you?”

“My mother’s boyfriend threw me out of the house after reading a summons”

“A summons?”

“Because of Hannah, they found evidence that points us … and well” He shrugged “I have nowhere to stay, they all turned their back on me, I know Bryce won’t do it but I don’t want to see him. Anyway, I’m sorry, Y/N, thank you for being my best friend”

He went down the steps of my house. I almost let him go but I snorted. At first i didn’t intervene because i knew nothing and he didn’t tell me, but now that he had done it, i couldn’t ignore our years of friendship and that he has always supported me. He will be an accomplice to a very serious crime, but i couldn’t bear to know that he was wandering the streets all night.

“Hey, idiot” I called him. He turned.

I walked resolutely toward him and hugged him. I wasn’t going to belong to that group that turned their back on him, because I wasn’t like them. I hadn’t done anything wrong and I wanted Justin, not to help him bother me for the rest of the night and maybe for the rest of my life in this place.



You’re a loner. You keep your distance. You travel freely through foreign lands. You’re rootless. You’re very comfortable here with your glass of Scotch, but you’re just as comfortable sleeping in a cave with rebels or sharing dinner in some hole-in-the-wall noodle shop. Your closest friends are strangers. You understand that tight bonds can make you vulnerable, so you’re careful not to have any. And that’s why you’re so conflicted about me. You need me. And you hate that about yourself, because it makes you vulnerable.

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Isaac Lahey Imagine- Because Of Me (Part 3)

Part 1      Part 2    Part4

“Brett!” you shouted for the hundredth time. You had been walking around the forest all night looking for him, ignoring the clear pain from every aching being of your body. Maybe Malia was right- you did need extra track practice. You walked and shouted until you physically couldn’t anymore so you sat on a mossy log to catch your breath. You took your phone out your bag and began to scroll through all your missed calls and texts. Three missed calls from Stiles, two from Kira and about seven from Malia. A text from Stiles, ‘Where the hell are you?’. Another from Liam, ‘We’re all worried, why didn’t you show up to the meeting?’. Two from Scott, ‘If you don’t get here now something must of happened and we’re coming to look for you’ and ‘We just got the memo, I hope everything’s ok, call me when you can’. Then there were several texts from Lydia, you didn’t open the chat you could already see what one said, ‘Isaac text me, what in the world?!?! I’m waiting for you in the coffee shop-’ you didn’t want to see the rest. You locked your phone and shoved it into your back pocket, “Great” you sighed. Now the whole pack pretty much knows what you’ve done. What were you thinking? On second thought you weren’t. Brett was the one thing you had going good for you and you blew it, all over some stupid fantasy that you could go back to Isaac and everything would be fine. You weren’t entirely sure who you hurt the most because at the moment you felt the most broken. You put your head in your hands, you know you’re hurt when the tears wont fall. Regardless, that was a real dick move for Isaac to tell your friends like that, without even talking to you about it.

You lifted your head and picked yourself back up, it was best that you went to the coffee shop, you knew Lydia would be worried about you and it wasn’t long until closing time. You huffed and began to head back in the same direction, pulling your bag onto your shoulder with a sense of nervousness and discomfort after the realization of being on your own, in the forest, at night without any supernatural defence kicked in. You were storming through the narrow trees when you heard a twig snap from behind you, due to Allison drilling some of her hunter training into you, your immediate reaction was to pick up the first branch you saw and snap it in half to get a pointed end. You then flung yourself around but they caught your arm before you could stab them. “Brett” you sighed, slowly lowering the stick and dropping it onto the ground. “I cant believe you would do this, with him of all people! It’s like the second he came back you became distant and started lying to me” he exclaimed, you were ashamed but there was a slight bit of relief when you saw how much he actually cared. “I know” you said staring at him. “Don’t deny it you-” he began but cut himself off after realising what you said. “I know I’ve been off with you, but can you blame me? Me and Isaac were together since freshman year, that’s how much we’ve been through together” you stated. “This isn’t about you and Isaac, Y/N. This is about us!” he shouted. “I’m sorry ok! I’m sorry I’ve been such a terrible girlfriend, I’m sorry I cant control my feelings and I’m sorry I’m not good enough. I’m not good enough for anyone!” you shouted back, with hurt more so than anger in your voice. “Why are you turning this back on me? You’re the one letting your ex latch onto you!” he was still shouting, but a bitterness had now crept in. “I’m done, I am so done” your lips quivered. “What do you mean you’re done? You were about to cheat on me, remember?” he was raising his voice, but no longer shouting. With the dignity and pride you had left you carried on walking, ignoring Brett calling your name.

By the time you got to the coffee house, your eyes were puffy and your face was drenched in not only tears but rain from the thunderstorm that had kindly hit you on the way there. You looked through the huge glass opening, seeing the dim yellow light that gave it a comforting and cosy warmth. There were a few people dotted around using the free Wi-Fi and a few staff members that were beginning to clean up. You glanced over to the queue to see Lydia was at the front ordering another cup, you took a deep breath and quickly opened the door. You walked straight over and the second she looked up at you, it just seemed to spill out. “Brett saw Isaac kissing me and I think I just broke up with him” you accidently said quite loudly, throwing your arms around and crying. Everyone stopped their conversations and it fell silent for a second, all their attention fell on you. You were standing there panting after getting that off your chest, with drenched hair and clothes. “Make that two coffees and bring them over” Lydia said quietly to the worker, handing him a 20 dollar bill. She then walked over and put her arm around you, pulling you to one side. They all finally returned to their conversations or put their earphones back in. “You didn’t read my text, did you?” she whispered giving you a sympathetic look. You shook your head with wide eyes and pulled out your phone before reading the text out loud, “…I’m waiting for you in the coffee shop- with the pack” you said slowly. You looked up to see them all sitting on the sofas in the far corner, staring at you awkwardly. You definitely didn’t sign up for this. She walked you over and you both sat on the sofa next to Kira and opposite Malia, Scott and Stiles. Liam was sitting on a single chair he had pulled over, nervously biting his nails. Scott gave you his jacket to put over your shoulders, after noticing you were shivering. They brought over two coffees and you held the mug in your hand, staring down at it. “You don’t have to talk about it, if you don’t want to” Kira smiled kindly. “Yes she does, now spill” Malia demanded. “Don’t act like you don’t already know, Isaac told you!” you exclaimed, still not looking up. “He only told us that Brett saw you studying with him and he flipped, that’s why you weren’t at the meeting” Scott added. You gave a loud sigh realising you had dropped yourself into this mess, not Isaac. “So back to the beginning, Isaac kissed you?” Stiles asked, clearly disappointed. “Not on the lips- just on the neck” you said, also realising how that sounded. Malia looked kind of happy, she hadn’t known Isaac for long but you guys were her otp, but you could tell she wished it was under better circumstances. “So wait, did you say you broke up with Brett?” Liam asked, also kind of happy. “I think so, I didn’t mean to but I’ve managed to screwed it all up” you groaned. “We can fix this!” Stiles said full of hope and optimism. “Well what if she doesn’t want it to be fixed?” Malia said glaring at Stiles. They then both proceeded to have a small squabble as to why you were better off with Isaac than Brett or Brett than Isaac. “What do you want?” Lydia asked, rubbing your arm comfortingly. “I don’t know anymore” you shook your head. This was certainly going to be a long night.

Luckily, the next day was a Saturday so you were able to avoid your friends for at least two more days. You were in your room listening to music but even that couldn’t drown out the loud thoughts swirling around your mind. You walked over to your wardrobe, pulling out the first decent outfit you saw and shoved it on. You actually remembered your jacket this time, after nearly drowning the night before. You hesitated for a moment, but thought against telling your friends where you were going (For the last month they made you text them whenever you went out alone). Instead you shoved your phone into your jacket pocket, grabbed your house keys and left. It wasn’t that late anyway. You wanted to go on a walk for a while, to take your mind off things and to clear your head. It’s something you used to do a lot of, before you were sucked into the supernatural world because now you get paranoid a lot. But today you weren’t going to let it bother you. Without a second thought you walked through a random empty side street, you were fine until you heard that noise. The noise that sends shivers down your spine, the noise that torments your nightmares. You slowly turned around to see them walking towards you. “Shit!” you whispered, running further down until you reached a dead end. Your shaky hands reached into your pocket and pulled out your phone, you knew you barley had enough time to make one call. You hesitated between Isaac and Brett, before realising you didn’t have either of them anymore. The second most reliable was Stiles because he always had his phone on him, “Pick up, Pick up” you panicked, noticing they were glitching closer and closer. “Hey it’s Stiles”. You sighed in relief but before you could open your mouth it continued, “You’ve reached my voicemail, so leave a message”. “This isn’t happening” you mumbled, running your hand through your hair. When it finally beeped you spoke as quick as you could, “Stiles I’m scared. The Dread Doctors are going to take me, please don’t let them kill me. I don’t know where I am and no one’s around. I’m so scared, you have to find me, please-” you began, while salty tears ran down your face. You looked around to see some rusty metal stairs that led to the roof of some old factory building. You threw your phone at the main dread doctor, you though it would buy you some time, but it just hit off its metal mask and smashed to the floor. You quickly ran over and up the stairs constantly turning to look behind you, when you didn’t see them at the bottom of the staircase you thought you’d lost them. But as you made it onto the roof there they were, already waiting for you. Typical- you should of seen that one coming.

“Do you think she’s ok?” Liam asked. “This is the second meeting she’s missed, something must be up” Malia said concerned. “Maybe she doesn’t want to see Isaac” Kira said nervously, while glancing at him. “She’s not coming” Stiles said, walking into Scott’s livingroom and holding his phone. He had tears in his eyes and he looked disappointed in himself. He played the voicemail for them all, all of them looked down at their hands or the floor while sitting on the edge of their seats. They couldn’t help but blame themselves for this happening. “We’re not letting them touch Y/N” Scott said, suddenly standing up. “What’s the plan?” Lydia asked, as the rest of them stood up. “Lydia, go and find Brett. Then go to her house and get him to catch her scent if he needs to” Scott began. “Malia, go with Isaac and try to find where she was taken. Look for any signs of struggle or emotions that can help us find her” he continued. “Kira, go with Liam and try to find their lab. Liam, remember to use all your senses to find it again.” “Stiles, come with me” he continued. “So wait, where are you going?” Liam asked. “If anyone knows it’ll be Theo. We’ll speak to him” Scott answered. “Great” Stiles muttered. “Keep your phones on” Scott stated, as they all flooded back out of his front door.

Lydia took her car and met Brett outside his house, he climbed into the passenger seat and sank into the chair.” Do you erm, need to get her scent?” Lydia asked softly. “No I’ve got it” he said rubbing his face. “This is my fault, I shouldn’t of shouted at her, then she wouldn’t need to go on one of her walks” Brett said shaking his head. “This isn’t your fault, we’re going to find her ok. I promise” Lydia said, glancing at him. “If anything happens to her I’ll never forgive myself” he claimed. “She’s a hard nut to crack, she’ll be fine” Lydia assured. Meanwhile, Isaac and Malia traced your scent to the side street. “That’s her phone” Malia said picking it up. “I think she went up here” Isaac continued, running up the stairs with Malia shorty behind. They noticed the small pool of blood that had stained the floor. “There was definitely a struggle and she’s hurt” Malia exclaimed. “She was scared, angry and for some reason amused” Isaac said furrowing his brows. “Sounds like Y/N” Malia told. “I should of been here, I should of always been here” Isaac mumbled. “How I see it, you cant change the past but you can change the future. So there’s no point blaming yourself when you could be out there looking for her” Malia advised. He nod his head and they carried on looking. “I’m going to find her, I need to” he whispered to himself. “Does this, you know smell familiar to you?” Kira asked. “I’m not sure, I cant do this without Scott” Liam replied. “Yes you can, I know you can. Do it for Y/N, she needs us” Kira encouraged. “What if I screw up? What if she dies because I’m too stupid to figure it out?” Liam asked, kicking the wall of the random tunnel they were in. “Don’t think like that, just breathe” Kira soothed. Liam took her advice and stopped to think for a minute, before tuning in his senses. “It might be this way” he shouted, as the two of them ran through the network of tunnels. “Theo” Scott called. “We know you’re here you little runt” Stiles added. Scott punched Stiles in the arm gently to shut him up, to which Stiles acted like he’d been hit by a hammer. “What do you want?” Theo asked walking forward. “We know you’re working with the dread doctors, where’s their little den?” Stiles asked. “I have no idea what you’re talking about” Theo replied, giving Stiles a sarcastic smile. “They have Y/N” Scott intervened, not wanting to hear them argue again. “Y/N? Why would they take her?” Theo questioned, clearly bewildered. Even though he was a power hungry sociopath, you had always got along with him and he promised he would never hurt you. “Show us where the lab is and we can save her” Stiles said. Theo huffed but still followed Scott and Stiles out to the jeep.

When your eyes finally drifted open you were met with a throbbing pain on your thigh. You looked down to see you had a huge slash mark from the struggle you had on the roof top. Your one arm was chained down so you couldn’t stand up or move very far. You rolled over slightly, your eye sight was still kind of blurry but you could see the shadows of the dread doctors moving. From what you knew about them, it wouldn’t be long until you were strapped down and made one of their experiments. You clenched your eyes shut, out of all the things you’d seen they were by far the creepiest. Even though you’d faced the Alpha in sophomore year, were paralysed by the Kanima, almost killed by the Alpha pack and Darach, watched two of your friends die from the Nogitsune and one suffer from it, helped your friends survive the Deadpool and even came face to face with The Beast, yet still something about the Dread Doctors made your skin crawl. You were lying there, feeling so weak and useless. Maybe being made a fake supernatural creature wasn’t such a bad thing, even if you died you could at least experience power for once, rather than being a useless human waiting to be saved all the time. “Please don’t hurt me” you groaned still in pain, as one of them began to walk over to you. It didn’t speak, it just made noises of banging metal and steam. You closed your eyes again, but before it reached out to touch you, a loud growl echoed around the lab. Along with the sound of loud footsteps from people running shortly behind. There was a fight and a half, you’d never heard them shout and scream so loud while giving out punches and kicks. That’s when you felt someone yank the chains from the wall and pry them off you. You rubbed your wrist and opened your eyes. They put their hand at the back of your head and helped you sit up. “It’s ok, I’m here now, you’re safe” he said softly. “It’s you” you smiled wildly, staring into his eyes. “It’s me” he smiled back, running his hands through your hair. “You saved me” you said weakly, while wincing due to him taking some of your pain away. It was him…

Cliff hanger, I know… Send in your requests as to who you want it to be, Brett or Isaac. I also interpreted a few requests into one, even if I don’t reply to them I would of still seen it x

080314 Radio

DJ: Then let’s have the other members compare Sooyoung’s voice to food. Tiffany…tell us.
Tiff: *scratches head*
YR: Cucumber. It’s like cucumber.
Jess: *yelp* I really hate those!
SY: I don’t want to be hated by Jessica.
YR: You know how cucumbers snap into two clean pieces…very fresh.
Jess: There are many other fresh veggies.
YR: But cucumber is the best fit.
Tiff: Watermelon.
Jess: *yelp*
DJ: Watermelon? She hates that too.
SY: Any kind of melons.
DJ: So the others really felt the same way?
YR: Yes, we all got separated so we missed each other a lot. We are like a family. So I sent a text message saying, “I am just watching TV, How about you?”
Jess: Yuri and I did video calling…because we missed each other…
TY: You never called me. Mine is a Videophone too.
Tiff: It’s ok Taeyeon. We did it when you graduated.
Jess: Yuri called me. Taeyeon. Yuri called me.
Tiff: We did it on the graduation day.
SY: I will buy a Videophone.
*After Jess and Tiff duet*
TY: Well done! JeTi JeTi!
Jess: Taeyeoooon *squeals*
DJ: *reading fan message* “You two sang with so much love. I want to join you two.”
SY: I felt that too. When they were facing each other, Jessica’s eyes showed so much love…
Jess: I am shivering…
DJ: Why?
Jess: Right now I am shivering from the top of my head to my feet… So I asked Yuri to hold my hand and Seohyun to hug me…
Tiff: Don’t make an excuse.
DJ: Why?
Jess: I don’t know why…
Tiff: I think she likes me!
DJ: Right…she might have fell in love with Tiffany…
YR: No way!
TY: What the hell is going on…?
DJ: Did you hear that? While we were chatting lightly, Taeyeon said, “What the hell is going on…” Of course, she is the leader.

anonymous asked:

hi! can you please do a soulmate wonwoo au? smutty or fluffy, i'm sure i'd love it either way!!!!

Anonymous said:can you please write a wonwoo bestfriend au? i love your writing ❤️

these have been in my inbox forever, so i’m doing it in bullet form! (also, it’s gonna be a little more soulmate than best friend but there are aspects of both!)

-first off, you’d both be so oblivious to the fact that you two were made for each other

-you’d both date a ton of people and would hold each other through heartbreak 

-and all of ur friends were like

-fuckin DATE

-but you two are like what who? them? nahhhhhh

-and one day you buy a new house and wonwoo is helping you paint the rooms

-and he splashes a little bit on you and you come back full force

-and you end up flinging paint at each other and splattering the walls with blues and reds

-and you’re laughing and he’s smiling really wide and you reach down to grab another glob of paint to sling at his face

-but when you come back up he’s? right there? in your face?

-and you lean your back against the wall and you could give less of a shit if your paint-covered back of your shirt leaves a huge streak on the wall

-he puts both of his hands on either sides of you

-and he just goes for it and kisses u? and you get a little paint on your nose and when you reach up to pull him closer by his neck, there’s a clump of blue paint that slides down his shirt and back

-but he doesn’t give a shit either

-and you two are making out and leaving paint streaks along the walls and you just realize how well his lips fit with yours?

-and you’re knocking over paint cans onto the plastic on the floor and watching them swirl into beautiful purples

-and you’re just wondering how you missed this before

-and so from then on you guys do everything together

-and he’ll count the stars with you at night until you fall asleep

-and you two will show up at each other’s houses with flowers for the other person

-and you find that he still has the old ones you gave him and so do you

-falling asleep in each other’s arms is not rare in the slightest

-and if one of you is hurt the other one feels it 100%

-and you realize in the quiet spaces between ‘i love you’s’ that you’d never want to be anywhere else


I can not believe I am here right now. I wasn’t supposed to be here until I was married, or at least in my twenties.

Where were you exactly? Nowhere just your bathroom, taking a freakin’ pregnancy test!

You had missed two periods, count them, two. The first one didn’t raise any red flags since you’re pretty irregular and you period just shows up whenever it feels like, but when the second month past with no period you knew something was up.

‘Hey, is everything OK in there (Y/N)?’ Liam asked from the other side of the bathroom door.

Liam your boyfriend, and if this thing comes out positive, your baby’s father.

Nothing about right now is OK.

‘Yeah, just nervous with all the waiting.’ you said.

Just then the timer on your phone beeped and you looked at the result.

‘Liam.’ you said as you opened the door.

‘What did it say?’ he asked sounding nervous, eager and terrified all at once.

‘Positive I’m pregnant.’ you announce.

Liam looked like he honestly didn’t know what to do so he did the next best thing.

He fainted.

‘Figures, I’m going to go through hell for nine months and you’re the one who faints.’

Requested by this lovely  punk-beta


Characters: Namjoon X Jungkook X Reader

Genre: Fluff and Angst

Word Count: 2350

Requested by Anonymous: Hello :) I’d like to request a Jungkook scenario where your Namjoons sister and dating Jungkook. Maybe a little angst but a happy ending? Sorry if it doesn’t make any sense. Thank you :)

I tried my best anoniee, i honestly hope you enjoy.


Originally posted by smolbean-v

You loved Kim Nam Joon with all your heart, he always took care of you, always treated you like the most precious flower of the garden, no one was above you, no one. He was the best big brother you could ask, even if he wouldn’t always be present, he’d always make a way to be there for you, cause you were his little sister. But you had interest in someone else though. Jeon Jung Kook.

The name made you feel butterflies in your stomach, a feeling you were unsure, was it a good or a bad thing? But over time the feeling increased to a point where it was unbearable to be in the same room as him and not being able to touch his hand, to be held by him, to experience his love, you couldn’t take it anymore, living without knowing the feel of being loved by him.

You needed to know if he felt something for you, and some signs you noticed made you believe he did, as soon as you confirmed his feelings, you opened your heart for him.

You moved your body towards the rehearsal room, the music was reaching it’s end as you approached, and when you positioned yourself in front of the door, it opens.

“Y/N, what are you dong here” your big brother asked, weary, cleaning his sweaty face with a white towel.

“Hi oppa” you grinned “i came to check on you, i remember you said you’d be here around 6 practicing, and i was just sitting home doing nothing” He moved closer and pecked you on the cheek.

“I said i’d finish at 6 dummy.” he tucks your hair behind your left ear.

“Oh, i thought you meat- ”

“It’s ok, i have something to do right now, but why don’t you come home with us later and have dinner? I just need to talk with the boys, or, if you prefer we can have dinner just the two of us.”

“oh no, it’s fine, if the boys don’t mind i’d like to have dinner with them, i haven’t seen them in a while.” you suggested, hoping to hear a positive reaction.

“Hey guys” his voice increases volume as he enters the room to face the other members. “Is it ok if Y/N dines with us tonight?”

“Hello” you waved and entered the room after your brother, being greeted by the members who showed they missed you as much.

“Of course it is, hi Y/N” Hoseok comes closer to you and puts his arm around your shoulder. “It’s been a while since we’ve laid eyes on you.” He lightly pinched your nose “How are you?”

“I’m fine oppa, i’ve missed you guys.” you giggled.

“You are always welcome to dine with us” Jin stated “I’ll add a plate to the table tonight.” He came closer and patted you on the head.

“Jin-oppa” you whined “Don’t do that, you know i don’t like it.” after you spoke your brother did the same thing. “Oppa!” you whined louder, causing all the members to chuckle.

“You are like our little sister too Y/N, sorry.” Jin spoke before turning around and grabbing his bag. “I’m going home now to get things ready. Who is coming with me?”
Taehyung, Jimin, and Hoseok raised theirs hands and grabbed the bags.

“Namjoon and i have some things to take care off in the studio, so we’ll meet you later.” Yoongi spoke getting closer to the center. “Jungkook, you still need to clean everything up, today is your turn.”

“I know Hyung” he got up. “I’ll meet you at the house.”

“What about you Y/N? Do you want to go home with us” Jin asked.

“I think i’ll stay and help Jungkook, he is all by himself.” You made it sound as you pitied him, when in reality you didn’t, all you wanted was to spend time with him.

“I could use some help.” Jungkook looked indifferent towards the situation.

“Ok then, Y/N can help him, we can go to the studio, and the rest of you can go home.” Yoongi spoke and everyone grabbed their belongings and began to exit the room.

“Dinner will be ready at 8:30, so don’t be late any of you.” Jin demanded and everyone agreed. After everyone left your brother winked at you before leaving the room, and Yoongi lightly waved.

Alone. You were finally alone, you could feel your heart pumping harder, faster, just from his presence.You stood still as he approached, he passed right by your side grabbing your hand in direction to the door and locked it, he turns to face you and crashed his lips into yours, savoring it and enjoying every second, slowly moving his lips.

“I missed you so much!” he beamed looking into your eyes.

“It’s been almost a week since the last time we met. I’m glad you told me today was your cleaning day, i couldn’t take this any longer” you smiled brightly. You were happy to finally be in his arms, kiss his lips. He grabbed you by your waist and lifted you up, too high.

“Jungkook, put me down.” you told him between laughs. You wanted to go down, but that was the perfect view to see his beautiful smile, and even better was to know that you were the cause.

You secretly date Jeon Jung Kook for 2 months now, the day you decide to text him about your feelings was the day you found out he felt the same way, he never said anything because of who you are. —His Hyung’s little sister, he wasn’t sure what the out come would be, but he didn’t care, cause after you confessed, he couldn’t keep his feelings hidden, he couldn’t bare knowing that he was in love with a girl that was also in love with him, and do nothing.

After helping your boyfriend clean the room, and put everything in the respective place you sit on the couch and rest.

“When are you planning on telling him” he asked with concern in his eyes.

“I don’t know, soon?”

“You said that last time, you need to tell him Y/N, i don’t want him to find out by accident. He deserves better.”

“You’re right.” you sigh “i’ll tell him tomorrow.” you got up. “Now let’s go meet them upstairs and head to the apartment, i’m  starving” He got up, and pulled you closer to him, kissing your lips.

“Promise me you’ll tell him tomorrow.” he gazed your orbs, and you were mesmerized by his brown eyes.

“I will, i promise i will.”

The next day you lunched with your brother, and he helped you carry groceries to your apartment.

“So, do you need anything else?” he asked inside the apartment, dropping some groceries on the counter.

“No oppa, i’m fine i just… want to talk to you.” you closed the door.

“What is it?” he sat on a chair near the dining table.

“Well I’m dating someone.” you stood in front of him.

“My little baby is dating hum? That’s a new one. When will i meet him?” curiosity struck his face,
he had his signature grin on his lips.

“Actually, you already do… it’s Jungkook” you spoke sheepishly.

“You’re funny” He giggled. “Now seriously, who is it?” he smiled waiting for your response.

“It’s Jungkook, oppa… we’ve been seeing each other for a while now” you waited for his reaction, and you saw his emotions, he wasn’t pleased, not at all.

“Are you kidding me? Y/N tell me you’re joking, this isn’t funny!” he raised his voice just enough to make you uncomfortable.

“He is a good guy, you talk about him all the time, how much he puts effort into things and caring he is, he makes me happy oppa!”

“He is not suppose to date you! Why did you even considered that? Why didn’t you talk to me first?! Now is not the time for him to be dating! Especially you!” his tone was at a level where you could feel his anger boiling up.

“He is happy oppa, i am happy isn’t that what matters? I thought you’d approve.”

“That’s not the point Y/N, you should’ve talked to me first. And i’m gonna talk with him, how could he do this? Right behind my back?”

“Oppa, i might not good enough for him since i’m not from this industry, but i-”

“Don’t you ever say something like that, you’re good enough, you’re too god for him, doesn’t matter if your an idol or not.” he paused and sighed “he is the one who is not good enough for you.” his tone was low, calmer. “You are not gonna see him again” he demanded.

“What? You can’t do that!”

“I can, and i am! You are forbidden to go too our apartment unless I’m there, and i’ll talk to him about this. This relationship is over.”

“Oppa, stop! You can’t do that!” you tried to reason with him.

“It’s settled! You are not going to the house again, unless i’m there” he ended the conversation, and left the apartment.

You tried to talk to your brother, but he didn’t listen, he talked to Jungkook, explained why he didn’t want you dating him, and next thing you know Jungkook stopped replying to your texts, he didn’t answer your calls, and he stopped showing up at your secret meeting spots, all he left was text message saying “I’m sure Namjoon-hyung talked to you already, and i agree with him. So let’s stop seeing each other.”

That text broke your heart, you insisted on texting him, calling him, but he wouldn’t answer you, you missed him a lot, and you blamed only one person, your big brother. You were angry at him, you pushed him away, he tried to make you understand, but you didn’t want to listen, all you wanted was to feel happy, just like you were a month ago when you were dating Jungkook. And he pushed you away too, he was the first person you’ve developed feelings like this, thinking about it, you realized it wasn’t just a crush, you had deeper feelings for him, you loved him, and you had to let him know.

You left your house at 1am on a Thursday, you heard Namjoon talk on the phone about Jungkook being at the studio late tonight cause he needed to practice his solo, and that’s the chance you had, to make him listen. To make him know how much you loved him.

You entered the building using your brothers key, and you quietly approached the room where the music was playing. You peeked and you saw him, dancing his heart out to the song, feeling the melody. You took a step forward and opened the door, catching his attention.

“Y/N… What are you doing here?” he stood, staring at you surprised.

“I…” your felt tears forming in your eyes, was it that hard to stay away from him? Your body involuntarily moved towards him, running, throwing your body against his, hugging him. “I miss you so much” you said in between sobs.

“Y/N…” he weakly spoke your name, he knew you missed him, he just didn’t know it was this much. “I miss you too” he finally hugged you back, tightly.

“I have to tell something.” you pulled away from the hug, he wipes the tears from your eyes with his thumb, as they keep falling. “I realized something important”

“What is it?” he spoke calmly.

“I love you… i began to love you from the moment you kissed me, from the moment you told me that you liked me too. I love you Jungkook, and that is the reason i’m not able to get over you, you mean too much for me, i’ve never felt like this for no one.”

“Y/N… you know i care about you too, but… there’s more than just that. Being with me is not the best thing for you.” his hands placed your face.

“I don’t care, i don’t care what Namjoon oppa told you, i just want to be with you.” you hugged him again, pouring your feelings into the hug.

“I want to be with you too, you know i love you too.” he sighed.

“I knew you’d come here.” a familiar voice to both of you spoke from the door, you turn to face the owner.

“Oppa, i was just-”

“You heard my conversation today, and came to see him.” his arms crossed.

“Hyung, she started crying i just wanted to make her feel better, i-”

“Jungkook” he paused “I’m sorry i made things hard on you, you too Y/N” he looses his posture. You and Jungkook are surprised by his apology.”

“I didn’t realize how in love you were with each other, i just thought about how much you could get hurt by the industry, get hate by fans, so many other things i forgot about the most important thing. Your happiness, that is what matters in the end, and your too Jungkook.”

You both couldn’t believe what you heard. “Oppa, i’m sorry i was rude to you, and pushed you  away.”

“I understand why you did it, and i missed you” You leave Jungkook’s side and went to hug your big brother.  

“I missed you too oppa.” he hugged you back. “Does this mean i get to be with…” you looked at the  third person in the room.

“Well, he was just as miserable as you were, so i guess it’s better to have you both together and happy.” he smiled.

“Is that a yes?” jungkook asked with a smile on his lips.

“Don’t make me regret saying it” Namjoon teased.

You let go of him and went to Jungkook kissing him on the lips. “Hey hey!” he yelled “I’m still in the room! No kissing in front of me, or i’ll take every word back.” you both chuckled at his demand.

“Sorry oppa” you smiled.


PART 1  || PART 2 \ PART 3 || PART 4

You didn’t know what to think the moment that you saw the wolf come out in front of you. You felt that you should be afraid, that you should run away, a natural instinct when you see a wolf that was taller and larger than normal, almost eye level with you. But then you remembered that this wolf saved your life, helping you get back to town. But what actually made you feel at ease, where the color of his eyes.

The familiar hazel color, a warm color that sparkled with intelligence, these weren’t the eyes of a rabid animal, like the way many people thought, and this eyes were genuinely caring. They actually reminded you of Ashton, the shade almost an exact match, still finding the lively gleam that he has. You looked around hoping that Ashton would be near, but he was nowhere in sight, most likely still disengaging traps.

You looked back at the wolf, his head cocked to the side with a questioning look to you, “hey Pup, I missed you”, you said with a smile.

Instantly the wolf’s ears perked up, at hearing how happy you were, his tail wagging happily, reminding you even more of an overgrown puppy. His eyes perked up even more. He trotted over to you, approaching you not too fast, so you wouldn’t be too scared of him. He stood right in front of you, sitting right in front of you, as his tail wags on the ground. His head was slightly lowered as his nose tapped your arm.

You raised your hand to his sandy colored fur, feeling the soft fur underneath your fingers. You noticed how Pup was leaning into your touch, relaxing as you pet his head. Your hands reached for his ears, feeling the fur there even softer, you were happy as you pet him.

“You really are like a giant puppy”, you said to him.

“Yip”, he answered.

“I wish I would have brought you a squeaky toy or a doggy treat”, you said with a chuckle.

You noticed that Pup, scrunched up his nose at the mention of those things. You laughed knowing that he actually understood.

“Fine no puppy treats for you”, you said while letting out a laugh, “look at me I’m talking to a wolf, a wolf that actually understands me, I wonder if I’m hallucinating”, you said petting once again.

The wolf looked up at you, and gave you one large lick. His tongue leaving behind his saliva that you weren’t too fond of, all up your face.

“Eww, why would you do that?” you said as you wiped off your face, “how does Ashton put up with you?”

“Yip”, he said excitedly at hearing the mention of Ashton.

“So you like Ashton too”, you said and immediately blushed, at hearing that you admitted your liking to Ashton.

“Yip”, he answered that you took as a yes.

“So you approve of me liking him”, you asked, as you went to pet him.

“Yip”, he answered eagerly as his tail wagged just as eager.

“Good, I thought you would”, you said, “where is Ashton anyway?” you asked hoping that he would show up any second, you were already missing him.

You kept looking around, hoping to see any sign of Ashton. It wasn’t that you didn’t enjoy Pup’s company; it’s just that you wanted Ashton here too. You really had grown too attached to him, and with your almost kiss, you just wanted to know that things weren’t awkward between the two, despite him being ok with it. You let your mood drop a bit, you wanted to spend the day with him, yet he wasn’t here.

Pup instantly noticed your mood; he let out a small whine, his eyes reflecting the sadness that you were feeling. He looked almost guilty, when you knew that it wasn’t his fault. He pushed away from your hand, and gave you another lick, hoping that you would cheer up at his loving gesture. Knowing that you still weren’t as happy as you were, he laid down on the ground, his large paw covering up his eyes, uncovering them as well, almost like he was playing peek a boo with you. You laughed at him, seeing him trying to make you happy, which he was doing quite well.

“I guess I shouldn’t be sad, besides Ashton has to go make sure there are no traps for you”, you said petting him, “he does take good care of you doesn’t he?”


“I guess that I can’t be mad at him then, besides I don’t think that I can be mad at him to begin with”, you said petting him.

“but if you ever need help, I live straight that way”, you said pointing in the direction that you and Ashton came from, “the house overlooks the forest, just howl or something, and I’ll come right down, I promise”, you said as you nuzzled your face into his, letting your face get tickled by his fur.

You spent some time just playing with Pup, letting your mood lighten, as well as letting time pass before Ashton’s arrival. He would nudge your body with his nose, before running around, almost like if he was playing tag. It amazed you how smart this wolf was, understanding, and much more, it made you wonder if this wolf has had some sort of owner, or lived too close to people, that it picked up mannerisms of both a friend and a pet.

You were about to tag the wolf, when you saw him run in front of you, as he started deeper into the forest, a growl emanating from his mouth as he bared his teeth. He was crouching, his paws firmly planted on the ground, almost ready to pounce should whatever threat that he was growling should come too near. The way his was crouching, was almost reminding you of Ashton that day in the alleyway, when Ashton was protecting you from that man, the way he made sure that you were behind him, almost as if to protect you.

“Pup, is something wrong?” you asked trying to see what he was look at but you couldn’t tell or hear what he was growling at.

Pup looked back at you, similar to the way Ashton did in the alleyway, convincing you more that the wolf and Ashton, spent a long time together, seeing as how they similar mannerisms. Pup’s eyes stared at you, almost reminding you so much of Ashton. One of his ears twitched in the direction that he had been staring at a while ago, and he instantly growled, and ran off in that direction.

You felt scared; you were now alone in the middle of the forest. You didn’t know what to do, you had no idea where Ashton was, and whatever was out there, had made Pup so mad that he had to run off. You tried to think of going back home, but what would Ashton do, if he didn’t find you where he left you. You began shouting his name, hoping that he would hear you and run back to you. You your stomach turn and clench, as panic was spreading over your body, you shouted louder, and hoped that he would come sooner.

You heard something snap behind you, and as you turned you finally saw Ashton turn out of the woods. You were instantly relieved and ran to him, his arms instantly wrapped around you, pulling you close, smelling the scent of the woods on his skin, calming you so much. You heard Ashton, whispering calm words into your hair, as he rubbed your back.

“We have to go, there are people hunting in the forest”, he said to your ear, “we have to go, it may not be safe”, he said to you.

You nodded, and his hand slip into yours, filling the spaces of your fingers with his. He pulled you thought the forest, making sure to avoid where ever the hunters were, to make sure that no one would accidentally hurt either of you. He quietly made his way out of the forest, leading you to the clearing, far from whatever was in the forest, yet still concealed from everything else.

“Where were you?” you whispered.

“I’m sorry (Y/N), there were some animals that were caught, and I could see that you were fine, I wouldn’t have been gone if I knew you were in trouble”, he said his hands still holding you.

“How do you know that I was fine?” you asked.

“I saw you with Pup, I was heading back just to make sure that you were fine, even though there were still a few traps, but I saw you with Pup and knew you were safe hands…paws… you get me”, he said with a laugh, “it wasn’t until I saw him dash away that I thought that we should get out of there”, he said frantically.

“How do you know their hunting?”

“I saw them, they were carrying guns, I can’t believe they have stooped that low, it’s bad enough certain animals get caught in their traps, now some might die because of them”, he said angrily, “are you ok?”

“I’m sorry today went so bad”, he said with a sad face.

“No its fine, I got to see Pup, so it wasn’t that bad, it would have been better if we both got to play with him”, you said shyly.

“So you really aren’t scared of him?”

“How many times do I have to tell you, I’m not afraid of him, no matter what anyone says”, you said confidently.

“I can officially see that now”, he said with a smile.

“Hey want to see what Pup and me where playing?” you said wanting to move onto another topic.

“You were playing with Pup?” he asked with a quirky look on his face.

“Well I had to keep myself entertained, since someone left me in the middle of the forest”, you said with a teasing voice.

“I already said I’m sorry about that”, he said nudging your shoulder.

“Still, ok so…tag you’re it”, you said touching his chest, as you began to run away from Ashton.

Ashton was surprised, giving you a moment to put distance between you and him before he started running after you. You could hear the sound of his feet catching up to you, fueling you with more energy to run faster. You felt happy as the wind was hitting your face as you ran; you let out a few laughs. You knew that Ashton could easily catch up to you, but instead kept his distance for you as you heard him laugh. Your breath was already speeding, giving your body the oxygen it needed to keep running as well as the strain in your legs, but you still kept running, able to ignore it as you ran.

You were running out of breath, and before you knew Ashton’s arms wrapped around your waist pulling you towards his chest. You could feel the rise and fall of his chest against your back, it wasn’t as quick as yours, but with each rise you could feel his body firmly against yours. Ashton’s breath fanned your neck, the warm breath making your body shiver. His body felt so warm, almost like running a fever, making the warmth radiate onto your skin. You could feel his arms tightening a bit more, pulling your body even closer to yours.

You wiggled in his arms, giving you space, but still not letting go, and you not wanting him to let you go. You turned and faced him, his hazel eyes looking at you with a loving look. You knew that you were attracted to Ashton; you could almost feel it between you both, the sparks igniting the more that you spent in his arms. You looked at his lips, wondering if they felt as soft as they looked. You were going to kiss him earlier today, and now it was like you were getting a second chance to kiss him, and you didn’t want to let the chance get away.

You leaned up, hoping that he wouldn’t push you away. Ashton leaned in as well; your eyes were fluttering close, feeling the warmth of his breath on your lips. There was a moment of hesitation between you both, neither sure if this was ok. But before the moment died, you closed the space between your lips.

His lips were so warm, just like the rest of his body. His lips were still against yours, neither moving your lips, and then slowly his lips started moving against yours. They brought your lips to your life, moving against his. You could feel the spark with each kiss that you shared. Your arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him closer to you, as his arms wrapped around your waist, as he leaned more into you. You felt your body tremble with excitement, as he kissed your more, you could feel his body tremble as well, almost like a growl. His hold on your waist tightened as he kissed you more. He bit your lower lip, tugging it, making you gasp a bit; he took the advantage and explored your mouth with his tongue. He kissed you deeper, letting his tongue dance with yours, making you moan.

Your lungs began to ache wanting to get fresh air. And as you broke the kiss, Ashton leaned into you, following your lips, not wanting to let go of your lips. You blushed at seeing Ashton wanting to kiss you again; you bit your lip, hoping that would keep you from kissing him, not that you didn’t want to.

“Do you regret kissing me?” he asked, his breath brushing your lips, teasing you to kiss him again.

“No, I regret not kissing you sooner”, you answered him, feeling your cheeks warm more, “do you regret it.”

Your hands reached for his, letting your fingers hold his. You looked down at his hands, not wanting to look into his hazel colored eyed, because you weren’t sure if he would regret it. Suddenly he let go of your hands, making your heart ache because you thought that he did regret it, but then he reached for hand, bringing it up his lips to give it a firm kiss, making you gasp.

“Nope not at all”, he whispered to the back of your hand.

You smiled bashfully, your face warmer than before, as you leaned up to place a chaste kiss which he welcomed, instantly feeling that small spark when his lips met yours.

“We should get you back home, before anyone sees you here”, he said as his locked his hands with yours.

“Would it be bad for someone to see me here?” you asked.

“Well I did sort of get rid of a few traps, so those people might be mad at seeing that, I wouldn’t want them to blame you. They already know it’s me, I don’t want them harassing you about it, plus you can tell that the people here don’t like me, I wouldn’t want them to shun you because you were seeing with me”, he said disappointedly.

“Ashton”, you said placing your hand on his cheek to tilt him to look at you, “I honestly don’t care what people say about me, I like you, I really like you, if I should try to impress anyone it would be you. I’m not ashamed of you, let them talk if they want, because I’m happy with you”, you said pouring your feelings out for him.

“You don’t need to try to impress me”, he said leaning down to kiss your lips, “you already do. I really like you too” he said obviously letting you know that he felt the same for you, “but still I don’t want them to hurt you, I can handle their harassment, but if I can protect you from that, then I will”, he said firmly, “id protect you from anything (Y/N)”, he said kissing you, “let’s get you back home”.

He held your hand, and pulled you back to your home. Each step letting your shoulders touch, letting your bodies touch, loving the small spark that you felt, the warmth of his body seeping onto your skin. His thumb drew small circles on your hand, as he pulled you closer so that you could be pressed more. You couldn’t stop smiling the whole way home, and as you looked over at Ashton, you noticed that he couldn’t either, seeing the small pink tint on his cheeks the whole way home.


You were in your room, getting ready for bed as you replayed the memories of today. Your fingers brushed against your lips, remembering the way Ashton kissed you. You instantly began blushing as you remembered the way Ashton pinned you against a tree and kissed you, as you were nearing your home. The way his lips moved against yours, almost urgently like if this was the last kiss he would ever give you. His lips peppered kisses across your face, making you let out a small moan when he kissed your neck, making Ashton want to kiss you more but he kept himself from kissing you deeper.   

There was something addicting about his kisses, there was something addicting about him in general. Although you had recently met him, you couldn’t help but be drawn to him; it was like there was something that pulled you to him, wanting to be near him. You knew that you did like Ashton, but that was quickly changing, you could see yourself loving him, and you didn’t care, because it seemed that he felt the same as well.

Your hands traveled touching the various places that he had kissed you, wondering when he would do that again, because you knew that there was going to be another time.

You looked out the window with a smile, today was a great day. You looked down at the clock and noticed that it was a bit passed midnight, and knew that you should get to some sleep soon, seeing as how Ashton said he would be here to take you out to breakfast date, which you eagerly agreed to. You began to lie on your bed hoping that you dream of playing with Pup and Ashton in the woods far away from the judging eyes. But just as you were letting sleep take over you heard a howl, right outside your window.

A painful howl.

You looked out your window, and there outside was the wolf. You instantly got dressed, wondering what was wrong. You raced outside the door, hoping that your aunt or cousin, or anyone would wake up to see Pup right outside the door. You made sure to leave the door unlocked, and walked over to the wolf.

Your heart was racing with worry, what had happened to make him come all the way here to see you. Once Pup saw you began to walk over to you, and our instantly noticed the limp in his step. You’re eyes widened, he was hurt. You ran over to him, not wanting him to walk any further, wanting to keep him from getting hurt.

And sure enough when you reached him, his right front leg was bleeding; the fur mangled showing you the clear gashes on it. Pup instantly tried to take one more step, but the moment that he applied pressure to his injured paw, he collapsed letting out a pained whine.

Pup was hurt, badly, and you weren’t sure what to do.









WELL BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Okay, I’m sure this has been posted before on here, but I only just watched this and IT BROKE ME. It broke me for good. (shashaaussi, thank you for making this. I’m dead.)

Please find enclosed the comment that speaketh to my soul

(bad translation: Ok, I have two options, 1) He’s the best actor in the entire universe or 2) He is actually in love with her. I can’t cope with his perfection.)

It’s what I’ve been thinking/saying since I first watched the show. The acting is unreal, all the minuscule moments that you miss at first or second watch and in this video are slowed down and underlined… They speak volumes with their eyes, especially Nico, whose character’s thoughts are completely obscure to us, unlike Rae’s. We feel like we really know Finn, and if you think about it, we have no facts about his life other than he’s fit, he plays football and loves music. We didn’t even get the most important part of his life explained to us. (*angry cough* mother situation). But he’s so fleshed out as a character, has so much depth and shows such a wide spectrum of emotion, that I can honestly say that I know what he was thinking in each episode/moment.

And it all comes down to the acting. I am forever in awe of the cast for mmfd. 


Day 21- Ugly (Embarrassing) Sweaters

(Who leaves things to the last minute?! ME!! Sorry guys! Hopefully I can make up for it with the last few drabbles tonight!)

“Did you get one?”
“Yeah, I got one, did you?”
“Ah yeah. You gonna give it to me or what?”
“Yeah yeah, here. Give me mine.”
“What the fuck is this?”
“I could ask you the same Aho. How am I supposed to wear this to the party?!”
“At least yours isn’t fuckin embarrassing.”
“How the fuck is this not embarrassing?!”

*one hour later*

“Kise-kun, can you grab the door?”
Nodding, Kise made his way through the mass of bodies to the front door, laughing as he saw sweater after sweater as he went, all of them ugly, hilarious, or downright dirty. This was the best idea he had ever had, and he was happily surprised his boyfriend had agreed to it. Even more surprised when all their friends and their partners decided the same thing and actually showed up. Of course there were two large members missing, the blonde wondering where Aomine and Kagami were.
Pulling the door open, Kise grinned at the two men at the entrance, “Ah! Kagamicchi, Aominecchi, I was just wondering where you were! Come in!”
Both men stepped into the brightly lit room, immediately feeling the warmth from the fireplace, the heat seeping into their bones. They eyed each other warily, both gripping their coats a bit tighter.
“Here, I’ll take your coats. It’s probably super-hot in them now.”
Kagami smiled and shook his hand, Aomine waving the blonde off shakily.
“No it’s ok Kise, we’re fine.”
“What? It’s so warm in here though, are you sure?”
As Kise was frowning, a shorter male appeared next to him, making Aomine and Kagami jump slightly.
“Kagami-kun, Aomine-kun, take your coats off. It’s the rules.”
Aomine turned his head, his face bored, but he still didn’t remove his coat, “Those are stupid rules. We wore the sweaters and that was the only condition on coming.”
Kagami nodded, for once staying silent in agreement with his boyfriend. He certainly didn’t want everyone to see the embarrassing article of clothing he was wearing. It was bad enough that he was actually wearing the stupid thing, let alone have everyone else see it.
“Kagami-kun, Aomine-kun, I don’t want to make you take the coats off. It’s Christmas Eve,” Kuroko’s monotone voice didn’t change, but the intense look in his eyes did, the sight making the larger men internally shiver.
“Ahh Kurokocchi, it’s not a big deal. They can keep them on if they want too. At least they’re here,” Kise patted Kuroko’s shoulder and left to the kitchen, quickly returning with two cups full of eggnog.
“Here, both of you must be thirsty.”
Just as Kise was about to hand them over, Kuroko casually leaned into his boyfriend’s side, the action startling the blonde, the cups tilting forward, the liquid spilling all over the larger men’s coats.
“Are you fuckin serious Kise?!”
Kise set the cups down and ran to the kitchen, Kuroko standing to the side with a slightly smug expression as he watched his boyfriend try to help Aomine and Kagami wipe the stain away.
“Ahhh I’m so sorry!! I’ll have these cleaned for you both! Kurokocchi!!” Kise whined in his boyfriend’s direction, knowing what the shorter male had done.
Kagami didn’t say anything as he sighed, closing his eyes and staring at up at the ceiling. Of course this wasn’t an accident, Kuroko was just being his true self.
Mumbling, he pushed Kise’s hands away, unbuttoning his jacket, “Fuck it.”
“Ahh Kagamicchi, I’ll definitely have this cleaned by…” Kise’s words trailed off as Kagami shrugged his jacket off, shaking it a bit before tossing it over his arm.
Aomine grinned at the sight of his boyfriend. The deal to going to the party was ugly sweaters, and to make it interesting he had suggested that Kagami and him should buy each other a sweater to wear as a surprise. As soon as he had saw the bright red and black sweater in the store, he had immediately bought it. It was more something he would wear, but he knew it would make his boyfriend’s ears turn red with embarrassment. In bold black print, the sweater read “I can get you on the naughty list” and it was framed by snowflakes. It was also a size too small, something Aomine had done deliberately, so it hugged the redhead’s shoulders and chest perfectly. Aomine couldn’t help but laugh as he saw his boyfriend standing in the bright room, their friend’s staring at him in surprise. Kagami’s ears were definitely red as he glared at him.
“Aomine, take your stupid coat off.”
The mention of his own sweater wiped the grin off his face quickly, “Ahh I think I’m ok, the stain isn’t that bad.”
Strong hands pulled the zipper down with ease and precision, hands that had preformed the action multiple times before, Kagami’s face directly in front of his now.
“Take off your fucking coat, Daiki. I’m not the only one that’s gonna be embarrassed tonight,” with that the redhead pushed the coat off his boyfriend’s shoulders and took it into his arms, leaving Aomine standing awkwardly.
Kuroko was the first to say something as everyone else was busy trying to keep their laughter under control at the two men.
“Aomine-kun, I didn’t realize that’s what you wanted for Christmas. Maybe I should take your gift back.”
Aomine glared at his friend, “Shut the fuck up Tetsu. I didn’t pick it out.”
Kise giggled loudly, his body bent forward, his hand on his boyfriend’s shoulder for support, “We all should’ve just pitched in for a big bow for Kagamicchi if you felt that strongly.”
Aomine growled and looked over at his boyfriend who was grinning. The sweater Aomine wore was a mixture of white, green and red, the pattern fairly classical as far as Christmas sweaters. But in big white print it said “All I want for Christmas” and a bold arrow pointing to the side, which just so happened to be directed at Kagami. It wasn’t that the sweater was untrue, quite the opposite. Aomine just wasn’t overly open around his friends and the sweater brought forth his exact feelings, his embarrassing feelings, something that made his cheeks turn slightly pink as he glared at Kagami.
“You fucking suck, Taiga.”
Kagami slung his arm over his boyfriend’s shoulders and whispered into his ear, teasingly, “Don’t be like that or you won’t get your present, Daiki.”

Here’s the tail end of a two day conversation about how much we missed each other:

“I’m worried about you. I’m coming over when I get off work.”

“I don’t want you running over here because you think something bad will happen if you don’t.”

“That’s not why I want to see you.”

“Ok well I’m kinda nodding off so just knock on my bedroom door when you get here if I don’t answer the phone.”

He never did show up. Or answer any more of my messages. He blocked me completely. 

I miss my friend.

Omg, this looks like fun but also super stressful. Everyone knows I’m so indecisive!!! lol Tagged by the ever amazing sicklyscribe

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pick your five favorite shows

  1. From Dusk Till Dawn
  2. Elementary
  3. Lost
  4. Lost Girl
  5. The Walking Dead

1. Who is your favorite character in 2?

Joan Watson!!! She’s beyond fantastic.

2. Who is your least favorite character in 1?

I don’t think I actually have a least favorite. I really love everyone, they’re all just so interesting to watch lol Uhhh, I guess, if I had to pick, it’d probably be Narcisso. He’s an evil bastard but he intrigues me at the same time

3. What’s your favorite episode of 4?

Omg, that’s such a hard question!!! Its completely unfair!!!! I have a few lol 

Season 1: “It’s a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World”, “Dead Lucky,” “Food for Thought”, “ArachanoFaebia”, “Vexed”, “Fae Day”, “Fae-tal Justice”

Season 2: “Mirror Mirror”, “Its Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away”, “Original Skin”, “Midnight Lamp”, “Into the Dark”, “Flesh and Blood”

Season 3: “Caged Fae”, “ConFaegion”, “The Kenzi Scale”, “Fae-ge Against the Machine”, “Ceremony”, “Adventures in Fae-bysitting”, “Those Who Wander”

Season 4: “In Memoriam”, “Turn to Stone”, “La Fae Époque”, “Origin”, “Dark Horse”

Season 5 is airing right now so I guess I’ll come back and add my favorites to this list then!

4. What’s your favorite season of 5?

Season 3. I love the entire arch of the prison, seeing how much everyone in the group had changed. There was just so much greatness in that season, so many powerhouse performances from everybody. And we finally got Michonne, Tyreese, the Governor, Woodbury. Other than Negan, the Governor was the villain I was most excited for and I wasn’t too disappointed with how he turned out on the show. And Morgan!!!! Ugh, after Rick and Andrea, Morgan is my favorite from the comics so I was so happy to see him again. “Clear” is probably my favorite episode of that season. It just broke my heart. Yeah, Season 3 is my favorite. It was just so great.

5. What’s your favorite relationship in 3?

BUT THERE ARE SO MANY GREAT ONES!!! If you mean romantic relationship, I’m all about the Suliet. Sawyer and Juliet just snuck up on me and I really fell in love with them. I mean, Juliet loved Sawyer for exactly who he was and didn’t want to change him, but he changed for her and he didn’t have to compete for her affections. They made me laugh and smile and cry and broke my heart. Suliet all the way. Although Desmond/Penny is a close second cause they are literally Odysseus and Penelope and they broke my heart, too. Now, if you mean friendship relationship, its gotta be Charlie and Hurley. They were total bros from the moment they met and they made the whole “suck on a creepy ass island” thing so much better for everyone. I mean, they made a freaking golf course together!!!

6. Who is your anti-relationship in 1?

Um, I basically ship everyone and everything on this show so I’m not anti anything! LOL My least favorite though is Seth/Kate. I still ship them but not as much cause Seth/Vanessa is my OTP. I fucking love those divorced fools in love

7. How long have you watched 4?

Since day freaking one!!! I forget how I found out about it, actually, since the first two season were only airing, I think, in Canada. And I didn’t have tumblr when I started watching so I’m not sure how I found out about it but I love it so much.

8. How did you become interested in 3?

Okay, funny story! I remember when the promos for Lost were showing on TV. And I vividly remember thinking, “Wtf kinda show is that? How long is that gonna last? What’s it supposed to be, like a haunted Gilligan’s Island or something? Fuck that show.” I THOUGHT IT WAS GOING TO BE TERRIBLE AND CANCELLED WITHIN THE FIRST FEW EPISODES!!! Then, one night, I was doing homework and was channel surfing for some background noise when I came across two guys and a woman in a jungle. The one man appeared to be a doctor, the woman his nurse, and they were trying to help another man who was pinned under something and dying. AND I WAS SO FUCKING INTO IT AND COULDN’T TAKE MY EYES OFF IT THAT I NEARLY SHIT MYSELF WITH IT WENT TO A COMMERCIAL BREAK AND SAID ‘LOST’!!!! So I kept watching cause I wanted to know what happened to that guy and, of course, Boone fucking died and I found the earlier episodes online to catch up and was hopelessly obsessed ever since

9. Who is your favorite actor in 2?

ALL OF THEM?!?!? Ok, okay, I’ll say Johnny Lee Miller since I said Lucy/Joan previously but also because I really love his rendition of Sherlock. He is a well-written Sherlock, who is so multifaceted and he evolves and is so close in terms of personality to the Holmes I read about that he is hands down my favorite Sherlock EVER!

10. Which show do you prefer 1, 4, or 5?

That’s just mean. I’m gonna say From Dusk Till Dawn though. Its the only one of all the shows that I’ve rewatched probably a dozen times. I know all the words and stuff, but I just never get bored of it. I’m desperate for season 2 though sending a not so subtle wink/glare at you Rodriguez

11. Which show have you seen more episodes of? 1 or 3?

Lost for sure since there were 6 seasons and FDTD only has the one so far lol

12. If you could be anyone from 4 who would you be?

For the guys: Vex! LOL Hands down, Vex. Yeah, he’s Dark Fae – but not all Dark are bad – but he’s got the coolest power. He’s a freaking Mesmer! He is a literally puppet master with anyone! And he’s just so funny and he, normally, has a great sense of fashion. Yeah, Vex all the way.

13. How would you kill off your favorite character in 1?

Um, I wouldn’t? How about that? Because Freddie Gonzalez deserves the world and more for all he went through and will probably go through in season 2 to protect his family. But, if I had a choice, he’d would go out protecting his wife and daughter because they are the most important people to him in the whole world and he would most definitely die before letting any harm come to either of them

14. Would a 2/3 crossover work?

You know what? I think it really would!!! It’d have to be in the flashbacks part like…Sawyer or Kate get arrested and Gregson’s division investigate their crime. Or Joan worked at the same hospital as Jack, before she gave up being a surgeon. Or Charlie attends an NA meeting and Sherlock is there. Omg, the only two Brits at the NA meeting, I’m dying imagining it LOL

15. Pair two characters in 2 that would make an unlikely, but strangely okay couple:

Bell and Joan. I doubt it would ever happen, professionalism and all that, but I could just see that relationship working pretty well if it ever did happen. OH!!!! And Joan and Moriarty!!! Joaniarty, gaaaah, they are so unlikely but so shippable and fantastic

16. Overall, which show has a better cast, 3 or 5?

Um, both…? LOL Ok, as much as I love both, I’m gonna say Lost. There was just a lot of representation on that show that we don’t get in TWD, I’m sad to say, and they had no problem fucking with the main characters. You love these two together? Oops, one was just horrifically murdered! You love this guy? Oops, he just sacrificed himself and died. You love this kid? Oops, sorry, he’s gonna get kidnapped and disappear. You love this girl? Oops, sorry, she’s gonna go fucking INSANE!!! I miss Lost so much. Time for a rewatch lol

17. Which show has a better soundtrack, 1, 4 or 5?

Its a tie between Lost Girl and TWD. I mean, I have a whole iTunes album dedicated to both!!! But I’m gonna go with LG. Its just opened me up to a lot of music and bands that I’d never heard of before. I really love nearly all the music I hear

Imagine being Best Friends with Jo, but dating Dean...

Originally posted by lesbianbookworm

“And how exactly am I suppose to tell my best friend that I am banging the guy she has had a crush on.” You snapped 

 "Now [Y/N], I think for the last three month we have been doing more then banging.“ Dean gave you his killer smile, trying to calm you down with his charm, which clearly wasn’t working. 

"Well to her it will be the ultimate betrayal no matter what I say.” You sighed, realizing that you might just lose your best friend in a few hours. 

 Dean grabbed your hand and slowly pulled you towards him and onto his lap, where he engulfed you in his arms as you rested your head on his shoulder. “You know what, just tell her the truth, tell her how it all happened. I am sure she will understand." 

"You don’t know Jo then." 

A few hours later you pulled into the road house. Sam glanced at both you and Dean before asking, "So you figured out how to tell her yet?" 

"We are just going to tell her the truth.” Dean said, squeezing your leg before you saw her. 

Jo was your best friend, your dad would leave you with Ellen when he went hunting, so over the years you two formed a bound that was like the one Dean and Sam shared, you two were sisters. 

Dean was the first to open his door, and stood there shocked when you got out of Sam’s side and instead of look at him, you went running towards the excited girl with blonde waves. 

 "Jo!“ You screamed as you collided 

 ”[Y/N]! It has been too long.“ She whispered the last part. 

 "I know, we have been really busy. I have to tell you about the werewolf hunt we went on where Dean got spooked by a tiny little bunny.” You heard her laugh and then felt her start to release, for you knew whose arms she would find herself in next. 

“Why if it isn’t the great Dean Winchester, the one who was spooked by a little bunny rabbit.” 

 "Hey in my defense it was dark and the crunching it created on the forest floor was quite loud.” He wrapped her in a quick hug, but quickly let go, his eyes finding yours. 

“And Sam, have you shrunk a bit?” She joked as she quickly hugged him, but released him just as fast. 

 "Actually I think he is taller.“ You replied as Dean took a step closer to you. 

"Hey Jo I got something to tell ya.” He started 

 "Yes Dean?“ She smiled at him, not knowing that the news she was about to hear would crush her. 

"Well I just…" 

 "He just wanted to ask where Ellen is?” You interrupted as her smile fell a bit, she really just wanted to hear him say he loved her as more then a little sister, but he somehow fell for you. 

 "She’s waiting for y'all inside.“she said and instantly perked up when she said, "oMG [Y/N] you will never guess who I saw." 

And she instantly was guiding you dragging you by the arm, jawing your ear off until Ellen came out for the kitchen area, "I thought I heard y'all pull up." 

Originally posted by angelinasjoli

She quickly pulled you from Jo’s side and hugged you tightly. You heard Dean chuckle a bit at the sight and noticed out of the corner of your eye Jo smile a bit. She was really love struck when it came to Dean, and as much as she tried to hide it we all knew. 

 "You two better get your asses over here and give me a hug. She barked as she released you and started towards the boys. 

"You wanna take your stuff into my room?” Jo asked smiling. 

 "Sure.“ You smiled back and practically skipped back to the Impala. As you lifted the trunk though you heard the door open again. 

 "What was that?” The deep voice you loved whispered as he reached in for his and Sammy’s duffles. 

“Dean I panicked ok?” You whispered back 

“Why? I told you she will be more happy that we were honest then lying to her." 

"Dean we lie to people for a living. And it’s not lying it is just avoiding the truth." 


"Hurry up you two, Mom wants to ask you all about dinner.” Jo yelled from behind the screen door as Dean slammed the trunk closed. 

“This conversation isn’t over.” He hissed as he sped ahead of you, leaving you with a hard decision, hurt the man you love, or hurt your best friend. 

 After the late dinner and the midnight drinks you and Jo retreated to her room leaving the boys alone at the bar. Dean kept his distance, meaning instead of being glued to your side all the time he stood about five feet from you, sat two people away from you and would steal glances every few minutes, his eyes showing that he missed you, even though you were right there. As you started towards the room you heard the phone in your pocket vibrate, you quickly pulled it out revealing the text. 

 The badass hunter: I’m not sure how I am going to sleep tonight without you. 

You: I am sure you will be okay, it is just one weekend. 

As you entered the room you couldn’t help but notice that Jo seemed troubled a bit. “Ok Jo spill it." 

"Spill what?" 

"You are giving me the ‘I need to rant to my best friend about something’ look. So spill.” You smiled as she laughed a bit. 

 "Fine you caught me, but you are going to think it is silly.“ 

"Unless it is that you adopted an adorable monkey that rides a motorcycle then I won’t think it is funny." 

"Is Dean seeing someone?" 


"He just seems different, he has the look of Cupid all over him. I just wanted to know if he was still available?" 

"I hate to be the bearer of tragic news but he is seeing someone." 

 "Would I like her?” She sadly said, a look of defeat in her eyes that would soon be replaced by rage. 

“Yea I am sure you would." 

"How do you know?" 

 "Because it’s me.” You whispered

Part 2

After the Live Show

The live show has ended and the laptop is closed.  Dan and Phil sit close to one another in silence for a few moments, tired from the hour of non-stop talking.

Finally, Dan says, “That went well, yeah?”

“Yeah, it was good!”

“I’ve missed them, you know?”

“Me, too”. 

“Ready for Undertale?”

“Just a few minutes to rest my voice, okay?”

“Ok, Phil”

Two minutes later, Dan is lying on his back and Phil is doing jumping jacks in the corner of the room. 

“I thought we were resting?” Dan jokes

“Just my voice” mouths Phil silently.  “My legs are asleep”.

Dan doubles over laughing, rolling to his side and cackling. 

“You are one unique individual, Phil Lester!”

Phil sticks out his tongue at Dan, then immediately screams, “Ow” as he bites it when his teeth crash together as he lands his jump.

Dan is now in hysterics.

Phil is smiling, “I’m such an idiot!” he mouths.

“Phil, TALK!” Dan laughs.

“But the vocal instructor said we have to take rest breaks or we’ll lose our voices!” Phil mouths, using hand gestures to get his point across.

Dan rolls his eyes.

Five minutes later, they are in a bet seeing who can lip sync the best American accent.

Danny and Philly sit in the bed facing each other, the room is silent except for occasional whispered giggles, and all is right with the world. 

I’m Here to Dance Chapter 6



Chapters 1 & 5

Summary:  Alya drags Marinette to the hot new club “Miraculous” where it’s winner take all on the dance floor. After an embarrassing first encounter, Marinette dons a costume and challenges the champ, Chat Noir, as Ladybug. Marinette embraces the Paris break dancing scene, but times are getting tougher and competition even more so.

Chapter Summary: Doubles Night kicks off…right where it hurts. And Nathanael plans his masterpiece.

Pairings: Marinette/Adrien, Ladybug/Chat Noir, Alya/Nino, others

A/N: *internally screaming* where are repliiiiiiieeeeeessss? thanks so much for all your notes guys Please check out the Ao3 and FFN versions for full author’s notes.

Marinette was there before Chat was, and had to wait for him outside. There were two lines into Miraculous today: the regular one to get inside the main entrance, and the one for the sign ups for Doubles Night.

Chat finally showed up just as Marinette was ready to go inside without him.

“Sorry, Ladybug,” panted Chat, he looked like he had run the entire way here.

“Are you sure you’re ok to dance, Chat? You don’t look well.”

Keep reading

The Story of How They Became a Family of 3 - a 5 part one shot

Summary: The story of how Juliet Morgan Swift Hiddleston came to be. you don’t have to read Breakfast and the Jungle Book to understand what’s going on.

Rating: Teen for sexual illusions.


They lay panting in bed in their rented apartment in Australia. He kisses her forehead and wraps his arms around her waist. She looks at him and the smile she gives him makes him smile too. They interlink their hands together.

“I can see why the Loki armor is a major turn on.”

“Does the helmet make you feel horny?” he asks giving her a funny face.

She laughs and flips them over so she was on top of him. “Of course,” she told him before kissing him deeply on the lips.


Taylor was waiting for Tom to get back from filming in their rented apartment in Sydney. She had something to tell him, she was pregnant and she’s known for a couple days. She also looks at the ring that he gave her when he asked her to marry him. The engagement wasn’t made public yet. She just didn’t know how to tell him and thankfully the gender neutral outfit that she ordered from a local boutique arrived an hour before. She already put it in a bag with a shit ton of tissue paper to keep it hidden from his view. The pregnancy test was also in the bag.

She was standing in the kitchen working on making the homemade pizza and she hadn’t heard him walk into the apartment. When she felt his arms wrap around her waist she knew that she could tell him, tell him that he was going to be a father.

“Tay I’ve missed you today,” he whispers to her, his lips at her neck.

“I missed you, too. Are you tired?”

“No. I have a lot of energy from all the things I did today.”

‘Ok you can do this. Just tell him that we’re having a baby.’ She thought to herself.

“I have to show you what I got from a local boutique today.”

“Can it wait?” he asks her turning her around and kissing her fully on the lips.

She welcomes the kiss and wraps her arms around his neck. They kiss heavily for two minutes when she ends their kiss to look up at him.

“You’ll love this gift. I promise.”

She walks over to where the bag was, on the coffee table in the living room. She takes a calming breath before walking over to where he was and hands it to him.

“I hope you love it.”

“I’m sure I will.” He told her with a smile before he pulls out the pregnancy test.

He looks at the word pregnant on the screen and can feel tears starting to form. He looks up at her and she nods with happy tears in her eyes as well.

“There’s more in there.”

He lifts out the white knitted sweater coveralls. “Oh Taylor. How long have you known about the pregnancy?”

“Only a couple days I didn’t want to have the awkward ‘I’m pregnant’ conversation and we have all weekend to celebrate.”

He puts the test and outfit back in the bag and hugs his fiancée. She puts her arms around his neck and kisses him, biting his bottom lip playfully.


Tom has his arm at her waist as she talks to Benedict Cumberbatch, his wife Sophie and their son Christopher.

“I want to thank you two for coming it really meant a lot to us.” She told them.

“You look absolutely radiant and you could hardly tell that you are pregnant. When we got married I was five months into my pregnancy.”

After a while both Taylor and Sophie we’re talking about her pregnancy and also tips on what it would be like the first few months.

Benedict clapped Tom on the back. “Married with a baby on the way. Boy doesn’t this sound familiar.”

Tom laughed and smiled. He looked back to see Taylor laughing at whatever Sophie told her. Her white wedding dress did a great job at hiding her four month pregnant stomach.

“And if you have a daughter I’ll try to keep our wives from trying to get her and Christopher together when they’re older.”

“Thank you. I don’t want to think about my possible daughter dating boys until she’s at least sixteen. But Taylor will be the boss and whatever she says goes.”

“You’ve just gotten married today and you already know what’s up. It’s always the wives that make the rules.” Benedict told his friend with a chuckle.

“Damn right we do.” Taylor said putting her arm around Tom’s waist.

When they get to their suite he picks her up which made her giggle and he joined in as he walks them through the threshold of their room for the night. He sets her on the bed and closes the door. He turns and sees her smile at him. He sits next to her and she rests her head on his shoulder. He sees that it was starting to snow which made him smile.


Tom just got back from taping the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and as he entered their loft he could hear the familiar judge mallet sound from Law and Order. He quickly put on a t-shirt and sweats and sat next to Taylor. She was eating homemade chocolate chip cookies. He put his hand on her seven month pregnant stomach and he laughs as he felt their daughter kick at his palm.

“Has she been doing this all day?”

“Oh yeah Juliet is already showing how much she wants to run with her daddy.”

“Only two more months and she’ll be here. I love you so much Tay.”

“I love you too.”

That night in bed she couldn’t find a position that made her comfortable and she sat up, putting her hand on her stomach and whined. Tom was wearing his reading glasses as he read a script for a play, he set the script down and put his hand over hers on her stomach.

“Love is everything alright?”

“Yes it’s just trying to get any sleep is difficult when she doesn’t want to stop moving around.”

“Now Jules be nice to your mommy, she needs to sleep so you can be healthy when you’re born.”

Taylor looks at her husband with awe, he was already the most perfect father and Juliet wasn’t even born yet.


They were in the hospital and she was holding their daughter in her arms. Tom was sitting behind her and he was softly caressing their daughter’s soft cheek. Juliet Morgan Swift Hiddleston was finally there to be with them.

“She’s the most beautiful baby girl I have ever seen. She looks just like you.”

“I don’t know she could get the Hiddleston curls. I’ve seen the pictures.”

“I’ve seen your baby pictures as well and you were just as much a golden retriever as I was.” He said looking at her for a moment before he looked at Juliet again.

She looks at their daughter and brings the little baby’s forehead to her lips and kisses it before she hands him their daughter. He takes their seven pound daughter in his arms and kisses her forehead.

“Hi Juliet Morgan, I’m your daddy.”

Taylor leans against his chest and caresses her hand. They had only known each other for a year and they were already so happy. If someone had told him that he would meet a beautiful woman, marry her and have a daughter with her he would’ve thought they were crazy but he was happy that this was their life now.