i just miss them so terribly much

Me and Chez, our relationship is amazing and I put that down to her support more than anything, she’s just so great. Obviously, I’ve just started being a dad and I’m all tired promoting my single and she gives me no bother about it. She’s like, ‘You’ve gotta go and do your job, do your job,’ - that’s how she is with it. And Bear, Bear’s beautiful. I love him and miss him terribly. I can’t talk about him too much as it makes me sad because I do miss him a lot. You know when people go, 'Oh, show us a picture-’, and I show them a picture and think, 'Oh, I don’t really want to’, because I get really sad about it because I miss him. It is hard being away from your newborn son, but I understand this is something that I have to do, and I want to do, and it’s an experience that most people would die for.
—  liam talking about cheryl & bear recently! (via cheriam news on twitter)

taegi at run bts episode 20

what’s new another case of taehyung’s hearteyes for yoongi

and to add to the collection of min yoongi: kim taehyung’s super cute personal translator. poor tae needs an explanation for what is the sauce jimin was asking him to make

but now worries here’s min yoongi come to the rescue just like usual :’)

also this is such an endearing concept: yoongi encouraging and putting his good faith on tae

and to put a cherry on top, yoongi feeding taehyungie



it was just like a movie
it was just like a song
my God, this reminds me
of when we were young

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We didn't get any amazing Drabbles from you today! I miss them so much! I was wondering if you could write something from today, about why Robert was wandering around the village without Aaron (in my head it was that Aaron was so tired he'd been sleeping for ages, but woke up to find Robert "being creepy" watching him sleep, and sent him out to get food but that's just me) cause you know Robert didn't want to leave his side for anything!! I love your writing! Thanks for sharing it!!!!!!

Oh bless you for this message! I kinda got distracted by the prison release and I am a terrible multitasker so when I’m obsessing over tumblr and rewatching scenes to within an inch of their life I can’t write at the same time! However I’m currently sat out in my garden with the laptop for a couple of hours so I’ll try and get some done today!

As for your request…


Robert smiled at Aaron’s mumblings.

“Thought you were asleep,” he explained softly, bringing his hand up to touch his husband’s cheek.

Aaron shifted in the bed slightly.

“I am,” he muttered back, still with his eyes closed. “Could feel you watching me,” he added with an upturn of his lips, smile threatening to break out on his face.

“How could I not?” Robert smiled back at him, shuffling closer.

“Bit creepy,” Aaron teased, and Robert couldn’t help the instinctive need to lean in and tickle his husband in that sensitive spot on his hip.

Aaron jolted at Robert’s touch.

“You’re cold,” he complained with a breathy laugh, pushing Robert’s hands away from him under the covers.

Robert smiled.

“I’ve been cold for six weeks without my personal radiator here to warm me up.”

Aaron smiled, blinking open his eyes narrowly.

He exhaled with what looked a lot like relief at the sight of Robert’s face looking back at him from his pillow.

“Am I dreaming?” he whispered, the fragility in his voice betraying him somewhat.

“Feels like it, doesn’t it?” Robert replied, his own words having to fight past the lump in his throat.

“Time is it?” Aaron asked.

“Late,” Robert replied. “Almost noon.”

Aaron winced as he stretched out a little.

“And how long you been watching me?” he teased.

Robert coughed, raising his eyebrows as he realised he’d been found out.

“Not long,” he lied. “Maybe…I dunno. An hour or so?”

He daren’t tell him he’d been awake since 9am.

Aaron smiled, shifting forwards in the bed, letting his warm hands travel up the outline of Robert’s body as he lay on his side – absence of his boxers a reminder of the reunion they’d had the night before.

It hadn’t been the usual – frantic and passionate – but it had been slow, and gentle, and perfect; a reminder of the way that they had all the time in the world together, now. They’d talked first – had gone up to their bedroom in the pub early on, as the party still swung in full flow beneath them, and they’d lain down on the bed, side by side, fully clothed, and talked about their feelings.

Robert told Aaron he’d hardly slept in their bed; that he hadn’t been able to face it without him. The sofa had been his home, and his days had been non-stop, filled with Liv and Noah and the scrapyard and the haulage company and The Mill.

Aaron told Robert about the prison routine; about Ethan and his conflicted, messed-up way of looking out for him. About the way he’d missed Robert. About the way it had felt to slip his wedding ring back on his finger just before he was released.

They’d kissed – slow; languid; punctuated with a smile, or a laugh, or a reminder of the fact they loved one another in that special and unique way that they did.

And they’d made love – not sex, not the heated exchange they were so used to – but the slow, gentle reconnection of two lovers who’d been torn apart and reunited. They’d kissed each other through it, and Robert had whispered into Aaron’s ear how much he loved him as he came.

“I love you,” Aaron told his husband now, staring into his eyes, memory of the night before still fresh.

“I love you, too,” Robert replied, leaning in for a morning kiss.

Aaron yawned as he pulled away, stretching his muscles out and feeling his body sink into the warmth and comfort he’d been deprived off for weeks.

“What do you want to do today?” Robert asked him. “Besides the obvious,” Robert drawled as he let his hands smooth over the tender skin on Aaron’s inner thighs.

“Not that,” Aaron smirked as he batted Robert’s hand away. “Not yet, anyway,” he added at the sight of Robert’s confusion.

“We’ve got some catching up to do,” Robert teased, returning his hands to his husband’s body.

Aaron laughed, leaning into Robert’s touch this time.

“Okay,” he relented, far too easily. “But I need food first. Actual, proper food, like I haven’t had in weeks.”

Robert nodded.

“I could nip out and get us some breakfast?” he suggested. “As much as I don’t wanna leave your side today, I suppose I could let you sleep in for a little while longer?”

“Hmmmm,” Aaron groaned, already rolling onto his side and snuggling himself down into his pillow. “Sounds good.”

Robert leant in and placed a kiss against his cheek.

“Any requests?” he asked as he forced himself leave his husband’s side.

“Bacon,” Aaron mumbled into his pillow, eyes already closed, sleep already taking him back over.

“Bacon it is, then,” Robert agreed, giving himself a few more seconds to take in the beauty of his husband fast asleep beside him before he found the strength to tear himself away.

Quite Predictable

REQUEST: Hi! I saw that your requests were open and wanted to ask. Could you do a newt x reader where the reader shapeshifts into a dragon? You can do whatever plot comes to your mind. Thank you so much!❤❤❤

A/N: *weird choking noise* I really hope this isn’t terrible. Love all you babes so much! x) <3

A/N2:Please inform me of any typos or just ways I can improve. Also, plEASE REQUEST THINGS I LOVE REQUESTS AND WILL ACCEPT ANY AND ALL OF THEM.

WARNINGS: blood, little bit o’ angst but you might need a magnifying glass. (Please tell me if I missed anything!)


Newt Scamander and yourself were strolling through the sand in Israel, taking a short break from your normally hectic schedule. You couldn’t help but constantly gape in awe, and attraction, at your work partner, as well as close friend, as he passionately told a tale of one of his many encounters with the greatest beast of all— not that you had favourites but you had a personal connection with this one— dragons.

Newt suddenly threw his arm across your chest and gestured for you to be quiet. He pointed silently at the beautiful beast just over the dune you’d been climbing. You’d never seen anything like it. Newt was more excited than ever, quickly taking out his notebook and quill. He stalked closer to the, now apparent, female, attempting not to startle it.

The mammal’s eyes narrowed, it’s nostrils flared— he’d been spotted.

“Now’s not the time to study her, Newt! Run!” You whisper-yelled to your partner, not wanting to provoke her further, as you began retreating through the sand dunes of Israel.

“Just a second!” He wrote something else down and looked back up at the beast, seemingly oblivious to the fact that it was about ready to pounce at him. Of course, you’d left your wands back at camp; it was supposed to be your day off.

“You don’t have a second!” And with that she pounced and had already began clawing at his chest. Without missing a beat you turned to your animagus form— a dragon.

“What the– bloody hell!” You heard from a distressed Newt as you grew to your full stature. No one had known about your illegal animagus but a few school friends; you had done it on a dare.

Not wanting to harm the creature; you simply flew towards it, chasing it off. Newt stared at you in awe as you changed back to your usual form and dusted yourself off. “You’re a dragon? Why hadn’t you told me? Was that a Balforiun Sharpsnout? How come you never told me?” He seemed hurt but intrigued. You looked away, nervously fiddling with your sweater.

“I– yes– but– well– you– Merlin, Newt, your chest.” You stared at his injured form in shock. There was a long gash from his shoulder to his hip. He seemed surprised by it himself, having been distracted by his recent discovery. “We need to get you back to camp–”

“It’s just a scratch, Y/n, I’ll be fine.” He tried to excuse it but his inability to hide his feelings gave him away.

You rolled your eyes, firmly taking his hand and walking him carefully, but quickly, back to camp. The cut began bleeding more and Newt became weaker. In panic you turned back to a dragon and, careful not to further hurt him, picked him up and flew him back to your isolated camp. He smiled calmly up at you as his eyes began to close— he was losing consciousness. You flew faster.

Once back at camp, and in human form, you carried him to his bed and lay him down carefully. With shaking hands you grabbed your wand and uttered a spell to heal him. His eyes opened back up and he smiled weakly at you. You could breathe. He was okay.

“I’m in love with a dragon.” He stated dreamily.

“In love?” You spat, shocked.

He smiled again and nodded.

“Oh.” He was quite obviously hurt by your response. He quickly composed himself, bright smile only faltering a little. Merlin knew why you hadn’t simply said ‘I love you too’ or ‘I feel the same’ or even 'we should talk this through first’. Nope it was 'oh’.

“Why hadn’t you ever told me?” He was beginning to sober up, trying his best to stay smiling. He tried sitting up but you stopped him.

“Sorry? Oh– um. It never came up.” You said, surprised how quickly he moved subjects. As he reluctantly lay back down, you explained why and when you decided to become an illegal animagus.

“I see,” he seemed almost emotionless. He was staring blankly into the hot cocoa you’d made him while you’d been explaining.

“Why hadn’t you told me you loved me?” You looked straight at him, hoping to catch his eye.

“It never came up?” He tried using your line nervously, now looking back at you. You may as well tell him before things get worse.

“I love you as well… Just so you know.”

Silence. You’d waited too long.

You’d gotten up to leave but were cut off by a small, persistent, Dougal.
“They can predict the most likely future, y'know,” Newt said quietly, “I don’t think he wants you to go either.”

As you turned back towards him he was smiling from ear to ear. Wincing, he began to slowly stand up. He walked over to you, never breaking eye contact, and stopped just inches away.

“Can I– may I kiss you?” You nodded enthusiastically. He held you by the waist and softly pressed his rough lips to yours. The rest is quite predictable.


A/N: I really hope that wasn’t as crappy as I thought it was.

Detention (Young!Remus Imagine)


A/N: This was inspired by a post I saw a while ago (I can’t find it now, sorry!) but I’ve been wanting to do this kind of thing for a while now, so I hope you like it!

Originally posted by marauders-scrapbooks

Remus Lupin had only had three detentions before fifth year.

“I can’t.. I can’t believe you got.. you got detention because.. because Potter was talking to you.. about me–” Lily, your best friend, shrieked across the table in the Great Hall.
You had last period Potions, with Slughorn, the teacher whom you hated and who hated you. Because of him you’ve gotten a detention almost every week for the past four months– but this one in particular was not your fault.
You had been sat next to James Potter for the majority of the year after he had been moved away from Sirius Black because they had disrupted the class one too many times.
James had been quite happy about this change, because you were Lily Evans’ best friend and possibly he could find out how to win her over.. You in the other hand, disliked him with a burning passion. Sure, he was nice and all, but did he have to annoy you only because you were friends with Lily?
Today in Potions he would not stop asking you about her, so you had snapped, landing you a detention on Friday night. Tonight. The last game of the season, Gryffindor versus Hufflepuff was tonight. You had tried and tried and tried to get Slughorn to move the detention to Saturday but, alas, he wouldn’t budge. To say you were enraged was an understatement.

Earlier That Day..

“Y/N, do y'know Lily’s favorite flower? I was thinking lilies since, that’s her name and all. But I dunno, is she allergic? Does she not like the color white? I suppose I could get them in another color– do they have lilies is other colors? I s'pose I could talk to Sprout and see if she could enchant some lilies that change to her favorite color–” James rambled quietly in your ear, distracting you from taking Potions notes. You were already failing Potions, and you’d be damned if you let James Potter make your score go down any lower.
“Potter, if you don’t shut your trap I swear to bloody Godric I will take your bloody head and stick it up your–”
“Ms. Y/L/N! Detention, tonight!” Slughorn yelled across the room.
“But tonight is th–”
“No buts! Tonight or you have it for the rest of the year!” he snapped, going back into his office.
You shot James the deadliest death glare you’d ever given someone and got up to move next to a giggling Lily, whom you gave a death glare to also.

After class you had went up yo Slughorn to see if you could change his mind, but instead you had landed youself two Saturday detentions and a threat to make it three.

Back to Present..

“Lily, I cannot bear the thought of having to be at detention while the whole school is out having a riot on the quidditch field!” you replied, laying your hand on your forehead dramatically before jumping up off the bench, “Well, I’ll be off. Best not be late to Slughorn’s or else I ‘may have detention for the rest of the year’!” You mocked, heading off towards the doors.
“Don’t have too much fun! I’ll miss you terribly!” Lily feigned before starting up a conversation with Marlene.

As you walked towards the dungeons you heard rushed footsteps behind you. Trying to side step so you didn’t get trampled, just resulted in them completely running into you and you both falling onto the cold floor.

“Oh, bloody hell, I’m really sorry. I should’ve watched where I was going–” the boy said, quickly getting off of you and reaching out a hand to help you up.

“Remus? You got detention tonight too?” you questioned, raising an eyebrow and the boy in front of you.

“Well, Quidditch isn’t really my cup of tea so I had to come up with an excuse not to go to the match or else James and Sirius would’ve had my head so..” he sighed, moving his hand to rub the back of his neck.

“But, detention? Isn’t that a little.. intense?”

“Well, if it hadn’t been intense then the boys probably would’ve made me go anyhow.”
“Go big or go home I guess,” you giggled, making him grin goofily at you.

“Mr. Lupin, Ms. Y/L/N, if you would not like another detention, I would advise joining me?” Slughorn threatened from down the hall.

You and Remus have each other a side glance and started giggling as you rushed through the classroom doors.

“Seeing as there are only two of you here, you may both work together to clean these with no magic,” he gestured to what must have been a couple hundred cauldrons, “then you may go.”

He closed the door behind him and you both stood there until you couldn’t hear his footsteps echo in the hallway anymore.

You walked over to one of the cauldrons and peeked into the bottom. Gagging, you said, “What. Is. In. This.”

Remus walked over and looked into the cauldron, “Um, you can clean that one out, Y/N…” He then grabbed a sponge and started to clean out another cauldron.

“Oh, gee thanks. What a gentleman,” you grumbled as you too grabbed a sponge, plugged your nose, and started to scrub the mucky, green liquid out of the bottom of the cauldron.

As you both cleaned you talked about anything and everything, and by the time you got done you knew a lot about him. For example, you knew that he did not, in fact, like coffee. But he did really enjoy tea and usually added a lot of sugar in it in the mornings because one cup of tea with nothing in it was not enough to wake him up.

When you two had found your way back up to the common room, a major party had been going on.

“Looks like Gryffindor won the match..” you mumbled, slightly disappointed you had missed the match. But if you hadn’t gotten this detention, would you have ever talked to Remus?

“Are you joking? Knowing James, even if they lost the match he would’ve wanted to have a party. He’ll make any excuse to party,” Remus sighed, looking at portrait that was (barely) blocking out the loud music coming from inside. “Would you like to come to the kitchens with me? Seeing as won’t be getting much sleep anyways…”

“Only if we call it a date,” you replied, smirking. His face got beet red and he glanced at his shoes. You internally facepalmed, of course he didn’t like you like that! You were just pals. Buds, nothing more.

“Or, or, I mean, it doesn’t have to be a date we could just call it.. friends .. hanging out. Like what normal, normal friends do..” you rambled trying to cover up your quite embarrassing mistake.

His head quickly perked up, “No! No, I mean, we could call it a date, if y’ want to. I was just thinking we could have a more.. Traditional first date. Like Hogsmeade next Saturday?”

You grimaced, “I actually have detention for the next two Saturday’s..”

“Well, perhaps I’ll just have to get myself another two detentions then..” he chuckled glancing up at you.

You giggled, “Maybe that could be our signature thing. Detention dates.”

“I like the sound of that.”

“Me too,” you said before you both broke out into a fit of giggles.

You then looped your arm with his and made your way down to the kitchens, leaving the blaring party behind you.

After fifth year, Remus had more detentions than both Sirius and James.

ok im still in a jackshittybitty mood
  • but my meds are fuckin w me so i don’t want to write fic so have more messy bullet HCs
  • post-grad dating is tricky bc now there’s THREE totally different and demanding schedules trying to line up
  • they do a lot of one-on-one plus skyping dates during the season
  • the commute between samwell and cambridge is not ideal but it’s also not terrible so by the end of the first semester it’s p much like shits has moved back into the haus w bits
  • jack gets a lil jealous that his BFs’ schedule match up a bit better than his but mostly he just misses them a whole bunch
  • shitty has been banned from “””””helping”””””” bitty write the notes on jack’s pregame PBJs. he writes his own and sticks them in the lunch sack when bitty’s not looking. they’re always very crude and either make jack laugh like a fool or blush bright red in public. 
  • bits and shits are jack’s unofficial cheerleaders at home games. bitty wears his zimmermann jersey and sometimes paints little blue and yellow streaks on his face. 
  • shitty is a fucking hooligan and tends to get overzealous in his Team Pride Gear. im talkin blue wigs, body paint, big ass foam fingers, boas, glitter, pom poms, THE WHOLE NINE YARDS
  • the falcs loooove jack’s best friends. mostly bitty, but shitty’s good for a laugh. 
  • (it takes jack a lot longer to confide in anyone re: his relationship, but george is a fucking goddess and takes it in stride – after the initial “teammates” panic, that is.)
  • (there is a brief second where she thinks that jack is dating both tater and snowy. she’s not sure why those are the names that come first to mind, but the logistics of it all nearly stop her heart right then and there.)
  • when they go out in public, bitty and shitty don’t have to hide with each other, but jack is very reserved.
  • (in a way, it’s harder, because he so desperately wants to hold their hands and kiss them without thinking about it; but it’s easier, because they can still be open together, which is all jack wants for them.)
  • luckily, shitty is equally gratuitous in his friend-PDA and his boyfriend-PDA, and bitty is equally reserved, so it’s not like they have to hold back too much love
  • jack and shitty have nearly gotten into physical fights over paying for dates. at first bitty feels bad and tries to steal the check from them, but he’s learned that’s the fastest way to lose a hand with these two goofs. 
  • so he just finishes his drink and watches them bicker like an old married couple and gives them That Look so they’ll hurry up and take him home already
Touka's words - of the past and present and what she wanted to tell him on the bridge

When she asked about how he felt and talked about how she’d feel, of course it completely applies to AkiraxAmon’s case ( goes to say how many parallel there are between them).
But the way she looks on, the expressions in her eyes, so lost in thoughts - she’s clearly thinking about a certain someone.

Now, my initial thoughts were connected to the events around Haise Sasaki. But on a second thought, her words have a much deeper meaning/more deep rooting. It not only applies to the situation around Haise but goes way back to part 1 of TG. Let’s digest this bit by bit:
“While you were just aimlessly roaming about” - Kaneki was aimlessly roaming when he left Anteiku. He tried to find answers but didn’t know exactly where to find them and what to find. He was a little lost - in mind and in finding his way back home (as she said herself in the end of the manga) This situation then continued with Haise, although the circumstances were different.

“did you ever feel like wanting to go see her?” - You know, I think there was another underlying factor that urged her to ask “did you want to see her?” - she’s also curious about what Kaneki might think and feel (although I’m sure she has already thought her own part about it).

Amon admits he did and Touka’s basically like ‘then you really should go see her. If I was in her situation I’d be happy no matter the circumstances or if the person himself has changed.’
(ahh i just almost killed myself with the feels. She loves him for who he is and would welcome him back in whatever shape or form. That’s true love~)

(They’re basically exchanging insights about each other’s significant person. I liked that dynamic of the conversation.)

>>“Even if time has passed, even if our bodies have changed, even if he’d forgotten me completely… as long as he came back home, things’ll be alright.” This is addressed at Kaneki. This is what she’d also want to tell him. Those are her feelings. Who’d have thought Amon gets to hear them first lol
(The question is, will the Touken talk go as smoothly as this conversation? Will she be just as open about her thoughts and feelings when facing Kaneki? I do believe so. She’s the one who asked to talk bc he’s been avoiding it. And this whole conversation embodies her growth in character and she seems to be very aware of what she feels and how to put them into words.)

When Kaneki left right after the Aogiri arc, when she went so far and risked so much to save him and she probably didn’t notice just yet how important Kaneki has become to her. she missed him terribly but she was also confused. Confused about their relationship and her own feelings. And when Kaneki finally visited Anteiku and left just before her arrival, she dashed after him without a clear plan of what to do or say when she’s finally faced him. And then things went wrong very quickly. Actually, both didn’t find the right words to say. Kaneki’s words hit a nerve with her and she failed to contain herself and later regretted it.

^ And those words she said now, they’ve probably been on her mind for the longest time, in one form or another; Long before Haise showed up.
-> Making the connection to how this has a much deeper root, I feel like this is what she’s probably wanted to tell him after he left, after his body gravely changed from the weak boy who couldn’t control his kagune to the infamous Eyepatch ghoul. This is the kind of message she wanted to get across on the bridge. But back then she was confused and talking (about her feelings) has always been her weakest point. In these past years though, she has experienced a lot and had plenty time to think.

The Touka now is a result if her own past and her failures. I love that through this conversation we’re able to see an actual example of how these things connect and influence each other and helped her grow. Knowing that she’s been thinking continuously, that she’s worked on herself and that her efforts bear fruit, I love this character exploration.

// They’re in a similar situation - Her and Akira and of course Kaneki and Amon (who pretty much have been walking in each other’s shoes for the past years).
So Amon talking about his fears/insecurities regarding Akira also indirectly shines a light in Kaneki’s feelings. We’ve seen how he’s “acted a little off” when they had their first casual conversation after all that’s happened. The difference between Kaneki and Amon is that Amon expresses he’s feeling guilty because he actually had to chance to meet her but Kaneki kinda didn’t as he lost his memory. (But then again, Kaneki actively left them and avoided her throughout the rest of TG part 1 until it was too late…)

Again, this whole conversation had so much meaning to it and I never thought it’d give us so much additional insight about their relationships and especially Touka’s changes. I’m really happy about it.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Show Recap – Sunday May 21st

Note: This recap was written over several days, so please forgive the bizarre and inconsistent references to time.

What a bizarre, indescribable day. I think this is going to be more a recap of emotions (as I try to figure them out), but of course the cast gave us some beautiful and incredible moments too. I’ll do my best to talk about everything I can, but as I say, it was a little indescribable, and I’m still not sure how I feel.

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Chanyeol is a coffee shop musician. There’s just one thing very special about him. He’s mute. Kris is a published writer. There’s also something special about him. He’s deaf.

Chanyeol has never found a reason so dire to speak again. But he needs to tell Kris three words. Kris has never found a reason so dire to hear again. But he thinks he needs to hear Chanyeol mutter three words.

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Pairing: Military!Reader x Jensen Ackles

Summary: The reader comes home to surprise her husband and daughter

I just got back from a long field day when I saw I had a missed face time from Jared. I walk over and call him back “Hey Jared” I said as I see him “Hey sis, how are things in the army going?” He asks “Tiring, but good. I just got back from field training. How are things with Gen and the kids?” I asked “They are good. Gen’s legs are sore from carrying the baby but besides that she’s good and the kids are the same” he says with a chuckle. I let out a chuckle as well “That’s good. Um… Jared, can I ask you something?” I ask in a concerned tone “Yeah” he says “How is Jensen and Mia doing?” I ask in a concerned tone. Jared lets out a sigh and then says “Jensen isn’t doing to good. It hit him really hard last week because of your guy’s anniversary. As for Mia, she has been okay. Gen has been around to help but I have a feeling it will hit her during her birthday in a few weeks” he says. I let out a sad sigh along with tears coming down my face “I miss them so much Jared. It gets so hard not seeing them” I said “I know sis but it will be okay. You can see them when you get back,” he says trying to cheer me up “I guess you’re right. Hey Jared?” I say “Yeah?” he says “Do you think you can help me surprise Mia for her birthday?” I ask with a smile. His face lights up at my suggestion “You’re coming home in a few weeks?” he says in excitement. I nod. “I come home and then I am home for good” I say with a smile “That’s great. I can’t wait. So what is your idea to surprise them?” he says in gladness. “Well, I haven’t thought about that. Do you have any ideas?” I ask Jared. “Well, Jensen said that Mia wanted to go to Dustin’s. Does that help?” he asked. “Yes, I know the manager for Dustin’s so maybe I can talk to them and ask if I can do something there” I said “Sounds good. Let me know what you decide to do so I can help” Jared says with a smile. “Will do bro” I say. “I have to go. Jensen is calling me back to set” Jared said “Oh okay. Well I’ll let you go. Love you Jared” I said “Love you too sis. I’ll see you in a few weeks. I may be working so if I am then I will have Gen pick you up” he says with a smile “Okay, sounds good. See you then” I say with a smile.

I cannot wait to see Jensen and Mia. I have missed them so much. I have been here over here for close to two years and it’s been the longest two years of my life. It has been so hard because I’ve missed so many milestones, anniversaries, birthdays and holidays. I feel terrible that I left Jensen to not only be a single parent but also a television actor. I can’t wait to get home and be home for good.

*Two weeks later*

I had just gotten off the plane at Austin International Airport and was walking to find Gen, who was picking me up. I was walking though the airport when I caught sight of my sister-in-law. When I see her, I drop my bags and run towards my sister-in-law. When she sees me running, she opens her arms and engulfs me into the biggest hug. We stay like that for a few minutes just enjoying the comfort of each other “I missed you so much Gen” I said pulling away from her. “I missed you too (Y/N). It feels so good to see and hug you again. I know we got to video chat but it’s still not the same” she says as tears of joy start coming down her cheeks. At the sight of her tears I immediately hug her again. We both start crying a little over the fact that we are together again; as sisters. We pull away and wipe off our faces. I grab my bags and we head out of the airport. On our way out Gen gets stopped by a fan of the show. She asks to take a picture with her. Surprisingly, she asked for me to be in the picture as well and of course I agree. After we take the pictures we head out to the car and head to the restaurant.

(Jensen’s Perspective)

I am in Vancouver finishing up filming an episode with Jared. I felt terrible that I am missing Mia’s birthday dinner. Not only is (Y/N) not there, but neither am I. I head home tomorrow but today is her actual birthday and I just feel so bad that I am having to miss my daughter’s 5th birthday. We are taking a break from filming when I see that I’m getting a Face Time from Gen. I immediately pick it up to see Mia’s face pop up on the screen.

“Hi daddy” she says as she squeals in excitement. “Hey baby girl. Are you being good for Nana and Papa?” I asked smiling at my little girl and thinking how much she looks like her mother. “Yes sir. Nanna gonna take me to see Tom and Shep” she says as her face lights up with excitement. “You get to see Tom and Shep and Aunt Gen too?” I ask. She nods her head with enthusiasm. I laugh at her excitement. My mom comes on the screen. “Mia, why don’t you go get your shoes on then go get papa. Okay?” she says to Mia. Mia nods then runs off. “ Hey mom” I say. “Hey sweetheart, how is work?” she says “It’s good. We should be home by tomorrow or the day after” I said kinda giving her a fake smile. “Sweetheart, what’s wrong?” She asks me. I start tearing up when she asks me that. “I can’t do it anymore mom” I say as my voice breaks. “Can’t do what sweetheart?” she asks in a concerned tone. “Mom, I miss her. I wake up every morning hoping to see her laying next to me but she’s not. It’s been over a year mom, I can’t do it anymore. I know that I have to keep going but it’s so hard without her” I say to my mom as tears start streaming down my face. “Oh sweetheart I know you miss her, I mean we do too. So does Mia. Just think, she will be home in a couple months and then she is home for good. I know this is hard on you, son but you are strong and you can do this. Also, you aren’t alone Jensen. You have Jared, Gen, me, your father, (Y/N)’s parents, and the entire Supernatural cast plus that fandom of yours. You can do this sweetheart, I know you can” she says giving me a smile. I wipe away my tears and smile at her. “I love you mom. Thanks again for watching Mia and giving me the encouragement” I say to her. She smiles at me. She turns around because someone is talking to her. “Alright sweetheart I got to go. Gen is at the restaurant with the boys. Love you Jensen” she says “Love you too mom. Bye, and tell Mia I love her” I said “I will. Bye” she says and with that she hung up the phone. Just as she hung up Jared walked into my trailer. “Hey man, what’s up?” Jared asks as he walks in and sits on the couch. “Not much, just got off the phone with Mia and my mom” I said as I take a sip of my drink. “Oh that’s good. Jensen, are you sure you are alright? You look like you have been crying” he asks as he looks at me with a concerned look. “Yeah I was. My mom and Mia FaceTimed me and I was just sad that I am missing her birthday and that she doesn’t have (Y/N) either” I said looking down at my hands.

“I get it man but just think you’ll be home tomorrow to see her” he says smiling at me. I smile back at him then say “Thanks Jared.”

(Y/N)’s Perspective

We arrived at the restaurant where Mia, my parents, and Jensen’s parents were waiting. The only people who knew I was coming were Gen and Jared but Jared is in Vancouver. We decided that Gen and the boys were going to go in first and then I would go in the back and help bring out there food and then surprise them that way. I walk around the back of the restaurant and go through the kitchen and wait in the back for their food to get done. On our way to the restaurant we called them telling them are plan and they were more than happy to help. Once their food comes out, I grab Mia’s so that I could give it to her. Once their server has their food I walk behind them as we walk out to give them their food and surprise them. As I walk out in my army uniform, my parents and Jensen’s parents gasp but Mia still doesn’t see me because I’m behind the waiter. As we get to the table I walk out from behind the waiter and Mia locks eyes with me. I set her food down in front of her and then kneel down to her level. “Hi sweetheart. Happy birthday pumpkin” I say with tears of joy coming to my eyes. “Mommy!!!!!” she screamed and jumps into my arms. As soon as I catch her, I wrap my arms around her and we both start crying tears of joy. Once she is in my arms the entire restaurant erupts into cheers and whistles. “It’s okay sweetheart, I’m right here” I say while rubbing her back. “I missed you mommy” she whispers. “I missed you too sweetheart. I love you so much baby girl” I say. She pulls back to look me in the eyes. “I love you too mommy” she says. I smile at her then I set her down so she can eat. Once I set her down, my mom and dad walk over and hug me. “Hey mom. Hey dad” I say while hugging them. They start crying and I hug them tighter. “It’s okay mom, I’m here and I’m not going nowhere” I say to them. They pull back and look at me with a confused look. “I don’t have to go back. I’m out for good” I say with a smile. My mom screams in excitement as she hugs me again. I giggle as she is hugging me.

After my mom and dad go sit back down, Donna and Alan come up and hug me as well. After everyone hugs me, I pick up Mia and then sit in her chair and the set her in my lap. As we are all talking and catching up my mom asks me a question. “Does Jensen know you are back?” Before I could answer, Donna speaks up. “From the Face Time we had before coming here, I don’t think so,” she says with a sad look on her face. “What does that mean?” I asked her with a concerned look. She lets out a sigh. “Mia wanted to Face Time her daddy this morning and I could sense there was something off. So I told Mia to get her shoes on so I could talk to him. He was just really upset that he couldn’t be here. He figured you weren’t going to be here so that meant that Mia wouldn’t have either of her parents but to top it off, he just really missed you. I think it being Mia’s birthday just made him realize how much he really has been missing you. It’s not that he didn’t miss you any other day it’s just that I think he was tired of telling everyone he’s okay when he really wasn’t” she said. Hearing what Donna said brought tears to my eyes. I didn’t realize that it would be this hard for him. Yes I missed him but by what she just said I think he missed me more. Hearing all of this makes me want to fly to Vancouver now even though he comes home tomorrow. All I know is that when he gets home tomorrow, I’m gonna shower that man with the love and happiness he deserves to have so he knows how much I missed him too. As we are eating, Gen’s phone rings. “Hello….okay…alright, I’ll let her know. Love you, bye,” she says as she hangs up the phone. “Everything okay?” I ask. “Yeah they are fine. It’s just that they need to finish up the season so they won’t be home till Sunday,” she says. I let out a sigh. “Well, then Mia and I will just fly up there to see him. I know that is only a few days away but I’ve waited over a year to see him and I can’t wait any longer” I say with a slight chuckle. “That is definitely understandable” Donna says. We all laugh. “Why don’t we go ahead and leave so you guys can go home and pack?” Gen suggests. I look to Mia. “You want to leave so we can go home and pack?” I ask her. “Why would we be packing mommy?” she asks. “We are gonna see daddy at work. Is that okay with you?” I ask her. Her face lights up with joy. “We are gonna go see daddy?” she asks. “Yeah baby girl we are” I say to my now excited little girl. She squeals in excitement. She nods her head in excitement. We all laugh as she jumps up and down with excitement. I smile as I can’t wait to see the look on Jensen’s face when we surprise him. We soon leave the restaurant and head home to pack. Within a few hours we are packed and on a flight to Vancouver. After several hours we arrive in Vancouver. As we left the restaurant, I called Cliff to see if he could pick us up from the airport. He happily agreed. As we get off the plane we walk to through the airport to find Cliff waiting outside. “Welcome home (Y/N)” he says as he envelopes me in a hug. After we finish hugging, he bends down to grab our luggage and put it in the car. After we load up, we head to set where Jared and Jensen are. On our way to the set I called Bob to see if he can help set up a surprise for Jensen and Jared. He told me to sit on Dean’s bed and wait because there was a scene where Sam and Dean walk into Dean’s room as they are discussing something. After about a two hour car ride we arrive on set. Cliff helps sneak us into the set where we start to put our surprise into place.

Jensen’s Perspective

Jared and I were waiting for our queue to enter Dean’s room. “Action” Bob yells. “You know we can’t do that Sam” ‘Dean’ says turning the door knob and walking into the room. I freeze in my tracks as I see (Y/N) sitting on the bed with the biggest grin on her face. She still looks as beautiful as the day I met her. “Took you boys long enough” she says with that beautiful smile I missed. As I still stand there in shock, she gets off the bed and walks over to me. “Hi” she says with a smile. I don’t say anything as I immediately wrap my arms around her and hug her as if my life depended on it. This was also my breaking point. I cried tears of joy while burying my head in the crook of her neck. As I cried into her neck, she whispered things like “It’s okay baby, I’m here” or “I love you so much. It’s gonna be okay.” Everyone stayed quiet around us as they let us have this moment. Over a year I was without her. I didn’t have the mother of my child, my wife, my best friend, and most importantly; the love of my life, but now I have her and I don’t want to let her go. After a few minutes, I calm down. (Y/N) pulls away from me and smiles at me. “Baby, as much as I love and missed you, I really want to hug my brother” she said “No” I said or whine since it’s felt like ages since I last saw her. “Why not?” she asked. “Because there is one thing I have to do first” I say smiling at her.

“What would that be?” she says smiling at me. “This” I say then I lean down and kiss her. After a year of waiting, I finally get to kiss my wife. As I kiss her the whole cast and crew start clapping and cheering. I can feel her smile into the kiss. “That was definitely long overdue” I say pulling away and smiling at her. “Definitely” she says with a smile. “Can I hug my brother now?” she asks. “Well who am I gonna hug?” I ask with a faking look of hurt. She giggles. “Well, you can always hug your daughter who is playing with Misha” she says pointing to the side where Mia is laughing at something Misha is doing. I smile at then let her go to go hug Jared. I smile as I see them hug. After a few seconds of watching I decide to go over to Mia. I decide to sneak up behind her and catch her off guard. I signal for Misha to be quiet and he continues to act like I’m not there. Once I get close enough, I wrap my arms around her and she giggles the whole time, while I spin her. “Hi daddy,” she says smiling at me with her mother’s smile. “Hi princess. Did you have a good birthday?” I ask her. She nods her head. “Mommy came home and surprised me” she says. “I see that princess. Mommy surprised me too” I say as I kiss her cheek. “That was the plan” (Y/N) says behind me. I turn around to see her walking my way with Jared’s arm wrapped around her shoulder. “And I knew about” Jared says. “Well, you knew I was gonna surprise them but things changed when you guys were called to stay longer” she said letting go of Jared and walking over to me. “I’m glad you’re home” I say pecking her lips. She smiles at me then says “Me too.” “Mommy, when do you have to go back?” Mia asks looking at her. She takes Mia from my arms then says “I don’t have to go back baby girl.” I look at her with a look of shock on my face. “You’re serious?” I ask her with a look of disbelief. “Yeah. I don’t have to go back” she says to me. I wrap my arms around her in excitement. “I love you both so much” I say kissing her and Mia’s head. She looks at me like she wants to say something but keeps stopping herself. “What’s the matter sweetheart?” I ask her. “Well I was thinking,” she says looking down. “About what?” I ask her, kinda concerned at what she has to say. “Well I was thinking on the way over, what if we try for kid number two?” she says. I look at her in disbelief. I wanted nothing more to have her home and having another kid. I was too excited and shocked that I didn’t even realize that she was just rambling on. I lean down and cut her off with my lips on hers.

“Baby, I want nothing more to have another kid with you,” I say smiling at her. She breathes a sigh of relief. “So, Mia do want a brother or sister?” I ask her and (Y/N) laughed at my question. “Brother!!” She kinda yells in excitement. I look over at (Y/N) with a smirk. “You heard her mom” I say as I lean down and kiss her. My family was now complete. I had my wife, my daughter, and hopefully a boy in the next year or so. As long as my wife is here. Then I am home. She is my home sweet home.

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Hi. How would the boys confess to a very shy and timid crush?

I love everything about this request because I can relate to being shy and timid before someone I really like. I swear, if the chocobros just appeared in front of my with their beautiful selves I would feign ignorance and act like a complete knob- so much to the point that the chocobros would probably think I hated them. With that as inspiration, here are my headcanons (seems they got progressively longer as I moved from one chocobro to another- sorry Noct)!

**Note: after finishing these up, I’m not quite sure they turned out as fluffy and cute as I wanted them to be for you, Anon! My sincerest apologies!

Noctis: Our favourite Lucian prince is an awkward turtle. So naturally, he’s pretty shy and timid too! He doesn’t really know that his crush is just as shy, timid and nervous around him as he is around them. So there’s an aloof air to him when he approaches his crush. Basically, both Noctis and his crush have no idea they are interested in each other, and try to act ‘cool’ when they’re anywhere near each other, effectively driving each other away from each other. Both Noctis and his timid crush feel terrible heartache at every missed opportunity, and they wonder why the other dislikes them so much. Eventually, after a few weeks of acting like the other doesn’t exist from both Noct’s crush and Noctis himself, Noctis would be the one to make the first move- tired of waiting and wondering ‘what if?’ He’d sidle up to his crush quietly, and kind of stand around idling awkwardly beside them before clearing his throat and kicking the ground with the toe of his combat boots.

“Hey, I really like you… I just wanted to tell you that because- well, I don’t actually know why. I just had to.” Noctis would be a blushing mess, and he would not be able to make eye contact with his crush at all. In turn, his crush would be mirroring Noctis’ awkwardness- and the two would look like the cutest flustered couple ever, averting each other’s gazes and blushing like mad. Noctis’ crush, still blushing violently, would take a huge risk and clutch onto Noctis’ wrist, miscalculating as they probably intended to hold the prince’s hand. Either way, Noctis has a huge grin on his face by the end of the whole ordeal, and his crush (now girl/boyfriend) is super relieved that Noctis doesn’t in fact hate them!

Prompto: Prompto’s shy and timid (much like his crush) around people who he is not familiar with- but he hides it really well behind his slapstick humour. As a result, he’s kind of overwhelming to be around if you’re someone who doesn’t do well with small talk. He’d always be hanging around his crush, asking numerous questions about their likes and dislikes- almost to the point of being annoying. Seriously, the first thing that should tip this chocobo-loving blondie that his crush is just as into him as he is to them it the fact that they haven’t told him to shut up and leave them alone yet! Prompto would also create absolutely ANY excuse to take his crush along on a ‘super-secret-photography-expedition’ whenever he’d roll into his crush’s town with the other chocobros.

It would probably on one of these photography expeditions that Prompto would confess. He’d probably flush a blotchy red, which is super endearing, fiddling with his camera to avoid looking directly at his crush. Of course, his shy and timid crush would feel kind of awkward in such a situation and would try to make any excuse under the sun to leave.

(Oh, I have to feed my cat!) (But… you don’t have a cat. Remember, when I asked you if you had pets, you said no.)

Prompto would feel super disheartened at his crush’s attempts to get away from him. So much that, well, Prompto would finally blurt out: “Don’t you like hanging out with me? I really like hanging out with you! You’re amazing- and I really, really, REALLY like you a lot.” The silence that would follow his confession would be deafening as his crush tries to decipher the extremely fast cadence of Prompto’s words. Our sunshine chocobo-lover would then step forward, blushing an impossibly deep shade of red, and would take his crush’s hand in his own sweaty palm.

His crush would squeeze his hand, offering a timid yet happy smile at the blond. This positive reaction would then lead to a lot of whooping, cheering, and countless amount of couple selfies (after all, Prompto’s got to document the moment his huge confession when absolutely perfectly).

Gladio: Gladio’s a flirt. A very confident, manly flirt. His crush is the complete opposite: timid, shy, and very quiet. They usually keep to themselves and the only time Gladio actually gets to see them is in the Citadel, during his lunch break. Gladio can’t really explain why he’s so drawn to his crush’s quiet nature, but he knows he wants to see them smile. Preferably from reacting positively to something he did for them. So at first, he’d approach his crush with all the confidence in the world- chest out, shoulders back and head held up high. However, he’d tone it down the moment he realises his crush is having trouble getting their words out amidst his confident aura. After trying his best to get a conversation out of his crush, he’d casually make up and excuse to exit the situation- not because he thinks they are weird, but simply because he can see how uncomfortable his crush is in his presence.

Feeling a little sad about the train wreck that was his first conversation with his adorably shy crush, Gladio would head home after a long day of work and brainstorm some ideas that would help him get close to his crush without scaring them the way he did the first time. His first idea is to casually bring up the weather and talk about how great it is outside- he then plans to invite his crush outside to take a walk with him. Alas, it is pouring buckets the next day and Gladio has to make something up on the spot when he spots his crush ducking between two boisterous members of the Crownsguard to get to their usual lunch spot. Gladio would probably feel a little nervous since he’s not used to dealing with overly shy people- but his crush is totally worth all the mental pain he’s gone through!

Gladio would quietly take a seat opposite of his crush and patiently sit, waiting for his crush to speak first. That way, his crush would be in control of the situation. Eventually, his crush acknowledges Gladio by pushing half of their sandwich towards him, averting their eyes as they shyly chew on their own half. Gladio would not be able to help the smirk that forms on his lips as he leans forward onto the table.

“So, you do like me as much as I like you! You could have fooled me, the way you carried on last time. It was cute though. You’re really cute.” Gladio would end, his deep gravelly voice tender and soft. His crush would smile shyly through bites of their sandwich and murmur quietly in response.

“I like you too- you noticed me when no one else did. I’m really glad you told me how you feel.”

Ignis: Ignis, being the perceptive guy he is, would handle confessing to a shy and timid crush in a better way than the other chocobros. He’d observe his crush from afar and take note of situations or particular environmental conditions that gave his crush any particular trouble. Honestly speaking though, he finds his crushes blushes and awkward attempts at small talk around others extremely endearing. Personally, he cannot wait to see his crush standing flustered before him. But that image could wait- he would want to make sure his crush would accept his confession with grace.

So he does sweet, passive things that drop clues to his crush about his feelings towards them. Of course, these passive things include anonymous love notes which contained a simply few lines about the traits he adores about his crush. They also include random packages of baked goods and surprise lunches left in his crush’s locker. Ignis kind of enjoy the whole ordeal- he’s secretly a raging romantic and had wanted to try doing something selflessly sweet for his beloved whenever he got the chance to. Efforts towards passively wooing his crush were the perfect opportunity to act out his innocent romantic fantasies (his not-so-innocent romantic fantasies would have to wait till later in his potential relationship with his crush).

After a few weeks of sending his crush sweet love notes and delicious food, Ignis would purposely arrive at his crush’s locker at the same time they did. Face to face with his shy crush, Ignis wouldn’t be able to help the feint blush that would rise up his neck, not quite reaching his cheeks. He’d adjust his glasses, suddenly feeling nervous (what if his crush out right rejected him, thinking he was a sick, creepy individual who liked to watch people from afar?), and then bravely go for the plunge.

In a steady voice: “So, it appears the jig is up, dearest. What say you and I have a nice lunch together today? I’ve made stew, and I have some muffins ready for dessert.”

After a few moments of silence between Ignis and his crush, his crush would shyly smile up at him and nod.

“I would really love that, Ignis. See you then.”

And score! Smooth operator Ignis scores himself a date with his shy and timid crush!

Missing scene

The soldier grabbed Abby by the shoulder and pushed hard.

“March,” he growled. Abby fell forward, but not to the ground. She did as she was told. She started moving.

Marcus watched Abby ahead of him and began walking faster. He wanted to run to her but he couldn’t - they would think he was trying to break free. But with his ever so slightly increased pace, he caught up to Abby in under a minute.

“Abby,” he said, once he was by her side. “Are you okay?”

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"Will you stay with me anyways?" + Aruani

Armin froze in his tracks. Her shaky hand had an iron tight grip on his wrist, enough to crack it if he twisted away. Not that he was planning to. Armin found himself, instead, silent and listening to the girl behind the prison bars. A girl he’d known so well, so intimately not too long ago. 

“Please…” Annie’s voice was hesitant. Her usual monotone gave way to something more unsure, almost fragile. “I’m not asking for forgiveness, Armin. Believe me, I know I don’t deserve it.”

He stared at the stone dungeon ground, brows furrowing. Armin could feel the lump in his throat as her voice sang in his ears.

“…You’re not being fair.” He mumbled, his once balled up fist going limp as she loosened her grip on his arm. In spite of himself, a snicker passed his lips. “I guess I should expect that from you.”

Her hand slipped from his wrist, moving down to grab his hand. With little reluctance, he turned around to meet her eyes for the first time in what felt like an eternity. 

Annie’s eyes had always had a certain pull to them. They were sharp, icy, yet so clear and captivating. In someone so typically aloof, he could see so much of her mind in them alone. And he’d missed them terribly when she was gone.

“Just…stay with me. For a little while. To talk.”

“I could get in trouble.”

“You’d have left by now if you cared about that.”

The faintest of smiles pulled at her lips. With the warmth of her hand in his, he could swear they were back in training. Two kids with no clue what they were doing, trying day after day to figure each other out. Long talks on the way back from a training exercise, that would eventually give into passionate nights in the stables.

The memory alone was enough to throw off his train of thought.  

Alright, he thought. There’s no reason to be so nervous.

Slowly, he sat down in front of her cell. Annie followed his action, accompanied by the jarring clanking over her chains. They sat face to face, separated only by the barred door keeping her away.

“What do you want to talk about?” He asked, hugging his knees against his chest. Annie shrugged, and again mimicked his actions.

“Anything.” She pushed stray blonde hair behind her ear. Armin observed her reserved body language, and how little it had changed since the last time he’d seen her. “You always had this strange ability to keep me interested. I think I could use a catch up, as well, don’t you think?” 

I’m still not recovered from last night’s episode and I don’t think I ever will…
6 years ago I started watching OUAT and it changed me in mulitple ways.
It got me through bad days, anxiety, joy, happiness and reminded me to have hope. No matter what life throws at you.
I met a lot of amazing people, who mean so much to me, it shaped my creativity (ALL THE GIFS) and it brought me happiness.
Watching the ep was the hightlight of each week, and it feels so sad to think that my favorite charactesr won’t be around anymore.
Which, ultimately, is why I probably won’t be watching S7 when it airs (except maybe 701 since Jen will be in it and I’m such CS trash that I can’t miss a single thing of my precious babies). OUAT without Jen, CS, Ginny, Josh, Emilie, Jared and Rebecca will never be OUAT for me..

Anyways, I can’t express my love for this show and its characters since I’m not very good with words.
I’m just grateful for this wonderful show, characters, fandom and actors.
OUAT will always be in my heart. I’m going to miss it terribly.

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Mc gets into an accident and has partial memory loss like she knows the rfa members but does not recall that they are dating


This has become standard at this point, but It’s 3:20 in the morning and to my queue it goes.

 I hope this makes sense. 

Yoosung: Yoosung hadn’t left their bedside in the past three days since they arrived at the hospital, barely sleeping and only eating when someone brought him food. He couldn’t stand the idea of them waking up and him not being there.

Eventually, however, he fell asleep with his head on their stomach.

“Yoosung, wake up.” They said softly, a hand on his shoulder as they shook him awake. He mumbled softly, not opening his eyes. A few seconds later he came to the abrupt realization that MC was awake and that they were in the hospital of all places.

“How long have you been here?” They asked with a soft laugh. “You look exhausted, why didn’t you go home?”

He sat up, rubbing sleepily at his eyes. “I didn’t want to leave in case you woke up.”

They nodded slowly, before looking towards him with a bright grin. “You really are sweet Yoosung,” he beamed at them, “I’m so lucky to have a friend like you.”

Immediately the smile dropped from his face. They were messing with him, right? But they looked serious. Only now, their smile had faded and been replaced with a concerned expression. “Hey, what’s wrong?” They asked carefully, but he couldn’t get the word friend out of his head. 

He gave a weak excuse for why he needed to leave before running from the room without giving them a chance to see him cry. 

Jaehee: “The doctors said three days until you can come home which is obviously good news,” Jaehee said with a grin. 

She’d missed having them at home and working with her in the shop. She’d be glad once they were cleared to return to work, not because she was working too hard, but because she loved their company so much.

“That’s good,” They agreed with a soft laugh, “I’m not overly fond of hospitals.” 

“Then I’ll make your favorite meal for dinner on the night you get out of here to celebrate,” she suggested with a grin, already planning it out in her head. She’d have to run to the store before then. 

“Don’t!” MC cried. “That’s really nice but you don’t have to cook for me. You especially don’t have  to bring it over to Rika’s apartment, and I’m not letting you come over as a guest and make dinner there because that’s rude. And nobody knows the address of Rika’s apartment so you wouldn’t be able to find your way there in the first place.” 

“Oh?” Jaehee asked, “Why do you feel the need to move back into the old apartment?” she asked, slightly concerned hat she’d disappointed MC some how. She thought their relationship had been going well, but what if she’d messed something?   

“As opposed to?” They asked, raising an eyebrow. 

“Living at our place near the shop?” 

“Are you saying we live together?” MC asked, eyes wide in shock. 

Jaehee nodded in confusion. Did they really not remember that? “Of course,” she said softly, not knowing how to explain their relationship at the moment. What was necessary was to speak with the doctors and tell them that MC was experiencing issues with their memory, so she quickly excused herself from the room. 

She’d regain control of her emotions and would explain everything to them later, but for right now she needed some time to herself to come to terms with the fact that MC couldn’t remember that they were even in a relationship in the first place, let alone they details of said relationship. 

Jumin: He was confident that they were under the best care available, but even so, it took them days to wake up and he was a wreak. He hadn’t gone into work since they’d been placed in the hospital and had put their doctors on speed dial. In the first day, he called the doctors every hour demanding to know if their condition had changed and if they woke up as well as giving them the reminder to contact him if anything changed. 

When he finally received the information that they had woken up and seemed to be fine he was overjoyed because everything was miraculously okay, but the moment he walked into the hospital room, he know something was off. 

Their expression was slightly shocked when they saw him walk through the door as if they couldn’t quite believe that he’d actually come to visit them, which was ridiculous. “Jumin?” They asked carefully, “What are you doing here? You’re the first RFA member to come visit me, is everything okay?”

“Of course I am. I was so worried that you wouldn’t wake up.” He admitted, “I don’t know what I’d do without you.” 

MC blushed faintly, looking away from him and he wondered if he said something wrong. “It’s not like you to be so emotional. I’d expect that kind of thing more from Zen than from you, no offense.” Their response shocked him. Since he and MC had officially begun their relationship, Zen had backed off quite a bit, so why would they expect something like that more from him than from their own boyfriend? 

“Are you okay?” They asked.

“I’m fine,” he assured them, They were the one in the hospital, he should be the one worrying about them. “Do you want me to bring you anything from home now that you’re awake?” He asked, slightly hesitant. 

“I thought you weren’t allowed to know the address of the apartment?” They asked, tone light and curious. “Did Seven end up telling you anyway?”

Now he was starting to get worried, how couldn’t they remember that they’d moved in to his penthouse with him, but he already knew the answer without having MC confirm it aloud. By some twisted form of luck, they remembered the RFA, at least to some degree, but they didn’t know that they‘d been in a relationship for over a year. 

“I need to get some fresh air,” he said, forcing a calm demeanor. He wouldn’t allow himself to panic in front of them. He’d figure things out, maybe contact the RFA to let them know of MC’s condition if he felt up to it. Only once he’d calmed down would he go back to their room to talk. 

Zen: He knew they hated hospitals as much as he did and seeing them, small and unconscious in the hospital bed had almost killed him. He normally wasn’t especially good at taking care of himself, but he immediately became even worse at it after the accident.  

“You’re awake!” he cried in relief, immediately throwing his arms around them in a tight hug, before remembering that they were still in the hospital and still in pretty bad condition and pulling away with a guilty grin that proved that he wasn’t entirely sorry. “Sorry Babe, just don’t worry me like that again. I haven’t been able to eat or sleep in days, I couldn’t stop worrying about you. The director thought I was sick and sent me home early…” he trailed off, rubbing the back of his neck. 

“I’m fine, you really shouldn’t of had to miss work for me.” 

“Of course I did,” He insisted, “If the person I love is hurt I’m going to visit them in the hospital and at the very least bring them flowers. My work isn’t more important than you.” He gestured towards the vase of flowers on the table with a wide grin. All MC’s favorites were there and they found themself wondering how he knew or if he just guessed luckily. 

“Don’t you think that ‘person you love’ thing is a bit dramatic, even for you?” They asked with a laugh and he frowned. He’d said it before and they’d never seemed to mind it then. 

“Maybe the term partner would be better?” He suggested teasingly, “soulmate?” 

They blushed and he grinned even brighter at them. “You do realize that we’re not actually together, right?” they asked, rolling their eyes and the grin immediately fell from his face. “Zen?” And at that moment his heart almost stopped. How long ha it been since they called him by his stage name when they were alone? 

“Do you really not remember?” He asked and they shook their head. “I’ll be right back,” he promised, “I just need to think,  I’m sorry.” 

Seven: He was absolutely exhausted, but he refused to leave their bedside or sleep, not when they needed him. He’d gone years without taking care of himself, he could manage a few days for them, still he’d started nodding off when he suddenly was suddenly woken up to a loud shout of “Seven!” That almost gave him a heart attack. “What are you doing here? You look terrible!” 

He laughed, now wide awake. He knew he probably really did look awful, but that didn’t even matter to him right now because they were awake. It didn’t even matter to him that they’d called him by that old nickname. They were probably just shocked to see him there and it wasn’t like he minded really, he kind of missed them called him by that nickname. 

“MC!” He cried out in relief, “Thank God you’re okay, I was so worried.” 

“You always worry so much,” they laughed and he grinned. 

“For you, it’s worth it,” He replied easily. God he’d missed this over the past few days. he didn’t know what he would have done if MC hadn’t woken up. “I love you so much,” he laughed, running his hand through his hair. 

“Seven!” they shrieked and he laughed again. He loved when they acted so cute and shy like this. He hummed a response, resting his chin gently on the top of their head, desperate for contact. “What’s wrong?” 

“I missed you,” He mumbled, closing his eyes, just for a moment. 

“Idiot,” they laughed and he smiled sleepily. 

“Hey, MC,” he said, his voice slightly sing-songy, “Say my name. My real name not Seven.” He’d been so worried they wouldn’t wake up. 

“What’s this about Luciel?” They asked and he froze. He didn’t think they’d ever called him by that name before and it felt terribly wrong. Surely they knew what he meant thought, right? They were just messing around. 

“Not that one,” He said, keeping his tone light despite the concern he was starting to feel. “Saeyoung.” 

MC’s eyes widened in confusion. “Wait, your real real name is Saeyoung?” They asked looking genuinely confused. “Does it really take me almost dying for you to tell me what your real name is? You really are weird.” 

“Stop, it right now, just stop  okay,” he took a deep breath before continuing, “it’s not funny anymore, stop pretending like you don’t remember anything you’re freaking me out.” 

“I’m not…what are you talking about Seven? You’re being weirder than normal.” They asked and they really did look confused. 

“What do you remember about me?” He asked nervously. 

“You’re in the RFA with me,” They started, “You’re a hacker, you make a lot of jokes that don’t make a lot of  sense, but you’re also one of the funniest people I know, you have a job you can’t talk about, you live off chips and soda and don’t sleep enough, you like cars, you have a maid, you’re my best friend–” He cut them off immediately, unable to listen to any more.

Best friend.

They hadn’t really considered each other friends in over a year so why now unless they genuinely didn’t remember. 

Relationship like Brother and Sister? I think not

So I just need to reiterate something here…Never have Sharna and James ever been/nor will they ever be comparable to a brother/sister relationship!  Just not gna happen no matter how many times they themselves push that or the media tries to push that side(like the ET interview from today did)…couldn’t be further from the truth actually.  

I know we’ve done this before but let’s do it again and come up with some reasons why they haven’t ever been sibling-like/never will be sibling-like Okay?  Hmmm let’s see, where to begin:

(I just want to first say that I am basing this off of the bonds I have with my own siblings and I obviously don’t know how you all are with your siblings but if I were to compare it to my own family, these would be big no no’s and quite frankly, really bizarre haha if I ever did any of these things with them!) But anyways, feel free to pitch in your thoughts.  Here we go:

-caressing his neck, head, and/or hair

-Using his thumb to caress the skin of her back

-massaging his knee/putting her hand on his thigh and leaving it there

-Resting his hands on her knee

-Sitting in his lap on a plane ride

-Gazing into each other’s eyes while spending time alone together in each other’s trailers

-Calling her “hon”, “darling”, or “muffin’

-Biting their lips at the same time when someone says they look good together

-Biting her lip when she watched him and listened to him speak(God, she must have had bloody lips during last season cuz geez that was a constant thing!)

- Looking up at him lovingly and with dilated pupils(that you could actually see in her eyes from a distance) and I’ve heard many times that you will often get dilated pupils when looking at someone you love.

-Looking him up and down(all the way down all the way up to eyes) subtly during interviews and you can tell she liked what she saw

-Nuzzling HER head into his neck 

-Nuzzling HIS head into her neck

-Touching foreheads and noses while she holds his face and both close their eyes and look into each others eyes(you know, not like they wanted to kiss or anything) 

-Holding hands and hugging each other backstage a lot(even when cameras were off I might add)

-Holding both of their hands, swaying back and forth, looking into each others eyes and smiling like they are on the altar ready to get married(yes, this did happen and it wasn’t just a captured picture)

-Flirting during Facebook live 

-Digging his face into her hair like he was admiring her scent(Halloween week)

-Learning all of her nuances and Sharnaisms and doing anything he can to make her laugh, looking back to wait and see how she will react, and saying how he now “speaks her language." 

-Giving her one of the most personal gifts you can give someone and telling her she completed his story…while looking into her eyes and telling her she is amazing

-Suggesting that she wear one of the sexy show outfits to his races to help him win(we all know he loved how she looked that night and would really want her to wear it to a race so he could admire her beauty mhmmm) 

-Her calling him "My mirrorball”

-Saying he would have given anything to get her that mirrorball(putting his wants aside for her, embracing her lifestyle, and showing how deeply he cared for her)

-Dancing together to a love song while watching each other’s eyes and smiling at each other through the whole dance(So…basically a 1st dance as a married couple dance)

-During hugs, legs were basically intertwined and he would lean so much into her that it was like he was dipping her(just take a look back at the scoring from the trio night)

-During her injury, all the two of them could say was how much they wanted to get back to each other and he looking like a lost puppy those two weeks without her presence always there

-The smiles that they only had/have for each other.  The smile that would show a glow in their eye and the biggest wrinkles from cheeks up to the eyes.(Especially him, he only has that full smile with her)  

Gosh I could clearly go on forever haha and I KNOW I’m missing some things!  Please feel free to add if you think of others that are not coming to my mind right now!  

But look, all this to say that the brother/sister thing can be mentioned until they are blue in the face, but it ain’t ever going to be that way.  Whatever happened then, whatever is happening now with them, whatever is going on with miss Becky With the Good hair and all that stuff, it is what it is and it’s all fine and dandy and everything but again, with everything we have witnessed this past year and the partnership that was…I don’t believe for a second that they could ever even be placed into the category of sibling relationship!  Nope, just nope. God I love them so much, but they are terrible liars!  







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86 + kc

And we’ve reached the final part of this short series! Thank you for all these prompts Maf! It was awesome to write, and I hope you enjoyed them.
| Part one | Part two | Part threePart four |

KC + “Am I scaring you?”

Caroline hadn’t seen Klaus since the bonfire party. At this point, she wasn’t certain who was avoiding who exactly, just that they hadn’t spend more than ten seconds in the same room since that night.

She knew her reasons for avoiding him -tall, brunette, gorgeous- but what were his? He had clearly moved on and was over his infatuation with her. She groaned. Why couldn’t she have just fallen for some random kid in her history class or something? Did it really have to be her best friends brother?

Because she had. Fallen for him. She had discovered that weeks ago. The day that she had realized that Klaus Mikaelson had the power to break her heart, he had. And he never looked back.

But now she wasn’t so sure anymore. At the bonfire he had been quick to rush to her, helping her when she tripped and looking downright ready to hurt anyone that had done so to her. She shivered when she thought back to the intensity of his eyes.She sighed, maybe she was just seeing what she had wanted to see?

He always did have the perfect words, but the girl didn’t lie. Katherine Pierce. She knew the girl from reputation only, but it was enough.


“Rebekah?” she called out while she entered the Mikaelson’s living room, “Where are you?”

“She’s upstairs,” an unfamiliar voice answered, and Caroline looked up in surprise at the sight of Katherine Pierce in the house. Of course. Caroline should have prepared herself for the possibility. Klaus didn’t need to hide this one. She regretted the thought instantaneously. It had been her idea to keep their ‘thing’ a secret after all.

“Oh hi,” she waved awkwardly at the intimidating girl, “I’m sorry what are you doing here?”

“Just waiting for my boyfriend,” Katherine told her before she looked back at her phone. “Rebekah is in her room.”

Caroline felt dismissed and without another word walked up towards Rebekah’s room. Boyfriend. The word tore through her hard. Of course, Klaus would date this girl. She was gorgeous, daring, sexy, confident. Everything she wasn’t. She walked up to Rebekah’s room and sighed one last time, masking her feelings before she faced her friend.

“Well you took your time,” Rebekah joked when Caroline entered the room.

“Yeah sorry, I was held up by Katherine for a minute.”

“Oh yeah- my brother’s lovely new girlfriend,” Rebekah said, rolling her eyes. The sarcasm was evident and Caroline was relieved that she wasn’t the only one disliking the girl. Her reasons were a lot more selfish than Rebekah’s though.

“You don’t like her?” Caroline inquired, hoping she didn’t sound too eager for information.

“I don’t know her, and she’s certainly not trying to get known. I mean she’s been over a couple of times in the past two months and all I know is her name and that she has a younger sister. She’s not the kind of girl I would have thought my brother to come home with.”

Caroline processed the words. Two months. She had still been with Klaus at the time. She couldn’t believe he had someone he took home with him, while he was still stringing her along. Anger overcame her and she stood up.

“I’m sorry,” she told Rebekah while she grabbed her purse, “I need to- I totally forgot that I had to- I’ll call you later, okay?” she asked while she ran out of Rebekah’s room.

She had to find Klaus. This couldn’t continue like this. Not while he had some other girl that probably never knew about her either. He couldn’t hurt another girl like he had hurt her. Not that Katherine seemed like the type to break easily…


She had tried his room but it had been empty, looked around the house but hadn’t succeeded. She was pleased to note that Katherine was no longer in the living room, but that brought up the fear that she was gone, because they were somewhere together. Would her heart be able to take it if she found them like that?

It didn’t matter. This was about more than just her.


She found him in the backyard. Before she could second guess herself she ran towards him and pushed him into the direction of the shed, closing the door behind them.

“Caroline-” he said in surprise, glancing around unsurely. He had missed the girl terribly, but he knew they had to keep their distance before he did something they would regret. She deserved so much better than him.

“No. I talk. You listen. I thought I made it clear at the bonfire how you hurt me. How you broke me. I thought by telling you, that I took back the power that made you be able to do so. But I was wrong,” she swallowed deeply and took a step back from him. “You’re ruining me. How could you?”

“Caroline,” he came closer to her, a hand raised in concern. He wanted to keep her at a distance, but she was never supposed to get hurt. He had never imagined she would care enough to get hurt. “I never wanted to-”

“No I don’t need your excuses!” she slapped away his hand. “I have enough of those. I need answers. I need the truth!”

“I’ve given you all I can,” he answered dejectedly. “I’ve tried- I tried to do right by you, and I failed. I don’t know what else to do!”

“Right by me?!? You call breaking up with me when I tell you I’m okay going public doing right by me? You call dumping me over text! Doing right by?” she was seething and started articulating slower, emphasizing her last words, “You call having a girlfriend! Doing. Right. By. Me?” She swallowed back the sobs that were threatening to break free. She knew that no explanations would ever relieve her of her pain.

“Girlfriend? I don’t-” Klaus looked around unsurely, “Who the hell are you talking about?”

She shook her head in anger, “Don’t try to act like you don’t know. I’ve met her. It was one thing to hear that you moved on, but discovering that you’ve been seeing each other while we were together? How could you do that to me? Or if you care about me so little, how could you do that to Katherine?”

“Katherine?” Klaus chuckled and shook his head. “Caroline this is all one big misunderstanding! I’m not dating Katherine. Elijah is.”

“You’re… you’re not?” she was stunned. She was so convinced Klaus had moved on and found himself a new and better girl… but he hadn’t. She wasn’t sure if she was relieved or disappointed. A different girlfriend at least explained their sudden break-up.

“I don’t even like her. We were only talking at the bonfire because we were both waiting for my brother. Ugh Katherine and me,” he made a disgusted face at the thought. “I thought you knew me better than that.”

She bristled, how dare he be offended by her assumption. “Well, what was I supposed to think! You broke up with me out of nowhere. Clearly, I didn’t know you as well as I ever thought I did.”

“At the very least I would expect you to know my type,” Klaus moved closer to Caroline. Now that she had moved past some of her anger, he felt himself relax more. It started to feel like it had before he had ruined it all.

“What is that? Naive and easy?” Caroline sniped back, taking in a harsh breath when she could feel his chest brush hers. Damn, she hadn’t thought this confronting Klaus in a quiet tiny space thing through. Her body still reacted to him, like it had before.

Klaus chuckled. “No. Strong, beautiful, full of light,” he pressed a small kiss at her jaw, “Bossy. Stubborn.” He places a kiss at the corner of her mouth, smiling when he didn’t feel her pull away. “Sexy.”

She shivered and automatically took a step back. Her mind screamed at her not to fall for his pretty words again, but her senses, her heart, they all screamed Klaus.

“Am I scaring you?” he asked when he realized she had flinched away from him. He didn’t want to do anything that Caroline didn’t want to. It was just so easy to get distracted by the blonde beauty. To get lost in her.

“No,” she breathed out. She needed a minute to sort out her thoughts. Her body was screaming at her to lean forward, to have his lips roam over every bit of her skin but she knew she had to be stronger than that. Clearly, he was still interested in her. A lack of physical attraction was never their issue. Communication was. “We can’t,” she whispered at the unspoken question.

“I can’t be the girl that meets you in empty places, Klaus. I deserve more than that.” Before he could interject she continued. “And yes I know the secrecy was my idea, and it was fun at first. But that was when I was still discovering what we were. What I wanted. And I realized that sneaking around? That wasn’t it. If that’s all you want? That’s fine. But it won’t be with me.”

Klaus took the last step forward, his body pressing against Caroline while her back was against the door. “I don’t want anyone else,” he told her, looking at her in disbelief at the suggestion. “All I’ve ever wanted was be with you. Be someone worthy of you. But I’m not-” his voice broke and Caroline looked up in surprise.

“Someone worthy- Klaus!” she hit his arm, “You can’t decide who is or isn’t worthy of me. I chose you. I-” she inhaled sharply, “I choose you.”

“Even after I hurt you?” his voice sounded raspy and she knew she hit an emotional snare. “Caroline I’m not good for you.”

“Why? Because your father made you believe you would never be worth a damn? Don’t forget I’ve known you for years. I never had any illusions about who you were or weren’t. You’ve never hurt me. Not until you told me to leave you.”

“So what are you saying?” he asked, telling himself not to hope. If he was lucky, after today he and Caroline would continue being friends. He wouldn’t have her, but at least she would still be in his life.

“I’m saying,” she pressed against him, and lifted her arms around his neck, “Don’t ever tell to leave again.” With those last words, she pressed her lips against his. She could feel Klaus push her against the wall and moaned at the feeling of his body against hers.

He had made a mistake. Acted badly. But she know realized it came from a place of caring. Where Caroline had wanted to show her feelings by telling people, he had thought setting her free was the right decision. What was that saying? If you love somebody, let them go. If they return they’re yours forever? She didn’t know about forever. But for now? This was who she wanted to be with.

She reached for the hem of his shirt, wanting to remove the pieces of clothing that separated them, but Klaus’ hands on her stopped her. “We can’t,” he gasped against her lips. “There’s something else we have to do first.”

“What’s that?” she asked dazedly. She couldn’t imagine there was anything more important in that moment.

“I believe there’s something we have to tell my sister.”

“You’re serious?” she asked with a grin on her face.

“About you? Always.” He pecked her lips and she captured them in another heated kiss. They were going to make it this time. She was sure of it.

And so the miniseries has concluded. Hope you enjoyed it!

If you want me to write another prompt, take a look here and send me the number and ship! 

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*sat in a puddle of my own tears* Lo your love for Robrons love is just beautiful... I agree they are so co dependent on each other's love to be the best version of themselves. That gif is everything old man robert with his cramp refusing to give in to his younger husbands taunts 😎. I miss them terribly LET THEM LIVE ED LET THEM LIVE IN A BUBBLE OF THEIR ❤️




sigh sigh sigh i love them and their mess i love them