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could you do a saeyoung x reader x saeran NSFW fanfic?? So, mc is in a relationship with saeyoung.But saeran also has feelings for them,and at on a lonely night she gets drunk with saeran and they start making out, because she mistook him for seven. after sometime, seven comes home.... and sees them make out, and sees the alcahol they have been drinking togheter with their red faces. and joins them.

ok! master~

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Hey there! I just found your blog and I love what you're doing ^_^ it's super fun (so far lol) and creative. Could I also request "guards and inmates reacting to their crush asking them out"? I think that you could make this really cute <3

Ah! Thank you soo much >///< I’m new to all of this so I’m sorry if this is bad xD 


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Uno: He would tell everyone! It would get annoying xD

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Honey: Him and Uno would be so annoying about it xD

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Trois: he’d be a smiling mess tbh

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Samon: doesn’t know how to react, help him

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If I missed anyone or you want me to add someone, let me know and I’ll try ^.^

Distance // Changkyun

Request for: @lallainex91

Genre: Fluff

Word count: 897

As soon as you woke up by the blinding light, you internally groaned, and as your eyes adjusted, you stared at the empty space next to you, your boyfriend, Changkyun was currently away promoting for Monsta X’s recent comeback, and you missed him like crazy, from seeing him every day, to barely being able to talk to him on the phone left an unbearable feeling inside you. You missed his silly jokes, the way he never failed to make you laugh and smile, the way you’d both cuddle up together, they way he looked in your eyes and told you how much you meant to him, you longed for him so much.

You grabbed your phone from your bedside table hastily, but there were no new notifications or messages. You sighed, feeling your heart sink. You didn’t want to disturb him, and so binge watched a load of Monsta x videos, and then read through previous texts you’d had with your boyfriend, making you smile from ear to ear.
Later that day you decided to do a bit of shopping to take buy Changkyun a present to congratulate him, as he was supposed to be coming home in a couple of days, and whilst walking past various shops, you reminisced how you both had shared so many memories here, the bakery were he always bought you cakes, clothing shops were he’d wait for hours on end for you to try things on, and he’d shower you in compliments about how great you looked.

You walked into the shop and picked up a few articles of clothing for him, and enjoyed a nice long walk in the spring breeze, browsing through different shops, eventually becoming too engrossed in the busy Seoul atmosphere to beING able to forget about the numb feeling for a split second.

You decided to sit in small cafe that didn’t look to busy as you got extremely tired from walking, and carrying the heavy bags, and ordered bubble tea and your favourite cake, and took your phone out your coat pocket, only to see 4 missed calls. You almost dropped your phone, in shock and disappointment that you had missed Changkyun’s calls whilst you were busy shopping,
You immediately called back, and were so relieved when he answered instantly,

“Jagi are you okay?” he said hurriedly, and your heart melted at how his voice was full of concern, and clenched the necklace he had given you as a sentimental keepsake, an old habit you couldn’t help whilst talking to him.
“Oppa I’m fine, I’m sorry I missed your calls I was out shopping, how are you?” you blurted, although you had a million things you wanted to tell and ask him.
He laughed a little “I’m fine y/n-iee I miss you soo much though” he whined, and in the background you heard Wonho mocking him, and Changkyun shouting at him, you could just picture him rolling his eyes, and you giggled so loud, you got a few strange looks from people nearby.
“I miss you more Jagi, every second without you is torture…time passes slower without you” you said, looking down, feeling miserable again.
“Aww y/n I know, I want to see your beautiful face and kiss your beautiful lips soo desperately, you know I’m going to be home a few more days now, I seriously cannot wait to see you, I love you Jagi always remember that” he said, making you smile again. You were in love with his voice, and could listen to him for hours.
“I know..I can’t wait either Jagi I love you too”
You were struggling to hear him as there was a lot of noise in the background, he was obviously really busy.
“Bye Jagi I’ll call you later” he said hurriedly.
“You better Oppa! Bye”.
After clenching your phone in your hand, feeling so much more warm-hearted after the phone call, and decided it would be a good idea to make your way home.  
After putting the shopping away, you got changed into some clothing and dived on the sofa, aching from walking so much ealier. You just sat down, and were about to continue watching a series, when there was an abrupt knocking at your door. You groaned, and threw the remote to the side, confused at who it might be at this time. As you swung the door open, you were greeted by a colossal bunch of red roses, and were taken aback, had Changkyun sent someone to give these to you? Just then they lowered the giant bunch of roses, it was Changkyun!

You were so speechless, “Surprise Jagi!!” he said grinning, and you squealed, unable to form any words, and engulfed him in the biggest hug ever.
“Woah y/n I can’t breathe!” he giggled as you finally let go of him, and he stepped inside with another large bag.
“But you said you’d be here in a few d-“
He cut you off by pulling you in for a long kiss, and you feel like time froze. When you finally pulled away, you lightly punched his shoulder,
“You could’ve at least told me you were coming, I look like shit” you whined motioning at your baggy jumper and sweatpants.
“Y/n you looks beautiful and amazing as always, and besides I wanted to surprise you” he said, pulling you closer by your waist.

You’re So Old!

Request: Can I request one where the reader is tony Starks baby sister? Him and the team find her in a cryo tank and bring her back to the compound for treatment. When she wakes up and sees Tony’s an adult and she’s still 16 she breaks down cause of how much she missed. Tony becomes the best and most protective big brother. She also controls the elements now cause of what hydra put her through. 

Warnings: None

A/N: Sorry, I’m pretty sure this isn’t what you wanted :/

Tony couldn’t believe it.It had been so many years since he saw his sister, and there she was. She’d been the same way since she was sixteen, and He couldn’t believe it.

Once Y/N had been rescued, they brought her back to the compound and waited for her to wake up.

your POV.

When you woke up, your first words were.

“Where am I?” You were surrounded by a group of people you didn’t know, and you didn’t know where you were either.

You saw a face that was very familiar you just couldn’t make it out.

“Y/N?!” He walked up to you and put his hand in yours. “Do you know who I am?” He asked gently, he sounded so hurt.

You squinted your eyes and it took you a few seconds, but you remembered.

“T-tony?” And then it hit you. Everything that Happened. You remembered being taken by hydra when you were sixteen. But how old were you now?

“Tony. Y-you’re soo -old”

Tony looked almost offended for a moment.

“Well I thought I was playing it off pretty well but..”

Once they explained everything that happened to you, you were angry. They had made you miss so much

.You were doing okay, until you saw tony again. You just broke down. You missed so much, all those years you could have had together.

“Hey, hey hey” He walked over to your spot on the couch. You lifted your head out of your knees for long enough to tell him what was wrong.

“I… We- All this time-”

“I know” He said rubbing your back.

“We’ll just have to make up for it right?”

You smiled at him. He patted your back and went back to the sink.

It was weird seeing your brother so old. Considering the fact that he was old enough to be your father. Luckily he didn’t treat you that way. He was the same, obnoxious brother he’d always been.

Over the weeks, Tony had followed through on his promise. He even skipped a mission for you. 

Maybe it wasn’t so bad after all.

Hellotalk Boy!!

okay i have a story, so i met this guy on hello talk (if you guys don’t know what that is, its just an app that you can talk to people from around the world and help them learn different languages). so basically i just go on and talk to random people because i just like to help people learn English and i think its cute when people try to learn English also. anyways so i texted this random guy named idk lets just call him w. so i messaged w and said “hello~” so i wasn’t expecting a reply for some reason. anyways so i went to shower and i came back with 4 messages from w. he sent “hey~ it is lunch time in Korea, nighttime for you?, can i add you on Kakao?” i was so taken back by all of it but i was like sure.

 so we started talking and he was just talking in Korean but it was so hard for me because i didn’t really understand Korean that well so basically i was going back and forth between google translate just trying to get a decent understanding of what he’s saying but that didn’t work out very well. i got frustrated and just went to sleep. i told myself that i wasn’t going to reply in the morning but no that didn’t stop him. he still spammed the next morning with messages saying “did you sleep well?” how cute.

our timezone was very different obviously.  when its 12pm for me, its 1am for him. and so on and so on. he talked me all the time like constantly. sometimes he would speak Korean to me but after a while, he got better and spoke in just English to me and only spoke Korean to me if he didn’t know how to say it in English.he told me everything i needed to know about Korea with a lot of pictures. when i say a lot, i mean a lot. 

 he was also interested on learning french (which I’m fluent in), so we sent each other voice messages and i taught him little words in french and he taught me words in Korean. it was like really good friendship that i would cherish a lot. he cared for me a lot, he would text me until i fell asleep or he would stay up really late until like 4am for him just to talk to me and it was just so nice of him to do that.

 every night before i went to sleep, he had this saying that was like “good to sleep” which i never asked him what he was trying to say so i never questioned him. he didn’t like when i was awake too late because he would think that i wouldnt be able to sleep well or have enough energy for school the next morning. whenever i was sick, he would always ask me if i was alright, if i slept, if i ate, took medication. he was really protective over me. 

anyways to the sad parts. so in the middle of a conversation one day, he randomly just told me “you know that I’m going to the army on may 31st.” at first, it didn’t bug me because its like may 1st and we still had 30 days together so i didnt really think about it. 

after that we never really talked about it because he always got really emotional when the topic came up and so did i because i didn’t want him to go. it was so nice to have his company. closer and closer to the 31st was the hardest i think. he stopped texting because he had to spend time with his family which i understood because you know he was leaving for 21 months. he told me that he would write me so much letters and that when i come to Korea in two years that he will take time off the army and take me out for dinner and buy me all the food that i wanted. then the 29th came, (30th for him). i think this was the hardest part for me. i was at work and he sent me a message saying the following 

(my name) is there will be afternoon?! Haha Now I have to go to army on 5.31

Although we are different place and anything else but I was so happy glad to comunication cct very very very Haha I can’t express any words I was so happy!! Maybe I can do message to u after 2months I will do it I wanna. I wanna get along with u and contact continously I hope u are happy and everything you do is going to be fine and good. Good bye then see u later (my name)

and thats where i started to cry. its been only a month that we knew each other but he just grew soo much on me and its sad. he will be back in two months and ill keep you guys updated if i get any letters from him. i miss him but I’ll live!!! i just hope he’s doing alright doing whatever he’s doing and being safe thanks for reading :)

KM & BW: Aww, the feels! I hope it works out well for the both of you!! ^_^

guess whooooooooo

It’s been a very long while since i’ve drawn these two numbskulls whom i love dearly still -cry-

i’ve just kept it under wraps for personal reasons uwu

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Handsome Jack and Rhys©Borderlands

I Missed You ~Ian Hecox Imagine~

Hellooooo soo this wasn’t requested but I wanted to post this because i’ve never posted an imagine with Ian and he’s so adorable soo I hope you guys like this c:

*Not My Picture*

I sat on my suitcase in front of the airport waiting for Anthony to come pick me up. I had just gotten off a plane and I was pretty much the only person outside, due to how cold and rainy it was.  My mind started to wander as I stared at the street. I kept thinking about Ian. I missed him like crazy. We had broke up about a week or two prior, due to some stupid argument or whatever. All I know is that I missed him. After a couple minutes of me daydreaming, Anthony pulled up in front of me.
I stood up and grabbed my suitcase as the trunk opened and Anthony got out. I put my suitcase in the trunk and closed it back.
“Heyy gurl, give me a hug. I missed you!” Anthony said playfully as he held his arms out.
I smiled and put my arms around him.
“I missed you too.” I said.
After a minute, we pulled away and got into the car.
He pulled out of the parking lot and headed towards my house.
“So how was the trip?” Anthony asked.
“I had alot of fun seeing my family. It’s been awhile.” I said.
“Good. Well we missed you.” He said.
‘We’ struck a cord with me. What did he mean 'we’? Ian didn’t miss me.
“We?” I asked, curiously.
He looked over at me and smiled lightly.
“I’m sorry, I’m not used to you guys being broken up.” He said.
The words 'broken up’ felt like a kick to the stomach. Anthony didn’t mean to though.
“It’s fine.” I said putting on a kind of real, kind of fake smile.
“He did miss you though. He kept talking about you.” He said quietly.
I looked over at Anthony.
“What did he say?” I asked.
“He kept asking how you were doing and if you were okay.” He said.
I nodded and stared out the window.
He pulled up to my house and smiled widely at me.
“What?” I asked giggling a bit.
“I think someone’s been waiting for you.” He said, still smiling.
“Who?” I asked as I turned around and looked at my house.
There he was sitting on my porch with a blanket wrapped around him. The sprinkles from the rain dripping down on him. It had been weeks since I had seen him. His eyes still sparkled the prettiest shade of blue and I felt my heart drop to my stomach. There was my Ian. Without a word, I opened the car door slowly and got out. Our eyes met and I felt butterflies. He stood up and stared at me.
“Y/N..” he breathed out.
We both walked, meeting each other half way, and hugged each other tightly.
Tears started pouring down my cheeks and onto his shoulder.
“I’m sorry Ian. I’m so so so stupid. I miss you so frickin much.” I cried into his shirt.
Before I could say anything else, Ian pulled back and kissed me. I felt all my worries and sadness go away.
After what felt like forever, we pulled away from each other, breathless.
“No. You don’t apologize. I was the one that was stupid and said we were over. That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever done. I’m sorry. I love you so much Y/N and I just want you back.” He said with tear stained cheeks.
“I love you too Ian.” I said as I smiled through my tears.
“Will you take me back?” He asked.
“Of course.” I said, kissing his lips sweetly.
“I love you.” He said as he rested his forhead on mine.
“I love you too.” I said, looking into his eyes.
“Soooo are you gunna get your bag or what?” Anthony hollered from the car as he laughed.

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Bulletproof Dads: Jimin

Monster’s Daughter spam

Type: Cute Dad Jimin Fluff-ity fluff  maybe angst?

                                        ~   ~    ~   ~   ~

Namsan International Daycare

The smell was generically daycare, the indescribable smell that always brought thoughts of happy children and gentle smiling care takers. It didn’t disappoint as that was exactly what you saw.

“Are you sure about this school?” Jimin’s skeptical voice asked from behind you, daughter Soo Min, in tow. “Maybe we should just take her home and keep searching.”

It was hard to refrain from rolling your eyes. You knew it was his paternal instincts overreacting to letting her go.

“Yeobo, we researched this place months ago and even came in for the interview. What more do you need?”

“A job watching her throughout the school day and male repellent. Never too young to attract scum.” He answered, completely serious.

“You are calling 4 year olds scum.”

He shrugged. “No, just the ones that are going to be scum.”

“I am sure you will keep them away just fine on your own. But think about her. She needs to be exposed to other kids now. It’s already hard enough to give her the normality of a non famous father just let her be a kid with other kids.”

“I am just not sure. She doesn’t have to go to school until age 6-”

“Jimin” you interrupted him. “Look at her.”

He glanced down to the tiny girl barely holding his hand.

Soo Min’s eyes were too busy excitedly exploring the colorful room. She had all but slipped her hand from his in favor of an inviting looking toy bin.

Defeat took over his frame. You bent over to place a kiss on her head with a forever reminder of ‘Mommy loves you.’

Jimin crouched down to meet her eyes. “If you miss mommy or daddy too much just tell your teacher know and they will call me ok?” She nodded. His eyes got watery as he hugged her. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

He pulled away and not a second later she was running up to her teacher for permission to play.

Naturally your vision becomes a little misty as well but you are doing a better job of covering it than Jimin.

His face is a little red and his expression is slightly pained.

Simultaneously, your hands intertwined, unsure of who needs more support right now.

The two of you step out into the halls as a few of his tears fall.

“Aww Yeobo.” you chuckle, cupping his face and wiping his tears with your thumbs. He offers a sad smile that you return.

“Oh, you must be new parents here.” someone says from behind Jimin. The two of you turn your attention to a man in a red polo tucked neatly into his khakis.

Jimin wipes a tear from your cheek and looks at the man. He laughs and asks jokingly. “How could you tell?”

The man smiles. “If it helps we have a parent volunteer program.”

At this Jimin smiles and agrees before even learning more about it. You shake your head wondering how his schedule would allow for that but stay quiet knowing he could use this information right now.

With a glance into the room at Soo Min he delightedly urges, “Where do we sign up?”

Guys I found this on my phone and I almost broke down. That’s a lie I’m breaking down rn. I took this a week before he passed and I want him back soo much. I miss his floppy ears. I miss cleaning the dirt off his slobbery snout. I miss taking him for long walks around our town. I miss the chuckles I would get when I wore my “most official bitch” tank on those walks. I miss how he would wink back at me when I told him I loved him or asked him a question. I just really miss my puppy guys. I was not ready for you to leave me and my nightmare came true of me being the one to find you first. I was 11 years old in the back of our truck holding the runt of the litter who had matching dark brown eyes like mine. I asked if I could love you forever. You kissed my nose and you were mine from that moment on. I love you Deuce Dartanian forever my favorite goofball and first true friend 💙💞😢

Haikyuu!! babysitter au

Don’t judge me (mainly Kurotsuki and Kenhina)

-Hinata gets job on helping Suga babysit Tsuki (a shy and mean 3 year old) Yamaguchi (a shy shy cry baby 2 year old) and Kageyama (a quite pouty 1 year old)

-Hinata is still new at this Tsuki laughs at him everytime he mess up

-Tsuki and Hinata tease each other a lot their fights consist of nahuh yeahuh

-Yamaguchi will not leave Tsuki he’s always holding on to his dinosaur jacket’s tail or shirt Hinata tried to carry sleepy Tsuki once at the park and Yamaguchi cried a fucking river and yelled his little lungs out

-Kageyama throws a fit if he doesn’t get his sippy cup with milk

-He soon starts crying too Tsuki just covers his ears and walks away from the three cry babies

-He finds a swing and sits there

-he stares at his lil feet until a ball appears in front of him he looks up to see a tanned boy with bad tan lines and freaky hair smiling at him

-the boy asks him if he wants to play with him but knowing Tsuki he said no the boy pouts and leaves

-Tsuki watches the clouds for a little until he is yet again interrupted by the older boy

-the boy lays his belly on the other swing still smiling at Tsuki he plays around for a bit trying to get Tsuki’s attention again

-he sits on the swing pouting again he looks a lil grumpy Tsuki giggles and the other boy lights up again

-Kuroo introduces himself and so does Tsuki Kuroo says something funny and makes Tsuki smile

-He tries to make conversation with Tsuki but ends up getting pushed off the swing

-the two turn to find a angry Yams

-Kenma runs to check on the boy and Hinata to Yamaguchi

-Hinata blushes at the sight of Ken

-Kenma apologizes for Kuroo Kuroo pouts that he didn’t do anything “knowing you I don’t believe it”

-They end up taking for a little it didn’t take long for them to go on dates with the kids

-Kenma helps Hinata with them and babysitting techniques

-Hinata blushes very time they accidentally touch

-Kenma loves that face Kuroo teases him for it

-Kuroo stole Tsuki from Yamaguchi but Yams still goes on their adventures holding on to Tsuki

-Kuroo teaches Tsuki a lot of things and shows him his hiding places and his wild pet cats

-he tells Tsuki that he’s the leader of the pack named nekoma Tsuki smiles and Yamaguchi pouts at that

-Kenma and Hinata stay at Kens watching movies and playing games with Kageyama

-Kenma shows Hinata his cool gaming skills

-Yamaguchi comes back alone upset that his best friend left him for Kuroo

-He naps with Kageyama and Hinata takes like a hundred pictures

-they keep it up for weeks

-Kuroo takes Tsuki to god knows where and Kageyama and Yamaguchi play together

-Hinata feels like he should worry about Tsuki because he’s heard Kuroo cuss before and bring back ugly looking cat and lizards to the house but Kenma tells him it’s fine he just has a lil crush on Tsuki he won’t hurt him

-Hinata finds it soo cute and takes a million photos of Kuroo and Tsuki it’s much cuter when Kuroo smiles he’s missing a tooth

-Kenma takes pictures of Hinata taking pictures they look so aesthetic

-did I mention how fashionable these two look Tumblr aesthetic

-they have a sleepover Kuroo wears his cat onesie and builds a fort with couch cushions chairs pillows and blankets

-Tsuki wears his dino onesie and Yamaguchi his bunny onesie Kageyama is the only one who doesn’t have one

-they watch movies inside the fort and eat all the snacks

-Hinata and Kenma sleep in Kens room it’s sort of embarrassing for Kenma to let Hinata in at first because he entered a room covered with game and anime posters, manga, anime Figures (which were either red heads or big breasted), clothes on the floor and a really fluffy red cat on the sleeping bag where Hinata was supposed to sleep

-they end up sharing a bed and watching anime

-they kiss for the first time it’s so cute and awkward
because the kids yelling scared them

-Kuroo’s lizard scared Kageyama and it got away

-by the time the other two feel asleep Kuroo and Tsuki stayed up taking about space then if cats have feelings or how Kuroo thinks Kenma is part cat and how he saw his ears once

-Tsuki talks about how cool it would be if dinosaurs were still alive

-it gets quite between them they stare at each other awkwardly Kuroo kisses Tsuki and runs away

-he comes back and goes to sleep Tsuki whispers that he likes him too

The Demons Apprentice 7


so ive caught up a little, turns out that i had writers block haha. I’m at a breakthrough now, more exciting parts so I’m probably going to be more on target. Ive even got a little ahead. Though that may not last long…


[part 7]

Mystery Shack:

“Symbols that relate to a person. That is the most interesting way to hide your weakness.” Stanley bit the end of his pen. “It does make sense though. If you hide something it’s more than likely to catch attention. Wave it around arms no one pays any attention to the details underneath. Rather smart.” Stanley frowned.

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Hey Mia I was wondering if you can write a scenario where Atobe, Tezuka, Yukimura, Tokugawa, and Shiraishi finds out that their s/o is pregnant? Thanks so much!

I’m just assuming you mean when they are already older, if you wanted something else just message me again. I hope you like it, love! <3


You watched Atobe hit a few balls on the mansion’s tennis court after he came home from work. You nervously played with your wedding ring, it always helped you calm down. You decided to tell Atobe the news today, there was no use in hiding it any longer and you didn’t even know why you were so nervous. Atobe wouldn’t abandon you, right? Atobe looked up, seemingly noticing you standing near the court. He came jogging up to you with a smile and you unconsciously cradled you small bump. Atobe quickly placed a peck on your cheek “Coming to watch me play, love?” You shook your head and he immediately noticed how tense you were, hand coming up to cup your face “Is something wrong, love?” You stuttered a bit “U-Uhm… I have to tell you something Keigo.” Atobe gently stroked your cheek with his thumb, humming in acknowledgment “You can tell me everything.” You took a deep breath before blurting out “I’m pregnant.” Atobe’s eyes widened, opening and closing his mouth a few times without words coming out before whispering “We are getting a child? I’m going to be a father?” You showed a tiny smile, nodding your head. Suddenly you were lifted up, Atobe twirling you around with a joyous laugh “We are going to be parents!” He gently placed you down again, softly placing one of his hands on your stomach “How far are you already?” You grinned “Almost three months apparently. I already went to the doctor a-and tomorrow I have another appointment. I-I thought  you could come along if you want, maybe we can already find out the gender.” Atobe glanced at your stomach before looking back at your face, “Can I?” You giggled, usually Atobe wasn’t one to ask permission for something “I would be happy if you come along.” Atobe’s smile widened, grinning like a little boy “I would love to! I’m taking the day off tomorrow, we have a lot planing to do.” Gently Atobe wrapped an arm around your waist, lovingly kissing your lips “I love you so much (Name)-chan. Thank you, you can’t imagine how happy you make me.” You gently brushed your hands through Atobe’s hair, “I’m sure you are going to be a great Dad, but I’m a bit scared you are going to spoil our child.” Atobe chuckled, placing a soft kiss on your forehead, his eyes twinkling with happiness “Only the best for my child and my wife.” You giggled “You aren’t even denying it!” Suddenly Atobe’s expression turned serious and he tenderly pick you up, swiftly carrying you back towards the mansion “You shouldn’t strain yourself (Name)-chan. I can’t allow you to stand in the heat for such a long time.” You wanted to protest, but just gave in and let Atobe carry you into the mansion. You already knew that Atobe’s protectiveness would skyrocket, but you couldn’t wait for your own little family.


You waited for Tezuka to come home from a tournament. He was already gone for 2 weeks, you missed him dearly and to make things worse you found out that you were pregnant. You didn’t want to tell him over the phone, but you were excited to finally tell him. You both already talked about starting a family so you knew that he wasn’t against the idea of having a child. You and your best friend thought of the perfect plan to tell Tezuka and you prepared everything the night before Tezuka would come back home. When Tezuka walked through the door the next morning you immediately ran up to him to throw your arm around his neck “I’m glad you are back… I missed you soo much and congratulation for winning!” Tezuka let his bag fall down to catch you, pressing a small kiss on top of your head “Thank you and I missed you, as well (Name)-chan.” When you pulled back from the hug Tezuka picked up his bag again “I’m just going to put away my stuff and we can have breakfast together. I brought bagels and a cupcake for you.” You grinned happily “Thank you! I’ll make us some coffee so hurry up.” You excitedly waited in the kitchen for Tezuka to find his surprise. You had placed a tiny baby tennis shoes at the spot where Tezuka usually stored his tennis shoes. It had taken you days to find the exact same brand and design. You just had to wait a few minutes until Tezuka slowly walked into the kitchen, gently holding the tiny shoes in his hand. His eyes were glued to them and it took him a long time to meet your eyes, “Is this true (Name)? A-Are you really pregnant?” You nodded your head with a smile and Tezuka immediately was by your side, intertwining your hands while he still held the shoes in his other hand “I’m so happy (Name)-chan. This are the best news I ever heard and I promise to try to be the best father possible.” You gave Tezuka’s hand a small squeeze “I’m sure you are going to be great. Seems like you soon have someone you have to teach tennis.” Tezuka smiled at you, gently wrapping his arm around your shoulder to pull you against him “I led a whole team, I think teaching one girl or boy wouldn’t be a problem.” You laughed and Tezuka showed the biggest smile you had ever seen on his face. Tezuka carefully placed the shoes on the table before his hand came up to lovingly tug a strand of hair behind your ear. His hand lingered on your face for a while until he pulled you up into a soft kiss, caressing your face. When he pulled back you could see pure happiness in his eyes and he quickly brushed his lips over yours again “I’m going to take good care of you – of both of you.”


You found out that you were pregnant a few months ago. You actually wanted to tell Yukimura immediately, but every time you tried to tell him you chickened out. You were simply scared of his reaction. You really wanted the child and you had no idea what you would do if Yukimura didn’t feel the same. You started to have some serious mood swings, not making the situation easier. You stood in the kitchen preparing a salad for the barbecue Yukimura and you wanted to have later while he was in the garden to set up the table. You were just cutting some vegetables when you wondered how your baby will look like. You really hope it would have Yukimura’s hair. At the thought of Yukimura and your baby tears started to gather in your eyes. You silently sobbed, inwardly cursing those damn hormones. You didn’t notice Yukimura walking into the kitchen until he suddenly wrapped an arm around your waist quickly spinning you around to look at him. He gently cupped your face, brushing his thumb over your quivering bottom lip “What’s wrong? Why are you crying, flower?” You continued to cry, hiding your face in your hands. Yukimura placed his hands on your waist, lifting you up to place you on the kitchen counter. He stood between your legs, gently pulling your hands from your face “Hey… tell me what’s going on?” You glanced into Yukimura’s eyes shyly playing with your hair “I’m pregnant a-and I was scared to tell you and now I have these terrible mood swings and I wanted to tell you in a different way, but now I…” You started to ramble until Yukimura cut you off, his eyes wide “Woah, wait a minute. You are pregnant?” You slowly nodded your head and a dazzling smile spread across Yukimura’s face, tears shining in his eyes. Your lips curled up in a smile as well and you got pulled down in a sweet kiss by Yukimura. He lifted you from the counter while you wrapped your legs around his torso, deepening the kiss. After a long time you pulled away. Yukimura was still holding you up, grinning at you “I’m so damn happy right now. You can’t imagine what a wonderful gift that is.” He slowly lowered you on the ground, but immediately wrapped his arms around you again “I can’t wait to decorate the room and buy baby things together. I bet you look really adorable with a baby bump.” He gently caressed your belly and pressed a quick peck on your nose, his voice taking on a teasing tone, “I’m sure I’m able to deal with the mood swings and I’m ready to fulfill all of your weird cravings.” You giggled a bit and gently poked his stomach “I hope you are going to spoil me!” Yukimura chuckled, nodding his head “I am, flower.” He grabbed your hand and playfully twirled you around, dipping you down to press a kiss on your lips before pulling you up again “I can’t wait for the baby… our baby.”


You nervously waited for Tokugawa to come back home from training. You went to the doctor today to be 100% sure. You were pregnant. First you were ecstatic about the news, but the longer you waited the more nervous you got. You didn’t even know if Tokugawa liked children, despite being together for such a long time.  What should you do if Tokugawa didn’t want a child? You started to panic more and more when the door opened and Tokugawa walked into the house. He was freshly showered, his hair still slightly wet and he immediately walked up to you with a small frown “I’m back (Name)-chan…” Tokugawa shortly wondered if you were mad at him because you didn’t come to greet him at the door like you usually did. You shyly glance up at him, nervously biting your lips. How did you tell someone that you were pregnant? Maybe you should first test the water a bit? You quickly tried to act normal and smiled at Tokugawa “Mhm, Kazuya do you like children?” Tokugawa tilted his head in confusion “Why shouldn’t I like children?” Well at least he didn’t say he hates them. You looked up at Tokugawa seeing him stare at you intently as if you were a puzzle he had to figure out “I went to the doctor today and I am… I am pregnant.” Tokugawa tightly grabbed your shoulders, dipping his head down to look into your eyes “With m-my child?!” You rolled your eyes “Obviously. Whose else should it be?” Suddenly the a breathtaking smile spread across Tokugawa’s face. Tokugawa rarely smiled and you could only stare it him in awe. Tokugawa started to sputter questions, not able to hide his excitement “Is it a boy or a girl? C-Can I touch your stomach?” You giggled “It still takes some time until we know the gender.” You placed one of Tokugawa’s large hands on your stomach and he gently caressed you still flat stomach, his eyes widening in wonder “Are you happy, Kazuya?” Tokugawa glanced up from your stomach “I’m more than happy. I can’t wait to teach them tennis. Can I teach our child tennis?” You smiled, you never had seen Tokugawa so excited before “It will take a few years, but I’m sure you can.” Still grinning from ear to ear Tokugawa pulled you into a gentle hug “God, today is the best day of my life.” You snuggled into Tokugawa’s chest when he suddenly jerked his hands away from you, awkwardly holding them into the air. With a frown you looked up at him “What’s wrong?” He shyly shifted his weight, still holding his hands up “I’m afraid to hurt you or the baby. I’m so much stronger than you and I could easily squish you both.” You openly laughed about him and pulled his arms back around you, causing him to hold you as if you were made out of glass – he was just too adorable.


You already tried for a while to get a child with Shiraishi, but it just didn’t work. You thought about maybe adopting one. When one day you didn’t get your period you almost couldn’t believe it and immediately went to see a doctor. Long story short, you were pregnant. Sure first you wanted to tell Shiraishi immediately, but decided to not tell him during the first 12 weeks. The first 12 weeks were simply a critical phase and you didn’t want to disappoint him if things wouldn’t go as planned. Today was your anniversary and you were already 13 weeks pregnant – the perfect opportunity to tell him. When Shiraishi came home from work you already had prepared a nice dinner and a present wrapped. He greeted you with a soft kiss and handed you a bouquet of flowers “Happy anniversary!” You grinned, taking the flowers from him and excitedly tugged on his hand “Hurry! I want to give you my gift before we eat!” Shiraishi chuckled about your excitement, but let you drag him to the living room. You quickly picked up your present and handed it to him with a bright smile, practically jumping with excitement “Open it, open it!” Shiraishi laughed and gave you a small pat on the head “Yeah, yeah. I’m going to open it.” He carefully unwrapped it, his mouth dropping as soon as he pulled out a shirt. It was rather simple, but what caught his eyes were the big letters ‘Best tennis dad!’ Shiraishi looked up at you before looking back at the shirt, double-checking if he had read it right “R-Really? Are you really pregnant?”  You grinned and nodded your head, “Yeah, already 13 weeks to be exact.” A few tears slipped down Shiraishi’s cheeks and he quickly pulled you in a hug, burying his head in your neck “I’m so happy… We are really having a baby.” He pulled back, peppering kisses all over your face. His voice sounded hoarse, his eyes gleaming, but you never had seen him so happy before, “This is the best present ever.” You giggled and pulled him down for a long kiss. When you both pulled back Shiraishi shyly placed one hand on your belly, gently stroking over it “I can’t wait to tell our friends. I really love you more than anything (Name)-chan and I already love our child as much as I love you.” With a grin he added, “I hope it looks like you.” You pouted and whined “But I want it to look like you… I just hope our child doesn’t do the whole bandaging thing.” For the rest of the day Shiraishi proudly wore his ‘dad’-shirt, grinning every time he looked down at it. Later, when you already were asleep in his arms he gently stroked your hair, pulling you closer to him. Shiraishi placed a sweet kiss on top of your head and lovingly stroked over your little bump before he closed his eyes as well. He almost couldn’t believe how happy you made him.

Mintie called Tamara and invited her and Johnny to hotdogs. Maybe that could make Eric a little more bearable. She really didn’t want to have guests, but she had to show Eric that she still could live a normal life …

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Underrated Ziam Moments (Videos) part 1

this video is so amazing.



harry:*notices huge wet patch on liam’s ass, so his first instinct is to go tell zayn*

zayn: “yeah.yeah. i saw that haha”..so zayn goes and whispers to louis “wet bum”

louis: and by that time louis already notices and looks traumatized. 

Then at 5:06 zayn fixes around his crotch..bc he’s been staring at liams ass way too long.

and then @5:09 fucking louis says to zayn “go wipe it” ..so OFCOURSE zayn goes up to liam and tries to wipe the wet patch on liam’s ass using his handkerchief.

and then after this concert (or before), this happened.  so much sexual tension that day. damn…zayn loves liams ass. everyone knows that.

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anonymous asked:

Honestly, I myself, don't get what you meant by that comment under the video with Jongin singing to Kyungsoo's line. I understood only that you gave an example with your life but nothing else.... Yet, you also said that it is only and example.... I'm sorry, I'm confused?

OMG. HI. First time get anonymous ask. Fangirling yet grieving ‘cause of your request . Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I have limited wifi and I was rushing. I’m gonna try to explain it with the best English I can ‘cause I’m not that good in Engrish. 

Anyway, what I meant was when Kai was lip syncing along Kyungsoo’s line, you could see him moving his eyebrows. 

The original post stated that he was immersed with the song, which was the reason why he moved his eyebrows in such a way. However, in my perspective, it looked more like he was agreeing to the song, through his eyebrows? Because when idols do the “eyebrow movement” when they sing, they would usually close their eyes to feel the song with their eyebrows scrunched up in a way but the way Kai moved his eyebrows was weird. 

First of all, his eyes weren’t close, only for A DAMN SPLIT SECOND, he was more or less likely looking at the floor, brain off into space, probably reminiscing memories of what the lyrics reminded him of. He was moving his eyebrows up and down. Usually when singers are into the song, their eyebrows would stay in one place, not move up and down.

For example is our sekshi D.O. Now, this shows that he was into the song. Even his fists say so too.

But for Kai, when D.O sang, 

“The way you cry, the way you smile”

He did scrunched up his eyebrows (like D.O) for a second only, not for to long. He looked like he was agreeing to the lines:

“The way you cry, the way you smile,”

His eyes looked sad when the word smile was sung and he didn’t say it exactly say it at the same time as D.O. It was like he was breaking down the lyrics and understanding them by himself, a hidden message behind the way he was lip syncing. His lips’ timing was like:

“The way you…. cry, the way you…. smile”

It was as if he was thinking:

“Yeah, the way you cry (jongin must really like the way this person cry because he closed his eyes and scrunched his eyebrows (like D.O) with his lips broaden widely as if he was laughing)(ONLY FOR A DAMN SPLIT SECOND), the way you (especially) smile( his eyes looked really sad here), yeah, I missed them.” 

and this was shown through his eyebrows and eyes and mouth. (them sekshi brows). He was sadly agreeing to the lyrics.

and since he knew the next line was coming up:

“Do you know how much you mean to me?”

His smile was slowly broadening. His eyebrows was agreeing to those lines. Like he definitely agrees through the excessive moving of his eyebrows. His timing here was on point. But at the end of this line, his eyes drop immediately with his smile. 

“Words I say, Words I lost”

The emotion behind his eyes drastically changed. It looked like he was in pain and forcing his lips to smile (more like twitch) as look at the fans. He looked to the fans because it might (I SAID MIGHT) have something to do with the dating. Like he was not able to tell to the fans. Or it might be he wasn’t able to tell this person something he should have. *coughs* *KAISOO* His timing was off here too, at the last part. I wasn’t really able to disphere his feelings here. It was hard to read. He looked like he was regretting (I think).

After Kyungsoo’s lines, he stopped. I don’t know why. Maybe because as Chen sang his line, he looked towards the person he felt all these emotions for. WHICH WAS KYUNGSOO!!!!! WHU ESLE COULD IT BE?!?!?! The line that Chen sang might actually be for him. HAHAHAHAHA SO DELULULU….. LUHANNNN!!! I MISSED HIM SOO MUCH!!

Anyway, I agree that overall, his eyes were glistening as if he was about to cry and he blinked a lot at the last line.

OMG, I ENDED UP ANALYSING!!!! I’M SORRY! Others should know that all of these (wonderful words of english that I wasted my time for) are just my opinion. Send me hate mail or whatever. I’ll gladly accept. My inbox is too empty. Hehe. I hope that anon would read all of these ‘cause bae, I took my time for you. At least read the damn whole thing. Your opinion afterwards is all up for you to decide whether agree or maybe have something else in mind. Haha. I hope my english was okay. I hope that you can understand or else I’ll make a vid for you to understand. I’M SERIOUS. Jk. I got no time for that. Sorry. Remember to look back at my other comment and try to link it as much as you can after you read this. The reason why I put that was because I was trying to show what would I feel if I was in Jongin’s shoes. After all tis, I still tried. Praying that you will understand.

link to vid is here (x)

original post i was talking about is here (jongsooyah) try to find it yourself. 

my comment is here (loverofkaisoo) try to find it too before i reblog a lot of stuff.

Lots of love,


Daddy Harry Chapter 3

You felt yourself going down to the ground so you tried your best to keep from Emery getting hurt, but before you fell, someone grabbed you. You say it was Paul and he hurriedly got you out of there. The people, screaming, and flashes were getting too much for Emery. She start crying loudly. You hold her close and try to soothe her again, but it was working. You finally got to the car and tried to rock her in your arms to calm her down. She doesn’t calm down though, she starts crying louder and starts having trouble breathing. You sigh and go to grab something from her bag, but you realize that Harry has it and they are still trying to get out of the mob. You sigh and kiss her head. “Baby girl. It’s okay. Mummy’s here.” You whisper. “I got you. Let’s just go to sleep.” you say. She sniffles and starts to calm down a bit. You sigh with relief and wipe her eyes and nose. “Shh. baby.” You whisper kissing her head. “Da.” She whispers. “He’ll be here soon.” You whisper. Just then the car door opens and the screams and flashes get to Emery again. She screams and hides her face as Harry gets in the car. “My baby.” He whispers and rubs her back. “Shh. Babygirl it’s okay.” He whispers. She sniffles and looks at him. “DA!” She cries and reaches for him. He takes her rocks her. You reach over and grab her bottle and hand it to her. She drinks it quickly and stays there in his arms. “Someone pushed us.” You sigh. “I almost fell down with her.” You say. “Are you okay?” He asks quickly. “Yeah. I was just afraid of falling down with her. I didn’t want her to get hurt.” You sigh. “I know. I’m just glad that both of you are okay. I’ll come up with something so this doesn’t happen again.” He says. You nod and lay your head on his shoulder. He kisses your head and soon you are at the hotel.

Harry hands you a sleeping Emery and helps you inside with her and her bags and you head up to the room. “Oh, we’re going to need a crib.” You say when you walk in the room. “Okay, I’ll request one.” He says. You nod and sit on the bed with Emery and hold her tightly to you. “I was so scared.” You whisper kissing her head. “I know baby.” He says sitting next to you. “But I would never let anything happen to either of you.” He says. You nod and kiss his cheek. He smiles.“So, I was thinking, that maybe while we’re here little Emery could maybe stay with Lou one night and we could have a date night. I mean we haven’t really focused on us and I want too.” He says. “I’d like that.” You smile. “And plus I think Emery would love a little play buddy like Lux.” You smile. He nods and kisses her head. 

It’s the next day and you and Harry are going down to the pool with Emery. “This is going to be the first time she’s ever been in a pool.” You giggle putting her in her little swimsuit. He smiles. “I’m glad I’m going to be there.” He says. “Me too.” You say smiling. Emery babbles and claps her hands. You giggle and put on some sunscreen causing her to whine and squirm around. “I know. I know, but we have to protect that skin of yours.” You giggle. She pouts and whines looking at Harry. “Oh no. She’s already going to start looking at you to get her way when she doesn’t like what I’m doing.” You say. “Sorry baby girl, but Mummy’s right on this one.” He says kissing her head. She pouts and crosses her arms. You both laugh and then grab everything and head down to the pool. Harry sets the bags and towels at a couple of chairs and you hand Emery to him. He smiles and holds her while you take off your coverup. Harry looks over and smirks looking you up and down. “What?” You blush. “Nothing, you are just really beautiful.” He smiles and kisses you. You smile and you both get in the water slowly with Emery. She screeches when her feet touch the water and she grips on to Harry. He laughs. “It’s okay baby.” He says. “I got you.” He says. She holds onto him and he goes more in the water. She looks around and giggles after a bit. “I think she likes it.” You smile. He nods and swims around with her. She giggles and splashes around. “DA!” She giggles. “Em!” He laughs. She giggles and dances around. You smile and then you both sit on the the steps and watch her play in the water. “So, tomorrow you guys have that big award show.” You say. “Are you nervous?” You ask him. “A bit.” He sighs. “I mean it’s a live show and we’re performing. There’s a lot that could go wrong and screw up our performance.” He says. “I know, but you guys are great.” You smile. “And plus me and this little one will be watching from the room.” You say poking Emery’s nose causing her to giggle. He smiles. “We should probably get her out of the sun for a bit. Let’s go have lunch.” He says. You nod and you both head under the cabana you have and order lunch from the hotel. 

“Have you seen the pictures from the airport?” You ask him. He shakes his head. “I mean I’m sure they’re already out there, but I haven’t looked at them.” He says. You nod and giggle when Emery takes some of Harry’s food and it’s all over her face. He laughs and takes a picture. Harrystyles: “Looked off for a bit and notice half of my lunch was gone. Found on this pretty little girl’s face.” He tweets with the picture. You giggle and shake your head and wipe it off for her. She giggles grabs the napkin and plays with it. After lunch and bit more swimming, Emery gets tired and falls asleep. You both take her up to the room and lay her in the crib for a nap. “I’m going to go take a shower.” You smile. “Want to join me?” You ask. “What about Emery?” He asks. “She’s sleeping. Trust me. When it was just us. The only time I could shower was if she was in the bathroom with me in her bouncer or if she was asleep.” You say. “But if you don’t too that’s fine.” You say. He takes your hand and pulls you to him. “I do want too.” He whispers smirking a bit. “Just take the monitor with us.” You say taking it and bringing it to the bathroom. You turn on the shower and then you’re pressed up against the wall. He kisses you and you wrap your arms around him. “I really wanted our first time together again to be romantic and all that, but I don’t know if I can wait till tonight.” He whispers in your ear. “Not after seeing you today and during this shower.” He whispers. “So don’t wait.” You whisper. He smirks and undoes your swimsuit and gets out of his shorts and brings you into the shower. “I’ve missed you so much.” He whispers kissing down your neck. “Me too.” You whisper running your hands through his hair. “I never thought that I would be with you like this again.” You whisper. “Well now you can anytime you want baby.” He smirks. You giggle and he wraps your legs around his waist. “Are you ready?” He whispers. You nod and you feel him. You gasp and grip on to him. “ARe you okay?” He asks nervously. “Yeah, its uh, its just the last time was with you soo.” You say. “I’ll go slow.” He whispers. You nod and soon you both finish and take an actual shower. You both get out and dry off. 

That night you both got dressed for your first date ever together. You got Emery bathed and dressed and grabbed her things to take down to Lou’s room. “You’re going to have someone to play with tonight baby.” You smile. “Are you excited?” You giggle. She babbles and grabs her paci from you putting it in. You laugh and you both take her to Lou’s room. Harry knocks on the door and Lou answers it. “Aww there she is.” She smiles. “Luxy look come meet Uncle Harry’s daughter.” She says. Lux walks over and looks up and waves. Emery gasps and waves babbling. Harry puts her down and she walks stumbling over. “Hi!” Lux smiles giggling. Emery giggles and smiles. You smile and lean down. “Baby me and Daddy are going to go out for a bit while you stay here and play, okay.” You say. She pouts and reaches up for you. You sigh and pick her up. “It’s okay Babygirl. We’ll be back soon. I promise.” You say. “Don’t you want to play with your new friend?” You ask. She sniffles and lays her head in your neck. “Here I’ll take her. You guys go. I’ll call you if I need too.” Lou says. You sigh and kiss her head and nod handing her to Lou. Emery starts to cry and reach out for you two. You sigh and Harry hands Lou Emery’s bag. He kisses Emery’s head and then you both walk away. You sigh. “I hate doing that.” You sigh. “I know.” He sighs wrapping his arms around you. “But we’ll be back.” He says. You nod and you two head out. 

When you walk into the restaurant, there are paps there. “Harry! Is this your new girlfriend? Was that her baby at the airport? Are you ready to be a father?” They shout. “Is she your baby?” You both ignore them as you walk into the restaurant. “You know you’re going to get asked about us a lot tomorrow night.” You say. “What are you going to say?” “I’m going to say the truth. That you’re my girlfriend and Emery is our daughter.” He says taking your hand. “I love hearing that. Our daughter.” You smile. “Me too.” He smiles and you both order your food. “How do you think your fans are going to take the news?” You whisper. “I know some of the other boys girlfriends get hate, and they don’t have  a baby involved.” You sigh. He sighs. “I know and I’ve thought about that. I’m not going to lie, you are probably going to get some hate, but I just I really hope you don’t let that bother you. ” He says. “I’ll try.” You whisper. “Thank you and if it’s ever too much, talk to me okay.” He says. You smile and nod. You both finish eating and head back to the hotel. Harry gets a text from Lou saying that Emery is asleep. He smiles and pulls you to him. You giggle. “Looks like we have the room to ourselves.” He whispers. “Our baby girl is fast asleep.” He says. “I think we have some catching up to do too.” You whisper. He smirks and unzips your dress and kisses your shoulder. “You’re so hot.” He whispers. “I can’t believe it took me so long to finally get you to be mine.” He whispers.   You laugh and look back at him. 

The next morning, you wake up wrapped in arms. You smile and lean up to kiss his cheek. He mumbles and rolls over on top of you. You groan. “Get off of me.” You say. “No.” He says. “You’re comfy.” He says. You laugh and shake your head. “You have to get up anyway. We’re supposed to meet everyone for breakfast.” You say. He whines. “I don’t want too.” He says whining. “Too bad.” You giggle. “You have things to do today.” You say. He groans and rolls off of you. You both get ready and meet everyone downstairs. You giggle when you see Emery not so gracefully walking/running away from Niall. She giggles and babbles to him. “Emery!” You smile. She stops and runs into Niall’s legs and looks over to you. She gasps and tries to run over to you. You giggle and pick her up and kiss all over her face. “I missed you baby!” You giggle. She giggles.“Ma!” She says smiling. You smile and then Harry pops up behind her and taps her shoulder. She looks back and screeches and jumps into his arms. “Da!” She giggles. He smiles and hugs her. “My baby.” He smiles. She giggles and you all go to sit down. “Was she good last night?” You ask Lou. “Yeah, after you two left she only cried for a bit. Lux got her playing so I think that helped.” She smiles. Harry smiles and looks over at Lux. ‘Thank you, love.“ He says and high fives her. She giggles. Emery whines and hits Harry’s hand. He laughs. "Do you want a high five too?” He asks holding out his hand. She nods and tries to hit his hand. He laughs and kisses her cheek. She smiles. “Do you and Emery want to come to the rehearsals with us?” Harry asks. “If you want us to.” You smile. “Of course I do.” He says. You smile and soon you all head to the rehearsals.

You hold Emery in your lap and she just watches with wide eyes. They start singing and she giggles and claps and dances around. You laugh and sit her down on floor. She giggles and starts babbling and dancing around. You smile and take a video of her. You smile and post it. “Watching Daddy and her Uncles rehearse. I think she likes it!” You tweet. You smile and she tries to make her way to the stage. “No, no honey.” you say running over to her. Harry smiles and picks her up"I got her baby.“ He says to you. You nod and he finishes the rehearsals holding her. She giggles and claps "Gin!” She giggles. “You want us to sing again?” He laughs. “Ya Da gin!” She claps. He laughs and kisses her. “Maybe later baby. Daddy’s tired.” He says. She pouts and whines. “Okay,okay, one more time.” He says. “YAY!” She giggles. They sing again and she smiles. “Okay, Daddy has to go do some interviews. You go with Mummy for a bit.” He smiles handing her to me. She whines and reaches for him. “Do you want some snacks and some juice?” You ask her. She gasps and nods. “I see how it is. The mention of food and I get dropped.” He says dramatically. You laugh and take her over to her bag. “Oh, we must have left your cup in the car. Let’s go get it.” You smile. She giggles and you carry her outside to where the car is. You grab her cup out of it and when you shut the door, you are surrounded with reporters.