i just miss everyone ok

That bittersweet feeling you get when your favourite band starts to become more well known is probably the best and worst feeling anyone could ever feel

Pjo/hoo stimming headcanons

Because they almost all have adhd and people with adhd stim

Percy: foot tapping, leg shaking, running fingers through his hair, making that clicky sound people use to call squirrels sometimes

Annabeth: drumming her fingers, smacking the heels of her hands together, making “shhhhhhh” noises, rocking side to side

Jason: foot Wiggle, tapping his fingers on the side of his glasses, clicking his teeth together

Piper: braiding her hair, finger drumming, rocking back and forth

Leo: chewing on anything (gum, pencils, his own lip, eventually someone buys him one of those chewy stim necklaces and it’s shaped like a dragon), finger drumming (that’s actually Morse code), foot tapping, messing with the hems of shirts, listen this boy is just so fidgety

Hazel: wiggling her fingers, hand flapping in general, that thing where you hold the middle of the pencil and shake it so it looks like it’s spinning

Nico: fidgeting with jewelry (which is already Canon with the skull ring), putting the hood up on his jacket/hoodie and then sort of tugging on the sides of it like a pressure stim, foot tapping

To @arisacake and @flanpu who got the idea of morning stuffs and Miyuki dressing Sawamura stuck in my head: i hate you guys. Take responsibility.

And to the battery who kept me going @astralsanctum, trust me on this partner I’m going fluff all the w a y ;w;9

Also @kuramisawa I’m sorry I’m sure you’re already back on being 10000% healthy again but I hope this can sweeten your day \*w*/

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being so far away on your own is scary and i’m constantly a bit homesick and it’s just a lot but i just have to close my eyes and remember how brilliant my first two weeks were and what good friends i’ve made and now being back in auckland on my own for a couple of days sucks because honestly, i h a t e this city but then again you get to dramatically sing total eclipse at night with people you’ve just met and it’s not so bad. also the cape reinga trip was very important for me, for one because it was my last weekend with my volunteering friends and then i was just so touched by this place and i have to remember that. for now i feel like i am not really the best person for traveling alone… not that i’m a group person but i miss the comfort of like having one person who’s just there you know?
like i’m doing great, i swear and i will learn so much but i really miss my friends and family and just Home and it’s a constant small ache. i just miss people i really have a deep bond with you know? i found fun people to hang around with and its great! but i miss the familiarity of people you’re really close with. i mean the person i bonded most with here was rabea but since she’s from switzerland she couldn’t get a work visa and i can’t really travel much with her which sucks.
life is good and will be better when i move on but one thing i’m learning about myself is that while i like being on my own and being independent i can only really enjoy it when i have people who are important to me close by.
maybe that will change, i mean so far like 1/18th of my trip is over so there’s a lot to come!


Ok guys I miss Lexa just as much as everyone else. Stopped watching that show when she died, but the amount of negativity you guys are dragging into other wlw fandoms is freaking annoying. And what makes it worse some of you are doing it to fandoms for shows you don’t even freaking watch. Do you realize how horrible it is every time I join a new f/f fandom, then when the show gets more attention what was once a happy/hopeful tag becomes freaking depressing as hell. Please stop freaking sucking the joy out of everything, just stop.